Lot's of Gold found in Bonanza (Rabbit) Creek in Yukon-area regions! Over one billion dollars worth of Gold was found.

On August 16 1896, Gold was found all over Rabbit Creek, which later was named Bonanza Creek in Yukon-region by Skookum, Jim Mason, and Tagish, along with George Carmack. The gold was found all over the place. Most stakeholders became wealthy. They were later on known as the Klondike Kings. Eleven months after the discovery of the gold, The Portland Steamship had arrived back in Seattle from Dawson, Yukon, and was pronounced that they had found "over a ton of gold." After the news of this, the Klondike Gold Rush was on! People from everywhere had gone after the gold. The news of the gold was spread everywehre within a year. Around 100,000 gold-seekers came to Yukon in search for the gold. But, only 30,000 were lucky enough to achieve their goals. Many were found dead or had given up. The NWMP (North West Mounted Police)had required the gold-seekers to have a year`s worth of supplies. But, lack of nutrition and starvations were one of the main problems. Many cities had a large increase in their population. Because of the Gold Rush,

Vancouver, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta saw a huge growth increase. It was estimated that over one billion dollars worth of gold was found in Yukon.

North-west rebels against CANADIAN GOVERNMENT
Louis Riel returns from United States from exile. Riel and Dumont join Together to lead the Métis against the Canadian government. Riel was hung till death pter_id=4&page_id=2&lang=E

The Métis feared that They would lose their Farms because the white Surveyors were surveying Their land. Dumont had Discussed with Riel to Convince him to help lead The north-west rebellion Against the Canadian Government. Riel agreed to help out. So he returned to Canada To join the north-west Rebellion. Many people supported his Decisions. When he returned to Canada, Riel then sent a petition to the Canadian Government complaining about The way they treated the Indians And white people. Riel received a Reply from the Canadian Government stating that they would look at the Metis claims. Riel was then angry. Riel and the Metis fought many battles and Riel was wanted. He was captured on May 15, 1885 and was put on trial. He received a death sentence and was to be hung by the neck till dead. Riel was killed on November 16th, 1885.

THE CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY BUILT TO PHYSICALLY UNITE CANADA TOGETHER. Confederation had brought the Provinces together as a country. During 1881, the building of the Railway was already gaining Controversy and problems. The Railway’s chief engineer and the General superintendent were fired On the first year after only 211 KM of the track was built. William Cornelius Van Horne was the man who could get the job done and became the general manager of the CPR. Van Horne boasted to get 800 KM done by the first year. Instead, he got 673 KM of the Railway finished by the first year. The Canadian Pacific railway was Doing very well for the next few years. On November 7, 1885, Donald A. Smith Drove the very last spike where the eastern And western portions of the railway Met at Craigellachie, British Columbia. The Canadian Pacific Railway travels Trades, and crops being sold all over Canada. The railway stretches from Province to province, sea to sea.

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