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Email: Editor: Jared Hatfield July 23, 2007

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Welcome Weekend signals start of fall semester

by Jared Hatfield, Editor will begin on Thursday, August 16, show.
as the incoming freshmen move in For those that are unable to
As the summer semester comes to the dorms. That night, the new move in on Friday, there is another
to a close, many students find comers will experience a night on chance to get situated in the dorms
themselves studying for finals and the town, along with horses and on Saturday, August 18 between
packing up to go home. However, a haunts. the hours of 1 pm and 5 pm. The
new and longer fall semester is just Fun for the returning students fun filled weekend continues with
around the corner. The start of a will begin on Friday, August 17, as opportunities to take part in athlet-
new school year means Welcome they move in between the hours of ics and even a Roof Top Party.
Weekend, a couple of exciting days 10 am and 2 pm. Later that day, There will be plenty of free food
jam-packed with interesting events students are welcome to take part in and fun awaiting students upon
along with new and old friends. a variety of events ranging from a their return.
This year’s Welcome Weekend Playfair to a BBQ and Planetarium

Speed School summer sports league come to close

by Jared Hatfield, Editor
Volleyball Tournament Results
This years summer sports league Winner: Jump Serve for the Win Runner-Up: Stinging Nettles
Jason Volz (Captain) Dempsey Ballou (Captain)
was a great success with the credit Matt Kellner Peter Petroze
going to Michele Harpring, Speed Chris Boelscher Daniel Bachman
David Pangallo Jon Brown
School Student Council’s current Di-
Clint Mattingly Luke Stephens
rector of Student Activities. The vol- Jenny Lea Paul Westbrook
leyball and Ultimate Frisbee seasons Travis Wantland Josh Dickerson
Tyler Cantway Kate Brandner
wrapped up with tournaments.
The winning and second place Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Results
teams, along with the team members Winner: ASCE Runner-Up: Two Step
are listed to the left. A congratula- Adam Meyer Matt Koppe
Evan Boucher Matt Stenger
tions is extended to all of those stu- Mark Thomas Clint Taylor
dents who participated in the summer Adam Trenkamp Ryan Mullen
sports league. The season will begin Mike Faust Eric Beck
Travis Andres Matt Vick
again next summer semester. Dee Blair Duane Potts
Student News Upcoming
Tablet Briefs Events
Users Group IE Additional Section Added July 25—27
A new student organiza- Summer Finals Window
A new section of IE 570 has been
tion is starting to take shape
at Speed School. This or-
added for the Fall 2007 semester. August 16-18
Course #: 14968 Move-In
ganization will be student
driven and will focus on the Course: IE 570 02 ENGINEERING August 20
new Tablet PC program. DESIGN ECON First Day of Class
While still in the early stages
Time: MWF 10:00am-
of development, this pro-
gram has its home base in 10:50am EH112
the former Kersey Library Instructor: Dr. Lijian Chen, Dept of
building on the first floor. Industrial Engineering
On a very basic level,
this program will serve as a
form of technical support for
incoming freshmen looking Office Move
for assistance with their new Effective July 20, 2007, the Co-op Co-
Tablet PC’s. However,
ordinators (Penny Hoerter, Sandy Von
eventually it may become
much more than that. Ini- Hoven, Faye Sutton, Angela Cline, and
tially there will be some ob- Mark Schreck) have moved their office
stacles, such as installing to Kersey Library room 104.
software to overcome. More
complex issues such as the
best way to organize notes
could be discussed.
The tablet users group
also could serve as a catalyst Sudoku
for organizing student feed-
back with regard to the Tab- 2 6 5 4
Puzzle Difficulty: Medium
let program. Currently, there 4 6
are plans to have the organi-
3 2 8 5 6 Solution: July 2, 2007
zation tightly linked with the Crossword
Speed School Student Coun- 9 1
cil. However, it is still too 7 9 8 4
soon to tell how this program
2 8
will develop.
Students interested in 1 5 9 6 7
this program can contact 7 3
Speed News for additional
information. 8 1 9 6

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