es la última lista. Ánimo.Completa los espacios con la forma correcta de los verbos irregulares. INFINITIV take tell think understand wake win write !"ST took taught told !"ST !"#TICI!$ taught woken wore won wrote . Sigue los ejemplos.

* 3.* 0.apanese*e/pensive*car.*$*funny*little*man.*$n*old*blue*sweater.* 6.%rite t&e adjectives in t&e correct column in t&e table.*$n*ugly*Swiss*heavy*watch.*$*pretty*5rench*village.* +-.*$*new*terrible*film.*$n*English*boring*grammar*book.*#he*two*last*months. * +.*$*black*heavy*laptop. mysterious ancient Swiss new German disgusting glass green cardboard tiny Dutch metal ugly large heavy enormous round brown beautiful old square blue plastic red noun OPINION SIZE !EIG"# $GE S"$PE %O&O'( O(IGIN )$#E(I$& (sustantivo) )ecide '&ic& of t&e follo'ing sentences &ave t&e adjectives in a natural (good) order or an unnatural (strange) order.*$*.* 1.*gorgeous*brown*big*eyes.* 4. Follo' t&e e(amples.* .*$*lovely*white*plastic*table.* -.* 2.*$*se/y*young*lady.* +8.* 7.* ++.

#f they are harvested too early. When people think of carrots. This gives them their taste. "ost people do not know that carrots can be grown during the winter months. cool and a medium soil temperature are the best conditions for growing carrots that taste great. This will prevent the ground from free%ing. They are cooked by themselves or added to . loosen it and turn it over. carrots should be grown in sandy soil that does not hold soil also should have no rocks. for a long time. once they are washed. Carrots need to develop their full sugar content. Then. simply cover your carrot garden with a layer of leaves or straw. they are eaten 'ust as they come out of the . And Belgian White carrots are. they usually picture in their mind a vegetable that is long. & perts say warm days. And they contain a lot of carotene.Carrots are grown on and in family gardens throughout the world. )ou can remove the ground cover and harvest the carrots as they are needed. you can grow and harvest carrots the same way as during the months. as their suggests. They taste good. the the better the taste. But carrots loose their sweetness if you wait too long to pull them from the ground. mi in some plant material or fertili%er. . *r. !aris "arket carrots are about five centimeters around. Weather. soil conditions and age will affect the way carrots taste. Carrots are prepared and eaten many different ways. which the body makes into vitamin A. #f the winter is not cold enough to free%e the ground. Carrots are easy to raise and easy to harvest. The best way to 'udge if a carrot is ready to be harvested is by its color. dig up the soil. And not all carrots are orange. thin and orange in color. For e ample. (sually. the color. But carrots come in many different and shapes. They are cut in thin pieces and added to other vegetables. The To prepare your carrot garden. white. For the best results. they will not have enough sugar. #f the ground does free%e in your part of the world. #mperator carrots are thin and about twenty$five centimeters long.