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Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus

First Semester 20 2 20 ! Course "andout #ate 02$0%$20 2 Course &o$ ''' F2 ( ) I&ST* F2 ( Course Title 'lectronics #e+ices Instructor,in,charge #r$ *am Shan-er Patel Instructors .s$ .eetha /$ Shenoy and .r$ Pratee- Bindra 1. Scope and objective This course aims to pro+ide 0asic understanding of the structure1 operation1 characteristics and the limitations of the semiconductor de+ices$ #e+ices fa0ricated from 2unctions 0et3een semiconductor and semiconductor1 metal1 and dielectrics1 e$ g$1 4p,n5 2unction diodes1 Field 'ffect Transistor 6F'T7 and Bipolar 8unction Transistor 6B8T71 is discussed$ Starting 3ith the e9planations of the fundamentals of semiconductors li-e energy 0and formation1 conduction of charge carriers1 electron and hole concepts1 effect of electric and magnetic fields on charge carriers1 the course helps in de+eloping the understanding a0out e9cess carriers in semiconductors$ In,depth study on 42unctions5 prepares the students for a detailed study on de+ices to 0e studied later li-e F'T and B8T +i:$ commonly employed in integrated circuit technology for implementation of +irtually any re;uirement$ Concepts of semiconductor de+ices li-e micro3a+e de+ices and po3er de+ices are also included$

2. Text / Reference books B$G$ Streetman < San2ay Baner2ee1 =Solid State 'lectronic #e+ices>1 ? th ed$1 Pearson Prentice "all$ 3. Text / Reference books (a) #onald @$ &eamen1 =Semiconductor Physics and #e+ices>1 ! rd ed$1 Tata .cGra3 "ill 'du+ation Pri+ate Aimited$ (b) .$ S$ Tyagi1 =Introduction to Semiconductor .aterials and #e+ices>1 Biley India Aimited$

4. Course Plan Lect. No. ,! Topic Semiconductor materials1 crystal properties and gro3th of the semiconductor 'lementary ;uantum mechanics Learning objectives Cnderstanding of Crystal lattices1 Crystalline and @morphous solids1 #ifferent techni;ues of crystal gro3ing$ The uncertainty principle1 Schroedinger 3a+e e;uation1 step potential1 potential 3ell1 and Tunneling$ Book reference SB $ $(1


SB 2$(

D, 0

'lectrical conduction in solids and statistical mechanics

Periodic potential1 allo3ed and for0idden energy SB !$ !$2 0ands1 #ensity of states1 #irect and indirect 0and gap semiconductors1 effecti+e mass$ Statistical distri0utions1 Fermi,#irac distri0ution function1

Fermi energy$ 0, Charge carriers in semiconductors1 'ffect of electric and magnetic fields on drift of carriers '9cess carriers in semiconductors 8unctions Field 'ffect Transistors Bipolar 2unction transistors Fermi le+el1 e;uili0rium carrier concentrations1 mo0ility1 "all effect Auminescence1 'instein5s relation1 e;uation1 "aynes,Shoc-ley e9periment SB !$! !$E

2, E E,2 22,2D 2%,!!

continuity SB ($ ($( SB E$2 E$E$(1 E$?,E$D SB ?$2 ?$E SB D$ 1D$21 D$( D$D$(1 D$D$?, D$%$! SB %$ %$( SB 0$ 0$? Aecture notes

pn 2unction1 I/ characteristics1 0rea-do3n diodes1 Schott-y 0arriers1 ohmic contacts 8unction F'T1 .ISF'T1 .FS capacitor1 .FSF'T B8T operations1 amplification1 carrier distri0ution1 I,/ characteristics etc Photodiodes1 solar cells1 Semiconductor Aasers A'#s and Aasers1

!(,!D !D,!% !%,(0

Fptoelectronic #e+ices "igh fre;uency and high po3er de+ices Compound semiconductor de+ices

Tunnels #iodes1 I.P@TT #iodes1 GC&& #iodes1 p,n,p,n #iode1 SC* diode1 IGBT Compound semiconductorsG "BT and "'.T


valuation Sc!e"e

'C &o$


#uratio n ?0 min ?0 min



Test I 6Closed Boo-7 Test II 6Closed Boo-7 2 Surprise Tests) @ssignments Comprehensi+e e9am 6Closed 0oo-7

(0 (0 20

D)0H) 2G !0) 0) 2G

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! hours


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2$00IE$00 pm

6. Tutorials

@ssistance 3ill 0e pro+ided in sol+ing the pro0lems as-ed in tutorial$

7. #ake$up Polic% .a-e,up 3ill 0e gi+en only for .edical cases1 re;uiring hospitali:ation$

8. C!a"ber consultation !our

To 0e announced in the class$