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The War On Christ

One of the trademarks of the infamous Antichrist as foretold in the Bible, is that he will wage war
against "the saints*."

In the language of our times that spells persecution. Persecution of all those that God deems

The only qualification to meet that criteria is having accepted the sacrifice of the Righteous One,
Whom the Western World refers to as Jesus the Christ, and whom His original Mideastern
followers have called Yashua, the Messiah.

If the Devil is a reality (and if you look around, you can't deny the evidence), and all that is written
about him in the Scripture is a reality, then those Scriptures that prophesy his incarnation in one
final world ruler at the end of the world as we know it must also be a reality.

All that I have observed over the past 4 decades has gradually built up a perception of that reality,
which by now - as unfortunately as it may be considered by some - has become unshakable.

The "war against the saints" has begun a while ago, even if it may have been duped different

If there was ever a period in which it seemed as if all those Bible prophecies were false, and
Christianity was actually becoming more and more popular and recognized by society, I think that
period has just about come to an end.

Satan's had his heroes in his war against Christ since the beginning of time, and probably some
of his greatest progress in the past decade has been achieved by the Bush administration. Just
the fact that this most un-popular of all presidencies posed as "Christian," (and by now there has
emerged sufficient evidence that it was not genuinely so), was a genius strategic act of the anti-
christ forces that have cost Christendom at least 8 points on a popularity scale from 1 to 10 (and
it wasn't at 10 when the count started).

It's not as if the tactic was entirely new. After all, kingdoms and empires and those who ruled
them - nowadays we call them politicians - have often posed as "Christians" while pursuing their
true goals of power by means of eliminating the other side (not seldom the true believers), which
is what Jesus referred to when He prophesied, "The time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will
think that he doeth God service" (John 16:22). Some of them must have genuinely thought that
they fought on the right side, but they were genuinely and sincerely wrong.

As James Taylor sang, "You just can't kill for Jesus."

Now with Obama"in power" (or at least filling the puppet post of pretense of power) the rest of the
world is heaving a sigh of relief that America has come back to her senses, away from all that
Christian fanaticism that surely must have been the root of all evils and woes in this world.

A new age of reason has been ushered in, soon to enlighten those who wish to be "enlightened"
and to eliminate those who refuse to be.

You can make your own guess on which side of that war your government is fighting, your
country's school system or the scientific community, the mainstream media, or such day-to-day
conveniences as Google, for that matter.

And while you're at it... your employers?... Yourself?

Unfortunately, many of those supposedly fighting for the side of Christ in this battle aren't actively
participating, because they believe that Christ will whisk them away from the battle field before
the battle even starts. The battle will come over them unexpectedly and virtually catch them with
their pants down, unprepared, unexperienced in wielding the spiritual weaponry of faith and the
Word of God, and weakened by countless temptations and distractions brought on them by the
gods in whose temples they actually spent most of their time: Mammon (god of wealth), Mars
(god of war), Bacchus (god of addictions) and the likes.

Instead of helping to strengthen and arm their brothers and sisters around the world, a lot of
supposed "soldiers of the cross" seek to enrich themselves by fleecing the sheep instead of
feeding them, as Ezekiel prophesied.

What would Jesus do if He came into the modern temples of today? Would He act any differently
than He did when He chased out those who had made a market hall of His Father's house?

So, where are the true shepherds, Whom the Lord will find feeding His sheep when He comes?

May God have mercy and replace the love of money in our hearts with love for the lost.

No physical wall you will have erected around yourself will protect you from the war on the saints
when it will break loose, only real faith. It's the only currency that will survive the purging fires that
are going to sweep across the world.

*Scriptures on "The War Against the Saints": Dan.7:21, Dan.8:24, 25; Rev.13:7, 17:12-14, 19:19