How Do You Know You’re Saved?...What Does a Christian Look Like?

Can You Lose Your Salvation?

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Can You Lose Your Salvation?

Can You Lose/Destroy/Give Back All You Obtained When You Were Saved? Yes No


You Must:
Present you bodies as living sacrifices Not conform to this age Be Transformed by the renewing of you mind so to know what is good and pleasing Keep the commandments…John 14:15 Give God glory is ALL things..1 Cor 10:31 It is impossible for me (John Marks) to create a checklist of how you should live because you would just follow the list. If you are saved you have access to a great God who wants to be LORD of YOUR life. As youth do not take this lesson for granted. You may have been secure in your salvation already but now you can see that God gives you assurance so to put you to work. God does not want to keep you in the dark and guessing…Take part in HIS work for you. John 4:34-38 The Harvest is READY But the workers are few, some because they don’t know what they have…they are scared to lose their salvation

Can You Declare God’s Grace Insufficient…Eph 2:8-9 When saved you are saved by grace Remove the Pardon for Your Sin…Eph 4:32 You are EXCUSED into heaven…Don’t deserve it Convince God He Failed in His Commitment…1 Tim 1:12 God protects your soul…You give it up at salvation. Change the Meaning of Everlasting…John 3:16 How impossible is that? Unbirth Yourself from the Family of God When saved you’re born again, Nicodemus thought that was hard Nullify Your Adoption by God…Gal 4:5-6 Saved person belongs to God…Nullify means “was not fit” Separate Yourself from God’s Love…1 John 4:9 Reason for Marriage, Wouldn’t even know what love is Take the Holy Spirit to Hell…Eph 1:13-14 When saved Holy Spirit is SEALED inside… powers, gifts, and talents Take Jesus Christ to Hell…Rom 8:16-17 You share the SAME INHEIRITANCE.. You get He gets, He gets you get


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