Feedback 1 Strongest image and why: In the 4th I like the strong deep blue colours and how

the clothing compliments the blue walls, the simple position of the model, the composition and the atmospheric lighting. On the 6th I like the sepia brown tones that make the picture look older and classical. I like the composition and the models position. I like the bright lighting and how there is a subtle spotlight on the focal point of the model. Weakest image and why: 3rd, just because of the composition, I don’t think this in combination with the mixed tones of lighting was as successful Overall strengths: I really like the strong tones of the colours and the lighting, which is flattering on the models and surroundings. Areas for improvement: Experiment with different kinds of lighting and different settings to make the set of pictures more dynamic and different from each other, so there is a wider range of images. Any other comments: The magazine covers look really affective and professional.

Feedback 2 Strongest image and why: I think that the strongest image is the 6th image. The photograph itself looks really professional. The model is stood in a natural/casual/un-structured way which is probably the best bit of the photograph. The angle is also really good, the model is stood around three quarters of the way across which is good, she is not to close up to the camera and has a good amount of space around her. Weakest image and why: I’d say the weakest image is the third one as I feel as if it is to under-toned. Also, the model is in the middle which gives it a bit of a cliché feel, this could always be improved by cropping either the left or the right side of the photo so the model is maybe a little out of being straight in the middle. Overall strengths:

The black and white effect used on two of the images looks really good and compliments the model. Also, there is a really good mix of tones throughout the pictures. For example, some are quite bright, some are quite dark and some are monochrome – this works really well. Areas for improvement: In the majority of the pictures, both models are doing near enough the same or a similar pose in each photograph; their pose could be changed or altered to give a wider range of images rather than ones that don’t differ much. Any other comments: The magazine covers are really good and look very professional.

Feedback 3 Strongest image and why: I feel the strongest image in my opinion is the top one. I think that you have caught the light really well and even though it wasn’t well lit, you can see the shadows and the detail on the model really well and background. I like the range of colours in the top image and how they contrast with the model and it has a warm feel to the image with the orange tint in some places, it works really well. Weakest image and why: I feel in my opinion that the weakest image would be the second image. I love the monochrome effect and it’s worked really well but in some places it’s become a little overexposed on especially on the models face and it burns out a little of her features but I still love the image. Overall strengths: Your overall strengths through your images are the range of colours that contrast with each other and how they don’t clash. I also think you have a really strong set of images and they look very professional. I also think you have captured the light well on your images as well as keeping them sharp and in focus and this is what I love about them. Areas for improvement: This might not be much of an improvement but I really do like your images so it’s hard to think of some. I would try more images in black and white or even a sepia effect on them to try creating a more vintage style to your images. I would also on that second image just burn some of the highlights off so they don’t become as overexposed. Any other comments: I really do like all these images and they work so well.

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