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Quality and Competence

Admixtures for concrete and mortar Mould release and concrete agents Concrete fairing coats Grouting compounds Waterproofing Screed systems Oxal restoration Joint sealing materials
Highly developed product systems and competent services from one source: As a hands-on developer of innovative solutions MC Bauchemie offers its clients quality advice based on years of experience in the areas of concrete emolument, concrete curing and concrete cosmetics. Talk to us - we have the solutions.

Improving fresh concrete properties and finished quality and colour intensity

Concrete ProductsManufacture

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Concrete is our calling

MC Bauchemie: Our world is concrete
Construction Chemicals: We Share our Know-How For over 40 years MC has been a trusted partner of the concrete products industry. MC's materials, services and solutions are a broad spectrum of well-matched products and systems combine to form a broad, well-matched spectrum that enables the optimal production of concrete goods. Concrete used to make concrete products has different properties. Semi-dry concrete with a lower water content is by nature difficult to compact. Colour intensity of the finished article is also very important. In addition products must be free of efflorescence. MC has the expertise to deliver. Only a perfectly matched combination of admixtures and casting techniques is able to produce the desired results. The specialists for concrete admixtures are at MC. The challenge is diversity ... A particular challenge in the concrete products industry is the achievement of sufficient early strength to enable the rapid removal from forms and handling.

MC improves your results

Research, product development and customer contact are the basis for maximum efficiency
MC improves productivity One of the prime objectives for every concrete products manufacturer is a high production rate while maintaining quality. Pre-cast concrete products must meet high standards with regard to surface finish and appearance. To achieve the perfect result MC offers compaction agents and colour-enhancing admixtures. This ensures a flawless production process resulting in first-class concrete products. Practically oriented: Consultation, planning, then action MC's success in developing products and systems that are suited to the demands of a practical application has a sound logic: More than 10 % of MC staff - well above average for most industries - is active in research & development and application technology. This drives our 'knowledge transfer ethos', benefiting our customers globally. Over 40 international subsidiaries in more than 23 countries ensure we are near our customers all over the world. The benefit to our customers: Maximum productivity and profitability through local representation.

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Systematic Solutions
The best results by optimising concrete properties for any production process
Aligned products for every production phase MC has the technology to meet the demands of the wide range of concrete products: special additives for high-quality concrete products, such as paving slabs and paviours that are produced in many different colour variations. At the same time efflorescence is minimised.

Fresh Concrete Stability / Compactability

Colour intensity / low efflorescence

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Admixtures for the manufacture of concrete products

Application Workability and Product groups Murasan BWA 14, 15, 16 Multi-functional admixtures tailored to the demands of the concrete products industry resulting in first-rate quality products - perfect lubrication between steel moulds and concrete to improve surface finish.

Our admixtures produce the best concrete goods for your clients
Advice, product development and on-site service give customised solutions
Products and services - the complete package MC optimises the production of concrete products by using workability and compaction agents, colour intensifiers/efflorescence control agents and refinement additives. The transfer of MC concrete technology and know-how by highly qualified staff on-site ensures the improvement of the production process and the quality of the finished concrete goods. Products and services without compromise We also assist our customers with concrete mix design, so that the best technical and most cost-effective process results in satisfied customers.

Compaction Aids

Plasticizers (BV)

Centrament Improves the compaction properties and surface quality of semi-dry concretes.

Colour-intensifier Efflorescence Control Agent

Murasan BWA 21, 22 First-class admixtures for the improvement of semi-dry concrete giving excellent workability with outstanding hydrophobic properties in a single product. Minimise efflorescence and enhance the intensity of coloured concrete.

Refining Admixtures

Murasan BWA 26 Enhancing fresh concrete strength of semi-dry concrete while simultaneously increasing water content.

The whole world of concrete optimisation:

You can find an up-to-date overview about our international subsidiaries, our products and systems as well as our complete service spectrum on our website. Take a look we show concrete in a bright new light.