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Internship report at a glance

Name of the Tropics

1. Chapter One

2. Chapter Two
An Appraisal of National Bank Ltd.

3. Chapter Three
General Banking

4. Chapter Four
er!ices of National Bank

5. Chapter Fi!e
Foreign "#change

6. Chapter i#
$ail% acti!ities of Bank

&. Chapter e!en

Other acti!ities of National 'ank ltd

(. Chapter "ight
)ecommendation * Conclusion.

Chapter one
+.+ An o!er!iew of National Bank Ltd.

ational Bank Limited is regarded as the pioneer in the pri!ate sector 'anking of Bangladesh. National Bank started its ,ourne% with the no'le !ision of di!ersif%ing 'anking acti!ities into different acti!ities of client ser!ice. The 'ank is also committed to fulfill its responsi'ilities to the societ% and the countr%. National Bank Limited has its prosperous past- glorious present- prospecti!e future and under processing pro,ects and acti!ities. "sta'lished as the first pri!ate sector Bank full% owned '% Bangladeshi entrepreneurs- NBL has 'een flourishing as the largest pri!ate sector Bank with the passage of time after facing man% stress and strain. The mem'er of the 'oard of directors is creati!e 'usinessman and leading industrialist of the countr%. To keep pace with time and in harmon% with national and international economic acti!ities and for rendering all modern ser!ices- NBLas a financial institution automated all its 'ranches with computer network in accordance with the competiti!e commercial demand of time. .oreo!erconsidering its forth/coming future the infrastructure of the Bank has 'een rearranging. The e#pectation of all class 'usinessman- entrepreneurs and general pu'lic is much more to NBL. 0eeping the target in mind NBL has taken preparation to open new 'ranches '% the %ear 1222/122+. The emergence of National Bank Ltd. in the pri!ate sector is an important e!ent in the Banking arena of Bangladesh. 3hen the nation was in the grip of se!ere recession- Go!t. took the farsighted decision to allow in the pri!ate sector to re!i!e the econom% of the countr%. e!eral d%namic entrepreneurs came forward for esta'lishing a 'ank with a motto to re!itali4e the econom% of the countr%. National Bank Limited was 'orn as the first hundred percent Bangladeshi owned Bank in the pri!ate sector. From the !er% inception it is the firm determination of National Bank Limited to pla% a !ital role in the national econom%. 3e are determined to 'ring 'ack the long forgotten taste of 'anking ser!ices and fla!ors. 3e want to ser!e each one promptl% and with a sense of dedication and dignit%. The then 5resident of the 5eople6s )epu'lic of Bangladesh 7ustice Ahsanuddin Chowdhur% inaugurated the 'ank formall% on .arch 1(- +8(9

'ut the first 'ranch at :(- $ilkusha Commercial Area- $haka started functioning on .arch 19- +8(9. The 1nd Branch was opened on ++th .a% +8(9 at 0hatungon,- Chittagong. Toda% the% ha!e total &; Branches all o!er Bangladesh. ince the !er% 'eginning- the Bank e#erted much emphasis on o!erseas operation and handled a si4ea'le <uantum of home'ound foreign remittance. The Bank esta'lished e#tensi!e drawing arrangement network with Banks and "#change Companies located in important countries of the world. "#patriates Bangladeshi wage earners residing in those countries can now easil% remit their hard/earned mone% to the countr% with confidence- safet% and speed. In the %ear 1222- the Bank managed to procure foreign remittance 'usiness to the tune of = >((.:: million dollar e<ui!alent to Tk.:- ;;1.+2 million compared to Tk.9- 8(;.12 million in the pre!ious %ear indicating a growth of +;.8;? Considering the need for remittance '% the e#patriates Bangladeshis residing a'road the Bank during the %ear esta'lished drawing arrangement with the 5acific Bank Berhad- .ala%sia @now .a% BankA- ecurit% "#change Compan% Limited- tate of 0uwait and $alil "#change- tate of Bahrain. Our Bank in!ested 1B? e<uit% in Gulf O!erseas "#change Compan% LLC- a ,oint !enture "#change Compan% in Oman- operating since No!em'er- +8(B under the management of our Bank. The Bank recei!ed )i%al Omani +1-:B2 e<ui!alent to Tk.+.&: million as di!idend for the %ear 1222. A )epresentati!e Office was esta'lished in Cangon- .%anamar in Octo'er+88; '% our Bank and o'tained permission from the Go!ernment of Bangladesh to handle 'order trade with .%anmar. Opportunities are 'eing e#plored for further 'usiness a!enues there. Now NBL is on line to esta'lish trade and communication with the 5rime International 'anking companies of the world. As a result NBL will 'e a'le to 'uild a strong root in international 'anking hori4on. Bank has 'een drawing arrangement with well con!ersant mone% transfer ser!ice agenc% D3estern =nionD. It has a full time arrangement for speed% transfer of mone% all o!er the world. Banking is not onl% a profit/oriented commercial institution 'ut it has a pu'lic 'ase and social commitment. Admitting this true NBL is going on with its di!ersified 'anking acti!ities. NBL introduced .onthl% a!ings chemepecial $eposit cheme- Consumer6s Credit cheme and a!ings Insurance cheme etc. to com'ine the people of lower and middle/income group.

A team of highl% <ualified and e#perienced professionals headed '% the .anaging $irector of the Bank who has !ast 'anking e#perience operates 'ank and at the top there is an efficient Board of $irectors for making policies.

To o'tain a suita'le position in the 'anking sector of Bangladesh

To pro!ide standard financial ser!ices 5rofit .a#imi4ation

GA Bank for 5erformance with 5otentialH

+.1 Origin of the )eportE

The purpose of this report is to focus practical "#periences of m% da%/to/da% work as a part of m% internship period. .ethodolog% what I ha!e applied to prepare this )eport O'ser!ation 5ro,ection Techni<ues $epth Inter!iews Interaction with the Customers and Colleagues

ources of $ata
$oing practical work in different desks tud% of old filesIdocumentsIformats 5ersonal in!estigation. .% colleagues and Customers Collection of $ata from different statements and a'stracts. Internet- Brochures- annual report etc.

+.9 O',ecti!e of the )eport

The main o',ecti!e of this report is to fulfill partial re<uirements of ..B.A degree program. In order to 'e a'le to o'tain the ..B.A degree program from Asian =ni!ersit% of Bangladesh- e!er% student is re<uired to do internship program in a well/reputed organi4ation for 9 months- after completing all the re<uired courses. After the internship period- each student or intern has to su'mit a report a'out the respecti!e organi4ation. I ha!e completed m% internship program in National Bank Ltd. And this report is a'out this 'ank. As one of the main o',ecti!es of internship is to gather ,o' e#perience- I ha!e tried to put some of the e#periences that I ha!e learnt from m% internship in this report.

The specific objectives of this report are

To present an o!er!iew of National Bank Ltd. To appraise the performance of National Bank Ltd. To apprise financial performance of National Bank Ltd. To identif% the pro'lems of National Bank Ltd. To recommendI remedial measures of the de!elopment of National 'ank Ltd.

+.: .ethodolog% of the stud%E

Both the econdar% and 5rimar% ources ha!e 'een used to collect data for this research paper.

Collection of econdar% $ataE

$ata regarding the operations of National Bank Ltd. and anal%sis of financial statement were collected from secondar% sources like annual report- Brochures- .anuals and 5u'lications of National 'ank Ltd.

Collection of 5rimar% $ataE

.an% of the data and information were collected from m% practical e#perience and <ueries from the e#ecuti!es while doing our assignment period at National Bank Ltd. Information and data regarding products * ser!ices- interest rates * charges- 'anking operationsorgani4ation structure- management personnel- and policies were collected from these sources

+.B Limitations of the reportE

To prepare the internship I encountered some limitations. The limitations are gi!en 'elow/ Limitation of time was a ma,or constraint in making a complete stud%due to time limitation. The duration was onl% twel!e weeks. It was too limited to co!er all the 'anking area. .an% aspects could not 'e discussed in the present stud%. Lack of comprehension of the respondents was the ma,or pro'lem that created a lot of confusion regarding !erification of conceptual <uestion. Confidentialit% of data was another important 'arrier that was faced during the process of this stud%.

As 'eing an intern- it also created some pro'lems as I was una'le to ac<uire hands/on/e#perience in all the departments- due to the 'ankJs polic% of maintaining secrec% and also 'ecause I did not get the opportunit% in all the departments.

+.; Organi4ation structureE

Functional oriented structure Organi4ation structure pla%s an important role on the profita'ilit% of an% organi4ation. National 'ank limited is a centrali4ed organi4ation and operates in a. That is- its acti!ities are designed on the 'asis of traditional 'anking 'usiness- such as credit- international di!isionin!estment- administration- and operation etc. NBL has a formal organi4ational structure that is highl% speciali4ed and centrali4ed. The whole organi4ational structure is gi!en 'elow/

Board of $irectors
MS. PARVEEN HAQUE SIKDER MR. MD. MAHBUBUR RAHMAN KHAN MR. MD. KHALILUR RAHMAN MA!NU" MRS. NAHEED PERVIN MR. !AKARIA #AHER MR. SHAHADA# H$SSAIN MR. M. %. MUR#A!A MR. A#AUL HUQ MR. A. M. NURUL ISLAM MR. SALIM RAHMAN MR. S. M. SHAMEEM IQBAL PR$&. MAHBUB AHMED CAP#. ABU SA'EED M$NIR MR. M. A. MA!ID KHAN : Chairperson : Director : Director : Director : Director : Director : Director : Director : Director : Director : Director : Director : Director : Mana(in( Director

Kierarch% of the BankE

CKAI).AN .$ $.$ "F5 F5 F5 AF5 Officer Gr./I Officer Gr./II Officer Gr./III Officer Gr./IIIA Officer Gr./IIIB 7unior Officer taff

$i!ision of NBL
+. Audit * Inspection $i!ision. 1. AT. Card $i!ision 9. Board ecretariat :. Budget * .onitoring $i!ision. B. Credit $i!ision/+. ;. Credit $i!ision./1. &. Credit Card $i!ision. (. Classified Loan )eco!er% $i!ision. 8. Financial Administration $i!ision. +2. General Banking $i!ision. ++. Kuman )esources $i!ision. +1. International $i!ision. +9. Information %stem * Technolog% $i!ision. +:. Law * )eco!er% $i!ision. +B. .arketing $i!ision. +;. .erchant Banking $i!ision. +&. 5u'lic )elations $i!ision. +(. 5rotocol $i!ision. +8. )econciliation $i!ision. 12. %stem * Operations $i!ision.

Chapter Two
An Appraisal of National Bank Ltd.
1.+ Capital structureE
The total asset of NBL amounts to T0 91-29:-+:1 at 92th 7une 122: * 92-&+:1B9 at 92th 7une 1229. A 'rief capital position of the 'ank is gi!en in the ta'le 'elow. Auditor6s )eport to the hareholders of National Bank Limited Balance heet at 9+ $ecem'er 122:

5)O5")TC AN$ A


Amounts in Taka At 31 Dec 2 4 At 31 Dec 2 653'4(2'5) 1'42 '246'1 5 2' (3'(1)'6)5

CA K !n han" #inc$u"in% forei%n currencies& +ith ,an%$a"esh ,ank an" -ona$i ,ank #inc$u"in% forei%n currencies& Balance with other 'anks and financial institutions !n ,an%$a"esh .utsi"e ,an%$a"esh .one% at call and short notice In!estment /overnment securities .thers Loans and ad!ances 0oans' cash cre"its' over"rafts' etc ,i$$s "iscounte" an" purchase" Fi#ed assets Other assets Non/'anking assets Total Assets

551' *)'(1( 1'2)1'*(2'44* 1')33' (1'166 1'(24'3(6'662 (13') 3'14( 2'43)'1(*') * 3* ' ' 1'*2('344'455 6**'2)1'32) 2'626'625'()3

1'541'(4)' 3* 1*4'*(5')25 1'(36'(23')64 1' * ' ' 2'246'315'*1 645'656'36 2')*1'*(2'2(

1)'2*5' 6)' 22 1('256' 1'(34 1'* 5'56)'( * 1'2*('666'*2* 2 '2 '636'(31 1)'553'66)'663 (*(')11'2 ) 4)5'643' 62 2')( '616'342 4'*54'234'646 11 11 9+-;;+-:&8-+22 9+-1(+-:19-+18

LIABILITI" AN$ CA5ITAL 0iabi$ities Borrowings from other 'anksfinancial Institutions and agents $eposits and other accounts 2urrent "eposits an" other accounts ,i$$s pa3ab$e -avin%s bank "eposits ,earer certificates of "eposit Term "eposits Other Lia'ilities Total Lia'ilities 2apita$4-hareho$"ers5 67uit3 5aid/up capital tatutor% reser!e Other reser!e urplus as per 5rofit and Loss account Total hareholdersJ "<uit% Total lia'ilities and hareholdersJ "<uit% 2ontin%ent 0iabi$ities Acceptances and endorsements Letters of guarantee Irre!oca'le letters of credit Bills for collection Other contingent lia'ilities Total contingent lia'ilities Other Commitments Total Off/Balance heet Items

Amount in Taka At 31 Dec 2 * '414'*43 4 At 31 Dec 2 1) ')26'425 3

)'34 '1* '626 ('1(('544')5) 35 '44*'132 ) 6'244'633 4'(26'516'3)2 4'21('(14' *) 251'165' 2)2'*65' 11'22)'321'*31 11'131')16'33) 24')*6'643' (1 23'616'2)4'*2( 5'1 1'66*' (4 6' 56'*1('164 92-2((-&1&-2(( 18-(B:-21(-B+;

43 '2(3'25 5))'*5(')65 153'(61'13 3**'(5*'(6( +-B&1-&B1-2+1

43 '2(3'25 5 )')2*'5)1 153'(61'13 334'53 '652 +-:1&-98:-;+9

9+-;;+-:&8-+22 9+-1(+-:19-+18

)'55 ' *('635 ('413'354'314 1'1 ('16('(34 11111111

6'()5'(*2'13* ('6*6'321'152 1'3)4'55 '(6* 11111111

+&-2&2-;+8-;(9 +B-(;;-;;:-2;2 111 111

+&-2&2-;+8-;(9 +B-(;;-;;:-2;2

5rofit and Loss tatement for the Cear "nded 9+ $ecem'er 122: Amount in Taka 8ear 6n"e" 8ear 6n"e" 31 Dec 2 4 31 Dec 2 3 !nterest income 2' 5('444'2(( 1')2 '32*'46) 0ess9 !nterest pai" on "eposits' borro:in%s' 1'4)6'6*1'442 1'356' *6'(35 etc Net Interest income B&2-&B1-(9B :;:.191-&99 !ncome from investment 2ommission' e;chan%e an" brokera%e .ther operatin% income Total operating income -a$ar3 an" a$$o:ances <ent' ta;es' insurance' $i%htin%' etc 0e%a$ e;penses =osta%e' stamp' te$e%ram an" te$ephone Au"itors> fee =rintin%' stationer3' a"vertisements' etc ?ana%in% Director>s sa$ar3 an" a$$o:ances Directors> fee <epair' maintenance an" "epreciation of assets .ther e;penses Total operating e#penses 5rofit 'efore pro!ision =rovision for ba" an" "oubtfu$ $oans =rovision for "iminution in va$ue of investment .ther provision Total pro!ision 5rofit 'efore ta#ation =rovision for ta;ation 5rofit after ta#ation A""9 ,a$ance of profit' brou%ht for:ar" 2 4' 52'663 1)6'*33'354 (4*' 4 '6*( (52'155')14 2(4'524'2)5 22*'4)4'55 1'22('61('645 1'16)'5(3'(1) 4)6'335'42( (*'166' 25 3')13'345 4('262'44( 2 ' 26'643'356 1'32 ' 3'3()')63 53'*52'61* (*'656'*(( ()1'(2*' 5* 1' 16'641'421 6 6' ' 11 1 ' 616' ' ' 443'2*4'4 ( 64'454'1*( 3'236' 3 4*'325'2 * 236' 21'44*') 3 * ' 2'6 *'441 44'465'1* ()'6()'52 ( )'64)'(*( *24'15('654 55 ' ' 4 '4 5* '4 ' 11 ' 333'(5('654 1 5'133'661 22)'623'**3 3 1'(4 '165 53 '364'15)

4 '641'421 126'2 2' 4( 2(4'43*'3(4 334'53 '652 6 )'*( ' 26

Appropriations 9

-tatutor3 reserve =ropose" "ivi"en" <etaine" earnin%s' carrie" for:ar" "arnings per share

#) '12)'2)4& #66'(51'531& #12*' )1'*(5& #12*' )1'*(5& #2 *'21 '25*& #1*5')33'5 6& 3**'(5*.(6( 63.() 334'53 '652 53.13

Cash flow for the period ended $ecem'er 9+st- 122: #Taka in @ @& 122: 1229 Cash Flows from Operating Acti!ities !nterest an" commission 2') *'426'214 2'5(2'4)5'2)2 receipts !nterest =a3ments #1'4)6'6*1'442& #1'356' *6'(35& <eceipts from other operatin% 2(4'524'2)5 2**'4)4'55 activities 2ash pa3ments to emp$o3ees #4) '4*1'6*3& #4 6')(3'*)(& 2ash pa3ments to supp$iers #4)'62)'653& #35')*1'61(& =a3ments for other operatin% #*65'()4'6()& #2 *'514'443& activities .peratin% profit before chan%es //////////////////// //////////////////// in operatin% assets +21-9B:-299 &89-B89-2B2 @IncreaseAdecrease in operating assets !nvestment in treasur3 bi$$s' etc. Aun"s a"vance" to customers .ther assets Increase @decreaseAin operating lia'ilities Deposits form customers .ther $iabi$ities Divi"en" pai" Net Cash from operating acti!ities Cash Flows from In!esting Acti!ities !nterest receipts

#266'3(4'6)(& #2(6'()1'521& #1'646'*6)' 6)& #314'14)'(15& 2' )3'61)'3 4 #1'( 5'344'5))&

1'2) '35)'144 #*55'24)' * & #12*' )1'*(5& 46)'65('661

3'35('561'1)4 #65'5 6'3((& #)6' 54'651& 1'( 3'31)'3)2

2 4' 52'663


=urchase of fi;e" assets Disposa$ of fi;e" assets Net Cash from in!esting acti!ities Cash Flows from Financing Acti!ities Decrease in borro:in%s Net cash from financin% activities Net increase in cash an" cash e7uiva$ents Cash and cash e<ui!alents at 'eginning of period@+A Cash and cash e<ui!alents at end of period@+A @+ACash and cash e<ui!alents 2ash ,a$ance :ith other banks an" financia$ institutions ?one3 at ca$$ an" short notice =riBe bon"s Total

#34(')1)')63& 3'6)3'3*5 #14 ' )2') 5&

#2(' (*'(2(& 11 15*')53'62(

#* '411'4)2& #* '411'4)2& 23)'163'3(4 4'66)'5*5' )5 4'* 6'(5)'45*

#)*')51'3)4& #)*')51'3)4& 1'((3'32 '625 2')*5'2(4'46 4'66)'5*5' )5

2' (3'(1)'6)5 1'(36'(23')64

1')33' (1'166 2'43)'1(*') *

1' * ' ' 3* ' ' 6'315'*1 ('344'11 4'* 6'(5)'45* 4'66)'5*5' )5 CCCCCCCCCCCC CCCCCCCCCCCC

1.1 Fi!e

Cear6s 5erformance at a Glance

@In .illion TakaA 5articulars 1. AuthoriBe" 2apita$ 2. =ai"1up 2apita$ 3.<eserve Aun" 4. Deposits 5. A"vances 6. !nvestment (. !mport ,usiness ). 6;port ,usiness *. /ross !ncome 1 . /ross 6;pen"iture 11. =rofit1,efore Ta; 12. =rofit1After Ta; 13. Ai;e" Assets 14. Tota$ Assets 122+ 1' . 3*1.16 1' 2 . 43 .2( 2 1' 1229 . 43 .2( 1' 122: . 43 .2( 122B 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 @In TakaA 15. ,ook va$ue per -hare 16. ?arket va$ue per -hare 1(. 6arnin% per -hare 1). Divi"en" 341.3 65.25 66.62 1 . E 32).61 61.6 1).32 2 . E 361.(4 212. 53.13 3 . E DD DD DD 2)(.2) DD DD 63.() DD DD 3 . E DD 3*5.52

*43.* *)3.63 **(.12 1'142.4) 1('364.(4 2 '25).(2 23'616.2) 24')*6.64 16' 56.4 1)'23*.52 1)'553.66 2 '2 .64 2' *5. 2 2'3(1.35 2'626.62 2')*1.*( 2('236.5 15'664. 1') ).66 1'4 (.6* 4 .*( 23'5*(.1 1)'(42.4 1')(1.54 1'66(.*5 2 3.5* ().)5 22'42 . 4 2 '((3.2 21'6( .) 2'*)).* 2' 64.(5 333.(5 22).62 22' (1. 3'2)5. 6 2'26).42 4 .64

26 .63 3*6. 33'61(.5


4)6.*3 4)5.64 (*(.)1 36'545.2) 4('14). ) 4)'(32.1

@In Num'erA

1*. Number of forei%n correspon"ents 2 . Number of 6mp$o3ees 21. Number of -hareho$"ers 22. Number of ,ranches

32) 1'*1( (') 66

324 1')6) (')5( 66

326 2' 25 )'*6 66

DD DD DD 2' (3 DD DD *' 52 DD (5 DD DD 32)

Chapter Three

General Banking
General 'anking is one of the main departments of an% 'ank A Bank starts its 'anking work through General Banking. General Banking helps to do other acti!ities of the Bank smoothl%. General Banking $i!ision consists of the following fields of acti!itiesE )ecei!ingICollecting deposits Issuance of Che<ue Book- $$- TT- 5.O

9.+ )ecei!ingI Collecting $epositsE

Our Branch is collecting two t%pes of deposits- such asE

1. Deman" "eposits 2. Time Deposits. $emand depositsE

These sorts of $eposits are pa%a'le without an% notification. Our 'ranch is collecting the a'o!e deposits through the following wa%E B% opening ofL

1. 2urrent account F 2. -avin% account +. Current $eposits @C$ AIcA

Current $eposits @C$ AIcA is a running AIc where a customer can draw mone% fre<uentl%Icontinuousl%. Funds of C$ AIc shall 'e pa%a'le on demand. Bank does not allow an% interests on C$ AIc. C$ AIc is generall% opened '% Business men- 5u'lic Institutions- Corporate Bodies * other organi4ations who want to operate his AIc numerousl% * fre<uentl%. National Bank Limited pro!ides the following t%pes of current accountE
Current account for indi!idual @There must 'e a nomineeA 7oint current account #There must 'e a nominee& 5roprietorship current accountE It ma% 'e C$ AIc @Current

5roprietor AIcA

To open a 5roprietorship AIc ////

5roprietor of the firm must fill up the Current 5roprietorship AIc opening form An Introducer accepta'le to Bank must introduce the AIc. 5hotographs of the 5roprietor The specific )u''er/stamp of the 5roprietorship firm Falid Trade License
5artnership current accountE For opening this AIc the Conditions

are It ma% 'e C$ AIc It must 'e opened '% the name of the 5artnership Firm 5artnership $eed must 'e su'mitted with the AIc opening form pecific )u''er tamp of the Firm 5hotographs of the AIc operati!e persons
Limited Compan% current accountE To open an AIc in the name of a

Compan% the following documents and papers must 'e su'mitted with the AIc opening formE .emorandum * Articles of Association of the Compan% Certificate of Incorporation )esolution of the Board to open AIc with the Bank List of $irectors with ignatures 5hotographs of the operati!e persons

5u'lic Limited Compan% Current AIcE

To open an AIc in the name of a 5u'lic Limited Compan%- the following documents and papers must 'e su'mitted along with the AIc opening formE .emorandum * Articles of Association of the Compan% Certificate of Incorporation )esolution of the Board to open AIc with the Bank List of $irectors with ignatures 5hotographs of the operati!e persons Certificate of Commencement of Business.

Time depositsE

Time deposits are pa%a'le at a fi#ed date or after notification. Our Branch recei!es Time deposits through Fi#ed deposits receipt @F$)A- hort/term deposit @ T$A- . @.onthl% a!ing chemeA- $ @ pecial $eposit chemeA etc.

Fi#ed $eposits @F$A

Fi#ed $eposits @F$ AIcA shall 'e opened for a longer period such as 9 @threeA months to 9 @threeA %ears or more. Generall% who wants to in!est his mone% safel% can open F$ AIc. The interest of F$ AIc is negotia'le * it depends on the !olume of deposit and period. At present- our 'ranch is allowing interest from (? to +2.1B? in F$ AIc. It ma% 'e noted that no introduction is necessar% to open F$ AIc * the F$) is not negotia'le instrument * cannot 'e transferred '% endorsement.

Interest rate on F$)E

The interest rate of the deposited amount depends on duration and !olume of the amount. If duration is long the interest rate is high- and at the same time if the !olume of amount is large the interest rate is also high and !ice/!ersa. 5eriod a. 9 months '. ; months c. + %ear d. 1 %ear e. 9 %ear =p to Tk. B2-22-222 (. ? (.1B? (.B2? 8.1B? 8.B2? Tk. B2-22-222 to Tk. +-22-22-222 (. ? 8? 8.1B? 8.B2? +2 ? A'o!e Tk. +-22-22-222 (.B2? 8.1B? 8.B2. ? +2. ? +2.B2?

hort/Term/$eposit @ T$AE
hort Term $eposit or T$ Account Opening procedure is similar to that of the current account. The rate of interest on this t%pe of account is B?. 3ithdrawals from this t%pe of account re<uire a prior notice of se!en da%s.

pecial $eposit cheme

For most of the people on fi#ed income the opportunit% to supplement their monthl% earning is a golden one. And NBL pecial $eposit cheme gi!es a customer ,ust that. =nder this scheme- customers can deposit mone% for a term of B %ears. The deposited mone% is full% refunda'le at the e#pir% of the term. At the same time- during the term period the% can en,o% a monthl% profit corresponding to their deposited amount. As for instance- under this scheme a deposit of TkBB-222I/ gi!es a monthl% income of Tk.B22I/.

$eposited Amount Tk. 55' 41 Tk. 1'1 ' 41 Tk. 1'65' 41 Tk. 2'2 ' 41

.onthl% Benefit Tk. 5 41 Tk. 1' 41 Tk. 1'5 41 Tk. 2' 41

.onthl% a!ings cheme

This scheme is speciall% designed for the 'enefit of the limited income group mem'ers. This helps to accrue small monthl% sa!ings into a significant sum at the end of the term. o- after the e#pir% of the term period the depositor will ha!e a si4ea'le amount to relish on.
A monthl% deposit of Tk.B22I/ or Tk.+222I/ for B or +2 %ears period earns in the end Tk.:2- +22I/ or Tk.1- 1:-B22I/ respecti!el%.

.onthl% Installment Tk. 5 41

)eturn after B %ears Tk. 4 '1 41 Tk. ) '1

)eturn after +2 %ears Tk. 1'12'5 41 Tk. 2'24'5

Tk. 1'




a!ing Insurance cheme

This is an uncertain 3orld and the threatening silhouettes of future catastrophes are alwa%s looming around. This NBL scheme gi!es %our famil% protection against the insecurities of the world. This scheme is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. It com'ines the 'enefits of regular sa!ings and insurance scheme- so- %ou get the usual rate of interest on the deposited amount while %ou en,o% the protection of a comprehensi!e insurance co!erage. =nder this scheme- the 'eneficiar% @iesA get e<ual the deposit in case of natural death of the account holder whereas in the e!ent of accidental death of the account holder the 'eneficiar% @iesA will recei!e twice the deposit. As for e#ample- if a customer picks up "as% Class @Tk.B2- 222I/A heIshe will get Tk.B2- 222I/ for natural death and Tk.+- 22-222I/ for accidental death apart from hisIher deposited amount and interest. Class $eposit Normal $eath Accidental $eath Benefit Benefit @Including Own @Including Own $epositA $epositA +-22-222I/ +-B2-222I/ 1-22-222I/ :-22-222I/ +2-22-222I/ 9-22-222I/ ;-22-222I/ +B-22-222I/

"as% B2-222I/ Con!enie +-22-222 nt I/ 1-22-222 Classic I/ B-22-222 tandard I/

Chapter Four
er!ices of National Bank Credit Card
Through its Credit Card- National Bank Limited has not onl% initiated a new scheme 'ut also 'rought a new life st%le concept in Bangladesh. Now the dangers and the worries of carr%ing cash mone% are memories of the past. Credit Card comes in 'oth local and international forms- gi!ing the client power to 'u% all o!er the 3orld. Now en,o% the con!eniences and ad!antages of Credit Card as %ou step into the new millennium.

NBL AT. er!ice

National Bank Limited has introduced AT. ser!ice to its Customers. The card will ena'le to sa!e our !alued customers from an% kind of predicament in emergenc% situation and time consuming formalities. NBL AT. Card will gi!e our distinguished Clients the opportunit% to withdraw cash at an% timee!en in holida%s- 1: hours a da%- & da%s a week.

3estern =nion .one% Transfer

7oining with the world6s largest mone% transfer ser!ice D3estern =nionDNBL has introduced Bangladesh to the faster track of mone% remittance. Now mone% transfer 'etween Bangladesh and an% other part of the glo'e is safer and faster than e!er 'efore. This simple transfer s%stem- 'eing on line eliminates the comple# process and makes it eas% and con!enient for 'oth the sender and the recei!er. Through NBL / 3estern =nion .one% Transfer er!ice- %our mone% will reach its destination within a few minutes. 3estern =nion is a glo'al leader in .one% transfer and message ser!ices. 3ith the help of western =nion a consumer or a Businessman can transfer mone% or make pa%ments more <uickl% and more securel% from one part to another part of the world. There are +- +&-222 3estern =nion Agent Locations o!er +(B countries in the world. ItJs the largest network in the world. 3estern =nion markets transact more than one <uarter Billion mone% e!er% %ear. In Bangladesh National Bank is the onl% agent of transferring mone%. In Bangladesh we can onl% recei!e mone% from a'road 'ut we can not make

pa%ment or transfer mone% from our countr% to another countr% of the world on 'ehalf of our customer. At our NBL =ttara Branch we make pa%ment to our customer through western =nion with the help of our Foreign "#change Branch The procedures of Transfer .one% through 3estern =nionE In our Branch- we take one of the following document as a Falid I$ 'efore the pa%ment of western =nion. iA iiA iiiA i!A !A !iA 5hotocop% of +st three pages of Falid 5assport. In case of renewal- the photocop% of renewal page will 'e added. Nationalit% Certificate with 5hotograph from ChairmanICommissionerI.5. The said person will !erif% the signature photograph of the applicant. BankJs Certificate with photograph AIc .aintaining with the Bank. The Authori4ed OfficerIBranch in Charge will !erif% the signature * photograph of the applicant. An% AIc Kolder of our Branch. In this case we will use the AIc Num'er as I$ Foter I$. er!ice I$ @In case of reputed ser!ice holderA

Issuance of $$- TT * 5O.

This Bank offers $$- TT * 5O for transferring the funds from one place to another to our Customer. It is Called Inland )emittance. It is one kind of sources of Income of the Branch. Bank can issue $$- TT * 5O against cash or Che<ue. To issue the a'o!e we ha!e to follow some rules * regulations.


Issuance of $$. @$emand $raftA

$$ is a written order from one 'ranch to another 'ranch of the same Bank. It is not pa%a'le to 'earer of the instrument. In practice- we can not issue $$ 'etween Branches within the same cit%. we need to complete the following steps for issuing a $$


Issuance of TT. @Telegraphic TransferA

TT is one kind of telegraphicITelephonic message order to pa% some one the fund 'etween two Branches of the same Bank. It is the <uickest * easiest wa% to transfer fund from one place to another place. The charges for issuing of $$ * TT of our Branch $$ITT 2.+2? of the total $$ITT Amount Tele# Charge Tk. :2 fi#ed FAT 1? of Commission amount 9A

Issuance of 5O @5a% OrderA

5O is a written order- issued '% 'ranch of Bank to pa% a certain amount to a specific person or organi4ation. 3hose fa!or we issue 5O is called 5a%ee. ome time 5O is sold to indi!idual on pa%ment of !alue- and then the indi!idual is called the purchaser. A pa% order has three parts such asE

Chapter Fi!e
Foreign "#changeE
.odes of the Foreign "#changeE
Farious ser!ices regarding foreign e#change pro!ided '% NBL can 'e segregated into four 'road categoriesE Import "#port Foreign )emittance Issuing TIC * "ndorsement of $ollar

This section perform the ma,or function of import procedure in fa!or of its clients and pro!ide import financing through guarantee- LI.- 5A$- LT) etc.

Letter of CreditE
Letter of Credit @LICA is a letter from the importerJs 'ank to the e#porter that the 'ills if drawn as per terms and conditions are compiled with will 'e honored or accepted for deferred pa%ment on presentation. )e<uirements of opening an LIC areE Trade license- I)C- .em'ership Certificate- TIN and FAT Certificate- Bond License- .emorandum of Articles @Incase of a limited co.A- )egistered $eed @5artnership FirmA)esolution and 5hotographs

5arties To $ocumentar% CreditE Commercial 5artiesE

aA ApplicantE The applicant is normall% the 'u%er of the goods- i.e. importer who re<uests his 'ank to issue a LIC in fa!or of a named 'eneficiar% against tendering of certain documents. 'A Beneficiar%E the 'eneficiar% is normall% the seller of the goods who recei!es pa%ment under documentar% credit if he has complied with terms and conditions.

5arties to documentar% credit ma% 'e an issuing 'ank- an ad!ising 'ank- a confirming 'ank- a reim'ursing 'ank or a nominated 'ank. aA Issuing 'ankE The issuing 'ank or the opening 'ank is one- which issues the credit. 'A Ad!ising BankE The Ad!ising Bank ad!ises the credit to the 'eneficiar% there'% authenticating the genuineness of the credit. It is normall% situated in the countr%Iplace of the 'eneficiar%. cA Confirming BankE A Confirming Bank is one which adds its guarantee to the credit opened '% another 'ank- there'% undertaking the responsi'ilit% of pa%mentInegotiationIacceptance under the credit in addition to that of the Issuing Bank. dA Nominated BankE A Nominated Bank is that 'ank nominated '% the issuing 'ank to pa%- to incur a deferred pa%ment lia'ilit%- to accept drafts or to negotiate credit.

eA )eim'ursing BankE A )eim'ursing Bank is the 'ank authori4ed to honor reim'ursement claims in settlement of negotiationIacceptanceIpa%ment logged with it '% the negotiatingIacceptingIpa%ing Bank.

Other related partiesE

aA IssuerE The Issuer has the responsi'ilit% for issuing the goods as pro!ided in the credit. 'A CarrierE The Carrier is responsi'le for safe arri!al of the goods at the destination.

T%pes of documentar% creditE

aA )e!oca'le $. credit 'A Irre!oca'le $. credit cA Confirmed and unconfirmed $. credit dA Fi#ed- re!ol!ing and installment credits eA tand'% credit

fA )ed clause gA Back to 'ack credit hA Transfera'le credit

iA Credit options $ocuments in a documentar% are Commercial In!oice- Certificate of originAnal%sisI<ualit% certificate- packing list- $raft- and Transport documents and Insurance $ocuments.

"#port is the process of selling goods and ser!ices to the other countr%. It has an immense contri'ution to generating income for the 'ank.

)e<uirements for the e#port procedureE

In order to e#port an% goods or ser!ice to o!erseas- the e#porter should ha!e attested the photocopies of the following documents with the up to date e#port registration certificate. Other re<uirements are Commercial In!oiceCertificate of origin- Beneficiar% certificate @where the e#porter tells a'out the goods heIshe wants to e#portA- Beneficiar% fa# @confirmation of sending goods to the importerA- 5acking list- $raft- Transport documents and Insurance $ocuments. If the 'ank authorit% satisfies with all the information pro!ided '% the e#porter- steps are taken to smooth out the process of e#port regarding collection of mone% or opening 'ack to 'ack LIC. Opening 'ack/to/'ack LIC is a letter of credit 'acked '% the original LIC or the mother LIC to open a new LIC. The 'ank pro!ides it to the e#porter to import the raw material from o!erseas in order to produce the e#porta'le commodit% for the importer. It encourages the e#porter to produce more

e#porta'le goods. In this case the 'ank offers some additional facilities i.e. a'out +12 da%s to pa% 'ack the mone% where in case of import. LIC is issued for ;2 da%s.

Foreign )emittance refers to the transfer of fund from one countr% to another through channel. Foreign )emittance is an important sector where NBL earns a lot of foreign e#change e!er% %ear.

$rawing ArrangementsE
$rawing Arrangements is made to facilitate remittance through concluding accounting relationship 'etween a 'ank and corresponding- or an e#change house- which ma% e#ist in the following three forms of accounts. +. NO T)O AICE A foreign currenc% account that a local 'ank maintains with another 'ank in a'road. 1. FO T)O AICE An account- which a foreign 'ank maintains with a local 'ank- is called FO T)O AIC. 9. LO)O AICE An account- which a third part% maintains with a foreign 'ank- is known as LO)O AIC.

There are two t%pes of )emittanceE

aA Foreign Inward )emittanceE The remittance in foreign currenc%- which is recei!ed from outside the countr% to our countr% is known as Foreign Inward )emittance. The remittance can 'e performed in two wa%sE

Fisi'le Inward )emittance/such as e#port proceeds Fisi'le Inward )emittance /such as famil% maintenance consultant fee etc. Cash is remitted through TT @Telegraphic TransferA- $$ @$emand $raftA etc. 'A Foreign Outward )emittanceE Foreign Outward )emittance is funds remitted to o!erseas on 'ehalf of the client. It is of two t%pesE Fisi'le Outward )emittance/such as- pa%ment against import- sale of tra!elerJs che<ues etc. Fisi'le Outward )emittance/such as- mem'ership fee- su'scription fee etc.

=ING TIC * "N$O) "."NT OF $OLLA) NBL is an authori4ed dealer of American "#press TIC. at the same timeL the% can sell TIC and dollar. "!er% morning the% get a tele# from the Kead Office- which carries the rate of the foreign currenc% transaction of the da%. The pa%ment to the customer is made instantl% '% de'iting Gforeign 'ill purchaseH account.

Chapter i#
$ail% acti!ities of Bank Clearing
Clearing is one of the important ,o's of a 'ank. To run the 'anking 'usiness smoothl% and to pro!ide ser!e to customer- e!er% 'ank has to collect che<ues5Os- $rafts- etc which are drawn on other Bank on 'ehalf of their AIc holder. On the other hand- e!er% Bank has to pa% against his AIc holderJs Instrument- which are recei!ed from other Banks. In a word- we can sa%- the 'ank needs to collect or pa% mone% on 'ehalf of its AIc holder against AIc pa%ee instruments. The process '% which wa% the 'ank collects or pa%s the mone% is called clearing.

Clearing KouseE
Clearing Kouse is a place where !arious BankJs representati!es gather with their Clearing Instrument and settle each otherJs claims. Normall%- Clearing house sits in the Central Bank. 3here there is no 'ranch of Central Bank- the clearing house sits in a general place selected '% the Central Bank. Clearing is held under the super!ision of the Central Bank. In our countr%- Bangladesh Bank controls the clearinghouse. Bangladesh Bank has di!ided the whole countr% in !arious clearing 4ones such as- $haka- Chittagong- 0hulnaBarishal etc. ome where onali Bank arranges * controls the clearing house as a representati!e of Bangladesh Bank. "!er% Bank does not get the clearing facilit%. To a!ail the clearing facilit% e!er% 'ank and its 'ranches need to 'ecome a mem'er of the Clearing Kouse. Our NBL =ttara Branch is a mem'er of $haka Clearing Kouse and our clearinghouse sits in Bangladesh 'ank. 3e cannot do our clearing ,o's directl%. 3e do our clearing ,o's through our Kead office at $ilkusha CIA$haka. There are two kinds of Clearing asE

+A 1A

Outward Clearing Inward Clearing

Outward clearingE
The AIc holders of our Branch deposit other BankJs instrument in their AIc for collection. 3e collect it through Outward Clearing and credit the proceeds in their AIc.

$escription of Outward ClearingE

Bank does not in!ol!e in clearing house directl%. The% make their clearing through Kead office- $ilkusha. The% ,ust prepare the Instrument and send it to Clearing department of Kead Office for collection. On the other hand- the AIc Kolder of our Branch gi!es our BranchJs instrument to their part% who is not our AIc holder as pa%ment. The part% deposits the following instruments in their AIc for Collection through Clearing house. 3e recei!e those instruments from Clearing house and make pa%ment on 'ehalf of our AIc holder. This is called Inward Clearing. "#cept Clearing Instrument the Clearing $epartment also Collect the following instruments on 'ehalf of the their customer.

LBC Che<uesE LBC

tands for Local Bills Collection. LBC is a process of collection of instrument- which is held 'etween the two different Branches of the ame Bank in the ame Clearing Kouse. For e#ample- if an% AIc holder of our 'ranch deposited a che<ue which is drawn on our Ba'u Ba4ar Branch. In this case we will collect the proceeds through LBC.


OBC Che<ues

OBC stands for Out 3ards Bills Collection. Like LBC it is a process of collection of instrument which is held 'etween the two different Branches of the ame Bank in the $ifferent Clearing KouseI$ifferent Cit%. For e#ample if an% AIc holder of our 'ranch deposited a che<ue which is drawn on our Agra'ad Branch Chittagong. In this case- we collect the proceeds through OBC. Commission of OBC of our Branch Below Tk. + Lac 2.+B? A'o!e Tk. + Lac 2.+2?

5ostage Charge Tk. +2.22


IBC @ Inward Bills CollectionA

3e collect the instrument on 'ehalf of our a customer through LBCIOBC which are drawn on other Branches of our Bank. Like this collection we also make pa%ment on 'ehalf of our customer against LBCIOBC instrumentwhich are recei!ed from other Branch 'ut drawn on our Branch. For e#ample if an% AIc holder of our Branch gi!es a che<ue to his customer who maintains aIc with our Ba'u Ba4ar Branch * deposited the Che<ue in his AIc. Ba'u 'a4aar Branch will send the said Che<ue to our Branch through LBC for collection. )ecei!ing of this kind of Instrument called IBC.

3riting of Ad!icesE
"!er% Branch of our 'ank has to write Ad!ice for updating their inter Branch Transaction. To ser!e our customer promptl% we ha!e to pa% or recei!e deposits on 'ehalf of our other 'ranches. 3e recei!e or pa%ment this deposit through ad!ice in case of Branch to Branch transactions. uppose- we ha!e recei!ed a TT .essage from our 0hulna Branch to 5a% Tk.+222 to .r. M- one of our AIc Kolder. Kere- some one deposits mone% at our 0hulna Brach 'ut pa%ment will 'e made at our =ttara Branch 'ut we can not recei!e an% cash from 0hulna Branch. In this case- we will make the pa%ment to .r. M and send a )esponding TT ad!ice to our 0hulna after de'iting their CIBTA AIc. There are .an% kinds of Ad!ice such as


Originating Credit Ad!iceE

3e issue this kind of ad!ice to credit the deposit in the other Branches AIc against their claim such as pa%ment against Clearing- LBC- OBC- Credit Card Fund- "ICash AIc- 5F- 3F- Income ta# * !arious kinds of fund transfer.


)esponding Credit Ad!iceE

3hen we recei!e credit ad!ice from the other Branches to credit our AIc called )esponding Credit Ad!ice. 3e recei!e such kind of ad!ice against Clearing- LBC- OBC- Fund Transfer- Cash remittance etc.


Originating $e'it Ad!iceE

3e make pa%ments to the Customer against their instrument or documents on re<uest of an% other Branches of our Bank '% issuing Originating $e'it Ad!ice. In our Branch we generall% issue the following ad!ice for pa%ment against 3estern =nion .one% Transfer- F$$- etc.


)esponding $e'it Ad!iceE

3hen we recei!e $e'it ad!ice from the other Branches to $e'it our AIc called )esponding $e'it Ad!ice.


Originating TT Ad!iceE

"!er% da% we issue TT- which is drawn on an% other Branches of NBL * transfer The TT .essage o!er Telephone or Tele# to the drawee Branch for making pa%ment to the TT fa!oring person. After recei!ing the message the drawee Branch makes the pa%ment. Ne#t- we send an Originating TT Ad!ice to the $raweeI)esponding Branch as a document of the following issued TT.


)esponding TT Ad!iceE

3e recei!e TT message from other Branches of NBL and make pa%ment to the 5a%ee. In this case we are the drawee 'ranchI)esponding Branch. As a document we send )esponding TT Ad!ice to the TT Originating Branch.

$is'ursement CC LoanE
The full ela'oration CC is Consumer Credit cheme. It is one kind of Loan. National Bank6s Consumer Credit cheme gi!es a great opportunit% to 'u% household and office items on eas% installments. This scheme gi!es %ou the ad!antage of part pa%ment to cope with the high price tags of man% necessar% home and office appliances. Tele!ision- )efrigerator- FC)- 5ersonal Computer- 5hotocopier- 3ashing .achine- Furniture- .icrowa!e O!en- Car- and a num'er of other e#pensi!e items are now within %our 'u%ing range. 3ith this scheme NBL makes 'etter li!ing possi'le for people li!ing on fi#ed income. Customers can 'u% those home and office e<uipment6s without o!er ta#ing their 'udget. $ocuments re<uired '% our Branch against CC LoanE +A 1A 9A Application for loan under CC =ndertaking to pa% .onthl% Installment. Letter of Authorit% to $e'it Account for pa%ment of .onthl% Installment of CC

:A BA ;A &A

5rice Nuotation of the 5roduct- which the applicant wants to 'u%. 5romissor% Note Letter of Guarantee Guarantee Bond from two persons with their photographs accepta'le to Bank (A Two copies of passport si4e photographs of the Applicant. IB5 @Inland 'ill purchaseA ome times to ser!e our relia'le !alued clients financiall%- we purchase their Instrument in cash which is drawn on other Bank ItJs called IB5. To do the a'o!e we ha!e to do the following worksE

Fund Transfer to "ICash AIc

There are se!eral AT. Card Booth of our NBL from where the AT. Card Kolder can draw cash at an% time through punching their AT. Card. "!er% AT. Card holder maintains a link AIc. From the link AIc we ha!e to transfer the fund to "Icash Account to acti!ate the AT. Card. AT. Card is issued '% Kead Office AT. Card $i!ision. "!er% da% we recei!e the status of AT. Card holders from AT. Card $i!ision.

Chapter e!en
Other acti!ities of National 'ank ltdE
+. )ural Credit 5rogramsE NBL is pla%ing effecti!e role in de!eloping agricultural sector through its special credit programs. =nder this pro,ect loan is gi!en for food grain di!ersification- fisheriesand for purchase of agri/ e<uipment and power tillers. In last +2 %ears the 'ank has dis'ursed tk. ;8.(B million and the loan reali4ation rate is 8: percent. =nder this pro,ect loans will 'e dis'ursed in different su'/ sectors like fisheries- agro/ processing- industr%- poultr%- and li!estock. Besides loan dis'ursement under this program technical assistance is also pro!ided. 1. National Bank Training InstituteE The 'ank on 1:- +8(& esta'lished the National Bank Training Institute. o far :B12 people were gi!en training in difference 'atches till August 1229. 9. National Bank FoundationE To create a well education nation the National Bank Foundation esta'lished National Bank 5u'lic chool and College. 5resentl% there are ;:1 students at the school section and +;: students at college le!el. The rate success is +22? and &&.:1? respecti!el%. :. ports and Cultural Acti!itiesE The name of NBL is associated with the countr%Js sports. "#pensi!e sports acti!ities and its de!elopment need financial support and for that reason NBL in!ol!ed itself with these acti!ities. NBL is gi!ing support to !arious social- sports and de!elopment acti!ities.

Chapter "ight
)ecommendation * Conclusion
NBL should pursue ad!ertisement campaign in order to 'uild a strong image among the people. The% should carr% out aggressi!e marketing campaign to attract clients. The% can gi!e ad!ertisements in newspaper and maga4ine- tele!ision and neon signs. NBL can pursue a di!ersification strateg% in e#panding its current line of 'usiness. The management can consider options of starting merchant 'anking.

NBL should mo!e towards Online 'anking operations. It the appropriate time for going for Online 'anking 'ecause some of the 'anks are alread% in to the Online 'anking operation.

National Bank ltd. should increase consumer/'anking acti!it%. Their consumer/'anking acti!it% is so poor. The% should increase the consumer 'anking as earl% as possi'le. The% should inno!ate other t%pe of deposit to attract more customer.

NBL should increase management efficienc%. The 'ank should tr% to keep a 'alance in its operating e#penses and operating income. If the operating e#penses to operating income are high the 'ank ma% face some pro'lem. $efault Culture is !er% much familiar in our countr%. National Bank Limited should carefull% allocate the 'ankJs assets to the highest %ielding loans while a!oiding e#cessi!e risk. The 'ank should reduce the amount of BadILoss relati!e to classified loans. NBL is taking higher risk to get higher return. In this perspecti!e the 'ank should 'e concerned a'out their risk/taking tendenc%. Now the% should take calculate risk. NBL should maintain more cash and deposit 'alances with other 'anks. Because it is desira'le that 'anks keep their cash and 'alance with other 'ank to such e#tent so that it can minimi4e the chance of li<uidit% crunch. NBL should keep on adding different 'anking ser!ice with its traditional interested 'ased 'usiness to generate more non/interest re!enues. NBL should de!elop more strategic planning as to compete with its ri!al 'anks.

National Bank Limited has 'een tr%ing to operate its 'usiness successfull% since +8(9. The 'ank has alread% de!eloped good image and goodwill among its clients '% offering e#cellent ser!ices. As a newl% esta'lished Branch- NBL =ttara is ser!ing at its localit% with utmost satisfaction of the customer. oNBL =ttara Branch has to compete with those 'anks as well as other Commercial Banks. Toda%- the whole Banking sector is facing a tough competition and challenge. In this situation our Branch is in good position than an% other Bank of its localit% and da%/'%/da% we are increasing our acti!ities * goodwill. 3ithin 12 %ears of its operation- the 'ank has gra''ed a position in the 'anking sector. According to the CA."L rating the 'anks performance are 9- which is satisfactor%. It is e#pected that in a %ear or so the rating will 'e +- which is strong. o we can sa% that o!erall performance is good in 'anking sector of Bangladesh