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ChE 506 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Management

Spring Semester, 2014

SC E!"#E$ Class Meetings P-131 M 6:25 pm 9:05 pm Course materials, homework, et ! will "e poste# at http:$$"la k"oar#!iit!e#u %nstru tor: ())i e: Phone: e-mail: ())i e /ours:
!ate 1$13

&o"ert 'n#erson *ower +-9,2 +3-62 an#erson.iit!e#u 01 appointment

C%"&SE %"'#I(E
'opics)*cti+ities %ntro#u tion an# Course (2er2iew %nno2ation 3Kelley 0e1on# the 4e2il5s '#2o ate6 0usiness an# 7alue Creation 3Dorf and Byers Ch! 1: Capitalism an# the *e hnolog1 ,ntrepreneur6 Martin Luther King Day - No Class 'eam presentations on -usiness ideas (pportunit1 'ssessment Patenting :1stem Me hani s an# %ntelle tual Propert1 *he 0usiness Plan 34or) an# 01ers Ch! +: 7enture Creation an# the 0usiness Plan6 %nno2ati2e strategies 3Dorf and Byers Ch! 5: %nno2ation :trategies6 %nno2ation "1 ross-pollination 3Kelley Chapter 36 ;inan ial Plan 3Dorf and Byers Ch! 1+: *he ;inan ial Plan6 3Dorf and Byers Ch! 2: (pportunit1 an# the 0usiness :ummar16 Colla"oration in %nno2ation 3Kelley Chapter 56 ;inan e an# ' ounting (2er2iew 0uil#ing a ompetiti2e a#2antage 3Dorf and Byers Ch! 3: 0uil#ing a Competiti2e '#2antage6 4ire ting 3Kelley Chapter 66 Presentation :eminar Managing %ntelle tual Capital 34or) an# 01ers Ch! 9: <nowle#ge, =earning, an# 4esign6 ,8perien e 'r hite t 3Kelley Chapter +6 =ea#ership 'eam presentations Creating a :trateg1 3Dorf and Byers Ch! -: Creating a :trateg16 *he :et 4esigner 3Kelley Chapter >6 Marketing (2er2iew Spring rea! " No Class =egal ;ormation o) the ;irm 34or) an# 01ers Ch! 10: =egal ;ormation an# %ntelle tual Propert16, Contra ts /ur#ling Pro"lems 3Kelley Chapter -6 &eadings)*ssignments *eam assignments an# lass e8er ises Pro9e t %#eas 3due 1)2,6 Enjoy

1/20 1$2+ 1$2+ 2$3


0usiness :ummar1 'ssignment 3due 2)206



4ra)t presentations #ue 2)20

3$3 3$10

0usiness plan outline assignment 3due 4)2 at the latest6 Enjoy#

3/17 3$2-

3$31 -$+


Managing &isk 34or) an# 01ers Ch! 6: &isk an# &eturn6 Caregi2er 3Kelley Chapter 106 =ea#ing )or 7enture5s :u ess 3Dorf and Byers Ch! 20: =ea#ing a ?ew *e hnolog1 7enture to :u ess6 0e oming an 'nthropologist 3Kelley Chapter 16 'sking )or Mone1 *he :tor1 *eller 3<elle1 Chapter 106 ,nhan ing Creati2it1 @orkshop 'eam Presentations 'eam Presentations 0inal E1ams 2ee3 4More team presentations5

-$21 -$2> 5$5

'ssignment: 0usiness Plan Primers an# Presentations 3due 4)2. at noon6 /usiness Plan Presentations /usiness Plan Presentations

&e6uired &eading 4or)!, &!, an# 01ers, *!, 3200>6! Technology Ventures From Idea to Enterprise, :e on# ,#ition, M Araw-/ill, ?ew Bork, ?B! %:0? 0-0+-3350-3-1 <elle1, *!, 320056! The Ten Faces of Innovation, Curren 1 4ou"le#a1, ?ew Bork, ?B! %:0? 0-3>5-5120+-Chemical and Engineering News Suggested &eading 'llen, <athleen, '!, Bringing new Technology to
:a##le &i2er, ?D, 2003! E%:0?: 0-13-0933+3-2F 0erglun#, 4an, an# Christopher Co"urn! #artnership$ % Compendium of &tate and Federal Cooperative Technology #rograms! 0attelle Press: Colum"us, 1995! E%:0?: 0935-+0+>6F 0urgelman, &!, M! Mai#iGue H :! @heelwright 320016 &trategic Innovation! 3r# ,#! 0urr &i#ge, %=: %rwin' E%:0?: 00+2312>31F anagement of Technology and

ar!et" Pearson ,#u ation, Cpper

Christensen, C! 3199+6 The Innovator(s Dilemma! 0oston, M': /ar2ar# 0usiness : hool Press Coates, Doseph ;!, Dohn 0! Maha))ie, an# 'n#1 /ines! )*)+$ &cenarios of ,& and &ociety /eshaped .y &cience and Technology! (akhill: Areens"oro, ?C, 199+! 4a1, Aeorge :!, an# Paul D! /! : hoemaker! 0harton on anaging Emerging Technologies! Dohn @ile1 H :ons: ?ew Bork, 2000! E%:0?: 0-+1361216F Aross, Cli))or# M!, Cwe &eis hl, an# Paul '"er rom"ie! The New Idea Factory! 0attelle Press: Colum"us,2000! E%:0?: 15+-++090IF ,ttlie, Dohn ,! anaging Technological Innovation' Don @ile1 H :ons: ?ew Bork, 2000! E%:0?: 0-+1315-68F

,2ens, ?i holas, 4!, Business Innovation and Disruptive Technology" ;inan ial *imes Prenti e /all, Cpper :a##le &i2er, ?D, 2003! E%:0?: 0-13-0-939+F ,2ans, Philip, an# *homas :! @urster 320006 Blown to Bits$ 1ow the New Economics of Information Transforms &trategyJ! /ar2ar# 0usiness : hool Press Aeisler, ,lieKer! Creating Value with &cience and Technology! Luorum: @estport, C*, 2001! E%:0?: 156+20-05>F Aompers, Paul '!, an# Dosh =erner! The oney of Invention$ 1ow Venture Capital Creates New 0ealth! /ar2ar# 0usiness : hool: 0oston, 2001! E%:0?: 15+>51326IF Ara1, 4enis (!, an# :! Aeorge @alters! anaging the Industry2,niversity Cooperative /esearch Center$ % -uide for Directors and 3ther &ta!eholders ! 0attelle Press: Colum"us, 199>! E%:0?: 15+-++0535F /eines, M! /enr1! #atent Empowerment for &mall Corporations! Luorum: @estport, C*, 2001! E%:0?: 156+20-52IF /oGue, ;aisal, The %lignment Effect 1ow to get /eal Value 3ut of Technology" ;inan ial *imes Prenti e /all, Cpper :a##le &i2er, ?D, 2002! E0-130--939-3F Doll1, 7i9a1 <! Commerciali4ing New Technologies$ -etting from 0usiness : hool Press: 0oston, 199+! E%:0?: 0>+5>-+609F ind to ar!et ! /ar2ar#

<aplan, &!, an# ?orton, 4!, &trategy aps Converting Intangi.le %ssets into Tangi.le 3utcomes" /ar2ar# 0usiness : hool Press, 0oston, M', 200-! E%:0?: 1-59139-13--2F <aplan, &!, an# ?orton, 4!, The &trategy5Focused organi4ation" 1ow Balanced &corecard Companies Thrive in the New Business Environment , /ar2ar# 0usiness : hool Press, 0oston, M', 2001! <aplan, &!, an# ?orton, 4!, MCsing the 0alan e# : ore ar# as a :trategi Management :1stem,M 1arvard Business /eview, Danuar1-;e"ruar1 1996, pp! +5->5! =esko, Dohn, Philip ?i olai, an# Mi hael :te2e! Technology Change in the Information %ge$ % -uide to &uccessful Cooperative /6D #artnership! 0attelle Press: Colum"us, 199>! M Arath, &!, an# Ma Millan, %!, *he ,ntrepreneurial Min#set :trategies )or Continuously Creating 3pportunity in an %ge of ,ncertainty, /ar2ar# 0usiness : hool Press, 0oston, M' C:', 2000! ?ara1anan, 7!<! anaging Technology and Innovation for Competitive %dvantage' Prenti e/all: Cpper :a##le &i2er, 2001! E%:0?: 0130305065F &aKgaitis, &i har#! Early5&tage Technologies$ Valuation and #ricing! Dohn @ile1 H :ons: ?ew Bork, 1999! E%:0?: 0-+132>561F &o""ins, Martin 0! Cy.erfinance$ /aising Capital for the E5Business! CC/: Chi ago, 2001! E%:0?: 0>0>0061++F

&ussian ' a#em1 o) : ien es! Technology Commerciali4ation$ /ussian Challenges" %merican 7essons! ?ational ' a#em1 Press: @ashington, 4!C!, 199>! E%:0?: 03090619-6F *ushrnan, Mi hael H Philip 'n#erson 3199+6 anaging &trategic Innovation and Change: ' Colle tion o) &ea#ings! ?ew Bork, ?B: (8)or# Press *ushrnan, M! H C! (N&eill1 3199+6 0inning through Innovation$ % #ractical -uide to 7eading 3rgani4ational Change and /enewal! 0oston, M': /ar2ar# 0usiness : hool Press Ctter"a k, D! 319966 astering the Dynamics of Innovation! 0oston, M': /ar2ar# 0usiness : hool Press 2on 0raun, Christoph-;rie#ri h, The Innovation 0ar Industrial / 6 D8the %rms /ace of the 9*s" Prenti e /all, Cpper :a##le &i2er, ?D, 199+! E%:0?: 0-13-26>1+>-1F Bo))ie, 4! 3199+6 Competing in the %ge of Digital Convergence! 0oston, M': /ar2ar# 0usiness : hool Press!

*dditional &esources :mall 0usiness '#ministration 3http:$$www!s"a!go2$6 :tan)or# Cni2ersit15s ,ntrepreneurship Corner 3http:$$e orner!stan)or#!e#u$6 M%*5s *e hnolog1 &e2iew 3http:$$www!te hnolog1re2iew! om$6 ?ational ' a#em1 o) ,ngineering 3http:$$www!nae!e#u$6 ?ational ' a#em1 o) ,ngineering Aran# Challenges 3http:$$www!engineering hallenges!org$6

Students with Disabilities Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with documented disabilities. In order to receive accommodations, students must obtain a letter of accommodation from the Center for Disability Resources. The Center for Disability Resources (CDR) is located in 3424 S. State St., room 1C3-2 (on the first floor), telephone 312 567.5744 or