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Hello, I`m Irina Obretin, from Romania and I have a 2 years old female White Swiss Shepherd.

Something happened to her fore legs. She looks now like she`s got really weak pasterns. But from what I have learned that usually happens to puppies. As a puppy, she was fine until this fall (fall 2013). I will try to explain as much as I can with details but please, if you can give any opinion but need more details, please ask. I`ll be grateful for any advice but of course I will talk to my vet first.

As a puppy she did moderate exercise and ate Bosh Maxi Junior. She developed nicely. But she gave signs of fearfulness. She didn`t like being around too many people. At around 7 months she had a mild car accident. Her right back leg was injured but only at the surface. She had a broken toe and stitches and that was about it. She recovered fast. The fearfulness increased a lot. She was now really scared of everything. That didn`t really decrease in time. At this moment she is scared of a lot of things but I can manage. Her appetite was always medium. She ate as a necessity but wasn`t a eater. She never ate more then what was written on the food bag for her age and body type. She developed really athletic. Running is the most important thing for her. And it was a bit hard to satisfy her needs. So in the summer of 2012 she run after a bike for about 20 min per day. (not every single day). After 3 4 months I reduced her exercise (because I didn`t owned a bike anymore). She went out for about an hour, on grass, running free, with other dogs or playing fetch, and another half hour of walking. In the winter exercise decreased a bit when it was really cold. In April 2013 we moved, she stayed for the summer at my parents. Unfortunately I couldn`t stay with her at all times. Her exercise consisted in playing in the garden with a german shepherd. Until a year of age she received K9 Complete Growth (Recommended by the vet). In the mean time I tried as food Royal Canin Maxi Junior but her breath smelled really bad because of it so I returned to Bosch Maxi Junior witch seems to be fine for her. At a year and a half it was time to change to adult food. Bosh Maxi Adult Large Breed didn`t seem to be as good so I switched to Eukanuba Adult Large Breed. During the summer she had a period of badly shedding. I thought it was normal due to the fact that she is long coated. I gave her some oils. It stopped for a while. In the fall 2013 we moved back to the flat. In the beginning of October we started training with a professional mostly for the fearfulness part. It was stressful for her but she seemed to improve a little bit. She did not accept any kind of treats during training so it was all mechanical. We tried not giving her food for 2 3 days so maybe she would eat outside. It didn`t work, she preferred starving. We did that for about two weeks (she ate small amounts outside, mostly at night when there were no sounds or distractions). She lost weight. After resuming to normal eating she had an increased appetite, but otherwise normal. In the same time, her nose started to loose color and the shedding started again.

Again, it was supposed to be normal because of the change from summer to winter. But that never stopped, she is still losing hair really bad. At the beginning of December she had a skin problem on her back There appeared 4 pustules. The vet recommended Exemtrat 3/day for 7 days. The problem went away fast and never came back. I changed the food to Brit Care Adult Large Lamb and Rice. It seemed to be fine. I also gave her K9 complete. In this time, the only remarkable thing she did was she jumped once too high. She was warm from the running and she didn`t seem to be hurt or something. In the middle of January it seemed she was walking weird a bit. Then it got worse, we went to an orthopedic vet. Wasn`t much help. Did nothing to her. Just ordered x-rays but never watched at them. He said that she has weak pasterns and there is nothing to do about it then a splint and in the future complete surgery to block the pasterns. Said there is no relations between the legs, the extreme shedding and the losing of nose color (he said that was normal because other dogs have it). I changed the vet. Next one did a complete checkup. He said it seems to be a metabolism problem and the symptoms may be related. It was hard to tell so he said it will take out to rule out the possibilities. He took blood. And said for the next 3 months : 1 K9 motion, 2.5 Aplazyl and 3 Coatex per day for the next 90 days. No running at all, just 3 slow walks, each 30 minutes. When the blood came back it seemed to be fine other then the Ureea. That was increased, slightly still in normal. (It may be from the vitamins and all). As food she is now on Royal Canin Veterinary Care Nutrition Large Breed. Now she`s taking her vitamins but I`m still waiting for the Coatex to arrive. Also I ordered splints so maybe she can walk better. The vet said that she will regain but slowly. But we don`t know what exactly caused it. So I please ask you, if you came across another dog with same symptoms, what is there to do. Anything could be helpful. She licks her pasterns so I think they hurt. Sometimes when she`s outside they are a bit lifted but sometimes they are badly low. When I touch her leg there is no reaction of pain. When she sits, her left leg is slightly in front. When she lays, she bends her leg. (I`ll attach pics.) Next I`ll attach X-rays, blood, and informational pictures of her at different stages.



And informational pictures, chronologically ordered: 14.04.2013





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