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1 Pick out the input documents required for Product Test.

' Requirements,Use Case Model,TCER and RTM (correct Test Plan,Common Test !ata and RTM Requirements,Use Case Model and RTM Requirements, Test plan and RTM

" #ind out the main parameters that characteri$es the process of %ualit& control'' Relia(ilit& Maintaina(ilit& )ecurit& Porta(ilit& 1,",*

* +hich of the follo,in- deli.era(les should (e Peer,ed'' Requirements /eneral !esi-n Testin- documents Mana-ement plans 1,",*,0

0 +hich one of the follo,in- term is used to state a pro(lem that is disco.ered in the sta-e it ,as introduced'' Pro(lem Error (correct !efect

#ault 1one of the a(o.e 2 3Team 4ead is the person responsi(le for confirmin- that peer,s are conducted for team5s deli.era(les and,s results to identif& trends and correcti.e actions663 )tate TRUE or #74)E.' TRUE(correct #74)E

8 +hich of the follo,in- is TRUE for )9R '' The tester ,ill inno.ate and tr& to fi: the defects reported (& the )9Rs. The tester creates )9Rs to -roup test c&cles durin- the Plan and the 7nal&$e sta-es. The test lead uses this document to understand the pro-ress of s&stem tests and mana-e the resolution of the )9Rs (correct The num(er of copies of )9R, that the Test lead ,ill maintain is one per pro;ect.

< 7 ,a& of ensurin- all the requirements are met (& a ,ork product is kno,n as ===============. Choose the most appropriate option.' >alidation >erification )moke test Entr& and E:it criteria (correct

? 9n the #i-ure -i.en, if 373 represents Component,7ssem(l&,Product,U7T and Performance Test )ta-es, pick out the option that 3@3 represents. Click on the h&perlink -i.en to .ie, fi-ure.' !eplo&ment Test )ta-e Aperations Test )ta-e Aperational Readiness Test )ta-e (correct !eplo&ment Readiness Test )ta-e

B 7 com(ined set of test scenarios, test conditions, and test c&cle definitions is called as =======. #ill in the (lank ,ith an appropiate option.' Test Plan Test /roup Test Case Test 7pproach (correct

1C +hich of the follo,in- requirements ha.e (een ensured in a s&stem (& product testin-'' M @usiness requirements #unctional specifications @usiness process errors Confi-uration

11 Testin- the application interfaces, to ensure all the components function properl& to-ether is called as =======. Complete the sentence ,ith an appropiate option.' Product Test 7ssem(l& Test

Performance Test (correct )tress Test

1" +hat is the normal order of acti.ities in ,hich soft,are testin- is or-ani$ed'' unit, inte-ration, s&stem (correct

s&stem, inte-ration, unit, load unit, inte-ration, re-ression, s&stem re-ression,s&stem,unit,inte-ration

1* 7part from normal positi.e conditions ,test conditions addresses ==========. Complete the sentence ,ith appropiate options.' 4imit .alues 1e-ati.e .alues E:ception .alues @oundar& .alues

10 +hich of the follo,in- is not TRUE a(out Peer,'' Perform for selected Test Plan deli.era(les Ensure peer, time is planned into the schedule, Test Conditions and E:pected Results a-ainst the requirements to ensure that all requirements are addressed Use checklists to help identif& criteria for,

12 #rom the options -i.en (elo,,pick out some of the formal .erification and .alidation techniques.' Technical,sD,alkthrou-hs )ponsors,sD,alkthrou-hs Protot&pin- and )imulation Transition Points 1,",*

18 +hich of the follo,in- methodolo-& isDare responsi(le for success' Choose all that appl&.' Predicta(ilit& and timeliness 9mpro.ed 9mpro.ed qualit& 1,",*

1< +hich of the follo,in- acti.ities come under %ualit& 7ssurance'' Pre.ention of the (u-s Process Ariented #indin- the (u-s 7ssures %ualit& 1,",0

1?+hich of the follo,in- are considered to (e as .alid checklist for esta(lishin- test en.ironment' Choose four appropriate options.' 7re the test en.ironments sta(le' !o the test en.ironments accuratel& reflect the production en.ironment' +ho 'prepares' and 'controls' the test en.ironment'

7re the required test en.ironment read& ,hen the& are needed ' !o the test en.ironment accuratel& reflect the de.elopment and production en.ironment' 1,",*,0 1B 9n an or-ani$ation, audits are conducted to ensure that s&stem is desi-ned in accordance ,ith or-ani$ation strate-&, policies, procedures and standards. Choose the correct qualit& factor from the follo,in- options.' (est practices correctness maintaina(ilit& compliance (correct

"C 9n the -i.en fi-ure, hash(E can (e replaced (& ,hich of the follo,in- options' Click on the h&perlink to .ie, the fi-ure.' Create TCC) Perform #i:es Create TCER Create Testin- #rame,ork

"1 +hich of these is not TRUE a(out a test approach'' 7 Test 7pproach is done for each t&pe of test. (correct 9t should (e in accordance ,ith the Testin- )trate-& The Test 7pproach contains documentation on se.eral areas concernin- a test sta-e 7 test approach need not (e created for test

"" +hich of the follo,in- option is used to ensure tested (usiness process flo, from end to end '' Test )uite Test Cases Test scenario (correct Test !ata

"* +hich of the follo,in- ,ill (e done in 7nal&$e Phase in >FModel ' Choose most appropriate option.' Prepare Test strate-& Plan the Gi-hFle.el tests Plan test done a-ainst the hi-h le.el and desi-n Plan test done a-ainst detailed desi-n "

"0 4ist out the metrics that is used to mana-e the test process.' Test Plannin- rate Test Preparation Rate Pro(lem rate Repair Effort Percenta-e 1,",*

"2 1um(er of pro(lems fi:ed and hours spent fi:in- pro(lem are the data related to =============. #ill in the (lank ,ith an appropriate option.' Test Plannin- rate Test Preparation Rate Pro(lem rate (correct

Repair Effort Percenta-e

"8 #ind out the sta-e of mana-ement c&cle ,here metrics is used to estimate the effort required for testin- and -enerate the planned test schedule.' E:ecution CheckinPlannin- (correct Tailorin-

"<'!eli.era(les of Prepare and E:ecute Product Test areH Choose all that appl&.' Common Test !ata Test Plan Test Closure Memo all

"? Replace the question mark in the fi-ure ,ith an appropiate option. Click on the h&perlink -i.en to .ie, the fi-ure.' !efine 7ssem(l& Test C&cles !efine TCC) !efine TCER !efine Test Plan

"B +hich of the follo,in- options are to (e remem(ered (efore usin- ,ritten communication skills' Choose all that appl&.' 1o direct face to face contact in ,ritten communication

1ot onl& limited to recipient. Can (e for,arded to an&one /reater suscepti(ilit& of riskD misinterpretations in ,ritten communication all

*C Go, do &ou prepare oneself to ,rite ' Choose most appropriate option.' !ecide the ran-e !etermine the o(;ecti.e (correct Collect particulars )ettle on proper mode I E.aluate information

*1 The approach ,here the ,riter takes man& thin-s into consideration (efore ,ritin- is ===========. Complete the sentence ,ith an appropriate option.' Uns&stematic Precise Para-raph )&stematic (correct

*" The correct order of primar& sta-es of @usiness ,ritin- is =========' #ill in the (lank ,ith an appropriate option.' )chedulin-, Put in order, +ritin- I 7mendin- (correct Put in order, )chedulin-,+ritin- I 7mendin+ritin-, )chedulin-, Put in order I 7mendinPut in order, +ritin-, )chedulin- I 7mendin-

** +hich of the follo,in- options come under +ork @a& (lunders' Choose t,o appropriate options.' Takin- someone else's place ,ithout checkin- first (correct Talkin- loudl& on &our cell phone (correct 1ot a -roup chat in mother ton-ue Jeepin- sufficient distance ,hile talkin-

*0 ============== is a .irtual term for .entin- or sendin- inflammator& messa-es in email. #ill in the (lank ,ith an appropriate option.' )i-nature #lamin- (correct )entences

*2 ======================Turns Kour 9deas into )omeone Else's 7ctions' #ill in the (lank ,ith an appropriate option.' Effecti.e communication (correct Effecti.e Conduct

*8 Pick out the .alid step(s for /oal settin-. Choose most appropriate option.' )pecif& -eneral o(;ecti.e or tasks )pecif& time span Rate difficult& I importance 7ll of the a(o.e (correct

*< ============= descri(es the (eha.ior ,ith respect to responsi(ilit&, po,er, influence and decision makin-. #ill in the (lank ,ith an appropriate option.' 9nclusion Control (correct 7ffection

*? 9dentif& the (eha.iour that askin- a lot of questions to -et information a(out the topic under discussion, so that comprehension of the situation can (e (etter.' Pro(in- (correct 4istenin- and Reactin4isteninProacti.e 4istenin7ll of the a(o.e *B The cate-or& of communication (arrier under ,hich assumptions, misinterpretations, perceptions, (ias and mindsets can (e placed is =========. Complete the sentence ,ith an appropriate option' 7ttitudinal (correct Emotional 4an-ua-e Poor 4istenin- )kills Technical 0C Poor listenin- is one of the most common causes of ========,======= and ========. #ill in the (lanks ,ith appropriate options.'

errors dela&s misunderstandin-s at ,ork. (oredom 1,",*