Mary's College Tagum City Bachelor of Science in Nursing A Family Case Study of PianoFamily In Partial Fullfilment of Requirements in RELATED LEARNING EXPERIENCE Presented to:

Ms. Virginia B. Bellena, R.N

Presented by: Jessa Louraine D. Delfinado


February 14, 2008


Alfredo Cotab (Father)

Elizabeth Cotab (Mother)

Apple Jean Cotab (eldest) Geraldine Cotab (2nd child) Christine Mae Cotab (3rd child) Laika Cotab (4th child) Alaiza Cotab (youngest)

INITIAL DATA BASE COTAB FAMILY Purok 2-26 Sitio Garinan, Brgy. Madaum Tagum City

A. Family Structure and Characteristics of dynamics FAMILY MEMBER Alfredo Cotab Elizabeth Cotab Apple Jean Cotab Geraldine Cotab Christine Mae Cotab Laika Cotab Alaiza Cotab AGE SEX CIVIL STATUS Married Married Single Single Single Single Single POSITION In the FAMILY Father Mother Eldest 2nd child 3rd child 4th child Youngest PLACE of RESIDENCE Residing with his family Residing with her family Residing with her auntie in Davao Residing with her auntie in Davao Residing with his family Residing with his family Residing with his family

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Type of Family Structure: Nuclear Family or Traditional Family since it is comprise of a father, mother and their children. Parents are married. However, the family could also be considered as Extended Family since the other family members live in different area, but they may be a source of emotional and financial support of the family. General Family Relationship: They are happy family because the parents are in good terms and they have noproblem in their relationship. Although the daughters residing with their auntie in Davao, they constantly communicate to the rest of the family members through the help of text messages and letters. Still, their communication in the family is effective. In terms of decisionmaking in matters of family problems especially health care of the family, Mrs. Elizabeth Cotab, the wife works and makes the immediate action when problem occurs. However, the couple prioritize the children's health status for an immediate action to the diseases that started to occur. They have common goals and have their own roles. B. Socio- Economic and Social Characteristics

Famliy Member Alfredo Cotab

Occupation Company employee Housewife

Income Estimated 60,000 annually NONE

Educational Attainment Elementary Graduate Elementary Undergraduate (Grade 4) High School (4th year at present) High School (1st year at present) Elementary Undergraduate -

Tribe Cebuano

Religion Roman Catholic Roman Catholic Roman Catholic Roman Catholic Roman Catholic Roman Catholic Roman Catholic

Elizabeth Cotab


Apple Jean Cotab Geraldine Cotab







Christine Mae Cotab Laika Cotab Alaiza Cotab

Out of school youth -


Cebuano Cebuano Cebuano

C.Home and Environment 1. Housing a. Adequacy of Living Space

The house is consist of one bedroom adequate for the family. All of them rest and sleep in the room together. The living room has no adequate space. Their cooking area is located inside the house adjacent to their living room. They use the table in the living room as dining table but it is not enough for them to sit and eat together. Their comfort room is located ouside the house and is shared by the other families.

b. Adequacy of furniture or appliances

The family has one sala set made of bamboo and a dining table made of wood. There is no appliances present.

c. Presence of breeding sites of insects and rodents

Breeding sites of mosquitoes, flies and rodents in their house are evidently seen in the surroundings of the house. Here are some

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

lack of drainage system empty bottles gallons tin cans

2. Kind of neighborhood and Surrounding Area

The house is near from their neighbors. With that, they have only a narrow passageway beside their house. Their house is located near the seashore.

3.Social and Health facilities available

Their house is a walking distance to the chapel, basketball court, health center, day care center, school but they were too distant from the Barangay Hall.

4. Communication and Transportation facility available

In terms of communication they only depend on the “kampana” in their chapel at their meamns for their communication. They do not have their own vehicle for transportation but there are a lot or single motor available in their community which can be used as their transportation.

D.Health Status of the Family Members Presently, Laika, one of their daughters, suffers from colds and the rest of the family members are in good health condition. Values, habits, and practices and health promotion, maintenance and disease prevention. a. Immunization Status of Family Members:

All of their children are Fully Immunized Child (FIC) and their mother also completed all the pre-natal check-up and vaccine during her pregnancy.

b. Healthy Lifesyle Practices

They eat three times a day and Mrs. Elizabeth Cotab always includes vegetables and fish in serving their meals. She mentioned that they are fond of eating raw fish (kinilaw).

c. Use of Protective Measure

The family uses mosquito net during nighttime to somehow get rid from mosquitoes

d. Prescence of Accident hazards The wall of their kitchen is made up of woods. Uncovered deep well Some parts of the floor are lumpy since it is made up of soil.

➢ ➢ ➢

e. Food storage

Basket is used for their food storage wherein foods are left covered with other plates.

f. Cooking facilities

They will just only use fire woods so that they can be able to cook their foods.

g.Water supply

The family uses the water from a deep well. They will use it for cooking,washing clothes and any kitchen utensils and for bathing and the rain water is their source of drinking water. The deep well which is family's source of water supply is shared by some households.

h.Toilet facility

They do not have their own toilet they were just only using a common toilet from their neighbor it has poor sanitary condition.

i.Garbage disposal

They segregate their garbage and some were placed in a compost pit.

j. Drainage system

The used water goes directly to the ground.

k. Lighting facilities

They are using petromax as their source of light during nighttime.

FIRST LEVEL ASSESSMENT A. Health Threats 1.) Inadequate living space a. Their house is not enough to accommodate the whole family. It has a

limited space area for their living room and kitchen. 2.)Poor environmental sanitation a. They dont have their own toilet and they will just only using a common toilet . b. Their kitchen is unclean. c. Poor lighting and ventilation at night. d. Unsafe water supply > Rain water and commercialized water (Dumoy) as a source of drinking water > Stored in unclean and uncovered container > Directly uses thewater for drinking without even boiling for few minutes. 3.) Presence of Breeding sites and other vectors of diseases a. The used water goes directly to the ground. b. Scattered tin cans in the kitchen, bottles and containers 4.)Accident Hazards a. Fall Hazard > Uneven floors >Uncovered deep well; approximatell 15 meters away from the house. b. Medicines improperly kept > No medicine cabinet; it can easily be reached by children.They are placed along wall divisions. 5.) Personal Practices and Habits a. Eating raw fish (kinilaw) b. Self-medication c. Smoking and Alcohol Drinking Mr. Alfredo Cotab smokes and drinks alcoholic drinks occasionally which can harm his health as well as the health of the other members of the family.