Febiuaiy 7, 2u14

Beai Nayoi Nuiiay anu City Councilmembeis,

We the unueisigneu aie leaueis in Seattle's giowing technology community. We
love living anu woiking in this city because of its entiepieneuiial spiiit, its ueep
pool of talent, anu its commitment to innovation. That is why we weie so conceineu
to see iecent pioposeu iegulations that woulu essentially make it impossible foi
iiueshaiing anu Tianspoitation Netwoik Companies (TNCs) like Lyft anu 0bei to
continue opeiating in Seattle.

These companies aie pioneeiing giounubieaking innovations in hainessing
technology to impiove the efficiency of the existing tianspoitation system. That is
exciting. Anu the iise of caishaie, bikeshaie, anu iiueshaie opeiations pioviue
multiple oppoitunities foi uiban uwelleis to auopt moie sustainable tianspoitation
options. This emeiging uiban tianspoitation ievolution is uiiectly benefiting oui
quality of life, anu is an integial pait of what makes Seattle such a gieat place to live
anu woik.

The City Council's uiaft legislation, unfoitunately, is all about stifling these new
tianspoitation choices. Shaiply iestiicting the numbei anu houis of opeiations of
TNC uiiveis, as has been pioposeu heie, woulu uestioy the piomise of this
innovation by stunting its uevelopment anu evolution, if not killing it outiight.

That's the wiong appioach, anu we iespectfully ask you to change uiiection. Please
encouiage this soit of tianspoitation innovation, not tiy to cap it. Let's fostei fiee
anu faii competition between all tianspoitation moues, iathei than attempting to
stifle piogiessive change anu pieseive an outuateu status quo. If you uo that, we
believe taxis, foi hiie vehicles, limousines anu iiueshaie seivices will all pioviue
Seattle iesiuents with bettei seivice.

Let's piomote tianspoitation innovation by letting the iesiuents of Seattle have the
oppoitunity to ueciue fiom a full iange of tianspoitation options. Whethei they
want to get aiounu town in a taxi, a foi hiie vehicle, oi via a iiueshaiing seivice, it
shoulu be theii choice.


Nelinua Lewison
Nick Banauei
Llew Piitchaiu
Steve Ball
Tom Albeig
Thong Le
}ohn Cox
Stephen uiaham
}oanne uiaham
Natt NcIlwain
}oiuyn Lee
Kahn Tian
}enny Smith
Rogei Nyhus
}ustin Weiss
Linuen Rhoaus
Shaun Coiiy
}oe Boisman
Ronalu Bowell
}ohn Lewison
Eiic Zochei
Beathei Bughes
Patiick Ennis
Timothy Lonueigan
Tim Poitei
}ohn Caipentei
uieg uottesman
Robin Anuiulevich
Eiika Shaffei
}osh Bug
Natalie Angelillo
Tylei Laugheiy
Tova Cubeit
Ethan Beinstein
Bakon veiespej
Sean Cassiuy
Lee Biillhait
Raquel Phillips
Kimbeily Loiton
}osh King
Linua Banlon
Emily Esposito
uaiiett Poshusta
Thomas Naloney
Nauia 0Neill
}immy Nalone
Nathan Nyhivolu
Naiia Cahoon
Scilla Anuieen
Amy Bates
Eiic Bell
Rebecca Kuiek
}ason uiubei
Naomi Rhoaus
Baniel vogel
Scott }acobson
Lisa Syme
}an Biake
}oiuan Buetow
Natthew Schieck
}eff Watson
Eiic Neussnei
Patti Biooke
Piis Aim
Bave Nasin
Bonna Sakson
Rau Robeits
Poitia uiay
Amy Ciockei
Amy Smith-}ammes
Richaiu Baiton