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PEGA Certification Mock Examination

Time: 1 hour 20 minutes 1. Pick 2 statements which are true about flow actions. a. The likelihood should add to 100% b. The likelihood determines the order in which the flow actions are presented to the user c. Flow actions advance a work object through the flow d. The connector emanating out of a assignment shape is called a flow action 2. Activities are normally associated with which smart shape? a. Notify b. Assignment c. Utility d. Decision 3. One among the below is not a standard tracer break condition. a. Exception b. Error Status c. Warn Status d. Fail Status 4. The below are steps to ensure model chaining (Pick two) a. All classes will have a model. b. The names of the base class and derived class model should be the same. c. The names of the base class and derived class model should be pyDefault. d. The check box Call Superclass Model? should be checked in the model rule. 5. The first concrete class in the application hierarchy is called (pick two) a. Class Group b. Work Group c. Work Pool d. Work Type 6. A decision table represents decisions in the form more-friendly to business analysts. A decision table can be associated with a decision shape. The status connectors are automatically generated from decision shape one each for all the results present in the Allowed Results tab of the decision table. a. True b. False 7. A class should have a ------------- parent and it can have a ----------- parent. a. Directed, Pattern b. Pattern, Directed 8. The following requirements are captured using enterprise application accelerator (Choose 2) a. Interface requirements b. Flow requirements c. Usecase requirements d. Decision requirements

9. One operator is currently accessing a work object present in the folder. Another operator tries to access another work object present in the folder. The work object will be locked. a. True b. False 10. What actions are possible with the clipboard tool (Choose 2) a. Create a page b. Create an activity c. Create a property d. Start a flow 11. A declare expression rule is associated with a property rule for computing the value at run time and a decision table can be called from a declare expression during computation of values. a. True b. False 12. One among the following is not a standard data party a. Government Organization (Data-Party-Gov) b. Commercial Organization (Data-Party-Com) c. Access Group (Data-Party-AccessGroup) d. External Users (Data-Party-Person) 13. A property AccountStatus is referred in a step in an activity. The property is in the class InsCorp-MyAccount. The activity is in the class InsCorp-Work.

How the property is referred in PropertiesName text box. Pick the most appropriate answer. a. .AccountStatus b. StepPage.AccountStatus c. Primary.AccountStatus d. MyAccount.AccountStatus

14. Which a. b. c.

of the following is Not True about Data Class A belongs to a Class Group class type is Concrete has a direct / indirect inheritance from Data-

15. Which tool helps the developer to ensure that the PRPC application is developed as per the guardrails? B a. Rule Warning b. Preflight c. PAL d. My Alerts 16. Which a. b. c. d. of these is not a Declarative Rule Declare Pages Declare Trigger When Constraints

17. What is the proper evaluation sequence in Application Rule? a. Application RuleSets > Production RuleSets > Component and Shared RuleSets > Built On Application Ruleset > Pega- RuleSets b. Application RuleSets > Production RuleSets > Built On Application Ruleset > Component and Shared RuleSets > Pega- RuleSets c. Production RuleSets > Application RuleSets > Built On Application Ruleset > Component and Shared RuleSets > Pega- RuleSets d. Production RuleSets > Application RuleSets > Component and Shared RuleSets > Built On Application Ruleset > Pega- RuleSets 18. Checking the Allow rule check out check box in operator form allows that operator to update the rules from the rulesets that require check out. a. True b. False 19. Which a. b. c. d. e. of these portals are normally associated with Business Architect Role? Work User Work Manager Developer All the above None of the above

20. The number of applications that can be associated with an access group is (Pick the most appropriate answer) a. 0 b. 1 c. More than 1 d. Maximum of 8 21. You can't use circumstances with a. Declarative Rules b. a Final Rule c. Any Rule class that does not have circumstance feature ON d. Validation Rules

e. (a), (b), (c) f. (a), (b), (c), (d) 22. A declarative rule is executed when it is invoked either from an activity or from a flow. a. True b. False 23. The name of the image referred in the screen shot is

a. b. c. d.

Class Viewer Inheritance Diagram Class Structure Clipboard

24. The below are the rulesets present in users application profile. MyApplnUser:03-04 MyAppln:02-03 Pega-ProCom:05-03 Pega-IntSvcs:05-03 Pega-WB:05-03 Pega-Rules:05-03 The user does not have access to an activity present in one of the below ruleset a. MyApplnUser:03-04-18 b. MyApplnUser:03-03-02 c. MyAppln:02-03-04 d. MyApplnUser:02-03-01 25. PRPC has the following Inheritance types a. Multiple b. Directed c. Pattern d. (b), (c) e. (a), (b), (c)

26. For a property, which of the following prefixes are reserved and user can't change its value? a. px b. py c. pz d. (a), (c) e. (a), (b), (c) 27. Tracer a. b. c. d. e. is used to test and debug? Activities Declare rules Flows (a), (b) (a), (b), (c)

28. Which Harness form display the work objects in display-only mode, with no fields changeable a. New b. Review c. Resolve d. Reopen e. Confirm 29. PRPC has the ability to access data from an external database using a. Services b. Connectors c. Both d. Neither 30. In the a. b. c. d. case of a screen flow, the standard template will not have this shape. Split-For Each Split-Join Assignment Fork

31. When a user logs out, Requestor Pages are marked for garbage collection and are removed automatically. a. True b. False 32. You have a ruleset locked and rules are deployed in PROD. Later on a minor change on only one rule comes. It is okay to unlock the ruleset, do the minor change and lock the ruleset. a. True b. False 33. A clipboard page can be created by using the following activity method. a. Page-Add b. Page-New c. Page-Create d. Page-Insert

34. A Decision Tree rule represents decisions in the form more-friendly to developers and it can be edited in excel format. a. True b. False 35. In rule resolution, rules are not ranked based on a. Circumstance b. Effective Date c. Ruleset Version d. Rule Type 36. The current application ruleset version is 01-01-99. The development team created a new application ruleset 01-02-01. By practice, all the rules present till the previous versions are skimmed and a single version is created in 01-02-01. a. True b. False 37. A rules inspector cannot be used to inspect. a. HTML Rules b. Styles c. Decision Rules d. Property Rules 38. Which a. b. c. d. type of flow rule does not include end-user intervention? Standard tabbed screen flow Straight through process flow Starter flow Sub flow

39. In which two parts of an activity rule can when rules be used? a. Precondition b. Method c. Transition d. Iteration 40. Properties are defined as rules and they ______ (choose two) a. are not associated with a class b. can be overridden in different rulesets c. cannot be overridden by properties of the same name d. are subjected to rule resolution 41. After dragging a repeat row control onto a section rule, which of the following fields must be completed to define the property source (choose two) a. HTML Property rule b. Page List or Page Group Property c. Class of the pages corresponding to the Page List or Page Group Property d. The literal value "Data-" 42. Ruleset perquisites are configured in a. Ruleset version rules b. Application rules c. Ruleset name rules d. Access group rules

43. Which a. b. c. d. 44. Which three) a. b. c. d. e.

of the following rules contains the Auto-generate HTML feature? Gadget Section HTML property HTML fragment of the following are true about summary view but not for list view (choose Can Can Can Can Can have multiple criteria define threshold have charts have paging have trend reporting

45. Ruleset perquisites are part of rule resolution and enforced during run-time a. True b. False 46. Which rules automate the process of monitoring work completion and notifying the appropriate person when additional scrutiny or action is warranted a. Agents b. Service levels c. Flows d. When 47. People and entities who are interested in the execution and progress of the work object are called as a. Work Users b. Work Parties c. Work Managers d. System Administrators 48. Match the following in the context of availability of rule Availability Yes Consequence The rule instance as well as all lower numbered version instances will not be visible to rule resolution algorithm and hence shall not be considered during the rule resolution Rule instance is available to rule resolution algorithm but nobody can override this rule in any other rule set, except the current ruleset Rule instance will be visible to Rule resolution algorithm and hence shall be considered during rule resolution process Particular rule instance will be invisible to rule resolution algorithm and hence will not be considered during rule resolution (But all lower and upper versions are visible to rule resolution algorithm)




49. A PRPC class has a version number to ensure that it is included in migration and shipping events.

a. True b. False 50. ____________ define the interface as seen by the end user, and are used by a single application. a. HTML Fragments b. HTML Streams c. HTML Text Files d. Harnesses 51. Flows a. b. c. d. and Assignments work together to ________? Resolve work and Review work Receive work and Report on work Review work and Report on work Route work and Resolve work

52. Which of the following tools would you use to view the HTML associated with the fragment? a. Class Explorer b. Preflight c. Rules Inspector d. Image Catalog 53. Which of the following tools are used to identify the value calculated in a declare expression (Pick the most appropriate answer). a. Clipboard b. Tracer c. DNA d. PAL 54. What is a clipboard page refer to a. An area of memory on the client PC reserved for user data b. An object stored in memory c. A Pegasystems extension of the Windows clipboard d. A record in the PRPC database used to store user data 55. An edit validate rule is used to automatically format the value of the user input. a. True b. False 56. Client side validation will not replace validation that occurs on the engine side, but allows validation to occur on a form before submit is hit. This can be done with the following rules (Pick three) a. Harness b. Section c. Activity d. Property e. Flow Action 57. What are the options provided to the user when an application profiler is run? (Choose 3) a. New application b. New application and a framework

c. New application based on a framework d. Update existing application 58. In circumstancing, the symbol represents a a. Circumstance Qualified Rule b. Circumstance Rule c. Single Variate Circumstance Rule d. Multi Variate Circumstance Rule 59. One among the following is not a standard user interface component a. Skin b. Portal c. HTML Fragment d. Paragraph 60. A cover has a property called pxCoverInsKey which identifies the work object associated to it. a. True b. False 61. How are local actions shown in the perform_buttons harness a. Drop Down Items b. Buttons c. Hyperlinks d. None of the above 62. An application accelerator creates (Choose two) a. Basic flows b. Basic activities c. Work parties d. Operator IDs 63. A Page list (Choose two most appropriate) a. Holds a list of data identified by unique name b. Has a class associated with it c. Is derived from the class Code-Pega-List d. A set of property value pairs associate with it 64. Which a. b. c. d. of the statements below is NOT one of the main purposes of a Rule set? To act as a container for rules. To facilitate migration & shipping (application deployment). To play an important role in rule resolution. To define security for rules

65. Refer to the below decision tree. If Urgency = 50, pyStatusWork = Resolved Completed, pyEffortActual = 10. What is the output? a. b. c. d. e.

66. Choose the correct sequence in which rules are loaded for use: a. Rules from Database ->Rules cache -> Rules assembly b. Rules assembly ->Rules from Database ->Rules cache c. Rules from Database -> Rules assembly ->Rules cache d. Rules cache ->Rules assembly ->Rules from Database 67. Mutlivariate circumstancing (MVC) consists of two rule types: a. Circumstance Property b. Circumstance Template c. Circumstance Activity d. Circumstance Definition 68. Fill in the blanks and choose from should/must/exceeded appropriately in SLA processing. "Goal" implies that assignment be completed by this time "Deadline" implies that assignment be completed by this time "Passed Deadline" implies that assignment has specified time a. Exceed, must, should b. Should, must, exceed c. Should, exceed, must d. Must, should, exceed 69. A cover object has a group of work objects associated with it. When the cover is in view, which page in clipboard refers to the cover? a. pyWorkPage b. pyWorkCover c. pyCoverWork d. pyPageWork 70. CorrNew Activity can be used to create a new a. Declare Expression b. Phone Text c. Print d. Notify Shape