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UGI’s - Terms and Conditions

Article I

UGI’s Policy Statement - Disclaimer

The following is a copy of the policy statement that is given to every client:

We know you have a large investment in your computer. We treat every computer in our
laboratory as if it was our own. Each computer is handled with care and respect.

a) A person of at least 18 years of age must be present for all types of repairs. For example:
Dropping off, picking up, in-home service, remote service, over the phone tech support,
and at our drop off center.
b) A non-refundable $40 deposit is required for all services before performing any work.

a. If your computer fails a diagnostic test and repairs for the computer is declined
the $40 deposit is refundable.
b. If services are performed and client does not want to pay for repairs – the
computer is set back to previous condition and the $40 deposit is not refundable.
c) All supported repairs are non-refundable. If we cannot fix it, we will refund the service.
UGI has the right to decline a refund.
a. Refunds can only exist while computer is in for service, once the computer is
picked up or dropped off at client's location it voids all refunds and shows to use
the service has been fully complete.
b. There will be a charge to undo services that have been performed and completed.
c. Opened or downloaded pre-paid software from third parties are not refundable -
it's a FBI copyright law.
d. Diagnostic Test has a 90 day test period. If your product had a Diagnostic Test
performed on it and you decline the service repair. There will never be a charge
for a Diagnostic Test or for Trouble Shooting.
d) For software installations, UGI may accept End User License Agreements on your behalf.
e) Once a service is purchased you agree to these Terms on this page.
a. All services must be paid in full at pickup or drop-off or your computer will not
be released.
b. UGI has the right to hold your computer until all services are paid in full. The
tech has the right to request a deposit or full payment before a repair.
c. Parts must be paid in full before ordering.
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d. If you want to order parts - you are fully responsible in ordering parts and to have
parts sent to your location, not UGI's.
e. UGI holds no responsibility in ordering or replacing any parts.
f. It is the client's responsibility in returning any defective or incorrect part(s).
f) UGI will NOT back up any data on your product unless you specifically request prior to
the performance of any service. Additional fees will apply. See Article VIII “Data
Management” for further details.
g) UGI does not take responsibility for any manufacture warranty repairs.
h) UGI cannot service your computer if the Windows product key is missing or corrupted.
i) UGI has no affiliation with third party software or parts.
j) This form must be read, printed and signed before any services are performed.

Article II

Data Security

Most computers have irreplaceable data stored on their hard disk drives. We do everything in our
power to insure the integrity of your data.
Data or program loss can happen due to equipment failure or other reasons out of our control.
We always recommend you keep backups of all your valuable data.

Article III


Your personal and business files are safe with us. We never read, copy, or divulged any of our
client’s information. With clients for example: banks, law enforcement, government agencies,
doctors, students, teachers, psychiatrists, lawyers and just plain folks, we NEVER pry into their
affairs. And that’s a Promise!

Article IV


a) If during our laboratory analysis, we discover problems that were not apparent at first
look, we will contact you before repairs are initiated. Occasionally, during laboratory
analysis, we uncover problems that require more extensive work and/or parts than
originally thought.
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b) We cannot and will not perform any extra repairs without your permission. You have
every right to decline further repairs.

Article V

Parts and Software

We use only the highest quality repair parts for all of our service work. Our parts and software is
competitive to others in local retail stores. It is highly recommended to have us pick the parts for
you. Our repair components are generally of a higher quality than the original parts used when
your computer was originally constructed. No need for you to go the extra mile for the best
price; let us do the work for you.

Article VI

Remote Tech Support

a) If a UGI disconnects is your responsibility to reconnect or to re-schedule an

b) Must be aware that UGI Tech may ask questions either with a text program or via phone.
If a message is not responded within a certain amount of time UGI will disconnect and
end the session. You may reconnect at another time.
c) Your computer must be able to function somewhat normally. If for some reason you are
connecting to fix a problem such as a blue-screen or your computer keeps shutting down,
we cannot connect.
d) Once connected UGI has every right to view your computer, remove a program, delete a
file or change system settings if it is necessary to do so for the repair. Additional fees for
certain repairs maybe required.

Article VII

In home or office services

a) All products must be easy to access.

b) In home services can be canceled or declined at anytime without any charge.

Article VIII

Data Management
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UGI will NOT back up any data on your product unless you specifically request prior to the
performance of any service. Additional fees will apply. UGI complementary backs up most of
the critical hard ware drivers and stores this file on the desktop after all repairs are made.
UGI’s definition for DATA – Data is pictures, documents, videos, internet favorite links and
settings – not programs, saved games, outlook, software, and operating system.
a) UGI will copy up to 10GB of data stored within the “Document and Settings” folder or
“User” folder – based on your operating system at no charge.
b) UGI has the right to charge you for an external hard drive if data is more than 10GB. We
will contact you if this is required. See Article IV “Communication” for further details.
c) Data or program loss can happen due to equipment failure or other reasons out of our
control. We always recommend you keep backups of all your valuable data. If we
cannot perform a backup – UGI has the right to stop all repairs and recommend other
ways to retrieve your data.
d) Your data backup is transferred to a disc, your computer or directly to a provided external
hard drive. You are responsible to keep this data from deletion or corruption.

Article IX
UGI Specials are like coupons only 2 per customer per computer per household service.
a) Specials only apply to pickup and drop off only. Sorry no over the phone tech support
for Specials. Additional charges may apply to these services at any time.
b) UGI has the right to delete any specials and to add specials anyway at anytime with or
without any kind of notice or warning.
Article X
Recycling and Disposal Service
This offer is open to all branded electronic systems and devices. This offer includes free pickup.
a) Eligibility and qualifications:

a. You have the right to transfer ownership of the Item. No other person or company
has any ownership interest of any kind in the Item.
b. UGI sends all devices straight to the disposal center, there would be no way to get
your product back once it is picked up.
c. The recycling center will not accept hazardous waste or batteries that are not an
integral part of the system being recycled, UPS systems, or CRTs that have been
removed from their cases. INFESTATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED!
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d. After completing the form, if qualified, you will receive an email within 24 hours
with complete step-by-step instructions.
b) Notice Regarding Data: The recycling center has no responsibility for the loss or
confidentiality of customer data on recycled equipment. Before picking up your
device(s), the customer should:
a. Delete any data on the hard-disk drives and other storage devices in the products.
Additional charges will apply.
b. Back up or transfer any data prior to deletion. Additional charges will apply. See
Article VIII “Data Management” for further details.
c. Remove any removable media, such as diskettes, CDs or PC Cards. Additional
charges will apply.
d. Once the hardware has been picked up, the recycling center cannot return it to
sender. Participation in this program constitutes a relinquishment of all rights to
and in the hardware and other computer materials pickup and sent to the recycling
c) Limitation of liability:

a. The recycling center provides this service as an accommodation and accepts no

liability to any person for any services performed in connection with the recycling
offered in these terms, and specifically disclaims liability for lost profits, loss of
business or other consequential, special indirect, or punitive damages, even if
advised of the possibility of such damages.
b. The recycling center is not responsible for any printing errors. The recycling
center reserves the right to change, without notice, the Terms and Conditions or
modify at any time.

Article XII

Subscription Service Plans

Subscription services apply to all computers – desktops or laptops. No matter where you got it
from or how old it is. We know that the manufactures have a one year warranty and our local
retail stores have extended warranty packages but neither anyone of those offers a service plan
just for the software on your computer.
a) OS Restore/Recovery:

a. For the term purchased this applies to the following:

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i. Reformatting Hard Disk Drive, Installing Operating System, Install all

factory hardware drivers, Windows Updates Installed, Microsoft
Configuration (Start-up Options Customized), UGI Tech Tweaks Applied
and selected Internet Plug-ins Installed such as Java, QuickTime, and
Adobe, a restore point is created after services are complete.
ii. Windows Restore (Restore point must be created in advance), UGI Tech
Tweaks Applied and selected Internet Plug-ins Installed such as Java,
QuickTime, and Adobe, a restore point is created after services are
b) Protection Service Plan:

a. Protection Service (Includes the following but does not include Protection
Software) – This service does not include reinstalling the operating system.
Additional fees may apply.
i. Manually Removals of all kinds of infections - Malware, Spyware,
Viruses, Trojans, Worms, etc. Reinstall Provided Protection Software.
UGI Tech Tweaks Applied and selected Internet Plug-ins Installed such as
Java, QuickTime, and Adobe, a restore point is created after services are
c) Data Back Plan:

a. Data backup includes, but does not include recovery. Your system must be fully
operational to prevent corruption this service is to backup your data not recovery
it from infections or hardware issues.
i. Backing up DATA - see Article VIII for further details on what UGI
means by DATA.
ii. Based on your request we can back up the entire hard drive on to a
provided external hard drive. If UGI provides the hard drive additional
charges will apply.
iii. Transfer data to provided devices – cds, dvds, etc.
iv. Optional – open up a free account with 1GB of online storage
or/and create a free Windows email account and have 25GB of
online storage.
Article XIII
All Terms Listed On This Page
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a) UGI has the right to change, update, delete or add to this page at anytime with or without
any kind of notice or warning. This page is taken into consideration of all repairs -
previous and future.

b) This warranty and terms of condition/Disclaimer must be read in clear and clients must
be aware of all the articles listed on this page.

c) UGI is not responsible for clients to fully read these articles. Once a service repair has
taken in affect it is expected that the client had already read the articles listed on this

d) All service labor performed in person must be signed. Arrangements for payments
maybe and will be done at pickup or UGI has every right not to give back a unit that is
repaired and not paid in full.

Before performing any repairs please print and sign full name and today’s date below, thank you!

X_________________________________________________ DATE_____________________

X_________________________________________________ DATE_____________________