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Building a Referral Network through Links
The power of compounding online through strategic link campaigns
“We live in a fast-paced world where the risks of going it alone are growing by the minute. Powerful economic forces are reshaping companies, industry and counties. Enlightened leaders recognize the need to join forces with others for mutual benefit. They configure continues evolving networks of resources engaged in joint value creation. The members of these networks are lean and flexible organizations committed to continuous improvement. They are linked by common interest and the opportunity to leverage their strengths. They continue to strengthen their relationships because of the substantial rewards produced by the resulting synergy. “ -Eberhard E. Scheuing

Imagine your web address appearing on a real estate website that has traffic coming from 12 established referring links. Now imagine those 12 referring links tied to 24 websites providing mortgage related traffic. You have just tapped into a network of 36 websites by connecting “ONE” link. This is the power of compounding on the web. A Proven technique for increasing traffic to your website. Establish Links for Long Term Relationships and Results
Be selective about the sites from which you request links. Search engines use sophisticated rules when judging the importance of a link, and the popularity of the site linking to you is a key criteria. As you develop your link network target website that can provide the traffic you desire.

A testimonial is a great way to establish a link! One way to establish a link from a real
estate agents website to your website is to place a testimonial on the real estate agents website with a description of your services and a link back to your website included in the testimonial.

The worst mistake you can make! Building a powerful link network takes time. This will be an
ongoing marketing effort for you. Many mortgage professionals spend considerable time marketing a website that is deactivated when they leave the company they are working for. Don’t let this happen to you! Make sure you have a Virtual Lender website from Think of the Virtual Lender website like a cell phone, regardless of where you go, you always have it with you. You will never be forced to sever the links you have worked so hard for.

Ideas for website links
Community Web Sites Golf Sites (Remember Jumbo Loans) Movie Sites Classified Ad Sites Real Estate Sites Moving Services Websites Home Builders Websites Tourism Sites Furniture Websites Landscaping Websites Pest Control Websites University Web Sites News Websites Department of Education Websites B&B & Restaurant websites FSBO websites Home & Garden websites Health & Medicine Websites Sports Websites Credit Repair Websites Special Interest Group Websites Insurance Websites Official Municipal Websites Chamber of Commerce Business Directory Websites Union Websites Associations Clubs Military Websites

Quick Start to Developing a linking Campaign
Budget time for link building Don't expect to grow your link popularity overnight. Budget time every week to work on link building. If you force yourself to spend a couple hours a week on link building, it will become part of your routine. Establish realistic link goals Don't expect to see instant results. Link building is difficult, frustrating and time intensive. If you get one good quality link a month you're doing better than the majority of sites out there. Patience and creativity are key to link building. Link popularity is all about quality Be selective about the sites from which you request links. Search engines use sophisticated rules when judging the importance of a link, and the popularity of the site linking to you is a key criteria. Develop a relationship with a site Before you ask for the link, get to know the web site. Establish yourself as a real human first. That way, when you ask for a link, it's harder for them to say no. Provide the linking code Make it easy for other sites to link to you. Send the prospective linker the exact HTML code you want in the link and suggest which page you want the link from. Get directory listings Jumpstart your link campaign by getting directory links first. Consider bartering for links It's a good idea to have something to offer in return for a link.

Websites in Texas that provide Business Directories
Jumpstart your link campaign by getting directory links first. This is especially important if you have a new site or a site with no inbound links. A shortage of inbound links puts your site at a severe disadvantage because link analysis is an important part of every search engine's ranking algorithm. The way to overcome this disadvantage is to get a few quality links. A good way to start is to get listed in as many directories as you can. There are many directories out there, and the more you can get into the better. A few to target include: Open Directory, Yahoo, LookSmart,,,

Other Directories that support Texas:

Virtual Lender® Marketing Ideas
Industry’s # 1 Quick Reference Guide.

Marketing Online Relocation Kits
Marketing Online Relocation Kits
Each month thousands of employees move to a new community to start a new job. Moves often are more complicated than anticipated. The new home/mortgage seeker is looking for information about your community’s education, health care, media, transportation, recreation and entertainment, neighborhoods and suburbs, housing market and economic climate. There is a lot to think about when you move. A mortgage is just one of them. If you can provide a single source for this information, chances are that the home seeker will be more likely to consider you for mortgage related service and advise. Here’s how it works. Research and create a 10-20 page document containing information about your community. Save this document in a format that is easily downloaded or e-mailed (such as Adobe PDF*) or collect materials you can copy and mail.

Build a referral network at the same time you build your Online Relocation Kit
What better reason to contact a builder in your area and introduce yourself then to offer the builder a section in your relocation kit. Let him know that this is a FREE service and is design to drive business to the builder. Take this opportunity to speak with the builder about a mortgage link from the builders website to your mortgage center for quick pre-qualifications and mortgage services. Repeat this process for each and every service provider that will be featured in your relocation kit. This is a great method for leveraging market reach and developing a network of business professionals and increase referral business.
Source: Lenders classified according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Research by Kelly Barry.

Items to consider placing in a Relocation Kit
Educational Resources Health Care Services Driver’s License, where do I get that? Where do I go to Register my car Smog Laws Baby Sitting and Day Care Truck Rentals/costs Special Interest Groups (AA, NA, Churches, NRA etc) Government , Voting, Library Recreational Areas Entertainment Housing Market and economical climate Real Estate Services Home Builders Golf Courses Restaurants Utility Companies

Referral Network Approach
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Introduce Yourself Explain Program Show color printout of your website Show copy of Relocation Kit Explain Benefits of Program Provide Relocation Kit Signup Form Gather all Company Information Exchange your website information Setup website Links (to and from) Add information to Relocation Kit

Websites that provide information about Phoenix, AZ Your Ad may say something like this: “receive a Free relocation package containing demographic information about Your Town and it's surrounding communities, current mortgage rates or programs that meet certain criteria, a map, school information and much, much more. Call me today or visit me online at 888-555-1234”

Websites that provide information about Houston, TX
Relo. Information: Weather and Rating: School Ranking: Cost of Living: Occupational Outlook: Texas Homes: Value of TX Homes Movie Theaters: TX Population Stats: Hstn. Demographics:

This is an opportunity to promote the value of your business to those who are relocating in your city. You can then refer the leads generated from this marketing campaign to your favorite real estate agent or agents, who will be very grateful for your hard work in acquiring these leads, and will, in turn, help The below web address offer services on the following items you by referring their clients to you for a mortgage, thus helping you build your steady stream of referrals. Market your Relocation Kit in the following resources: Newspaper 30 Second Radio Ad Online Classifieds Community Web Sites Business Affiliates Real Estate Website Chamber of Commerce Site Within Large Companies

Your Website Builder Sites Voice Mail School District

Items Libraries in or near Houston, Museums in or near Houston, Nearby newspapers, Nearby archives, Archives in Texas, State archives, State historical society, Where to write for birth, death, marriage or divorce records. Adoption Services, Birth & Death Records, Cemeteries, Census, Courts, Crests, Families, Federal Resources, Government, Historical Societies, Military, Newspapers, Obituaries, Records, Religion, Travel Service, Economy, employment growth, energy use, Federal Spending, Gas Costs, Sales Tax, Tax Rates, Unemployment Rate, Air Quality, Endangered Species, Superfund Sites, Water Resources, Historic Sites, Museums, Relief Map, Topographic images of Texas.

Did You know?

Key Words/Meta Tags: Texas, Moving, Relocation, Demographics, School Districts, Neighborhood information, economy, construction, mortgage, maps, crime rates, employment etc.

The State of Texas’ increase in population was a close second in overall nationwide growth with an increase of 3.9 million residents. Texas’s population increased from 16,986,510 in 1990 to 20,851,820 in 2000.

Virtual Lender® Marketing Ideas
Industry’s # 1 Quick Reference Guide.

Marketing Through INTRAnet Websites & HR
What is an INTRAnet and why should I target market this utility
INTRAnet-An intranet belongs to an organization, and is designed to be accessible only by the organization's members, employees, or others with authorization. An intranet's Web site looks and acts just like other Web sites, but has a firewall surrounding it to fend off unauthorized users. Intranets are used to share information.

Marketing to INTRAnets can bring EXPLOSIVE RESULTS!
As you read this paragraph a school teacher in Spring, TX is looking to relocate to the Katy area. She is logged into the School Districts INTRAnet website examining her options for relocation and employment opportunities. It just so happens that an aggressive mortgage professional out of Katy contacted the INTRAnets webmaster 3 months earlier and established a link to download a relocation kit and information about a special employee mortgage benefits package offered exclusively to the School District employees. The Teacher learns about the special program and requests the relocation kit…The future looks bright for this aggressive mortgage professional.


This is just one example of Hundreds of INTRAnet websites in the Houston Area!
Just think about all the companies and organizations that maintain private INTRAnet websites. The process for identifying and setting up a link may take a little more effort than the traditional website but the rewards are often much greater!

Largest Employers in Greater Houston
COMPANY NAME # of Employees 31,914 23,000 (est.) 18,211 16,000 15,000 14,832 13,350 (est.) 13,000 12,000 10,000 9,000 9,000

How do I market to small to midsize companies? Prepare a Business Strategy and Plan
A sound business plan can mean the difference between a company that prospers and one that flounders. If your goal is to make your On-Line Loan Origination Center a catalyst for growth, your business/strategic plan can communicate this with accuracy and credibility, and will generate enthusiasm for you as you grow your business. Your plan should be thorough, professional and realistic. You should continue to review it, following the steps you originally laid out, changing it as necessary.

Associations in Houston
The below companies and associations may be candidates for HR marketing and Intranet Marketing.

Houston Ind. School District City of Houston Administaff Continental Airlines Memorial Hermann Healthcare system Harris County M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Halliburton Kroger Aramark HCA (health care) HP

Establish your Product Offering
When approaching the small to midsize company you need to be able to bring more to the table then good rates and friendly service. You need a complete mortgage benefits program for their employees. This program can offer discounted services online access to relocation packages etc.

Identify Useful Resources and Prepare Program
Companies like WORKPLACEMORTGAGESOLUTIONS.COM offers complete turnkey packages design to market into small & mid size companies. This package will include all print material.

Identify Potential Companies & HR departments
This is a very important step! If you desire immediate results you may consider targeting smaller organizations and companies and then move toward larger companies. Smaller companies sometimes require less work to get to the decision maker and present your idea, You can also create a personal relationship with smaller organizations/companies much faster and with less lift.

Meals in Wheels American Medical Association Coca-Cola Bottlers' Association Contractors Associations Air Conditioning Contractors Of America Association of Authors Publishers American Amateur Press Association American Association For Women Radiologists American Board Of Neurological Surgery Beverage Education, Assistance And Training Community Associations Institute Drilling Engineering Association Energy Security Council Energy Traffic Association Greater Heights Area Chamber Of Commerce Houston Classic Chevy Club Houston West Chamber Of Commerce Independent Insurance Agents Of Houston International Center For The Solution Of Environmental Problems Lone Star Region Porsche Club of America Northwest Flyers Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association Printing Industries Of The Gulf Coast Southwestern Fastener Association Teacher Associations Texas Southern University Alumni Texaco Retirees Club Of Houston Texas Association Of Metal Finishers Texas Towing And Storage Association

Resource for Marketing to HR Dept.
IF you would like a turnkey package to market to HR departments we recommend: Workplace Mortgage Solutions 4845 Pearl East Cir. #101 Boulder, CO 80301 800.661.0885 877.226.9868 (fax) Tell them referred you and receive a discount.

Identify Web Master and provide web information
Once the relationship is established the next step will be for you to move your product offering to the INTRAnet within the organization/company. This can be as simple as a paragraph of text with contact info to request Relocation Packages.

Develop a CO-MARKETING plan
Once the link is established continue to nurture the relationship by sending market updates and additional information possibly in the form of a newsletter to their employees.

Virtual Lender® Marketing Ideas
Industry’s # 1 Quick Reference Guide.

Pay Per Click Brings Immediate Traffic
Marketing Online Relocation Kits
Why would you pay an SEO firm thousands of dollars in an attempt to attain the number one position on search engines when you can pay as little as $0.01 per click for top search result

Top 10 Pay Per Click Search Engines

Search Engine Recommendation Highly Recommended!!! Google AdWords Highly Recommended!!! Highly Recommended!!! Only pay for advertising when someone clicks through to your website. Recommended If one million people see your ad and only one person clicks on it, then you only pay for that one person. It's like having your ad in the Recommended phone book but you don't pay just to have it there you only pay when someone calls you. Nothing else can compare to pay per click Recommended advertising simply because people are searching for your services and you get to choose what you want to pay per lead. Lycos Insite Adbuyer - Recommended Recommended Look to the 80/20 Principle to Improve your Pay-per-Click Performance? Recommended Search123 Recommended As marketers and business owners, we’re always looking for “the next big idea” to maximize our performance results. Yet, the best results often stem from Neutral applying old ideas that have proven successful over time.
For example, Stephen Covey’s New York Times Best-Selling and world-renowned book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is a self-proclaimed synthesis of historical principles recorded by great teachers and philosophers more than 150 years ago (1). By definition, describes a principle as, “a rule or law concerning the functioning of natural phenomena.” Although pay-per-click marketing is a relatively new Internet marketing strategy, its performance correlates positive to an old principle called ”Pareto’s Law” or better known as “the 80/20 Principle”. “The 80/20 Principle states that there is an inbuilt imbalance between causes and results, inputs and outputs, and effort and reward. 80/20 relationships typically will show that 80% of outputs result from 20% of inputs; that 80% of consequences flow from 20% of causes; or that 80% of results come from 20% of effort.” When applied to pay-per-click marketing, 80% of outputs or the completion of your website objectives such as subscriptions, prospects or sales, result from

Pay Per Click Management
There are now many different Pay Per Click Management tools specifically designed for the top pay per click search engines. These tools can lower or raise your bids, keep a ranking, let you know about your listings and more. Pay Per Click Management and monitoring software falls into two main categories:

Applying the 80/20 Principle to Pay-per-Click Marketing
Web based Pay Per Click Management (monthly subscription) is faster and runs 24/7 on the service providers servers which means no personal bandwidth But because it is difficult to know specifically which keywords (inputs) will ultimately generate the most actions (outputs) the process of or computer problems. We have highlighted one of the “keyword selection” should be applied liberally. This means that all possible keyword variations and associations should be selected to top models of this type of software... Recommend: figuratively “blanket” or span across all potential search queries for your products or services. By relying on your keyword-level track-

One of the benefits of running a pay-per-click marketing campaign is the control granted from the keyword selection process. In essence, the keywords you select target specific types of individuals within your market.

ing system, over time the resulting website actions will sort the top performing keywords from the poor-performing ones. Under the 80/20 Principle, if you initially select 1,000 keywords for your pay-per-click marketing campaign, over a month or two your keyword-level tracking system will uncover the 20% of keywords that produce 80% of your sales. In other words, the 80/20 Principle will expose roughly 80% of the 1,000 keywords you selected that produce minimal to no results. Aside from seasonality variations and marketplace trends that effect keyword performance, the 80/20 Principle pinpoints a significant operational process that all Internet marketers should implement immediately. By tracking your pay-per-click marketing campaign at the keyword level and identifying the specific keywords that produce the maximum results, you can eliminate roughly 80% of your poor-performing keywords. Through this natural “keyword filtration process” you will re-allocate budget dollars to the top performing keywords and reduce keyword management time.
PC based Pay Per Click Management (outright purchase) systems depends on your PC's processor, RAM, Internet connection speed and availability. Recommend: Other Pay Per Click Management Tools

Applying the 80/20 Principle to Pay-per-Click Marketing
Remember these Four Keys when Applying the 80/20 Principle: 1. During keyword selection, “blanket” your target market with every relevant keyword variation and association potentially used by your target market to find your products or services. Use Overture or Google Adwords’ editorial review to define the relevancy boundaries (or “the ends of the blanket”) for your target market. Implement keyword-level tracking to identify which 20% of your keywords produce 80% of your results. Without keyword-level tracking, you will be gambling your budget away. Pay close attention to seasonality and marketplace trends that cause fluctuations in keyword performance. Instead of eliminating all 80% of the poor performing keywords, identify some of the most relevant ones and work on adjusting their bids, re-writing their titles and descriptions or revamping their landing pages in attempt to increase their performance. If branding is your primary objectives as opposed to performance then omit your brand-oriented keywords from your 80/20 Principle analysis and note their effect on your overall keyword performance metrics.

Other Useful Tools
Click Comparison Search Engine Forums

2. 3.


As you analyze your pay-per-click marketing for 2005, identify if the presence of the 80/20 Principle is causing an imbalance between your inputs (keywords) and outputs (completed actions like subscriptions, leads or sales). If the principle applies, you may have a significant opportunity to revamp your pay-perclick marketing in a way that increases visitor-to-action conversion rates and more efficiently allocates your budget across your top performing keywords.
Article by-Kevin Gold

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