4925 Greenville Ave.

, Ste 415 Dallas, Texas 75206 (214) 821-2061 office (214) 821-0219 fax
January 27, 2014 Dear NEA-Dallas Member: It is that time of year again to nominate and elect delegates and alternates to the Region 4D House of Delegates, the TSTA State House of Delegates and local delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly. The Region 4D House of Delegates will be held on Saturday, March 1, 2014 at the DAVACO Building, 6688 North Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75206. This year’s Regional HoD is an important one. We will be electing a Region President and Vice President; will be making a decision for endorsement in the TSTA President, Vice President and NEA Director elections; and, will be considering new business items to present at the State HoD in April. The TSTA House of Delegates will be held in San Marcos, TX at the Embassy Suites, April 11-12. There will be professional development seminars conducted by TSTA the morning of April 11th. This year’s TSTA HoD will also be an important one. We will be electing TSTA President, Vice President and NEA Director from Texas to the NEA Board of Directors as well as considering New Business Items that will determine the direction for our state organization for the upcoming year. The NEA Representative Assembly will be held July 1 st – 6th in the wonderful city of Denver, CO. The NEA RA is the world’s largest democratic decision-making body with upwards of 9,000 delegates in attendance from all over the United States and the world. It is extremely important that we have our full delegation in attendance for these upcoming events. The future of our organization will be decided there and each of you will have a vote. If we have delegates that do not attend, then we, here in Dallas, lose valuable input in that decision-making process. The election of Region 4D and TSTA delegates and alternates, as well as local delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly, will occur at our General Membership Meeting on Saturday, February 15, 2014. To be on the ballot for these important elections, please fill out the enclosed nomination form and return it to NEADallas (DISD Box 118) through DISD mail, US Mail (4925 Greenville Ave., Suite 415 Dallas, Texas 75206), via fax (214-821-0219), or in person. We really need your nomination form by 5:00pm, Friday, February 14th to prepare the ballots, but nominations will be accepted at the meeting until the beginning of new business. We want to encourage all of you to participate in these important events. This is an opportunity for all of you to become involved in YOUR organization. We look forward to receiving your nomination form and seeing you at the Membership Meeting on February 15th. Sincerely,

Angela M. Davis President, NEA-Dallas President, TSTA Region 4D

Region 4D House of Delegates TSTA House of Delegates NEA Representative Assembly Nomination Form
Please indicate which HoD you would like to be nominated for by placing a check on the line next to the appropriate HoD. You may nominate yourself for all three. _____ Region 4D House of Delegates
(Saturday, March 1, 12:00 pm, DAVACO Building) 6688 North Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75206

_____ TSTA House of Delegates
(Fri. & Sat., April 11-12, San Marcos, Texas)

_____ NEA Representative Assembly
(July 1st – 6th, Denver, CO)

(PLEASE PRINT) NAME:____________________________________ WORKSITE:______________________ EMAIL:____________________________ HOME ADDRESS:____________________________________________________ HOME CITY:__________________ STATE:_______ ZIP:____________

HOME PHONE:__________________ CELL PHONE:_____________________ ETHNICITY:__________________________________ POSITION TITLE:___________________________________
I, ___________________, certify that the above information is correct. SIGNATURE:_______________________ DATE:_________________________
Please return via DISD Mail (BOX 118); via U.S. Mail (4925 Greenville Ave. Suite 415, Dallas, TX 75206) via fax (214-821-0219) or in person to NEA-Dallas by 5:00pm, Friday, February 14, 2014.

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