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The Friars in the Philippines 1.

The message of Marcelo del Pilars essay is the wrong way of how we Filipinos were treated by the Spanish government. 2. Del Pilar is considered an illustrado beca se he fo ght against the Spanish government. !e fo ght for the freedom of o r mother co ntry. !e fo ght for the rights of all the Filipinos. !e fo ght against the maltreatment of the Spaniards. ". The friars votes in the Philippines affairs are the improper r le of the friars in the Philippines and the friar is the strongest and firmest b lwar# of Spain in the Philippines. These votes are not beneficial beca se of the low moral standard of the friars and they are interested mainly in pleas re. $. Monastic power is the power in which the government controls its co ntry in terms of its political% religio s and economic aspects. &. Marcelo del Pilar is anti'Spanish government beca se he observed that the Spaniards violated all the nat ral rights of every Filipino% for ta#ing away o r freedom% for the wrong way of treating every Filipino% and for denying to the Filipinos the right to ed cation.

Form of Initiation and Oath of the Katipunan Society 1. (atip nan Society is the nion of people born in one and the same co ntry% of one and the same people% where descendants are of the same blood and color% that is to say% sons of one common mother. The society is master of yo r body% it is the sole master of yo r life and powers. 2. The (atip nan Society based on the doc ment is anti'Spanish. Said society was formed to fight against the wrong way of treating the Filipinos by the Spaniards. )t was formed against the Spaniards for violating the Filipinos nat ral rights and their right to ed cation.

". The different initiation rites and oaths e*ercised by the (atip nan Society show that before being able to become a member +brother,sister- of said society% different initiation processes and steps m st first be ndergone. $. The p rpose of the e*traction of blood from a (atip nan member is to symboli.e that yo are one of them and that yo will not betray the ca se of the (atip nan Society. &. /g inaldo abolished the (atip nan Society beca se the society is nothing else b t a more agglomerate of persons moving witho t direction% order or coordination. 0o% ) am not in favor of /g inaldo abolishing the (atip nan Society beca se it sho ld have been only dissolved by the members themselves and the Society has good ca se of fighting against the enemies of o r co ntry.

The True Decalogue, the Political Thinker 1. The over'all theme of The Tr e Decalog e is that people write in a perfect solidarity of p rpose and interest% in order to have force% not only to resist the common enemy% b t also to attain all the aims of h man life. 2. /polinario Mabini titled is as The Tr e Decalog e beca se it is the same with The Ten 1ommandments. ". /polinario Mabinis role in the Philippine !istory is he is the one who played the most important role beca se his tho ghts gave another life to Filipinos to fight against the invaders to protect o r mother co ntry. $. /polinario Mabini as a political thin#er% for me% his tho ghts abo t the relation between the government and the governed are tr e. !e conceived that the s ccess of governing is based on those practices that are the res lt of the ad2 stment between the necessities of act al affairs with the nat ral and imm table order of things% and this ad2 stment is effected by a combination of theoretical #nowledge and practical e*perience. /polinario Mabini is very #nowledgeable in terms of politics.


a. Mabinis idea of 3evol tion is that% it is the violent means of overthrowing a government in order to establish a new one. / revol tion therefore% o ght not to be an e*pression of the will which wo ld merely destroy a government. 3ather% it m st li#ewise represent an attempt to establish a government signifying progress and the absol te absence of any form of tyranny. b. Mabinis tho ghts on 4overnment is that it m st g arantee the citi.ens the highest degree of personal sec rity% the greatest n mber of rights% the ma*im m satisfaction of economic wants and the best possible ed cation. c. Mabinis idea on )ndependence is that it is the f ndamental prere5 isite% tho gh not the s fficient condition% to individ als freedom and social and national progress.

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