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AppleWorks 5
Quick Reference for Windows 95/NT 4.0
General Tool panel
Arrow pointer Text
Selection and
Shortcuts frame tools Spreadsheet Paint

Close Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 Line Rectangle

Copy Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Ins Rounded rectangle Oval
Arc Polygon
Cut Ctrl+X or Shift+Del Freehand Bezigon
Delete Delete Regular polygon Eyedropper
Drawing tools
Exit Ctrl+Q or Alt+F4
Fill sample
Find/Change Ctrl+F Fill palettes
Find Again (Find dialog box closed) Ctrl+E Pen sample

Help F1 Pen palettes

New Ctrl+N
Selection rectangle Lasso
Open Ctrl+O
Painting tools Magic wand Brush
Page View Shift+Ctrl+P Pencil Paint bucket
Paste Ctrl+V or Shift+Ins Spray can Eraser

Print Ctrl+P

Save, Save As Ctrl+S, Shift+Ctrl+S View controls

Select All Ctrl+A
Click to zoom in or out
Show/Hide shortcuts palette Shift+Ctrl+X
Click to show or hide
Show/Hide Styles Shift+Ctrl+W the tool panel
Click to specify
Spelling: Check Document Ctrl+= (equal sign) zoom percentage
Spelling: Check Selection Shift+Ctrl+Y

Thesaurus Shift+Ctrl+Z Double-click to go to a

specific page (Page View on)
Undo/Redo Ctrl+Z or Alt+Backspace

Alt+click to show
Preferences dialog box
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Text Finding special characters and text

To find text, choose Find from the Edit menu or press Ctrl+E.

Selecting text shortcuts To find this text Type this in the Find box

Space Space bar

Word Double-click word
Non-breaking space Ctrl+Space bar
Line Click line three times
Tab \t
Paragraph Click paragraph four times
Paragraph return \p
From insertion point to Shift+Ctrl+C
beginning of paragraph Line break (soft return) \n

From insertion point to Shift+Ctrl+D Column break \c

end of paragraph
Page break \b
Extended selection Click at one end of selection, then Shift+click the
other; or click at one end, then Shift+C or Shift+D Section break \§ (Alt+0167 on keypad)

Whole document Ctrl+A Automatic date \d

Fixed date (Date)

Typing special characters Automatic time \h

Fixed time (Time)

For this character Press or type Text symbol1
Automatic page number \#
Space Space bar
Fixed page number (Number)
Non-breaking space Ctrl+Space bar
Backslash (\) \\
Tab Tab

Paragraph return Enter

Text ruler controls
Paragraph margin Tab markers
Line break (soft return) Shift+Enter
Drag to set the Drag a tab marker to
right margin the ruler to set a tab
Column break Enter (keypad) Drag to set
Drag to set the left the first-line Decimal
Page break Ctrl+Enter (keypad) margin (press Alt indent
and drag to set Left Center Right
Section break Shift+Ctrl+Enter (keypad) without changing
first-line indent)
To show text symbols, click or press 2-; (semicolon).
Paragraph style Number of columns
Typing and finding formatting characters Choose a style Click to
and special text for the selected decrease
For this text Choose from In the document Double-click and type
the Edit menu you see to change settings

Automatic date Insert Date Updated date Click to

Fixed date Alt+Insert Date Fixed date

Automatic time Insert Time Updated time Paragraph alignment Number of columns

Fixed time Alt+Insert Time Fixed time Click to align a paragraph Click to
Automatic page number Insert Page # Page number
Double-click and type
Fixed page number Alt+Insert Page # Page number to change settings
Left Center Right
Click to
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Button bar Stylesheet palette

Import, export, copy,
Button tips delete, or modify styles,
or change the view

Choose from the

list to apply a style
to a selection

Click to create Click to expand the palette

a style to change a style
Button bar setup

Links palette
Built-in and custom
button bars appear here Links appear underlined
in a document

Create custom button bars The pointer changes to

match the type of link
Set options for displaying
the button bar
Create, edit,
delete, or go to
the selected link
Choose the button Type the number Type the number Select an item in a
bar position of rows of columns Choose this to document, then choose
link to an area the type of link you want
you use often
Choose this to link to
Choose this to a different document
link to an or a different area in
Internet Web the same document

Select to make links active when they are

clicked or deselect to edit linked objects
Set options for pop-up
menus and indicators

Library palette
Change the view
Close, save, copy, and organization
delete, or select
library items
Click an item
and drag it to a
Make a selection Click to rename or
in a document, find library items
then click to add
it to the library
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Spreadsheet Database
Entry bar Status panels
Address of Click to
selected cell accept entry Browse and List Find

Type data here Drag to display

a record
Click to go to the
Click to cancel entry previous record
Click to go to the next
Keyboard and mouse shortcuts Number of current
Click and type a
record number to go find request
Fill down Ctrl+D to a specific record
Fill right Ctrl+R Number of records Number of
find requests
Insert cells Shift+Ctrl+I
Number of
Delete cells Shift+Ctrl+K selected records
Search visible
Modify a chart element Double-click element Sort status or all records
Format a number Shift+Ctrl+N, or double-click cell
Move selected cells to another location Ctrl+Alt+click destination Hide found records
Sort Ctrl+J Click to find records

Sort order
Navigation techniques
To accept current entry... ...then press
Keyboard and mouse shortcuts
Move one cell down Enter
Activate a field Tab or click inside field
Move one cell up Shift+Enter
Deselect records Enter (on numeric keypad)
Move one cell right Tab Find (display a find request) Shift+Ctrl+F
Move one cell left Shift+Tab Go to a record Ctrl+G
Insert Tab in a text field Ctrl+Alt+Tab
New record Ctrl+R
Select a record Click record outside a field
Select contiguous records Click the first record you want to select,
then Shift+click the last record you want
Select or deselect records individually Ctrl+click

Navigation techniques (Browse, Find, and List)

Move to first character in field Ctrl+C
Move to last character in field Ctrl+D
Move to next word Ctrl+B
Move to previous word Ctrl+A
Move to next field Tab
Move to previous field Shift+Tab
Move to next record (same field) Ctrl+Enter
Move to previous record (same field) Shift+Ctrl+Enter

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