Of Kids and Kings Feb.

7, 2007 (Unpublished)
Kids – what makes them tic nowadays? What’s going through their heads? Why are they acting so weird? Well, this is going to be a hard one to swallow for some, but if you’re wondering why any person between the age of 10 and 20 (sometimes older, depending on the level of maturity, which seems to be setting in a bit later with each passing decade), doesn’t show any remote sign of even vague interest in you, your person, or anybody of your age group for that matter, it is most likely so that, indeed, he’s not interested. In fact, one might go as far as to say that for him you barely count as another human being. (Unless perhaps, you’re his parent, and his weekly allowance or permission to go to a rock concert depend on you – there are exceptions, thank God!) While probably less than a century ago, the value of a human being was estimated by their experience, their achievements in life, and thus, honor was bestowed upon the aged (since they had experienced and achieved more than the average 10 year old), things have shifted to where your only 2 qualifications for being a bonafide member of society, worthy of any attention from youth at all, are your age (above 20 you’re old, above 30 you’re dead), or money. Anything goes, if you’re stinking rich. In my opinion, there’s a reason for this phenomenon, of young people categorically tossing adults into their mental trash can or “extinct” drawer, and it’s probably one of the most outrageous conspiracy theories you’ll ever hear (you may call it the “dino-theory”, if you wish). What is it that kids have in common? They all like the same stuff: basically anything they sling at you on TV commericals, music television channels, or anything that’s being pushed as “hip” among their own circles, be it via the internet or face-to-face. Usually, that includes a lot of things that adults don’t like, since they tend to be a little more stubborn when it comes to developing personal taste (no matter how many times they see Madonna dancing around on TV to one of her tunes, they may still think it’s plain ugly, what they’re seeing. But of course, Madonna gives a shoot, because she knows it’s not you who’s buying her song, it’s junior.) Now, in olden times, the establishment would have encouraged for our kids to change that sort of “me first” attitude and revert to the original mode of respect & “honor to whom honor’s due” (then again, with some of the geezers running our countries, you can’t blame’em for not respecting them, either). But the 21st century has done away with stuff like those old morals, because the only thing that is of interest to those who make the rules, is money (at least our kids like their peers as well), and since they know that most grown-ups aren’t going to buy any old trash they sell (at least not forever), they target the kids, and thus, they have become the KINGS, according to the business proverb, “the customer is king.” “Wait a minute,” you’ll say, “what’s this garbage about ‘those who make the rules…?’ It’s us who make the rules! After all, we live in a democratic society!” Yeah, right. You can call it whatever you like, but if Adolf Hitler would have had the same power over the German youth that the Neocons, what Michael Moore calls Corporate America (and I’d call Corporate World) and George Bush Senior called the New World Order, then he’d have won the war. It’s not the name (“democracy”) that counts, it’s what actually is happening, being put into effect, and the power “it” exerts over the masses. Nowadays, they’re not killing Jews, but for this they’ll keep you apart for being different in any form or shape at all. You either play the game, or you’re a loser. By the time this generation will have woken up to that fact, it will probably be too late again, just as it was for Nazi Germany.

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