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Unit-1 Introduction to Mechatronic Systems

1. Explain control systems and their functions with examples 2. Define micro-processor based controllers. Explain with a block diagram the working of an engine management system 3. Applications of mechatronics 4. Objectives of mechatronics

Unit-2 Review of Transducers and Sensors

1. Write a short note on proximity sensors 2. Explain with a neat sketch an eddy current proximity sensors 3. With a neat diagram explain how angular position is determined in case of an absolute optical encoder 4. Explain with a neat sketch capacitive proximity sensors

Unit 3 - Electrical Actuation Systems

1. Sketch and explain the working of the stepper motor 2. What do u understand by solid state switches? Discus briefly the types of solid switches 3. What are the performance characteristics of stepper motors 4. Explain with a neat sketch the working principle of variable reluctant stepper

Unit-4 Signal Conditioning

1. Explain the process of converting an analog signal into digital signal 2. Define filtering mention the four different types of filters 3. With a suitable examples explain some of the processes that can occur in conditioning a signal 4. Explain how high voltage and wrong polarity may be protected against by the use of zener diode circuit

Unit-5 Introduction to Microprocessors

1. Define logic gates .Draw the symbols of AND,OR, EXOR & NOT gates with corresponding truth tables 2. Briefly explain the following;

a) Representation of floating point numbers b) Accuracy and range of floating point representation
3. With the help of symbol and truth table explain AND gate 4. Briefly explain how following are represented in memory

Unit-6 Logic Function

1. a) 2. 3. a) With Reference to 8085 classify the instruction set and explain the following Program counter b)Flags c)Register c)Stack pointer d)Accumulator Draw the functional block diagram of the Intel 8085A microprocessor Explain the following Program counter register b) Instruction register c) Stack pointer register d)Status register

Unit-7 Organization & Programming of Microprocessors

1. Define CPU and its functions 2. How does instruction and data flow occurs

Unit-8 Central Processing Unit of Microprocessors

1. What are different types of registers in microprocessors? Explain each one of them in brief 2. List the operations commonly performed in CPU 3. Explain the terms : Synchronous and Asynchronous data transition 4. Explain the five different conditions under which microprocessors controlled data transfer can take place?