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You are concerned over the implications and long-term health effects of the haze. Write an article to the local newspaper expressing your concern based on all the notes below.

the reasons behind the haze role of government and society steps that can be taken give relevant examples of: health complications measures roles of government and individuals

When writing the article you should remember: to lay out the letter carefully to use paragraphs that you letter is to the press Haze: A Danger t Hea!t" The haze is a constant phenomenon faced by Malaysia and her nei hbourin countries! The haze is basically pollution of atmosphere" #hich is clo ed #ith pollutants and other substances from forest fires! The haze is a direct effect of forest fire in $alimantan and other parts of Indonesia due to slash and burn method of farmin ! The Indonesian authorities appear to ha%e no po#er to control farmers from practisin such methods! The haze is further #orsened by open burnin practised by most Malaysians! &pen-field burnin of rice stra# by the rice planters and open burnin of dried lea%es and arba e done by the public are a fe# e'amples that done by Malaysian! Many are i norant of the health effects of open burnin ! (urin the haze" hospitals and clinic often report a dramatic increase in respiratory problems" lun infections and asthma attac)! The Air *ollution Inde' +A*I, usually indicates the hazardous and dan erous le%els of pollution durin this period! The haze has lon -term side effects! *rolon ed inhalation of polluted air #ill result in serious lun infection #hich particularly affects the elderly! The o%ernment must play its role to reduce the haze treat! It has to cooperate #ith the Indonesian authorities to stamp out forest fires! The culprits must be brou ht to -ustice" either throu h healthy fine or prison sentence! Constant %i ilance #ould ensure the perpetrators do not repeat their offence! The o%ernment should also raise the public a#areness of the dan ers of forest fire! Continuous campai n of the cause" solutions and steps-need-to-be-ta)en to reduce the haze need to be promoted throu h all types of social media li)e tele%ision" radio" ne#spaper and e%en %ia internet! The authorities should also pro%ide assistance to farmers and introduce more sophisticated forest clearin methods! In Malaysia" strict la#s must be imposed to penalise those #ho practise open burnin ! &n- oin campai ns on the dan ers of open burnin should be intensified! Indi%iduals too ha%e a role to play! They must participate in e%ery campai n and stop burnin ! .tudents can ad%ise their parents not to practice open burnin ! E%ery indi%idual has to remember that #e do not o#n the #orld" but instead #e lent it from our future enerations! /e must protect our #orld so that our randchildren #oulh ha%e a healthy earth to li%e! Ahmad 0arun bin 0ashim .eremban" 1e eri .embilan 234 #ords

ARTICLE: Article for .chool Ma azine 5 1e#sletter In spite of government s clear call to students to study !nglish well" many students still show very little interest in studying the language. #s $hairperson of the !nglish %anguage &ociety" you are going to try to persuade the students to study the language by writing an article in the school newsletter. In the article you have to tell the students the importance of studying the language. Your article is given in the point form below:

will help you to further your studies will help you to get a 'ob will help you in your 'ob will help you in your travels will help you to en'oy many interesting programmes in television will help you to appreciate many of the world s most beautiful literary works T"e I#$ rtan%e & St'()*ng Eng!*+"

It is a bi concerned for teena ers no#adays as they are una#are of the importance of En lish lan ua e as they tend to i nore to learn the lan ua e! .tudents6 attitude to#ards the lan ua e is also crucial to ma)e sure that these teena ers can face the future #orld better by learnin En lish lan ua e as it is an international lan ua e! Althou h the o%ernment has repeatedly told us of the importance of En lish" many students are still not bothered about studyin it seriously! There is also a campai n that still on to ma)e all the Malaysian becomes a better En lish learner" #hich is 7Enhance *roficiency in 8ahasa Malaysia" .tren then the En lish6! En lish is the most important and the most useful lan ua e in the #orld today! There are many reasons #hy you should study the lan ua e properly! First and foremost" En lish #ill definitely help you a lot #hen you #ant to further studies! Almost all boo)s at uni%ersity are #ritten in En lish in all sub-ects! *lus" it is a compulsory for any candidate to pass En lish #ith credit before enterin any uni%ersities! .o" if you are poor in En lish" you #ill blo# you chance for better education or #orse" you are oin to ha%e a bi problem studyin at uni%ersity! The second reason #hy you ha%e to study En lish #ell is that it #ill help you to et a -ob! /hen you o for a -ob inter%ie#" the inter%ie#er #ill surely tal) to you in En lish! The first impression you should i%e in order to success and ha%e the -ob is" to respond in En lish fluently! 9our chances of ettin the -ob are %ery slim if you stutter #hile inter%ie#in ! A ood command in of En lish #ill also help you reatly in your -ob! If the company you #or) is acti%ely in%ol%ed in international trade" you ha%e to spea) to prospecti%e customers in En lish! Miscommunication mi ht occur if your En lish is bad! And this #ill put your company at ris) and you #ill li)ely be dismissed if this happen! :ood En lish #ill also help you a lot #hen you tra%el! E%ery country in the #orld studies En lish! E%en the roadside stall-holders in China spea) fairly ood En lish; At least some of the people you meet on your tra%els in other countries can understand En lish! The lan ua e is certainly practical #hen you are lost in your trip! Communication problem #ill not happen if you can con%erse #ell in En lish! Ine%itably" En lish is one of the lan ua es used in any airport in the #orld in ma)in announcement! $no#in En lish #ell" therefore" ma)e tra%ellin o%erseas easier! 8esides all these" entertainment is one of the ma-or ad%anta es you #ill e'perience if you ood in En lish! 9ou #ill en-oy tele%ision6s best pro rammes! /e must admit that many of the best pro rammes are produced by the Americans and 8ritish companies! 0i h self-confidence influenced by the pro rammes #ill indirect inculcate in yourself #hen you are fluent in the lan ua e! <uality time is #orthily spent if you understand and en-oy the pro rammes! 8ased from all the abo%e elaboration" I hope that students #ill see the importance and realise ho# importance the lan ua e is for their o#n future! Althou h it is a second lan ua e in our country" it is no# a main lan ua e all o%er the #orld! 4== #ords

DIRECTED: ARTICLE 5 RE*&RT: 1e#spaper Article 5 Report (here has been an attempted robbery in your area. #s a newspaper reporter" you have been assigned to write a report of the incident for publication in a local newspaper. )sing the notes below" write out your report. couple * taking a walk two men approached them ordered couple to give 'ewellery a struggle * husband in'ured one neighbour * taking a dog for a walk heard shouts * went to investigate robbers saw dog * fled couple made police report C '$!e F *!+ R ,,er) Atte#$t *>LA> *I1A1:" Thu ? An elderly businessman and his #ife foiled a robbery attempt by t#o men armed #ith a scre#dri%er and a )nife! The %ictims #ere reported safe from any bad in-ury! Tan Ah /o)" @A and his #ife #ere ta)in a mornin #al) near their home in 0elen 0ei hts yesterday #hen t#o men on a motorcycle stopped them under the prete't of as)in for directions! As Mr! Tan #as i%in directions" one of the robbers pointed a )nife at him and ordered them to )eep Buiet! 0e then relie%ed Mrs! Tan of her -e#ellery and instructed Mr! Tan to hand o%er his rin and #atch! /hen he refused" a stru le ensued! Mean#hile" his accomplice rabbed a helmet and hit Mr! Tan on the head #ith it! &n seein this" his #ife started screamin ! &ne of their nei hbours" R! .ubramaniam" #ho #as ta)in his do for a #al)" heard the screams and #hen to in%esti ate! &n seein .ubramaniam and his do " the robbers fled! CI #as ta)in my do for a #al) #hen I heard someone shoutin for help! $no#in that somethin #as #ron " I ran there as fast as I could! 8efore I reached the scene" the robbers fled on a motorbi)e! They #ere probably afraid of my Rott#eiler!D Mr! Tan" #ho suffered a small cut on his head" #as i%en outpatient treatment at a pri%ate clinic! 0e said that it #as a horrified e'perience as he ne%er e'pected the t#o men #ould attac) his #ife and him! 0e thou ht that they #ere lost and needed help! 0e also mentioned that the uard #ho in char e no#adays easily allo#ed the stran ers to enter their residents! .tate CI( Chief .upt 0arun (in ad%ised him and the people to be more careful in i%in help to stran ers! The uard also must be stricter in lettin people from enterin any residents #ithout proper permission! 0e added that the suspects" a ed bet#een E4 and 2A" #ere belie%ed to be ille al immi rants! 0e said there had been similar incident last #ee) #hen t#o men approached a factory #or)er #ho #as on her #ay home after #or)! The duo then relie%ed her old chain and cash! 0e ad%ised the residents to be alert and reports to police any suspicious-loo)in characters lur)in in their area! 2FA #ords

DIRECTED: RE*&RT ? *olice Report You witnessed an accident. (he police officer has asked you to make a report. )se the points given below: when the event happened where the event took place how it happened description of the vehicles step taken To: .er eant Razali $amrin From: Gulia .elamat (ate: 3th .eptember EAHH Report of the accident on Galan E5H= &n 3th .eptember EAHH at HA!2A a!m!" I #as #al)in alone Galan E5H= #hich is ne't to the children6s play round! As I #as about to cross the road to enter the par)" I sa# a car dri%in s#iftly do#n Galan =5H=! It #as a 0onda Ci%ic #ith the number plate 8E0 IHHA! Another car" a Toyota Jios H!4 #ith plate number /0M =@43 came out of Galan =5H= as #ell! The 0onda Ci%ic #as dri%in too fast that ma)e it did not ha%e time to a%oid collision! The accident caused a loud crash! The 0onda Ci%ic hit the Toyota Jios on the dri%er6s door! The door could not be opened and the dri%er had to et out from the passen er6s door! The dri%er of the Toyota Jios #as luc)y as he sur%i%ed #ith no physical in-uries! 8oth air ba s popped up #hen they collided to each other! They both #ere fortunate as their car #as not badly dama ed and dented! The Toyota Jios6s #indscreen #as shattered to pieces! The 0onda Ci%ic6s headli ht and si nal li ht #ere smashed! There #as plenty of lass on the road! The t#o dri%ers startled to ar ue! The dri%er of the 0onda City #as a #oman! They blamed each other and the ar ument stopped #hen her mobile phone ran ! Most of the passerby slo#ed do#n their %ehicle to #atch the accident! .ome pedestrian came by and offered help! As it happened" I ran into my house #hich is close by! I called the nearest police station and in ten minutes" a police car dro%e up! I told the police officer I had #itnessed the accident and offered to come out to the station to i%e a statement! The cars #ere to#ed to the side of the road first" and then #ere brou ht to the police station before to #or)shop! *ictures #ere ta)en for insurance claim! In my opinion" the dri%er of the 0onda City is to blame for the accident! .he #as dri%in too fast and did not pay any attention to %ehicles comin out from the side road! The dri%er of the Toyota Jios should ha%e stopped at the -unction! Gulia .elamat 244 #ords

"tt$:--.../+!*(e+"are/net-LLT**ng-+a0e(&*!e+1+2t*t!e3+a#$!e4& r4+$#4(*re%te(4 .r*t*ng5'+er2! g*n3Ha+!*n(aM*()

DIRECTED: RE*&RT ? 8oo) Report #s a class pro'ect" you have been asked to write a book report. You decide to write a report of a book you have 'ust read. )se the following notes in your report: author title setting synopsis main characters themes response CThe .tory of My LifeD is an autobio raphy #ritten by 0elen $eller! It tells us ho# 0elen $eller" #ho #as deaf" blind and mute" defied the odds to become one of the most celebrated personalities in the #orld! The story #as set in Alabama in HII3! In the first half of the boo)" 0elen $eller #rites about ho# she #as a&&!*%te( #ith scarlet fe%er #hile she #as still a baby and ho# illness left her deaf" blind and mute! The story outlines the frustration 0elen $eller e'perienced as a child ? alone in a dar) and silent #orld ? unable to communicate #ith anybody! The author then oes on to say ho# her life chan ed #ith the arri%al of her ne#-employed teacher and nanny" Anne Mansfield .ulli%an! The second part of the boo) relates ho# 0elen $eller studied the deaf and dumb lan ua e and learnt ho# to #rite usin 8raille and then #ent to colle e and raduated! The story oes on to say ho# she spent the rest of her life helpin the deaf and dumb all o%er the #orld! I en-oyed readin e%ery pa e of the boo)! I found some sections of the boo)" especially those that deal #ith the early part of her life" $ *gnant and touchin ! It made me realize ho# difficult life must be for the handicapped! It also made me realize ho# fortunate I #as! It has made me more sympathetic to#ards the $!*g"t of those #ho are less fortunate than I am" especially the handicapped #ho has i%en up hope in the face of misfortune" and the se%erely handicapped #ho ha%e lost the #ill to li%e! The story is %ery touchin and informati%e! It arouses the feelin s of the readers! I admire 0elen $eller for her determination and dili ence! I appreciate the $a*n+ta6*ng efforts ta)en by the teacher! The boo) has a ood moral lesson for all! It sho#s the triumph of the human spirit in the face of *n( #*ta,!e obstacles! It ma)es us #onder #hether 0elen $eller #as -ust another %ictim of fate or #hether her birth has a special si nificance! /as 0elen $eller fortunate or unfortunateK 0elen $eller #as unfortunate to ha%e suffered the cruel t#ist of fate but the #orld is fortunate to ha%e had a person li)e her! 0er life shinin e'ample to pro%e the a(age" C#here there is a #ill" there is a #ayD! 2I2 #ords

http:55###!slideshare!net5LLTiin 5sa%edfilesKsLtitleMsample-for-spm-directed-#ritin NuserLlo inM0aslindaMidy

DIRECTED: RE*&RT ? Report to *rincipal You are very disappointed by the conditions and services provided by your school canteen. You decide to write a report to inform your school principal about the poor conditions and services of the canteen. (hese would include: insufficient table and benches food and drinks not covered too little food counters dirty and clogged drains * smelly food * expensive and lacks variety inade+uate food * late comers have nothing to buy" to eat cold food * not fresh rude canteen workers To : Mr! 0asnan bin Galal" The *rincipal" .e)olah Menen ah $eban saan *ermata Mali) bin Abdul E= March EAHH Report about the .chool Canteen I am #ritin this report is to dra# your attention re ardin the school canteen! Many of the students of .e)olah Menen ah $eban saan *ermata are unhappy about the conditions at the school canteen! There #ere lots of complaints re ardin this issue! In the first place" there are insufficient tables and benches! &ur school has a student population of o%er H AAA! There is only one period of recess time for all forms! More than FA per cent of the students o to the canteen durin recess to buy food and drin)s! >nfortunately" there are only about t#enty-fi%e tables and fifty benches #hich can accommodate less than half the number of students! As a result" many students ha%e to stand #hile eatin ! The food sold at the canteen not only e'pensi%e but lac)s of %ariety! The menu is the same e%ery day! For the past fi%e years" e%er since the present canteen mana ement too) o%er" students o bac) to the same food! The hy iene and preparation of food lea%e a lot to be desired! The food and drin)s are not co%ered! They #ay canteen attendants dress spea) %olume about hy iene! /ith their lac)adaisical attitude" the food they sell #ould one #ay or the other become contaminated! My fourth complaint about the canteen pertains to the etiBuette of the canteen #or)ers! They are rude and arro ant! They often shout at students! The students are al#ays on the recei%in end of their bad moods! /e hope that conditions at the canteen #ill impro%e! The canteen should pro%ide better amenities! There should also be a different menu e%eryday so that students #ill not ha%e to taste the same food day in and day out! Cleanliness should be i%en top priority! /e hope that you #ill loo) into our complaints and ta)e steps to remedy the situation! The students are prepared to boycott the canteen if their complaints o unheeded! Reported by: Mali) Mali) bin! Mohd Galil 2H= #ords http:55###!slideshare!net5LLTiin 5sa%edfilesKsLtitleMsample-for-spm-directed-#ritin NuserLlo inM0aslindaMidy

From : (ate :

DIRECTED: F&RMAL LETTER: Letter of Complaint Ra-u a5l Lin am" HE2 A" Loron 8aha ia" Taman .entosa" A3E2H 8andar 8aru .entol" $elantan LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL The *resident" 8andar 8aru .entol Council" $omple)s >tama" A3EAA 8andar 8aru .entol (ear .ir" >ncollected Rubbish and Clo ed (rains I am #ritin this letter is to attract your attention to the abo%e title! As the representati%e of the community" I am callin to tell you that the 2AA odd residents li%in in Taman .entosa are e'tremely unhappy about the lac)adaisical attitude of the local to#n council to#ards the uncollected rubbish and clo ed drains in our area! E! The rubbish in our area has not been collected for more than a #ee)! The rubbish is supposed to be collected on alternate days but this has not been the case! The to#n council #or)ers collect the rubbish accordin to their o#n #hims and fancies! The uncollected arba e has attracted not only flies and mosBuitoes but also #ild do s #hich had attac)ed the residents on se%eral occasions! These stray animals also scatter the rubbish and ma)e the roads dirty and smelly! As a result" residents ha%e to bear the discomfort of stench from the arba e and ris) their health! 2! /e are also disappointed #ith the to#n council #or)ers for not clearin the clo ed drains #hich are filled #ith rubbish! The drains #ould usually o%erflo# #hen there is hea%y rain and the rubbish #ould then flo# into the compounds of our houses! 8esides" puttin up #ith the unbearable stench emitted from them" the residents ha%e to spend hours cleanin their compounds of rotten %e etables" food lefto%ers and other rubbish! =! (ue to den ue outbrea) recently" #e are really concerned about the residents6 health especially the children! Fo in ser%ice also #as not done accordin ly to the schedule! The fo in authority only did their -ob #hene%er a case of den ue aroused! They e%en fo in the nei hbourhood late at ni ht that caused us to lea%e the residents! They need to consider the residents #ho ha%e babies and also to those #ho need to #a)e up early in the mornin for #or)! The fo in also caused the people to ha%e breathin problem #hen #e #ere not told the e'act time of fo in ! 4! /e ha%e made numerous appeals to the Municipal Council to loo) into our complaints but to no a%ail! /e ha%e been puttin up #ith this predicament for more than a #ee)! /e hope the health authorities #ould do somethin to chec) these health hazards! Than) you! 9ours faithfully" Ra-u +RAG> a5l MA1IAM, 2FA #ords


DIRECTED: FORMAL LETTER: Letter of Application You came across the following advertisement for the post Accounts Assistant Clerk. Write a letter of application together with curriculum vitae to the manager. In your letter, include the following: - your curriculum vitae - the reasons for your interest in the jo - your a ility to work independently - pursuing a degree in Accountancy !o remem er to: - use the formal letter - use all the points given - ela orate each points given

Chong Mei Lin, 40, Jalan Templer, Taman Hati er!ih, "# 000 $erem%an, &egeri $em%ilan ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' The Manager, Lim an( $on! Man)fact)ring $(n* h(*, Lot +,-, .nter!tate .n()!trial Area, "# 00+ &ilai, &egeri $em%ilan 2ear $ir 3 Ma(am, Application for the 4o!t of Acco)nt! A!!i!tant . 5i!h to appl6 for the po!t of Acco)nt! A!!i!tant a! a(7erti!e( in The &e5 $trait Time! (ate( +8 th J)l6 ,0++* ,* . ha7e the nece!!ar6 9)alification! a! !tate( in m6 c)rric)l)m 7itae 5hich i! attache( to thi! letter* . ha7e e:perience 5or;ing in %oth foo( man)fact)ring an( al!o a)to man)fact)ring fiel(!* . am c)rrentl6 5or;ing in La<at .ce Cream $(n* h(* in capacit6 of an Acco)nt! A!!i!tant an( ha7e %een here !ince Jan)ar6 ,00/* efore thi!, . 5a! 5or;ing in TFR A)to Enterpri!e a! an Acco)nt! cler;* $ince m6 pre!ent po!ition offer! little pro!pect for career a(7ancement, . 5o)l( li;e to %e attache( to a fairl6 large organi!ation !)ch a! 6o)r!*

+/ J0L1 ,0+0

-* . 5o)l( li;e to 5or; in &ilai a! . inten( to f)rther m6 !t)(ie! an( get profe!!ional 9)alification* . ha7e regi!tere( 5ith a college in &ilai to (o ACCA on part-time %a!i!* =ith thi! high a((itional e()cation le7el an( ;no5le(ge, . can perform %etter in appl6ing the acco)nt! ;no5le(ge in the f)t)re >o%* 4* . can a!!)re 6o) that . am capa%le per!on 5ho can 5or; in(epen(entl6* . am a%le to han(le f)ll !et! of acco)nt!, )p to three !et! at a time* . am intere!te( in 5or;ing 5ith a compan6 li;e 6o)r! a! . feel . can gro5 5ell 5ith the compan6* . am a team pla6er, a(apt ea!il6 to an6 5or;ing en7ironment! an( can 5or; 5ith people from all 5or;! of life* 8* . 5a! acti7e in e:tra-c)rric)lar acti7itie! an( 5a! con!i(ere( a! re!pon!i%le an( (e(icate( 5or;er* . le( an( organi!e( man6 acti7itie! for the !chool cl)%! !o . am confi(ent that . can %e an a!!et to 6o)r compan6 in thi! capacit6* F)rthermore, i ha7e a goo( comman( of Engli!h* #* .n 7ie5 of m6 9)alification an( e:perience, . 5o)l( e:pect a !alar6 more than RM , 000* An( !ince . ha7e m6 o5n car, . 5o)l( ha7e no pro%lem! tra7elling o)t!tation !ho)l( the >o% re9)ire* "* . loo; for5ar( to hearing from 6o) an( . am f)ll6 prepare( to atten( an inter7ie5 at an6 time con7enient to 6o)*

Than; 6o)* 1o)r! faithf)ll6, Raju ?RAJ0 a3l MA&.AM@ -8/ 5or(!

DIRECTED: .&FORMAL LETTER Your friend in "ingapore has written to you to inform you that his cousin in #enang was down with dengue fever. $e would like to know the situation in %alaysia as he plans to ring his family over for the holidays in &une. Write a letter to rief him a out the current situation. In your letter, include the following: e'press concern over the health of your friend(s cousin news a out the situation steps taken authorities present situation !o remem er to: use the informal letter format use all the points given e'pand each of the points given write in paragraph &o* -4, $treet of Fame, Taman );it intang, );it intang, #"800 .poh, 4era; +4 Jan)ar6 ,0++ 2ear John, Ho5 are 6o)A .Bm !orr6 to hear that 6o)r co)!in ha( (eng)e fe7er* Thi! pro%lem !eem! to ha7e %ecome 7er6 !erio)! all of !)((en* =e al5a6! feel that the pro%lem i! not o)r concern )ntil !omeone clo!e to )! i! affecte(* M6 neigh%o)rB! (a)ghter 5ho 5a! in $tan(ar( # la!t 6ear co)l( not !it for 04$R e:amination %eca)!e !he 5a! (o5n 5ith (eng)e fe7er on the e7e of the e:am* Fort)natel6, the a)thoritie! ga7e her an e:emption !o !he i! no5 in Form One* There 5ere al!o a fe5 !t)(ent! ta;ing the e:amination in the ho!pital* Accor(ing to the ne5!, !t)(ent! ma(e )p nearl6 -0 per cent of the + 800 !)!pecte( ca!e! o7er the fir!t three 5ee;! of the 6ear* A%o)t 8- per cent of #,+ confirme( ca!e! la!t 6ear compri!e( chil(ren an( 6o)th )n(er the age of ,4* The!e !tati!tic! are 9)ite 5orr6ing* Thi! ha! prompte( the health mini!tr6 to increa!e chec;! on ae(e! %ree(ing gro)n(! in !chool an( p)%lic area!* The con!tr)ction !ite! are largel6 to %lame(* The pro%lem i! ma(e 5or!e %6 the rain6 !ea!on* The !tagnating 5ater attract the mo!9)itoe! to la6 egg an( %ree(ing on the area!* The a)thoritie! ha7e ta;en 7ario)! !tep! to control the !it)ation* Fogging ha! %een carrie( o)t in man6 p)%lic area! an( mo!t of the ho)!ing e!tate!* Contractor! at the con!tr)ction !ite! ha7e %een in!tr)cte( to ta;e appropriate action! an( 5arne( to clean )p* The6 co)l( %e fine( )p to RM - 000 for

%ree(ing ae(e! mo!9)itoe!* Lot of campaign! thro)gh the tele7i!ion, ra(io an( ne5!paper! 5ere ta;en to ma;e people a5are of the i!!)e an( ta;e preca)tion rather than c)re them* efore the long holi(a6! for the Chine!e &e5 1ear, !chool! all o7er Mala6!ia carrie( o)t a clean)p campaign of the !chool compo)n(* The re!i(ent!B a!!ociation in m6 ho)!ing are al!o organi!e( a famil6 (a6 clean-)p of the ho)!ing e!tate* There 5ere h)ge pile! of r)%%i!h e!peciall6 ol( t6re! an( container! littere( %6 the ha5;er! near the might mar;et !ite* The !it)ation in Mala6!ia ha! impro7e( !ince the en( of Jan)ar6* There ha7e %een no report! of ne5 ca!e! of (eng)e* $o, (onBt 5orr6* 1o) can %ring 6o)r famil6 for a holi(a6 here in J)ne* .Bm loo;ing for5ar( to !eeing them again* $en( m6 regar( to 6o)r mom an( (a(* 2o ta;e care* 1o)r! !incerel6, Harun Din -/" 5or(!

DIRECTED: $4EECH Your school is having a month)long *A $ealthy +ody Campaign(. As #resident of the $ealth Clu of your school, you decide to give a speech on the *,ak nak Campaign( recently launched y the government. Tak Nak Campaign A 7er6 goo( morning to o)r (ear 4rincipal, Mr* Ha!nan %in Jaafar, teacher! an( !t)(ent!* Recentl6, o)r former 4rime Mini!ter, T)n A%()llah Ahma( a(a5i la)nche( an anti-!mo;ing campaign calle( CTa; &a;D* 1o) can no5 !ee thi! !hort an( rh6ming catch phra!e CTa; &a;D e7er65here E on %ill%oar(!, po!ter!, TF a(!, an( !ometime! . e7en hear it on the ra(io* Tho)gh !ome people ha7e critici!e( o)r go7ernment for !etting a!i(e a !taggering !)m of RM+00 million o7er # 6ear! for the campaign, it i! nothing compare( to the h)ge amo)nt! that to%acco companie! !pen( to promote !mo;ing* )t in thi! 5ar again!t !mo;ing, mone6 (efinitel6 tal;!G it i! nece!!ar6 for the Ta; &a; Campaign to con!tanl6 remin( )! of the ha<ar( of !mo;ing %eca)!e a%o)t 80 Mala6!ian teenager! light )p for the fir!t time e7er6 (a6* .n fact, !ome of the!e 6o)th progre!! !tea(il6 from thi! to reg)lar )!e, 5ith a((iction ra;ing hol( 5ithin a fe5 6ear!* An( thi! i! (e!pite the 5arning on e7er6 pac; of cigarette! that !tate! )ne9)i7ocall6 C$mo;ing i! (angero)! to 6o)r healthD* =hat can the Ta; &a; Campaign (o to com%at thi!A Their aggre!!i7e a(7erti!ing create! me(ia a5arene!! among the p)%lic, e!peciall6 among the fa!hiona%le 6o)ng cro5(, that !mo;er! ha7e 6ello5e( teeth an( !)ffer from !hortne!! of %reath an( tell! them that it i! not cool to !mo;e* .t i! al!o not re!pon!i%le of them to affect non-!mo;er! 5ith !econ(-han( !mo;e* Al!o, there i! a !)cce!!ion of infomercial! on TF an( in the paper! !ho5ing the (e%ilitating effect! of to%acco a((iction on the %o(6 an( gr)e!ome !tati!tic! of !mo;e-relate( (eath!* =e are no5 familiar 5ith the graphic pict)re! of (amage( l)ng! on %ill%oar(! 5hich !ho)l( !care people into not !mo;ing* Thi! 5or;!, a! . ;no5 !ome of m6 frien(! are 9)itting no5, or tr6ing to re()ce the n)m%er of cigarette! the6 !mo;e per 5ee;* Ho5e7er, . feel an6 anti-!mo;ing campaign i! more effecti7e if other people an( organi!ation! are acti7el6 in7ol7e( too* 1e!, the fir!t !tep ha! %een ta;en %6 the top, %)t !a( to !a6, man6 of o)r politician! !mo;e them!el7e!* &earer to home, !o (o !ome of o)r parent! an( teacher!* The!e a()lt! ha7e to %e goo( role mo(el! %6 not !mo;ing them!el7e!* .f the6 (o !mo;e, the6 !ho)l( tell their chil(ren an( !t)(ent! that the6 regret that the6 e7er !tarte(, an( then ta;e !tep! to 9)it !mo;ing a! !oon a! po!!i%le* The6 m)!t practi!e 5hat the6 preach* On a more po!iti7e note, . commen( the Mala6!ia Amate)r Athletic 0nion for it! <ero-tolerance of !mo;ing %eca)!e the6 ;no5 that !mo;ing an( health >)!t (o not mi:* Ho5 can o)r !port!men e:cel if the6 cannot !top !mo;ing* 2ear teacher! an( !t)(ent!, than; 6o) for 6o)r attention* Let me en( m6 !peech %6 reiterating that !mo;ing i! a %a( ha%it, !o ma;e Ta; &a; 6o)r mantra* .f 6o) ha7e !tarte( !mo;ing, !a6 Ta; &a; an( 9)itH An( if 6o) ha7enBt !tarte( !mo;ing, !a6 ;no5 that !mo;ing not onl6 (amage! 6o)r health %)t 6o) are al!o literall6 %)rning 6o)r mone6* 80, 5or(!

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