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n the beginning, when I began dreaming, I sought only to view vast alien landscapes. The cosmos is vast and (thought I) if I could but glimpse one miniscule part of the whole, I would be most pleased. Then I discovered that even as I dreamt, the dream also dreamt me. Internal imbalances, hopes, and desires begin to manifest within the dream. Then there are at the other dreamers. Are they real? But, then again, what is real? Am I real? Are you, gentle reader, real? As none of these questions can readily be answered, it is only polite (IMO) to treat others within the dream as being of the same level of reality as myself. But this is just the beginning. The dream is plastic - not in the sense of artificial, but malleable. It is not we who create the dream from a bit of undigested dinner, as Scrooge once thought. But neither is the dream something external which merely observe. The dream is a living ecology which dreams itself because we individual dreamers dream with other dreamers (both human, and alien) within the sentient ever-evolving dream.


We all (from my perspective) participate in the dream. The dream exists at the borderlines of Maya (which we call reality) and that region of pregnant chaos from which reality ever weaves itself.livejournal. The nature of saving images from NGs & websites is such that I cannot easily keep track of where I D/Led If anyone whose fractal art appears here wants me to remove their work.The dream (IMO) is part of the mechanism of creation-&-manifestation. The fractal artwork in this essay is (for the most part) not my own. Where the warp & woof of what we call reality begin to weave together .fractal newsgroup. If anyone whose work appears here wants to be listed at the end of the essay with website &/or e-mail.that is the dream. http://alobar. Fractal images are posted there for personal http://alobar. I figure that I can call this personal use. Most appear to do so . As I am not making a dime from this essay & neither is anyone else. I can be reached at Alobar@Gmail. please let me know. Some of us do so consciously. The dream does not take place just inside our heads. let me know also.livejournal. I harvested much of it from the alt.

You may not make money from selling it. http://alobar. Should I die & then re-incarnate on this plane. I want to hear your music and tap-into your dreaming as much as I am able. I have no idea who they are. the PDF format you are viewing will undoubtedly be no longer supported on newer http://alobar. v. 2001 e. you are obligated by virtue of immortalist copyright to share what you have gained. My words may be quoted freely.livejournal. Feel free to translate this document into HTML or whatever format is then current. This book is issued under immortalist copyright. This book contains art from myraid . If you gain something from viewing this book. I want to be able to locate the works of those influenced by me that I may remember more easily who I am and how to dream bigger and more interesting dreams than I ever could alone. I am asking to view your art & read your writings.Some Technical Considerations t some point in the future. This book is free. They gave me permission to use their work for nonnon-commercial ventures only.livejournal. A LALA-BajBaj-AL Mage & Watcher Miskatonic Alchemykal Expedition New Orleans. I am not asking for money.

Think about what I say. Other tools you will need to reshape or twist in order that they work to your own ends. See my flaws and limitations for what they are. you (the reader) may find useless. your own dreaming. Do not deify them. no hierarchy of tools. IMO. I adjure you to never accept anything I say as gospel truth. Many of the tools I treasure most. I shall simply talk of them as they come to mind. Play with concepts. Then pull inspiration back out into consciousness and create your own tools.I: On the Nature of Tools have found that there are certain tools (both internal & external) which facilitate conscious participation in the dream. or grouping tools in some classification system. Rather than attempting to list tools in the chronological sequence I discovered them. There is. I . Let my ideas influence your dreaming. your own mythologies. Transcend them. but I doubt very much that anyone can just incorporate all I have done into their own dreaming. My experiences are (I hope) useful to you.

On Orgasms And the Frustration Thereof y wife commented some years ago that she felt I did not really like sex. It is not sex which interests me so much. I am not nearly so interested in intimacy or connection with that person as I am in orgasms & where orgasms can take me. Using sex as a vehicle for dream has its side effects. orgasm is a gateway to the dream. M I feel I should give a warning here. Most humans seem to use sex for bonding with h-is/er partner. you will undoubtedly have your own flaws & limitations. For me. For decades I had considered myself somewhat sex obsessed. I had to admit she was right. When having sex with another human being. I was nonpulsed.If you are even partially human. It is orgasms. By utilizing sex exclusively or even mainly for dream. But after much contemplation. one can . Sex is a tool of intimacy. Not just my orgasms but those of my partners. No need to add mine to yours unnecessarily.

She took short breaks to pace herself. Not just for a few minutes or a few hours.undermine relationship. I . If one wills to be a Hermit. Semi-Comatose Lucidity first read about Semi-Comatose Lucidity in De Arte Magica by Crowley. She alternated from mouth to hand to climbing astride me. She gave me water from her mouth in a kiss. one might better think about how one utilizes sex. This technique requires extreme diligence and extreme dedication. But if one expects to maintain relationship long-term. After we became lovers. she took me totally by surprise one evening when I came home far too tired for lovemaking by tying me down to the bed & bringing me to a state of full arousal. then keeping me there. My lover kept me in the neither-neither state all night and into the next day. she asked me questions about what I was seeing to help me maintain my focus. I was too weak to move after a while. I gave a copy to a woman I was interested in sleeping with. When I started babbling incoherently. this is probably ok.

This technique is perhaps best suited for younger dreamers. matter who my Priestess was. I would be interested in hearing of any interesting modifications to generalize the formula beyond heterosexuality. At bedtime. It does. The first day is for dumping T . the couple engages in a bit of karezza to tease both male & female into wanting to cum. take a partner with amazing fortitude. incredible sexual skill. and stamina. Not quite as he wrote about it. But for those with the strength. modified thru inspiration. Sleeping in Carthage his is another great tool from Uncle Al. however. Not real sure I could maintain sexual interest like that these days . Eroto-Comatose Lucidity is a very potent tool for opening up one to the dream. The technique is hetero. As usual. and an adamantine dedication to the Great Work. Not sure if there is a gay or lesbian analog. The woman should be on the second day of her menstrual cycle.

I cannot attest to this. followed by the woman remounting her lover & then back to sleep (or as much sleep as is possible under the circumstances).stress & toxins. a little hand or oral stimulation. engages in anal sex. followed by the man eating out the woman until she has cum several times. . First. Just before dawn. which then energizes the semen of the next male ejaculate. No cuming allowed for either partner. All this assumes no condoms. the menses is absorbed into the male. I have found that much of the female secretions are absorbed thru the head of the penis. The man lays on his back. They then share wet kisses and return to sleep in a more comfortable position than atop one another. Each will probably wake several times during the night & initiate sex. The second day is for magick & nourishing her lovers/playmates with her bloods. the couple wakes up. It takes hours for any appreciable amount to be absorbed. If the male goes limp. the woman mounts him & then they both try to get some sleep. Some say the female fluids are siphoned up into the bladder.

perhaps longer.Dreams in the male should be quite vivid while the character of the semen is being transformed. turn off the radio. . When both return to sleep. computer and tv & do not engage in mundania until the rite has been fully processed. I would recommend looking into Crowley’s formula of LAShTAL . The dream state may be affected for weeks thereafter.both prior to this working & again once you have actually done it. but after the hidden manner. Anal sex places this combined male/female energized fluid into the woman.Please leave the phone off the hook. then be prepared to spend hours writing & talking with one another over what transpired. The night is rather exhausting. Best plan to lie around till at least noon (or beyond). her dreams should be as lively as his was during the karezza sleep the night before. and the highly stimulated dream gateways are best not wasted by waking suddenly & getting into daily routines. It is good to do this rite when both partners can sleepin the following day. The unnatural & uncomfortable positions for sleep should also affect both partners and their dreaming.

Am I trying to confuse you? Yes! Am I trying to impregnate you with information which will slip by your censors? Yes! For some. Part of my plan.or university. this book will have little impact upon their lives. this book may initiate them into realms they thought were only fictional devices to convey a good yarn. Then maybe you can begin to understand far more of what I say than your rational conscious mind (which you probably think of as you) can normally comprehend. I do hope your worldview is not overly threatened by discovering that the world is far vaster than was taught to in grade school. I have gone to great lengths to impregnate your sub-conscious and non-conscious parts of your brain as well. only part of your brain is absorbing data.BTW. . I want you to take the strains & puzzles in this book with you into dream. For others.good! My intention is to make you strain & be distracted by the images. if you are having difficulty reading the text in this little book because of the intense background images . Trying to make you use as many of your brain circuits as possible. If you speed read thru just plain words.

A nuisance. It just makes for dream threads which other dreamers must compensate for. It is my belief that doing so consciously is far more fun & interesting than simply going unconscious for fully one-third of your fleshy life while your cells take out the garbage and parts of you which you cannot perceive dream while you sleep. Barring that. I suggest you close this book & go elsewhere in your investigations. Digression I: What is the Nature of Time & Space? .You are a part of dream. really. but it points you to to something which is real. I do not ask you to believe that this is real. I only ask that if what I speak of turns out to be real or even if hat I say is fiction. Madness will not save you from dream. So what I ask of you is an open mind. that you are open enough to handle it. You are part an ecology with we who manifest dream.

and an infinite. The pattern of linear time repeating itself. yet bounded. and an overlapping of many possibility Universes which share some aspects of Maya (reality). but which is analogous to similar time in previous or future loops of the spiral. anyway) to be (at the very least) three-fold in nature. again and again. there is linear time by which mortals set their clocks. twisted. Whereas Time appears (to me. Third is what I term tangential time.S pace appears to be manifold. This is where the 23 Current manifests. make their calendars. Not from our timeline in this node of the Space/Time continuum. But not just the . Firstly. universe. Influences from elsewhere-&-elsewhen. Much (but not all) of Science fits into linear time the Big Bang. in a spiral which is not the same each time around. limitation of the speed of light. Big bang leads to expansion leads to contraction & another big bang which starts it all over again. Not from other cycles of time. Then there is recursive time. and get all preachy about history.

In some ways. each manifests gateways.23 Current. Digresion II: On the Nature of Impinging Realities and Gateways which Connect Them . Some may have 3 dimensions. Each universe occupies space (different dimensions) but the physical laws need not be identical for each. Each has a place within the weave. There are many dreamers and many mythologies. But in other ways. anyway? Picture a lot of different Universes . others 5. some of these Universes may share Maya (reality) and their dimensions may impinge (for a moment.each with its own linear time & cycles of Time. each Universe is unique and bounded. or 11 (for example). Space) from outside. or an eternity). Tangential time deals with Time (and with it. It is here (from my perspective) that the dream threads of the edge of one universe may become congruous with the threads of the edge of another realm of realty. an Æon. Where exactly is outside.

Eventually gateways open for the sensitive. BTW.but one with room to move beyond consensus. the Hindus seem to be the only major world religion which acknowledges recursive time & has mythic models dealing with same. that vapour of dream becomes a stronger thread. While the different dreamers may seem to work at cross-purposes. And dream is also what allows for the separate layers of reality to remain apart so they do not impinge too greatly and destroy the uniquenesses of each realm.Brahma. Some dreamers dream to open gateways. eventually the physical laws of that Universe begin to shift to accommodate new aspects of reality. We live in a consensus reality . If the process continues. Others dream to close them. and Preservation. I do not see things so black&-white. Most (IMO) do a bit of all three. It is the old Hindu trinity . If an individual dreamer dreams dreams which attract others to dream similarly. Shiva & Vishnu.ream is the interface and the tool for re-working the interface which knits the layers of reality together. Still others seek to maintain the status quo.Creation. D . Destruction.

that scientist became convinced of the reality of making noble gas compounds & was then able to return to his lab & duplicate the experiment. as more & more chemists became convinced of the reality of noble gas compounds. They published their findings. Some researchers claimed to be able to create these compounds. But many failed & felt there was experimental error in the original research. Neon. As is standard scientific practice. most respectable scientists did not believe that chemical compounds could be manufactured from Helium. Argon. Here is where it gets interesting: If a scientist who could not duplicate the results of making a noble gas compound were to visit a lab where the Noble gas compounds could be manufactured. etc. When I was in Highschool.An example I like to use deals with the Noble Gas (Group VIII) compounds. . other scientists attempted to duplicate the research of the scientists making these claims. Over time. it became easier & easier to create these compounds without any need to first visit a chemist who was proficient in noble gas chemistry.

I am talking about paradigm shifts which should be detectable to those who study these things. Humans (in general) seem unable to notice points of transcendance in the reality framework . Which brings me to the following 2 Corollaries ONE: If there is a paradigm shift. and very few people seemed to notice. The chemical reality I saw in flux while in highschool is no longer questioned. It is as if certain cause-&-effect logical links have been erased from most people’s brains. Noble Gas compounds are an accepted part of our collective reality.For the past 35 years or so. The very fabric of the fundamental laws of Chemistry & Physics shifted less than 50 years ago. I am not talking about general ignorance which (for example) precludes the masses from understanding what a Noble Gas Compound might be or know enough history of science to know there has been a change. an opening or closing of a gateway to another realm of Reality which causes change in the fundamental nature of things. most people will not be able to comprehend that things have changed.

Period. Trust in self. In one of Uncle Al’s secret initiation rituals. Not that kind of blind trust. Not ignoring what I should be looking at. one may be tempted to compare h-is/er reality framework with that of non-conscious dreamers & begin to think that s/he is losing h-is/er marbles. . Nor trusting in the Order. Crowley seemed to have a good handle on this one. Trust based upon critical selfexamination. Trust that I cannot compare my reality to the reality of others & hope to judge thereby the state of my own sanity. or in one’s superiors. Something which took me many years to figure out is learning to trust myself above all else. If not careful.especially if the shift pertains to realms of dream which engage the dreamer in powerful ways. the candidate is asked In times of difficulty and distress. I am not talking about trusting in any of the gods or goddesses.TWO: When one is consciously dreaming the dream. one is very much aware of the shift . in whom do you place your trust? There is only one correct answer which allows the candidate to proceed. Not trust in Crowley nor even in one’s angel.

It takes a honed awareness to even perceive them. and and begin to contemplate in earnest who one really is. At first. Then what? Does one dismiss what s/he remembers & chalk it up to taking too many recreational drugs? Or holding one’s breathe for too long as a kid? Or heavy metals in the water supply? Or does one take a deep breath. I keep asking myself Am I appropriate? It is (IMO) not about sanity. look in the mirror. It is about politeness & decorum. then shrug off the niggling sensations that I should be paying more attention to something. In my experience. The question I like to keep in the front of my mind has little to do with Am I sane?. Rather. anyway. I had a tendency to doubt my memory or my senses. Not textbooks or courts or lovers or friends. Those who know me realize that I am . Not any Magickal Orders to which the dreamer may have sworn fealty. the noticeable changes in reality are usually small. But they accumulate. And sometimes there are big shifts.It is my wholehearted experience that there is no external verification suitable for those who dream.

allow me to explain. When my personal reality is not congruent with collective reality. Best not to blunder about stepping on various people’s toes being oblivious that the rules have changed & what was once acceptable is no longer so. no means advocating conservative dress or politics. Feats of magickal prowess for special occasions. Let’s Get Back to Dream Tools T he sexual tools I mentioned earlier are rather uh. but . . . I try to violate laws consciously & with full awareness of the consequences of slip-ups. But not real suited for day by day use. Takes a bit of practice. if you do not have any live-in sexual partners. it is easy. Pleasure yourself just before sleep & ride your orgasm into dream. unless one is living with a succubus or an incubus. What about the day to day stuff? Well. For the rest of my readers. it behooves me to pay strict attention to paradigm shifts which can alter the nature of local law &/or taboo.

This is where it becomes obvious (to me. one might want to consider balancing out sex which is meant to strengthen the relationship with sex which is meant to feed this case practice is fun. I have never seen a healthy relationship where both partners were not both on the same or congruent magickal paths. anyway) that both partners need a similar focus. If you have a live-in lover (or more than one). I am very narrow with respect to lovers. so do it it a lot. Anoint the sigil with your sexual fluid &/or envision the sigil as you cum. other aspects of relationship may suffer. If one focuses too diligently on Dreaming. Best not (IMO) attempt to use sex for too many . Open the gateway to dream. Not just both magickians (which IMO goes without saying) but both aligned magickally and with congruency of Will & practice. If both are dreamers & both want a strong relationship. one can atrophy in dreaming. Create a sigil. Much more about sigils later. But if one focuses primarily upon feeding the relationship. the practicum of sex can be used to feed both. The sexual act has many purposes. But probably not at the same time.

it might be better to talk & cuddle & play after sex. When using sex for encouragement of dreaming & the feeding thereof. As I mentioned earlier. But for nurturing the dream. Share elixir thru kissing after oral sex . . Share the sacrament of the combined elixir. I suggest flowing as smoothly as possible from sharing the elixir to dream. this technique assumes no condoms. The physical & chemical aspects of the sacrament are (IMO) very important. keeping it under the tongue for direct absorbtion into the blood without digestion in the stomach. & get to sleep with as little disturbances as possible. I suggest going directly from orgasm to dream with no informal talk. Set aside time for the relationship. Sex to fascilitate dreaming is not for those who fear h-is/er partner’s sexual fluids. Elixir is a vital sacrament. end of part I Plenty more to come. and at other times the both of you can focus on dreaming. etc.either as an end to itself or after fucking. When feeding the relationship. getting up to go to the bathroom. I am breaking this book up into small chunks to fascilitate ease for those with slow connections.purposes at once.

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