World War 1 Evaluative Essay By Kengo Sasaki 9D SRo

Many wars happened in the past. Some were big, others were not. One of the biggest wars happened in the past was World War 1. Although in involved mainly Great Britain, France, Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary, two of these countries were most responsible for starting the war. These are Austria-Hungary and Germany because of their rulers, conflict between them and other countries and their alliance. Germany was one of the strongest countries in Europe at that time. Though its population was not as large as Russia, it had the biggest army in Europe. It had 4200000 soldiers. Also, it had the second biggest navy. However Germany was one of the strongest countries, it did not have as many colonies as Great Britain or France. Ruler of Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm was jealous of Britain having many oversea colonies and decided Germany had to have a lot of colonies but in the end it did not have many. It can be because it did not have a good access to the sea. There was access to North Sea but there was Britain so German ships could not go out to Atlantic Sea. In addition, there was alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary signed in 1879. On the other hand, Austria-Hungary was not a really strong country like Germany. First of all, it did not have such a big army or navy. Next, it had no colonies by reason of Austria-Hungary was the union of two different countries which means that people of different nationalities and it made them difficult to rule the country. Having many nationalities was the most serious problem. Still, there were few similarities. Austrian language and one of German were same. One of the cause of the war could be Kaiser Wilhelm who was the ruling Germany. He had a strong, out going personality and was often hot-tempered and rude. Furthermore, He wanted a ‘world-wide power’. Yet, only one person’s characteristic can’t lead many countries to the war. The main thing which led to the war was the Sarajevo murders. There was a big conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia when First World War begun. It was because of the secret society called ‘Unity or Death’ also known as ‘Black Hand’. It was formed by young army officers. Their aim was to all Slav people of Balkan be united into one single country which would be called Yugoslavia. Although Austrian knew about Black Hand was afraid of it, they made a silly decision. They announced that Archduke Ferdinant, who was Franz Joseph’s nephew, would visit Bosnia’s capital, Sarajevo. Therefore, Archduke was murdered by Black Hand. As a result of the murder, another war happened. Franz Joseph thought Serbian government helped Black Hand so he sent a telegram saying that Serbian government must get lid of Black Hand and any people who were anti-Australian and other things. It was final demand and if Serbian government did not agree, Austrian would invade Serbia. Serbia refused what Austria-Hungary asked for therefore, Austrian started to attack. Conflict between AustriaHungary and Serbia made Sarajevo happen and it lead other countries to the fight. The first country which tried to be involved in the war of Austria-Hungary and Serbia were Russia. Russian was asked for help by Serb. Because many Russian were Slav, it decided to help Serb. However Germany sent message that asked Russia to stop but Russia did not.

Germany declared war to Russia for mobilizing army. Second country been involved the war was Germany. Then, the thing which became important was alliance between countries. As France was an ally of Russia, France had to fight against Germany. Moreover, Great Britain was an ally of France and Russia, therefore Britain had to fight. Alliances made countries one after the other to be involved in the war. Because the causes of the war can be justified, consequently, there must have been a way to avoid World War 1 and avoid death of many people. First, each country should not have been an ally of the other countries. If there were not any alliances, the war between Serbia and Austria-Hungary did not be bigger and did not make any countries except for Russia dragged into the war. Another way could be Austrian government letting Serbian government get all Slav people in Balkan and form new country. If they did so, there was no Sarajevo murder. Although Austria-Hungary and Germany can be most responsible for starting First World War, there should be no counties which can be blamed for starting it because relationship or conflict between any countries lead it to happen.

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