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English transcript of Dr. | Somkiat Onwimon's speech on Pathumwan stage tonight. Beautifully worded. Thank you.

. "Stop Thaksin Regime and Restart Thailand

February 11, 2014 at 3:12pm

21:00 . 11 2557 "Stop Thaksin Regime and Restart Thailand * [Introduction]

Good evenin !adie" and ent!emen o# t$e internationa! community. I $ave a dream. I dream o# %$ai!and bein a pro"perou" and peace#u! country. I dream o# %$ai!and bein a true democratic "ociety. I dream o# %$ai!and bein t$e &in dom o# brot$er!y !ove '$ere a!! !oya! "ub(ect" care and "$are 'it$ eac$ ot$er. )y dream $a" been c$attered '$en *%$a+"in ,$ina'atra- and $i" c!an" came into t$e bu"ine"" and po!itica! "cene". %$a+"in u"ed $i" 'ea!t$ buyin $i" 'ay into po!itic" and .na!!y too+ over t$e country under t$e preten"e democratic votin , '$en in trut$ it 'a" vote/ buyin . 0irect vote/buyin i" done in p!ain "i $t. Indirect vote/buyin $a" been done t$rou $ variou" e1pen"ive popu!i"t "c$eme". %$e mo"t obviou" and de"tructive one bein t$e rice/buyin "c$eme '$ic$ re"u!ted in a .nancia! di"a"ter creatin reat "u##erin " amon %$ai rice/ #armer" nation'ide today. %$e croo+ed rice "c$eme a##ect" t$e !ive!i$ood o# #armer" a!! over t$e country. It t$reaten" to de"troy t$e '$o!e cu!ture o# a ricu!ture in %$ai!and. 2ut it $a" created ma""ive 'ea!t$ amon %$a+"in/3in !uc+4" co!!aborator" and cronie" overni $t. 5e ard!e"" o# t$e "u##erin o# #armer" t$e 3in !uc+ Government continue" to $o!d on to po'er.

%$e pre"ent 3in !uc+ overnment continue" to $an on to po'er di"re ardin t$e con"titutiona! court4" recent deci"ion a ain"t t$em. %$e ! 6arty *6$eu %$ai- '$ic$ run" t$e overnment came out de#yin t$e con"titutiona! court deci"ion. %$i", under a norma! democratic "ociety '$ere re"pectab!e po!itician" $ave et$ica! code o# conduct", "$ou!d be more t$an enou $ rea"on #or t$e 3in !uc+ overnment to re"i n an return t$e po'er to t$e peop!e. %$ere are numerou" ot$er in"tance" '$ic$ cou!d $ave made t$e 3in !uc+ overnment re"i n and return t$e po'er to t$e peop!e. 7$en t$ey 'ere cau $t red/$anded tryin to "nea+ in t$e in#amou" 8mne"ty 2i!! aimin to "et t$e 6rime )ini"ter4" 2i 2rot$er #ree o# a!! crimina! pena!tie" and o##en"e". / %$i" 'a" '$en 3in !uc+ "$ou!d $ave re"i ned i# "$e $ad any democratic "en"e o# pub!ic tru"t and re"pon"ibi!ity. 7$en t$e peop!e be an a ma"" ra!!y in prote"t a ain"t t$e 3in !uc+/%$a+"in overnment demandin re"i nation, it 'a" t$e true voice o# t$e peop!e t$at t$e overnment "$ou!d !i"ten to, but t$ey did not9 7$en t$e voice o# t$e peop!e a ain"t t$e overnment became "o "tron numberin bet'een 5 to 10 mi!!ion and more. / %$i" 'a" '$en 3in !uc+ "$ou!d $ave re"i ned i# "$e $ad any democratic "en"e o# pub!ic tru"t and re"pon"ibi!ity. %$e peop!e $a" t$en #ormed a #orma! or ani:ation ca!!ed ;%$e 6eop!e 0emocratic 5e#orm <ommittee= or t$e ;605<= ca!!in #or not on!y t$e re"i nation o# 6rime )ini"ter 3in !uc+ and $er overnment, but t$e peop!e demand a compre$en"ive re#orm o# t$e country4" democratic in#ra"tructure. Into t$e 4t$ mont$ o# peace#u! prote"t bot$ in 2an +o+ and in province"

around t$e country, t$e peop!e are no' demandin a comp!ete over$au! o# 0emocracy in %$ai!and. 8nd I '$o!e$earted!y "upport t$e peop!e. 2y ;%$e 6eop!e= I "$a!! #rom no' on ca!! by it" ori ina! %$ai name ; " #= or ;%$e Great )a"" o# t$e 6eop!e o# %$ai!and= 3e", 'e "tron !y condemn t$e t$e pre"ent corrupted 3in !uc+/%$a+"in Government and t$e '$o!e "y"tematic corruption de"troyin %$ai!and under t$e name o# ;%$a+"in 5e ime=. I u"e t$e term ;3in !uc+/%$a+"in= overnment becau"e ,i"ter 3in !uc+ i" runnin t$e overnment in 2an +o+ by dai!y command" #rom 2rot$er %$a+"in '$o i" abroad. %$a+"in command" ,i"ter 3in !uc+ #rom 0ubai, #rom >on &on , #rom ,in apore, no' #rom t$e <$atrium >ote! in 3an on. %$a+"in open!y admitted t$at 3in !uc+ i" $i" c!one. ,$e i" not t$e rea! 6rime )ini"ter o# %$ai!and. ,$e i" not rea!!y a true per"on. 8" a c!one, 3in !uc+ i" mere!y !ivin and breat$in %$a+"in4" order". I am a"$amed o# my country #or $avin "uc$ a prime mini"ter !i+e 3in !uc+, '$o $a" ta+en %$ai!and into t$e 'or!d/c!a"" internationa! embarra""ment. &$un 3in !uc+ "$oud be a"$amed o# $er"e!# and "$ou!d $ave re"i ned t$e .r"t time "$e $eard %$a+"in "aid t$at ;,$e 'a" $i" c!one=. %$i" i" not democracy.

%$i" i" cra:y9 8#ter .ni"$in my education #rom t$e ?niver"ity o# 0e!$i and t$e ?niver"ity o# 6enn"y!vania I tau $t 6o!itica! ,cience and Internationa! 5e!ation" at <$u!a!on +orn ?niver"ity #or 14 year". I !ater (oined t$e media pro#e""ion a" te!evi"ion ne'" reporter and pre"enter. 5epre"entin my province o# ,up$anburi, I 'a" e!ected to dra#t t$e 1@@7 6eop!e4" <on"titution. I 'a" direct!y e!ected a ,enator #rom ,up$anburi in 2000. I 'a" a!"o appointed member o# t$e Aationa! Be i"!ative 8""emb!y in 2007. I +no' my 0C)D<58<39 I $ad $i $ $ope t$at my dream o# a rea! democracy in %$ai!and 'i!! "ome day be a rea!ity. )y dream $a" been bro+en by t$e ta+in /over o# t$e country by t$e %$a+"in 5e ime. %$e %$a+"in 5e ime buy" vote", buy" "e!# "ervin civi! "ervant", buy" po'er/"ee+in !oca! overnment", buy" member" o# t$e par!iament and t$eir vote" to enab!e t$e pa""in o# !a'" bene.tin %$a+"in and $i" c!an4" per"ona! 'ea!t$. %$e %$a+"in 5e ime "tea!" t$e ;7ea!t$ o# t$e Aation= in broad !ivin / day!i $t".

%$e %$a+"in 5e ime buy" t$e media, "imp!y by ta+in over a" bi "$are/$o!der, or by o##erin bi adverti"ement bud et to ne'"paper" and te!evi"ion. 8" t$e overnment in po'er, t$e %$a+"in 5e ime dictate" "tate media bot$ in propa anda content" and in ma+in appointment" o# a!! +ey po"ition" in t$e "tate/contro!!ed media. %op po"ition" in t$e 6ub!ic 5e!ation" 0epartment and t$e )a"" <ommunication Dr ani:ation o# %$ai!and $a" to be approved by &$un %$a+"in in 0ubai. &$un %$a+"in, at one time, even mana ed to be on t$e cover o# %I)C ma a:ine #or t$e edition reac$in t$e %$ai reader" '$i!e t$e re"t o# t$e 'or!d ot a di##erent ver"ion", readin di##erent cover "torie". I!!e a! and "y"tematic corruption 'a" practiced, bein practiced, and 'i!! be practiced by t$e %$a+"in 5e ime" in t$e #uture i# t$e "# cannot "top it. %$at i" '$y 'e are $ere today. %$at i" '$y 'e $ave been $ere #or t$at pa"t #our mont$". %$e "# $ave been "ta in t$i" ma"" prote"t oin t$rou $ $eat and co!d, and $un er, and #ear. 8nd t$e peop!e 'i!! continue to be $ere #or a" !on a" needed to brin do'n t$e 3in !uc+ Government and t$e %$a+"in 5e ime. %$an+" to t$e 6eop!e4" 0emocratic 5e#orm <ommittee '$o i" con"iderate enou $ to provide u" enou $ #ood and 'ater and a #e' rare re!a1in moment" in bet'een. %$i" i" a "uperb or ani:ation I $ave never "een any'$ere e!"e but $ere in %$ai!and.

%$an+" to t$e enero"ity o# donor"E particu!ar!y t$e peop!e o# 2an +o+, '$o not on!y donate enerou"!y to *&amnan ,ut$ep- #or t$e cau"e o# t$e 5e#orm o# 0emocracy in %$ai!and, %$ey a!"o $appi!y a!!o' u" to occupy 2an +o+, t$eir !ovin $ome. %$e citi:en" o# 2an +o+ '$o!e$earted!y "upport t$e cau"e o# t$e re#orm o# 0emocracy in %$ai!and and a!'ay" come out and (oin "# in #u!! #orce / day" and ni $t". 8nd I $ope t$at &$un 3in !uc+ 'i!! under"tand $o' po'er#u! t$e peop!e4 po'er tru!y i". I# &$un 3in !uc+ cannot under"tand t$i", I am "ure t$e internationa! community 'i!! under"tand and te!! t$e 'or!d about '$at t$e peop!e o# %$ai!and i" demandin ri $t no'9 %$e "# do not demand a non/democratic "ociety. %$e campai n a ain"t t$e enera! e!ection" on February 2nd 'a" not a ain"t democracy. %$e peop!e demand not$in !e"" t$an a #u!! democracy. %$i" i" '$en %$e "#4" demand and my dream conver e". 7e are $ere demandin a #u!! democracy, #u!!y #unctionin under a tru!y democratic con"titution. 2ut t$i" cannot be done un!e"" 'e brin do'n t$e 3in !uc+/%$a+"in Government and comp!ete!y di"mant!e t$e %$a+"in 5e ime. I demand a #u!! democracy and I demand &$un 3in !uc+ to re"i n immediate!y and return t$e po'er to t$e peop!e. I demand not$in !e"" t$an a #u!! democracy #or %$ai!and.

8ccordin to t$e 0emocracy Inde1 o# 2012 recent!y pub!i"$ed by %$e Cconomi"t Inte!!i ence ?nit, %$ai!and i" a ;FB87C0 0C)D<58<3= not a ;#u!! democracy= 7e ran+ 5F amon 1G7 countrie" in t$e 'or!d. Dur "y"tem o# overnment i" in#erior to ,out$ &orea, Hapan, ,out$ 8#rica, %ai'an, India, %imor Be"teI, and Indone"ia.

7e do bad!y in a!! cate orie"E.. %$e e!ectora! proce"" and p!ura!i"mJ Functionin o# GovernmentJ 6o!itica! 6articipationJ 6o!itica! <u!tureJ and <ivi! Bibertie"J

Badie" and Gent!emen o# t$e Internationa! community. ;I# men 'ere an e!", no overnment 'ou!d be nece""ary.=1 2ut i# a man and a !e""er 'oman p!ay" an e!" runnin a country, It i" about time to brin t$e t$em do'n. 25IAG %>C) 0D7A9 AD79 %$a+"in and 3in !uc+ $a" no bu"ine"" runnin my country. %$ey $ave no

idea about democracy. %$ey $ave iven %$ai 0emocracy a bad name. %$ey are a coup!e o# I0ID%, runnin a overnment o# I0ID%,. EEEE. Badie" and ent!emenE %$e 'ord ;I0ID%= i" in #act not "uc$ a $ar"$ 'ord or an abu"ive e1pre""ion at a!!. 154 3ear" a o, Ho$n 5u"+in in $i" #amou" boo+, ;?A%D %>I, B8,%=, t$e boo+ t$at c$an ed )a$atma Gand$i4" !i#e, t$e boo+ t$at )a$atma Gand$i !oved "o muc$ t$at $e tran"!ated it into Gu(arati, Ho$n 5u"+in "aid t$at ;I0ID%= i" a Gree+ 'ord, meanin a person entirely occupied with his own concerns.

Ho$n 5u"+in "aid in 1FG0: ;7$en a overnment i" not di"cip!ined, or abu"ed, va!ue!e"" to t$e "tate, and capab!e o# on!y continuin t$e private or "in !e e1i"tence o# t$e individua! / t$e Gree+" ca!!ed "uc$ a body an Kidiotic4 or Kprivate4 body, #rom t$eir 'ord "i ni#yin a per"on emp!oyed in no 'ay direct!y u"e#u! to t$e "tateJ '$ence .na!!y, our Kidiot4, meanin a per"on entire!y occupied 'it$ $i" o'n concern".=2 ;I0ID%= actua!!y mean" a ;,CBFI,> 6C5,DA=. ,o, &amnan ,ut$ep, 3ou can ca!! %$a+"in and 3in !uc+ ;I0ID%,=. It i" a

po!ite 'ord. 3ou 'i!! not be accu"ed o# bein abu"ive. %$i" i" 'e!! 'it$in t$e princip!e o# ;"$= *8$im"a3in !uc+ and %$a+"in, t$e"e t'o !eadin idiot", $ave been !eadin %$ai!and do'n t$e drain. 8ccordin to t$e 2012 Be atum 6ro"perity Inde1, %$ai!and ran+" 5Gt$ amon 142 countrie" in t$e 'or!d, droppin do'n 4 po"ition" #rom t$e previou" year. Aumber 4 in 8,C8A a#ter ,in apore, )a!ay"ia, and Lietnam. ,in apore i" at t$e top o# 8,C8A pro"perity, ran+in number 1@ in t$e 'or!d. For ,a#ety and ,ecurity inde1 'e ran+ @@t$ in t$e 'or!d. In 8,C8A 'e are number 7. 6eop!e in ,in apore, Bao, Lietnam, )a!ay"ia, Indone"ia, and <ambodia en(oy "a#er and more "ecured !ive". 8" #or 6er"ona! Freedom, %$ai!and "tand" at number 12@ amon 142 countrie" and at t$e bottom o# 8,C8A ran+in . 6eop!e in ,in apore, t$e 6$i!ippine", Indone"ia, Bao, Lietnam, )a!ay"ia, and <ambodia, a!! en(oy reater per"ona! #reedom t$an u" in %$ai!and. 8!! t$e"e $a" $appened to u" durin t$e pre"ent I0ID% GDLC5A)CA%. %$ere are more embarra""in "torie" to "$o' t$e 'or!d. %$e 7D5B0 C<DAD)I< FD5?) GBD28B <D)6C%I%ILCAC,, 5C6D5% 2013/2014 te!!" t$e 'or!d t$at t$e : Mua!ity o# t$e Cducation ,y"tem o# %$ai!and i" number 7F amon 14F countrie", and 'e are number F in 8,C8A.

,in apore, )a!ay"ia, 2runei, Indone"ia, t$e 6$i!ippine", and Bao do $ave better education "y"tem". %$ai!and and <ambodia are at t$e "ame !o' !eve! o# Mua!ity o# education. Dur primary education Nua!ity ran+" FGt$, a ain in#erior to Bao4" primary education. Ao' !i"ten to t$i", my I0ID% GDLC5A)CA%: %$e 7or!d Cconomic Forum report" t$at: For %ran"parency o# Government 6o!icy )a+in , %$ai!and i" number @3 in t$e 'or!d and number G in 8,C8A. %$e overnment" o# ,in apore, )a!ay"ia, 2runei, and Indone"ia per#orm better t$at u". For 6ub!ic %ru"t in 6o!itician", %$ai!and i" number 127 in t$e 'or!d and at t$e 2ottom mo"t o# 8,C8A. 8!! ot$er @ 8,C8A countrie" $ave 'ay better po!itician" t$an %$ai!and. %$i" Government o# I0ID%, i" "o "$ame#u!,E too "$ame#u! to !ive 'it$9 3e", t$ere are more: Dn t$e topic o# corruptionEconcernin E Irre u!ar 6ayment" and 2ribe", %$ai!and number" 77 in t$e 'or!d and number 4 in 8,C8A. Dn 0iver"ion o# 6ub!ic Fund" 'e ran+" 101 in t$e 'or!d and @ in 8,C8A Dn Favoriti"m in 0eci"ion" o# Government D#.cia!" ,in apore i" t$e be"t in t$e 'or!d a" number 1 %$ai!and i" number @3 in 'or!d ran+in and number @ in 8,C8A, on!y better t$an )yanmar9

Dn 7a"te#u!ne"" o# Government ,pendin , 7e are at number 107 in t$e 'or!d and at t$e bottom mo"t in 8,C8A. %$i" GDLC5A)CA% DF I0ID%, i" t$e c$ampion o# 'a"te#u! "pendin . Fina!!y, t$e 5e!iabi!ity o# 6o!ice ,ervice: %$ai!and ran+" 10@ in t$e 'or!d o# 14F countrie", number F in 8,C8A. %$e po!ice "ervice" in ,in apore, 2runei, )a!ay"ia, Bao, Indone"ia, t$e 6$i!ippine", and Lietnam are muc$ better t$an t$e %$ai po!ice. &amnan ,ut$ep i" ri $t in ca!!in #or t$e re#orm o# t$e %$ai po!ice. 8nd 'e mu"t do it ur ent!y. %$ere i" no denyin t$at a!! t$e"e "$ame#u! "orro' "tate o# a##air" o# %$ai!and $a" been t$e 'or+ o# t$e 3in !uc+/%$a+"in 5e ime. %$e GDLC5A)CA% DF I0ID%, $a" de"troyed t$e in#ra"tructure o# 0C)D<58<3 IA %>8IB8A0 a!mo"t comp!ete!y. 8nd 'e mu"t "top it be#ore it i" too !ate. Badie" and Gent!emen o# t$e internationa! community, I still $ave a dream. I dream o# a #u!! democracy in %$ai!and. I dream o# %$ai!and bein a pro"perou" and peace#u! country. I dream o# %$ai!and bein a true democratic "ociety. I dream o# %$ai!and bein t$e &in dom o# brot$er!y !ove '$ere a!! !oya! "ub(ect" care and "$are 'it$ eac$ ot$er.

For u" t$e "# in t$e 4t$ mont$ o# . $tin in a peace#u! 'ay, t$e . $t may end eit$er in a #e' day" a$ead or it may ta+e !on er. 2ut I am "ure it 'i!! end 'it$ t$e victory o# t$e peop!e. For t$e cau"e o# our . $t i" ri $teou", our 'i!! i" "tron , our determination i" !imit!e"". Dur $eart" i" #u!! o# !ove #or our #at$er!and, our &in dom. 7e are $ere . $tin #or t$e comp!ete re#orm o# 0emocracy. 7e do not demand anyt$in !e"". 7e 'ant to "tand $ead and "$ou!der 'it$ t$e civi!i:ed 'or!d. 7e demand t$e re"i nation o# actin 6rime )ini"ter 3in !uc+. 7e are $ere to di"mant!e t$e 3in !uc+/%$a+"in 5e ime. ,%D6 %>C 3IAGB?<&/%>8&,IA 5CGI)C. %$en 'e can 5C,%85% %>8IB8A0. %$an+ 3ou and Good Ai $t. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

5e#erence": %$e Federa!i"t 6aper, %$& 2ob 2!ai"de!! *Cditor-, %$e ?nited ,tate"

<on"titution, %$e Fu!! %e1t 7it$ ,upp!ementary )ateria!", 0over %ri#t Cdition, 0over 6ub!ication", Ae' 3or+, *p. viiHo$n 5u"+in: Unto This Last and Other ritings, 6en uin 2oo+", Bondon, 1@F5, 1@@7, 3G2 "%, I,2A: @7F/0/14/043/211/4, *p.211-

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