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INSTRUCTION: Select the correct answer for each of the following questions. Mark only one answer for each item by shading the box corresponding to the letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided. STRICT ! NO ERASURES A O"E#. Use pencil no. 2 only. 1. ompute the time it takes to send message 11 ! in hexadecimal from one station to another using an "#bit parallel data transfer rate is 1ms per transfer a. 1 ms c. $ ms $% 2 &' d. 1% ms 2. &hat is the most efficient topology used by small business organi'ation( a. Mesh b. Star c% ()' d. )ing $. &hat is the controlling node of a star topology system( a. modem c. codec $% *)$ d. *+ ,. ompute the efficiency of sending a 2-%#byte message synchronously where transmission requires an "#byte preamble for clock recovery a% +,%+- . c. 1../ b. $.12- / d. "".2$1 / -. 0ow many pins comprise the )S2$2 ( a. 2. b. 2, c% 2/ d. 2% %. 1thernet sends and receives data at the rate of 2 a. 1-.. bps c. 2-% 3bps $% 01 M$2' d. 2. Mbps 4. &hat is the composition of an 5S+6 !asic rate 5nterface 7!)58 a% 2( 3 # c. 2$ ! 9+ b. 2+ 9 ! d. $.+ 9 ! ". * :56 diode is ;;;;;;. a. microwave mixer c% &icrowave 'witc* b. point contact diode d. microwave detector <. 5t is the high frequency sound that cannot be heard by human ear. a. ultrasonic c.subsonic $% tran' 'onic d. supersonic 1.. &hich color has the shortest wavelength of light( a. red c% $4)e b. yellow d. green 11. *n =S5 layer that provides end to end integrity for the network layer. a% tran'2ort c. physical b. network d. application 12. * ship to ship communication is plague by fading. >he best solution seems to be the use of ;;;;;;;. a. more directional c% 5re6)enc7 diver'it7 antenna b. broadband d. space diversity antenna 1$. &hat is the numerical aperture of a fiber with the angle of acceptance to be 2.?( a. $., c. ..<, $% 1%89 d. ..$%,

1,. >he number of frames per second in the :hilippine >elevision system is ;;;;;;;. a% /2/ c. %. b. %2d. $. 1-. &hat is the color sub carrier for channel -( a% :1%:8 MH; c. 4%.2- M0' b. "1.4- M0' d. 4% M0' 1%. ommercial load for radio shall not exceed ;;;;;;;# minutes for a one#hour program outside Metro Manila. a% 0c. 1< b. 1" d. 2. 14. &hat is the offset frequency for @0A repeaters( a. 1- M0' c% / MH; b. -. M0' d. - 30' 1". &hat is known as BohnsonCs noise( a. cosmic noise c% w*ite noi'e b. solar noise d. static noise 1<. 5n which material eill light travel faster( a. silicon c. water b. glass d% air 2.. >otal internal reflection takes place when a light ray strikes the interface at an angle which is ;;;;to the critical angle. a. less than c.equal to $% greater t*an d. not related 21. *n optical fiber has a core and cladding refractive indices of $.$ and 1.$ respectively. Aind the angle of incidence which has $..- degrees refraction. a. 1..$-? c% 00%/8< b. 11.--? d. 1..-,? 22. +etermine the cut#off wavelength for a fiber with an " um core where the refractive indices of the core and cladding are 1.-1- and 1.-11. a% 00/1 n& c. 1,.. nm $% :11 n& d. 1-.. nm 2$. 5t is the width of the range of wavelengths emitted by the light source. a% '2ectra4 widt* c. chromatic dispersion b. bandwidth d. beamwidth 2,. &hat is the light source typically used in multimode optical fiber( a. phototransistor c. photoresistor b. laser d% E# 2-. &hich source has a wider spectral width( a. laser c. 5D+ b. phototransistor d% E# 2%. * phenomena on the surface of the sun with appearance and disappearance of dark irregularly shaped areas a. S5+ c. sporadic 1 $% 00 7ear ')n'2ot d. ionospheric storms 24. * 'one of silence in wave propagation a% '=i2 ;one c. troposcatter b. skip distance d. super refraction 2". &hat is the field strength of a free space signal is measured as 2u@Em at a distance of "-... km. &hat is the transmitter power( a. -%$ & c% +,8 " b. %.. & d. 1... &

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Macro Integrated Training and Review Center

2<. >he layer of the ionosphere also known s 3ennely # 0eaviside layer a. + c. A1 $% E d. A2 $.. 5f the field intensity of 2- m@Em develops 2.4 @ in a certain antennaF what is its effective height( a. 1." m c. - m $% 01: 5t d. <.2- m $1. >he efficiency of an antenna is "2 /. 5ts radiation resistance is $. ohms. &hat is the value of its loss resistance( a% ,%/: o*&' c. 4.4 ohms b. 12.-2 ohms d. %.1, ohms $2. *n antenna that is circularly polari'ed. a. parabolic c. Gagi Uda b. log periodic d% He4ica4 $$. &hich is a non#resonant antenna( a% $road'ide c. folded dipole b. rhombic d. end fire array $,. >he direction at which radiation intensity is equal to 'ero. a. maHor lobes c% n)44' b. minor lobes d. side lobes $-. System of buried conductors that improves ground conductivity. a. counter poise c% eart* &at b. antenna coupler d. top#load $%. >he end impedance of a half wave dipole is ;;;;;;;;;. a. resistive and low c% re'i'tive and *ig* b. inductive d. capacitive $4. >he electric field is perpendicular to the ground. >he wave polari'ation is. a% vertica4 c. elliptical b.hori'ontal d. circular $". 5t is the relationship between output current and input light power for a photodetector. a. +ispersion c. Iuantum efficiency b. )eflection d% Re'2on'ivit7 $<. 5t is a measure of average number of electrons released by each incident photon in a light detector. a. +ispersion c. >)ant)& e55icienc7 b. )eflection d. )esponsivity synchroni'e their dialogue and to manage the data exchange. a% Se''ion c. :hysical b. >ransport d. *pplication ,,. >he equali'ing pulses and the serrations in the vertical pulse occur at half#line intervals with the frequency of ;;;;;;;.0'. a. 1- 4-. 0' c. %. 0' b. 80 /11 H; d. $. 0' ,-. >he difference between the picture and sound carrier frequencies for channel $ is ;;;; M0'. a% 9%/ c. % b. $.-" d. ,%. &hich of the following camera rubes has a minimum lag( a. @idicon c. Saticon $% P4)&$icon d. 5conoscope ,4. &hat does the K42.pC 0+>@ resolution mean( a% 02:1 ? -21@ c. 12-. x 42.F 2rogre''ive progressive b. 42. x 12".F d. 42. x 12-.F progressive progressive ,". 5t is the synchroni'ation of digital signals by adding extra bits to one signal. a. bit mapping c. bit synchroni'ation $% $it 't)55ing d. bit addition ,<. >he common output power of mobile station 7MS8 is ;;;;watts. a. 1 c. 2 b. , d% 8 -.. &hat is the interface between mobile stations 7MS8 to the base transceiver station 7!>S8( a. *bis c% Air b. *ter d. * -1. &hat is the interface between base transceiver stations 7!>S8 to the base station controller( a% A$i' c. *ir b. *ter d. * -2. * versatile data#transmission system using -$#byte packets and designed to enable various kinds of dataF including live audio and videoF to be multiplexed. a% ATM c. S+0 b. S>M d. S=61> -$. >ype of station which is used to convert channel frequencies of one station to another channel for rebroadcasting. a. )elay station c. 0igh power >@ station b. Dow power >@ d% Tran'4ator 'tation station -, >he class of AM station used for educational purposes. a. lass * c. lass b. lass ! d% C4a'' # --. Service area of broadcast stations having a ground field of 1 m@Emeter. a% Pri&ar7 c. >ertiary b. Secondary d. 5ntermittent -%. 5t is the ability of the receiver to separate or pick#up the desired signal and tune out of the rest or unwanted signal. a% 'e4ectivit7 c. responsivity b. sensitivity d. fidelity

,.. 5t is the commonly used figure of merit of a photodiode. 5t is defined as the rms value of optical power required to produce a unity signal#to#noise ratio at the utput of a light# detecting device. a. Iuantum efficiency c. )eliability b. .)esponsivity d% Noi'e e6)iva4ent 2ower ,1. 5t is a digital interface standard for optical transmission developed by *6S5 >1J1 committee. 5t defines a basic signal of -1.,". Mbps and byte interleaved multiplexing scheme. a. S+0 c. :+0 $% SONET d. S>M ,2. 5t is a highly inclined elliptical orbit. a. :olar c. ircular b. 1quatorial d% Mo4ni7a ,$. >he layer in =S5 which provides the means for cooperating presentation entities to organi'e and

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Macro Integrated Training and Review Center

-4. &hat section of >@ receiver determines the bandwidth and produces the more signal gain( a% IA a&24i5ier c. Docal oscillator b. Mixer d.. )A amplifiers -". >he process of adding chrominance and luminance is called ;;;;. a. +iplexing c% Inter4eaving b. Modulation d. )esolution -<. &hat do you call the combining circuit used in >@( a. *dder c. Synthesi'er $% Matri? d. Multiplier %.. &hat is transmission( a. -</ $% -/ . the blanking level for the negative 41. Aor an electronic device operating at a temperature of 14 degree with a bandwidth of 1. 30'F determine the rms noise voltage for a 1.. ohm internal resistance and a load resistance of 1.. ohm. a% 1%02,/ )V c. ..."< u@ b. ..14" u@ d. ..2- u@ 42. >he absolute decibel unit used widely in video transmission is called ;;;;;;. a. d!m c. d!r b. d!w d% d(&V 4$. >he absolute decibel unit used extensively n microwave applications a. d!m c. d!r $% d(w d. d!m@ 4,. 5t is defined as the band of frequencies centered on @ =Cs natural frequency over which a phase locked loop can maintain frequency lock with an external input signal. a. tracking range c. capture range b. 0old#in range d% 4oc= range 4-. 5t is a special circuit in *M receivers purposely to quiet a receiver in the absence of a received signal. a% '6)e4c* circ)it c. *L b. @ = d. anti Mtwinkler circuit 4%. >he expression of how much data are put through the data communication link. 5t is an expression of channel efficiency. a. data output c. message output b. service output d% t*ro)g*2)t 44. &hat is the maximum number of :ublic >elecommunication 1ntities 7:>18 mandated by law to avail of the 5M>2... or $L frequency band( a. 2 c. , b. $ d% / 4". >he carrier frequency from the earth station to satellite is called;;;;;. a% )24in= c. downlink b. sidelink d. weakest link 4<. ;;;;;;;is a radar beacon that transmits either

c. %-/ d. %%.%4 /

%1. &hich of the following is a unit of information( a% #it c. *M5 b. 1ntropy d. 0+!$ %2. haracters that must be transmitted other than data are called ;;;;;;;. a. :arity c. 1rror $% Over*ead d. 0amming bits %$. Dayer in =S5 that provides services for reliable interchange of data across a data link established by the physical layer a% data 4in= c. network b. transport d. application %,. Aor an " :S3 system operating with an information bit rate of 2, 3bpsF determine the bandwidth efficiency in bpsE0'. a% 8 c. b. , d. % %-. >his parameter compares the performance of one digital modulation technique to another. a.!andwidth c. Spectral 1ficiency efficiency b. 5nformation density d% a44 o5 t*e a$ove %%. Aor a 1%# :S3 system with an information bit rate of 2, 3bpsF determine the baud rate. a% ,111 $2' c. , bps b. "... bps d. $ bps %4. >his process involves the extraction of a phase# coherent reference carrier from a receiver signal which is sometimes called phase referencing. a% carrier recover7 c. data recovery b. phase recovery d. base referencing %". 5t is a numerical indication on how efficiently a : M code is utili'ed. a. : M efficiency c. spectral efficiency $% Coding d. quanti'ation ratio e55icienc7 %<. 5t is a modulation system whereby the step si'e of +igital to *nalog onverter is automatically varied depending on the amplitude characteristics of the analog input signal. a. +elta Modulation c. Squaring loop $% Ada2tive #e4ta d. :hase referencing Mod)4ation 4.. onvert a power level of 2$ d!m to an absolute power. a% 211 &" b. 1,.12- m& c. ..2 m& d. ...1,2- m&

continuously or intervals
a. rho#theta $% ra&ar= c. rho#rho d. raymart

".. * satellite communication system uses S:*+1.

>he digital modulation technique used in S:*+1 is;;;;7*prilF 2..-8 a% c. >PSB !:S3 b. d. 1% I*M AS3

"1. >he minimum number of years of experience in

the practice of 1 1 profession to qualify as !oard of 1xaminer is

a. " b. < c% 01 d. 11 "2. &hat is the line speed of !luetooth technology( 76ovemberF 2..-8 a. %2. 3bps c. "2. 3bps $% -21 B$2' d. <2. 3bps "$. >he most accurate type of test equipment used for measuring high power is the ;;;;;;;;. a% $o4o&eter c. calorimeter

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b. wavemeter d. wattmeter b. 1. 3bps d. 24 3bps

",. >he *nti#&ire >apping Daw

a. c.

)* %",< RA 9211

b. d.

)* "$". )* 4<2-

<-. * 2-#ohm load has a 2- @rms across it. &hat is the peak envelope power( a% 2/ " c. 12.- & b. -. & d. 1..4- & <%. * low noiseF low powerF narrow band microwave

"-. * system using , horn antennas displaced about

the central focus of the reflector a. onical b. Monopulse scanning Scanning c. Mono2)4'e d. Dobe trac=ing Switching
"%. >he dimension of a chip si'ed S5M card

amplifier utili'ing a varactor to achieve gain

a% PARAMP b. S*& devices c. *L d. :hase locked loop

<4. * microwave signal travels at a distance of 2- km

a. c%

1- x2. mm 0/? 2/ &&

b. d.

2. x 2- mm 2- x $- mm

at % Lh' frequencyF what is the attenuation incurred in the signal(

a% 08/%+2 d( b. 1-$. <2 d! c. 1,..121 d! d. 1$-.2< d!

"4. >his cellular standard possesses a +ual Mode

a. *M:S b. >* S c% NA#C d. B+

"". 5f your phone can process frequencies of <..

Medium 1arth =rbit 7M1=8 satellite operates in the


M0'F 1".. M0' and 1<.. M0' then your phone is said to be;;;;;.
a% tri$and b. tribu c. tribe d. trimode

"<. LSM has a fixed bit rate of ;;;;;;;;;. a. 2-. 3bps c. 2%. 3bps $% 2-1 B$2' d. 2". 3bps <.. >he time which a cellular subscriber uses a

;;;;;frequency band 7*prilF 2..-8

a% 0%2D0%,, G*; b. 1#2.- L0' <<. c. 2#1" L0' d. 1.%#2.2 L0'

carrierCs service charged per unit time of call

a. talk time b. water time c. call time d% air ti&e

alculate the effective earthCs radius if the surface refractivity is $.1.

a. %$4. km $% :9+8 =& c. ",<. miles d. %$4. miles

<1. ;;;;;;;launched the worldCs first cellular system

in Saudi *rabia based on the analog 6M> ,-. standard

a% Eric''on b. 6okia c. *lcatel d. Siemens

1... !luetooth operates in what frequency. a. 2.1 L0' b. 2.2 L0' c. 2.$ L0' d% 2%9 GH;

ontinue StrivingNNN

<2. &hat is the frequency of the signal transmitted

that request for a call termination

a. " 30' b. < 30' c. 1. 0' d% 1%10 MH;

<$. >he dominant operating system used by apple or macintosh computers( a. &indows c% Cag)ar b. =pen @iew d. Dinux <,. &hat is the channel capacity of a standard phone

line that has a SE6 ratio of 1..(

a% 21 B$2' c. - 3bps

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Macro Integrated Training and Review Center

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