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FINDING UK AND INTERNATIONAL NEWSPAPERS WORKSHEET Aim: To compile an effective list of results by exploring contemporary and historic national

and international newspapers (print and online) on a range of topics. CONTENTS: 1. Finding an individual newspaper p.1 2. Finding international newspaper articles p.2 . Finding !" newspapers and broadsheets p. #. $earching historical newspapers p. %. Find it at &incoln p.# Resources explore &ocating individual newspapers ('() )nform* &exis &ibrary and Factiva 'cademic) &exis &ibrary for !" (roadsheets Factiva +ale databases: (ritish &ibrary (1,th - century) / Times 0igital 'rchive (1,1% - 1.12) Find it at &incoln (search engine on &ibrary homepage) Topics co!ere &ocating an individual newspaper (Financial Times* The +uardian (&ondon) and 3hicago 0aily 4erald) 5argaret Thatcher and funeral controversy (source: &exis &ibrary) 6orth "orea and nuclear war (source: Factiva) French 7evolution coverage (1,1. - 1,.%) (source: (ritish newspapers 128891.88) 1.,8 F)F' :orld 3up held in 5exico (source: Times 0igital 'rchive) !F; sightings (source: Find it at &incoln)

Co!er"#e The two main newspaper databases (&exis &ibrary and Factiva 'cademic) possess extensive contemporary coverage* often containing more sources online than those available in print format. 0ependent upon the publication* contemporary newspaper databases li<e &exis &ibrary (c. 1..8=) contains about a twenty year archive* whereas Factiva 'cademic (c.1.18=) comprises of ten years> further coverage. &exis &ibrary is a database that covers !" newspapers (including regional* national* and broadsheets) whereas Factiva 'cademic has both national (!") and international sources including: 'frica* 'sia* 'ustralia?;ceania* 3aribbean )slands* 3entral 'merica* 3)$ 3ountries ('rmenia* '@erbaiAan* (elarus* Bstonia* +eorgia* "a@a<hstan* "yrgy@stan* &atvia* &ithuania* 5oldova* 7ussia* TaAi<istan* Tur<menistan* !<raine* !@be<istan)* Burope* &atin 'merica* 5editerranean* 5iddle Bast* 6orth 'merica and $outh 'merica. $% FINDING AN INDI&IDUAL NEWSPAPER A'I I()orm *Fi("(ci"l Times+ This database contains a range of national and international newspapers and is easy to use supported by excellent coverage. To run a search for newspaper articles 1. 2. . #. %. 2. &< 5ore resources 0atabases '() )nform 'dvanced search $elect source (newspapers)


Se"rc, )or "( i( i!i u"l -i-le: 1. Bither search pu.lic"-io(* such as Fi("(ci"l Times 2. ;r choose Source -/pe of publication - newspapers

. $earch basic or advanced then select newspapers #. 'dAust items per page (28C) at bottom of page %. Diew suggested subAects at top of page Lexis Li.r"r/ *T,e Gu"r i"(+ 1. http:??< 2. more resources . databases #. & = &exis &ibrary %. 6ews 2. $ources ,. $elect T,e Gu"r i"( *Lo( o(+ 1. Type in your <eywords and run search .. Eou can also adAust the date range to cover articles published in a particular timeframe* such as the &ondon ;lympics (2,th Fuly - 12th 'ugust 2812). 18. 'nother option would be to compare and contrast two or more newspapers by using the same method but selecting contrasting viewpoints (such as 0aily 5ail vs. The +uardian). F"c-i!" Ac" emic *C,ic"#o D"il/ Her"l + 1. &ibrary homepage (<) 2. more resources . databases #. F %. Factiva 'cademic 2. 'dAust date range accordingly ,. $ource 1. Type C,ic"#o D"il/ Her"l 'll sources .. $elect source (it turns into a blue lin<) 18. 7un <eyword search



F"c-i!" Ac" emic 1. &ibrary homepage (<) 2. more resources . databases #. F %. Factiva 'cademic. 'ccess to more than 1*888 international sources including maAor newspapers* newswires and a wide selection of Aournals. ;nly five users at a time may use Factiva 'cademic (it will as< for a username and password if it>s reached its maximum). To find regional newspapers* say in Ni#eri"* follow this procedure: 1. 'dAust date range drop drop9 down box (defaults to months) 2. $ource ? 'll $ources . $elect $ource 3ategory drop9 down box #. (y 7egion %. 'frica 2. :est 'frica ,. select 6igeria Type <eywords and phrases for your search with Free Text $earch and select the $earch (blue) button to research 6igerian newspapers. To search for coverage of Nor-, Kore" "( (ucle"r 1"r: 1. $earch for 6orth "orea and nuclear war. 2. 0ate = all dates (otherwise defaults to three months) . 7egions = you can select regions = 'sia = Bastern 'sia = search (covers "orean* 6orth and $outh) #. $ort by 5ost 7ecent First %. $elect the boxes next to any articles you prefer 2. Then you are able to Diew* email* print* save* or download into 7TF or G0F format.

,. There is an option to also listen to the article being read or translate the article into another language via +oogle (ranging from 'fri<aans to Eiddish). 'lternatively* you can search solely for newspapers by 1. &ibrary homepage (<) 2. more resources . databases #. F %. Factiva 'cademic 2. 'dAust date range accordingly ,. $ource 1. $elect $ource 3ategory .. (y type 18. 6ewspapers - '&& 11. Bnter search terms 2% FINDING UK NEWSPAPERS AND

2. 5ore resources . 0atabases #. century newspapers (near the top of the page) This recently updated archive contains a range of historical newspapers ranging from the 1,th - centuries: (ritish 6ewspapers 128891.88 3entury (ritish &ibrary 6ewspapers 6ewsDault 1,th and 11th 3entury (urney 3ollection The Times 0igital 'rchive

'ri-is, Ne1sp"pers $4556$755 To search for coverage of the Fre(c, Re!olu-io( between 1,1. and 1,.% follow this method: 1. (asic search 2. Bnter <eywords French 7evolution . &imit the results #. (y publication date %. (etween 1,1. Fanuary 81 and 1,.% 0ecember 8 2. $earch ,. 5ar< selected articles 1. 5ar<ed items folder .. Grint* email or download results T,e Times Di#i-"l Arc,i!e *$89:6 $794+ The best resource to search for newspapers from before the early 1.18s is The Times 0igital 'rchive covering 1,1%91.12. The entire newspaper is captured including all articles* adverts and illustrations ? photos. For instance* if you want to loo< at newspaper coverage for the $785 FIFA Worl Cup i( ;exico search this database. 1. Bnter search terms: 1orl cup 2. &imit current search by date is .e-1ee(: . 1 5ay 1.,8 and 21 Fune 1.,8

The &exis &ibrary database searches predominately print newspapers within the !nited "ingdom. Lexis Li.r"r/ 1. http:??< 2. more resources . databases #. & = &exis &ibrary %. 6ews 2. $ources ,. !" (roadsheets 1. $earch for 5argaret Thatcher and funeral and controversy .. 'dd to 5y documents 18. +o to 5y 0ocuments folder at top of page 11. Eou can email* print or download the results by selecting the box on the left9 hand side. 3% SEARCHING HISTORICAL NEWSPAPERS $earch for digitised versions of the original documents from the +'&B databases. 1. $earch http:??<

#. Eou can mar< and email articles in this database too. FIND IT AT LINCOLN 'lthough it does not cover all newspapers* the Find it at &incoln search engine located on the homepage of the &ibrary website might be useful to find some material. To find any news sources on UFO si#,-i(#s then replicate the method below: http:??<? 2. $earch for !F; sightings . $earch #. $elect H6ews> on left9hand side of the screen %. !pdate 2. Gublication ,. $how more (to view all results) 1. ;n the left9hand side of the screen you can conduct some cursory analysis into countries with the most articles* publication* and subAect. .. For an advanced search select the blue Find it at &incoln heading above the search box. Eou can Hadd rows> from this page to refine your search terms.