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which was published in three volumes in 1894. H. Murry Milgate and Peter Newman was published in 4 volumes in 1987.96 and 99. The second edition was published in 2008 in 8 print volumes and online. retained the spirit of the original publication while embracing new concepts in the development of economics as a discipline. The years since the publication of Palgrave’s Dictionary have seen a dramatic expansion in the content and influence in economics.  Classic essays of an enduring importance from the 1987 edition  Topics placed in their historical perspective. UK Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan INTRODUCTION R. Scope  The new edition feature over 1000 new or heavily revised articles and includes  Signed articles by over 1. indicating likely future trends as well as describing the contemporary situation. These were reprinted with corrections and additions. . The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics edited by John Eatwell.  New or expanded areas include:  experimental and behavioral economics. It is a successor of the Dictionary of Political Economy. Inglis Palgrave's original Dictionary of Political Economy (1894-9) was a landmark in both publishing and economics: a liberal and scholarly overview of the whole sphere of economic thought in its day.500 eminent contributors providing a current overview of economics. Henry Higgs's revised edition. Palgrave's Dictionary of Political Economy (1923-6).AUTHORITY Title: The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics 1st edition(print):1987(4 volumes) Latest edition (print): 2008(8 volumes) Online edition: 2008-present Frequency: quarterly Place of publication: London.

 This extensive economic work focuses on economic theory and over 2000 entries covers in all its varied aspects.dictionaryofeconomics. . It provides quick search option on the top left end. Enables users to bookmark searches and articles. Online format: www. analytical. Contains hyperlinks cross references within          It contains full text of 2008 print edition. in My Dictionary. FORMAT Print edition was published only till 2008.  Keywords. methodological. along with their own notes. making it an indispensible tools for researchers and students. sources of further information and biographical citations. which makes it possible to explore the content of the dictionary with great ease and speed. ARRANGEMENT Arranged alphabetically by the title of the articles and the contributors. Technological change and growth. Features carefully selected and maintained links to related sites. Offers excellent search and browse facilities.  Articles on all aspects of economic theory ranging from Economic History and Systems. It incorporates quarterly editions and updates. Full text of the 1987 archive edition. It allows remote access to members of subscribing institutions. or add links to articles on social bookmarking sites. empirical and quantitative  Over 700 biographical entries of the leading minds in the field  It contains:  Table of contains. International economics.   TREATMENT Game theory.  Abstracts.

 Full text is available only to subscribers.  Not available in CD ROM . CONCLUSION The New Palgrave Dictionary has been designated a CHOICE OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC TITLE. It is quite helpful for both the students as well as researchers. The dictionary also offers the non economists the opportunity to find more information on issues that impact on them or to enhance there knowledge of a particular subject area for an economics en. It is extremely valuable for explaining the mysteries and complexities of economics.LIMITATIONS  Not available in print after 2008.dictionaryofeconomics.wikipaedia. REFERENCE www.

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