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by Abdul-Shib Al-Hasani Al-'mili

Translator's Word This is my humble translation for the book of Abdul-Shib Al-'meli. Of course, and because of the high flexibility of Arabic and it's numerous words and divisions, my translation won't exactly be in the same line of the book, but I tried my best to give the overall meaning as much as and as clearer as possible. This book is considered a valuable item in any Shiite library, and I would like to notice out that there is another book and considered older than this one which was written by a scholar and a holy faithful man called "Al-Sayed Al-Jaz'iri" but I really did not get to know this book very well, but in this translation of the book of AbdulShib you will find some reference for the book of Al-Sayed Al-Jaziri. I faced many troubles analysing and trying to understand the complex philosophical terms in order to proceed with my translation but I couldn't be lucky all the time, so whenever I couldn't continue translating I've put a notice of that between square brackets [..]. Maybe it is important to show some of the characteristics of the creed of Shiite in order to understand some parts of the book, of course if you are an Arabic learner and could read, then reading this book by its Arabic contents would be far more beneficial to you to understand what is going on. For Shiite people, they believe that every prophet or a messenger from God, since the time of Adam until the last messenger which is Muhammad, every one of them got a viceroy or a saint that would take care of things after the death of the prophet or the messenger himself. For example, there is Asaph the son of Berechiah who was a viceroy for king Solomon, and there is Joshua the viceroy of Moses and lot others, and so do the prophet Muhammad got a viceroy, which is his cousin and the husband of his daughter, 'Ali ben Abi Tlib, and after 'Ali ben Abi Tlib comes his children and his descendants. For sunnite muslims, they do not believe in such thing, but believe that the prophet ordered things to be organized in a committee after his death, and such thing is denied by Shiite believers. It is important to note out that Shiite and Sunnite are creeds and not bound to some borders and to some countries as some others think. Lot of people think that a Shiite would mean Iranian person which is something not true at all, but people got this impression because supposedly that the modern islamic government in Iran is a Shiite

government, although it has different aspects than other sub-Shiite creeds, and the speech about this will take long time and maybe it needs a book for its own sake. Here are some of the abbreviations and notifications first that I used in my translation: PUH: Peace Upon Him (Her) PUT: Peace Upon Them -------------------from (name1) from (name2) ...etc: This is called the chain of the speech or saying and points out the names of people that carried the tidings or news. [..] = a personal note (..) = further translation or an abbreviated expression (?) = means not clearly understood or couldn't be explained ben = "The son of", like the Irish "mac" , = TH as in Thin XXXXX , = TH as in There Here I mention the names of the Household of Muhammad, whom Shiite believe in , notice that "ben" means "son of", it is like the Irish "mac" in names, and the names between the brackets are the most famous surnames for each one: 1. the prophet Muhammad (PUH) 2. 'Ali ben Abi Tlib, the prince of believers (PUH) [the husband of Ftima the daughter of the prophet, and the cousin of the prophet and his viceroy] 3. Al-Hasan ben 'Ali (Al-Mojtab) 4. Al-Husain ben 'Ali (Al-Shaheed: meaning the martyr) 5. 'Ali ben Al-Husain (Zayn Al-'Abedeen) 6. Muhammad ben 'Ali (Al-Bqir) 7. Ja'far ben Muhammad (Al-Sdiq) 8. Musa ben Ja'far (Al-Kim) 9. 'Ali ben Musa (Al-Ridha) 10. Muhammad ben 'Ali (Al-Jawd) 11. 'Ali ben Muhammad (Al-Hdi) 12. Al-Hasan ben 'Ali (Al-'Askiri) 13. Muhammad ben Al-Hasan (Al-Mahdi) and the last one is called the "awaited" because Shiite believe he is still alive and will appear at the time when wrong and ill comes all over the world and he will be with Jesus to place justice all over the world.

This is all for this event, I hope I've answered most of the questions and I hope this might help in understanding what is mentioned in the translation of the book. At the end I would like to thank the owners of some sites that helped a lot in my translations and they are: : for the Pickthall translation of the Quran : for the old and new testaments translation within Greek and Hebrew which helped a lot in translating the prophets and saints names into English as much as possible. The translator: Taher Al-Shemaly (TJ) Kuwait Introduction In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful And prays on the most righteous of His creation, Muhammad and his Household and his mates the honourable and guided (It is) About what concerns a bunch of prophets, and viceroys, in some of their own matters (Know) that our believe in prophets, and their viceroys and the Angels (PUT), they are infallible and purified from any impurities and they don't guilt either a big one or a small one, and never refuse the commandments of God and do whatever they are commanded with, and whoever refuse the idea of their infallibility in any situation then he did miss them. And our believe in them is that they are described with completeness of wisdom and honour and patience and bravery and so on and never described with less aspects in any of their matters. Then, the prophets and viceroys and the purified Imams and the like before them (PUT), it is doubtless that their times are busy with God and their hearts are full of Him and their minds are connected to the heavens world and always watching for God, for he said (The prophet PUH): worship God as you see Him, so if you don't see Him, He sees you. So, they are always watching, attending toward Him, the Exalted, with their total. Whatever is apparent in their prays (psalms) and their speeches and their books and the other of their sayings about falling in sin it is just to behave humbly for God and it includes the maximum thankfulness for Him, the Exalted. It is mentioned

about our prophet (PUH) that he used to exhaust himself in worshipping, so one of his wives asked him: didn't God forgive you for whatever was made and whatever will be from your sins? So he said to her: Yes, but shouldn't I be a thankful slave? Until The Holy called him by His call "Ta. Ha. We have not revealed unto thee (Muhammad) this Qur'an that thou shouldst be distressed"(Ta Ha:1-2) meaning not to exhaust yourself and spend the maximum of your power in worshipping. In it also there is a teaching for people and directing them towards Him, the Exalted, and to take people away from pride and preventing the worshipping and praying, and to be humble for Him, the Exalted. How shall we consider whatever comes from them (the prophets PUT) from deeds and sayings what is apparent to be a sin that is indeed a sin towards God, the Exalted? God forbid! And they are more honourable and faithful than that level to be blamed for a sin. Aren't they the commanders by God over the creatures and His loyals for His laws and His religion and the callers to obey Him, and God put them for this purpose, so they are the tongue of God that speaks to His slaves and Its translator to His creation. So, how come they do a sin and how come they become like normal people and not destinctive from them, and they are the ones who take care of His commandments to His creation, and is it rightful by logic for them to be loyals for God over His creation and someone would say to them "Enjoin ye righteousness upon mankind while ye yourselves forget"(Al-Baqarah: 44) Are they mentioned with sin? It is the reason to let people go away from them. Doesn't the sinner get thrown by stones if he tried to forbid people of the sins he did himself, or gets his head in the sand and told to him: discipline yourself and your people before you try to discipline others? So, how come they can be loyals to God and they are polluted with sins and people should have gone away from them and deny their deeds? Don't people understand the claim of sins to the saints of God (apostles of God, faithful people), don't they stop? Was God unable to Make infallible people and destinctive from others to take care of His laws? No, and God forbid! But He did not Send any messenger and Made a viceroy after him except he was purified and infallible and without any sins and mistakes or impurity. So, how do we consider anything done by them as a guilt and it is a sin and that their humilating for themselves for God and sanctifying Him is because that they are like all creatures and their Lord did not Make them special or Care much about them. Look with your heart to some of the slaves in this life whenever they refuse the commands of their masters and their masters heard about that, won't they be blamed by people and deserved for punishment as they think. So what do you think of the Lord of lords and the King of kings that nothing can be hidden from Him from his kingdom on earth or in heavens, and for this he pointed out (PUH)

[maybe 'Ali ben Abi Tlib is meant here] : the good deeds of the faithful are the sins of the close relative (?). Some said: it might be said that doing something undesirable and leaving the desirable deed and do some of the allowed things might look like in the eyes of the infallible persons like prophets and saints (viceroys) that they are sins so they sanctify God (asking for forgiveness) and if they did it again they become more sad for it and have great sadness in their holy souls. Look with the eye of your heart to the psalms (prays) of the Prince of Believers (PUH) and the psalms (prays) of Al-Imam Al-Sajjd Zain Al-'bideen[i.e. 'Ali ben Al-Husain ben 'Ali ben Abi Tlib PUH] in Al-Saheefah Al-Sajjdiyah [it is a name of a book that contains prays and psalms of the Imam] and his psalm that mentioned by Abi Hamzah Alomly and to his boredom in his prays and the hard sadness over him and the great sorrow of him for what he did beside his Lord and others than him from his fathers and children and how great is their humilation and their perishableness in the Self of God for they had the deep view into His might and His power and pride and they know very well how great He is and how gracious He is. So, for this, most of their deeds in their worshipping and prayers were for someone that was sure of the torture and punishment. As if he commited every crime and done the great sins. From this concept was the mistake of our father Adam (PUH) where the fobid of eating from the tree inside paradise was only for honourable purposes and not a strict forbid as for a sin. As it is mentioned and approved in books made for this subject (the infallibility of prophets) by 'Alam Al-Huda Al-Sayid Al-Mortadh and others, check out. And God forbid that prophets and the messengers and the saints (viceroys) and the Arch-Angels may commit any sin and they are the ones that were assigned by God to take care of His religion and the callers and the ones that take care of His slaves and His rulers over His creations. Then if we did accept that they do sins and guilt so then we don't mind them to do the great sins for which punishments must be applied without any difference. So who will do the punishment of them? Only the one that takes care of religion would do the punishment, so would he do it over himself? Or someone else would do it over him by an order from him? (Answer me may God have mercy upon you, isn't that one who claims this shy of God for this?). Or maybe the one who claims this have some sickness in his soul to let other wear this dress [meaning infallibility] and let others take their places instead (places of prophets), Those who do wrong will come to know by what a (great) reverse they will be overturned! And your Lord is not in the least unjust for the slaves. Then do not forget that all the prophets and saints (viceroys) had been oppressed and hurt and no one answered their calls except few from their nations (Few of My

bondmen are thankful) (Saba': 13) Then what does it mean God's saying "Lo! We verily do help Our messengers, and those who believe, in the life of the world and on the day when the witnesses arise"(Al-Mu'min, Ghfir: 51)? Al-Imm Al-Sdiq (PUH) was asked about the meaning of this holy phrase and he answered: this is, and I swear by God, in the day of coming back, didn't you know that lot of the prophets of God did not get a victory in life and the viceroys after them got killed and never helped in life, but they will gain victory in the day of coming back before the doomsday. And the witnesses are the Imms (PUT). The tidings coming from the Holy Household for this subject are a lot and in brief it points out that the return of the prophets to the life after death and before the doomsday is something essential and no way out of it to get revenge from their enemies that wronged them and hurt them and fought them and didn't believe in them and set wars against them and took their rights from them: but when that is going to happen? It would be at the day when the witnesses arise and they are the purified Imms from the Household of Muhammad (PUH) and that is when the "awaited" appears, the ruler of the current time that we are in and he is the Imm that his name is the same as the messenger of God (PUH) and his surname is the same as well and he is the son of Al-Hasan ben 'Ali ben Muhammad ben 'Ali ben Musa ben Ja'far ben Muhammad ben 'Ali ben Al-Husain ben 'Ali ben Abi Tlib (PUT) (the one born in year 256 Hejira) in Smarra' in Iraq. Al-Sayid Al-Jaz'iri said in his tales: The meaning of the messengers in the holy phrase "Lo! We verily do help Our messengers" is the prophets. The apparent from this Holy Speech and whatever comes in its meaning is a sign that all the prophets will come back to life in the small doomsday and God will give them victory by power and Angels over their enemies and the enemies of the Household of Muhammad (PUH), and God will give life again to their nations that hurt them and the bad ones from Umayyads [Bani Umayya or the Children of Umayya, who had a kingdom in Syria and the surroundings, they were usually marked with aggressive nature and even killed the grandson of the prophet, but still some people deny this although it is a well known fact in history!] and whoever accepted their deeds from their children and others. Also God will give life to whoever had a pure faith from the nations to let them win the rewards of victory and fights and live in the kingdom of Muhammad's Household (PUH). [here comes a holy phrase but I couldn't locate it in Quran, maybe the writer didn't memorize it so well!] Then all the prophets since Adam (PUH) until their end and the master of messengers Muhammad the Chosen (PUH), and they count for one hundred thousands and twenty four thousands prophets and one hundred and twenty four

thousands viceroys, for every prophet has a viceroy and their masters are five upon which life went around and they are the owners of laws and whoever came with repeated laws they were copied from the previous and they are Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad and they are the "prophets of constancy", may peace be upon them all. This is what was pointed out by tidings and what was said by our scholars and as said by Al-Sayed Al-Jaz'iri and whatever points the opposite of that it would be carried by self trial for interpretation. About the messengers, as mentioned by the prophet (PUH) and the sure paths that they were (three hundreds and thirteen) messengers..etc and it is probable also that the books are one hundred and four books, and twenty one books were revealed on Adam (PUH). It is mentioned also that it was revealed on Seth the gift of God (PUH), by God, fifty books and on Enoch (PUH) thirty books, and on Abraham twenty books, and Revealed (God) Torah, Bible, Psalms and Quran and this speech been repeated many times so no doubt about its contents. And they were called the "ones of constancy", and they are the five masters but because they were sent to the east and west and to people and Djinns and this meaning is mentioned in lot of tidings and mentioned by lot of Muslims scholars, by Ibn 'Abbs and Qotdah. And they say that they were called "ones of constancy" because they were the first to believe in God in the world of atoms and believed in every prophet that would come before or after them and decided to have patience inspite of calling them liars and being hurt. And said also that they were called like that because they were ones of laws and regulations so that every prophet that came after Noah (PUH) was on his (Noah's) laws and path and a follower to his books until the time of Abraham (PUH) and then until the time of Moses the son of Amram (PUH) then until the time of Jesus the son of Mary (PUH) and then until the time of Muhammad (PUH). Then the difference between the messenger and the prophet is that the messenger is the one that gets inspiration from God the Exalted by a message or a book or allowances and non-allowances and so on, and so he is a messenger from God to the ones who are sent to from His slaves and creation. The messenger could be non-human but it may be an Angel like Gabriel and Azrael and others (PUT). Or it may be a bird like the hoopoe of Solomon the son of David (PUH) and so on either from God or from the creature as it appears. And the prophet is the one that God inspires and Guides him and whatever God wants from him flows in his heart without any doubt or imagination and he listens to the sound of Angels in his dreams but he can't see them, and the messenger also can dream about Angels and listens to them and also see them as we see each other. But the viceroy that is appointed from God to take care of matters after the messenger can hear the Angels but can't see them. It is mentioned in Al-Saheeh

[seems a book name] from Al-Ahwal said: I heard Zorrah ben A'yon asking Ab Ja'far Al-Bqir (PUH) so he said to him: tell me about the messenger and the prophet and the speaker. So he said in his answer: the messenger is the one that Gabriel (PUH) come to him so he can talk to him and see, and the prophet is the one that see in his dreams as it was for Abraham (PUH) and as the prophet of God (Muhammad PUH) did see the reasons of prophecy before getting inspired until Gabriel (PUH) did come to him from God with the message and and when Muhammad (PUH) got the prophecy and the message from God, Gabriel (PUH) used to come to him and talk to him about it, and the speaker is the one that speaks and listens but do not see in his dreams nor in his awakeness. What is understood from the trusted speeches that one person can have the prophecy and the message and the imamship [imam = viceroy] like our prophet Muhammad (PUH) and Abraham (PUH) and others than them, and Abraham was a prophet and not a viceroy until God said to him "Lo! I have appointed thee a leader for mankind. (Abraham) said: And of my offspring (will there be leaders) ? He said: My covenant includeth not wrong-doers" (Al-Baqarah: 124) and it is that who ever is wrong and worshipping idols will not get the covenant of God so won't be a leader (imam) taking care of matters and a viceroy for the messenger for his nation and whoever the messenger was sent to, and so he won't be appointed by God for this purpose to save the religion and the laws after the messenger is lost, so he won't be good for imamship (caliphate) after him (the messenger) and doing the things after him except these who are purified from a pure descendants. Because imamship is the general leadership over all the creations from human beings and Djinns and it is not to be except from God, the Exalted, and by His commandments, and He supported the imam with miracles and virtues and he must be the most intellegent among people and the most brave and the most faithful one and the most eloquent the knows the most about everything and about everything that the creation needs from living purposes and have the knowledge of every tongue and language and can speak it better than its natives even. There are other stuff concerning the imamship that the human brain can't take nor bear but only the special of them, so imamship is better than prophecy and more honourable and higher with no doubt. Then our book that is between your hands, is to obtain some of the conditions of prophets and messengers that were mentioned in Quran by names or by some of their characteristics, and Quran may point to someone by his character only and the Muhammedan laws (tales) mention him by name and person. We may mention a lot of them that Quran did not mention but the tales come to mention them where Quran did not mention of prophets except few of them that do not exceed forty almost. Then the dependance in obtaining their conditions was on the

Muhammedan tales that were reached by the trusted persons who interpreted it and by the tidings from the Household of Muhammad (PUT) that were taken from the trusted books and persons, with a notification of what was taken from the Torah and the Bible. Lot of people wrote about this subject but it is a great sorrow that I did not see any of such writings that would satisfy, but it was the opposite. Lot of them mixed things together and lost the truth and deformed the beauty of such thing and so made others be away from catching some of its seas. And no one of its subjects' matters would be without a collection of the thin and the fat and edited with weird stuff and picked from it several straws or written with ill hand, so it looks with an ill eye and ill heart inclined away from the path of truth. So there were no subject that keeps up its own matters or collects its own requirements. But this one between your hands (and thanks be to God, for Him be the pretty praises) we were lucky to get it organized and check all of its contents to its certain limits except few which, for necessity, had to be planted other than its position, and God is the Guider to the path of truth. In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful Introduction of The Second Edition I did not expect when I started to write my book (The prophet, their lifes and tales) that it would be so famous and hands will try to get it from the press before it becomes available in the markets, although I did not come up with a miracle. But all what I was able to do is to show a complete summary for the lives of some of the prophets and their tales which was written with lot of mistakes sometimes and fabricated in other times, so my style was easy and simplified to be fit for all levels, and that had the good effects over the readers and this is what I thanked God for, and after a while all the copies were sold out from markets although it was printed in the offset without a previous permission and we had a tale with them, and inspite all of that we got lot of requests to re-print it with some fixes and corrections, so we answered the call of "Al-Tawjeeh AlIslami" press, for they publish the islamic book away from the benefits. May God help these who run it. Then I ordered our son, the scholar, Mr. Muhammad 'Ali Al-Hasani to notice out some chapters and check and correct whatever mistakes did occur by coincedence in the first edition to let out this new edition in a satisfactory and proper way compared to the researches of this book, and that it gets the satisfaction from the readers and the Prevention is for God's only. I won't exaggerate when I say that when I started writing I've feared the situation, because the search is in the lives of prophets died thousands of years ago, and in their lives that was full of action and humanity and dignity and nobility, and to mention the mysteries of these long times of their movements and their lives and spreading out the religion that was assigned to them by God, and for which God did send them and made them prophets and messengers, but this fear did fade away

when I started and began although it did take lot of my time in looking at the numerous resources and investigating that needs a time not be considered easy and checking in some stories and tales that opposes each other sometimes in the life of each prophet, not as the books I made before and after this book whatever was printed of them and whatever still written, until God helped me with success so it came out with this relatively good picture to the existence, and thanks to God firstly and lastly, asking Him to Accept it from me with a good acceptance and Give me from His grace, and Make the believers that avoid the stumbles benefit from it, and God is the Helper. The Author Markab-Jabal 'mil-Lebanon 1/1980AD - 2/1400H About Some Conditions of The Father of Human Beings "Adam" (PUH) and The Beginning of This Creation Said God in his Holy Book: And when thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am about to place a viceroy in the earth, they said: Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee ? He said: Surely I know that which ye know not. Since "Viceroy" by language and tradition points out to what takes the place of what was before in time, then there must have been another Responsible agent before him (Adam), and that is pointed out by the opposition of the Angels, and this opposition is not done except by them for they bear the knowledge of the exmischiefers because they said "Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee?" and it was pointed out by news, tidings and traces that the existence of pre-Adam creatures did take place and they are the Djinns and others and earth was full of them. And also pointed out of the existence of lions, beasts and all of the other animals, and also the existence of rulers and vicegerents for God, command by His commandment and prohibit by His prohibition, so they were ordering for Goodness and prohibiting the Mischiefts, but the Djinn got wicked and rebelled, and they refused the commandments of God and changed lot of His orders and laws. From 'Ali ben Ibrhim from Albqir (PUH) from the Prince of Believers, 'Ali ben Abi Tlib (PUH) that he said: When God wanted to create a creation by His hand and that was after Djinn and Nesnas spent seven thousands years on earth, He removed the layers of heavens and Said to the Angels: Look to the inhabitants of earth from my creation of Djinn and Nesnas, and when they saw what was done by them (Djinn and Nesnas) of mischiefs and evils, that grew hard upon them (Angels), and said: our Lord you are the Almighty, and this is Your weak worthless creation, live by Your grace and refuse to take your orders and You don't take a revenge of them? And when He heard that from the Angels He said "Lo! I am about to place a viceroy in the earth" and he will be a ruler on earth. The

Angels said: Are You going to place someone that will make mischiefs and evils as the Djinn did? May you make the viceroy one of us, and we don't refuse Your commandments and "we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee", so the God said: I know what you know not, I want to make a creation by my Hand and make out of his descendants prophets and faithful slaves of mine and guiders. I will make them rulers on my creations in my earth and purify my earth from the Nesnas and move the rebellious Djinns those who refused my commandments away from my creation and make them live in the air and shattered across the lands and make a veil between Djinns and my creation. Angels then said: Our Lord You command and prohibit, praise to You, no other god than You, and You have the knowledge of everything. Then they got farthest (Angels) from the Holy Throne a distant of five hundreds years of travelling. Until the Imam ('Ali ben Abi Tlib PUH) said in a long speech: then God held the clay of Adam (PUH) and worked on it the four natures of air, mucus, bitterness, and blood. And connected with the air the love of women, length of hope and caution. And connected with the mucus the love of food, drinks, goodness, gentleness and easiness. And connected with bitterness the anger, stupidity, evil, pride, and haste. And connected with the blood the love of women, pleasure, and doing sins. And the summary of some of the tidings is that God created Angels from light, and created Djinn from fire, and created Adam from clay, then He ran the light, the fire, the air and water, so with light he saw and understood and by fire he ate and drank, and if it wasn't the fire in the stomache (the heat of the stomache) food won't be cooked (digested), and if it wasn't the air in the body of people to flame the fire, fire wouldn't be existed, and if it wasn't the water existence to cool it down and extinguish it, the stomache would have been burnt and the body would be burnt in return. And it has been said that it was meant by the black wind of stomache -or soul- that it might be the stomache's movements with breathing that leads to the foundation of cells with the heat of the core (?) And the most probable that Adam (PUH) was created from all types of clays and if he was created with one type only people wouldn't know each other and all would be with one shape, but instead he was created from the easiness of the earth and its sadness, bitterness, sweetness, and saltness, and from all its shapes and colors, from its whiteness, redness, yellowness, blackness and (blondeness)..etc and that's why you see human beings differ in their colors and types. From the Prince of Muslim (PUH) that God sent Gabriel and ordered him to bring from the skin of earth (Arabic: Adeem) four clays: white, red, yellowish and black and that would be from its (earth) easiness and sadness. Then He ordered him (Gabriel) to bring four types of waters: sweet, saline, bitter, and stinking. Then He ordered him (Gabriel) to pour all the waters in the clay so He made the sweet in his throat, the saline in his eyes, the bitter in his ears and the stinking in his nose. And in "Tawheed Al-Mofadhal ben Omar" (??) from Al-Sdiq (PUH): The sweet water was placed in the throat to make him (Adam or the human) able to eat and taste the food, and the saline water was placed in the eyes to protect the flesh of the

eyes since the flesh will remain when salt or saline water is placed on it. And for the bitter water in the ears it is to protect the brain from the attacks of insects and organisms since they die when they reach the bitter water in the ear. Maybe they can get pass over the bitter water and reach the brain for their power and the small quantity of bitter water in the ears and that might be because of the weak body for it might be a sick man, old man, or a child. And they brought many cases, tidings and witnesses for the truthfulness of such analysis and some of those cases were during the time of Plato and other perfect doctors that found an animal (organism) that grew up in the brain and didn't find any other way than the ears to let it reach there. (Subjects from different sources with agreement in contents) Adam was named as Adam because he was created from the skin of the earth (Arabic: Adeem) and from Al-Sadooq: that the fourth ground (or earth) was called Adeem and from it Adam was created and that's why he was called Adam, and the mother of human beings Eve (Arabic: Haw') was called like this because she was made from the living (Arabic: living = Hay) and that is Adam (PUH). And from Al-Sdiq (PUH): that God created Adam from clay and created Eve from Adam, and so the work of men is on land (earth, ground) and the work of women is in men. It was told that when Adam was created and God placed the soul in his body He made him stand between His hands then Adam sneezed and praised the God by saying: Praise be to the God. then God said: O Adam, you praised me, and I swear by my Highness, if it was but to make two slaves at the end of time, I wouldn't have created you. Then Adam said: O Lord, by their endearment and their values to You, what are their names? So God said: O Adam, look to the Throne. So Adam took a look and found two lines made of light. The first line was: No God but Allah, Muhammad the prophet of mercy and 'Ali is the key of paradise. The second line was: I decided to bear mercy for these who be victorious to them and follow their path, and torture these who oppose them. The trustworthy 'Ali ben Ibrhim had told from Abi Jafar Al-Bqir (PUH) in telling the meaning of God's saying "And verily We made a covenant of old with Adam, but he forgot, and We found no constancy in him" (Taha:115) he said: God made a covenant with him in Muhammad and the Imam's after him (PUT), but he left that out and he never thought they were (Muhammad and the Imam's PUT) in such high place and value, and the "Them of Constancy" (meaning: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad) are called like that because God made a covenant with them in Muhammad and the viceroys after him and in Al-Q'im (PUT) and gathered their constancies in admitting their (Muhammad and his viceroys PUT) rights and virtues. And from Abi 'Abdullah Al-Sdiq (PUH) that he said: the sons of Adam (PUH) gathered in a house and had an argument about who's better, Adam or the close Angels. Some of them said that our father Adam is better and others said the close Angels are, and few others said the carriers of the Throne. While they were like that, "Gift of God" Seth (Also: Sheth PUH) entered and they told him the story, so he got back to his father Adam (PUH) and told him the story

of the fighting men and they asked him (asked Seth) but he didn't have an answer for this, then said Adam: O son, I've stood between the hands of God may praise be to him, then I looked into a line on the door of the Throne that was written on it: By the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Muhammad and the descendants of Muhammad are the best of what Allah started. From Al-'Ayyashi from Amr ben Abi Miqdm from his father that he said: I asked Aba Jafar Al-Bqir (PUH) from what thing did God made Eve (PUH)? he said (AlBqir PUH): and what thing do they say about this creation? I said: they say from one of Adam's (PUH) ribs, then he said (PUH): they lied. Is God unable to create her except out of Adam's rib? Then I said: O may I be a ransom to you son of the prophet of God, of what thing did God create her? He said (PUH): my father told me from his fathers that the prophet of God (PUH) said: God, may praise be to Him, held a clay and mixed it with his right hand, and both of His hands are right, so He created out of it Adam and part of it was left untouched so He created Eve out of it (Al-Sayed Ne'mato-Allah Al-Jaza'eri said: this Hadith or speech is trustworthy and believed in among our comrades and partners. Meaning what had been told by Al-'Ayyashi..etc) and this speech has what supports it and there is no doubt among us about its contents and anything oppose it would oppose the rules and laws of what God made what we are in now, and so the claim of creating Eve out of his (Adam) rib is something strange and weird instead of creating her out of the remaining of his (Adam) clay as it was told by them (meaning them the Holy family of Muhammad PUT) many times. About the story of creating Eve out of the rib, and that is the little left rib, is carried by explaining according to the pictorial match for these who believe it and there are other taken paths and God only knows.And it is probable that God created Adam and Eve without a mother and father and created Jesus (PUH) without a father to let know that He is able to create anything anyhow, and His laws in nature used to be creating any creation out of a father and a mother except these mentioned before. And it is told that the Angels (PUT) when they felt about their mistake and got sorrowful for their arguing with God about the creation of Adam (PUH) and saying "Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood" and they knew that they made a mistake and regretted and got to the Throne praising and asking for pardon for what they did, and this was a reason to put up a house in the fourth heaven at the edge of the Throne and was called AdDhirh, then after that He put up a house in the earth's sky and Called it Al-Bayt Al-Ma'moor (The Great House) at the edge of Ad-Dhirh, and Put up on earth AlBayt Al-'Ateeq (The Old House, or Holy House) at the edge of Al-Bayt AlMa'moor. Then after He ordered his slave Adam (PUH) to go around it and so he did, so He had mercy upon him and that spread out among his sons until the doomsday. And it was told that Adam (PUH) visited the Holy House for a thousand times on his feet, for seven hundreds Hijjas (pilgrimages) and three hundreds 'Omras ('Omrah = A visit not in the pilgrimage time) (Angels prostration for Adam PUH)

Said God let praise be to Him: And when We said unto the angels: Prostrate yourselves before Adam, they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He demurred through pride, and so became a disbeliever (Al-Baqarah: 34). And in another position He said to Iblis blaming him for not prostrating: He said: What hindered thee that thou didst not fall prostrate when I bade thee? (Al-A'raf: 12). The damned said then: I am better than him. Thou createdst me of fire while him Thou didst create of mud, and continued: Now, because Thou hast sent me astray, verily I shall lurk in ambush for them on Thy Right Path, then I shall come upon them from before them and from behind them and from their right hands and from their left hands, and Thou wilt not find most of them beholden (unto Thee). And also said: Reprieve me till the day when they are raised (from the dead). and God answered: Then lo! thou art of those reprieved Till the Day of appointed time. And God said also: and they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He was of the jinn, so he rebelled against his Lord's command (Al-Kahf: 50) So the phrases that points out the facts about the creation of Adam (PUH) and the prostration of Angels before him after the commandments of God and the rebel of Iblis against God's command for he is created of fire and Adam was created of mud or clay and God's damnations upon him and his exile out of paradise and keeping him unable to get through the veils while he used to go through them with Angles before and the request of Iblis for God to compensate him for his worship to God for thousands of years and the God's answer to him and giving him whatever he likes of life's goods and the most important of those goods is staying alive as long as life do exist and being in control of Adam's descendants and being close to them as blood in the vessels and Made (God) their chests a home for him and for his sons (Iblis) except the faithful slaves of God, such phrases are a lot in the Holy Book and they can be founded also in Holy Books that was revealed before Quran. Meditate in these Holy phrases a meditation of thinking and not as memorizing a tale. Without understanding the desired meaning of God's speech, and you must check out the truth from these who who know Quran very well, or their viceroys, who act and do as they did, and don't take saying meant to give explanation to the phrases of the Book of your God who said: None knoweth its explanation save Allah. And those who are of sound instruction say: We believe therein; the whole is from our Lord; but only men of understanding really heed (Al-Imran: 7), and those who know are only who upon them the Holy Book was revealed and that is Muhammad (PUH) and his descendants who had the Prevention (They make no mistakes) and they know better. [Note: this paragraph contained a high level of philosophical terms which I couldn't translate nor understand, so it was approperiate to take the overall meaning and translate it] And what was told of tidings from them (the Holy Family PUT) that growing proud was the first sin, so Iblis did say: O Lord, release me from prostration before Adam, and I used to worship you as no close Angel did nor a sent prophet, then the God did say to him: no need for your worshipping, but I want to be worshipped as I want not as you want. And so Iblis refused to prostrate, then God said to him: Get out of it, you are damned. Then said Iblis: O Lord! how? and you are the Just that

does no wrong, so my reward for worshipping is false? Then God said to him: No, but ask anything of life's matter as a reward for your deeds and I shall give it to you. The first thing he asked was to be immortal until the time of the doomsday, so God said to him: it is yours.Then he asked to be in control of Adam's descendants, so God said to him: I made you of control. Then he asked to make him run through them as blood in vessels, so God said to him: I made you run through them. Then Iblis did say: no one would give a birth for one, shall be accompanied by two for me, and I will see them but they won't and I would be shaped in front of them in whatever shape I like, so the God said then: I give all of that. Then the damned (Iblis) said: O Lord, give me more. So then the God said: I made for you and your descendants homes in their chests. After all that Iblis did say: O Lord, this is enough for me. Then that he did say: O Lord by your Highness I would make them do mischiefs except your faithful slaves, then I shall come upon them from before them and from behind them and from their right hands and from their left hands, and Thou wilt not find most of them beholden. It was told about the explanation of the Holy phrase "then I shall come upon them from before them" is that "I will make them not serious in thinking of the doomsday" like telling them that God is merciful and only punishes for worshipping another, but everything else God can forgive you about. And "from behind them" that is "I will order them to keep on gathering money and be misers to keep it for their heirs", and "from their right hands" that is "I will worsen their believes and let them add and change their creeds", and "from their left hands" that is "I will make their hearts in great love for joys and amusement and whatever like it." From Ibn 'Abbs, that the first one to measure (compare) was Iblis, and he was wrong in this matter, and whoever after him would do the same he would be paired by God in the doomsday with Iblis, and the measurement (comparement) is that when he said: You made me of fire and made him of mud (or clay), and that meant to be that I'm (Iblis speaking) of more honour than him (Adam) and better, because fire is higher and of more honour than mud, and so the prostrate must have been from him (Adam) to me (Iblis) and not the other wise by the measurements of honour and priority, and the damned didn't know the honour of Adam and of what God knows from his virtues (Adam's) and the Holy Lights that he bore in his descendants, and it will come from his descendants the prophets and their viceroys with the saints and the faithful, and the masters of the creation, Muhammad and his Household (family, descendants) that God wish is but to remove uncleanness far from them, and cleanse them with a thorough cleansing, who are the main reason for the creation of the universe and everything in it. And so he (Iblis) envied him (Adam) and got wicked. And for the God's saying "Lo! I am about to create a mortal out of mire, And when I have fashioned him and breathed into him of My Spirit, then fall down before him prostrate" (Sad: 71,72) the Prince of Believers ('Ali ben Abi Tlib PUH) commented about this: They all prostrated, except Iblis who got pride growing into him for his creation of fire and scorned the mud (or clay) creation, and so God gave him the delay for he (Iblis) deserved damnations,

and for the completeness of his trouble, and the completeness of his mortality, so God said to him: Then lo! thou art of those reprieved, Till the Day of appointed time (Al-Hijr: 37,38). Notice how much did the Prince of Believers (PUH) overflow us with the facts about this interesting matter of unique meanings and wisdom that could be deduced from its deepest secrets and its hidden jokes. We have left out most of his speech (PUH) for the fear of boredom, and it was told that after what God gave to Iblis from control and power, Adam (PUH) said: O Lord, you have given Iblis the control over my descendants and made him run as the blood in the vessel into them and all of the other things that you gave to him, so for what for me and my descendants? So God answered him: the wrong done would be counted as one, and the good done would be counted as ten. Then did Adam (PUH) say: O Lord, give me more, so the God answered: Repentance would be accepted until the soul would come to the throat [apparently meant at death time], then Adam (PUH) said: O Lord, give me more. So the God answered: I will forgive no matter what, then Adam (PUH) said: O Lord this is quite enough. One questioner did say to Al-Imam Al-Sdiq (PUH): O may I be a ransom to you, for what did Iblis deserve all of what God gave him? he answered (PUH): for something he did to God and God appreciated that for him, then the question did say: and what did he do may I be a ransom to you? he answered (PUH): for two bows (kneeling, in prayer) he did in heavens in a time of four thousands years. And it was told from Al-Nahj [Nahj AlBalgha, a book that collected speeches of 'Ali ben Abi Tlib PUH] that Al-Imam 'Ali (PUH) said that he (Iblis) did pray two bows in heavens in six thousands years. It is not known if it is counted as years of earthly time, or in time of heavens, and it is not quite far that both tales are true and God only knows. From Tawoos and Mojhid: that Iblis before doing the sin was one of the Angels and his name was 'Azziel, and he was one of the earth's inhabitants, and the inhabitants of earth from Angels were called the Djinn, and among Angels there were on like him in his worshipping and wisdom, so when he rebelled against God may praise be to Him, God damned him and made him a demon and called him Iblis, and he was noted as being a disbeliever in God's knowledge. The apparent from this tale that Iblis was one of the Angels opposes the apparent phrase from the Holy Book "all save Iblis. He was of the jinn, so he rebelled against his Lord's command" (Al-Kahf: 50) and also opposes the famous opinion among the wise men of Muslims and its tales and stories, and it is the base that all Muslims agreed on naturally and the repeated phrases in the Holy Book about this matter, and the most of the explanations made for them (the phrases), and even it opposes the thought of Iblis when he said: You created me of fire and created him of mud..etc and so this tale opposes the most famous opinions about the matter so be aware. From Jameel ben Darj said: I asked Ab 'Abdullah Al-Sdiq (PUH) about whether Iblis was one of the Angels or Djinn, so he said (PUH): Angels saw that he was one of them but only God knew that he wasn't one of them, and when was ordered to prostrate he did what he did. Some wise men that are into deep insight said that wise men of Islam differ in considering whether Iblis is one of the Angels or not.

Most of the speakers about the matter and lot of our wise men [Shiites wise men are meant here] like Al-Shaikh Al-Mofeed and others that said that Iblis is one of the Djinn and not Angels, and then he said (Al-Shaikh Al-Mofeed) that tidings been told frequently from the Imam's of Guidance (PUT) about this fact, and it is true in the creed of Imamism. [Imamism: this term is coined by me and don't know if there is an equivalent term for it. It points out to the creed of believing in the 12 viceroys or Imams after the death of the prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him and his Household], and other branch believed that he (Iblis) was one of the Angels. The clue of the second branch that believed that Iblis is one of the Angels is from some Hadith's (or speeches) and one of them is what have been mentioned before from Tawoos and Mojhid, and also believed that Iblis was one of the keepers of paradises, and he held the treasures of heavens and earth, and other stuff had been said, but anyhow as you can see nothing of that is convenient to what was mentioned about the believe of the first branch which is the most choosen and the most supported with the confession of Iblis himself as mentioned before. It had been told from Al-Zajjj that he said: Holy phrases did differ in mentioning of what did the creation of Adam (PUH) start with. In one position in the Holy Book that God created him out of sand, and in other out of mud, and in another out of black mud, and also in another position out of clay. He continued: and all of the previous belong to one origin which is the sand, which is the origin of mud, and so God informed us that he made him out of sand, then made it into mud, then transferred into black mud and finally as clay. (Useful Caution) About what was been told in the Holy phrases of the saying of the damned which is "Now, because Thou hast sent me astray, verily I shall lurk in ambush for them on Thy Right Path...etc", it is apparent that the damned thought God made him astray and this is something can't be accepted by the right-thinking minds and it is against and opposes the justice and the holiness that are well-known of God may praise be to Him, and above all these mistaken words about Him He shall be. And so the damned appointed to God that He made him astray, and this is what is mentioned in the creed of Jabarism [Another coined term by me] of Al-Ash'irah (?) [seems a branch of this creed], and it is one of the corrupted believes without any doubt about that, because its contents is not accepted by me, nor others would accept it for themselves. Is it possible for someone to accept for himself being mentioned that he obliged a slave of him to do mischiefs and sins and then punish him for doing this? No and no, and this is the case here of what had been appointed to God, The most exalted. May God make shame be with them, as He made it with their master and director and teacher the damned Iblis may damnations be upon him. All of the matter was because of his wrong chosen path, and God exiled him and avoided him from His mercy and banned him from His paradise, because he rebelled and refused His command to prostrate to Adam (PUH) with the rest of Angels, and them (PUT)

didn't stop for one moment but prostrated directly as they are commanded to do and they did not think about a reason for this and didn't get a pride against it, but instead they did obey the command of their Lord and don't think about anything else except His command, and never argue about it. When God examined Iblis by prostrating for Adam (PUH), he got so high with his pride and honour for what he was created of and got rebelled, and God knew his intention and his perversity, and all of his long worshipping and praising was only for the sake of life and for what he wishes and deems, and so he got wicked by his soul and obeyed it and so it owned him and captivated him away from his Creator. And when God wanted to put him under the test and wanted him to refuse what his soul is ordering him to do, he disbelieved in His grace and got ready for war, and so he is a foe for the Great God, The One of Grace, and then his greatest foe is this to whom he was ordered to prostrate before him and that is Adam (PUH) so he sat his hate for him (Adam) and for his descendants until the time of doomsday. (The inhabitation of Adam in paradise) The Prince of Believers (PUH) said in Al-Nahj: Then God made Adam inhabit a place of much grace and made it a safe place for him, and warned him of Iblis and his hostility, and so his foe envied him (Adam) for his place of inhabitation and his company of the faithful, so then he (Adam) paid for what was so sure with his doubt, and for the power with his weakness, and exchanged hilarity with fear, and pride with regret, then God Relented toward him and Gave him the words of His mercy and Promised him that he would be back to his paradise, and Got him down to the place of troubles and breeding. What is apparent from this speech of the Prince of Believers (PUH) and from lot of tales and Holy phrases about the subject of Adam's paradise that God made him inhabt, that it is the paradise that God promised for His faithful after life for their deeds, or even as a gift for these of faith in His prophets and Holy Books, and so his saying (PUH) about the place of inhabitation and the company of the faithful, do appoint out to the paradise after life and not the gardens of this life, and it is apparent for these who got a cautious hearts and a well mind, and then meditate in his saying (PUH) about getting back to his (Adam) paradise and getting him down to the place of troubles and breeding. And there is no need to explain and interpret more than that and saying the opposition of what had been said in the speech, and the more opposition that might be made against it, then it is an ignorance and perversity that are not needed. It is told from some tales and speeches that the inhbaitation of Adam and Eve (PUT) in paradise lasted for seven hours as measured in this life's days, and so their out was in the same day that they got in and if they did obey the commandments of their Lord, they would have been lasted for more time and never got out of it. (How was it correct to prostrate before Adam by angels and he's just a creation)

Prostration, is not allowed and not correct except for God may praise be to Him, because it is a worshipping and it won't be except for God, otherwise it would be a disbelieve or paganism and such thing is impossible to be done by the Angels that are protected against doing any sins. The real matter is that this prostration is done by a commandment from God and so it is a prostration for God as it was mentioned by them (PUT) ["them" meaning the prophet and his Household PUT] about this matter. From Al-Sdiq (PUH): whoever prostrated by a command from God, then it is a prostration for God and obeying his order, and if it wasn't the commandment by His Highness he wouldn't prostrate. And this is what had been told also by Al-Imam 'Ali ben Muhammad Al-Hdi (PUH) when he said: prostration before Adam by Angels was not for Adam but for obeying God and endearment for Adam. After all, prostration before Adam was but as an endearment for him and in real it was worshipping for God because it was done by His command. Al-Mohaddeth Al-Qommi in "Safeenat Al-Bihr" in Al-Moqm[apparently seems it is a book name done by a person called Al-Mohaddeth Al-Qommi] did say: you should know that Muslims all agreed that prostrating was not for the purpose of worshipping, but as an endearment for Adam (PUH) and in deep it was a worshipping for God since it was by His command and this is chosen by most of the interpreters, and God's sayings "then fall down before him prostrate"(Sad: 72) and about Joseph (PUH) "they fell down before him prostrate" (Yusuf: 100) both have the same interpretation, and the prostration was for God only and for obeying His commandment and was for the endearment of Adam and Joseph (PUT), like prostrating for God for the occurence of grace or the disappearing of a grace. It is told from Prince of Believers (PUH) that he said that the first spot on earth that God was worshipped on is that on Kufa[a city in Iraq that had been made a capital during the rule of 'Ali ben Abi Tlib PUH] and that was when God ordered Angels to prostrate before Adam (PUH) and so they did that on the surface of Kufa. (Some tales related to our research) From Musa ben Jafar (PUH), that a jew came and asked the Prince of Believers (PUH) about a miracle for the prophet (PUH) like the miracles of other prophets, and that God made Angels prostrate before Adam so would that be also for Muhammad (PUH)? so 'Ali (PUH) answered: that was indeed, but God made the Angels prostrate for Adam not for obeying nor worshipping Adam instead of God, but it was as a confession from them for the virtues of Adam (PUH), and for Muhammad (PUH) he was given what is better than this and higher, and that is because God assigned blessings upon him in His Highness and ordered the Angels to say the blessings upon him, and also the believers worship and pray by saying the blessings upon him <<Don't you say in your prayer and other prayers: Oh God bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad? and this is in a place much higher and greater than prostrating before Adam (PUH), and in the speech of God to the damned Iblis: Art thou too proud or art thou of the high exalted? (Sad: 75),

and in a speech for the prophet of God (PUH) that these "high exalted" are the prophet himself (PUH), Muhammad ben 'Abdullah (PUH) and 'Ali, Ftima, AlHasan and Al-Husain (PUT), then said the prophet (PUH): we were in the awning of the Throne, sanctifying God and Angels with us, before creating Adam by two thousands years, and when God created Adam He commanded the Angels to prostrate before him but Did not command us, and so all the Angels prostrated except Iblis, so then God said to him: Art thou too proud or art thou of the high exalted? Meaning of the these five that their names are written on the awning of the Throne. From 'Ali ben Al-Husain (PUH): Adam did look to the apex of the Throne and saw the lights of our ghosts, so then God said to him: O Adam, these ghosts are the best of my creation. Then He told him their names and Told him: By them I take and by them I give and by them I punish and by them I reward, O Adam ask me by them, and when you are in trouble make them your intercessors to me, because I decided not to refuse any requests (prayers) made by them. That's why after that after he and Eve got into the trouble of the sin, he prayed and asked God by their names so then God made a repentace upon him. From an interpretation from Al-Imam Al-'Askari (PUH) in a long speech and this is part of it: When God put Al-Husain ben 'Ali (PUH) and these who were with him under the test by the army that wanted to kill him, he (Al-Husain PUH) saw their large numbers and saw his folks and knew that they want not but him, and whenever they would kill him they wouldn't ask for another, and so he released them (his folks) from their swear of fealty and commanded them to quit and depart him and said to them: let me with these. God helps me as He used to be with our ancestors, and his folks did depart him except few of them. His closer relatives and household refused to leave and told him: we will not leave you until we die for thee O Ab 'Abdullah [another name for Al-Husain PUH] and when he saw their assertiveness and that they would not leave him until they die for him, he said to them: if you decided for yourselves what I decided for myself then know that God gives the high places for his slaves by their patience for the troubles they face and that you will have that from God's gifts to you, and know that this life is just a dream and the after life is the real awakening. Shall not I tell you our beginnings? They answered: for sure O son of the prophet, then he said: When God created Adam, He told him the names of everything, and when He showed them to the Angels they said "We have no knowledge saving that which Thou hast taught us" (Al-Baqarah: 32) and He made the lights of Muhammad, 'Ali, Ftima, Al-Hasan and Al-Husain and they are the five ghosts, at the back of Adam, and their lights were shining in the horizons of heavens, veils, paradises, the Chair (?) and the Throne, and God then commanded the Angels to prostrate before Adam as an endearment for he was but a container for these ghosts that their lights shined in the horizons, so the Angels did prostrate except Iblis who denied to be humble for our lights we the Household, after the Angels did humbling and obeyed the command of God and for this their level got higher and got the honour, and Iblis was damned and exiled out and shame got upon him and so he is a foe for Him and

His faithful slaves until the doomsday. It was mentioned in some tales of Al-Sdiqiyah [here, maybe it meant tales that was told by Al-Sdiq PUH] and also from 'Ali ben Ibrhim about the saying of God: Till the Day of appointed time (Al-Hijr: 38), what is meant here is the time when he (Iblis) gets slaughtered by the hands of the prophet of God (PUH) on the Rock that is in Jerusalem. Al-Sayed Al-Jaz'eri said that he (Iblis) was appointed til the day of the appearance of Al-Mahdee (PUH) and it is the minor doomsday, and there are lot of tidings about this matter, and we have explained what is related to this subject in the introduction of this book that you read now, and the return of the prophets and messengers and in special our prophet Muhammad The Chosen (PUH) and the purified Imams (PUT) after the appearance of the "Awaited Absent" may our souls be in ransom to him to take revenge of their foes, is something that must be and it is one of the believes for Shiites, or lets say most of the Muslims in general, and it is called the minor doomsday, but only after the long journey with troubles and when most of the created would turn away from the path and life would be full of wrong and injustice, it is then when we shall see the release is close and it is the time. May God paces up the re-appearance of Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad and May He make us one of their supporters and companions, and martyrs between their hands by the rights of the prophet and his purified Household (PUT) (The reason for getting Adam down from paradise to earth) From Mos'adah ben Sadaqah from Al-Sdiq (PUH) from the prophet (PUH) that Moses the son of Amram [Arabic: Musa ben Imrn] (PUH) asked his Lord to let him see Adam (PUH) and so He answered him and made him see Adam, and then Moses did say: O Father! you are the one that God created with His own hands and made you live in His paradise and prohibited you from one tree so you couldn't be patient enough til you fell on earth because of it, and couldn't you control yourself away from it and so Iblis seduced you and you followed him and so you are the one that got us out of paradise because of your sin. Then did say Adam (PUH): O son take it easy on your father for the matter of this tree. O son my foe approached by trick and plot, so he swore to me by God that his opinion is a good advice and he said to me: O Adam I am sad for you, so I said to him: and how is that? he said: I enjoyed being with you and you will be out of what you are in now to what you hate, I asked him: and what to do? he said to me: here is what to do, do you want me to guide you to the tree of eternity and an endless reign so you can eat from it with your wife and then you shall both be in paradise with me for eternity, and he swore to me by God and he was a liar that he has the truthful advice, and O Moses I never thought that someone would swear by God and he is a liar, so I trusted his oath and this is my excuse, so tell me son, do you find out from what had been revealed to you from God that my sin was noted before I get created, then Moses said to him: before a long time. Then said the prophet (Muhammad PUH): and so did Adam overcame Moses in the argument. From Al-Sdiq (PUH) also: when Adam was put out of paradise, Gabriel (PUH)

came down to him and said: O Adam, didn't God create you with His hands and Breathed into you of His Spirit and made the Angels prostrate before you, and Got you Eve as a wife and Made you inhabit paradise and Prohibited you directly from eating from that tree but you made the sin? Then Adam (PUH) said: Iblis did swear to me by God, and I never thought that someone from God's creation would swear by Him falsely! And what is understood from the previous conversation between Moses and Adam (PUT) that the sin was something meant to be and predestinated long ago before Adam's creation and from the world of atom [It is believed that everything exists in this life including people existed before becoming alive or born in a world or a dimension where they were just atoms], at the time of creating the spirits before his (Adam) existence by two thousands years, and it is a case which was a battle field for several opinions and many people got doomed for their mis-interpretations and not understanding the truth in it, and it is a case of God's judgement and what He Has predestined for His creation before his existence. And the solution for this case for us in general is: God founded in this human the power that could aid him in doing what God appointed to him and Made him able to do, and Left him the selection and Gave him the mind and brain with which he can differentiate between what's wrong and whats true, and what would make God satisfied or dissatisfied. After the knowledge and looking into the path of these faithful to God and their viceroys and every allowed path that leads to it (?), that God knows whatever he chooses or does from wether it be a sin or obeying for His commandments, for He knows the ends of workings and deeds that are done by His slaves and no incidents would happen without His knowledgement before his (the human) existence, by his well or bad chose, and He His Highness the one that knows the the guilt of Adam whatever would be acted by him and whatever he would choose, as it is the case with all His creations and slaves, so from Him may praise be to Him the powers and destinies in doings and not-doings, and the selection is made for these of responsibilities by mind, heart and reality, and He is the one who Knows the ends and what these of responsibilities might choose for themselves, if it was good it is good, and if it an evil it is an evil, and there is no forcing for the slave, but it is something in between, because the force and power is from His Highness, and the full choice for these of responsibilities, and God knows what might the slave choose for himself. (What is the tree that was prohibited for Adam PUH) Tales and speeches had differed about of what type is it and what is it. Some said it is wheat and some said it is vine and grape while others said it is camphor and still others said it is the fig. It is said also that it is the tree of good and evil and it was said it is the tree of eternity that the Angels used to eat from, and more had been said. From M'nee Al-Akhbr [seems a book name] in its basing to Al-Harawee said: I said to Al-Ridh (PUH): O son of prophet of God, tell me about the tree that Adam and Eve ate from, what was it? because many people differ in its nature, some say it is wheat, some say it is grape and some say it is tree of the envy, then he said (PUH): all of that is right, then I said: then what is the meaning of all these

different opinions? then he said (PUH): O Ab As-Silt [=Al-Harawee], the tree of paradise carries types, so it was wheat carrying grapes and it is not like the trees of our life, and when God honoured him and Reminded him of the prostrating of Angels before him and Letting him into the paradise, he (Adam) said to himself: did God created a human better than me? and God knew what was between him and himself and so Called him and told him: O Adam, left up your head and look to the leg of the Throne, so then Adam left up his head and looked into the leg of the Throne and found there it was written on it: No other God but Allah, Muhammad is the prophet of Allah, 'Ali ben Abi Tlib is the Appointed from God and his wife Ftima is the mistress of all women, and Al-Hasan and Al-Husain are the masters of paradise's young people, so said Adam: O Lord, who are they? then said His Highness: they are from your descendants, and they are better than you and than the rest of my creation, and for them only I did create you, and Created paradise and hell, and heavens with earth, so be aware not to envy them and wish for their place and so demon would take control over you, so then he got something in hisself about them and then did the demon control over him until he ate from the tree that he was prohibited from, and took control over Eve for her thoughts of envy about Ftima (PUH) until she ate from the tree like Adam did, and so God put them out from His side down to earth. And in contents of the tale as it is with other tales, the word "wish for their place" points out that the meaning is "glee" and not "envy" in its real meaning, because glee like wishing for their place, and envy is wishing for their obsolescence, because envying is a sin and points out to a lame character and the glee is totally against that, and it is impossible for the father of human beings and prophets and messenger, and the one whom Angels did prostrate before by God's commandment and whom God Had created with His Hands and Inhabited in paradise then had been chosen by God and Made him a prophet, it is impossible for him to be an envious one, and from this point we believe that the prohibition from eating from that tree was a prohibition for the purity and not for a taboo, and it was mentioned before something about the protection of prophets against doing sins and there is more to do about that to come to you by God's well, and the meaning of the tree of envy is that eating from it was because of envy, and if it was the envy it would not have been eaten. And it is mentioned that if it wasn't Adam's (PUH) guilt, no faithful would have done any guilt ever, and if it wasn't that God relented toward Adam, there would not have been any repentance for any guilty ever, and from Al-Sdiq (PUH) that he was asked that how come the inheritance of man is as much as twice of that of females so he said (PUH): that is because the number of fruits that Adam and Eve ate were eighteen, twelve were eaten by Adam and six were eaten by Eve and so the inheritance is made up as mentioned before. It had been told that when Adam was down from paradise a black mole appeared in his face from the top of it til its feet and so long was his sadness and crying for this, then came Gabriel (PUH) and said to him: why crying Adam? so he (Adam) said: for this mole that occured in me, so then he (Gabriel) told him: get up and

pray, it is time for the first prayer, so Adam did that and the mole shrinked to his chest, then he (Gabriel) came again at the time of the second prayer and said to him: get up Adam and pray this is the time for the second prayer and so he did and the mole shrinked to his navel, and then came again at the time of the third prayer and said to him: get up Adam and pray this is the time for the third prayer and so he did and the mole shrinked to his knee, then he came at the time of the fourth prayer and said to him: get up Adam and pray this is the time for the fourth prayer and so he did and the mole shrinked to his legs, then he came at the time of the fifth prayer and Adam did the same and the mole was out of him and he thanked God for this a lot, then Gabriel did say to him: O Adam, your sons in this prayer are like you in this mole, and who would pray from your sons each day and night five prayers he would be out of his sins as you got out of this mole. And also in a speech that when Adam (PUH) got down on earth he got a beard as black as coal, so he held it with his hand and said: O Lord, what is this? and He answered him: this is the beard, I made it as an ornamet for you and your male descendants until the doomsday. And it was mentioned before that the inhabitation of Adam and Eve in paradise was for seven hours until they got out of it, and that God breathed in Adam with His Spirit after the sunset of Friday and then Created Eve after him, then Commanded the Angels to prostrate before him and Made him inhabit His paradise since then, and the Imam (PUH) swore [not mentioned which Imam is it] that they did not stay more than these hours on that day until they did what was prohibited then God got them out after sunset and didn't stay in it (Paradise) and they were moved to the yards of paradise until it was the morning and their loins appeared then their Lord said to them: Did not I prohibited you from that tree, so Adam got ashamed and shy of his Lord and said: O our Lord, we did wrong to ourselves and made a confession of our sins, O may You forgive us, then did God say: get down from My heavens to earth for no sinners would be in My paradise nor My heavens. (The place of falling of Adam and Eve when they got down from paradise) What is famous from the Household (PUT) that Adam (PUH) fell down on Al-Saf and Eve on Al-Marwah [Al-Saf and Al-Marwah are two hills in Mecca and people go in between them seven times in pilgrimage season], and what is famous for the most of Muslims is that Adam (PUH) fell down on a mount called Sarandeeb [Notice: Sarandeeb is the old Arabic name for Ceylon, Sri Lanka now] and it is called Nud also, and Eve did fall in Jeddah, and some people suggested that this is the truth and their fall on Al-Saf and Al-Marwah was after they got into Mecca. From Hayt Al-Hayawn for Al-Domayri [hayt al-hayawn means the life of animals and seems it is a book's name] he said: Ka'b Al-Ahbr did say [Ka'b Al-Ahbr was a nickname for the chief priest of jews]: God revealed the snake in Asbahn [maybe he means Asfahn in Iran?] and Iblis in Jeddah and Eve in 'Arafah [a mount around Mecca] and Adam in Sarandeeb and it is in the higher region of China in the sea of India [this description is somehow close to modern day Sri Lanka], and it is a high place where seamen can see it from a distance of

days and it bears the footprint of Adam (PUH) in stones, and this mount is seen each night as a lightning without clouds, and it rains in everyday to wash the foot steps of Adam (PUH), and it is told that Rubies are found in this mount and also Diamonds with Aloeswood (Agar wood, Oud, Ood). In tales, that when Adam (PUH) came to Mecca from India by a commandment from God, every step he would take there would be a prosperity of land in its place, and everything in between was just a desert, all along the way until he reached Mecca, and when he reached Mecca he went around the Holy place. It had been told also that when God got Adam down, He got down with him one hundred and twenty rods and branches that got every seed for every type of grains, and that he died on Friday, in the sixth of April in the same hour that he was created in, and he was nine hundred and thirty years old, and it had been said also that he died after he got forty thousands of his sons, grandsons and grand grandsons. And from Abi Jafar Al-Bqir (PUH) that he said: God the Exalted one Inspired to Adam: O Adam, I would collect all goodness for you in four words, one for Me, one for you, one between Me and you, and one between you and people. The one for Me is that you worship Me and no one else, and the one for you is that I will reward you for your deeds as much as you need, and the one between Me and you is that you have to pray and praise Me and I will answer you, and the one between you and people is that you have to love for people what you love for yourself. Some tidings mentioned that God revealed a book written in Syriac made of tweny one pages, and it is the first book ever to be revealed on human beings, and in it there was one thousand thousand [a million] tongues, no people with one of these tongues would understand the other without education, and Adam has the knowledge in every tongue and can speak it better than its native speakers, and contained also the clues of God and His worshippings, judgements, rules and laws..etc from Ibn 'Abbs that he said: When God created Adam, and Breathed in him from His Spirit, he sneezed and God inspired him to thank Him so he said: Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, so his Lord said to him: mercy of your Lord be upon you. And when God made Angels prostrate before him, he got exclaimed and said: O Lord, You created a creation that is beloved to You more than me? but God didn't answer him, then he asked again, and God didn't answer, then he asked for the third time but god didn't answer him, then God did say: Yes, and for them only I did create you, then he said: O Lord let me see them, then God ordered the Angels of the veils to left off the veils, and when they did and Adam looked, he found out five ghosts in front of the Throne, then he said: O Lord who are they? then God did say: O Adam, this is my prophet Muhammad, and this is 'Ali the Prince of Believers, the cousin of my prophet and his viceroy, and this is Ftima the daughter of my prophet, and these two are Al-Hasan and Al-Husain the sons of 'Ali and sons of my prophet, then He said: and they are your descendants, so Adam got happy for this. And when he did the sin he said: O Lord I ask You by Muhammad and 'Ali and Al-Hasan and Al-Husain to relent toward me, and so God

relented toward him by them, and this is what is meant by God's saying "Then Adam received from his Lord words (of revelation), and He relented toward him" (Al-Baqarah: 37). When Adam got down on earth, he made a ring and carved on it: Muhammad is the prophet of God and 'Ali is the Prince of Believers. It is mentioned also that Adam was called "Abi Muhammad" [meaning: father of Muhammad, it is a common Arabic way also to call men by the names of their elder males children as: Aba Nasir, meaning father of Nasir and so on. Aba could be Abu and Abi and this is subject to change according to the grammar of the Arabic language] The mention of Muhammad, 'Ali, Ftima, Al-Hasan and Al-Husain (PUT) is repeated, and viewing them by Adam (PUH) is repeated also, once upon the leg of the Throne, once on the door of the Throne and once in front of the Throne and so on. They are mentioned once by the Holy name of God, the Exalted, one time and another without It, and all of this would not be a reason for confusion and it would be fine to consider all of that is correct to show their virtues and how they are different from the others and so people would not have to argue about it with God, and so everyone would die and live with its knowledgement and Allah is no oppressor of (His) bondmen. (Crying of Adam PUH for paradise) It was told that Adam (PUH) cried for paradise until it was like great rivers on his cheeks because of tears, and he stood at the door of Kaba and his clothes were of the skins of cows and camels and said: O Lord help me with my mistake and Make repentace upon me and Let me back into the place that I were in. Then said God, the Exalted one: I helped you, and Made repentace upon you and I will let you back in the place that I got you out from. It is doubtless that what we understand and everyone with the right mind would understand as well that the paradise that Adam is asking his Lord to be back into is the paradise of eternity, and it was the place that he were in and got out from, and the clue to that is the tidings about him viewing the place (level) of Muhammad, 'Ali, Ftima, Al-Hasan and Al-Husain (PUT) and that he saw their names written on the corners of the Throne and it was told that the Throne is the roof of paradise as mentioned in Hadith, and it is behind heavens and its roof is the Throne. Add to that, the words of revelation that Adam received from his Lord and Relented toward him were of Muhammad and his Household (PUT) and His Holy saying "fulfilled them"(Al-Baqarah: 124) meaning until Al-Q'im Al-Mahdi from the Household of Muhammad (PUH), they are the twelve Imams adding the nine descendants of Al-Husain (PUT). Also mentioned that the words that Adam received from his Lord are His Holy saying "Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves..etc"(Al-A'raf: 23) and also mentioned they are the prayer of the prophet (PUH): O praise be to You my Lord and Thanks..etc [This is a line from a prayer that seems famous but I didn't get to know], and other things had been mentioned also but the probability that all of that is true is not impossible, but the most common base is what was mentioned by the

purified masters that the words that was received were their names (PUT). As supported by Al-Mofadhal ben 'Omar he said: Abu 'Abdullah Al-Sdiq (PUH) said: God, the Exalted, may praise be to Him, created the souls before the bodies by two thousands, and Made the higher of them and the most honourable are these of Muhammad, 'Ali, Ftima, Al-Hasan and Al-Husain, and the rest of the Imams after them (PUT), and Showed them to the heavens and earth with mounts and their lights covered them all, then God did say to the heavens and earth with the mounts: these are my judges and rulers over my creations, for them and for these who follow their path I made My paradise, and for these who oppose them I made My hell, and whoever claims their position from Me and their greatness I would torture him like I did not Do to anyone else, and whoever agreed to be loyal to them and never claimed their position I shall Let him be with them in paradise, and being loyal to them is a fidelity to be taken by My creation..etc. It is a long speech where he mentioned their virtues and the goodness that would be to these who would be loyal to them and the damnations on whoever take them as a foe and took over their rights and helped others over them and whoever does this, God Prepared for him the shame and torture. Also in it there is a warning for these who wishes for their places, and that when Adam and Eve (PUT) got down to earth, Gabriel (PUH) came to them and guided them to ask their Lord by the right of the names that they saw on the leg of the Throne to Relent toward them, so then they said: O Lord we ask You by the right of the closest to You, Muhammd and 'Ali and Ftima and Al-Hasan and Al-Husain and the Imams after them to Relent toward us and Have mercy upon us, so then God relented toward them. All the prophets after that kept this fidelity then and advised their viceroys and the loyals of their nations so they denied to claim it for themselves and never forgot about it, and whoever's soul might get sick and get wicked by his demons to put himself in such place, damnations he will get from God and torture, and for this God, the Exalted, did say "Lo! We offered the trust unto the heavens and the earth and the hills, but they shrank from bearing it and were afraid of it. And man assumed it. Lo! he hath proved a tyrant and a fool"(Al-Ahzab: 72). And it is never thought of Adam (PUH) being one of these who wished for their place and so he would be one of these who took their rights, but No and Never. But what is meant by the previous Holy phrase in "man assumed it" is assuming this trust (fidelity) without any right for doing this, as it is mentioned by some famous wisemen with little difference between each tale (explanation), "Those who do wrong will come to know by what a (great) reverse they will be overturned!"(AlShu'ar': 227) [This paragraph was shortened by the overall meaning translation] It is told by the holy prophet (PUH) that when Adam (PUH) did the sin, a call came from the Throne towards him saying: O Adam, leave My vicinity, because no one stays in and refuses My commandment, then Adam did cry and the Angels cried with him, then God sent him Gabriel to get him down to earth with blackened face, then when Angels did see that cried loudly and lamented and said: O Lord, a creation You did Create and Breathed in it by Your Spirit and Made Your Angels prostrate before him, so You did Change his whiteness to blackness with one sin?

Then a call came toward him from heavens: O Adam, fast for your Lord this day, and it was the thirteenth day of the month, and one third of the blackness was removed from Adam (PUH), then he was called again in the fourteenth day to fast for Lord and so two thirds of the blackness went out, and then called again in the fifteenth day to fast and so he did and all of the blackness went out, and for this these days were called "Al-Ayam Al-Beedh" (The White Days) in which Adam retained his whiteness, then a called from heavens called him: O Adam, these three days I made for you and your descendants and whoever fasted these three days from each month he would be as if he had fasted all of his life. From the explanation of Al-Imam Al-'Askiri (PUH) in his explanation of God's saying "but come not nigh this tree..etc"(Al-Baqarah: 35), that it is the tree of wisdom of Muhammad and his Household that God made it for them only and it was for them only in special and no one would eat from it except them, and they were eating from it after they fed the wretch, the orphan and the prisoner and the revelation of the chapter of Al-Dahr [Also called Al-Insn. Al-Dahr means The Life and Al-Insn means The Man] about them with the agreement of all interpreters, and so they did not feel any hunger, thirst, nor tiredness after they ate from it. It is a tree that was not like any tree in paradise and carried many charactersitics and has lot of different types of wheat, grape, fig and the rest of fruits, and this is why many interpreters did interpret the type of this tree in many ways, so some of them said it is the wheat and others said it is the grape and so on, so God did say: come not nigh this tree, meaning you will be seeking the place and level of Muhammad and his Household and their virtues, and this is something that God made so special for them only, and it is the tree that whoever eats from by the will of God, he would be inspired with the knowledge and wisdom of those of old and those of later time without any need to learn. This speech and its contents is not a weird because of what was mentioned about the rights of the Household (PUT) before. And then if you meditate fairly and neglected the partisanship and the love of the self, and looked with the eye of your heart to what was mentioned for 'Ali and the Household of 'Ali by the special and the normal people, and asked these of thoughts and fair of your wisemen about the place and level of 'Ali and the Household of 'Ali and their knowledge and what God made them special with from virtues and true characteristics, you would win the great luck and the happiness of the two lifes [meaning this life and the after-life] and you would know that they are the top of all creatures and they are the path to the God, and their knowledge is not taken by someone else but was given by God, the Exalted, and by the prophet (PUH) in a special position that no one else would be able to count and limit (the knowledge). Look to all what the wisemen of Islam agreed on about the rightness of what was mentioned that the holy prophet (PUH) taught 'Ali one thousand doors of knowledge, from each each door there is one thousand doors are opened to him. Meditate about this and what does it mean and what is wanted by it, and do not take it easy and lose. Their knowledge is not compared by their age, but it is all equal to whatever age

they are, and whoever took a look into their lives and history would know that fact clearly. Their hearts never stop praising God, and they know the most about what people need in their lives, rules and laws, and the disciplines of all the heavenly religions of rules and laws, worshippings and policies as revealed in its truthful state. Nothing is hidden from them about what people and artists did make of industries, careers, tiniest inventions and the weirdest sciences to the fullest and they know more than its inventors in these inventions and nothing of what mankind did make would be out of their knowledge by the care of God, the Exalted, and His inspiration, because they are the rulers by God over His creations by whatever means this word would be understood, and whoever would deny this would be of incomplete faith, and there are clues and prooves that cut out the road for the opponent and narrow his way, and they have the knowledge of troubles and what happened or what will happen until the doomsday, add to that the knowledge of the Islamic laws as it was revealed on their grandfather the Chosen [meaning the prophet] (PUH), and 'Ali is the one who tells about himself the holiness and he's the most truthful sayer after God, the Exalted and His chosen prophet (PUH) when he said: in here (and pointing to his holy chest) a great knowledge, if only I can find someone to bear it. He said also (after he swore by God): I've become to know a secret that if I told you about you would be diffused as the robes of buckets in the far distant wells. And he's the sayer also: I know what are in heavens and earth and I know what is in paradise and hell, and i know what was and what will be..etc. He said also: ask me before you lose me, and a lot more of the same sayings and what was been told about his rights by the holy prophets (PUH) is not countable and one of the most famous speeches for him (PUH): if I wasn't just afraid that you would say in 'Ali like what the christians said about Jesus the son of Mary, I would say something that would make you take the sand from beneath his feet. And from him (PUH) speaking to 'Ali: O 'Ali, no one loves you but a believer, and no one hates you but a hypocrite, and so the love of 'Ali is faith and his hate is hypocrisy. Could anyone count his virtues and miracles?, here is Nahj Al-Balghah in front of you, meditate through it and it will guide you through, and how many times they did the books and detailed his virtues and miracles and Ahmad ben Hanbal [an Islamic wiseman or scholar that created a creed in Islam known by his name] did show a lot of these [Nahj Al-Balghah: a famous book that collects lot of 'Ali ben Abi Tlib's speeches, it is a great source for anyone that would like to see the magic of Arabic tongue, for 'Ali ben Abi Tlib was and still one of the greatest personnes that bore the great knowledges of the Arabic language]. Al-Shfi'i [another scholar that created another creed] did make poems about him ('Ali PUH), add to that me also [the author of this book], and also Ibno Abi AlHadeed Abdul-Hameed, and Abdul-Bqi Al-Omari and others. The wiseman AlHilli issued a book that he called "Kitab Al-Alfayn" (Book of the two thousands) that contained two thousands clues by logic and by chained speeches for that 'Ali being an Imam and protected against the wrong doings and the same for his eleven descendants one by one until the last of them Al-Mahdi the awaited absent, may

our souls be a ransom to him. It is not a speech to show their virtues and their levels, however, but it was necessary to show this in this position. (Having a tent for them in the place of the Holy House) From Abi Jafar Al-Bqir (PUH) from his fathers (PUT): God sent to Gabriel (PUH) that I had mercy upon Adam and Eve so get them a tent from the tents of paradise and make it stand in the place of the House and its base that was lifted before by the Angels, and so did Gabriel, and made a stand for it in the place of the House then he got them down from Al-Saf and Al-Marwah and gathered them together in the tent. The pillar of the tent was made of ruby and its light enlightened the mounts of Mecca, and the light reached the borders of Al-Haram, and it is the position of Al-Haram nowadays [meaning borders of Mecca maybe?], and so God made it sacred for the tent and the pillar that are from paradise. Then the tent was stretched and the end of the tent's ropes were the mosque and it is AlMasjid Al-Harm (the Holy "Sacred" Mosque). Then God revelaed seventy thousands angels to guard the tent against demons and cheer Adam and Eve, and so they were going around the tent and guard it. It is probable that God after that sent to Gabriel (PUH) to get down to Adam and Eve and make them depart the place of the House and build it with stones and raise up its basis and complete it for the rest of the Angels and the creation of Adam's descendants. So he got down to them and made them out of the tent and moved them away from the House and the tent as well. Then Gabriel raised the basis of the House by a stone from Al-Saf, and a stone from Al-Marwah, and a stone from the mount of Sinai, and a stone from the mount of Al-Salm [Al-Salm means The Peace] and it is at the hind of the House at the back of Kaba, and made these stones the corners of the Holy House, and so he completed it by stones from the mount of Abi-Qubays as he was commanded by God, and made for it two doors, to the east and to the west. When he was done with its building, Angels started to go around it and when Adam and Eve saw that, they also started going around it seven by seven and it is the law that went on in his (Adam) descendants until the doomsday. And in Ilal Al-Sharye' (Reasons of Laws) from Bakeer ben A'yon he said: Abu 'Abdullah Al-Sdiq (PUH) said to me: do you know what it was the black stone in the Holy corner of Kaba? then he said: I said no, he said (PUH) then: it was one of the greatest Angels that God, the Exalted, did Have and when God took the covenant from the Angels, he was the first to admit it and so God made him the guardian for all of His creation and Gave him the covenant to keep and Decided to Make all the creations to renew their covenants with him each year, then God made him in company with Adam in paradise to remind him of the covenant and renew it each year, so when Adam did the sin and got out of paradise, God made him forget the covenant that He took over him and his descendants, for Muhammad and his viceroy and his descendants the protected against wrong doings, and Made him buffled and lost, but when He relented toward Adam He made this Angel in the picture of a white pearl and Sent it down from paradise to Adam when he was in

the lands of India. When Adam saw this, he got pleased though he didn't know what it was except it is some treasure, then God made him speak and said: O Adam, did you know me? then Adam said: no! then he answered: O yes, the demon overcame you and made you forget to praise your Lord, then he changed to his true shape as it was in paradise with Adam (PUH) and said to Adam: where is the covenant? And when Adam remembered that jumped to him and cried and kissed him and renewed his covenant, then God changed him to a clear white pearl and Adam (PUH) carried him over his shoulders for his honour, and when he gets tired, Gabriel (PUH) would take it over, until they got to Mecca. It was there in Mecca that Adam kept it and renew his covenant every day and night and when God wanted to build the Kaba and sent Gabriel for this purpose and started in building, made this stone and it is the white pearl in the corner that it is in nowadays, and he (Gabriel) sactified God and praised Him, and that's why the law goes for praising and sanctifying everytime being in front of the corner that carries the Holy stone, and so it is until this very day. One of the religious duties to do when visiting the Holy House is to come to the Black Stone and kiss it if it was possible, or raise up the hand towards it and say: O Lord my fidelity I've done, and my covenant I've made to Testify me with the deed. [this is a line from a prayer said on pilgrimage time] This is the way of Muslims and all who came before them from the various religions and laws that admit the honour of the Holy House and the honoured Stone, and it is widely believed by these of the right wisdom and knowledge that an angel can be shaped in any shape even a stone, so it not a weird thing that it is indeed an angel in the shape of a stone [meaning the Black Stone], then how you Muslim raise your hand towards it, and though you speak to your Lord, but you are pointing toward the Holy stone, and it is not like any stone that appear to the public. Some unbelievers make it as a fictitious tale to mock at it and mock at what the Muslims do and the people of the past time religions did, so we take refuse to God the Almighty from these who mock at what God had ordered to be honoured by His prophets and Ordered His creations to glorify and honour it."He whom Allah sendeth astray, for him there is no guide"(Al-Ra'd: 33) (Of what was the dog created) It is mentioned from the prophet (PUH) when he was asked about the dog, of what he was created, he said (PUH): God created it from the saliva of Iblis, and the questioner asked: and how was that O prophet of God, he then said (PUH): when God got Adam and Eve down to earth, He got them down like shaking chicks, and when their foe Iblis the damned saw them he ran to the lions ,and they were on earth before Adam, and then said to them: there are two birds got down from the sky like them no one saw before, come and eat them. Then the lions ran with Iblis, and they were in a far place away from them (Adam and Eve) and Iblis went out shouting and seducing them and tell them of how close they are, and because of his haste and his many words coming out of his mouth, some saliva came out and from that saliva did God create two dogs, one male and the other a female, and they

stood before Adam and Eve protecting them from the lions and they didn't allow the lions to approach and since that day the dog is an enemy for the lion and the lion is an enemy for the dog. It is mentioned also that when God got Adam (PUH) down to earth, Ordered him to till the land and Gave him plants from paradise, so He gave him palms, grape, olive and pomegranate and so on, and so he(Adam) planted them to be for him and for his children and descendants after him and he ate from the fruits, and the grape were the most aromatic and prettier than musk and sweeter than honey, and the palm of Mary the daughter of Amram (PUH) is the Al-'Ajwah [type of palms, it might be translated as "pressed dates"], and it is one of paradise's palms and was revealed in Kanun [what is meant here it might be revealed in the month of Kanun as it is named by people of Iraq and Syria and the surroundings where the Assyrian names still in use for solar months], and also revealed with Adam (PUH) Al-'Ateeq [another type of palms] and from it did the palm get diverse, and it was mentioned before that Adam (PUH) got down with him some rods and branches that carried every seed for every grain, and mentioned also many things more than we had said about what did he face but all left out to mention only the most important things for who got the heart of caution and an ear to listen, and they mentioned also that he was seventy arms in length and Eve was thirty five arms in length, and he lived for nine hundreds and thirty years and was burried in a cave in the mount of AbiQubays and his face to the Kaba, and Eve lived after him by one year then got sick for fifteen days and died then burried beside him, and when they died there did exist forty thousands from their descendants. Whoever scans through the life of Adam and Eve (PUT) since they were created by God until the last day of their lives, he would surely know that they were and still beloved by God and faithful ones and He only knows their secrets and what are they in real and they are the parents of human beings and the prophets and messengers, and everyone is out of them and their son, though some might be better than them and all on earth and on earth they live and die and on its surface will be grouped, and He, praise be to Him, know all that and whatever might happened by them and what will be from their descendants even before their creation, since the enterance of Adam and Eve into paradise and their exit and whatever happened to them before their enterance and after their exit, for a secret that no one knows but Him and a wisdom of His own and it is all in His hands and no one would share Him in this or in any other matter or any command, and so no power and no strength but by Him. Meditate, understand and notice the company of Gabriel (PUH) for them and his contact with Adam (PUH) without any delay and telling him(Adam) about anything from God and about everything he met and happened with him, and the consignment of God for him toward Adam in paradise and after getting out of it and getting him down on earth and amusing him(Adam) and carrying the Black Stone (the white pearl) with him from India to Mecca and revealing the tent for him from paradise by commandment of God and revealing the Angels to his side to amuse him by commandment of God and teaching him the hermitage of

pilgrimage, so how we would say something that is not proper about him(Adam), and that he did something wrong against God, the Exalted, and that he refused the commandment of God by doing such sin, No and Never, and even though God called it a sin, then it is like that and it is better to leave it for Him to judge, and we showed something in the introduction of this book about the infallibility of the prophets. And Adam (PUH) did say to Moses the son of Amram (PUH) when God gathered them together: Take it easy on your father O son..etc, and mentioned that Moses asked God to gather them together, so then Adam (PUH) did not let his heart forget about God even for a twinkling of an eye, and God, the Exalted, blamed him and he knew that he had done something wrong and regretted about it and been sorry for what he had done by eating from the tree, and he cried and been sad for so long for the anger of God, his beloved, his Creator and his Master and Lord, and Who founded him from nothing and from sand to existence, completed with thought and sense, and he knew that God did not Want him to eat from the tree that is well known with its type and he did ate from it by the seduction of Iblis the damned and it is against the will of the Master, the High, the Exalted and Almighty, and so the sin of Adam and his deed with the tree that was prohibited and to Whom prohibited him was great, and not a taboo, but what he had done was something disliked, and this is the truth that we believe in and no doubt we have about it for what we had explained. [the previous paragraph was a highly philosophical in its terms and might contain uncorrect translations]. (The marriage of Adam and Eve) What was mentioned about the marriage of Adam and Eve from the Household members (PUT) is that when God created Adam (PUH) from sand and breathed in him from His Spirit and Made the Angels prostrate before him, he got asleep, and while he was sleeping God created Eve as He did create Adam (PUH) from a mud of the same type of the mud of Adam or from the remains of his mud, and Made her stuck to his side in a position between his hips, and that to make woman belonging to man. When God founded the soul into her she moved and Adam got awake for her movement, and she was called to move away from him, and when Adam looked at her he saw a pretty creation that looks like him but she was a female, and talked to her and she spoke with his language, then he said to her: who are you? So she said: a creation made by God as you can see. Then Adam talked to his Lord and said: O Lord, who is this creation who I got amused for being with and looking at? Then said God, the Exalted: this is My slave, Eve, would you like her to be with you for your amusement and talk with you and be under your command? So Adam said: Yes O Lord, and thanks and praise be to You as long as I live. Then God did say: ask for her engagement from Me, for she is My slave and she is the one for lust too. And God dropped the lust over him(Adam), and he did say: O Lord, I ask for her engagement for myself, what would make You satisfy? Then God did say: My satisfaction would be to teach her My faith. Then Adam (PUH) did say: that would be for You O Lord, as long as You want it. Then God

did say: I wanted so, and she is your wife for what I have asked you to do, so take her to your side. So then Adam (PUH) accepted that and been satisfied, then Adam did say: come to me, then she said: but you have to come to me, then God ordered Adam to go to her and so he did, and if it wasn't that women would go by themselves to men to make engagements, and this is the story of the marriage of Adam and Eve. It is famous in the public that Eve was created from the left rib of Adam, and this was denied by members of the Household (PUT), it was been told that when AlImam Al-Sdiq (PUH) was asked about this matter and the questioner showed that is it famous in the public that Eve was created from the left rib of Adam, so then Al-Sdiq (PUH) did say: praise be to God and Exalted He shall be above all what they say, who says that God did not have the ability to create a wife for Adam but from his rib and make a way for who talks in ill manner to say that Adam got married to himself as long she is made from his rib, not for these people did God judge between them and us. From Al-Imam Al-Razi [famous medicine and science man and some say he was a Shiite and got his teachings and wisdom from the Imams of the Household PUT, and God only Knows] in his interpretation for God's saying "O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate"(Al-Nes': 1) : what is meant by this mate is Eve, and about the creation of Eve from Adam there are two sayings, the first: and it is the most common, that when God created Adam, made him sleep then Created Eve from one of his left ribs, so when he got awake and saw her, he got inclined to her because she was made from one of his parts. This saying was supported by the saying of the prophet (PUH): the woman is made of a rib, so whenever you want to make it straight it would be broken and if you left it bent, you would enjoy it. This is what they said and God only knows, for supporting their believe and claims. The second saying: and it is the choice of Abi Muslim AlAsfahni: what is meant by God's saying "and from it created its mate" meaning from its type and it is like God's saying "He created for you helpmeets from yourselves"(Al-Rum: 21) and like His saying "by sending unto them a messenger of their own"(Al-Imran: 164) And there are explanations and opinions and discoveries made and born by the ideas of philosophists and it was not the first flask to be broken in Islam, for there are so many inventors and makers, and God did say "follow not that whereof thou hast no knowledge"(Al-Esr',Bani Isr'il: 36) and "Assuredly conjecture can by no means take the place of truth"(Yunus: 36) and "Hath Allah permitted you, or do ye invent a lie concerning Allah?"(Yunus: 59) and "Ask the followers of the Remembrance if ye know not!"(Al-Nahl: 43) The truth is what was said by the members of the Household (PUT), and they know better. And it is necessary to remember that what is agreed on by logic and as transfered by speech that God, the Exalted, Is able to Create anything anyhow He likes, and when He created Adam (PUH) from sand, He was able to Create Eve also from sand, and as long it is that way for what purpose He , the Exalted, would create her out from one of his (PUH) ribs but to be against what the Household do

say, and what was said by the Household is what goes along with the good thinking and would be accepted by the straight mind, and if the creation of Eve from his ribs, after his existence and the completeness of his creation and being breathed in and making the Angels prostrate before him as they claim, that would require getting his rib out after falling asleep to create Eve in something appears more like a surgery as done by the physicians these days like cutting and pulling out stones and opening the abdomen, after putting under the chloroform and it is something that would make the bereaved mother laugh, and if they meant by all that that she was created from the remains of his mud and his sand and not his rib after his creation, then it is as said by the Household of Muhammad the Chosen, and so no difference, but why do they say his left rib? maybe they meant from the his sand remains and God knows better and it is all up to Him and no power except by Him. (The marriage of the children of Adam (PUH)) The marriage of the children of Adam (PUH) from each other was a matter of a lot of controversy. Some people said that their marriage first was in the manner of a brother with a sister marriage since Eve used to have a male and a female at every pregnancy and the rule with them was the marriage of the female of the next pregnancy with the male of the previous pregnancy and vice versa and a brother was not allowed to marriage the sister that was born with him at the same time. Then the consideration of lawfulness and unlawfulness is not independent of thinking itself, but it is an act of the legislator and they are created laws, the legislator can put them up or cancel them because he is the source of legislation, so then what is unlawful is what God made unlawful and what is lawful is what He made lawful, so in the beginning of this matter it was lawful for the necessity and being among them only, but then after that it was made unlawful by God when they turned to be numerous and there was no count in the later religions for the necessity nor a criticizing for any difference in the laws. In the beginning Adam let the brother get married to his sister by a commandment of God and it is lawful by the order of God and there should be no abomination because the laws were issued by Him and He is the source for them so no objection should be there from the created against the Creator, that is if this is the case. But what is mentioned from the Household members (PUT) is that it is forbidden and they opposed it furiously. A questioner asked Al-Imam Al-Sdiq (PUH) and the questioner showed that the whole creation is in origin from brothers and sisters then said he (PUH): praise be to God, the Exalted, the High above all what they say, do they say that the best of God's creation and the prophets came from a taboo and that God could not Make them out of lawful ways? i swear by God that I've been told that some animals did not know its sister and rided over her, then it got from over its back and knew that it is the sister, it bit over its own genitals until they died. In a speech from Zorrah ben A'yon from Abi 'Abdullah Al-Sdiq (PUH) in a long speech, he mentioned what is told about the marriage of sisters and brothers until

he said (PUH): Woe to these (who believe in the marriage of sisters and brothers) where are they about what was agreed on by the wisemen of Hijz and wisemen of Iraq that God ordered the pen and it wrote on the Kept Board [this is the board of destinies, you can see a similar concept in other pagan religions, like Sumerian] what is to be until the time of the doomsday and that was before the creation of Adam (PUH) by two thousands years and the books of God, the Exalted, were written by the pen and in all of them there is a prohibition for the marriage of brothers and sisters, until he said (PUH): and these are the most famous books in this world, they are the old and new testaments, book of psalms and Al-Forqn (Quran), they had been revealed by God from the Kept Board on His prophets, peace on all of them, and there is no such legislation for anything like that, and anyone said that only wanted to support the opinions of the magians. Then he started to explain the beginning of the race from Adam (PUH) and his children, and that he had Qbeel (Cain) and when he grew and been mature, God showed a faminine demon from Djinn called Johnah in the shape of a human so when Qbeel saw her he loved her, and then God sent to Adam to engage her to Qbeel. Then he got Hbeel (Abel) and when he grew and been mature, God revealed a nymph [notice nymph here does not mean "mermaid", but maiden from paradise with extra-ordinary beauty] from paradise to Adam and her name was Nazlah, so when Hbeel saw her loved her and then God sent to Adam to engage her to Hbeel and he did so. So, Nazlah the nymph was a wife to Hbeel ben Adam and Johnah the one from Djinn a wife for Qbeel ben Adam and the race was out of them. And Adam (PUH) had a daughter and her name was 'Enq but she was a bad daughter and got a son that she called 'Ewaj and he was a mighty one and a foe for God and His faithful slaves and for every religion and Islam and he was a giant with huge body and could take a whale with his hand from the bottom of the sea then lift it up in the sky and grill it in the heat of the sun and eat it then, and he lived for three thousands and six hundreds years as been told. Then God sent someone to his mother 'Enq daughter of Adam to kill her, and so she was killed and died after she gave birth to 'Ewaj. It is mentioned also that after Adam got four males, God revealed for them four nymphs, so each one married one of them and gave birth, then God did lift them up again, then these four married also four from Djinn and they gave birth too, and from them all did come the race and made numerous, so anyone that is clement it would be rooted to Adam (PUH) and anyone with beauty then it would be rooted to the nymphs, and anyone with ugliness or bad manners that would be rooted to the Djinn. What is mentioned by the Household (PUT) that the children of Adam (PUH), some of them married the nymphs and some of them married demons and they got children, so anyone of them would be with beauty and manners that would be from the nymphs and any one of them would be of bad manners and ugliness that would be from the Djinn (or demons), and anyway both tales leads to the same point. And in a speech for Al-Sdiq (PUH) he mentions that Adam (PUH) got birth for seventy times, in each time he gets a male and a female, until God gave Adam Seth

without any other, then when Seth grew and God wanted to reach with the race as you see now, He revealed at the after-noon of a Thursday a nymph from paradise that was called Nazlah, so God ordered Adam to engage her to Seth and so he did. Then, He revealed another nymph from paradise too at the next day's after-noon and her name was Monazzalah, and God ordered Adam to engage her to his son Japheth [Arabic: Yfeth] and so he did. Then Seth had a boy and Japheth had a girl, then God ordered Adam when they grew and been mature to let them marriage each other and so he did and she gave birth to the chosen of prophets and messengers. Then said Al-Imam Al-Sdiq (PUH): And woe to them who said about the matter of the marriage of brothers and sisters, so the marriage of Japheth and Seth with the two nymphs Nazlah and Monazzalah was for a wisdom and a secret that was kept in the knowledge of God and only He know it and no one else, and the brains of Adam's descendants is far from understanding the true aspects of such things, and Man was created as a fool. To surrender to the real thing is a must, especially if it was beyond the abilities of human beings and can not be reached with their thinking nor their dreams. It is mentioned by them (PUT) also that God, the Exalted, ordered Adam (PUH) to put the heritage of prophecy and wisdom within Hbeel and teach him about it and about whatever God ordered with and whatever God prohibited, so then when he did that and Qbeel knew about what happened from his father Adam toward his brother Hbeel he got angry and opposed his father and said: am I not the older than Hbeel and deserve this more than him and you should have put me before Hbeel? So he said to him: O son, the matter is not in my hands but in the hands of God and God only made it for him and I did not do it for by my wishes, but that was from an order from my Lord, so if you do not believe, give a sacrifice and whoever God would accept his sacrifice then he is the one to be chosen and receive the heritage of prophecy. At the time, the acception of a sacrifice was to be hit by fire from heaven and burn it, and if it is not accepted no fire would come and it won't be burnt. Qbeel was a man of agriculture so he sacrificed with bad wheat, and Hbeel was a shepherd and so he sacrificed with a fat sheep, then a fire came from heaven down over the sheep of Hbeel and burnt it and did not touch the sacrifice of Qbeel, so then Qbeel got so mad and Iblis came to him and whispered to him and said: if you had children and your race became numerous, then for sure the children of Hbeel would be proud over your own children for accepting of the sacrifice of their father and not accepting yours, and that God made it special for Hbeel to take the heritage of prophecy instead of you, and that would make you with your children worried and humiliated, and if you killed him you would cut off his branch and relax your children from all these troubles and hardness, and your father would not find anyone to take the heritage but you to win. Then his soul seduced him to kill his brother and so he did. Then Iblis the damned did say to him: the fire that accept the sacrifice and burn it is called the Holy, so make it holy and build a house for it and make some people to worship it so it would accept your sacrifice and the sacrifice of everyone that worship it and be sure to worship it in a good manner and take care of it if you want to do so. So,

Qbeel did whatever Iblis ordered him to do and so he was the first to worship the fire and built houses for it and so he became a disbeliever in God. He killed his brother in Basrah in the Kiblah (prayer niche) direction of the mosque of Al-Jme', and at the day that Hbeel (PUH) was killed, his wife Nazlah the nymph was pregnant and she gave birth to a boy that was called by his grandfather Adam (PUH) Hbeel as his father's name, and we have mentioned before that Adam got, after Hbeel murder within a time, a boy and called him Seth then Adam said this is te gift of God [notice: Seth or Sheth means The Gift] because he was born after some time after the murder of Hbeel and after Adam stopped contacting Eve (PUT) for his sadness upon Hbeel because Hbeel had a great position towards God, and because it is the first great murder to occur on the face of earth between his sons and children, and when the gift of God Seth (PUH) got older and mature, we said that God, the Exalted, sent down for Adam a nymph called Nazlah as mentioned before in the shape of a human and God ordered him to engage her for his son the gift of God Seth and so Adam did so and then she gave birth for a boy from the gift of God Seth as mentioned before, then she gave birth for a girl also from him andcalled her Hooriyah [meaning: a nymph] so then God ordered him to engage her for Hbeel the son of Hbeel and so he did, and when the days of Adam (PUH) were to be over, God ordered him(Adam) to bequeath to his son the gift of God Seth and give him the heritage of prophecy and wisdom and ordered him to be silent and keep it a secret to avoid his brother Qbeel to not envy him and kill him as he did with Hbeel. It is mentioned also that when Qbeel killed his brother Hbeel he did not know what to do with him so God sent two crows and they fought together until one of them killed the other then the killer dag a little hole with his claws and buried the killed one, and that was just to show Qbeel how to bury his brother Hbeel (PUH) then Qbeel said what it mentioned in the Holy Quran "Woe unto me! Am I not able to be as this raven and so hide my brother's naked corpse ? And he became repentant"(Al-M'idah: 31) and so he dag a hole for him and buried him. Then after he buried him Qbeel got back to his father and his brother was not with him, so then his father Adam (PUH) said to him: where did you leave your brother Hbeel? Then Qbeel did say to him: and dd you send me as keeper for him? Then his father said to him and he felt the evil and what he did with him: go with me to the place of the sacrifice and when he reached it he knew that he was killed and Adam (PUH) showed sadness and regret for losing him, and he got sad a lot and cried for him forty days and nights, and his murder was at the end of the month on Wednesday and for this Wednesdays were always days of ill-luck and in special the last Wednesday of the month. It was been told also that when Qbeel killed Hbeel (PUH), the beasts, lions and birds and whatever types of animals got disturbed and departed because of their fear and every type followed its own type after they were all mixed together and used to live with human beings and do not go away from him, but after the son of Adam killed his brother they departed. It has been told that the people that would be tortured the most at the doomsday are seven persons, the first of them is the son of Adam who killed his brother, and Nemrud (Nimrud) who argued Abraham

about his Lord and threw him in fire and two from Israelites that made their people Jews and Christians and the pharaoh who said I am your exalted god [meaning the pharaoh of Moses, and it might be Ramesses II], and two from this nation [nation means here either Islam nation or only the Arab nation]. We have mentioned before that Adam (PUH) lived for nine hundreds and thirty years and this is the most famous and he was buried after his death in a cave in the mount of Abi Qubays and his face towards the Holy Kaba, and mentioned that God sent to Noah (PUH) while he was in the Ark to go around the House for a week and so he did then God ordered him to carry with him the corpse of his father Adam [in Arabic you can point to the grand father of someone by father as well] to Kufa [a city in Iraq was a capital for the Islamic rule during the rule of 'Ali ben Abi Tlib PUH], so he got to the water and got out a tomb carrying the corpse of Adam (PUH) and his bones and carried it in the heart of the Ark then he went around the House as God desired then he got back until he reached the gates of Kufa in the middle of its mosque from where did the Ark move and from there the people departed as well as the animals, then he (Noah) took the corpse of Adam the father of Human beings and buried it in Kufa in Al-Najaf where lies the Prince of Believers (PUH), and where there is the tomb of Noah himself (PUH), and everything was by order from God and He knows everything better. The great historian and the owner of Moruj Al-ahab [Fields of Gold], AlMas'udi, mentioned in it (the book), from the Prince of Believers (PUH) a story related to the concept of creation and some of the conditions of Adam (PUH) I would like to mention it here for this occasion and for what it contains from recent facts and brightful clues to assert the truth and refute the lies, and mentioned in it cases that its measurement aren't doubtful, and I did not see it in Nahj AlBalghah, so he said: he said (Prince of Believers PUH) when God desired to Predestinate the creation and Making the livings and Invent the Inventions, He made the creation in a picture of dust, and that was before the creation of earth and lifting of the skies, and He is in His Throne and with His own power, then He released a part of light from His own light so it got sprinkled, and Took out some of His own brightness and it got bright then the light gathered in the middle of that hidden pictures and that matched the picture of our prophet Muhammad (PUH), then God, the Exalted one, did say: you are the Chosen and the one that keeps My light and the treasures of My guidance, so for you I make the earth and Wave the water and Lift up the skies, and Make the rewards and punishments, paradise and hell, and Make your Household for guidance and Give them from My wisdom that nothing would make troubles for them and nothing hidden would make them tired, and Make them the rulers over My livings and the warners for My power and My uniqueness, then God took their testaments for Himself being a Lord, and their sincerity for Himself being One, and before God took whatever He took over His creation, He selected Muhammad and his Household and Showed them that guidance is with him (the prophet) and the light is with him and the leadership in his Household, then God hid the creation in His divination and Hid it in the deeps of His wisdom, then Created the worlds and Waved the water and Excited the foam

and Raised the smoke, then His Throne floated upon the water and then He made the earth upon the water's surface, then He called them to obey and they answered, then God created the Angels from lights that He did create and souls He did invent and combined believing in Him being Holy One with believing in the prophecy of Muhammad (PUH) and so it was made famous in the heavens before he was sent on earth, and when God created Adam, He showed his virtues for the Angels and Showed them what special wisdom he has when he was asked about the names of things, so He made Adam a sanctuary and a door and a qiblah [destination of the prayer's face] to which He made the faithful and spiritual and the lights prostrate towards, then He warned Adam for His secret and Showed him the seriousness of what He made it a fidelity for him after He called him an Imm (leader) among the Angels, so his luck of goodness was for what did he carry from our lights, and still God did hide this light by time until it appeared with the prophet Muhammad (PUH) and he invited people in secret and in public, and he (the prophet PUH) recalled back for the keeping of the testament that he gave in the world of atoms before coming into a being, so whoever went along with him and took from the lamp of light that is given would be guided to his path and would be clear on his matter, and whoever been fooled deserved the anger, then the light transferred to our senses and got brightened in our Imms, so we are the lights of heavens and lights of earth, so with us the safety and from us the secrets of wisdom and for us the endings of matters, and with our Mahdi the leadership would be over, the last of Imams and the saviour of the nation and the source of issues, so we are the best of the creation and the most honest believers and the leaders by the commandment of God, so let him be in grace who believes in us. Finished what Al-Mas'udi transferred from the master of Believers the prince of Believers (PUH) Then said Al-Mas'udi in Muruj Al-ahab, page twenty three, part one, published by Dr Al-Raj', Baghdad, this is what was mentioned by Abi Abdullah Jafar ben Muhammad from his father Muhammad ben 'Ali from his father 'Ali ben AlHusain from his father Al-Husain ben 'Ali from the Prince of Believers 'Ali ben Abi Tlib (PUH), over. Then said Al-Mas'udi: what is found in the old testament (Torah) is that God started the creation on Monday and finished in Saturday and for this they had Saturday for a holiday, and people of the new testament (Injeel) claimed that Messiah (PUH) stood up from his grave on Sunday so they had this day as a holiday. [seems the emphasis on this paragraph is put here because AlMas'udi is a Sunnite scholar and is put here as a clue from a sunnite book on the value and level of the Household of the prophet Muhammad, which is something denied by the creed of Sunnites. But also I might be mistaken with that.] And what is believed by the public, from scholars and tracers, is that the starting was on Sunday and the ending was on Friday and in it the soul was breathed into Adam and it is the sixth od April, then Eve was created from Adam, and lived in paradise for three hours of that day, so they stayed for three hours and it is the quarter of a day by two hundreds and fifty years from this life's years, and Adam was down on Sarandeeb (Ceylon), and Eve in Jeddah, and Iblis in Bisan [might be a city in Turkey or Iran], and the snake in Asbahn (Asfahan). So Adam

fell down in India on the island of Sarandeeb on the mount of Rahoon (?), and on him the leaves that he covered himself with from the trees of paradise, so it got dry and the wind sprinkled it and spreaded it over India, so it is said and God only knows, this is why the good scents and perfumes are brought from the land of India, because of these leaves. Then said Al-Mas'udi: when Adam fell down from paradise he got out of it with a packet of wheat and thirty rods from paradise trees, carrying several types of fruits, ten of them from these who have a shell and they are: Walnut, Almonds, Hazel, Pistachio, Poppy, Chestnut, Bitter orange, Pomegranate, Banana, and Oak, and ten of them from these who have a pulp and they are: Peach, Apricot, Plum, Date, Mountain ash, Nabk (lotus jujube), Hawthorn, Jujube, (balsamadendron africanum) [could not find the translation for this word at all],and wild plum, and from these who have no shell nor pulp, and they are ten also: Apple, Quince, Grape, Pear, Fig, Raspberry, Citron, Snake cucumber, Cucumber, and carob. Then he said: it is said that when Adam and Eve fell down from paradise, they fell apart, so then they met each other in the position called 'Arafah and for this meeting this position was called like that. He mentioned also that people of the Book [meaning Christians and Jews] claimed that Adam engaged the sister of Hbeel to Qbeel and the sister of Qbeel to Hbeel and differentiated in marriage between two pregnancies, then he said: and Magians claimed that Adam did not refuse the marriage between two pregnancies and he did not check about it and they have for this a poem claiming in it the virtue and goodness in engaging a brother to his sister and the mother to her son..etc. AlMas'udi showed also some matters about Hbeel and Qbeel and investigated about it, until he said: it is said that he killed him in a desert, and it had been told that that was in Damascus in Syria, and he killed him by injuring with a stone, until he said: when he killed him, he got buffled and did not know what to do with the body, so he carried him and walked across the lands then God sent a crow (raven) to another crow so it killed the other and burried him, so Qbeel regretted and said what the Quran did say about him "Woe unto me! Am I not able to be as this raven and so hide my brother's naked corpse?" then he burried him, so when Adam knew about it he got sad, afraid and frightened..etc. Then he said in Muruj Al-ahab: Then God inspired to him (to Adam) I'm going to extract from you My light that is the guide in the pure worshipping and the honourable stumps of trees, and I will make it the one with pride among all the lights and Make him the end of prophets and Make his Household the best of leaders and viceroys and I will make the end of time by their end and Full up the earth with their allegation and Spread it among their followers so stand up, tuck and purify yourself, sanctify and praise and go to your wife and she is clean because My deposit will be transferred from you to the boy coming from both of you, so Adam did it with Eve so she became pregnant at the same time and her forehead got shone and the light got brightened from her eyes until her pregnancy was over she had give birth to a breeze like the finest of all the males and most respectful and prettiest in shape and most complete in his look-likes and fairly

created, accompanied by light and dignity, covered with pride and majesty, and so the light transferred from Eve to him so it was brightened in his forehead and rose in his face, so then Adam called him Seth the gift of God, and so until he got older, Adam did give him the heritage and told him the responsibilities upon him and told him that he is a leader by God after him and His viceroy on earth and the doer for the rights for God, and he is the second transmission for the Holy Nucleus (Atom). Until Al-Mas'udi said: and Adam did appoint Seth over his(Adam) kids and it is said that Adam died after having forty thousands of his children and grand children, until he said: Seth did rule the people and legislated by his father's Books and by what was revealed upon him from books and laws. Then Seth gave the heritage to his son Anush and told him about the deposit and told him the honour of this deposit and that it is their honour. Then told him also to warn his children one after the other about this honour and let everyone of them give its heritage to his descendants and make it among them as a will(testament) transferring as long as the race did exist. So the will kept on moving from century to century until God gave the light to 'Abdul-Mottalib and his son 'Abdullah the father of the prophet of God (PUH) then he said: At this position the people of creeds did differ, and some of them believed in ascribing and some of them believed in selection. These who believe in ascribing are Abdhites (it is a band from Al-Khawrij) [Al-Khawrij, people popped up on the surface during the war between 'Ali ben Abi Tlib PUH and the prince of Umayya, Mo'wiyah in Syria upon the leadership of the Islamic nation. They believed that the rule should be to God without any need to have a viceroy nor a prince, nor 'Ali nor Mo'wiyah] and they are the followers of 'Abdullah ben Abdh Al-Tamimi as mentioned in Majma' Al-Bahrain for AlTorayhi [a book's name], and the people of Imamism from the followers of 'Ali ben Abi Tlib (PUH) and the purified from his descendants who mentioned that God never left an era of time without a man that rule by God's commandments either a prophet or a viceroy appointed by God's prophets and viceroys by names and description. And the people of selection are some scholars and Al-Mo'tazala [people of some creed] and some bands of Al-Khawrij and Al-Morji'ah [a band that do not judge on anyone but leave it to be on Doomsday], and lot of the people of Hadith and public, and some bands from Al-Zaydiyah [a band of Shiites that believe in Zayd ben 'Ali ben Al-Husain, the grandson of 'Ali ben Abi Tlib PUH, to be an Imam and a leader or caliphate. Still common in Yemen], so all of these claimed that God and His prophet appointed to the nation to select their leaders, and some eras might have no viceroy doing the commandments of God, and it is the protected Imam for the Shiites. He mentioned that Seth (PUH) is the source of the race after Adam (PUH) among all his children. And at the time of Anush the son of Seth, Qbeel which is called by a lot of people as Qyen [that is Cain] was killed, and AlMas'udi always mentions his name as Qyen the son of Adam, and he is the killer of his brother Hbeel (PUH). Anush did live for nine hundreds and sixty years. Anush did have a kid called Qaynn (Cainan) and died when he was nine hundreds and twenty years old, and they say his death was in July after he got a son called

Mahl'eel (Mahalaleel) and he did live for eight hundred years and he had a son called Lud and the light is inherited and the testament is taken. And Al-Mas'udi said: it is said that lot of diversions were founded at the time of Lud, founded by the descendants of Qyen (Qbeel) and he is the killer of his brother Hbeel. There were wars between the descendants of Lud and Qyen and stories, all were mentioned in the book of Al-Mas'udi "Akhbr Al-Zamn" [i.e. Tidings of Time], and also there were wars between the children of Seth and their mates from the children of Qyen, then he said: and most of this race [maybe he means the race of Cain] is in India, and the life of Lud the son of Mahalaleel expanded for seven hundreds and thirty two years and died on March, and after him came his son Akhnukh and he is Edrees [i.e Enoch] the prophet may peace be upon him and his fathers the purified and his children the chosen from prophets and viceroys, and the Sabaeans believe he is Hermes (and it means) Mercury, and he is what God said about in his holy Book "And We raised him to high station"(Maryam: 57) and he was the first to sew and stitch. And God revealed on him thirty pages, and Adam (PUH) got twenty one pages before, and on Seth it was revealed twenty nine pages contained the praising and sanctifying, and after Enoch comes his son Matushleh [i.e. Methuselah] so he built up the lands and the light in his forehead and he got children and people did talk a lot about his children and they say that Russians and Slavs are from his children and his life was for nine hundreds and sixty years and died in September, and after him came his son Lamak [i.e. Lamech] and during his days there were accidents and lot of differences and died after seven hundreds and ninety years..etc what is mentioned by Al-Mas'udi we copied it by sentences for a time and by summary at another and God is the Good Donor and He is the Knower of all matters. Summary of The Story of Adam PUH The summary of the story of Adam (PUH) is that God told His Angels that He will make a human from mud (or clay) and He ordered them to prostrate before him whenever He breathe in him from His Spirit after his creation and they did obey the commandment of God and so their prostration was for honour and not for worshipping, but it is a worshipping for the Commander because God does not command someone to worship someone else but Him, so God created Adam from mud and Made it then black mud altered and when that mud turned to be clay He breathed in him from His Spirit and so it was a living human made of meat and blood and bones and nerves and feelings and senses, moving with will and choice and intelligence and sense and feel, so then God made all of His Angels prostrate before him, but Iblis was commanded also with them because he was considered to be one of them and he got a command over them and he was among them and so he was meant by the command also but he denied and refused and rebelled against his Lord's command for he was proud of his origin and so he said: am better than him. Thou createdst me of fire while him Thou didst create of mud, and so God exiled him out and Damned him and Made shame upon him, read with me the book of our Lord from the chapter of Al-Baqarah: And when We said unto the

angels: Prostrate yourselves before Adam, they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He demurred through pride, and so became a disbeliever (34) and in the chapter of AlA'rf: And We created you, then fashioned you, then told the angels: Fall ye prostrate before Adam! And they fell prostrate, all save Iblis, who was not of those who make prostration (11) meaning that We did create the father of human beings and he is your origin and you are his children, so We did create for him a creation for you, and in the chapter of Al-Hijr: Verily We created man of potter's clay of black mud altered, And the jinn did We create aforetime of essential fire, And (remember) when thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am creating a mortal out of potter's clay of black mud altered, So, when I have made him and have breathed into him of My Spirit, do ye fall down, prostrating yourselves unto him. (26-29). And in the chapter of Al-Kahf: And (remember) when We said unto the angels: Fall prostrate before Adam, and they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He was of the jinn, so he rebelled against his Lord's command. Will ye choose him and his seed for your protecting friends instead of Me, when they are an enemy unto you ? Calamitous is the exchange for evil-doers.(50), and in the chapter of Sad this is also included, and the Holy phrases had been mentioned to disaprove the deeds of the damned Iblis and to rebuke him for not obeying the commandment of his Lord and his Creator for prostrating before Adam (PUH), and his rebel and refusal to prostrate for his pride in his origin and that he is the one to be prostrated before and not Adam that was created from mud, for he is created from what is better which is the fire and it is better than the mud, and he showed the maximum refusal and rebelling against the Exalted and the Almighty one and God promised him with hell for refusing His commandment so he asked for a delay until the doomsday, as a reward for his worshipping and whatever was before and so the Wise and Just one answered his request and gave him the delay until the doomsday, so after the damned got his request of the delay and his days got lengthened as much as this life's days, he took a stand against Adam and his descendants and promised to seduce them and make most of them unthankful for God except the honest faithful slaves of God, so God promised him and all who follows him from the descendants of Adam that they would be all in hell. The clues for this in the Holy Book are found in many holy phrases in many chapters. In the chapter of Al-A'rf God did say: And We created you, then fashioned you, then told the angels: Fall ye prostrate before Adam! And they fell prostrate, all save Iblis, who was not of those who make prostration.He said: What hindered thee that thou didst not fall prostrate when I bade thee ? (Iblis) said: I am better than him. Thou createdst me of fire while him Thou didst create of mud, He said: Then go down hence! It is not for thee to show pride here, so go forth! Lo! thou art of those degraded, He said: Reprieve me till the day when they are raised (from the dead), He said: Lo! thou art of those reprieved, He said: Now, because Thou hast sent me astray, verily I shall lurk in ambush for them on Thy Right Path, Then I shall come upon them from before them and from behind them and from their right hands and from their left hands, and Thou wilt not find most of them beholden (unto Thee), He said: Go forth from hence, degraded, banished. As for such of them as follow thee, surely I

will fill hell with all of you (12-18), and in the chapter of Al-Hijr it is mentioned in twelve phrases, and in the chapter of Al-Isr' (Bani Israel) in five phrases and in the chapter of Sad in nine phrases and so on from the Holy Book. Gid did Show grace to Adam and his wife (PUT) by letting them live in paradise and made it open to them except a tree from its trees and Warned them to not eat from it for a wisdom He knows better than any on His creation, He is never asked for what He is doing and they will be asked, but their enemy Iblis didn't leave them alone and started to try to trick them and seduce them and did his best with that, approaching them from every side and way until he got over them and tricked them so they grabbed from it and started to eat by his whispers and his seduction and he swore to them that he is a sincere adviser unto them, and told them that your Lord did not forbid you from eating from this tree unless eating from it would make you angels or immortals and so death never reach you, so he said to Adam: shall I guide you to the tree of immortality and an endless sovereignty? and he swore that he is an adviser, until Adam forgot that he is his enemy that denied to prostrate to him and that God warned him (Adam) about him (Iblis) by His saying: Therefor we said: O Adam! This is an enemy unto thee and unto thy wife, so let him not drive you both out of the Garden so that thou come to toil (Ta Ha: 117). So then when they ate from the tree so that their shame became apparent unto them, and they began to hide by heaping on themselves some of the leaves of the Garden, and that caused them to be out of paradise and God rebuked them for their refusal and eating from the tree, so then Adam regretted and started to apology for his Creator and his Master, but the wisdom of the Most Wise one judged to let then out. So then the Exalted one said: Fall down, one of you a foe unto the other! There shall be for you on earth a habitation and provision for a time, Then Adam received from his Lord words (of revelation), and He relented toward him(Al-Baqarah: 36,37) and so God guided him and Chose him, read with me the Holy phrases for this matter, in the chapter of Al-Baqarah: And We said: O Adam! Dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden, and eat ye freely (of the fruits) thereof where ye will; but come not nigh this tree lest ye become wrong-doers, But Satan caused them to deflect therefrom and expelled them from the (happy) state in which they were; and We said: Fall down, one of you a foe unto the other! There shall be for you on earth a habitation and provision for a time, Then Adam received from his Lord words (of revelation), and He relented toward him. Lo! He is the relenting, the Merciful (35-37) and there is the same in the chapter of Al-A'rf in seven phrases and the same in the chapter of Ta Ha in nine phrases. And when you meditate through the meanings of these phrases by meanings of the tradition you will find that Adam (PUH) did not disobey his Lord as to rebel against Him nor he was someone harsh and unmerciful, but the damned tricked him and made him astray as Iblis the wicked one wanted, and as if Adam (PUH) was an ear that believes everyone that comes with good tidings that does not conflict with his religion (belief) and does not stand against his Lord, O how is the heart of Adam is filled with passion and how pure is it, and how great is the faith of Adam in his God and how great is the mercy of his God and His relenting, and so his Lord relented toward him and Guided him and

Chose him to be a prophet and a viceroy on earth, and Revealed upon him the laws and rules of His religion for what is allowed and what is not from his deeds and manners and everything about his religion that God assigned for him and for his children, and that they are responsible after satisfying the conditions of responsibility legally and logically, and then God revealed upon him twenty one pages and you passed on about his conditions as mentioned by the Household (PUT) before and how God taught him a thousand thousand tongues, and it might be the languages of birds and beasts and every animal and the languages of whatever that will be born from his children until the end of time like Syriac and Hebrew and Arabic and so on of whatever is founded in our time and taught him the names of the prophets and saints and viceroys and especially the names of who are the reason for creating this creation, and they are Muhammad the Chosen and 'Ali and Ftima and Al-Hasan and Al-Husain (the martyr) and the nine protected from the descendants of Al-Husain (PUT). And when the Angels knew about Adam being a viceroy on earth and knew that there will be corruption from his children and descendants and they checked the corruption even before in the world created before Adam by Djinn and others, as pointed before, the objection from them is accepted for it is as a question from the one that does not know about the wisdom behind his creation and foundation, so the dedicated their speech to the Holy Exalted one, and said: Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee? (Al-Baqarah: 30) so the purpose of their objection is to understand the secret of this creation, but not to make the deed of the Wise and Exalted one as a wrong doing, for they know that He, may praise be to Him, Does nothing that oppose the wisdom for He knows everything possible and every living things before their existence, and He warned them and told them that He knows the secrets in this creation far more than what they know, and He knows what they show and what they keep as a secret, and He appointed to him (Adam) what they (angels) do not know, so God said in the chapter of Al-Baqarah: And when thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am about to place a viceroy in the earth, they said: Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee ? He said: Surely I know that which ye know not (30). And the objection from them for what we had pointed out before, how and they are the honoured slaves that do not say before Him and work by His commandments. We've pointed out before that all the names that God taught to Adam and Angels did not know were names of people or the most important part of such names and they are the names of the prophets and messengers from his descendants after they had been pictured and showed for him and the name of our prophet Muhammad (PUH) and his twelve viceroys that came after him and end up with Al-Mahdi, and especially the five Chosen of The Cover [the story of the cover is well known for shiites and the tale is told in some occasions for blessing. The five that came under one cover one day are the prophet and his cousin 'Ali ben Abi Tlib then followed by his sons Al-Hasan and Al-Husain, then at the end, by the daughter of the

prophet and the wife of 'Ali ben Abi Tlib, Ftima], whom their lights are founded on the leg of the Throne before the creation of Adam by two thousands years, and they are: the Chosen (the prophet), Al-Mortadh ('Ali ben Abi Tlib), Al-Zahr' (Ftima), Al-Mojtab (Al-Hasan), and the fifth Al-Husain ben 'Ali (PUT), and by them God did relent towards Adam when he prayed and asked God by these names so then God relented toward him. We don't mind that some of the names that God taught Adam (PUH) are names of all the species in the paradise that he were in and species on earth and the languages, and everything he might need..etc. And we mind that they were names of what Adam needs and feels and touches and whatever he needs from drinks and foods and clothes and leaves of trees and their branches and fruits and the like. And some people did follow this path and interpret it by his own opinion, and that is the teacher Mr. Abdul-Wahb Al-Najjr when he said: And what I understand is that He taught him about everything in the paradise of Aden and Inspired him and Gave him the ability to put names for everything he did see there from plants and their parts and trees and fruits and branches and leaves and pulps and all the tools that were there and everything that were there from animals and their parts for he needs them. Then he said: it is known that the knowledge of Adam about such things is natural, instead of the Angels who need nothing of that for they do not need food nor drink and do not do anything of that..etc. What is issued by the mentioned teacher, and by meditation, you will find it is not in its correct place, and he made a mistake or had an absence of mind towards truth and reality, look in page five from "tales of the prophets" for Abdul-Wahb Al-Najjr, third edition, and in page six he said: some people exaggerate about things and claim that God taught Adam everything was and everything will be and Showed him pictures of such things, whatever was there and would be there, and Adam called everything with its name, and this is an exaggeration that I do not incline to believe in, but I'm inclined to believe that he named the things that came under his senses. The complete wise and sane noble if he noticed the Director of the words of wonder to the Angels and the inhabitants of heavens from the world of light and spirit is the Almighty, the Knower, and the Founder for everything and the Lord of livings and He is the one that noting can be hidden before Him on earth or in heavens. So do we imagine that the Creator of every great thing Would teach the father of prophets and messengers, the father of Muhammad and 'Ali and the rest of his Household, He would teach him something that surprises the Angels and the ArchAngels like Gabriel and Michael and Israfeel [Israfeel might mean Raphael, for the close relation of letters and sounds in both names] and the Angel of death (Azrael) (PUT), and teach (Adam) them a wisdom that is unreachable by their senses, and of high level and weird to them, and what is it, it is only names of what he eats and drinks and names of the leaves of trees and its fruits and its pulps and its shells as it is understood by the teacher of universities and colleges of education or the teacher of the Islamic history in the college of "origins of religion" (Abdul-Wahb AlNajjr) and he is the one that his opinion is inclined to this interpretation for the

phrases of God, the Exalted, and their interpretation is not known except by God and those who are of sound instruction, and God did say "follow not that whereof thou hast no knowledge"(Al-Isr'/Bani Israel: 36), "Assuredly conjecture can by no means take the place of truth"(Yunus: 36), "Ask the followers of the Reminder if ye know not"(Al-Anbiy': 7). The Remainder is the Holy Quran, and the followers are these whom it was revealed in their houses and they are the one that was sent to all the people and the end of the prophets Muhammad ben 'Abdullah (PUH) and his viceroys after him (PUT), and the people of the Household know better, Oh what a sorrow. Read with me the holy phrases that are the clues for this occasion and then meditate through what I've mentioned before and what these phrases contained, then give me your judgement and your wisdom if you have it. The Exalted one said in the chapter of Al-Baqarah, phrase 31, "And He taught Adam all the names, then showed them to the angels, saying: Inform Me of the names of these, if ye are truthful" and phrase 32, "They said: Be glorified! We have no knowledge saving that which Thou hast taught us. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Knower, the Wise", and phrase 33, "He said: O Adam! Inform them of their names, and when he had informed them of their names, He said: Did I not tell you that I know the secret of the heavens and the earth ? And I know that which ye disclose and which ye hide" ..etc, and the sayer of the previous commnents (Abdul-Wahb) did realize how great is this creature so he said: it is well known that the leadership of Adam on earth has a high-level meaning of God's wisdom that the Angels did not know, because if God did make the leadership for the Angels on earth, the secrets of this universe would not have been known neither whatever is kept in it from its properities and the deep sciences..etc, and thanks is for God only, and no other God but Him, He is our Judge and the Trustworthy. This is what we wanted to say about the conditions of the father of human beings and their mother, Adam and Eve (PUT), and pray be upon the one sent with the truth as bringer of glad tidings and a warner, the master of messengers and the end of the prophets Muhammand the Chosen and upon his Household the pious and the most righteous of his chosen mates, and thanks to God the Lord of all.

Conditions of Edrees (Enoch) The Prophet PUH

He is Edrees (Enoch) ben Lud ben Mahalaleel ben Cainan ben Enosh ben Seth ben Adam PUH, and the name of Edrees in Hebraic torah is Khanookh and in Arabic it is Akhnookh, and Edrees was a man of great abdomen and wide chest, his steps are close together when he walks as mentioned in 'Elal Al-Sharaye' [a book's name], it is mentioned also from his characteristics that he was a man of a complete build and pretty face with a heavy beard and nice face-curvatures with wide shoulders and large bones and not so much meat with glancing black eyes, slow talker and silent most of the time and calm and when he walks he looks to the ground a lot,

meditating a lot and had some frawning and whenever he becomes angry he moves his index finger while talking and he lived on earth for eighty two years. He was called Edrees because of his enourmous studies in the Holy Books [Daras in arabic means he studied, Edrees means the one who studies a lot] and whatever was in them from laws and wisdom and he was the first to write with a pen and he was a tailor and was the first to sew, and it was said that God taught him the sciences of Astrology and Mathematics and Astronomy, and that was as a miracle for him, and that God's saying "And We raised him to high station"(Maryam: 57) it meant that he was raised in levels with God's messages, and it was said that he was raised to heaven as Jesus the son of Mary (PUT) and he is still alive and did not die, and others said that he is raised in between the fourth and the fifth skies as mentioned by Al-Bqir (PUH), and other things were said also. From Al-Hfith ben Kaeer in Al-Bidyah wal-Nihyah [seems a book's name]: he was (Enoch) the first one from the descendants of Adam to get the prophecy after Adam and Seth (PUT), and it is mentioned in Muruj Al-ahab [book's name] as mentioned before that he was the first one to sew with a needle and make stiches and God revealed upon him thirty books as God revealed upon Adam (PUT) twenty one books before and revealed upon Seth twenty nine books including the praisings and sanctifications, and he (Enoch) lived whatever he lived and died in September, and from Ibn Mas'ud and Ibn 'Abbs that Elijah is Edrees (Enoch)! People differ in the place of his birth and growing so some said that he was born in Egypt and called him Hermes Al-Haramisah [could't transform this to modern English] and he is in Greek Ermes [notice that Hermes is prnounced in Greek as Ermes, since the H letter functions like E in Greek] and was Arabicized to Hermes and Ermes means for them Mercury, and they said: and Hermes got out of Egypt and went around all of the earth and came back to it and from there he was raised to heavens..etc, and some others said that he was born in Babylon in Iraq and there he grew up, and in his early age he was taught the wisdom of Seth the son of Adam and he is the grandfather of his father's grandfather, because Enoch is the son of Lud ben Mahalaleel ben Cainan ben Enosh ben Seth apprently and when Enoch had grown up God gave him the prophecy so he ordered the people to follow the path of Adam and Seth and forbid them to refuse the commandments but only few of them did follow him so he got hurt by those who refused him from the bad people, so then he travelled to Egypt and he settled there with whoever was with him and calling the creations to follow his religion and the religion of his purified fathers and orders for the good of deeds and forbids the bad manners. People in his days talked with seventy two tongues and God taught him their cultures and languages so he can teach every people by their own tongue, and he drew for them the cities and made in every city scientists and guiders to the obedience of God and order for goodness and forbid the badness, so the cities that was built at his time counted to be one hundred and eighty eight, and he was the first to manipulate the wisdom and astrology as pointed before, and they mentioned lot of his conditions, and in summary what he called the believers to according to his religion and in acceptance by his laws as some say was that: calling for the

religion of God, the Exalted, and it is the calling for goodness and forbidding the badness, and the base for the righteousness of deeds is unifying God, the Exalted, and never to call someone else with Him, because He is the Ever-Lasting One, that never Give birth nor Born and Does not have a mate and no one rewards Him, and the worshipping of God sincerely, and doing good for people and justice and saying the truth even upon yourself, and purifying the money by helping the poor, and avoiding the intoxicant liquors and praying and fasting with a special way and counted days, and fighting the enemies for the protection of the religion and calling out for this and taking of it, and for the souls and honour and fortunes with all might and power, and he (Enoch) also made some festivals for them at certain times and so on of traditions and jobs and works and a-must-do doings and doings that aren't compulsory as it is in every heavenly-revealed laws, and promised his people for prophets to come after him, and told them the characteristics of the prophet and his specialities and one of them is that he is innocent from all bad manners and deeds and the bad characteristics, complete in beloved virtues and do not hesitate in his duties nor in answering any question that he might be asked concerning the matters of after-life or living or other things that relates to religion or whatever is seen or heard either it is earthly or heavenly or whatever behind these worlds from the after-life worlds like Barzakh [the life of the dead in his grave where he is judged] or Al-Qiyama (doomsday) or Al-Nr (hell) and whatever was related to them even in general or whatever it is related to the bodies and their ills and medicines, and he must be answerable by God for whatever he asks from Him and he asks only whatever has the benefit for the race and the individual for the goodness of life and after-life. He must be infallible and far away from doing wrong-doings and leaving duties, because the prophet and his viceroy that would take care of matters after him that was chosen by God for the most honourable jobs and the most high of them must be purified and of right wisdom and has abundance in knowledge and complete with many of the completeness characteristics and his innocence of bad habits and needless of help from any creatures, and needs nothing but God, the Exalted, so he never issues a guilt nor a mistake either small it is or big one, neither before prophecy or after it, either in childhood or manhood, and the one who chose him for this job, and He is God, Knows that, and He had appointed him for this job since the world of atoms, the world of creating the souls, and that is before the creation of Adam (PUH) by two thousands years, and he must be distinguished from other creatures by that and also his viceroy who stands in his position, and this is the situation of every prophet and messenger, check back the introduction of the book where the infalliblity of the prophets (PUT) is mentioned, and still the faithful from the nation of Enoch applying that regime and regulations and whatever was revealed in that sacred religion, until Enoch was raised from between them and no one knows about it except God, the Exalted, and his relatives and his viceroy after him, his son Methuselah [Arabic: Matushaleh] And this must be in every religion as the people of wisdom and religion know very well, and it is told that their destination in their worshipping and prayers and so on,

was to the south on the line of midday, and it is probably that it was for these who were to the north of Mecca, because it was the destination for Adam (PUH) and whoever came after him until the time of Enoch (PUH). And I don't see any of the prophets and viceroys and who believed in them and their religions that would have changed that until the time of Solomon the son of David (PUT), for their destination were to the Holy Mosque in Jerusalem until it was changed by our prophets Muhammad ben 'Abdullah (PUH) to the Holy House and it is the Holy Ka'ba in honourable Mecca. This is what is apparent for us, and God knows the best. And from Ja'far ben Muhammad Al-Sdiq (PUH) that he said: if you entered Kufa then come to the mosque of Sahlah and pray in it and ask God for your needs for your faith and your life, because the mosque of Sahlah is the house of Enoch in which he used to sew and pray in, and whoever asked God for what he likes and wants he would be answered and be raised to a high place at doomsday at the level of Enoch (PUT) and shall be protected from the troubles of life and the tricks of his enemies..etc. From the trusted and whom we trust in that Enoch (PUH) is the grandfather of the father of Noah (PUH) because as we mentioned before that after Enoch came his son Methuselah and then Lamech [Arabic: Lmik] then Noah (PUH). And AlMas'udi mentioned in Muruj Al-ahab: The age of Enoch was three hundreds years, and the wisemen of Greece call him Hermes the wise..and so on of what we mentioned before.

Some of what was mentioned in the books of Enoch PUH

From Ibn Tawoos he said: It was mentioned in the books of Enoch these sentences and they are: Like if death had come to you and your moaning and your sweating have increased, and your lips shrinked and your tongue became broken and your spittle became dry and whiteness became over your eyes blackness, and your mouth started to foam and your whole body started to shake, and you became to treat the death with its agony, its bitterness, and its shrieking, and you've been called and you can't hear anything, then your soul came out and you've became a dead body among your relatives. There is a lesson in you for others, so think in the meanings of death, whatever became upon others will become upon you no way out, and every life however it is long is short because whatever will come is close by at a certain time. So, meditate in the meanings of death you who die, and know you human being that death is harder than what becomes before it and easier than what becomes after it from troubles and disasters of the doomsday,..etc. And it was engraved on his ring: Patience is of faith, by God the victory will come. And it was engraved on the area that he wore: The festivals are in keeping the duties, and the laws are of the completeness of religion, and the completeness of religion is the completeness of manhood. And over the area that he wore at the time of praying

over the dead: The happy one who looks at himself, intercession to his God, his good deeds. They mentioned that he had sermons and morals, and every band took it out with its own tongue, and ran as useful proverbs and symbols, and from that was his saying that was traced back to him (PUH): No one will be able to thank God for His gifts as giving His creatures. And also: Whoever wanted to reach the wisdom and the good of deeds, so let him leave the tool of ignorance and the bad deeds. As you see the craftsman that knows all the crafts so when he wants to sew he took its own tool and leave the tool of carpentry, so the love of the life and the after-life do never come into one heart together. And also: The goodness of life is sorrow and its badness is a regret. Meaning that let go of good deeds in life is a sorrow and doing bad deeds is a regret. And also from him: If you called for God the Exalted make your determination clear and pure and also fasting and prayers, so do and never swear and you are liers and don't attack God with rights [meaning here swearing or promising with lies], and don't make liers swear for you and so you'll become partners for them in their sin, and avoid ill gains and follow your kings and your elders and make your mouths full of thanks to God, and the life of souls is wisdom and don't envy people for their luck for they will enjoy it for a little, and whoever exceeded satisfaction will never be satisfied, and so along of what was mentioned by Abdul-Wahb Al-Najjr in his stories. It is mentioned from the book of "Tareekh Al-'Olam'" (History of wisemen) that a group of wisemen claimed that all the wisdoms that appeared before the Flood was traced back to Enoch that the hebrews call "Khanookh" the prophet the son of Jared ben Mahalaleel ben Cainan ben Enosh ben Seth ben Adam, and he is Edrees (Enoch) the prophet (PUH), and then they traced back to him matters and incidents and works that God did not suppose to him and most of them are like legends and what crazy people would do or silly ones that were slaves for life and ego took over them, and they never stop doing the bad deeds, and God forbid that His prophets commit such deeds, but they are assigned to the highest of matters and the best and wisest of conditions for mind and wisemen because they are the resources and they are the leaders of the creations and the guardians of the Creator over His religion and creed, the commanders of goodness and the prohibiters of badness, so they are the tongue and examples of truth and the looking eyes of reality and the hearing ear that express about God the Exalted and they don't speak out of their desires, but it is an inspiration that is inspired which One of mighty powers taught them. It is mentioned from Enoch PUH the wise sayings and advices and calls and one of them his call that is read in the dawns of the month of fasting (Ramadhn) that contains forty names for God, as much as the days of Repentance (?), and it begins with: O praise be to You no God exists but You, O Lord of everything and its hire [seems a part of a famous praising]. And after mentioning the forty names comes the great call that has no other match, and it is imploring to God with His forty names, and asking for safety away from punishments of life and after-life, and it is without any doubt an infallible tongue and an inspired and closed one chosen by

God for His commandments and for telling people about Him. [then comes a typical ending for the subject which I believe no need to mention here].

Sheikh of messengers, Nooh (Noah) PUH

The speech now is about obtaining some of the conditions of the sheikh of messengers and the third in order and the great messenger after Adam and Enoch (PUT), he is Noah ben Lamech ben Methuselah ben Enoch ben Lud (or Jared as mentioned in Torah) ben Mahalaleel ben Cainan ben Enosh ben Seth ben Adam the father of human beings (PUT), as mentioned in histories and in Torah and God only knows. It is mentioned that his real name is 'Abdul-Ghaffr (slave of the Forgiver) but named Noah because he used to cry over his condition [yanooh = to cry, Arabic], and it is said that his name is 'Abdul-Malik (slave of the King), and said it is 'Abdul-A'l (slave of the One of Height). It is said that Al-Sadooq said: all the tidings agree that his name contain the sense of slavery like 'Abdul-Ghaffr, Malik, and Al-A'l, and he is the first prophet after Enoch, and they said he was a carpenter and was born in the same year that death betook Adam in and was sent (as a prophet) when he was four hundred years old and he used to call his people by day and night to work with the laws of his grandfather Enoch and whatever his fathers used to be on from laws and creeds, because the books that were revealed on his infallbiel fathers contained whatever people might need and what must be done and what must be believed in, for it was revealed on Adam twenty one books, and on Seth twenty nine books, and on Enoch thirty books, and the sum of all is eighty books, so Noah (PUH) used to work by them and call people to work by them but his calls didn't do anything but make them more far away from him. He was highly disrespected by his people and even had been beaten so much. They used to beat him so much until he goes into a coma and whenever he is awake again he says: O Lord guide my people they do not know. And in some tidings it is said that they get angry at him and start to beat him until his ears get bleeding and he won't be able to realize what is done with him, then he was carried and thrown into his house or at the door of his house and he's in a coma. Then God inspired to him: No-one of thy folk will believe save him who hath believed already (Hud:36), so then he started calling for the destruction of his people and said: My Lord! Leave not one of the disbelievers in the land (Nooh:26), and in tales it is said that after calling for their destruction God made their men and women barren and so they stayed forty years they don't bear any children and their lands were barren also along these forty years and they lost their money and fortune and fell into disasters, then Noah said to them: Seek pardon of your Lord. Lo! He was ever Forgiving (Nooh:10) but they didn't believe and said: Forsake not your gods. Forsake not Wadd, nor Suwa', nor Yaghuth and Ya'uq and Nasr (Nooh:23) and they extremely revolted against God and his prophet Noah (PUH) until God flooded them with their gods that they used to worship, and no one survived but the ones that were with Noah in the Ark, and after they've been in safe and been stable on the face of earth and gave birth for children and been many, they got back

to what their fathers used to do with worshipping idols and named their idols after the names of idols the were in the time of Noah's people, and they are their fathers. So, yemenites (people of Yemen) Yaghu and Ya'uq and the people of Dawmat Al-Jandal (a place in Iraq) took an idol named Wadd, and Himyarites had an idol named Nasr, and Haeel [seems some where in Saudi Arabia or Yemen] had an idol named Suw', and they kept on worshipping them until the presence of Islam. Many differences occured in tales and tidings and opinions about his conditions and his age and that is because the difference of resources and references and many people count on what is mentioned in the Bible and Torah even though what is mentioned in them is still controversial and lot of muslims as wisemen and interpreters depend on them, and there are tidings and tales from the Household traced back to their grandfather the prophet that was sent as a guider from Gabriel from God the Exalted (PUT), and we have no problem in believing what was mentioned by them. But the tales are from different sources and conflict with each other, some of them people do agree with and some of them are taken from Torah and other such resources, but the main purpose of all that is just to take a look on some of the conditions of this holy prophet and it is enough to take whatever was mentioned by the Holy Book (Quran) for his (Noah) great position and the rightness of his messeage and prophecy, so if something about his conditions was passed over to us by other ways, we shall take whatever is approperiate for his position and goes along with the law of justice and the infallibility of prophets, and refuse anything else that comes against these principles. One of these tales what is traced back to Al-Sdiq (PUH) that Noah (PUH) lived two thousands and five hundred years, eight hundred and fifty years before he was sent as a prophet and one thousand but fifty years with his people calling them to his religion and two hundred years in making the Ark, and five hundred years after the flood and going down from the Ark, and so he made the lands and made his descendants live in the lands, and then after the angel of death (PUH) came to him while he was sitting in the sun and said to him: peace on you, so Noah (PUH) answered back and said: what do you need O angel of death?, he said: I came to you to take your soul, so he (Noah) said: let me sit in the shadow and he answered: yes, then Noah (PUH) moved and said: O angel of death, whatever passed me in this life was just like my movement from sun to shadow, go ahead and do your job, and so he did (PUH). And from Ikml Al-Deen [seems a person's name] from Al-Sdiq (PUH) from the prophet (PUH) that he said: Adam the father of all human beings (PUH) lived for nine hundreds and thirty years and Noah lived two thousands and four hundreds and fifty years and Abraham (PUH) lived for one hundred and seventy five years and Ismael ben Abraham lived for one hundred and twenty years and Isaac lived for one hundred and eighty years, and Jacob lived for one hundred and twenty years, and Joseph lived for one hundred and twenty years, and Moses lived for one hundred and twenty six years, and Aaron lived for one hundred and thirty three years, and David lived for one hundred years, forty years of them as a king, and Solomon ben David lived for seven hundreds and twelve years (PUT).

And from Al-Sayid Ibn Twoos: Adam (PUH) lived for one thousand and thirty years since the time of breathing in his soul until his death and he was buried in a cave in the mount of Abi-Qobays and his face towards the Holy Kaba, and Eve didn't live after him but only for one year and got sick then after for fifteen days and died and buried beside him, and we've come to mention this matter but we've come to mention it again to show the great difference and it is there because the long time period and the great number of tracers and handlers and most of the tracing is back to Torah and its covenants and books. And it is not something to hide that there is a degree of difference between the Arabic, Samarian (?) and Greek translations for Torah and the Hebrew version, as mentioned in the book of "Ihr Al-Haq" for the Sheikh Rahmatullh Afandi AlHindi. And we've mentioned before that the truth is what is truely traced back to the Household. If it was like that then it is as nothing better than this, and if not then whatever is for sure and goes along with the Holy Book and doesn't oppose the laws mentioned before it is taken. And it is fine also to take whatever is traced back to the fellows (of the prophet) and the followers (fellows' fellow) and the followers of followers, but with respecting rules mentioned before. From Al-Ikhtiss [seems a book's name] for the sheikh Al-Mofeed from 'Omar ben Abn from people he assures, he said: There were five Syriac prophets: Adam, Seth, Enoch, Noah and Abraham, and the tongue of Adam was Arabic and it is the language of people in paradise, but when Adam did sin God exchanged it for him with Syriac. Then he said: and there were five hebrews: Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David and Jesus. And five from Arabs: Hud, Sleh, Sho'ayb (Jethro), Ismael and Muhammad (PUT). And the life was owned by two believers and two disbelievers, the two believers were ol-Qarnayn [many other stories and tales point out that this person might be Alexander the great] and Solomon the king (PUH), and the two disbelievers were Nimrod ben Koshan (also Cush in Torah) ben Kan'n (Canaan) and Bokhtanassar (Nebuchadnezzar). from the book of Al-Qisas (The Tales) for Muhammad ben Jorair Al-Tabaree: God had a bless on Noah by letting him obey his commandments, and Noah had a tall of three hundreds and sixty arms [arms here are meant to be cubits], as measured by the arms of his own people at his time, and he used to wear the wool while Enoch before him used to wear hair, and Noah used to live on mountains and eat from the plants of earth. In another tidings that he was a carpenter, and then Gabriel (PUH) came to him with the message of God and he was four hundreds and sixty years old that time, so he asked him: why you are alone? he answered: because my people don't know God and so I've stayed away from them, so Gabriel said to him: fight against them, so Noah answered: I have no power to overcome them, and if they knew me they would kill me, so he said to him: and if you are given the power would you fight against them? so then he answered: O how eager I am to do so, then Noah said: who are you? Then Gabriel gave a shout, and the angels answered him back and shaked the earth and said to him: Here we are at your service O messenger of the Lord of Creations, so Noah stayed afraid, then

Gabriel said to him: I am the partner of your fathers Adam and Enoch, and the Lord says peace to you, and I've come with the good news from Him, and this is the cloth of patience and the cloth of truth and the cloth of victory and the cloth of the message and the cloth of prophecy, and God had ordered you to marry 'Amoorah the daughter of Dhimrn ben Akhnookh, for she is the first to believe in you. So then Noah went to his people in the day 'Ashoorah ['Ashoorah is a name for the tenth day of Muharram, the first month in the lunar calendar] and holding a white stick in his hand, and the stick was telling him what his people are going to do. Their bosses were seventy thousands of tyrants at their idols in their festivals, so then Noah called: No God save but the Lord, then the idols went shaking and the fire went down and they got scared and the tyrants said: who is that? Then Noah said: I am a slave of God and the son of His slave, He has sent me to you as a messenger, then 'Amoorah heard the speech of Noah and believed in him and her father Dhimrn ben Akhnookh blamed her for that and said to her: does the speech of Noah effect you in one day? and I'm afraid that the king knows about you and kill you, then said 'Amoorah: O father where is your brain and your clemency? Noah is but a lonely weak man that shouted and done to you whatever is done. Then her father threatened her but that yeilded no results, so they adviced him to imprison her and stop feeding her and so he did for a year and they hear her talking, then her father got her out of the prison after the year and she got a great halo and was in best condition, so they were amazed for her living for a year without food or drink, so they asked her about her situation and what happened to her so then she said that she called for the help of the Lord of Noah and Noah used to bring for her whatever she needed from drinks and food, and then after that Noah married her and she gave birth to Shem (PUH), and they mentioned that Noah got two wives, one of them is a disbeliever and she died and he carried with him his faithful wife in the Ark.

The Ark of Noah and its creation

It is mentioned in some tales that are traced back to Al-Sdiq (PUH) that when Gos showed the prophecy of Noah and his followers knew that the relief is coming and he will gain victory over his enemies of disbelievers after a patience of long time over great troubles. Whenever Noah used to call them to the religion of truth and to work by it and worshipping the Truth (True God) they used to revolt against him and hurt him badly with his followers and that was in a time period of three hundreds years since the day of his sending, and he used to in that time period to call them by day and night but they run away from him and then he called them in secret and they didn't answer also, and called them in public but they ignore him for their pride and never cared about him or about his calls, then he started to call for their destruction, so then Angels came down to him ordering him to stop calling for their destruction and to take patience and bear them to complete the reason for that, so he answered and obeyed, and started to work again calling them to worship

God and left out calling for their destruction and started trying to guide them as he used to be before for another three hundreds years, until then when this time period was over and had been dispaired for their unbelieving, started to call for their destruction again, but then angels came down with orders from God for him to be patient and so he obeyed, then he got back calling his people to worship God for a three hundred years, but nothing worked with them, and he continued with them until the end of this time period for nine hundreds years, then the patience of his followers was over and went to him complaining for what they did and still facing from the people in public and from the tyrants. Then they asked him for the relief and calling for their relief and so he answered their request then went to pray and calling over them so then Gabriel came down sent from God and said to him: God had answered your call over your people, but before doing so God wants you to order your followers to plant some seeds, and he had appointed some quantity of it, and they should take care of it so that when it grows and gave the fruit God will give relief over them, and then he (Gabriel) taught them what to do, so then they went happy and knew that the relief is close and that God will give victory to His religion with no way out even if the disbelievers did not like it. Then they obeyed what they had been commanded to do so, they planted the seeds and served them as perfectly as possible so then when it gave the fruit and they ate them they came back to Noah to see his promise, so he got back to his Lord and He commanded him with what He commanded in the first time and so they did what they did before for planting the seeds and serving them. Then they got back again to Noah and he asked God again and God commanded him as the first and second time so they doubted about his religion and his calls for there is a contradiction and two thirds of them quitted their religion and only one third stayed faithful, but that was faced with the fear of their enemies and bearing the disrespect from the disbelievers, then the believers and them who stayed faithful insisted on him to call for the relief and for the destruction of disbelievers so he called God and asked Him to do what was promised and for the relief and He answered his calls and ordered him to make the Ark. This dilation was to filter out the hypocrites that worship God and they are on the edge, so that when they get goodness they are fine with it and when they get badness they revolt and then lost the life and the after-life, this is the obvious losing, and to keep the true faithfuls and distinguish between them and the bad mixture, and they said to him (Noah): no one stayed from us except this little group and they are afraid for themselves to be doomed if the relief is delayed, then Noah prayed and asked his God to do what is promised for the destruction of the enemies of the religion so God inspired to him that your call had been answered so go ahead and make the Ark, so there was fifty years between the answer of the call and the flood. And from the great prophet (PUH): When God wanted to destroy the people of Noah, He inspired to him(Noah) to cut boards of teak (teak is a great tree doesn't grow except in the land of India, its wood is black and thick and hard to decay, as

mentioned in the closest language resources) [the previous note is exactly what is written in Arabic in the book and not my own notes], so when he cut them out he did not know what to do with it, so then the Angel Gabriel came down to him and showed him the shape of the Ark and there was with him a box that had one hundred and twenty nine thousands nails in it, so he nailed all the nails and they were exactly enough for the Ark, and God ordered Gabriel to teach Noah how to do it. Its length was measured on the ground to be of one thousand and two hundreds arms and its width was eight hundreds arms, and its depth was eighty arms, then Noah said: O Lord who will make it and help me to do it, so God inspired to him to call for his people and in the public and whoever can work to work with him for an exchange of good wages, so Noah called in his people and told them whoever worked with him with goodness of will as I order him to do he will get a nice reward and a nice wage, so they answered and started to work everyone with his own experience and his job and so they helped him to make it. They even used to mock at him and say that he is making a ship on land, and in some tales it is told that the Ark was covered on top with a great cover (dish-like cover) to avoid the rains and the heat of the sun, and of course it had ways to the outside from doors and windows to let some air in and for the breathe of the animals and the rest of creatures inside it, all of that was made perfectly. It is mentioned also that it had great two pearls, one of them light in the day time by sun, and the other light in the night time by the moon and by them they used to know the timings for the prayers, and they stayed in the Ark before landing on earth again for one hundred and fifty days and nights, and also said they were six months. In tidings, that after he finished creating the Ark, God ordered him to call in Syriac, and it was their language that day, for all the people and animals so that no one person nor one animal shall be absent, so when all came, every type of animals got inside in pairs, and the people that answered his calls and been faithful to him were eighty men, so then God said: take with you two of each pair. And in some tales that the period of creating the Ark was one hundred years and then God ordered him to take two of each pair, and the eight pairs that God mentioned in His Holy Book are the ones that Noah carried in the Ark, so God said (in the Holy Book): and He hath provided for you of cattle eight kinds(Al-Zumar:6), two of sheeps and two of goats and two of camels and two of cows, so it was two pairs of sheeps: one is the known to people and used breed, and the other was a wild one used to be on mountains and God allowed eating from its meat, and also two of goats, pair people used to breed, and another one which was wild and that is the gazelle, and two of cows, one people used to breed and the other one is the wild one, and two of camels and they are "Al-Bokhti" and "Al-'Orbi" [seems they are Arabic names for well known types of camels, could not find any translation for these two names], and both of them people used to breed. So these are the eight pairs that Adam got out from paradise with him or might be revealed on him after he was down from it to make a living from them for his children and him from their meats and their milks and their breeds and their hairs and wools as drinks and

food and clothes and forniture. The creation of the Ark was in the location of Al-Kufa mosque, so when God wanted to destroy the people of Noah and Noah did take for every type of animals a special position in the Ark and prepared necessary things of food and water, and until all animals were in the Ark from various birds and beasts and no one is awaited to be in from people nor animals, then waters started going out from earth by springs and the sky started to hammer with non stopping rains, so God did say in the chapter of Al-Qamar (The Moon): Then opened We the gates of heaven with pouring water, And caused the earth to gush forth springs, so that the waters met for a predestined purpose, And We carried him upon a thing of planks and nails(11-13). The meaning and God only knows: so We made the the earth full of springs and then the water of the sky and the water of earth did meet together, so water flood everything and everything sank and thearth shaked and the sun eclipsed, then Noah said: Embark therein! In the name of Allah be its course and its mooring. Lo! my Lord is Forgiving, Merciful(Hud:41), then the Ark moved and turned around to where God desired, and Noah looked to his son and he was confused standing and falling, so he called him: O my son! Come ride with us, and be not with the disbelievers(Hud:42), so his son answered: I shall betake me to some mountain that will save me from the water(Hud:43), then Noah said: This day there is none that saveth from the commandment of Allah save him on whom He hath had mercy. And the wave came in between them, so he was among the drowned(Hud:43), then Noah asked God to save his son from being drowned, so he raised his eyes to his Lord calling for help and taking refuge in God's mercy then he said: My Lord! Lo! my son is of my household! Surely Thy promise is the truth and Thou are the Most Just of Judges(Hud:45), so He said: He said: O Noah! Lo! he is not of thy household; lo! he is of evil conduct, so ask not of Me that whereof thou hast no knowledge. I admonish thee lest thou be among the ignorant(Hud:46), this is the speech of the Exalted who takes revenge from every one of pride and doesn't believe in the doomsday, to His obeying slave, who works sincerely towards his Lord, and who's thankful for His gifts, who obeys His commandments and stays away from whatever He forbids, and he is His slave and His creature, and He had gifted him his prophecy and his message and Sent him to his people and his time, so it was like if Noah was unaware and surprised for what his Lord wants, and that the relation of family has no value without believing in God, so when God awared him for what has to be from him towards his Master, he woke up and apologized saying: My Lord! Lo! in Thee do I seek refuge (from the sin) that I should ask of Thee that whereof I have no knowledge. Unless Thou forgive me and have mercy on me I shall be among the lost(Hud:47). So it is traced back to Abi Ja'far Muhammad ben 'Ali Al-Bqir (PUH) in a long speech for him: There is no relation between God and anyone else, the most beloved by God whoever is faithful to Him and obeying His commandments, then he (PUH) said: I swear by God that no slave can approach to God except by obeying (worshipping), we don't have any relief from hell and no one has any reason before God, and whoever is obeying God then he's a follower for us, and

whoever is against God, he's an enemy for us, and our love is taken except by the faith and the good of deeds. So, the Ark then sailed in waves like mountains until it reached Mecca and went around the Holy House, and everyone on earth did sink even the high mountains and nothing survived except the Holy House. In some tales it is told that it was called the "Protected House" because it was protected from being drowned, and it was told also that the flood and the water from skies and earth from springs continued for forty mornings until the water was above everything and sank everything and everything that had a soul died, so then Noah raised his hands to the sky and said: O Lord, your mercy, your mercy, Have mercy on us, so then the rain stopped and the springs stopped and the clouds were gone and the weather came back again as normal as it was and the winds stopped down and everything was calm, and the whole world was all water and the earth as one one passage way, and then God ordered the earth to swallow its waters and the water of the sky remained on the face of earth and so from it were the seas of this world for God, the Exalted, ordered Gabriel (PUH) to drive the waters to its current form, and God had stopped it by His own power and His will.

The coming down of Noah and his fellows from the Ark
Then God inspired to him: O Noah! Go thou down (from the mountain) with peace from Us and blessings upon thee and some nations (that will spring) from those with thee. (There will be other) nations unto whom We shall give enjoyment a long while and then a painful doom from Us will overtake them (Hud:48), so Noah got down from the Ark with the eighty men that are with him and their fellows and the rest of the animals, and the Ark parked on the mount of Al-Judi (and it is a great mountain in Al-Mosel in the land of Iraq) [the previous note is mentioned in the book] as some people of knowledge did say, and it is said that it is a mountain in the island [seems it meant by the "island" the Arabian peninsula in general] on which the Ark did stop, and said also that it is some where in the land of Shm [Shm is a form of Sam or Shem, Syria is the main land that is called by this name with areas around it], and it is said that it is in the island between Al-Furt and Dijlah (Euphrates and Tigris), and in some tidings, it is the Euphrates that passes through Kufa [meaning Al-Judi is the Euphrates..etc] and it is the most close to rightness as mentioned in Majma' Al-Bahrain [book's name] for the sheikh AlTorayhi. It is told that when Noah got abroad over the Ark after charging it with animals of different types and habits, from lions and mutants and beasts and people and so on, God, the Exalted, dropped the calmness over whatever was there from animals and birds and beasts so no one hurted the other as if God made them all of one type, so the sheep would approach the wolf and so the cow with the lion, as if God made their habits disappear, and so they stayed like that until they got out of the Ark on land. It is mentioned that no single animal was left and all were got to the Ark, and the interpretation for God's saying: two of every kind, a pair(Hud:40),

meaning the male and female pair since this name is called usually for any combination of them. [a short paragraph comes here that has nothing to add but a summary then thanks to God, not to be translated because the grammar and sequence of the speech seems not coherent]

A completion with the help of the Holy Quran for the case of Noah
This dear Quran tells us a lot about the sheikh of the messengers and I mention here some things for you and and I leave for you the notices so you can get whatever we did not or whatever we left for your own care, and the stories of people of doubt are not dependable but only the interpretations that were issued by the Household and people of faith and whatever there is in their traditions and the most trusted folks, are dependable, for what concerns explanations, and no one knows its interpretations except God and who are in deep knowledgement. The chapters that mentioned the story of Noah in the Holy Quran are twenty eight chapters in forty three positions, and the story was told in details in six chapters: Al-A'rf, Hud, Al-Mu'minun, Al-Shu'ar', Al-Qamar and Nooh, so they had the enough tidings about the conditions of Noah (PUH), and they are all contain the same contents in general even though the words can be different for the purpose of telling the story (and maybe the purpose would be whenever the God's Will is directed) (?) So, some of these Holy phrases give us a special picture of interpretation about the conditions of the sheikh of the messengers and what he did face from his people. When Noah was sent as a messenger to his people and miracles appeared by him and also his virtues, and the light of prophecy had rose and the dawn of the message and its sun began, some of them followed him after the guidance of God to them after they used to worship the idols, and lot of them denied and mocked him and his followers, and they wondered how come that a man from them is sent to them and he is the poorest and less in servants and have no honour among them, and they see that he is not destiniguished by any family or relations nor science or generosity but he is just like them, and even they thought that they have the priority for this task, for they are the leaders and people of fortunes, and they extremely denied that someone from them make fun of their dreams and mock at their idols and gods and they have the powers and men, and thought that following him would be a shame that has a heavy weight on themselves, so how come they deny the worshipping of their and their fathers' gods, and the thing that keeps them far away from him and refusing him is the fellowship of what they don't give any care and they are the weak poor men and the most abject of them, and this is for their pride and power, and they claimed that these followed him without any wisdom or patience. Then when his virtues occured and his promises came true and they have no proof to deny him for what he showed of miracles they asked him to drive them away

(the poor people) so they wouldn't be together on the same way and gathered with the true religion and be equal in one raw and meet each other under his flag and be under his laws and judgements, and this is so hard for them to do. So when they asked him to do that he denied and refused that for his fear of God and he showed them and overtook them by proof that if he drove them out he wouldn't find any one to protect him against the punishment of God, and that he is only calling them for guidance into his religion and not by money nor power nor sword, and he didn't claim that he's a king but only a human being like them chosen by God to call for them and show them the commandments of God and the laws of His sacred creed, and he doesn't have with his followers except what is apparent and now what the chests behold, because all of that is up to God and not to His prophet: But the messenger hath no other charge than to convey (the message) plainly(Al-Nur:54), and his reward is from God and he asks nothing as a reward in exchange, and to the rest of what is mentioned in the chapter of Hud, so God did say in it (the chapter): The chieftains of his folk, who disbelieved, said: We see thee but a mortal like us, and we see not that any follow thee save the most abject among us, without reflection. We behold in you no merit above us - nay, we deem you liars(Hud:27), He said: O my people! Bethink you, if I rely on a clear proof from my Lord and there hath come unto me a mercy from His presence, and it hath been made obscure to you, can we compel you to accept it when ye are averse thereto ?(Hud:28), And O my people! I ask of you no wealth therefor. My reward is the concern only of Allah, and I am not going to thrust away those who believe - Lo! they have to meet their Lord! - but I see you a folk that are ignorant (Hud:29), until the rest of the holy phrases that contain what we pointed to you. Check it out and you might win and in the chapter of Nooh there is the healer interpretation for the hearts of believers from the doubt, and in it there is the fine explanation for the healing of souls of atheists and the revolted tyrants but only if there is no blindness in the hearts and eyes. He (Noah) tried his best in advising them and guiding them so he approached them in various ways and methods and never left a way he didn't use, day and night and in secret and in public promising and threatening, promising them with the goods of life of sons and money and the good of sky and earth, by the bless of earth from its fruit and grains and plants and the bless of the sky from its rains and waters and watering their lands, and the goodness of after-life of forgiveness and hiding faults and being eternal in paradise with faithful slaves of God, and it is the great happiness of the human being if only he understood and knew and believed. He (Noah) gave them examples and dedicated their thoughts as a notification to the wonders of God's creations and the beauty of His creativity and His creation for them and everyone is founded at any time and in any place, and that God created them in different phases and with different types according to their shapes, minds, understanding, powers, preparation, ages and fortunes, and according to their wisdom, money, ownerships and children and lot of other things, so God did say: What aileth you that ye hope not toward Allah for dignity, When He created you by (divers) stages ?(Nooh:13-14), from drop of seed, then from a clot, then from a

little lump then in shape of embryo then to childhood and then as a kid and then to age of youth and maturity and old age, decrepit and health and sickness, wealth and poverity, wisdom and ignorance, might and weakness. God also said: See ye not how Allah hath created seven heavens in harmony, And hath made the moon a light therein, and made the sun a lamp ?, And Allah hath caused you to grow as a growth from the earth, And afterward He maketh you return thereto, and He will bring you forth again, a (new) forthbringing.(Nooh:1518), so who created them and made life for them and made for them the senses of listening and viewing, so then the apparent and the hidden senses and these feelings inside and that world of heart are all back to Him, and the mind is the judge among them, and what creation is more wonderous more than him (the Man) if you just meditated and believed?, so whoever created all of this is able to make him (the Man) alive again after his death for judgement where He promised for forgiveness for those who obeyed and punishment for those who denied, and God never break any promise for His slave. There is for you from the previous examples the wisdom, and from the creation of heaven and its shiny sun and moon the thought, and with these efforts from the prophet of God, Noah, he wanted their life and happiness in their life and their after-life, but they were ignorant for him and hurted him, and whenever he works on fixing them and guiding them, they work on revolting and plotting against him and ignoring him. God did say telling what happened with him: He said: My Lord! Lo! I have called unto my people night and day, But all my calling doth but add to their repugnance; And lo! whenever I call unto them that Thou mayst pardon them they thrust their fingers in their ears and cover themselves with their garments and persist (in their refusal) and magnify themselves in pride(Nooh:5-7), to the rest of the Holy phrases that tells what happened with him (PUH), so you have to read them and understand what is their purpose and you may be a winner. So Noah take it for so long and been patient quite much that no one can be as patient as that except those who work for God sincerely and never find a life away from obeying Him and no work except to do the deeds for which He would have mercy for, but they denied and refused and followed the tyrants, from their leaders and idols worshippers. So when he couldn't help with it and was depressed about guiding them, and they even plotted and agreed to not leave the worshipping of their idols Wadd, nor Suwa', nor Yaghuth and Ya'uq and Nasr, and said to him: O Noah! Thou hast disputed with us and multiplied disputation with us; now bring upon us that wherewith thou threatenest us, if thou art of the truthful(Hud:32), and he answered with what God had told in the chapter of Hud in phrase (33): Only Allah will bring it upon you if He will, and ye can by no means escape, My counsel will not profit you if I were minded to advise you, if Allah's will is to keep you astray. He is your Lord and unto Him ye will be brought back(Hud:33-34). And when Noah got depressed about the faith of his people after a work of nine hundreds and fifty years as mentioned in the Holy Quran, and he used to call them for worshipping God after believing in Him and with the message of Noah and whatever in it, and God told him and He is the One that knows about His creation that there is no use

of calling them either for long or short time, by saying: No-one of thy folk will believe save him who hath believed already. Be not distressed because of what they do(Hud:36). Just then Noah directed his calls of destruction for his people towards God, so he said as it is told by God: My Lord! Leave not one of the disbelievers in the land, If Thou shouldst leave them, they will mislead Thy slaves and will beget none save lewd ingrates(Nooh:26-27). And God answered his calls for their destruction, and before that God promised him to destroy them, if they insisted on tyranny, by drowning, and he knew all that by inspiration. And when God's will judged for their destruction and being under the anger of God for their disbelieve, his God, the Exalted, ordered him to make the Ark by saying as mentioned in the chapter of Hud: Build the ship under Our eyes and by Our inspiration, and speak not unto Me on behalf of those who do wrong. Lo! they will be drowned, And he was building the ship, and every time that chieftains of his people passed him, they made mock of him. He said: Though ye make mock of Us, yet We mock at you even as ye mock, And ye shall know to whom a punishment that will confound him cometh, and upon whom a lasting doom will fall, (Thus it was) till, when Our commandment came to pass and the oven gushed forth water, We said: Load therein two of every kind, a pair (the male and female), and thy household, save him against whom the word hath gone forth already, and those who believe. And but a few were they who believed with him, And he said: Embark therein! In the name of Allah be its course and its mooring. Lo! my Lord is Forgiving, Merciful, And it sailed with them amid waves like mountains, and Noah cried unto his son - and he was standing aloof - O my son! Come ride with us, and be not with the disbelievers(Hud:37-42), to the end of the holy phrases from the chapter of Hud. If you meditate through them (the holy phrases before), and whatever it contained of threatening and warning and frightening, you would surely know that there is no difference between the nation of Noah and the rest of other nations where they do whatever they do of sins and then face whatever comes of shames, for the Almighty and the Exalted, the One of High Pride does not let go a wrong-doing for any wrong-doer and He is in the face of them and every wrong-doer. They did not take caution in the middle of their joy, and suddenly the Flood erased their traces and destroyed their lands and covered their homes and fortunes, so He destroyed them with what they worship and subdued them and every tyrant until the doomsday, so whatever came over them is a warning for others and for every nation that would come after them, for their Lord doesn't want anything for His slaves and creation but the absolute happiness for their life and their after-life if they obeyed Him and followed His messengers and worked with His books and the laws of His religion, and the Quran mentions such stories about the ancient nations to put them in consideration and follow the path of God and His messengers and His books and work by them. Yes, God ordered His slave and His messenger Noah to make the Ark for the safety of him and of whoever believed in him from his relatives and his followers and God described them by saying: And but a few were they who believed with

him(Hud:40), and his people used to mock at him for making the Ark without water, and lot of them knew that he is only making it to save hisself and themselves from the coming punishment, and they denied that because they did not believe such thing could happen since it did not happen for others before them, and this denial is originated by disbelieving in him and in Whoever sent him, and he (PUH) also used to mock at them for their ego and their ignorance for the truth and for not taking awareness and caution for themselves by following him, and he turned to threaten them by that (the punishment) hoping for them to be aware for themselves and stop their wrong-doing, and God told the story of his saying to them: And ye shall know to whom a punishment that will confound him cometh, and upon whom a lasting doom will fall(Hud:39). Yes, the completion of the Ark was by inspiration from God and by His teachings for His slave Noah, for God's saying: Build the ship under Our eyes and by Our inspiration(Hud:37). As it is reported by Ibn-'Abbs that Noah did not know how to make the Ark so God inspired to him to make it like the chest of the bird, and so when it was accomplished by the Will of God for what God decided, and the promised had come and the signs appeared like the weather change and the winds blow and earth's shaking and breaking and the waters coming from skies and springs of earth and from the furnace that people make their bread with at homes, God then ordered him to take his family in the Ark and get into it from every animal and bird and beast two pairs and take with him all of who believed in him from his people and carry with him all what they all might need of food for each type and kind. So when he finished all of that and they all got inside it and took a place in it, it got harder with the waters coming from the sky and earth God did say: Thus it was) till, when Our commandment came to pass and the oven gushed forth water, We said: Load therein two of every kind, a pair (the male and female), and thy household, save him against whom the word hath gone forth already(Hud:40). So then the Ark turned around like a millstone and then got up the surface of the water and went on to where God destined it to go, and that was mentioned before, until everything on the surface of earth was drowned, and it is mentioned that the water level at the time of Noah raised above everything for fifteen cubits. From Da'awt Al-Rwandi [seems a book's name] that it said: When Noah went abroad he denied to let the scorpion go in with him, so it said to him: Let me go with you and I will make a vow to not sting anyone that says: Peace on Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad and Noah, in this life. We've come to mention that the flood continued for one hundred and fifty days or six months and the Ark with its people over the water until it was placed over Al-Judi and stayed there and all the water dried out and the earth swallowed it by a commandment of God. It is reported that that was on the day of Nayruz [persian name, it is a festival that still takes place in the persian calendar every year] and it is the beginning of spring season, as reported by Al-Sdiq (PUH) and we've come to mention before its place (the Ark) and where is Al-Judi. We've pointed before that one of the sons of Noah (PUH) denied to go abroad in the Ark with his father, and he was a disbeliever and disobeyer for his father, and

his father called him by: O my son! Come ride with us, and be not with the disbelievers(Hud:42), so then he (his son) answered: I shall betake me to some mountain that will save me from the water(Hud:43), and and so on until the end of what was mentioned by the holy book. Noah then had pitty and the passion of the father for his son so he raised his head calling God for help and to save his son Canaan from being drowned by saying: My Lord! Lo! my son is of my household! Surely Thy promise is the truth and Thou are the Most Just of Judges(Hud:45), for Gos promised Noah to save his family and whoever believed from the people, as mentioned before, so he thought that his son is one of his family because of he is related to him by kinship, and didn't notice his refusal and his sins, and that everyone that did not get abroad in the Ark is an enemy for God and has no dignity and nothing can save him from the punishment, so God warned him for this and blamed him in such a gentle and passionate way saying to him: O Noah! Lo! he is not of thy household; lo! he is of evil conduct, so ask not of Me that whereof thou hast no knowledge. I admonish thee lest thou be among the ignorant(Hud:46). Noah then apologized saying what was mentioned in the holy book, and you might be aware to the meaning of all of this and if you did that might be one of the greatest sermons for you if you have a complete faith, and that you must not be an enemy for any viceroy for God and never be an ally for any an enemy for Him either it is relative (close) to you or far away, and this is the scale for your truthful faith and for anyone that claims faith, and if you denied from a believer a bad deed then leaving him because of it is in fact leaving the corruption and the bad doings and not leaving the believer and hisself or his faith, where there is no infallibility except for those who God made infallible, and you might even like a character from a disbeliever like justice and generosity, like those of Kisr the king of persians [notice that Kisr is not a name but it means King of kings in persian, but usually now it is used in common for the persian king who's named Anu Sharwn in Arabic who denied the message of Muhammad and tore the letter of the prophet] and Htim Al-T'ee [A man lived before the time of the prophet Muhammad, was famous for his generosity that proverbs for generosity was made about him], who were famous for his generosity, and both of them are disbelievers. There are clues from the Holy Quran and the Muhammedan tales and others from the previous rules and the mind and the wisemen as it is obvious for the most least of meditation [the last line of this paragraph is not translated as it should be for the Arabic version has some words mixing and lost meaning, this is the best I can do here.] And know that the historians that discussed the story of Noah did differ in weither the flood covered all of earth or not and only specified for the destination that he used to live in with his (Noah) people, and they did not have nor we do have any clue that we can be comfortable with, and the Holy Quran did not mention anything about that, but only that the flood destroyed his people and he survived with whoever was with him in the Ark, and it is apparent from understanding the general meaning of the speech, that it was special for the place he used to live in with his tribes like in Iraq for example or in the Arabian peninsula, and it is likely similar to whatever happened to the nations that came after him for the punishment

was directed against the people of those who warn and their lands like the people of Hud, Slih, Moses, David and others that came before and after them, so meditate, and that might be what the interpreters understood from the Holy Quran, and it is apparent that there is no special speech reported from the prophet (PUH) and his purified Household concerning this matter except what is apparent from the Holy Quran. It is so far away from mind to think that the people of Noah did cover all the lands completely and earth in all directions and that the flood covered it all, although there is no definite clue that can guide the research about the generality of the flood or its specification. Yes, what appears from the Holy Book that there were no living thing that was left on earth after the flood except what was in the Ark, and from this angle (point of view) the difference occur about the matter and about considering it as a general or a specific case and God only knows. This is the last thing we would like to mention about the conditions of the sheikh of messengers (PUH), and prayers may be upon the last of prophets, Muhammad and his purified Household, and thanks goes to God the Lord of all.

Hud (PUH)
He is the prophet that was sent to 'd ben 'Ewas ben Eram ben Sm ben Nuh [i.e.ben Shem ben Noah] as it was reported, and Hud (PUH) is the son of 'Abdullah ben Rabh ben Khalood ben 'd ben 'Ewas ben Eram ben Sm ben Nuh (PUH), as mentioned in Safeenat Al-Bihr [book's name] for Al-Muhaddi Al-Qommi, and it is the same as that mentioned in Qisas Al-Anbiy' [stories of prophets] for 'AbdulWahb Al-Najjr. It is reported also that Hud is the son of Shlikh ben Arfakhshd ben Shem ben Noah (PUH), so the number of fathers between the messenger and his nation is equal so between them and Shem only two and no more, and for the first report about the fathers of Hud (PUH) there is more than four fathers obviously. God the Exalted did say: And unto (the tribe of) A'ad (We sent) their brother, Hud. He said: O my people! Serve Allah. Ye have no other God save Him. Will ye not ward off (evil) ?(Al-A`rf:65), and the meaning, and God knows better, that We sent to 'd their brother Hud, and it is a joining for what was before from the story of Noah (PUH) by God's saying: We sent Noah (of old) unto his people, and he said: O my people! Serve Allah. Ye have no other God save Him. Lo! I fear for you the retribution of an Awful Day(Al-A`rf:59), and God did make them the inhabitants of earth after the people of Noah (PUH), and God did provide them with large bodies, and it was mentioned that one of them could reach the tallness of seventy to one hundred cubits, and as reported from Abi Ja`far Al-Sdiq (PUH): they were like long palm trees, one of them can hit the mountain and break a piece of it. And it was said: as a sign of their might, one man of them can knock of rocks by his hand. and they used to worship idols that they called gods, and for this Hud

(PUH) said to them: Would ye wrangle with me over names which ye have named, ye and your fathers, for which no warrant from Allah hath been revealed?(AlA'rf:71). They are the people that God destroyed by the fatal wind, and they used to say to Hud (PUH) when he used to calls them to worship God and worship no other god with Him: We think that you've been under the spell of our gods for calling them with bad names. When Hud (PUH) called them to God and to His religion and even exaggerated in his sermons and guiding them and warned them against the Will of the Almighty and His punishment in this life and the after-life, all of that, did not bring anything with them, then God saved the rains from them until aridity became over them so that they can be aware of what happened to them and get back to obey God, but that did nothing to them and their ego increased, and in a speech reported to AlSajjd (PUH) when someone told him (PUH) by the purpose of criticism that your grandfather [the prophet Muhammad PUH] said: our brothers wronged us and we fought them for their wrong, so he (PUH) said in his answer: woe to you, don't you read the Quran? And unto (the tribe of) A'ad (We sent) their brother, Hud(AlA'rf:65), And unto Midian (We sent) their brother, Shu'eyb(Al-A'rf:85), And to (the tribe of) Thamud (We sent) their brother Salih(Al-A'rf:73), so they are like them, and they were brothers for them in the tribe and not in religion, and in another reported speech he said to them: So God destroyed A'ad and saved Hud, and destroyed Thamud and saved Salih..etc. And in Al-Kfi [a book's name] it is reported from Al-Bqir (PUH), that Noah brought tidings for Shem in advance for the coming of Hud and said to him: God will send a prophet called Hud, and he will call his people to God but they will deny him and He will destroy them with the wind, so whoever reaches his days let him believe in him and follow him, and there were prophets between both of them. And in Al-Ikml [a book's name] as reported from Al-Sdiq (PUH) it is that when Noah was about to die he called his followers and said to them: you have to know that after my death there will be an absence in which tyrants will appear, and God will save you by a viceroy from my descendants called Hud, he has respect and calm look-likes, he looks like me in shape and manner, and from them also (PUT) [meaning the Household members PUT]: when Hud was sent, he was a descendant of Shem (PUH) and the others said who is more stronger than we are so they were destroyed by the wind, and Hud foretold his people about Slih (PUH) and advised them to follow him, and as mentioned from Al-Bqir (PUH) that prophets were sent in special and general prophecy, and Hud was sent in a special prophecy to A'ad.

The Land of A'ad and Their Crafts

In the interpretation of 'Ali ben Ibrhim: A'ad's land was in the desert and they had plants and lot of palms, and they had long ages and tall bodies and worshipped idols so God send to them Hud to call them back to the rightful religion but they denied and did not believe in Hud and hurted him so the sky catched its rains from them for seven years until aridity became over them, and Hud was farmer and was watering the land when some people came to his door asking for him so then an old woman with one eye came out for them and asked: who are you and what do you want? so they answered: we are from a land and our land was affected by aridity so we came to Hud to pray to God to let the rain come over with fertility to our lands. So she said to them: If prays of Hud were to be answered he would pray for himself first, this is his land became arid and his plants was burnt for the scarcity of water, so they asked: and where is he? so she told them where he was and they went to him and made a complaint for him and said to him: O prophet of God, our land became arid, and we've come here to ask you to pray to God to let rains come over our lands, so when he heard their complaints, he went to pray and asked God for what they wanted and then said to them: go back to your lands, the rain did fall. Then they told him what they saw and heard from that woman in his house, so he said (PUH): this is my wife and I pray to God to give her the long age, so they wondered: and how is that? So he answered: because God never created a believer without an enemy that hurts him, and she is my enemy, and to have an enemy that I own is better than having an enemy that owns me. So Hud (PUH) kept on calling his people to worship God and deny worshipping the idols to make them happy in this life and the after-life and may their lands be fruitful and their fortunes may increase and win the paradise of the after-life, and it is as God said: And, O my people! Ask forgiveness of your Lord, then turn unto Him repentant; He will cause the sky to rain abundance on you and will add unto you strength to your strength. Turn not away, guilty! They said: O Hud! Thou hast brought us no clear proof and we are not going to forsake our gods on thy (mere) saying, and we are not believers in thee.(Hud:52-53). So, when they did not believe God sent upon them the "Sarsar" wind [sarsar is the word mentioned in Quran to describe this wind], and it is the one of extreme coldness, and it is what God said in the chapter of Al-Qamar: Lo! We let loose on them a raging wind on a day of constant calamity(Al-Qamar:19). And in the chapter of Al-Haqqah: And as for A'ad, they were destroyed by a fierce roaring wind, Which He imposed on them for seven long nights and eight long days so that thou mightest have seen men lying overthrown, as they were hollow trunks of palm- trees (Al-Haqqah: 6-7), and so they were continuous [notice in this

line the author is explaining a word in Arabic that meant to be continuous but the Pickthall translation used the word "long"], and the first and the last of the eight days was Wednesday and it is a day of continuous calamity (ill-luck). And from Al-Kfi [book's name] as reported from Abi Ja'far Al-Bqir (PUH) that he said: God has soldiers of winds to torture with it anyone that He wants of those who denied His commandments and for every wind there is an angel that controls it, so if God wanted to torture some people with any type of winds He commands him (the angel that controls that wind for torture) and the angel commands his wind and it becomes agitated like a mad lion. Then he said (PUH): for every wind there is a special name attached to it, don't you hear God's saying about A'ad: Lo! We let loose on them a raging wind [sarsar] on a day of constant calamity(AlQamar:54) ? and His saying: fatal wind [Al-`Aqeem] (Al-Thriyat:51), and: a wind wherein is painful torment (Al-Ahqf:46). And God did say: a fiery whirlwind striketh it and it is (all) consumed by fire(Al-Baqara:266).

Anti-Critiscism or Imagination
Some people may don't like what we are mentioning here even though with such clues, because in his point of view they were not important matters in a time like ours with lot of corruption in it for the abundance of parties and bad people and the ignorance of religion, or even for the disbelieving in it and mocking at the people of faith and the total dedication of souls to this life and its beauty and building up even though by the name of religion. For all of that it is hard for them to bear hearing such matters and writing it down or even to look at it. Notice. But we say to him that the speech that is with people of faith is right even though their greed to increase their faith had become lesser for they knew what did the callers for God bear of troubles, and what the prophets of God and His viceroys did and what hurtings did they face along with troubles for calling back to God and for the saving of humanity and for the happiness of the creation, and awakening the ignorants and stopping the tyrants. Then the believer's faith is never complete without admitting the prophecy of every prophet and messenger sent from God to His creation even though he knows a little about them, and the best thing to be said in this location that they are mentioned (PUT) in dear Quran, and emphasized on mentioning them many times and explained their stories and their conditions and all of that was just to think about it as it is mentioned in these holy phrases, so the believer think about its sermons and warns by its warnings and avoid the things that bring the torments and revenge and go along to the things that bring dignity to the believers in this life and the afterlife, so explaining such matters going deep inside them is only for this purpose, and in fact it is just an explanation for the holy phrases of God and to interpret

what the Holy Book symbolized. With this wind we've become to mention before God bombards mountains and make it as a plain land without any curves in it or high places. It is said that it is called Al-`Aqeem (the wind) [Arabic: `Aqeem = barren] because it was barren with torment and without any mercy, like when men and women when they become barren with no children, so it is said: "Rajol `Aqeem" (Barren man) and Imra'ah `Aqeem (Barren woman), so barrenness is and adjective that describes males and females. And it is said: when the people of Hud (PUH) became tyrants and they are A'ad and his people and disbelieved and nothing works with them of sermons or the warnings of the prophet of God, Hud, God sent to them Al-`Aqeem wind (barren wind) so it grinded their castles and forts and cities until all became like sands, and it came over them for continuous seven nights and eight days, and you would see the people in them (the cities) as if they were trunks of palm trees, and it used to lift men and women up high and throw them back to fall on their heads, so the wind used to pick up men and women from down their feet and lift them up to the sky and destroy them, and it worked on mountains as well as it grinded their homes until they became like soft sand, and it is the one called AlAhqf (and there is a chapter called for its name and it is the chapter of Al-Ahqf), and we've came to mention that they used to cut of pillars from the mountains as tall as the mountain itself then they move it and make a stand of it and build castles upon it, and maybe for this reason it was called "t Al-`Imd" [Arabic: `Imd = pillars] that nothing was created like it on the lands.

And Here Is An Amazing Story

It is the paradise of Shaddd ben A'ad that he built and described as the paradise that God created for faithful followers. Its story was transferred and been told by many historians one of them is AlSadooq in Ikml Al-Deen [a book's name] as reported to a man called Abi W'il, so he said: there was a man called `Abdullah ben Qulbah went out seeking some camels that he lost, and while he was in the deserts of Aden in Yemen, and while in these deserts he saw bright twinkling that almost took his sightness away, so he went directly towards it and he forgot about his camels, so when he got closer he found a great city and a fort around it, and around that fort many castles and long high flags, so he got closer and thought there is someone to ask about his camels but he saw no one going in or out of it and got scared, so he got down from his camel and tied it then got his sword ready and entered from the gate of the fort and then he saw two great doors that he never saw like them before and their wood is of the finest and on them placed the red and yellow rubies and their lights filled the space, so when he saw that he liked it and opened on of the doors and entered so he

found himself in a city that no one saw before, and found castles hanged up in the air by pillars of emeralds and rubies and upon each castle of these there are rooms and above the rooms there were rooms made of gold and silver and pearls and rubies and emeralds, and upon each door of these rooms there were leaves like the leaves on the doors of the city itself and made of the finest wood and ornamented with rubies. These castles were paved with pearls, musk and saffron, so when he saw all of that and didn't see any one in it he got scared and afraid, then he took a look into the streets and found each one of these was full of fruitfull trees and rivers going from under it, so when he saw all of that he said to hisself: This is the paradise that God promised for his faithful slaves so thanks may be to Him to let me in it, so then he carried some of its pearls and its musk and some of its saffrons, and it was as much as a sand in it, so he carried whatever he could and couldn't take other things because they were planted in its doors, walls and pillars, so then he got out and mounted his camel and went back from the way he came from until he got back to Yemen and showed what he got and carried and told people what did he see and met and sold some of what he got of pearls so his news spread over the lands and that was at the time of Mu`wiyah ben Abi-Sufyn [The main creator for the Ummayads empire after the end of the Caliphates age. He was in furious wars with Ali ben Abi-Tlib and his son Al-Hasan PUT], so when he got the tidings about it he sent a messenger to Yemen asking the man to come to him, so the man went along until he reached Mu`wiyah, and when they sat alone with each other he asked him what did he see, so the man told him the story of the city and what did he see in it and showed him some of what he got there of pearls, musk and saffron, so Mu`wiyah said then: Oh God, even king Solomon ben David did not get a city like this! Then Mu`wiyah sent a messenger to The Rabbi (and he is the wisest man of Jews that he finally got into Islam at the time of the prince of believers Ali ben AbiTlib PUH, and was a good follower and he's known with this name and used to live in Medina, and God knows better) so when he arrived Mu`wiyah asked him: O father of Isaac, is there a city that was built by gold and silver and its pillars made of Beryl and Rubies and the stones of its castles and rooms is made of pearls and the rivers go in its streets surrounded by fruitful trees? So then The Rabbi said to him: This city is owned by Shaddd ben A'ad, and this city is "With manycolumned Iram"(Al-fajir:7), and it is the one described by God, the Exalted, in His book that was revealed on His prophet (PUH), and it is mentioned that nothing like it was created over the lands. Then Mu`wiyah said to him: tell us about it. So, The Rabbi said: the first A'ad and not A'ad the people of Hud PUH, he had two sons, one called Shadeed and the other Shaddd, so then A'ad died and they stayed after him and ruled over earth with might and power and people obeyed them from east

to west, then Shadeed died and only Shaddd stayed and ruled alone, and he loved reading books so much, and whenever he used to hear about the paradise and whatever is there of buildings and castles and rubies with beryls, he wished to do the same of it in the real life as a challenge to God. So, he started working on it and assigned one hundred men of crafts for doing so, and for each man of them a thousand workers and said to them: go to the best land on earth that is good for such a thing and build a city of gold, silver, rubies, beryl, and pearls, and make it on pedestals of beryl and upon them rooms and rooms over the rooms and listed other things that he wants such as channeling rivers and planting trees and other things that were described for paradise, so they said to him: how can we do it as you said of gold and silver and jewels? So Shaddd said to them: don't you know that I own the earth? They answered: yes, he said: then go to every ore of jewels, gold and silver and assign to it men of experience until you collect what you need of it and also collect all what people has of gold and silver and go to work, and also write to the kings and princes of lands from the east to the west of earth, so they obeyed his orders and started collecting jewels for ten years and started building, so they built it up in three hundreds years, so when they told him that they finished he ordered them to protect it with a great wall and then they made around the wall one thousand castles, at each castle there were one thousand flags on specific position, and he ought to put one of his ministers in each castle, so they all obeyed and did what he asked. When everything was done and they told him that they finished building, he ordered them to povide it with tools of comfort like beds and seats..etc and everything they need of mirrors and decorations so they spent ten years working on this, and then when everything is done, the king Shaddd travelled to it with his family and relatives and army and his slaves, so when the city was far away for one day and night, God sent to him and all the people with him a great shout from the sky and destroyed them all before they reach it, so no one got inside it, and so this is the story of "many-columned Iram." That was the speech of The Rabbi to Mu`wiyah ben Abi-Sufyn that concerns the city of Shaddd and it is the "many-columned Iram". Then after that The Rabbi said to Mu`wiyah: and I find in books that a man will get into it and see what's inside it and then gets out and tell the people about it but they will not believe him and the people of faith at the end of time will get into it, and in another version as mentioned in Majma` Al-Bayn [a book's name]: and a man of Muslims at your time will get into it and he's red and blonde and short got a mole over his eye and over his neck that will come over deserts asking for his camels, and the man was sitting with Mu`wiyah so The Rabbi turned to him and said: I swear this is the man. This is what was between Mu`wiyah and The Rabbi and this story is about Shaddd ben A'ad and it is different from A'ad people that were at the time of Hud

(PUH) as we mentioned before and it is even before his time and for this we think that between Hud and Shem ben Noah the longest of the two chains of fathers mentioned before so the number of fathers between the two becomes six and they are: Abdullah, the father of Hud, and then comes Rabbh ben Khalud ben A'ad ben `Ewas ben Iram ben Shem ben Noah (PUT), and not only two and they are: Shlih ben Arfakhshd ben Shem, and for what we've suggested that means Hud was sent to the people of his grandfather's grandfather and this is unreasonable, and even according to our rules and faith it is not possible, for the fathers of every prophet are purified and infallible and faithful and nothing less than that, and from this point of view the controversy takes place and only God knows. There is also no doubt that the name "A'ad" was for a man who became a tyrant which is different from the fathers of Hud (PUH), so we do not doubt their infalliblity and it is a purified sacred chain connected with Shem ben Noah (PUT), and also we don't doubt the existance of Shadeed and Shaddd for historians did emphasize on their existance and they are the sons of A'ad as well. We don't deny this story and the building of the city mentioned before that it might be true, but it should not be believed in completely until a clue is founded that can break all doubts which is something lost currently. Yes, it was mentioned in many books and even some of them is traced back to the infallible Imams but it wasn't for sure to be trusted in for the weakness of the tracing chain, but it is something that can be true or false, and I've mentioned it here because it was mentioned in many books and for its connection with this chapter and the purpose is not hidden and God knows everything and we shall ask Him the mercy and the will. It is mentioned also that A'ad is a famous Arabic name, and what is traced back from a speech for Sebaweh [a famous linguist that contributed and explained a lot of the Arabic grammar and vocabulary at his time. In modern life, his name become as saying said to everyone that knows so much in the deep Arabic language], that A'ad is a foreign name and the first one to speak Arabic was Ya`rob ben Qahtn which came after a long time after the time of A'ad, and only God knows.

And Some Historians Said

It is famous from the speeches of those who deal with the story of A'ad that they are destroyed after the existance of Abraham (PUH) and the building of the Holy House in Holy Mecca, and said: it is poissble the A'ad were the longest living people on earth and also the greatest in bodies. And who said that A'ad is the son of `Ewas ben Iram then he got so far with that, because in such a short time it is not possible for Iram to generate such a huge tribe that works on earth and be proud of its strength as A'ad used to be, for they were people of agriculture and enslaved people as it is mentioned by Hud (PUH) in his saying to them as been told by the

Holy Book: Do ye build a landmark on every high place to amuse yourselves? And do ye get for yourselves fine buildings in the hope of living therein (forever)? And when ye exert your strong hand, do ye do it like men of absolute power? Now fear Allah, and obey me. Yea, fear Him Who has bestowed on you freely all that ye know. Freely has He bestowed on you cattle and sons, And Gardens and Springs. (Al-Sho'ar':128-134). They also mentioned that the headquarter of A'ad and their homes were in the land of Ahqf and it is located in the north of Hadramawt, and their place now is just a sandy location with no one living thing after that great construction, and Al-Ahqf means the place of lot of sands as in the language. And as mentioned before they used to worship the idols instead of God, the Exalted, as the people of Noah (PUH) used to do. It is reported from Ibn Abbs that they had an idol called "Samud" and another one called "Al-Hattr", so then God sent to them Hud (PUH) and he was from a tribe called "Al-Khalood", and he was one of nobles with a nice-looking face, with a shape and body like them, white with a long beard, so he called them to worship God and believe in the One and stop worshipping the idols and doing wrong to people, but they refused to do so and called him a liar and said: Who's stronger than us? And Hud used to warn them and give examples for them with the first people of A'ad and people of Noah (PUH) before them and remind them of the gifts of God and explained to them that he has no greed for their money and fortunes but he is only commanded by God to guide them and God only rewards him. As there were people of might and ego among the people the of Hud, there were also people of faith and mind and believed in him and followed him, but the people of wrong were much more in number so they refused Hud and ignored all the clues that he brought for the truth until God destroyed them and their body turned to be like empty palms' trunks. It is apparent that the people of Hud were the second A'ad and not the first as some believed that the second A'ad after the people of Hud are the people of Sleh (PUH) and they are Thamud that lived in Yemen from Qahtn and Saba' (Sheba), and their conditions will come later on, and only God knows. Some said, and as reported by the people of Hadramut, that Hud (PUH) lived in Hadramut after the destruction of A'ad until he died there and buried on the eastern parts of it not far away from the town of Tareem near the valley of Berhut. So we say, and this is the right, that Hud (PUH) was buried in the valley of Salm (valley of peace) near the shrine of the prince of believers Ali ben Abi-Tlib (PUH), and near the graves of Adam and Noah (PUH), and beside him Sleh (PUH) with a high dome above them and their shrines underneath it, and they have their own servants and people visit them in that wide part of Iraq. You should know that Quran mentioned the story of A'ad with Hud (PUH) in ten

Suras (chapters): Al-A`rf, Hud, Al-Mu'minun, Al-Sho`ar', Fussilat, Al-Ahqf, Al-riyt, Al-Qamar, Al-Hqqah, Al-Fajr. And the mentioning of Hud (PUH) was included for seven times in them, and might be the mentioning of A'ad is for the first A'ad like in the chapter of Al-Fajr, because it is also mentioned with it the city if Iram, the many-columned. Because both of A'ad of Hud and the one before it were tyrants, but both of them are different as mentioned before, and for this purpose He said: Lo! A'ad disbelieved in their Lord. A far removal for A'ad, the folk of Hud!(Hud:60). This speech is from Him, the Exalted, is call for their destruction and in it you will find the reasons for their destruction and the repetition of their story is to show how awful is their matter, and also for meditating and take the wisdom from their story and avoid their deeds, and He said "folks of Hud" to make a destinction betweem them and between the owner of Iram, the many columned. In the Hadith: people must be filtered and be tested so their good be known among their bad ones. Look by the eye of your heart to the story of Hud (PUH) with his people you will see a respected man with wisdom and high manners with great feelings, worshipper and ascetic, and also with pride and dignity with a hard faith and believe in God, the Exalted, for the disbelievers he was the torture and for the believers he was a passionate father, this is Hud (PUH), and look to the great evil that was represented in A'ad and their saying to him: Who is mightier than us in power? Hard in their refusing and in their sayings, rude and proud, with no manners and filthy tongue, disbelieving in paradising, but Hud (PUH) never reacted for this evil with evil, but in the contrary, passion and kindness and sincerity never leave him in his callings for his people. Look to their saying to him: Lo! we surely see thee in foolishness, and lo! we deem thee of the liars(Al-A`rf:66), and look to his answer to them: He said: O my people! There is no foolishness in me, but I am a messenger from the Lord of the Worlds. I convey unto you the messages of my Lord and am for you a true adviser(Al-A`rf:67-68). Meditate in this sincerity from a righteous prophet, mighty in the cause of God with dignity and pity for his people against the torment of the Almighty and His destruction, and he is scared for them against His anger for whoever rebel against His will and did not have mercy for himself by obeying his Lord, so he speaks to them with the language of passion and kindness and high manners, and they face him with that savagery, and he reminds them of the gifts of God for them like the fortunes, the sons, the gardens and watersprings, and reminds them that they are ignorant to His gifts to them, and He made them special by giving them the huge bodies and the might with dignity of the tribe and made them viceroys on earth after the people of Noah, and reminds them that believing in God will bring to them even more fortunes and happiness in this life and in after-life, and their answer to him was that to humilate him and being surprised and wondering about

his message and calls where he called for them to worship one God alone away from their gods and whatever their fathers used to worship before them, and even called him a crazy and claimed that some of their gods revealed mental illness on him as a punishment for his arguments about their rights and for trying to stop worshipping them, look to this lying about his honorable place, and they claimed that some of their gods and not all of them caused him to be with mental illness, but his answer to them was: I call Allah to witness, and do ye (too) bear witness, that I am innocent of (all) that ye ascribe as partners (to Allah), Beside Him. So (try to) circumvent me, all of you, give me no respite, Lo! I have put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord. Not an animal but He doth grasp it by the forelock! Lo! my Lord is on a straight path(Hud:54-56). And let it be known that whatever Hud (PUH) did is a matter that is should done by everyone that assigned to the mission of ordering by goodness and prohibiting the bad deeds and guiding people and teaching them the laws and regulations of the religion and it is matter for every religious scholar, and we've mentioned before that mentioning such matters is for guiding and to take the wisdom out of them, and everyone is a slave for God and His own creation and let the guiders and wisemen take Hud (PUH) as an example, for he said to his people: And if ye turn away, still I have conveyed unto you that wherewith I was sent unto you, and my Lord will set in place of you a folk other than you. Ye cannot injure Him at all. Lo! my Lord is Guardian over all things(Hud:57). And thanks to God the Lord of all and prayers be upon His prophet the chosen, and his descendants the purified and upon the rest of prophets and messengers until the time of the doomsday.

The Prophet Slih (PUH)

He is Slih ben amud ben `bir ben Iram ben Shem ben Noah (PUH), he was sent to amud and they are his tribe and one of the Arabs and were called after their grandfather and he is amud ben `bir ben Iram ben Shem ben Noah (PUH), and God said in the chapter of Al-A`rf: And to (the tribe of) Thamud (We sent) their brother Salih. He said: O my people! Serve Allah. Ye have no other Allah save Him. A wonder from your Lord hath come unto you. Lo! this is the camel of Allah, a token unto you; so let her feed in Allah's earth, and touch her not with hurt lest painful torment seize you(Al-A`rf:73). In tidings from Al-Bqir (PUH) from his grandfather from Gabriel (PUH) what has the main meaning with little change in versions of it that: Slih was sent to his people and he was sixteen years old, and kept on calling them until he reached one hundred and twenty years old and never answered him for good. They had seventy idols that they worshipped instead of God, so when he observed such attitude from them he said to them: O folks, I've

been sent to you and I was sixteen years old, and now I've reached one hundred and twenty years old, so I'm offering for you two choices to choose from, either I ask my God whatever you want from Him and He will answer you whatever you asked for at the moment, or I shall ask your gods and if they answered me back for what I asked, I shall go out from the tribe, you've been sick of me and I've been sick of you. So, they said: you've been just Slih so get ready for a day for all to get out, so when they went out with their idols they told him: O Slih ask whoever you want, so he said to the greatest and called him by its name: O you, answer me, but it didn't answer, so said Slih: why he doesn't answer? They answered him: ask another one, so he went to their idols one by one asking them, but none did answer. Then they did prostrate before them in the dust seeking an answer to his calls from their idols, but nothing happened, so then he did say: O folks, the day is almost over and I don't see any answer from your gods, so ask me to pray for my God and He will answer you at the moment, so they chose from themselves seventy men that were of high positions amongst them and said to him: if your God answered us no one of us will refuse [refuse the religion], so they all went to some mountain near by, by their request, and when they reached it they said: O Slih, ask your God to let out of this mountain at this moment a she-camel that is reddish and has lot of hair and got a pregnancy period of ten months, so Slih said to them: you've asked for something so great for me but so easy for my God, and then just after Slih finished his callings to his God, the Exalted, the mountain then started to break and fault which made them almost lose their brains when they heard the sound of its cracking, and then the moutain started to shake as a woman started to give birth, then her head went out of that crack and started to get out of it until she stood on the ground, so when they saw this they said to him: O Slih, how fast did your God answer, call your God to get out of her her weanling, so he asked God for this and so it happened and then said to them: O folks, anything left? So they said: No, so they went along with him to their people and the she-camel with her weanling with them, but before they reach the people, fifty six men of them got back to their religion and only five remained with him, and the public then said that this is magic and not reality. And from tidings from Al-Sdiq (PUH) in his interpretation to God's saying: (The tribe of) Thamud rejected warnings(Al-Qamar:23), so he said (PUH): this is about what they rejected from Slih, and God never destroyed a nation before sending the messengers to it and have the reasons to destroy them, so God sent to them Slih to call them back to God but they didn't answer him and been aggressive towards him and said to him: we won't believe in you until you get out for us from this rock a she-camel that has a pregnancy period of ten months, and that rock was

something sacred for them and they worshipped it and also sacrifice for it at the beginning of each year and gather around it, so they said: if you are a messenger as you claim ask your God to let out of this rock a she-camel that has pregnancy period of ten months, and God lat it out as they requested. Then God inspired to him that tell them that God made for this she-camel a whole day of drink, and then for you a whole day of drink. So, whenever it was the day of her drink, she drinks all the water and then they milk it and no adult or young is left in their town without drinking from her milk in that day, and when night is passed and morning comes, they go to their water and drink and the she-camel never drinks and so they stayed like that as much as God wanted. Then they rebelled against God's will and they argued between each other and said: kill that she-camel and get rid of it, we don't accept that she has a whole day of drink and then a whole day of drink for us, then they said: who can kill her and we'll reward him as much as he wants? So, a man with reddish and bluish skin, came out of sin, and has no known father and was called "Qaddr ben Slif", he was of ill manners and so famous for that, so they made a reward for him. So, when the she-camel went to the water that she used to go to, he left it until she drank of that water and when she was in her way back he showed up to her and stroke her with his sword one time but it didn't do anything to her, and then he stroke her again and killed her, so she fill on her side, and her weanling escaped away and climbed a mountain and prattled three times towards the sky, and the people of Slih came and shared the man his strike and divided her meat amongst them so no young or adult is left without eating of her meat. Some tidings also say that four people went after her weanling when it escaped and shot an arrow towards it and it got into its heart so it dropped to earth, then they pulled it from its legs down and put its meat with its mother's meat and divided it amongst them, then Slih warned them and said to them: why did you do that? did you refuse the commandments of your God? So then God inspired to Slih that your people had rebelled and killed the she-camel that was sent to them by God as a clue for them, and they weren't harmed by her and they had in and from her the greatest benefits so say to them: I'm going to send my torment to you after three days, so if they regretted and made repentance towards their God, He will accept it and Will not torment them, and if they didn't make repentance His torment will arrive in the third day, so Slih brought the message of God to them and said to them: O folks, I'm a messenger from your Lord to you, and He says to you that if you made repentance I will accept it, so when he finished saying this they got even more rebellious and said: O Slih, let whatever you claim come true if you're truthful. Then Slih told them that the signs of their torture will be that in the first day their faces will become yellow, and then in the second day will become red, and then in the third day will become black and

the torment will come upon them. It is one of famous tidings that says that when they saw their faces being yellow in the first day they walked to each other and said to each other: what Slih said became true, and then in the second day when their faces became reddish they noticed that and argued about the truthfulness of Slih (PUH) but their tyrants did not accept and never believed and said: we will never accept what Slih said, and then when their faces got black in the third day their tyrants said: if we all died and destroyed we will never listen to him and never leave our gods that our fathers used to worship, so when it was the midnight Gabriel (PUH) came and shout on them and made them almost deaf and broke down their hearts so then all of them were dead within an eye's glance, and nothing is left of them alive (and morning found them prostrate in their dwelling-place(Al-A`rf:78)), and then God sent over them a fire that burnt them all. He said in the chapter of Hud: and touch her not with harm lest a near torment seize you, But they hamstrung her, and then he said: Enjoy life in your dwellingplace three days! This is a threat that will not be belied, So, when Our commandment came to pass, We saved Salih, and those who believed with him, by a mercy from Us, from the ignominy of that day(Hud:64-66). And God said: And the (awful) Cry overtook those who did wrong, so that morning found them prostrate in their dwellings(Hud:67). And what an example for everyone of God's creation that has a fine thinking and faith, and God also said speaking to His beloved The Chosen [The prophet Muhammad] (PUH): And all that We relate unto thee of the story of the messengers is in order that thereby We may make firm thy heart. And herein hath come unto thee the Truth and an exhortation and a reminder for believers(Hud:120). The story of amud was mentioned in the Holy Quran in eleven chapters: AlA`rf, Hud, Al-Hijr, Al-Sho`ar', Al-Naml, Fossilat, Al-ariyt, Al-Najm, AlQamar, Al-Hqqah, and Al-Shams. And the name of Slih (PUH) was mentioned seven times in them in: Al-A`rf, Hud, Al-Hijr, Al-Sho`ar. The miracle of Slih was the she-camel and her weanling because she was founded without a reasnable cause to let her out of the rock, and the birth of her weanling without a male, but only by the Will of God, by the prayers and callings of Slih (PUH), so God created her and founded her as the creation of Adam and Eve without a father or a mother, and Jesus the son of Mary is without a father as well. God founded her for Slih by his prayers as a clue for his truthfulness and a miracle from the Creator of Universe and the Founder of time and space for His Oneness. It is apparent that the Holy Quran did not mention anything about her getting out from a rock or a mountain or anything else, yes it is mentioned later on by the

prophet (PUH) and his purified viceroys and it is traced back to them in speeches and interpretations for the holy book and by other trusted followers and others who discussed the situations of prophets and messengers, but the most trusted are the Household of Muhammad (PUT), and the people of the house know better what's inside it. Yes, the Holy Quran attributed her to God like all creatures are, and she is His creation and mentioned that as: And the messenger of Allah said: It is the shecamel of Allah, so let her drink!(Al-Shams:13), meaning don't kill her and don't keep her away from drinking, but they lied and killed her. And also God said: Lo! We are sending the she-camel as a test for them; so watch them and have patience(Al-Qamar:27). And also God said: He said: (Behold) this she-camel. She hath the right to drink (at the well), and ye have the right to drink, (each) on an appointed day(Al-Sho`or':155). And also God said: O my people! This is the camel of Allah, a token unto you, so suffer her to feed in Allah's earth, and touch her not with harm lest a near torment seize you(Hud:64). And also in the chapter of Al-A`rf: A wonder from your Lord hath come unto you. Lo! this is the camel of Allah, a token unto you; so let her feed in Allah's earth, and touch her not with hurt lest painful torment seize you(Al-A`rf:73).

Properities of The She-Camel

This she-camel has special properities which make her destinctive from other shecamels, such as the large size of her body and its attractive color that is mainly brown with yellow and her dense hair, and her ability to drink the water of all the people so that nothing of it is left at the day of her drink, and also giving milk so much that it was enough for the people at that day, the youngs and adults, to drink, and also whatever was on earth of plants was a pasture for her and no one has the right to prohibit her from that, and she didn't use to hurt or do damage towards anyone either in self or his plants or his trees, and she did not need a guard, and the rest of the animals used to get afraid of her and get off her way. What is understood from the Holy Phrases about the she-camel is that no one of amud should do harm to her or to her food or her drink that was appointed for her at her appointed day, and she also don't approach the water at the day of their drinking, so her meanings and her characterestics are not obvious except for the One who created her. For this they were warned and the threat was directed to them whenever they wanted to harm her, and the punishment will befall on them for the slightest harm they might do or for killing her, and Slih (PUH) did his best with his people to advice them for he had the pity on them with sincerity, and carried so much of their cause and had patient with them to the fullest, and he was lonely with sorrow for them for they were his people and his tribe and his beloved if only they obeyed God, but what a sorrow (You would be heard if you were

calling a living, but there is no such life when the one you're calling). He used to remind them of the gifts of God to them and try to prohibit them to do mischiefs on earth and worship other gods instead of the true God, and also prohibited them to be tyrants on earth with pride, and for the main heads and tyrants in his people had the pride upon him and they didn't accept to be governed by the commandments and prohibitions of Slih like the other people and become under his rule after their pride and their rule, and for them such matter is something not to be discussed and not to be taken as it is for their pride keeps them from being under the rule of a man that had no money nor power, and they never look at what they were worshipping of idols that have no benefits nor harm, no feelings and don't talk to them or guide them, and they would know that the Creator is some One else only if they did meditate and understand. Slih (PUH) is His messenger to them and his prophecy was proved by the miracles that none of the creatures would make, and the mischiefers that had the rule among the people of Slih went to the believers that followed him and asked them as if they were mocking: do you know that Slih was sent from his God? And their answer to them was: we are believers in whatever he was sent for. Then the tyrants said: we disbelieve in what you've believed in. We've pointed out before that the destruction of the people of Slih ,for their killing of the she-camel and refusing the commandments of God and His prophet, was done by the Cry as was mentioned in the Holy Quran in God's saying: And the (awful) Cry overtook those who did wrong, so that morning found them prostrate in their dwellings(Hud:67). Yes, and Quran also mentioned several ways of punishing them with the quake, the thunders, tyranny..etc as in the chapters of Al-A`rf, Al-riyt, Al-Hqqah and Al-Sho`ar' , and no doubt that all of the other ways of punishing were revealed all together, because the Cry which is the great noise, is done by the thunder and mostly accompanied with the quake and we shall believe that the conditions for the Cry are all satisfied in the Holy Phrases, and also the tyranny which is the expansion of the circle of destruction that was revealed upon them and upon what they used to worship and upon where they used to live, so tyranny overcame them and their homes as mentioned in His saying: Then see the nature of the consequence of their plotting, for lo! We destroyed them and their people, every one, See, yonder are their dwellings empty and in ruins because they did wrong. Lo! herein is indeed a portent for a people who have knowledge(Al-Naml:51-52). With no doubt it is apparent that the people of Slih were in doubt about his prophecy and his message and his truthfulness about everything he claimed about the prophecy and the message of God to them before the foundation of the shecamel and her weanling, especially the main tyrants of them, and it is probable that some of them believed just by calling them back to God with showing them the

clues for that as it is with the rest of the messengers and prophets for such people had wisdom and kind hearts and the good-will, and mostly they are the weak people on earth, and they said to the tyrants of the people of Slih: Lo! In that wherewith he hath been sent we are believers(Al-A`rf:75). Yes, and when he got with the great miracle of his which was the she-camel out of the rock as they requested, those who were on faith been even more faithful, and it is probable that all of them believed in him at that time if it wasn't for the devil's seducation and the soul that runs after mischiefs and the stubborness of the harsh disbelievers that grabbed with them those of weak faith and those who have no working mind or wisdom. And in a famous speech (Hadith) [this line probably taken from a famous Hadith for the prophet Muhammad PUH]: People are following their kings religions for their greedness for this life's wreckage and their fear of power. So from here and there, those of stubborness got back from being faithful without a clue or a prove, and been doubting and disbelieving, and said to him: Let whatever you were promising come over us if you were saying the truth. And as a witness for this we have God's saying: And as for Thamud, We gave them guidance, but they preferred blindness to the guidance(Fossilat:17). So, the she-camel is the miracle to prove the truthfulness of Slih and his message from God to them, and it is a test for them, for God did say: Lo! We are sending the she-camel as a test for them; so watch them and have patience(Al-Qamar:27), so by her, the prove was done and the forbidden happened along with the torture, and all is said and done, and God did say about this: We never punish until we have sent a messenger(AlIsr':15).

The Land of Slih's (PUH) People

We've pointed out previously their living places although there is some controversy that had not been under discussion, so after tracing back we've found out that it lies between Shm (modern Syria and surroundings) and Hijz (in KSA) in a place called Al-Hijr. God said: Though ye hew out dwellings in the mountain, being skilful?(Al-Sho`ar':149), and from Ibn-`Abbs as reported in interpreting the meanings of this holy phrase: they used to build castles in every position and hew houses in the mountains to be their dwellings places in winter so it is better and warmer, and emud was in Wdi Al-Qur [= Valley of Villages] between Medina and Shm, and A'ad was in Yemen, and the ages of emud's people used to range between one thousand years and three hundred years. And in His saying: Ye choose castles in the plains(Al-A`rf:74), meaning that they used to build the castles in the plains, and it is said that they used to make it there to take a rest in them. Abdul-Wahb Al-Najjr [another person that has also a book about prophets] said in his stories: Their homes were in Al-Hijr and it is between Hijz and Shm in Wdi Al-Qur and they are apparent still til this very day, and some of my

friends visited it and got into the king's home and it was a house with some rooms and has a large hall and carved into stone, and the place of their dwellings is known today as Faj Al-Nqah [= The Hole of The She-Camel]. Al-Mas'udi said: Their remains are still obvious in the way as you come back from Shm, and Al-Hijr of emud is in the southern-east part of the land of Midian and it is near the bay of Aqabah. And in the speech of Slih (PUH) as been told by the Holy Book: And remember how He made you viceroys after A'ad and gave you station in the earth. Ye choose castles in the plains and hew the mountains into dwellings(Al-A`rf:74) and this is a point to denote the origin of emud and their time and that they are the remains of A'ad, and this is as said by some historians. The people of Hadramawt claim that the lands of emud were part of A'ad colonies, so Abdul-Wahb Al-Najjr said: This is closer to the logic and doesn't conflict with what was said before, and also he reported some speeches and tidings in this section from european orientalists and also copied from the book of Jorji Zedn (Al-`Arab Qabl Al-Islm) [=Arabs before Islam] and also from so many others discussing emud and the origin of emud and their time, and he mentioned his point of view about all of that in a long speech that we don't need to mention here after stating the holy phrase that discusses their situation and after what was traced from the Prophet and his Household (PUT), and we've explained as much as possible for those who has an attentive ears and an awakened heart. Then in the speech about the prophets and messengers and their situations with their people, Quran ordered them one by one by names and moves from one before to the one after, and it is a clue for their time and place order, as understood by logic, look into the chapters of Al-A`rf, Hud, Al-Anbiy', Al-Mu'minun, AlSho`ar', Al-Qasas, Fossilat, and the others, you will see them mostly moving from one known story to another one the same as in the story of Noah to the story of Hud, and the story of Slih to the story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (PUT). It is for sure that their prophecy is proved according to the time order that Quran provided as to mention Jacob after Isaac and he is after Abraham, and also Solomon after David, and Jesus after Moses, and it is after Abraham and after Noah and after Adam, and their end is the prophet Muhammad and his Household (PUT). [here comes some lines that I couldn't translate easily. They bear much philosophical terms I guess plus they add nothing to the subject]. Some scholars mentioned about this matter that deserves to be mentioned here which is comparing `Ali ben Abi Tlib, the prince of believers (PUH), with the She-Camel of Slih, because there are some speeches (Hadiths) that had been proved and traced back to the prophet (PUH), and also it is mentioned a comparison between Al-Zahr' [meaning Ftima, the daughter of the prophet] with her (the she-camel) for some reasons. As traced back from the prophet (PUH) that he said to `Ali (PUH): The most unblessed in this life is the one who killed the shecamel of Slih and the one who will strike you on the head O `Ali until the blood of your head dye your beard. For many times it is reported from him (PUH) [meaning `Ali ben Abi Tlib] that he compared his killer with the killer of the shecamel of Slih, and it is mentioned that some historians wrote papers and explained

in length the possible reasons for such comparison. Some scholars said: whoever meditates through it will see the similarities, and that is `Ali (PUH) was a miracle shown by God through the prophet Muhammad (PUH) and he said (`Ali PUH): And what miracle is greater than me?. Al-Fdhil Al-Mo`tazali Ibn Abi Al-Hadeed [person's name] in his interpretations: The history of this life is known and checked for the time after the flood until this very day, and never reached us in this period of time any tidings about any man from Arabs, Persians, Turks, Indians, Romans or any others, that has such bravery or even being close to him (`Ali PUH) in any character of completeness. The owner of the book called "Al-`Adasiyt" [?] mentioned that: Gabriel (PUH) said to the prophet (PUH): God sent `Ali with the prophets in secret, and sent him with you in public. His birth (`Ali PUH) was in the Holy Kaaba, which is the rock of God's shrine, as the she-camel got out from a rock and this had never happened for any prophet or a viceroy of a prophet, and he (PUH) used to give the wisdom and knowledge for people as the she-camel used to give the people, and the reason for his killing is the same as this for killing the she-camel if anyone did meditate in both cases, and it is a long story, and after his killing they killed his son, Al-Husain (PUH), as they (people of Slih) killed the weanling of the she-camel, and so on with such similarities, and this is all what we could mention in explaining the situation of Slih (PUH) with his people, and may God help us.

Abraham The God's Friend (PUH)

He is the second of the major prophets and one that had general religion and laws. God did say in the chapter of Al-Nahl: Lo! Abraham was a nation obedient to Allah, by nature upright, and he was not of the idolaters; Thankful for His bounties; He chose him and He guided him unto a straight path.(Al-Nahl:120-121). What is brought by some tidings about interpreting this holy phrase that he (PUH) had a religion that no one else had so he was like a nation alone, and obedient means that he was obeying and faithful. And as reported from Al-Kthim (PUH): In all the world save but one that was worshipping God, and if there were someone else with him then God would add him in His saying "Abraham was a nation", and then God made for him a company and gave him Ismael and Isaac, so they became three, and God talked to His beloved the prophet Muhammad (PUH) and ordered him to follow the religion of Abraham, and in some news from Al-Husain ben `Ali (PUH): None is following the path of Abraham except of us and our followers and all the people are astraying away from it. Abraham is the son of Terah (Tarah) [ Hebrew: Terach, Arabic: Trih] ben Nahor ben Serug ben Reu [Arabic: Ar`u] ben Peleg [Arabic: Flig] ben Eber [Arabic: `bir] ben Salah [Arabic: Shlikh] ben Arfakhsha ben Shem ben Noah (PUT), as it is mentioned in Murooj Al-ahab for Al-Mas`udi and some stories for Abdul-Wahb Al-Najjr go along with such chain of fathers although there are some differences in four names, but such differences never harm. His birth took place in one of Kufa's villages in Iraq that was called Kur and some said it is called Fadn-Arm (Paddan-Aram) and his father was

one of people of this village, and the mother of Abraham and the mother of Lot were sisters and they were daughters of Lhij and Lhij was a prophet but not a messenger, and Abraham got married to Sarah and she was his maternal cousin and she owned many cattles and a large landscape, and so then she had put all of that under the control of Abraham (PUH) and he worked on taking care of it all, and all of that is taken from a speech for Al-Sdiq (PUH) and it is long. It is also mentioned that Lot was rather the nephew of Abraham (son of his brother) and there is no conflict in that since that Terah, the father of Abraham, is the father of Hrn (Haran), the father of Lot, so then Terah and His son Haran married two sisters and they are the daughters of Lhij and they gave birth to Abraham ben Terah and Lot ben Haran (PUT) and so Lot is the maternal cousin for Abraham and his brother's son as well, be aware and you will understand, and we've come to mention before that Sarah was the maternal cousin for Abraham and she is the sister of Lot but she was the sister of Lot by the mother and not by the father [meaning: her father is NOT Haran himself, but someone else], because Haran is the brother of Abraham and so Abraham can't get married to his brother's daughter, but after the death of Haran, the father of Sarah got married to her mother and she gave birth to Sarah, so obviously, Sarah is the sister of Lot by his mother and she is the maternal cousin of Abraham, and Lot is the nephew of Abraham and also his maternal cousin. It is reported from the book of Barnaba that Abraham was a lad from Paddan-Aram in Iraq, and his people were pagans and his father was a carpenter that makes idols and sell it to whoever worships them, and that Abraham was enlightened by God and guided by Him and knew that idols don't hear nor see, and they don't hear any call and can't answer any pray and don't harm nor give benefits, and this is also what was mentioned in Torah, and in Holy Quran it is mentioned in the chapter of Al-Anbiy': And We verily gave Abraham of old his proper course, and We were Aware of him, When he said unto his father and his folk: What are these images unto which ye pay devotion? (Al-Anbiy':5152), and in the chapter of Al-An`m: (Remember) when Abraham said unto his father Azar: Takest thou idols for gods? Lo! I see thee and thy folk in error manifest(Al-An`m:74), and in the chapter of Al-Sho`ar': Recite unto them the story of Abraham, When he said unto his father and his folk: What worship ye? They said: We worship idols, and are ever devoted unto them.(Al-Sho`ar':69-71), and also: And forgive my father. Lo! he is of those who err(Al-Sho`ar':86). Whoever noticed the conversation between Abraham and his father Azar in the holy book would see a man with great patience and passion and no one is like him, and whenever his father steps away from him he goes to him to guide him for he is afraid for him from the torture in the after-life, while his father Azar exaggerated with his cruelty, but he was trying to make him happy and loved by God, but Azar was escaping away from him and promising him the punishment of the idols and the judgement of Nemrud. Look by the eye of the heart to this conversation and to the passion of the friend of God and the cruelty of Azar from the chapter of Mariam which tells the debate between a pagan that couldn't catch happiness and a prophet and a messenger of God, Abraham (PUH), and God said in it (the chapter

of Mariam): And make mention (O Muhammad) in the Scripture of Abraham. Lo! he was a saint, a prophet. When he said unto his father: O my father! Why worshippest thou that which heareth not nor seeth, nor can in aught avail thee ? O my father! Lo! there hath come unto me of knowledge that which came not unto thee. So follow me, and I will lead thee on a right path. O my father! Serve not the devil. Lo! the devil is a rebel unto the Beneficent(Mariam:41-44), and his answer to him was: He said: Rejectest thou my gods, O Abraham ? If thou cease not, I shall surely stone thee. Depart from me a long while! He said: Peace be unto thee! I shall ask forgiveness of my Lord for thee. Lo! He was ever gracious unto me(Mariam:46-47). Then Abraham (PUH) disowned Azar and his deeds and did not like to live in his place and between his people so he left them by an order from God to Palestine and Shaam [Shaam: Syria and the surroundings], and Abraham was looking for guiding his father and his father promised to follow him and for this he did pray for forgiveness for his father but when he knew that he will keep on worshipping the idols and stay on the religion of his people he (Abraham) disowned him and his people and their worshipping, and this is testified by the chapter of AlTawbah: The prayer of Abraham for the forgiveness of his father was only because of a promise he had promised him, but when it had become clear unto him that he (his father) was an enemy to Allah he (Abraham) disowned him. Lo! Abraham was soft of heart, long-suffering(Al-Tawbah:114). In the stories of Abdul-Wahab AlNajjr: Then Abraham did travel to Palestine as a stranger with his wife Sarah and his nephew Lot and his wife, God did say in the chapter of Al-`Ankaboot: And Lot believed him, and said: Lo! I am a fugitive unto my Lord. Lo! He, only He, is the Mighty, the Wise(Al-`Ankaboot:26) and so they lived there and it was the land of Canaanites and he (Abraham) lived in Shakim and it is now the city of Nabulus but he didn't stay for long time but he kept on moving to the south as denoted by some Toratic phrases about his journey to Egypt and to the land of Abi-Mlik (Abimelech) [Hebrew: Abiymelek]. There is a talk that has some conflicts, and the one that quoted it is hesitated since the resources for this talk are the Torah and the Bibles mostly, and still they have some opposition and conflicts in the same resource and also between each of them, so we don't quote anything unless we make sure it coincide with what we are sure that it is been told by the holy prophet (PUH) and the holy quran by the way of his Household the purified, or whatever is close to that by the way of others which is accepted by the righteous mind and thought and logic. Al-Mas`udi announced in Muruj Al-ahab [book's name: Plains of Gold], that Azar is Terah the father of Abraham, and what is apparent is that Azar is a character (describtion) for Terah ben Nahor according to him (Al-Mas`udi), so he said about it this: and when God took the soul of Nahor, his son Terah stood after him and he is Azar the father of Abraham and at his time lived the king Nimrod..etc [in the book it is Nimrod ben Canaan, but searching in the old testament the only trace I had is Nimrod ben Cush]. It is apparent that most of our brothers of Islamic scholars and historians believe that the father of Abraham was a

pagan, and one of them also Abdul-Wahb Al-Najjr, for this is what is obvious from the holy phrases. After proving that Azar is Terah ben Nahor the father of Abraham, he (Abdul-Wahb) mentioned some interpretations for the word "Azar" as being a substitute for the word "father" that was mentioned in quran, or it might be a word for calling shame upon him (maybe because he stood beside falsehood and paganism) [notice: zar in Arabic means "he helped"], or it might mean "to restrain", and Terah is his name but Azar is a character for him or an adjective. And Al-Rzi said in his interpretation for the holy phrase "when Abraham said unto his father Azar"(Al-An`m:74): what this phrase shows is that Azar is the name of Abraham's father. And said Al-Zajjj: there is no doubt that his name was Terah. And some people that have no faith made this a point of crack in holy quran, and there are some explanations been mentioned about this matter, one of them is that the father of Abraham (PUH) was Terah and Azar was his uncle, and the uncle could be called as "father" as it is mentioned by God in telling the story of the sons of Jacob when they said: We shall worship thy God, the God of thy fathers, Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac(Al-Baqarah:133), and it is well known that Ishmael was an uncle for Jacob but they called him as "father" and so it is the situation here, and then said Al-Zajjj: the Shiites said that none of the prophet's (PUH) fathers was a pagan or a disbeliever [meaning the prophet Muhammad] and they mentioned that Azar is his (Abraham's) uncle and they got the clues for it, so then he mentioned the point of views and the clues in a long speech and talk and it is well known for them (Sunnites) in their creed for whoever has the knowledge of it. One of the point of views is God's saying: Who seeth thee when thou standest up (to pray), And (seeth) thine abasement among those who fall prostrate (in worship) (Al-Shu`ar':218-219), meaning that his halo was moving from one to another among those who fall prostrate until it became to `Abdul-Muttalib [Grandfather of Muhammad PUH] and his son `Abdullah [father of Muhammad PUH] (PUH), so then it became to existance [meaning the halo was moving from ancestors until it became apparent by the existance of Muhammad PUH], and more explanations will become in the future by God's own will. In summary, they don't believe that his (Abraham's) father was a faithful, and accoding to their creed (Sunnites) is it not a shame and accepted for they don't believe in the condition of the infallibility and faithfulness of the ancestors of prophets and messengers, but our scholars according to their Imams, the Household of Muhammad (PUH) don't say this, and they believe absolutely that the prophets and messengers and their viceroys don't become to existance accept from holy and faithful and infallible ancestors, and since this is possible as well as their assumption and God is able to do it, then why not believing in it, and how dare we say about a prophet or a messenger from God to His creation or even about their viceroys that were appointed by God also, how dare we say that he is a son of a pagan or a fallible person or a wicked man, and there is more to come about this matter if God allowed that.

The Infallibility of God's Viceroys

It is mentioned that after giving the glad tidings for the God's friend that he will become a viceroy and a messenger and a prophet, he wished that this would be also in his descendants and asked that from God, so The Wise said to him: My covenant includeth not wrong-doers(Al-Baqarah:124). As reported from Al-Sdiq (PUH): God took Abraham as a slave before He takes him as a prophet, and took him as a prophet before He takes him as a messenger, and then took him as a messenger before He takes him as a Friend, and He took him as a friend before He makes him a leader, so He gathered for him all of that He said unto him: Lo! I have appointed thee a leader for mankind(Al-Baqarah:124). Then he said (PUH): and because it was so great as seen by Abraham (PUH) he said "And of my offspring"(AlBaqarah:124), so then God answered him back by saying: My covenant includeth not wrong-doers(Al-Baqarah:124), and the complete holy phrase from the chapter of Al-Baqarah, God said: And (remember) when his Lord tried Abraham with (His) commands, and he fulfilled them, He said: Lo! I have appointed thee a leader for mankind. (Abraham) said: And of my offspring (will there be leaders) ? He said: My covenant includeth not wrong-doers(Al-Baqarah:124) and this holy phrase assures that giving the commandments of God is done only for the infallible and the purified faithful people, and although this holy phrase points out that the wrong-doer and the disbeliever do not take such a high place (to take the covenant) even though if it was just a period of his life, but it is also understood from it that he and his ancestors must be purified and infallible as well, so whoever becomes and enemy for God for some time in his life can not be a prophet or a viceroy of a prophet, and from this we move to the point of saying that his fathers and ancestors are infallible and purified and faithful, and we don't say that a prophet or a messenger or someone that takes their place that he is born from a pagan ancestor or father or being born of a sin, or he would be cursed for this and would be mocked of that because it is a bad character, and God, the Exalted, does not allow bad characters for His messengers to His creation, or it would be said that a son of a pagan or a son of unknown father was sent to us, and they say that disbelieving is a devil, but does a devil give birth except for a devil? and what a colocynth would yield except a colocynth? and God is able to give to His creation only a purified leader from purified ancestors until the end of the chain to Adam that was created by His hands as a holy and a purified creature and guided him, so how come He allows that a messenger or a viceroy that was appointed by His appointment to be a son of a pagan or that he himself was pagan and an idol worshipper even if it was for some time, but highness is only for God and His messenger and for the believers. And if you are in a doubt of the rule of the mind about this matter for some soul sickness then we have, and thanks for God, what makes us confident and what makes us even more sure than before, from speeches and talks reported from the prophet (PUH) and his Household (PUT) as they report them from their grandfather the chosen prophet and the owner of the holy quran and it is the ultimate prove. It is mentioned and reported from them (PUT) that the prophet (PUH) said: I've became to existance from purified ancestors and purified wombs..etc, in a long

speech that was some of it and with the same meaning comes a lot from the infallible Household members. And in Ziyrat Wri [a ritual or a calling famous with this name, it resembles a visit to the shrine of some holy viceroy not necessarily going to his shrine, might be close to the meaning of seeking a bless from a saint] for Al-Husain ben `Ali (PUT) and also others in the same way that are approved to be issued from infallible Imams, in those ritual it is announced that their fathers are purified, and the infallible Imam from Al-Husain descendants calls for the grandfather of Al-Husain (PUT) by saying: I testify that you were a light (halo) in the purified ancestry and the purified wombs, never touched by paganism and its uncleanliness and never wore its darkest garments...etc, and if you looked into the famous Ziyrat Al-Jami`ah [another ritual or visit] which isensured to be issued by Al-Hdi (PUH) and if you meditated in its text then you would surely recognize the meaning and know that their fathers are like them, purified. You got also Al-Sheefah Al-Sajjdiyah [a book's name which has many rituals and was founded by `Ali ben Al-Husain (PUH)] which will guide you through to the truth, so from their prayers, callings and their speeches you can get the absolute truth about this matter, and if you still got doubt about all of that then you have Nahj AlBalaghah [book's name] which collects some of the speeches for the prince of believers (`Ali ben Abi-Tlib) (PUH) you will get from it the truth as well, and it is that all of the ancestors of all the prophets and messengers are purified and also their viceroys as well, who are appointed by a commandment and not by voting [the author here points out to the main difference between the Shiite creed and the Sunnite creed, where Shiite believe in a viceroy after each prophet appointed by God, but the Sunnite believe that the prophet did not mention anything about a viceroy before his death and so the caliphate or the viceroy after his death should be taken by voting and this is what happened, neglecting the right of `Ali ben AbiTlib (PUH) in being a viceroy and a caliphate after the death of the prophet (PUH)] And for God's saying: The idolaters only are unclean(Al-Tawbah:28), then none of their ancestor can be one of them. For this Shiites agree that the father of Abraham (PUH) was a muslim, and so the tidings that oppose this is not something to take or work with. But the father of Abraham is Terah and Azar was his uncle, and the uncle can be called a father as mentioned before and he used to take care of him and he (Abraham) was in his (Azar) house as it is apparent from the holy phrases, and many clues were been given for this matter so we have no doubt about that, and may God help us.

The Birth of Abraham (PUH)

It is mentioned that Nimrod had an astrologer, and once he said to him (to Nimrod): I see by calculating the positions of the stars that a man will be in your land and work on changing the religion to some other religion than yours, so then Nimrod said to him: in what land shall that be? So he answered: in this land, and he is not born yet, so then Nimrod said: we must separate men and women, and so

he did and the mother of Abraham was pregnant but her pregnancy was not of clear appearance, and when the time had come for her to give birth she said to her husband Terah: I want to be alone and hide, and every woman at that time used to hide whenever she gets pregnant because of the cruel rule. Nimrod appointed a woman for every pregnant wife, so whenever she gives birth to a male he gets killed, and whenever she gives birth to a female then she is safe, so mother of Abraham escaped away when it was the time for her to give birth and entered a cave far away from people's sights and she gave birth, and she used to check him up whenever she gets the chance to, and she used to block the cave's enterance with rocks, and God took care of him and protected him against their evils. It was mentioned that he used to grow up in one day as would someone else grow up in a month, so he stayed there in the cave for thirteen years, so when he got old that much he got out of the cave and couldn't bear it anymore, and when his mother came he caught her clothes and said to her: I must go out and see people, and so on until he got out with her and she said to him: if the king knew about you and you are born at this time he is going to kill you, but he didn't care and got out and then she brought him to his uncle Azar. It might be that Terah after the birth of Abraham and while he was there in the cave, died and fate judged for his mother to be in the house of Azar and a wife for him and she gave birth to children for him and he got also children from others, and only God knows. Abraham left the cave after the sunset and darkness was all over the place, and he knew that people are worshipping idols and Azar and all the people in his house except for his mother are idolators as well, so he hated that and refused it and denied worshipping the idols. Then he saw an apparent star in the sky and it was Venus, so he said: this is my God, but when it disappeared he said: if it was my God indeed it won't disappear, and then said: I don't love things that set. Then he looked to the east and saw the moon so he said: this is my God, this is bigger, but when it moved and disappeared he said: Unless my Lord guide me, I surely shall become one of the folk who are astray. Then when it was the morning time and the sun rose and he saw its glance and light all over earth, he then said: this is my God, it is bigger and greater, but when it moved and disappeared, God then made him to see the throne and the kingdoms of heavens and earth and inspired him and guided him and filled his hearth with galo and he knew that this universe has a Creator, so then he said: O my people! Lo! I am free from all that ye associate (with Him), Lo! I have turned my face toward Him Who created the heavens and the earth, as one by nature upright, and I am not of the idolaters(Al-An`m:78-79). And when his mother brought him to her home and made a place for him between her children and his uncle Azar knew about him he said: who is that that still alive while the king kills all the males? So his mother said: this is my son and I gave birth to him at the time of so and so. Then Azar said to her: If the king knew about it he will be so mad and we'll be not in such a high place, and Azar was in fact a man of a high place under the rule of Nimrod and was his minister, and he used to give the idols for his children to sell it. So then Abraham's mother said: do not worry, if the king did not know about it he will stay with us and if he knew about it

I will not make you to defend him, and Azar used to love Abraham so much whenever he looks at him and used to give him the idols to sell them as his children do. It is mentioned also that Abraham (PUH) used to tie a rope in the necks of the idols and drags them over the ground and say: who would buy what harms him and give no benefits, and used to drop them in water and ask them to talk as to mock at them and as an insult for them and for whoever worships them, so his brothers mentioned that to their father Azar and that was so great for him so he warned him and threatened him to stop that, but he did not stop so he kept him at home and didn't let him go out. Then the people of Abraham and his relatives had a debate with him so then he said: Dispute ye with me concerning Allah when He hath guided me ?(Al-An`m:80). They mentioned (PUT) [meaning: the Household PUT] that he was born in the first day in the month of ul-Hijjah [the 12th month in the lunar calendar for Muslims and the month of pilgrimage], and they say that he lived for one hundred and fifty seven years and buried in his current site in AlKhaleel (Hebron) in Palestine.

Breaking The Idols and Throwing Abraham in The Fire

It is reported from the Household (PUT) that Nimrod and all the people of his kingdom went out in a festival and Abraham hated to go out with them, so Nimrod appointed him to guard the idols house. He offered the idols food and give it to one after another and say to him: eat and talk, and when he gets no answer, and he knows that he will not get an answer and how come a non-living thing would answer him, he breaks its arms and legs with an axe until all of them are broken, then he hanged the axe over the neck of the biggest idol and it was in the middle of the place, and then when the king got back with his people and saw what happened to their idols they said: Who hath done this to our gods ? Surely it must be some evil- doer(Al-Anbiy':59) Then they said: here is a boy that remembers them called Abraham and he is the son of Azar, so then they brought him with his father Azar, then Nimrod said to Azar: you betrayed me and kept this boy away, then Azar said: O my king, this is the deed of his mother and she said that she will defend for him, so then Nimrod called Abraham's mother and asked her: what made you hide this boy until he did what he did to our gods? So then she said: O king, this is because I care about your people, he said then: and how is that? She answered: because you used to kill the kids of your people and this deed will decrease the population so I thought for myself that if it was this boy he is seeking let him kill it and leave the people alone and if he is not the enemy of the king then he would stay for us so I see now I am right and you got him and he is yours so do whatever you want to do with him and stop killing other people's children. Then Nimrod looked at Abraham and asked: Is it thou who hast done this to our gods, O Abraham ? He said: But

this, their chief hath done it. So question them, if they can speak(Al-Anbiy':6263). It is reported from Al-Sdiq (PUH): he (Abraham) said that their chief had done it and he did not lie because he said he had done it if only he can speak. So then Nimrod asked his people what to do with him so they told him: burn him and make a victory for our gods if you want. Al-Sdiq said: the king of Abraham and his folks were not wise for they said for Nimrod burn him, but the king of Moses and his folks were wise because when he (the king) asked his folks for what to do with Moses they told him to give him a chance with his brother and call every magician in the land, then Nimrod captivated Abraham and collected the woods and so when it was the day to throw him in the fire, Nimrod and his soldiers showed up and he built before that a building to see what will happen to Abraham when he is thrown in the fire and to see how the fire would burn him and the Satan came to them and showed them how to make the catapult because no one was able to approach the fire and they were buffled how to throw him into that great flame, and birds were burnt from a far because of it, so then they put Abraham onto the catapult and it is said that Azar came and slapped him and told him to get back to the religion but he did not care about it. They mentioned that none of God's creation, except for the human beings, wouldn't ask God to save Abraham, so the earth said: O Lord, none on my back worships You except of him, would he be burnt! And angels said: O Lord, Your friend Abraham is getting burnt. So then, God did say: if he called for me, I will save him. And Gabriel said: O Lord, Your friend Abraham is getting burnt and You sent Your enemy to burn him. So then said God: Be silent, only a slave like you would say this because he is afraid of being late. and he is My slave, I can take him back whenever I want to, and if he called Me I would answer him. So then Abraham (PUH) called his Lord by the words that are in the chapter of Al-Ikhls: O Allah (God), O The One, O The eternally besought of all, O One that begetteth not nor was begotten, O One that there is none comparable unto Him, save me from the fire by Your mercy. The narrator said: then Gabiel met with Abraham in the air and he was put in the catapult, and said to him: do you need me O Abraham? So then Abraham answered: for you no, but for the Lord of universe yes, so he (Gabriel) gave him a ring that has an engraving saying: No other god except for Allah, Muhammad is the prophet of Allah, Allah is before my back, Allah supports me, Allah got my life. Then when Abraham wore the ring, God commanded the fire "be coolness", so then Abraham's teeth started to shake and chatter because of the coolness, until He said unto it "and peace for Abraham" and then Gabriel got down and sat beside him and talking to him as if they were in a green garden. It is mentioned also that Gabriel (PUH) brought a garment from paradise and he (Abraham) wore it and then they sat together talking. This garment is given by Abraham to Isaac, and Isaac gave it to Jacob, and Jacob gave it to Joseph and he made it in his neck and so it was with him (with Joseph) when he was thrown into the well and when he got into jail , and it is the garment that Joseph sent to his father from Egypt and made him blind no more, and this is what has been told in the public and it is transformed and narrated in different ways. Then Nimrod

looked at Abraham (PUH) and said: whoever had a god let him take a god as the one of Abraham, so then a great man that Nimrod had said: I made magic over the fire so it won't burn him, then immediately a column of fire grew and burnt him. Then Nimrod looked at Abraham while he was sitting in a green garden in the fire with an old man talking to him, so then he said to Azar: the God of your son loves your son so much. They mentioned also that after God's commandment to the fire to be coolness and peace for Abraham, no fire worked on earth for three days, and it is reported from Al-Rzi that he said: scholars had different interpretations for the coolness of fire at that day in three ways, one of them is that God removed the heat that was in the fire and only the light in it remained, and the second way says that God created in the body of Abraham (PUH) a protection against fire, as God do to the keepers of hell, and the third way says that God created a veil between Abraham and the fire and so the fire was kept away. Investigators said that the first way is the most truthful since it is apparent from God's saying:O fire, be coolness and peace for Abraham(Al-Anbiy':69), it is apparent that fire itself had been cool and so there are no protection or a veil and this is the correct opinion, and as reported from the prophet (PUH) that when Abraham (PUH) was thrown into fire, Gabriel (PUH) came down with a garment from paradise and with a carpet, so he made him (Abraham) wear the garment and lat him sit on the carpet and sat together talking. In interpretations they say that after throwing Abraham into the fire by Nimrod, and after he got out of it as if nothing happened to him, Nimrod said to him then: O Abraham, who is your god? He answered: my God is the One that gives life and take it. Then said Nimrod: I give life and take it, then Abraham said to him: how come you give life adn take it? Then Nimrod said: I bring two men that are to be executed, so I give mercy for one of them and release him and keep the other and kill him and so I gave life and took it. Then said Abraham to him: if you were truthful then give life again to the one you killed, then he said: leave this now, my God brings the sun from east, so bring it from west, and so Nimrod was amazed. God said: Bethink thee of him who had an argument with Abraham about his Lord, because Allah had given him the kingdom; how, when Abraham said: My Lord is He Who giveth life and causeth death, he answered: I give life and cause death. Abraham said: Lo! Allah causeth the sun to rise in the East, so do thou cause it to come up from the West. Thus was the disbeliever abashed. And Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk(Al-Baqarah:258). The speech in this holy phrase was directed to our prophet (PUH) for God's saying "Bethink thee of him who had an argument with Abraham..etc" And the prophet himself doesn't know what is hidden in the future or destiny and only God knows, so He tells him what happened between Abraham and the damned Nimrod, and the one that had an argument with Abraham was Nimrod, and he was the first man to be a tyrant and called himself a god, and it has been told that this argument took place after throwing Abraham into the fire and being out of it with no harm and guided by God, and Nimrod had such an argument because of his high place and because people followed him and God gave him the time, but he rebelled and refused because of the kingdom he had and

given by God, and the kingdom here is considered to be the ornaments of life and a human being would rebel when he becomes a rich, and such kingdom can be given to a faithful or a disbeliever, and Solomon ben David (PUT) was given a kingdom and power that was nothing like them, and God never gave something similar to anyone else and he said: He said: My Lord! Forgive me and bestow on me sovereignty such as shall not belong to any after me(Sad:35), and so God gave him what shall not pass in the mind of anyone else and he is a prophet and a son of a prophet, and also He had given Nebuchadnezzar and the Pharaoh of Moses a kingdom and others a lot that were believers or disbelievers. For the kingdom by means of owing people's order and judgement and getting the loyalty of people that God guided, such things are not given by God except for one who God knows that they call for rightness and guidance and it is not to be except for a prophet or a viceroy or anyone faithful that God had chosen for His religion, and they know by the guidance of God what do people need in their life for religion, life matters and for the after-life. They say that when Abraham said to Nimrod that God brings the sun from the east so bring it from the west, Nimrod got surprised and couldn't answer because of his surprise and he knew that Abraham got the rightful clue. Nimrod could have said to Abraham let your God bring it from the west but he was afraid from God's reply to Abraham as He saved Abraham before from the fire. When Nimrod saw the miracles he knew that if he suggested that (bringing the sun from the west) Abraham would do it without a doubt and would make people believe him and in that way Nimrod would be ashamed, and God guideth not the wrongdoing folks. As reported from Ibn-`Abbs he said that God sent a mosquito to Nimrod and stung his lip, and when he tried to catch it it flied to his nose, and tried to get it out but then she got into his brain, so then God tortured him for forty nights then destroyed him.

Getting Out From Iraq To The Land of Shem

In tidings, when Abraham broke the idols and after throwing him into the fire and getting out of it with no harm, he (Nimrod) ordered for Abraham to be exiled out of the lands, and avoid him from taking his money and cattle, so then Abraham asked for judgement to be made according to their own laws and regulations. In general he argued with them by saying: if you want to take my money, then you should give me an exchange for my life that I spent in your lands, so then they went to the judge of Nimrod to make a judgement about this matter, and the judge decided that Abraham was right, so they released him and released his cattles and all of his money, so then Abraham and Lot got out in the direction of the land of Shem (Syria and the surroundings) approaching the position of the holy shrine in Jerusalem before it had been built by many following centuries, and he made a bed

for his wife Sarah and closed it roughly for he was so jealous, and she was the daughter of his uncle Pethuel the brother of Terah ben Nahor, and she was the first to believe in him, and other things rather than this had been said as in Muruj Alahab for Al-Mas`udi, but it also mentioned as we said before that she is Abraham's maternal cousin and she was the sister of Lot ben Haran. So he went along far away from his home to some where else like a stranger, he did not know anyone and no one invited him to his land, so he travelled until he was out of Nimrod's kingdom until he got into the kingdom of a coptic man called `Urrah [maybe the author used "coptic" here as a general name for egyptians, the coming story is similar to the one mentioned in the chapter of Genesis in Torah, but the name of the Pharaoh is not mentioned in Torah], then he passed by a tithegatherer that takes tithes from people passing by his lands, so he blocked the way of Abraham to take the tithes of his money and cattles, so the officer that was appointed from `Urrah said: open the tomb (or the palaquin which had his wife Sarah in it) to take the tithes of it, so then Abraham said: say whatever you think it is there and ask for whatever you want of gold and silver to give you the tithes of it and don't open it. But the tithe-gatherer denied that and insisted on opening the palaquin and he did, and Abraham became so angry because he was so jealous and afraid for his wife Sarah, and when the tithe-gatherer looked at Sarah, and she was pretty, he said: who is she? and what is her relation to you? So then Abraham said: she is my wife and my cousin. Then the officer said: I won't let you go until I tell the king about you and her. Then he sent a messenger to the king and told him everything happened, and when the tidings reached the king he ordered the palaquin to be brought to him with what it had, and so they took the palaquin and Abraham went with them and never left the palaquin, and when they reached the king, the king said: open the palaquin, then Abraham answered: my wife and my cousin is inside and I am ready to give everything I have for not opening it, but the king was not satisfied until they opened it. When they opened it and he looked into Sarah he couldn't hold himself and extended his hand trying to touch her, and Abraham then turned his face away for his jealousy and said: O God keep his hand away from my wife and my cousin, and so his hand didn't reach her and didn't get back to him (it is understood from this line that his hand was paralysed) Then said the king: your God did that to me? So said Abraham: yes, then he said: pray to him to get it back to me, and if it was back to me I will leave you alone. So then Abraham prayed to God and so his hand got back to him, but the king looked at her again and extended his hand to reach her and Abraham turned his face away and said: O God keep his hand away, and so his hand was paralysed and couldn't reach her, so then the king said to Abraham: your God is jealous and you are jealous as well so call your God to let my hand back to me, and if it was so I will not do it

again. Then said Abraham: O God if he wastruthful let it back to him, and so it was, and when the king saw that Abraham grew so great for him and made him his guest and then said to him: go to wherever you want but I have a request, and that is to allow me to give her (Sarah) a pretty coptic maid that I have and she is intelligent and I want her to be as a servant for your wife, and so Abraham allowed that, and so the king gave her to Sarah, and she was Hagar the mother of Ishmael (PUH). Then Abraham got out with all what he had and the king went out with him and walked behind Abraham for his greatness but Abraham refused this and didn't accept that the king would walk behind him and so he made him in the front and Abraham walked behind him and he said: my God ordered me to walk behind you and respect you for your highness and so then the coptic king said: I swear that your God is Clement and Generous, and you make your religion beloved by me, and then the king said farewells to him, and then Abraham went along until he reached the upper parts of Shem's lands and left Lot in the lower parts of them, and God did say about this: And We rescued him and Lot (and brought them) to the land which We have blessed for (all) peoples(Al-Anbiy':71) and it is the lands of Shem and Palestine because God had destined them to be the homelands for prophets and the lands of their tombs after Abraham (PUH), and then when Abraham recognized that he did not have any children from Sarah, he said to her: if you like, you can let me have Hagar as a wife, maybe God will give me a son from her and he would be as a son for us as well, so he paid the dowry for Sarah and took Hagar as a wife and she gave birth to Ishmael (PUH), and more to come about that later on.

The Books of Abraham (PUH) and Some of What Was Revealed By God to Him
God had revealed for Abraham twenty books as reported from the prophet (PUH), and he (the prophet) was asked about their contents so he said: they were all proverbs and it had: O you egoist king of many troubles, I did not send you to gather earth all together, but I sent you to answer the calls of the wronged, for I do answer his calls even if he was a disbeliever, and every man of thought unless he was sick, he got three hours a day, an hour for his God, and an hour to judge himself, and an hour to think about God's deeds to him, and one more hour for him to take what he likes by ways that God did allow,for this hour helps him to accomplish the other hours. The man of thought should live for three: to make a living, to get prepared for his after-life, or to get satisfied in ways that God allowed. Then a man asked the prophet (PUH): and what was there in the books of

Moses (PUH)?, he (PUH) answered: they were all examples (lessons) and they contained: I am amazed for the one who is certain of death, how come he becomes happy? And for whoever is certain of hell and fire, how come he laughs? And whoever sees this life and its fluctuations how come he is certain of safety? And for whoever that believes in destiny how come he runs after wealth and riches? And for whoever that is certain of the judgement, why he doesn't work for that day?...etc. Some tidings about the interpretation of God's saying: Thus did We show Abraham the kingdom of the heavens and the earth(Al-An`m:75) as reported from Al-Bqir (PUH) a speech that has the meaning of that God gave Abraham a strength in his sight to see what is beyond heavens so he saw the Throne and whats beyond it and saw the earth and what was beneath it, and so God did with his beloved the prophet (PUH) and the viceroys after him from his Household (PUH). In some other tidings that Abraham (PUH) saw an angel so he asked: who are you? He answered: I am the angel of death, so then Abraham said to him: can you show me in what shape do you take the soul of a faithful man? Then said the angel of death: turn your face to the other way, and so did Abraham and then he looked back again at him and he saw a young man with a nice shape and beautfil clothes and with good scent, then said Abraham: if the faithful man idn't see in his life except your shape then he had what he desires in this life, then he said to him: can you show me how your shape would be if you're going to take the soul of a disbeliever? So he answered: you won't bear it, but Abraham said: yes I d, and so the angel said: then turn your face away from me and so he did and looked back at him and then he saw a blackman with standing hair and an awful smell with black clothes and flames with smokes going out from his mouth and nose, so when Abraham saw this he went into a coma, and then he woke up and saw the angel back again to his original shape so he said to the angel: O angel of death if the disbeliever just saw your shape he would stop doing wrongdoings in his life. It is reported from Al-Sdiq (PUH) back from the prince of believers (PUH) that he said: when God wanted to take the soul of Abraham (PUH) He sent down the angel of death and he said to him: Peace upon you Abraham, he then answered: and peace upon you O angel of death, did you come to me as an inviter or to announce my death? So he answered: but as an announcer for your death O Abraham so answer the call, then he said: O angel of death did you see a friend that makes death to his friend? So then the angel of death got back until he stood between the hands of God, the Exalted and said: O God You heard the talk of Your friend Abraham, so then God did say: O angel of death go back to him and ask him: did you ever saw a lover than don't want to see his love? The great scholar AlSayid Ne`matullah Al-Jaz'iri, the one who mentioned this story, said: inviter here is meant to be as for someone asking and giving the choices as if someone is inviting some guests, and a death announcer is meant to be as someone getting what he desires by force. So when Abraham (PUH) knew that he has the choice, he asked for life to worship God more.

We say yes, and such thing would be done by a man like Abraham (PUH) naturally, and it is possible that he had done such a thing as if he couldn't imagine the situation and got afraid of moving from one world to another and there is the grave and the loneliness and judgement, did you not think about the saying of our prophet (PUH) and his Household (PUT): Whenever a faithful increase in his faith, the more fearful he becomes for God? There are certain tidings and speeches of certain origin and all agreed on their contents that denotes that a believer is in between fear and hope from God as the hands of a balance. Every prophet is scared to the maximum of God and at the same time he has the maximum hope and faith in His mercy. In tidings it is mentioned that when Al-Bqir (PUH) at the time of his death cried, and then his son, Al-Sdiq (PUH), said to him: O father why are you crying? So he answered him: for two things, the first is for leaving the beloved and the second is for the greatness and holiness of this situation. Then the most apparent clue for this matter, look to the pray of Abi-Hamza Al-umli, and it is the pray of `Ali ben Al-Husain (PUH). Whoever investigated the lives of prophets and viceroys and their followers he would be sure of what we've mentioned and I think that Abraham refused to move from this life to the after-life because the situation was so holy and great for him, and if he was to live all the age of life itself he would spend it as a worshipper and obeying God without a doubt. Yes, Al-Husain ben `Ali (PUH) at the day of Karbala at the time of his death and when Al-Shemer ben i Al-Jawshan sat over his holy chest, he (PUH) was smiling and the halo filled his face, and he did not care about what they did to him beside raising the truth and showing the true and the false. Can you imagine how the angel of death faced him? I think he was crying as well. Shiites after his death kept saying as reported to him (PUH):

If the religion of Muhammad won't be fixed except by killing me Then O swords come and take me
Yes some tidings say that Abraham made a pilgrimage to the Holy House at the end of his life, and after the pilgrimage he went back to the lands of Shem, and then the angel of death came to him to take his soul but Abraham hated death, so the angel of death got back to his Lord and said: Abraham hated death, so God then said to him: let go of Abraham, he likes to worship me. Then he (Abraham) saw an old man eating and vomitting whatever he eats, so then Abraham hated life and loved death, then he went into his home and saw a man with a good shape that he never saw something like it before, so he asked him: who are you? He answered: I am the angel of death, so then he said: O Holy Lord! Who hates your closeness and visiting you and you are in such a shape? So he answered: O friend of God, if God wanted goodness for His slave, He sends me in this shape, and if He wants evil for His slave, He sends me in another shape, and so he took his soul in the lands of Shem where his tomb lies now. Taking Ishmael (PUH) and His Mother Hagar to The Holy House

<>It is mentioned that Abraham used to live in the deserts of the lands of Shem, then when he was given Ishmael (PUH) from Hagar, theit matter became so heavy on Sarah and she had been sad for this since she didn't have any children, so Abraham complaint about this to God, so then God inspired unto him and ordered him to move Ishmael and his mother away from her, so then he said: O God where to? and to what place? So He said: to My place. Then God got down Gabriel with Al-Burq [Al-Burq: in Islamic believes, it is a heavenly creature created of light and by which the prophet Muhammad (PUH) was able to travel to Jerusalem and then to heavens in one night. Tidings about this event are mentioned in the beginning of the chapter of Al-Isr', which means "The Night Journey"], so it carried them with Hagar to the place of God, and Abraham used to say whenever they pass by a place with trees palms , used to say t Gabriel: O Gabriel in here? And he answeres him back: go ahead, until they reached Mecca and put them in the place of the House (Kaaba), so when they settled down in that place there were some trees there and so Hagar and the others sat in the shadow of one of them, and when Abraham wanted to leave Hagar said to him: O Abraham, are going to leave us in a place that has no one around nor water or plants? So then said Abraham: the One that ordered me to put you here will be enough for you, and then he left them, but before leaving that spot he turned his face towards them and said to God as it is mentioned in quran: Our Lord! Lo! I have settled some of my posterity in an uncultivable valley near unto Thy holy House, our Lord! that they may establish proper worship; so incline some hearts of men that they may yearn toward them, and provide Thou them with fruits in order that they may be thankful(Ibrahim:37). Then Hagar stayed with her son Ishmael (PUH), and when it was noon time, Ishmael became thirsty and asked for water from his mother, so then Hagar wandered in the valley and called: is there anyone in the valley? Then Ishmael disappeared, then she went over Al-Saf [Mountain's name] and she saw a mirage in the valley and she thought it was water so she came down and approached it, so when she reached Al-Marw [the name of the passage in the valley] then Ishmael disappeared from her sight and then she saw a mirage in the position of Al-Saf, and so on she did that for seven times, and on the seventh time and while she was on Al-Marw she looked to Ishmael (PUH) and water appeared under his feet, so she came back to him and gathered the sand around it because it was flowing and so she tightened the flow by gathering the sand around it and that is why it is called Zamzam [Arabic: Zam = tightened, strengthened. Literature]. The tribe of Jorhom at that time were settling in `Araft [another mountain], so when the water appeared in Mecca and the birds and the rest of animals started to dwell around it they knew that there is some water and they followed them, until then they saw a woman and a boy settlled there under a tree and water appeared for both of them, so they said to Hagar: who are you and what is wrong with you and with this boy? So she said: I am the mother of the son of Abraham the friend of God and this is his son, so they said to her: do you allow us to be near you? So then she took the permission from Abraham because he used to visit them by any chance he had, so then Abraham allowed them and the tribe of Jorhom settled down near them, thus

Hagar and Ishmael didn't stay alone, and on the third time when Abraham checked them and saw many people around them he turned to be so glad for this. Then Ishmael grew up and every member of Jorhom's tribe gave them some camels and they used to make a living by them, and then when Ishmael turned to be a man, God ordered Abraham to build the House, so he asked: O God in which spot? So He answered back: in the spot that I revealed the dome over Adam, and the dome remained there even at the time of the flood at the time of Noah (PUH) and when the whole earth was sunk down, God uplifted this dome and so she was called the Saved House because it was saved from sinking [Saved House, in Arabic: Al-Bayt Al-`Ateeq].

Building The Holy House

When God ordered Abraham to build the House, he did not know where to make it, so then God sent Gabriel (PUH) and he planned the position of the House, then God revealed the basis from paradise, and the stone that God revealed on Adam was whiter than snow but turned to be black when disbelievers touched it, so then Abraham built the House and Ishmael moved the stones for building from i-Tiw [seems a place name] (and in some other tales from the mount of Abi-Qobays) so he made it as high as nine cubits, then Gabriel (PUH) guided Abraham to the position of the Stone and so he got it out and placed it in his current position as today, and he made two doors for it, one to the east and another to the west, and the door to the west is called Al-Mostajr. When he built it and finished it all, Abraham and Ishmael made a pilgrimage, and Gabriel (PUH) came down for them at the day of Al-Tarwiyah [meaning: day of giving water] and ordered them to give water and they carried it to `Araft and Min [a place name] because there were no waters in those spots, then Abraham said what was mentioned in quran: And when Abraham prayed: My Lord! Make this a region of security and bestow upon its people fruits, such of them as believe in Allah and the Last Day, He answered: As for him who disbelieveth, I shall leave him in contentment for a while, then I shall compel him to the doom of Fire - a hapless journey's end!(Al-Baqarah:126). In some tidings, the stone that have to be thrown in pilgrimage season are counted as seven for that when Gabriel (PUH) showed Abraham how to do the pilgrimage, the Satan appeared or him and then Gabriel (PUH) commanded Abraham to throw at him, and so he did with seven stones (bebbles), and so he (Satan) went under the ground and so Abraham stopped. Then the Damned appeared again and Abraham threw at him another seven stones and he went back again under the ground. Then the Damned appeared for the third time and Abraham threw at him seven stones and the Damned went again under the ground. Other tidings say that after the commandments of God for Abraham and Ishmael about building the Holy House, and after they had finished it, God ordered him (Abraham) to get on one corner and call on people: O come to pilgrimage. If he had said: O people come to pilgrimage, then only human beings that were created at that time would answer his calls, but he said "O come to pilgrimage" and so people in the core of men [meaning: people

that are yet not born] answered the call, and whoever answered ten times he made pilgrimages for ten times and whoever answered five times then he made pilgrimage for five times and so on. Scholars differ about the exact meaning of the previous tale and about the difference in calling in singular form and plural form, and that the calling in a singular form is more general and includes the already existant with the ones that will be existant, but plural form would include only the existant beings only. [Some lines come here with a heavy philosophical concepts that I couldn't follow or translate, but it emphasizes that Abraham called not only existant people at that time but also beings that will be founded later on]. In other tidings, when God ordered Abraham (PUH) to call on the people for pilgrimage, he stood upon the place and he became as high as Abi-Qubays [mount#s name] and so then he called on for pilgrimage and for that people in the cores of men and womns of women heard him until the doomsday arrival. Another tale says that at the day of `Arafah and after the sunset, Gabriel went out with Abraham and said to him: O Abraham coness your wrongdoings and know your rituals, and for this it was called `Araft, because of Gbariel's saying "confess" and "know" [Arabic: confess: E`tarif (imp.), know: E`raf (imp.)], and there stayed Gabriel until the sunset (again) and then he went to Al-Mozdalifah [another spot's name]. Some historians said that when Abraham left Ishmael and his mother Hagar in the valley where Mecca lies now, Abraham used to visit them from time to time and at the end God commanded them to build the House, and so they did and built the House and when they were finished God commanded Abraham to tell people that he built a House for worshipping God and they have to visit it to do their rituals, and Abraham with Ishmael asked God then to show them how to do the rituals and so He sent Gabriel (PUH) and he taught them what to do. They say that after building the Holy House in Mecca, no buildings were built except before Islam by one hundred and fifty years in the second century before Islam and then the action of building took place and that was at the time of Qosay ben Kilb, the fourth grandfather for the prophet (PUH), and the first thing he built was Dr Al-Nadw for Quraysh [Quraysh is the main tribe that lived in Mecca and for which the prophet (PUH) belongs, the buildings name suggests that it was like a parliament place], and then they started building houses around the Holy House and before it was an empty space with no plants or buildings, and they said that nothing is planted there except for the desert plants that have no fruit.

Some Sentences About Sarah The Wife of Abraham As Told By Historians

Some historians gave some pictures about Abraham and his wife Sarah and what happened between her and Hagar with her son Ishmael (PUT) and about the reasons for Hagar and her son Ishmael travelling to Frn (Paran) as in Torah, and Paran is a name given to some locations of which Mecca's mounts are one of them,

and lot of these are not suitable for such a high place of prophecy and unjust, and even can not be commited by a conscious man and some of them are not right at all, but it has lot of exaggeration as mentioned in the book of Genesis in Torah, and most of such pictures are taken from jews and it has such matters that they report to Sarah the wife of Abraham (PUH) but it opposes the dignity and nobleness, and there is no doubt that for Muslims, Sarah is considered one of the best of women, and she is attached to the degree of infallibility, and for the prophet and his Household (PUT) she occupies a high leve, and for them she is like Eve the mother of human beings and like Mary the daughter of Amram (PUT), so she is a lady of her time and faithful souls do not accept to report about her and other women untrue things. They mentioned that when Sarah saw the son of Hagar that she gave birth to from Abraham, she said then to Abraham: banish this maid and her son for this maid's son will not inherit with my son Isaac, and they said: then God said to Abraham: Whatever Sarah says do. They say also: So Abraham went in the early morning and took with him bread and water and gave them to Hagar then she put them on her shoulder and her son with her, then he banished her with her son and she went along in the deserts lost and did not know where to go. They said a lot of such tidings and legends, but what we can say for the press that printed such lies and what we can say for its owner, but no strength except by God, the Exalted. Yes, in Al-Bukhri [Hadith collection made by Al-Bukhri after the prophet's death] as reported by Ibn `Abbs that the prophet (PUH) said in a speech that minds can accept and souls can refuge in, and some of it is that Abraham braught her (Hagar) with her son Ishmael and he was still an infant and he (Abraham) placed them near by the House over the location of Zamzam, and at that time there were no one in Mecca nor water, so he just put them there and gave them dates and water, then Abraham went back from where he came then the mother of Ishmael followed him and said: O Abraham where are you going and leaving us in this valley with no one alive or anything? She said that many times but he did not look at her, then she asked: God ordered you to do this? He said: yes, then she said: then we are not lost. Then she got back and Abraham went along until he reached a position that they can't see him, he faced the House and prayed with these words and raised his hands up to heaven and said: Our Lord! Lo! I have settled some of my posterity in an uncultivable valley near unto Thy holy House..etc(Ibrhim:37), then the mother of Ishmael started breast feeding for Ishmael and drink of that water until it was all finished and she got thirsty and also her son and then she looked at him and saw him crooked so she hated that view and went along and she found Al-Saf so she went to the top and looked at the valley that she might find someone but she did not, so she went down into the valley with so much tiredness until she passed the valley and came to Al-Marw and she went on top of it looking for someone, but she did not find anyone, and so she did that for seven times. He (Al-Bukhari) said: said Ibn `Abbs: the prophet (PUH) said: that is why people now walk between them for seven times [during the pilgrimage] then went she went to Al-Marw she heard a sound and she said: Shh! She then paid attention and she heard it clearly then she said: You've been heard, do you have any aid?

Then she found an angel searching in the location of Zamzam by his feet (or by his wing) until the water appeared, so she started gathering the water. He (AlBukhri) said: said Ibn `Abbs: the prophet (PUH) said: Mercy be upon the mother of Ishmael, if she did not take of the water then Zamzam would be a drying-out spring, then the angel said to her: do not be afraid of the place, here is the House of God which will be built by this boy and his father, and God will never make his people astray, and the speech about this matter is long and we've just taken what is in front of you, and it is close to rightness, and not so different from what Imamism suppose, notice and only God knows. In the same speech it is mentioned: Until Jorhom tribe came and lived with them for ages, and it is as an answer from God to Abraham, and so God made lot of people go to them like Jorhom and the Giants (?), and when Ishmael grew up and married from them and been an owner for lot of cattles and riches, then after that he built the House with his holy hands with his father Abraham (PUT), then the mother of Ishmael died (PUH) and he son buried her beside the Holy House and it is the place called now Hajar Ism`eel [meaning: The stone of Ishmael], and after his death he was buried also there beside his mother, and this is the most probable we could find by ways we've mentioned afore, and this is the most famous for them [I guess he means by "them" Sunni people] and it is the most suitable for their high level (Abraham and his Household), and only God knows what was hidden.

Chapters and Phrases That Mentioned Abraham (PUH)

Abraham (PUH) was mentioned in twenty five chapters in holy quran: Al-Baqarah, l-`Imrn, Al-Nis', Al-An`m, Al-Tawbah, Hud, Yusuf, Ibrhim, Al-Hijr, AlNahal, Mariam, Al-Anbiy', Al-Haj, Al-Shu`ar', Al-`Ankabut, Al-Ahzb, AlSfft, Sd, Al-Shur, Al-Zokhrof, Al-riyt, Al-Najm, Al-Hadeed, AlMomtahanah, Al-A`l. In the chapter of Al-Baqarah, the Exalted says: And when Abraham and Ishmael were raising the foundations of the House, (Abraham prayed): Our Lord! Accept from us (this duty). Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Hearer, the Knower. Our Lord! And make us submissive unto Thee and of our seed a nation submissive unto Thee, and show us our ways of worship, and relent toward us. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Relenting, the Merciful(Al-Baqarah:127128) In the chapter of l-`Imrn: Lo! the first Sanctuary appointed for mankind was that at Becca, a blessed place, a guidance to the peoples(l-`Imrn:96). In the chapter of Ibrhim: And when Abraham said: My Lord! Make safe this territory, and preserve me and my sons from serving idols(Ibrhim:35). In the chapter of AlHaj: And (remember) when We prepared for Abraham the place of the (holy) House, saying: Ascribe thou no thing as partner unto Me, and purify My House for those who make the round (thereof) and those who stand and those who bow and make prostration(Al-Haj:26), so follow (read) and notice (think). We've pointed out that the story of Abraham (PUH) is connected to other stories like the story of Lot, and the story of his son Ishmael and the story of his son Isaac, and we've mentioned that Lot was his maternal cousin and also his nephew and

they were in the same time sequence, and Lot believed in his uncle Abraham and so he was calling people to his religion. The Exalted said: And Lot believed him, and said: Lo! I am a fugitive unto my Lord(Al-`Ankabut:26). They say that Ishmael was born when Abraham was eighty six years old, and Abraham lived for one hundred and seventy five years, while Isaac was born while Abraham was one hundred years old and his mother is Sarah the maternal cousin of Abraham. They say that Abraham (PUH) got another six children from other woman other than Sarah and Hagar, but quran did not mention apparently except ishmael and Isaac. Torah mentioned that Abraham married a woman called Keturah [Arabic: Qaturah] and she gave birth for six children for him, and it mentioned their names but there is no need to mention them now because it has no effects. In Muruj Alahab for Al-Mas`udi he said: After Sarah's death, Abraham married Qantur' [just another variation of the name] and he had six children from her and they are Marq, Nafas, Madan, Midian, Sinn and Sereh [Hebrew: Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, Shuah]. Lot was mentioned in fourteen chapters in holy quran: Al-An`m, Al-A`rf, Hud, Al-Hijr, AL-Anbiy', Al-Haj, Al-Shu`ar', Al-Naml, Al-`Ankabut, Al-Sfft, Sd, Al-Qamar, Al-Tahreem. Isaac was mentioned in eight chapters: Al-Baqarah, l`Imrn, Al-Nis', Al-An`m, Ibrhim, Mariam, Al-Anbiy', Sd. Their stories are mentioned in quran either in details or in brief, sometimes mentioning only some of their matters, and in some others more than that, and most of the prophets and viceroys are mentioned in that way. They mentioned that Ishmael lived for one hundred and thirty seven years, and we've mentioned that he died in Mecca and been buried there in the place that is known as Hajar Isma`eel, that is the one located near by the Holy house, with his mother, and this is the most popular. It is mentioned that Ishmael had twelve sons, and some of them are: Hadr, Tayyim, Mibsm, Dawmah, Qidmah and Qaydr, and they are mentioned in Genesis in Torah [The full list of names in Torah is: Nebaioth, Kedar, Adbeel, Mibsam, Mishma, Dumah, Massa, Hadad, Temah, Jetur, Naphish, Kedemah], and they mentioned that all of them started tribes of their own, and only God knows. Until now we did not find a specific way of how Abraham died and quran did not mention how, but Torah mentioned that. In summary, Abraham (PUH) lived for one hundred and seventy five years. In Muruj Al-ahab for Al-Mas`udi: Abraham died in the lands of Shem, and his age was at that time one hundred and ninty five years, and God revealed upon him ten books. When he died, his sons Isaac and Ishmael in the cave of Al-Makfeelah in the field of `Afroon ben Sarsar Al-Hashi, and there Sarah was buried before him, and it is the place of the monument of AlKhaleel in Jirun and now it is called the city of Al-Khaleel (Hebron), and its old name was the village of Arbo` as it is mentioned in the tales of Abul-Wahb AlNajjr.

The Trial of Abraham (PUH) to Slay His Son Ishmael (PUH)

In the chapter of Al-Sfft there are some phrases that talk about Abraham (PUH) and his prays to his Lord and his requests for guidance and the faithful descendants. Then God answered his calls and prays and gave him what he desired and gave him a faithful servant (son) but He put him under the test to show people how sincere he is to his Creator, the Exalted said: So We gave him tidings of a gentle son. And when (his son) was old enough to walk with him, (Abraham) said: O my dear son, I have seen in a dream that I must sacrifice thee. So look, what thinkest thou ? He said: O my father! Do that which thou art commanded. Allah willing, thou shalt find me of the steadfast (Al-Sfft:101-102). So the gentle son had nothing but to obey with happiness and sincere desire the commandments of God, and His messenger. We have no doubt that everything a prophet, a messenger, or a viceroy would do or avoid is decided by God, and his deeds are done only by what is allowed and what gives benefits, however people liked it or not. Then, the duties that are assigned by God for people are not transfered except by prophets of human beings, and so for this infallibility is granted for them. We've pointed out before that a prophet or a messenger and their voiceroys must be described with the highest of manners and so they should not be asked or opposed for what they are doing. For this, Ishmael did not refuse or deny what his father asked him for his manners and infallibility and he knew what would happen and said to his father: O my father! Do that which thou art commanded. Allah willing, thou shalt find me of the steadfast.When Abraham was about to do what he was commanded, and Ishmael had no opposition, and God knows their faith and their belief, and God then told them that it was His command to do so as to test them and gave them a ransom, and the Exalted said: We called unto him: O Abraham! Thou hast already fulfilled the vision. Lo! thus do We reward the good.Lo! that verily was a clear test.Then We ransomed him with a tremendous victim(Al-Sfft:104-107). Scholars differed in the one that had been ransomed for , some said it is Isaac ben Abraham, and this opinion is favored by many muslim scholars, while Imamite scholars agreed that the one ransomed for was Ishmael ben Abraham (PUT). AlMas`udi said: people argued about who was to be ransomed for , some said he is Isaac and others say he is Ishmael , and if the commandments took place in the land of Hijz, then Ishmael is the one because Isaac did not go to Hijz before, but if the commandment took place in the lands of Shem, then Isaac is the one, because Ishmael did not go the lands of Shem after getting out of it. We say that tidings from the Household (PUT) been reported that their grandfather the prophet (PUH) said: I am the son of the two ransomed for, and they interpret this saying by saying that these two are his father `Abdullah ben `Abd Al-Muttalib, and his grand grandfather Ishmael (PUH), and they mentioned other things about their details. Maybe the source of such debate is that quran did not mention the name of the one that was ransomed for, but it is obvious for anyone that meditated in the holy phrases from the chapter of Al-Sfft that he is Ishmael (PUH) by clues that are so clear and no way to interpret them, go through their order and you will get the exact situation. After telling the story of the event and God's rewards to Abraham

by saying: Lo! he is one of Our believing slaves(Al-Sfft:111), then after that comes the happy tidings to Abraham from God about Isaac and letting him to be a faithful prophet later on, so God said: And we gave him tidings of the birth of Isaac, a prophet of the righteous. And We blessed him and Isaac. And of their seed are some who do good, and some who plainly wrong themselves(Al-Sfft:112113). Then the tidings about Isaac came after telling the story of the dream of Abraham, and this is a great clue for that the son meniotned is not Isaac, because telling the name of Isaac gives an obvious clue that Isaac and the one that was ransomed for are different apparently. Saying "And we gave him tidings of the birth of Isaac" and it is connected by "and" to the person in the previous story, then for sure it is not Isaac and it is Ishmael without a doubt. Abdul Wahb in his tales said: The main character in this story for jews in Torah is Isaac, then he said: and I think that the name of Isaac was put in(by them) between the lines of the story for they are cautious and careful to make their grandfather is the one that gave his life for God since his childhood, then he said: and my clue that the one who sacrified himself for God is Ishmael is derived from Torah itself when it comes to mention that the child is the only child for Abraham that he has no one else except him and it is a clue for Abraham's ultimate faith in God, so much that he gave his only child to sacrify with, but if we considered Isaac we see that he was never alone because he was born and Ishmael was fourteen years old as it is mentioned in Torah itself also and Ishmael stayed until the death of his father and he was near him when he died and buried him. We say that this is a strong prove and the truth is what had been said (by AbdulWahb) and he has many correct opinions. They say that when he was to be sacrified with, he was thirteen years old and it is the age of an adult, and he had became able to do what his father can do and he had to help him and work for God and worship Him, and he reached the ultimate level of thought and sense, so this is why he obeyed the commandment of God with his father. When his father laid him on the ground on his side to slay him and God knew how sincere they are, and both of them decided to and showed the deed in public, and when they reached the level of doing, God showed the secret for what they were commanded to do so, and that He did not desire the deed itself but it is a test and thus God gave the ransom, so God said "Then We ransomed him with a tremendous victim" and they say it was a great ram, and as reported by Ibn `Abbs, it is the same ram that God accepted from Abel, and for saying "tremendous victim" it is because it (the ram) grazed in paradise for fourty years. From the interparetations of `Ali ben Ibrhim in a long speech attributed to Al-Sdiq (PUH) which included that when Ishmael gave hisself to be sacrified with and when Abraham wanted to slay him, and old man came and said: O Abraham, what do you want from this boy? He answered: I want to slay him, so he said: O God, a boy that never did wrong to God, so said Abraham: God ordered me to do so, so he answered: God denies this but it is something from Satan, then said Abraham: woe unto you! The One who made me reach this high level ordered me to do so, then the old man said: O Abraham you are a great man and people follow you and if

you killed your son now they will follow you by killing their children, but he did not answer him and he asked his son about slaying him, and when all surrended to the commandments of God, the boy said: O father, tie me and cover my face, so then said Abraham: O son, the tie and the slay? No I sweat that I will not do them to you, then he laid him and put the knife over his neck and lifted his head to the sky and ran the knife over his neck, but Gabriel flipped the knife and pulled the great ram and made him in the place of the boy, then he (Abraham) was called from the side of the mosque "Thou hast already fulfilled the vision. Lo! thus do We reward the good." It is mentioned also that he said to his father: slay me while i am prostrating so you won't see my face and have mercy on me, it is also mentioned that he said: tie me tightly father so I won't become nervous and keep your clothes away from me so that my blood shall not reach them and then my mother would see it and sharpen your knife and run it fast on my neck to make it easier for me because death is hard, then Abraham said: What a help you are for God's commandment. In some tidings it is included that God inspired unto Abraham and He knows what is in the mind afore: what creation is beloved to you more than anything else? He answered: Your beloved Muhammad, for You did not create a creation that is more beloved to me than him, so god said then: is he beloved more than yourself? So said Abraham: he is beloved more than myself, then God said: are his children beloved to you more than your own children? He said: his children are, so God said then: is killing his children by their enemies more hurtful to your heart or killing your own son for My commandments? He answered: It is killing his children bytheir enemies that is more hurtful to my heart, then God said: O Abraham, there will be a group that claim to be followers for Muhammad, they will kill Al-Husain after him for no rights and they will slay him as for slaying a ram and thus they will deserve My anger, then Abraham got shocked and so sad and started crying. There are many tales and speeches about this matter but we did not come to mention them for it might be so boring. There are also some tidings that mention the prophets' stops in Karbala before the massacre and their passing through the location of death of Al-Husain ben `Ali and the son of Ftima the daughter of the prophet (PUT), and their crying for him after telling them about his trouble and the massacre by Gabriel (PUH). Such tidings were told by Gabriel to every messenger and prophet since the time of Adam (PUH) until the time of Jesus ben Mary (PUH) and all of them used to cry and have pains for it. [some lines come here but add nothing to the matter and complicated somehow to translate].

A Completion With The Ancestry of The Prophet (PUH)

We've pointed out before that it is true what the prophet said about hisself "I am the son of the two whom ransomed for" and it is interpreted by trustful companions for the prophet (PUH) and by his Household (PUT) that it points out to his fathers

`Abdullah ben `Bd Al-Muttalib and Ishmael ben Abraham (PUT), and one of the tidings about this matter is what is attributed to Al-Ridh (PUH) after asking him about this saying, he said: meaning he (the prophet) is the son of Ishmael ben Abraham and `Abdullah ben `Abd Al-Muttalib, and for Ishmael he is the son that was mentioned in quran, and when he was about to be slain God sent a ransom for him which iwas a great ram, grey in color, [some describtion here I could not understand] and used to live before that in paradise for forty years and it did not get out of a female, and everything that is sacrified with in Min until this very day [in pilgrimage] is for Ishmael until the doomsday. [another describtion follow which I can not understand fully]. Then after that he (PUH) mentioned the story of `Abdullah ben `Abd Al-Muttalib (PUH)..etc. So, no doubt that Ishmael ben Abraham is a father for the prophet (PUH) and his Household (PUT), and if Ishmael was slain then all of this holy tree (chain) would have been lost, and they are the secret of existance and the reason for finding this creation, No doubt that the prophet (PUH) and his Household (PUT) after him are the leaders of this creation and better than prophets and messengers before them and the rest of angels that are close to God, so peace unto them and God's blessings as well. The great historian and owner of Muruj Alahab, Al-Mas`udi, mentioned the ancestry for the prophet (PUH) that is connected to Ishmael ben Abraham (PUH) when he started talking about his conditions concerning his birth, sending as a prophet, his traveling to Medina and his death, and he said: He is Muhammad ben `Abdullah ben `Abd Al-Muttalib ben Hshim ben `Abd Manf ben Qosay ben Kilb ben Morrah ben Lu'ay ben Ghlib ben Fahr ben Mlik ben Al-Nadhor, ben Kannah ben Khozaymah ben Modrakah ben Alis ben Modhar ben Nizr ben Mo`ad ben `Adnn ben Od ben Adad ben Nahor ben Ya`ur ben Ya`rub ben Yashjob ben Nbit (Nabioth) ben Ishmael ben Abraham ben Terah. Then he continued counting his fathers until reaching Shem ben Noah and then reaching Seth ben Adam (PUT) and we've mentioned that Ishmael had twelve sons as mentioned in Torah and Torah mentioned their names and mentioned that all of them were tribal heads. What is mentioned about the ancestry of `Adnn is agreeable by all and some tidings about its rightness been told, but the names coming after `Adnn are controversial, and for this they (the Household) mentioned that their grandfather the prophet (PUH) used to name his fathers until `Adnn then he stops and says: lied the ancestry foretellers. There is no doubt that the prophet and his Household (PUT) know better their ancestors and for this they emphasized on their connection with Ishmael ben Abraham, but because of the many differences in the spelling of many names that fall between the two names of the grandfathers (Ishmael and `Adnn) and because of the hardness of same names they usually stop the chain, and it is reported to them that they ordered not to say their ancestry up to Ishmael (PUH), and this is true as witnessed for there is another chain mentioned in books which has different names and length as well. [then comes lines about the second chain, which emphasizes only on the different names].

[A whole paragraph here that just emphasizes that telling the ancestry of the prophet (PUH) should be ended up at `Adnn because of the hardness of names and the different length been told for chains. Not translated because of time consuming matter for nothing new] What made me talk about such a matter before its time is the excessive need for it, and we've mentioned that Ishmael (PUH) had twelve sons, and it is known that the prophet (PUH) is connected to him, and we would like to know by which descendants he is connected to Ishmael , and from the previous discussions we see that one form says that his gradnfather is bit and three other forms agree that his grandfather was Faydar ben Ishmael ben Abraham (PUT), and both of the forms are not exactly mentioned in Torah, but the second one which is Faydar is close somehow to the spelling of Qaydr and maybe this is the truth, but maybe some letters change or added because of the long time period since that time and because of many people carried such tidings or it might be just because of printing mistakes. But Al-Mas`udi in Muruj Al-ahab, when he came to mention the conditions of Ishmael ben Abraham (PUH), he mentioned a quite useful sentence for this occasion, so he said: Then Ishamel took care of the House after the death of his father Abraham, and God made him a prophet and send him to the giants (?) and to the tribes of Yemen and he tried to ban them from worshipping idols but only few did follow him, and Ishmael had twelve children and they are: F'i, Qaydr, Erbel, Meem, Masma`, Duma, Dawm, Meesh, Hadd, Heem, Qatur and Msh [compare with the list mentioned in the 9th section, this list mentioned here is more closer to the one in Torah]. The commandment of Abraham was transformed to Ishmael after his death [meaning: Ishmael was the viceroy of his father], and Ishmael transfered it to his brother Isaac, and some said to his son Qaydr ben Ishmael. Ishmael was one hundred and thirty seven years old when he died and been buried in the Holy Mosque in the position that was kept for the black stone, and the House conditions were took care of by F'i ben Ishmael (PUH) and did as his father used to do, and even some say that he was the viceroy of his father Ishmael (PUH). I say, maybe most of them depend on what is mentioned in Torah because it was the first, and if it was right as it is was revealed on the heart of Moses ben Amram (PUH) then why not following it since it is clearly and good clue, and an investigation about it and about its people later on if God desired so, and to God be the words of thanks and prays over His beloved the Chosen and his Household, and over the rest of prophets and messengers.

Isaac ben Abraham (PUT)

<>His mother is Sarah the daughter of Bethuel ben Nahor which is by turn the brother of Terah and the uncle of Abraham (PUH), so she is the daughter of the cousin of Abraham and also his maternal cousin, as it was mentioned before, and Isaac was born after his brother Ishmael by five years, and this is the most famous

for us, and in Torah it is mentioned that he was born and Ishmael was fourteen years old, and as Al-Mas`udi mentioned, that Ishmael was born and Abraham was eighty six years old or eighty seven and Isaac was born while he was one hundred and twenty years old, and the angels brought the happy tidings to Abraham about his son Isaac, and Sarah heard the tidings and laughed for it was weird for her to have children from an old man and an old barren woman, so the angels said to her: Do you wonder from the commandments of God? In other phrases God said: And we gave him tidings of the birth of Isaac, a prophet of the righteous(Al-Sfft:112). Also God said: And We blessed him and Isaac. And of their seed are some who do good, and some who plainly wrong themselves(Al-Sfft:113), and: We gave him Isaac and Jacob. Each of them We made a prophet. And we gave them of Our mercy, and assigned to them a high and true renown(Maryam:49-50). God also said: and gave him tidings of (the birth of) a wise son. Then his wife came forward, making moan, and smote her face, and cried: A barren old woman!(Al-ariyat:2829). <>Apparently, in quran there was nothing about Isaac much more than tidigins brought about him, and about him being a prophet. Yes, and we've mentioned befoer that in Torah and the Bible, the one that was to be slained was Isaac and not Ishmael, and we've mentioned a lot of details about this in the previous section when we talked about the conditions of Abraham (PUH) and explained what is true and explained that the one that was to be slained was Ishmael and not Isaac. It is mentioned that Isaac (PUH) lived for one hundred and eighty years and was buried in Jirun (Hebron), and it is the city of Al-Khaleel, in the cave of Al-Makfeelah (Machpelah). Isaac got married after his father as in some tales by a woman called Youmh' the daughter of Bethuel, and she born him Al-`Ays (Esau) and Jacob as twins, but Esau came first then followed by Jacob, and when they were born Isaac was sixty years old and went blind, this is what was mentioned. He prayed for his son Jacob to have the leadership of his people and the prophecy in his descendants, and prayed for his son Esau to get the kingdom and power and in his descendants as well. He was one hundred and righty five years old when he died and was buried with his father and the places for their toms is famous and they are placed almost like eighteen miles away from Jerusalem in a mosque there called the mosque of Abraham [Arabic: Masjid Ibrhim], and this is all mentioned in Muruj Al-ahab for Al-Mas`udi. <> <>What is mentioned in Torah about his marriage, in summary, is that when Abraham became old and were not able to work anymore, he commanded his servant, Elazar, and told him to work on the marriage of his son Isaac and pick for him a wife from his own tribe and lands in Iraq, and told him to be aware from letting him get married to a daughter of the Canaanites that were in Palestine, and told him to never let Isaac get back again to the land that went out from which is Iraq, and never let him go back there even if his wife denied coming with him to his lands in Palestine. Then Elazar got ready for the travel and took with him everything applicable for the wife and her family, and went to Iraq, to the lands of

the family. When he reached that land he stopped his camels before the town which is Padan-Aram and it is the town in which Abraham used to live, and his father there was a carpenter, as it is mentioned in the book of Barnaba, and it is the town in which his tribe lives with his relatives and there lives the desired man which is Nahor ben Terah, the brother of Abraham, but he was dead at that time, and none are left there except his children and their leader was Bethuel ben Nahor, and when Elazar stopped his camels before the city and wanted to get in, he saw a beautiful girl getting out of the city and carrying a jar, so Elazar said to her: get me some water, and so she did and welcomed him, then he asked about her family and he knew she is the daughter of Bethuel ben Nahor, so then when he knew her and her family he became so happy about it and asked about her father and wether he has a place for hospitality, and she said yes, then he presented himself as the servant of Abraham and he wants to take a wife for Isaac, and she is the one desired for this and no one else, then he made her wore some jewels and golden bracelets and she walked in front of him telling her family about the happy tidings and the dear guest from her uncle Abraham, and the girl's name was Refqah (Rebekah). When the girl told her family about the messenger from Abraham their uncle and about his living place, immediately Lbn ben Bethuel (Laban) went to his place and welcomed him and came with him to his own place and they were all happy for the visit of the messenger of Abraham, their uncle. Then after he stayed for a while with them he told them why he is here and he wants Rebekah for the son of his master and so they answered him with what he desires, then Elazar, Abraham's messenger, gave her vessels made of gold and silver with some clothes and ornaments, and also gave to her brother Laban ben Bethuel and to her mother and destributed the rest over her family, and after the rest he asked them to get her prepared, so they answered his request and made her prepared for such an occasion, and Rebekah then agreed for his request to leave in a hurry, and so he picked her to the lands of his master, and when they arrived and Isaac looked at her, he got so happy for her and she had been a joy for him after the death of his mother Sarah. Then Rebekah gave birth to a twin, and they are `Eesu (Esau) and Ya`qoob (Jacob), and she born first Esau then Jacob. We say, we can agree on both stories, this and the one before, as one story. The difference are in the names of `Eesu and Al-`Ays and that might be because of expressing in Arabic and Hebrew, and also in wether the marriage was during the life of Abraham or after his death, and in the different names of the wife of Isaac, Youmh' [could not trace this name back to any source] and Rebekah, and might be that one is a name and the other is a title, but the story in Torah is more believable for what it contains and it is more closer to reality, and only God knows. As attributed to Al-Rawandi in his tales, there is one tale that has a connection somehow with out subject, and that is there was at the time of Abraham (PUH) a man called Mriyyah ben Aws, and he was six hundred and sixty years old and he used to live in a place like a peninsula surrounded by waters and swamps, and he used to go out for people once every three years and live in the desert, and he had a

mosque and he used to pray to God there and guide people to the religion of God and teach them the goodness, so one day he went out to the desert as he used to do and he saw a cattle and as if they had fat upon them, and he was amazed for that, and saw a young man with it and his face was like the face of the moon, so he asked him about the cattle and about their owner, so he answered: they are for Abraham, then he asked him about himself and he answered: I am his son Isaac. Then Mriyyah said for himself: O Lord let me see your friend Abraham before I die. Isaac then told his father Abraham about what happened between him and Mriyyah ben Aws and about his conditions, then after three years he went out as he used to be and found a man in that place that he never saw before and the man asked him about his conditions and his place, so Mriyyah ben Aws answered him and described his place for him, then the man showed the passion for staying with Mriyyah to look at his way of living and Mriyyah answered him that he can't pass over to his place, so then the man asked: why? have you not a bridge? He said: No, but I walk over water, so the main said: maybe the One that exploited water for you will exploit the water for me as well, so then they walked together until they reached the water, then Mriyyah said: By the name of God, and he passed over the water surface, then the man said: By the name of God, and passed over the water surface, then Mriyyah looked at him while walking and he was amazed, then they reached the residence of Mriyyah and the man stayed with him for three days, and Mriyyah used to live on fruit and dries out some of them for winter season. So when the man wanted to leave him he (Mriyyah) asked him about his name, so the man said: I am Abraham, the friend of God, and Mriyyah before that used to pray to God to see His friend, so when he heard his name and knew who he is, he went to him and hugged him adn thanked God for answering his prays, and there are other long matters that no need to mention here and what we've mentioned is enough for now and God knows His servants and creations, and He knows everything.