The Evolution Matrix

I've recently mentioned how God uses all kinds of people and things to communicate with us, including movies. Movies are one of my favorite subjects, because I've really learned a lot of lessons in my life out of a few good ones, or got some real kicks out of some, which either encouraged my in my beliefs or opened my eyes to a different angle of seeing things. Probably one of the movies with the greatest impact on my life was the "Matrix." I'll explain to you why. I believe there is more to the plot of that movie in relation to our reality than even the makers of the trilogy were aware of. I believe that we, the human race are being fed a certain program, which is based on a lie, creating for each of us a view of the world that is in many ways false, thus altering each of our behavior to a certain extent - with some more than others, until we choose to become "unpluggged" from it. Bluntly, you might say, we're being brainwashed. We're being manipulated to see things in a way they really aren't. But why and by whom, you wonder. No, not the machines, although they're being very useful in the process, and without them, it wouldn't have been nearly as easy. The basis of the Big Lie, or the Matrix we're being fed - from the time you're old enough to watch TV, which strongly alters and influences the way we perceive the world and everything around us, is the paradigm of Evolution. I'm not talking about the process of micro-evolution, which Darwin discovered with his finches on Galapagos, the adaptations & changes within species, but the paradigm which evolved out of it, namely that everything is supposed to have developed from nothing through that process. Everyday we're being told in the media (and our kids in their schools, kindergartens and science books) that Evolution is a proven fact, when nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the only basis on which the not-even-atheory (for theories are conclusions drawn from actual observations) of Evolution is the sheer amounts of money pumped into the brainwashing program and the repetitious way it's being drilled into our heads. No matter how big a lie is, if you repeat it often enough, state often enough that it's a fact, and present fake "evidence" for it often enough, after time, the majority of people will believe it. But what's supposed to be so bad about Evolution, you wonder? After all, millions of people live happily believing in it, so what's the paranoia all about? Are they? The Evolutionary paradigm indicates that we all stem from an accidental explosion ("Big Bang"), which happened billions of years ago, and by an innumerable series of inexplicable miraculous coincidences brought forth the perfectly working universe, our solar system, along with our planet and all life on it. There is no need for a designer or God, and even if you insist on having one, He is as distant from us a the billions of years since which He is supposed to have initiated that process. If there is a God Who started the process of Evolution, His message is: "You are nothing and nobody, just a random side product of a process I happened to initiate billions of years ago."

The result of using this view of our origins is largely that it doesn't really matter who I am, nor what I do. If I happen to be born into a family of higher status, then of course I will keep the rules of the game in order to preserve my status, but if I am not, I might as well kill, steal, or commit any other crime in order to get what the others have. "The survival of the fittest" is the name of the game, and "God," or whichever force of nature which initiated this game favors those who know how to defend themselves, especially those smart enough to enrich themselves on behalf of the less fortunate, since I - (as a member of the favored race or species) - can just grab their natural resources away from them at the barrel of a gun. My mental picture of justice is: the stronger one is always in the right. The more weapons I have, the righter I am. Thus I'll be creating victims all around me, but such is the course of evolution, the stronger thriving on the dead bodies of the "unselected." But what if, instead of the earth and all of us on it being a side-product of billions of years of evolution, the Biblical account of creation is actually true, namely that God, not more than 6.200 years ago created the heavens (space and our atmosphere) and the earth (as His future Head Quarters - see Revelation chapter 21), and the rest of the stars & planets 3 days later? In other words, the origin of all things, including you and me, could be traced back to a precise moment in time, not at all so very long ago? Wouldn't this up your chances that God actually cares about you, & that He is personally involved a lot more closely with everything that's going on down here, on this relatively young earth (compared to what we've been told), and that indeed, there might be a divine plan in all this apparent chaos of wars, crimes and injustice? But if that's true, then who are the forces who are making sure that we believe the Lie, and why do they insist on keeping telling us that lie over and over again? What's in it for them? Well, as you may have noticed, and the biblical account of our origins confirms, God has allowed evil to enter our world in the form of one of His fallen angels, who dragged a whole bunch of fallen angels with him, and one of his favorite pastimes is deceiving and fooling people. He also wants to be the boss and rule the world himself, and he's working on establishing his final and ultimate kingdom on earth, in which he - incarnate in the body of a man (just like Jesus was God in human flesh), and he has been using people to get a hang of it all along. Satan - or Lucifer - has been worshiped by many cultures under different names, starting off with the Egyptian culture, in which he starred as the sun god Ra, and many other "deities" (demons), which, believe it or not, are still - often unknowingly - being worshiped by the rulers of today's world and their subjects, and just as the Egyptians subdues the rest of the world as slaves, that's what today's rulers would also like to make out of the rest of us (and have to a large extent already achieved to do so). And that's where the picture of the Matrix comes in again. Yes, ladies & gentlemen, you're all slaves & "batteries" to feed the big machine of the kingdom of Satan on earth, unless you decide to become "unplugged" and join the "resistance" and choose to actively fight against the "guardians of the Matrix" in order to get others to choose the "red pill" of truth and become "unplugged"

("drop out" of the System). You may have never heard of the possibility to "drop out" of the System, just as Neo or others in the Matrix weren't aware the possibility to become "unplugged," until they were presented with the choice. Remember, when he was finally shown by Morpheus what the Matrix really was, namely nothing but a big lie and deception, he actually became so sick physically that he had to throw up, and at first he refused to believe it. That's the way I felt the first time I read the Book Of Revelation. But after a while he knew he had no other choice but to fight for the truth. The neat thing about our reality, which isn't shown in the "Matrix" trilogy, is that there's actually a greater layer of God's reality or "Big Picture" around the matrix, and that He's ultimately in total control. He is the Source of all life and strength, including the supernatural strength you need in order to fight against the agents of the Matrix. It's another case of little Davids fighting a whole mob of gigantic goliaths, but guess who's going to win? Because "the survival of the fittest" is not God's scheme, He actually delights in debunking such ridiculous hogwash originating from the "father of lies" (John 8:44), and often rigging things up for the weaker ones to win. "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth!" Not the dinosaurs, nor the Pharaohs of Egypt, nor the Cesars of Rome, nor the financial titans of today inherit the earth, but the meek followers of a humble son of a carpenter who sacrificed Himself in order to save the world. Which version of the story do you choose? Which pill will you take? "Remember, all I can offer you is the truth!" P.S.: For those of you who don't feel exactly called and cut out for a life as a resistance fighter against the Matrix Neo-style, but still would prefer to believe the truth, be comforted to know that there were also those who were actively helping the Resistance from inside the Matrix. The most important thing you can do is to receive Jesus, & He'll show you what you can do to help further His cause on earth, and His Holy Spirit, Who will guide you into all truth (John 16:13). The greatest power on earth is not obtained by robbing others of their resources or lives, nor by acquiring worldly riches and power, but by simply humbling yourself into the position of a little child and asking for it!