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Name: Sarath Kumar Gupta Date of Birth :10/02/1991 Email

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.” Maya Angelou. I would definitely agree. From my childhood I had passion in studying the concepts of electronics and computers and applying them to real world. When I was in my under graduation participated in a image processing based robotics workshop “Li2 Robo Eye” and have designed a Robot which detects the ball and moves in the direction along with the ball. My inspiration to pursue a career in computer science was kindled by my high grades in Master of computer science and further due to my desire for challenging career. Computers was always been a compelling interest to me. Not only because of the depth of research that is possible in the fields, this being a developing field and I am aware that there is a large scope for improvement and vast exposure. I wish to pursue higher grades in my higher studies in this field I want to pursue my masters in the field of computers, because of the enthusiasm and interest to learn new concepts and develop applications which will be helpful to the real world. As I see the present generation and the future are completely depending upon the computers, we have lot of opportunity to develop new ideas and make changes to the present trend. In the field of computer science program one has to develop advanced skills and knowledge in planning, design, implementation, testing and management of computer systems and applications. These kind of qualities will be given in your Sanjose University. I believe in research oriented study as one will understand the basics and algorithm of the concepts well than the normal study, we can come to know what is happening and how our education will be useful to the future generations. After few years down the lane I want to be as a person where my projects or applications will be helpful to the people in the field of Communication Networks, Game Design, Data Mining, Multimedia Databases, Robotics and Wireless Networks. To do such kind of activities and projects I need proper guidance where I can get in Sanjose University. And also I can see other opportunities in the field of teaching after my research plans. It’s Purely because of the Ardent passion I have, attended for campus drive in IT sector where I was selected in DELL INTERNATIONAL, which holds a double digit rank in the fortune 500 companies. So I decided to take up the job, enjoy the work for a year, meanwhile I could get an experience of one year where I could use my theoretical knowledge into practical and real time projects and then continue my studies as I have strong predilection towards research. From 29th OCT of 2012 onwards I was appointed as Senior Technical

hands-on experience. WCF. I am aware that.NET. Computer Engineering. Windows Forms.NET. As a goal. OS. The college too will play a vital role in aiding my efforts.RDBMS.HTML.Associate Software Engineer and they trained me on the following skills. I was happy to find a lot of work being carried out in the Institute in the areas of Computer Science. a Microsoft technology where I have learned the concepts of ASP. or working in teams. I am inspired to be a part of Sanjose University.DBMS. achieving it would require great amounts of dedication and understanding on my part. an opportunity to demonstrate commitment and reliability. Further. JAVA. I plan to pursue a Doctorate course after I have completed my Masters. Data mining. Wireless networking and mobile computing. WPF. I see myself.OOPS CONCEPTS. Data mining. who will use his expertise both in researching into the field and developing new solutions for the future Computer Science. Testing and my primary skill is C# Dotnet. This made me to learn more about the business lines and models of various firms widening my opportunities as a business analyst. ADO.SQL Server. I also worked on a Microsoft tool named AX which is an ERP package burgeoning next to SAP. confidence in your ability to learn and become competent at new tasks. The Work experience gave me insights into what a job involves. Database. work/life skills.CSS. a chance to demonstrate how you can contribute in a work environment. Computer communication networks and protocols. I plan to take up courses on topics such as Database. such as communicating effectively. as a person. an understanding of the world of work. Having visited the college site. and wish to develop myself under the guidance of great professors where my interests meet with their specific research interests and teaching interests fields. Information security and network system design. Communication and Computer Networks. With the above aim. .