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Herbalife Product Testimonials According To Health Conditions

As you are aware, the Herbalife products are not a treatment or cure for any medical condition. The company does not promote any special way of taking the products nor taking any specific product for a particular medical condition. The Herbalife products are food, nutritional and dietary supplements providing balanced and optimum nutrition. Kind regards, Kimberly Ricks Coordinator, Product n!uiry "edical Affairs # $ducation
MEDICA DI!C AIMER " All information is intended for your general kno#ledge only and is not a substitute for medical ad$ice or treatment for s%ecific medical conditions& 'e can not and do not gi$e you medical ad$ice& This information is not intended to re%lace the ad$ice of your %ersonal %hysician&

ADHD "y eight%year%old daughter &rianne was having concentration %roblems( lack of moti$ation and tem%er tantrums . Her teacher asked me to have her checked for ADHD, because she was not listening or focusing on her schoolwork. 'ithin the first day of using )ra*ilian Tea, noticed a change in my daughter( )he was able to concentrate on what was saying. 'e no longer have arguments and there is no more whining and crying about things that she is asked to do. 'e have not had a call from the school since the day she started on the product and she has been coming home with strait A*s on her tests((( The house is now stress free, thanks to Herbalife. Claire A& ADHD " see Tourette !yndrome Allergies( Arthritis( )ad Colon( Acid Reflu+ was born with arthritis( a bad colon( acid reflu+ and a lot of allergies, including skin care+cosmetics+dust+animals+ grass, and ".).,., -ust to name few. always seemed to be battling about ./%0/lbs. $1tra all of my life. After my two kids were born, was very over% weight, lacked energy and was on anti%depressants. 2'hich made me even more tired3. 'ith Herbalife*s 4utritional program, my health problems are under control5 feel better than have ever felt before... *m happy to say that I no longer suffer from allergies& 6ou see, *m a Cosmetologist by trade and .7 years ago was unable to enter my desired field, due to them. "y skin would burn and break out, and my eyes would itch and burn -ust from the fumes of the lash color. I ha$e lost -. lbs and // inches and a total of 01 dress si*es( #ent from si*e 02 to a si*e 2 and ke%t it off no# for -years. love these products and so does my family. Thank you "ark Hughes Tammie ee '& '&( )&C& Asthma( Acne Results "y name is, before Herbalife was overweight, asthmatic for over 8/ years and had terrible acne scarring. went on the 9uick )tart 'eight loss program, :ose;1 and )chi<andra Plus, Herbal Aloe =rink and >lorafibre. added some awesome Herbalife )kin care products to that. n ? months I lost o$er 34 lbs( 4 dress si*es( all my allergies( thre# a#ay my %rescri%tion asthma medication , discovered I no longer needed to #ear glasses&.. but the most ama<ing thing for me was the significant im%ro$ement in my skin( absolutely love Herbalife products(....Herbalife will continue to be *my way of life*( 5alerie M& Kingston ( 6amaica Autism "y little boy, age ?, has a mild case of Autism. This impedes his learning, so you never know if you*re going to have a @good day@ or a @bad day@. :ecently, we*ve been trying to teach the alphabet and the numbers from . to ./, but to no avail. ;ne day he may know .,0,8 and the ne1t he may give you a blank stare. consistently have given him the ChildrenAs )hake for ? weeks now, but at 0 weeks, we noticed that he was actually counting with us from . to ./ 2he would say @?@ right after we got @8@ out, @7@ after we said @B@ and so forth3(

'e were e1cited((( He counted the ne1t day with us, which was unheard of before the shake was being given to him((( He*s also started talking a lot more, making more connections, almost to a point of being a @normal ? year old@. *m hoping that the Autism will keep lessening in severity. *ll keep you updated((( % !helley H& )i%olar Disorder( De%ression "y husband, :andy, was diagnosed with )i%olar Disorder several years ago. Although we don*t often see the manic phase of this disorder get out of control, the De%ression hits very severely. He wasn*t sleeping any more than .C%0/ minutes a night for several weeks. He lost weight and was also suffering from an+iety7%anic attacks. The medications %rescribed by his %sychiatrist caused so many side effects that we weren*t sure what was worse, the side effects or the depression. ordered )leep 4ow for him and the first night he took 0 % he slept ?hours((( This was ma-or( He got started on >ormula ., 0, and 8. He also took Tang Kuei, "entabalance, Dtra%Cal, Eltimate ,inkgo, "ega ,inseng &lend, Herbalifeline and "ale >actor .///. His results were incredible(( 'ithin a very short amount of time, he gained weight, was sleeping through the night and no longer had an1iety attacks or any depressive symptoms. At his appointment with his psychiatrist, he told him that he was no longer taking A46 of the medications that were prescribed. The Dr's response: "I can't believe I'm saying this....but I don't think you need any of the prescriptions. BUT don't you D !" stop taking the #erbalife$$ " :andy has remained symptom free for 0 years(( % Audrey E& )ody Toning have a condition that think is called Hy%erthyroidism. have stretch marks on my hips and inner thighs after going through puberty and after gaining 0/ kg in F months due to the illness where your metabolism goes down 2hyperthyroidism3. The stretch marks were like bumps and had a lighter color than the rest of my skin. have now actively been using Cell%E%Goss, &ody &uffing and &ody Contouring for .? days, and can already see that the stretch marks are starting to disappear. They still have that lighter color, but the bumpiness is gone. can feel that the skin has another te1ture where they are, but am very pleased to e1perience that it is getting better % and only after .? days(% Helga 8& )lood Pressure 9 !ee High )lood Pressure

Candida and eukemia *m a leukemia survivor with .0 years since my bone marrow transplant. *d been dealing with Candida ever since that time because the good bacteria in my body had been so diminished from all the drugs and chemo. regularly dealt with thrush 2white patches3 and mouth sores. *ve learned that need to take higher amounts of Probiotic 2lactobacillus, acidophilus, etc3 than the average person and stay on that permanently because of my past history. )ince taking Herbalife products on a daily basis 2A" replenishing and >lorafibre3 along with >ormulas ., 0 # 8, have no more thrush or mouth sores. % 6eanette :& " Albu;uer;ue( <e# Me+ico( =!A Cancer " Radiation Thera%y am a 0%year cancer survivor. n the past 0 years have been through intensi$e radiation therapy 8 times. The first two times was always e1hausted. napped several times a day and went to bed early as my body tried to recover from the therapy. This last time though, was on Herbalife products and boy am thankful. have more energy than have had in two years and my body has not demanded so much as a catnap from me during the day. feel great(( % Ke$in D& Car%al Tunnel

"y sister was taking &%.0 for her car%al tunnel because she thought that would help relieve the water and pressure in her hands. 'ell the only thing it did was give make her heart race and gave a burning sensation in her ears. started her on >ormula H8 and her carpal tunnel has disappeared. )he takes is three times a day. )he has no more pains in her hand( )he is now going to add Ioint )upport to stay healthy( % Patty & Cholesterol 9 Also !ee High )lood Pressure &efore Herbalife was chubby and tired. found myself struggling with at least ./ pounds of e1tra weight leftover after having 0 babies. I thought I kne# ho# to eat healthy and yet was caught in the vicious cycle of eating too many sweets and starches and feeling e1hausted. My sugar cra$ings #ere 8=T 8> C8<TR8 and so #as my blood sugar& My cholesterol #as 31? and had been for 01 years des%ite my efforts. I felt my energy le$el increase after the >IR!T day on the Herbalife %roducts& 'ithin - days the sugar cra$ings #ere :8<E@ My a%%etite #as in control too and I dro%%ed 01 %ounds in A #eeks& really wasn*t trying that hard. Iust 0 shakes a day, supplements 8 times a day and a regular meal. n the beginning needed to have a fruit snack to help out with my blood sugar. To date have lost .C pounds which is significant for a person that is only C*8@. The best surprise was when had my cholesterol checked& It #ent from 31? to 04A@@(((( "y energy is through the roof and feel healthier than did in my 0/s( have great confidence in knowing that will 4$J$: struggle with my weight again. have found the answer in Herbalife*s Cellular 4utrition and will rely on it for the rest of my life. love having a Herbalife body( love that can travel and eat what want without gaining weight. love that do not fear gaining weight through the holidays like most Americans. *ve heard people say K6eah, that*s great, but you have to stay on the products forever to maintain your results@. "y answer is thisL 6$)( f you found something that helped you lose weight, maintain your weight, feel better, look better, have more energy and was completely safe, wouldn*t 6;E want to be on that product the rest of your lifeM 6ou will have to eat for the rest of your life, so why not give your body $DACTG6 what it needs with Cellular 4utritionM 6our body will thank you and respond by doing ama<ing things. know mine did( Thank you Herbalife@ Aundrea &":&

Circulation Iust 8 days after started taking Herbalifeline, my circulation had so dramatically improved that my hands and feet, which have always been cold and difficult to warm up, no longer have to be warmed up on my husband before go to sleep at night( &oth of us are !uite happy with these e1cellent results( don*t have to sit on my hands all the time on cold days to keep them functioning. They actually feel warm to the touch now. And am only taking . Herbalifeline twice a day. % 6oy D& Cold !ores "y friend came up to me and asked if had anything for cold sores. )he had one on her upper lip that was driving her cra<y % it was red and itched so bad she wanted to scratch it all the time. had a tube of the :adiant C )kin &ooster gel in my drawer and gave her some to use. )he put it on and she said within minutes the itching stopped, and the redness started to go away( )he kept putting the gel on every 0/ minutes or so and before the end of the day the sore was visibly smaller and less red. 'e were both ama<ed( 4eedless to say, she bought a tube of the gel for herself. % Terri D& )eattle, 'A, E)A Colitis and CrohnBs Disease Gast year, suffered from a bad attack of &ronchitis which put me in hospital and subse!uently found that as an after effect developed a form of progressive neuro%athy which meant that my legs and feet were e1tremely painful and in fact virtually stopped working altogether. spent some two weeks in Hospital and si1 months recuperating from this condition. n about Iuly started taking Herbalife products 2>., >0, >8, 4.:.,. and :ose;13. 4ow was a little dubious about these NHerbal thingsA as was taking a bucketful of prescription drugs and have suffered from =lcerati$e Colitis and subse!uently ChronBs disease for ./ years. could not believe the transformation in my energy levels and feeling of well being that affected me in -ust a few weeks. also started to take the Aloe Jera concentrate for my digestive system and feel .//O better that this time last year. "y weight is under

control, my Crohn*s =isease is comfortable and the neuropathy is virtually non%e1istent. during the week.

now walk a couple of hours each day

"y )pecialist could not believe my &lood Test results at the last meeting. He has been caring for my condition since it began some ./ years ago and admits he has never seen my results looking so good. % Richard P& 'imborne. =orset, EK CrohnBs Disease have been combating Acute Chronic CrohnBs Disease. t attacks suddenly and without warning for acute patients. Chronic means that *ll have it the rest of my life. am finally starting to !uestion that( went through all the tests you can think of 2Jery Enpleasant3 -ust to find some help. That*s not to mention the )pecialists saw or the -1 to /1 different prescription medications was taking % including medicine to counteract other medications* side effects( was only .7 or .P when was diagnosed. had already been facing the threat of losing my Colon or part of my ntestines( The =octor said, @ have not seen this so advanced in P/ year old "en(Q 4eedless to say that scared me. &ut after taking -ust formula ., 0, and CA 2basic nutrition3 ?7 hours later all my attacks and triggers for the attacks went down by at least F/to B/ O(( ( am now able to have my life back. owe my Gife to the person who introduced me to Herbalife( % Tim 8& % :ed &ud, llinois, E)A CrohnBs Disease was diagnosed with Crohn*s in .P7P. At that time my =octor was on the verge of doing a colostomy. He and wished to try some e1perimental treatments of different medicines and steroids along with a very strict diet. "y symptoms came and went, though not completely, for the ne1t few years so thought that this was going to be the way of life for me. A few years later was introduced to Herbalife. The first two months that was on the product was able to cut my medicine usage by 75% along with losing 8B lbs. 2;ne of the side effects of Crohn*s is weight gain, even with the strict diet3. ;ver the ne1t ? months was able to cut my medicine usage to 0 and also lose another 88 lbs. have also been diagnosed with a Thyroid =isorder and also as being Anemic 2blood disorder3. The only medicine that am taking at this time is /./Cmg of )ynthroid for my Thyroid. use all of the products e1cept for al the >iber Products. use about .F%0/ ounces of Gi!uid ,old, Herbal Aloe, a day. Gove Herbalife. % Ed#ard C& % Gake )tevens, 'ashington, E)A CrohnBs Disease got onto the program to lose weight, ignoring the fact that had had a bowel problem for a long time and my life was the pits as despite constant diarrhea had still gained weight. was diagnosed with Crohn*s =isease about . year ago and told there was no cure and would be on cortisone and other steroid drugs at flare up times, but constant cortisone and sulfa 2)ala<pipine3 tablets. decided not to go down this path, so put myself onto Herbal Aloe, Herbalifeline and >lorafibre as well as the 4utritional Program. went onto triple doses of these and in three short months had completely reversed the bowel problem and have been given a complete bill of good health from the specialist. )tress is still a problem for me at times, and at these times it affects my weak spot which is my bowel and at times still get loose, but mostly Am great. &ecause of my bowel problem, the whole of my health was shot and it*s taken me a year to build up my immune system properly. As a bonus lost 0 stone and .? inches. !heila >& CrohnBs Disease and Dr& 6amie Crohn*s =isease is essentially inflammatory bowel disease. t is a genetically derived condition which is not curable, but can be managed with attention to diet and stress management. )ome people need medication continuously and others can manage their condition with rarely needing medication.

People with Crohn*s can use most of our products with the e1ception of fiber. Anyone with a colon problem should change their diets gradually. )o, would recommend that she begin with >ormulas ., 0 and Cell Activator. "ake the )hake once per day only and make it in a beverage she regularly drinks. Take . % >ormula 0 twice daily and . >ormula 8 twice daily. ,radually, over a week or ./ days, increase the >0 to 0 R 8 times per day, and the >8 to 8%? per day. )he may gradually want to add other nutrition products, including )chi<andra, Herbalifeline, :ose;1 and .%0 o<. Herbal Aloe =rink .%0 times daily. 'hat she can e1pect is better energy and better overall health from having complete and balanced nutrition. People with chronic health conditions of any sort need good nutrition even more than someone in good health. Keep up the good work and best wishes in the future. Dr. McManus CrohnBs Disease Crohn*s =isease is a type of colitis, a general term for inflammation in the colon. People with colitis should change their diets slowly, be cautious with fiber increases and can often benefit from nutritional supplementation for a variety of reasons. ;mega 8 fatty acids 2found in Herbalifeline3 are naturally anti%inflammatory, so often are soothing to the colon, -oints, and blood vessels. Probiotics 2found in >lorafibre3 can provide healthful balance for the bacteria content of the colon. 'e would recommend beginning with Cellular 4utrition, Herbalifeline, and small amounts of Herbal Aloe Drink. They should make the shake in soymilk or a -uice they are used to drinking. A slow start is recommended % begin with one product at a time, adding in another product in C%B day intervals as tolerated and desired. After she has been using this foundational program for about a week, you can add in >lorafibre 2.+0 tablet twice daily 2one tablet3 for a couple of weeks, and then slowly increase by .+0 tablet per day in one week intervals until they are able to hopefully use 8 tablets daily3. ;f course, Cheryl, you must first be sure their doctors have given no dietary restrictions before recommending any products and that they keep their health care professionals informed about their usage of nutritional and dietary supplements. This suggested Herbalife nutrition program is not a treatment for Crohn*s =isease nor intended to be used as a substitute for medical treatment and+or medications. The Herbalife program is an ad-uvant nutritional support system to help the body to otherwise be as healthy as possible and to function at its best. Kind regards( auren )& Manager( Inner <utrition Product In;uiry Medical Affairs C Education De%ression( Erythema <odosym DCollagen 5ascular DiseaseE( and >ibromyalgia This Teresa from Harrodsburg, K6. started on the products in Iuly and within P/ day*s lost ?8 pounds and came off of three medications for de%ression( erythema nodosym DCollagen 5ascular DiseaseE( and fibromyalgia& have more energy now than did twenty years ago. Thank you Herbalife for letting me live my life to the fullest and for giving me the opportunity to teach others about good nutrition and how it could benefit both their health and their wealth. ';', all of this from one little pie slipped through the fence from one of my daughter*s neighbors.( R Teresa C& Diabetes have a customer that is a Diabetic. 'hen she started the 9uick )tart program, she noticed that her blood sugar level was decreasing. This is a letter that received from =oris. *ve not weighed in yet, but have less fatigue( less hunger and most of all( a tremendous dro% in my )lood :lucose e$els . am a diabetic and on ,lucophage ./// mg 01 per day, ,lyberide C mg at bedtime and Iumelin 4% P:4, as necessary. )ince *ve been maintaining the proper regime, have not had to take my nsulin, have continued to take the oral meds for now, but for the first time in years, my morning glucose monitoring on a daily basis is less than .//, most times it is P., 7F, B., and once in awhile, if overdue the evening meal or eat something that has too much carbohydrates, too much fruit, high in sugar, such as grapes, etc., it has gone only as high as .?/, .0., but that has rarely happened. 2Her normal readings were well over 0// everyday3. am so pleased with the product. t seems to me that the green and beige and yellows have really improved my health tremendously& D)y the #ay( Doris is a nurseE Herbalife is really a new way of life for everyone( % Ro+ane !& Dieting

After years of yoyo dieting needed another way to take some weight off. "y friend heard me complaining and said she was using Herbalife for a couple weeks and it really made a difference in how she was feeling. n four days could feel and see the difference in my energy, cravings, mood, and skin. n F weeks lost 0C pounds and went down F pant si<es. % 6uanita )& Digesti$e and Elimination Problems &efore Herbalife suffered from various health issues for years. had a bleeding ulcer( 2duodenum3 other digesti$e and elimination %roblems and because of that, saw an internist on a regular basis for many years. also had - cancer o%erations on my forehead 2&ecil%cell carcinoma3, and was a yoyo dieter, which probably added to the deterioration of my health. 'hen was introduced to Herbalife was spending appro1. S.//.// to S.C/.// monthly in the Health >ood )tore with few results. After starting Herbalife*s balanced 4utritional Program the results were fantastic. 'ithin a few days had more energy, and had the overall feeling of well being, lost weight and inches. have been using these fantastic products over .. years5 have not seen my internist for over ./ years. have no health problems and feel 0/ years younger. thank ,;= for Herbalife and these great nutritional products. have become a product of the product5 it has definitely changed the !uality of my life, am F7 years young, and will be on Herbalife for the rest of my life. %% 'ilma & Di$erticulitis( Hiatus Hernia( and Acid Reflu+ "ost of my life *ve struggled with my weight, trying diets, e1ercise programs, willpower, fasts, medical and alternative help. ,radually piled on more and more weight, suffering digestive problems % including di$erticulitis( hiatus hernia( and acid reflu+& was swallowing an alarming amount of antacids, Advil for the pain of fibromyalgia and de$elo%ing arthritis, and several other %rescri%tion drugs for an+iety( stress( mood s#ings( res%iratory %roblems( and slee% disorders& n three days on the products, was off all antacids, and in three months lost ?7 pounds, gained an awesome amount of energy, and was off all drugs. "y hands are strong again, and my arthritis and fibromyalgia are totally in remission (( *ve kept off the ?7 pounds for the past five months, eating normally, including the foods love, without guilt. feel the best *ve felt in 0/ years, and have now lost a total of 8/ inches of body fat, and over F/ pounds. have my life back(( Thank you, and all the wonderful people who keep making these products better and better. % !haron '& Dry Eyes( Headaches( o# Energy &efore Herbalife was o$er#eight( had lo# energy and fre;uent headaches. 'hen got on the products for weight loss, lost weight, got the energy and from day one, no more headaches. 4ot one( n addition( I had suffered for years from chronic dry eyes, for which took prescription and over the counter eye drops, but they didn*t help. "y eyes always felt irritated and often burned and teared. t was miserable and embarrassing because people thought was crying( 2 t was also dangerous, because when my eyes started to burn while was driving, *d have to pull over because was blinded with stinging tears.3 )ince got on the products, B years ago, have no more dry eyes, and use no more eye drops. 'hen went to my o%hthalmologist for my first eye e+am since getting on the %roducts( he told me my eye sight had im%ro$ed since my last e+am& He #as sur%rised because he said most %eo%leBs eyes deteriorate #ith age( not im%ro$e. know this is a bit lengthy but my eye situation was -ust a bonus hadn*t e1pected from the products. And *ve never heard anyone else*s testimony with eye health. Thanks for letting me share. % :ayle !& :rand Ra%ids( Michigan Ec*ema have a four%year old son that started on . scoop of >ormula . daily. After -ust 8 weeks his ec*ema is gone, where before had to put prescription cream on him twice daily. He no longer needs daily breathing treatments for his asthma. He only takes his daily dose of )ingulair. That is a "AI;: improvement on -ust . scoop of >ormula . per day. % !helly E& Em%hysema and 'eight oss have suffered from em%hysema for about ten years. After several very severe bouts of illness was advised to use a nebuliser four times a day. was also put on steroid inhalers, and fre!uently on antibiotics and steroid tablets, and my weight -ust crept up. =espite being a very positive person felt that was in a downhill spiral. &oth my weight and my breathing were becoming increasing problems. started using Herbalife in Iuly of 0//0 and here am now at the beginning of April 0//8. have lost almost

two stone in weight, my four nebuliser sessions a day have cut to three and this week to two, my energy level is very much higher and haven*t had a cold at all this winter. take >ormula 0 and 8, )chi<andra Plus for my lung condition and the :ose;1 to boost the )chi<andra. can say that Herbalife has completely transformed my life and would recommend it to anyone without hesitation. Iust in passing am seventy%si1 years of age but have always felt that age is a state of mind. % !ue )& Endometriosis have severe Endometriosis. had such severe cramping it was like labor pains times ./. t is so bad on the backside of my uterus that it has fused everything together. have been taking the Tang Kuei Plus and rubbing the 4ature*s &alancing Cream on twice a day. have had a total of C cramps that could handle, in the three months that have been doing this. &efore doing those things 8 out of B days a week hurt so bad didn*t want to get out of bed. "y doctor had me on Provera three times a day and it didn*t touch my pains. !uit taking the Provera as soon as started my Herbalife plan( hope this will keep someone from going under the knife to have everything removed, because there are other ways( % Tonya M& E%ile%sy am an epileptic. started having epilepsy from the age of three and am now 8? years old. have been on all different types of medication but nothing really managed to control my epilepsy. eventually got boarded from the )outh African Air force in .PP8, because my epilepsy became uncontrollable and was found totally unfit to even hold down a normal clerkAs -ob in an office. "y medication is now Tarontin and Phenobarb. This medication is costing me over :C// a month and still cannot control my epilepsy .//O. suffer from ,randmal and Petimal epilepsy. )ince started using Herbalife about eight months ago, I ha$e not had one e%ile%tic fit. don*t know which specific element or Herb is actually controlling my epilepsy but am -ust thankful not to be having any more attacks( % )elinda H&

>ibromyalgia am 80 years old and for the last .0 years have been in and out of doctor*s offices. "y Foints hurt all the time5 my muscles ached and felt fatigued all the time. took several kinds of pain meds, muscle rela1ants, anti%depressants, ulcer medication, sleeping pills, meds for acid reflu1 and some over the counter medications for the headaches had everyday. have been diagnosed with the followingL Irritable bo#el syndrome( fatigue( insomnia( and de%ression. have degenerati$e disc disease in my neck that has progressed to the age of F/. n "arch of 0/// was diagnosed with >ibromyalgia& also have a Mitral $al$e %rola%se in my heart and took atenolol C/ mg A" and 0C mg p.m. to keep my heart rate down for the past C years. After only 8 days of being on the products, my energy level was something had never in my life, felt before. got up off the couch(( 4o pain or stiffness in my -oints. After C days had lost 7 lbs., after ./ days had lost .0 lbs., and by 0. days had lost 0. lbs.((( My Irritable bo#el syndrome #as not irritable any more( the %ain in my neck #as gone( my muscles and Foints did not hurt me any more and by the /th #eek( I had sto%%ed taking my heart medication@@@ am totally medication free and have been for .0months now(( "y husband and kids love their new wife and mother. G;J$ T; >$$G ,;;=(( % Tammy )& 4orkfork, Arkansas :astric )y%ass =oes Herbalife work for ,& patientsM A&);GET$G6(.... have been on the products -ust one month and feel wonderful. am losing the inches still needed to lose after a plateau from my bypass surgery. The wonderful thing about Herbalife is its high protein, which is very important to ,& patients. These products are wonderful. have not suffered any dumping syndrome while on this product. drink my >ormula . slowly, taking the other supplements at that time, helping to keep that pouch small. 'hich was the whole point of that surgery. To reduce the amount of food we take in, which reduces our si<e. % 6oi A& :out

"y husband has or rather gets gout. He used to be at the point to where he was down for a few days because of this. $arlier testimonials have told us to have him take the Aminogen. He doubles up on it and when he feels any tinge of it coming on. ;f course, he takes it daily anyway and is also on green program and Herbalifeline. He is living a better life because of this. He is definitely healthier, happy and can walk. % Pam C )ill 6& Hay >e$er( Heart )urn C Headaches used to suffer with e+treme heartburn( migraine headaches and a lifetime of hay fe$er. got onto the Herbalife products, including their Herbal Aloe -uice with the hopes of relieving my heartburn and other ailments. felt immediate relief from heartburn, my headaches cleared up, and for the first time ever, had no hay fever( Plus lost 00 pounds and heaps of inches( have continued to use these products to maintain my health and weight loss for .B years( % isa P& Kelowna &.C. Heartburn Acid( Reflu+( Arthritis and >atigue >ive years ago, was suffering from a problem that was stopping me from en-oying more than 7/O of the food that everyone else could eat. was also suffering from Arthritis( Cholesterol and fatigue, and was on 00 different medications& started the products using the 9uick start with the Aloe Jera, >lorafibre, and Herbalifeline. Two weeks later, stopped taking 2:olaids3 and my heartburn was gone. >ive months on the products, Ave lost C0 lbs, am medicine free and Ave been en-oying all kinds of food. Thanks to Herbalife and thanks to "ark Hughes. % 6ihad >& % :idley Park, PA, E)A He%atitis C am a hemophiliac who was diagnosed in.P7P with he%atitis c. nitially had fatigue but this passed for .0 years, during which did suffer from many problems which now know were associated with the virus. The last seven years suffered increasingly from alcohol intolerance( fatigue, mood s#ings and brain fog. &rain fog is the inability to remember or think logically, it affects every area of one*s life. This eventually led me to decide to stop working and rely on the state. At the same time was introduced to Herbalife, and decided to try it as a diet, not believing it could help my condition as still have the virus. After three weeks my energy level increased, and all other symptoms were reduced, also lost 0/ lbs in weight. have my life back. % 8li$er C& 9 England He%atitis n my thirties, suffered from hepatitis, was overweight and had no energy5 in fact my insurance agent didnAt think Ad be around at the ne1t annual visit, let alone see me working a full day. had a rash and itch that the doctorAs couldnAt help me with, so used the Herbal Aloe &ody 'ash and Aloe gel and within days had relief. Herbalife gave me back my health, allowed me to lose weight and feel better than ever R and Am now in my ,olden 6ears Rfeeling ./ years younger now than did then. % Hubert & P& ;soyoos, &C

Her%es !im%le+ 5irus( 8bsessi$e Com%ulsi$e Disorder "y CustomerL Gost ?/ lbs. in 0 months. Has tremendous energy and also has relief of arthritis in his knuckles. He had an 8bsessi$e Com%ulsi$e Disorder since age 7 and has Her%es !im%le+ 5irus % 0 2H)J%03. &etter known as genital herpes. He contacted this virus in .P7F and would have an outbreak every month. n April 0/// he started the products, lost his weight and now reports that he has not had an outbreak in ./ months. His =octor is very impressed with the length of time gone past. As for his ;C=, he has much more control over his thoughts and impulsion*s since being on the products. He does not get depressed as easily and finds it very easy to recogni<e his compulsions and deal with them. His family and himself thank me regularly and am so happy was able to be the one to help. Products customer is onL )hake, 0, 8, ?, Thermo &ev., Aloe Concentrate, Herbalifeline, 4utri%P, =ong 9uai, )hi<andra, 4:,, and "enta&alance. Pamela & High )lood Pressure( High Cholesterol( High Triglycerides

worked 8/ years in the stress filled machinery%manufacturing business. The @good life@ resulted in high blood %ressure D0247002E( high cholesterol D?&3E( high triglycerides D?1GE( 41G blockage of t#o coronary arteries and se$ere circulation %roblems causing numbness in both legs& also suffered from a painful torn rotator cup in my right shoulder, which restricted movement and full use of my right arm. "y cardiovascular problems finally led to open%heart surgery and a double bypass in >ebruary .PP0. At the time of recovery from the operation, my daughter )onia introduced these incredible Products to her skeptical father. )ince taking the Cellular 4utrition and all the @targeted@ products, my cardiovascular problems have normali<ed, blood pressure .0/+B0, my cholesterol dropped from P.0 to 8.F. "y scars are barely noticeable and my $aricose $eins ha$e $anished. have lost ?F pounds and .. inches. no longer suffer from any pain. do not take any prescription drugs or medications and >eel >antastic( attribute my incredible good health to our nutrition products. 4ot only have improved my physical and mental conditions, also found my mission in life and would like to welcome you to 'ealth s Health. =edicated to helping people like myself live a fuller healthier life. % Martin & Hy%oglycemia( Allergies ;n )ept .P .P78 on my ?/th birthday is when found Herbalife. allergies and was tired all the time. was over 0./ lbs, hy%oglycemic( high blood %ressure(

got on these products and in 0 days my energy went through the roof and in less than 8/ days my hypoglycemia was gone, blood pressure came down, no more allergies and lost 0/ lbs in 8/ days. use formula ., formula 0, formula 8, Herbalifeline, schi<andra, :ose;1, male factor, nrg, herbal concentrate, and the skin care products. t*s been almost 0C years since started using the Herbalife products and feel great(( Paul M& % 4eptune City, E.).A. Hy%oglycemic 9 see 'eight :ain

Insomnia am CB years old and have suffered from insomnia for 0U years despite having no problems with sleep previously. consulted my ,P who advised H:T. :eluctantly, started to use H:T but the insomnia remained as bad as ever. have tried massage, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, homeopathy and acupuncture, besides all the herbal remedies in the shops, and avoided coffee, alcohol, eating too late, etc. again returned to my ,P and was prescribed anti%depressants with a sedative ingredient. These worked to some e1tent and took them for about .0 months. &ut it wasn*t a refreshing restorative sleep % more like -ust enough to ,$T TH:;E,H the ne1t day, functioning 2IE)T3 but without any enthusiasm for life. Then a friend introduced me to Herbalife. After a couple of weeks on >ormula ., 0 and 8, felt better physically. started taking ./ Tang Kuei a day. 'ithin a few days was sleeping for longer periods and en-oying some restorative sleep. started to regain the confidence had lost in my ability to sleep, and to feel energy on waking that had forgotten was possible. )o, insomniacs out there5 try Tang Kuei % it worked for me. Thanks Herbalife. % Christine R& Irritable )o#el !yndrome After being diagnosed with irritable bo#el syndrome, started using the Herbal Aloe and >lorafibre to keep regular. A month and a half later had a colonoscopy. After the procedure the =r informed me that was not only pulup free, but also was free of colon tar( He advised me to keep using the products. % !andra )& Kidneys( Chronic >atigue "y life before Herbalife, don*t really want to remember. was tired all the time, cranky, so irritable. was having kidney %roblems5 which had led me into the hospital numerous times almost killing me a couple of times.

A wonderful friend of mine told me about Herbalife. was hooked. Iust after the first week felt total night and day difference. had so much energy, my house was spotless, could keep up with my three beautiful children and felt like a new person. Iust four weeks on the products went from a si<e 0? to a si<e .7. recently went to the urologist and he gave me a perfect bill of health. 4o kidney problems since =ecember, *ve been on the products since Ianuary. % )randi ichen Planus Disease Have any of you heard Gichen Planus diseaseM &asically it*s of unknown origin and the sores were erupting in my mouth. This disease can last from 0 years to life. )teroids to clear the sores up, was one option and the rest they are still looking into. t was e1plained tome as the cells were breaking down the tissue and muscle in my cheek and it would leave this very large angry looking open sore. had a biopsy done and they called it ichen Planus Disease. have been on the Eltimate ,reen since Iuly . and had my last sore Iuly 0F, 0//0 and have not had one since. They typically erupted every few days. % !andy :& 9 Canada u%us have an auto%immune disease called !ystemic u%us. The disease had spread throughout my bloodstream and infected a lot of my ma-or organs, being my kidneys, my ribs and chest linings and lastly the worst of all, my brain. have had years of chemotherapy and am on lots of heavy%duty drugs plus steroids which have made me very overweight. stumbled across Herbalife and very cautiously started to take the products. 'ithin the first week noticed that the pain had lessened and had lost 0 Kgs. &y the ?th week had reduced my intake of morphine and reduced other pain relieving drugs. 4ow after 7 weeks only take . "orphine tablet a day compared with the.? used to take. have stopped taking antidepressants because no longer felt that deep depression that was used to. would say now the Herbalife products have literally given my life back to me. recommend you start taking them because they =; work and will set your body and spirit free. % Meg R& % Kambah, ACT, Australia Migraines( Colds, >lues( )ronchitis( o# )lood !ugar &efore using Herbalife products, was always getting migraines and when didnAt have a migraine always had a dull headache. There were many days that took .7 e1tra strength Tylenol, trying to keep the pain tolerable so that could work and take care of my kids. was always catching colds, flues( bronchitis and had lo# blood sugar, which caused me to always be tired. &elieve it or not used to think that was healthy because always took vitamins from other companies that was told where the very best. )ince being on our products, feel awesome( never get sick anymore, don*t even have Tylenol in my house and keep my weight right where want it to be, plus used to have a patch of spider veins on my leg which are now gone. The most important asset anyone can have is their health and thatAs why have been using Herbalife products for over .7 years. Margaret R& Kelowna, &.C. Multi%le !clerosis "ark is ?P years old with Multi%le !clerosis. He started having his .st symptoms of ") in .PB7. His symptoms gradually worsened and he remained undiagnosed until .PP., with an ": radiology test. &y the time "ark was introduced to Herbalife in 4ovember 0///, his doctors had him on H0(?11 worth of %rescri%tion drugs per month and he had been depending on a wheelchair for 8 months( His future looked dim and hopeless. "ark started on the products for weight loss and nutrition, as he had gained .C lbs due to lack of e1ercise. 'ithin 0 months, "ark lost the .C pounds and was strong enough to get out of the wheelchair and walk( This was truly a miracle. He took ;cular =efense for his nearly blind vision, Herbalifeline to improve his circulation and 4:, so he could mentally focus. Then after seeing improvements in his health, he began to add Herbalife*s super%antio1idantsL )chi<andra, :ose;1 # Triple &erry Comple1, plus Aloe =rink to ensure absorption and multiply the effectiveness. t worked((( "ark was walking on his own and getting stronger everyday without the side effects of prescription medication. R Mark <arcole%sy


have had narcole%sy since was in high school, over 0/ years ago. was diagnosed with it 7 months ago. They started to put me on all sorts of medication. had terrible side effects to all of them. >inally, they ended up putting me on :italin. t seemed to help my daytime sleepiness, however it totally changed my personality. became very edgy, angry and tense all the time. couldn*t take it any longer, so stopped taking it. decided that being tired all time was better than how the :italin affected me. started the Herbalife Eltimate Program in "ay. ';'(((( 'hat a difference( t*s like don*t even have 4arcolepsy. now feel like *ve wanted to feel my whole life. 4o more naps( These products are truly ama<ing. Thank you. % Peggy T& ParkinsonBs "y father%in%law had ad$anced ParkinsonBs, was under weight with severe tremors and was over P/ years old. 'e started him on > H. 01 a day, >H8 01 a day and vitamin C ?%Ctabs a day. He gained .7lbs in the first F weeks, his tremors were much less severe and he was more stable when he walked. t put roses back into his cheeks and gave him a better !uality of life. % Morgan E& ParkinsonBs !uccess As of ? weeks ago my neighbor started on products. He is B0 yrs. old and has had Parkinson*s for F yrs. now, is very thin due to weight loss from disease, and for the last several yrs has walked like he was ./. yrs. old and stooped over. 'hile he e1pressed concern about the proteins 2in >ormula .3, he -ust decided to try them and in days he called me and said he was regular for the first time in 6rs. and in about a week my husband and couldn*t believe it % he was skipping around his yard. 'e always had to help him with getting his mail and garbage % not anymore( He looks decades younger( He*s put a few lbs. back on by having 0 shakes a day. His voice didnAt recogni<e on the phone, he sounds so clear. He always had such a low soft gravelly voice. People at Church have really notice a change. His ProgramL >ormula H. )hake "i1 2no H0 he was taking b%shots twice a week3, H8 2Cell Activator3, Herbal Aloe =rink 27 o< a day3, TH$4 added Herbalifeline .%8 times daily and :ose;1. % Cathryn Plantar 'arts have been dealing with %lantar #arts on the soles of my feet for two years now. t started out as -ust a few, from a public pool change room, and they progressed to appro1imately one do<en per foot. had tried everything, from over%the%counter products, to going to my doctor every week to get them scraped and burnt off. ;ne doctor that saw about them, also worked at a large wart clinic in Jancouver, and he couldn*t believe how bad my feet were. Anyway, nothing seemed to work, if they were burnt off, they came back. )o figured was -ust going to have to live with them. $1actly two weeks ago, started on the Herbalife products 2Eltimate Program3, and have seen ama<ing results with my feet, they are P/O cleared up now( )omething never thought could happen. Herbalife has also boosted my energy, leveled out my moods, and have lost C lbs. Iust goes to show how important cellular nutrition really is. % Allison )& Tappen, &ritish Columbia, Canada PM! At 80 years old my PM! had been getting worse each year. found myself reaching for that bottle of "idol more often, and wasn*t very happy about it. n fact, last Christmas =ay even drove to a gas station to purchase a bottle % that*s sad. "y second month on a Herbalife weight loss program reali<ed wasn*t reaching for the "idol, and the bottle is now in the trash( 6A6 Herbalife( !u*anne 6& Charlotte, 4C, E)A Polycystic 8$arian !yndrome &efore Herbalife we didn*t have much energy and we were steadily gaining weight. :achelle was diagnosed with Polycystic 8$arian !yndrome, which contributed to her lack of energy and weight gain in addition to stopping her monthly cycle. This condition would make it very difficult for :achelle to ever get pregnant. n early Iuly 0//0, we started using HerbalifeAs products. 'e have gained incredible energy, cleared up some minor health problems and :achelle has lost 8? lbs. and Chris has lost 07 lbs. n addition, with the help of 'omen*s Choice, :achelleAs condition has dramatically improved and she is back on a regular cycle. 'e can now anticipate starting a family. =ue to our unbelievable results we decided to start our own Herbalife business in August 0//0 in order to help other people as well. % Chris and Rachelle 6& % ,rand :apids, " , E)A


Pregnancies( Migraine Headaches( PM!( Consti%ation and Arthritis wanted to try the products because they worked on friends of ours. "y health was a mess5 suffered from PM!( Consti%ation( Arthritis and #orst of all( Migraine Headaches& "y husband and were very skeptical and he didn*t want me to try this because of all the medications was using. &ut, it worked with our friends and they have a money back guarantee, so tried it. mmediately felt better, wasn*t hungry, my cravings disappeared and still ate normally, -ust cut back a little. was really surprised of how easy this was. 4ow, no longer use any medications or suffers from any of my health problems. ;n top of that lost /A %ounds and . dress si*es( Herbalife changed my life& I stayed #ith Herbalife during both %regnancies 24o "orning )ickness3 and our daughters have been using the products since day one 2Herbalife &abies3. They are both top athletes, great in school and they are the only 0 students that we know of, out of .F// who have never missed a day of school because of sickness. % Darlene D& Portage Ga Prairie, "anitoba Pregnancy &efore Herbalife, had had 7 children % . forceps, . suction, . with a congenital problem due to poor prenatal diet 2improper vegetarian3 and constant vomiting, plus pills my doctor had me on for my irritable bowel symptoms. Gast C babies, needed the intravenous hormone drip to keep my contractions going. )tarted the Herbalife nutrition when H7 was F months old % felt much stronger, more even tempered, calmer 2HF child was going through leukemia treatment at age of ?3. 4inth pregnancy was wonderful from the start. ,ained ./ fewer pounds than the eight first babies 2only 8B, not ?B lbs3. )tarted labor very gently, progressed easily. 4o hormone drip needed at all % though my labor and delivery were reduced by 7/O. 'ent home the ne1t day from hospital, instead of C days in 2saved @the system money3. "y Herbalife babiesL are stronger, healthier, heavier, taller, smarter, no sleep problems, calmer% and their siblings and relatives all agree, although the relatives aren*t into Herbalife, they can*t help but see the proof. They are now P and .. years old 2boy, girl3. People are C:AT6 if they don*t use this before and during pregnancy. Amen( % Margo & !ciatica( 8steoarthritis nvasive procedures, medications and subse!uent back surgeries to correct sciatica due to a %rotruding disc, left me over weight, bedridden and very depressed. )urgical procedures to correct a childhood knee in-ury had already left me with osteoarthritis. n .PPB started taking the Herbalife 4utritional program. My sciatica and chronic back %ain disa%%eared and I eliminated my elaborate knee brace. My thyroid medication has been hal$ed& A recent hysterectomy ridded me of a cancerous situation, but put me into Bsurgical meno%auseB. opted not to take H:T and instead used a combination of our own products, which prevent menopausal symptoms. am now in my C/s and feel ten years younger than did when started. Am ?/ pounds lighter, ?/ inches thinner and ? dress si<es smaller. % Anne A& ;K CT: &C, Canada !chi*o%hrenia Twenty%five years ago was diagnosed with Catatonic !chi*o%hrenia. have been on medication for the last 0C years. 4ow with Herbalife have not had to take C of the medications previously prescribed. am only on one prescription medication now. am feeling better than ever, and never did really believe the diagnosis that the doctors gave me 0C years ago was true because never heard voices or had any other symptoms that go along with that diagnosis. &ut -ust took the medication because they told me to, and believed that the doctor had the final call. am currently taking formula ., 0 and 8, cell%u%loss, aminogen, :ose;1, )chi<andra, $chinacea, Ioint )upport and triple berry. am taking charge of my own health care now, and thanks to Herbalife it*s working. % Michelle M& Colorado, E)A !hingles )hingles can really @hang you up the most@ and they can be very painful, ask anyone who*s had them. There*s also a lot of inaccurate information about shingles out there. used ? or C Tang Kuei Plus a day for the pain, took several :ela1 4ow a day 2in addition to everything else normally take3 -ust in case stress was causing the problem, and rubbed on generous amounts of Herbal Aloe ,el and Herbal Aloe Cream to help with the skin eruptions and itching, etc. may still have the nerve pain for the ne1t few months, but it doesn*t look so bad any more. The dermatologist was really surprised that could get along without his :1. % Darrell M& )anta "onica, California, E)A


!lee% A%nea Prior to -oining the Herbalife family, my wife suffered sleep deprivation due to my snoring and slee% a%nea. was first introduced to "entabalance and 4:,. After several days did start to feel better. "y wife also stated that my apnea and snoring were apparently lessened since she was able to sleep through the night. "y wife says no longer snore, @purr@. % :ary C& California !tress and De%ression Herbalife found me when was very stressed and de%ressed, working long hours and having very bad eating habits. used to be ill every single month and spent thousands of rands on medical bills. needed to improve my health and tried the Herbalife products 2Protein "i1, >lorafibre, Herbal &everage and "ineral Comple13. 'ithin 0 weeks was a completely different person. had so much energy and felt great. To my ama<ement my depression started to lift. knew was ill all the time because of bad nutrition, but never knew that depression is a direct result of bad nutrition. *ve been on the products for .7 months now and hardly ever see doctors anymore. have my health and my life back. Thank you Herbalife. % isa )& Pretoria, ,auteng, )outh Africa !tress 9 see 'eight :ain

!tretch Marks have a condition that think is called Hy%erthyroidism. have stretch marks on my hips and inner thighs after going through puberty and after gaining 0/ kg in F months due to the illness where your metabolism goes down 2hyperthyroidism3. The stretch marks were like bumps and had a lighter color than the rest of my skin. have now actively been using Cell%E%Goss, &ody &uffing and &ody Contouring for .? days, and can already see that the stretch marks are starting to disappear. They still have that lighter color, but the bumpiness is gone. can feel that the skin has another te1ture where they are, but am very pleased to e1perience that it is getting better % and only after .? days(% Helga 8& Tendonitis Relief &efore found the Herbalife products was overweight, had no energy, and felt terrible about myself. was looking for a home business opportunity and found Herbalife. signed up immediately and started on the Advanced Program 2>orm ., 0, 8, herbal concentrate, yellows, and green and beige3 lost ./ pounds my first nine days on the products, have lost a total of C/ pounds, went from a si<e .F to a F, kept it off for 7 months and feel ,:$AT( Also, after starting on the -oint support no longer had A46 PA 4 in my left shoulder where have tendonitis in ? places. no longer take any ibuprofen, pain relievers, or anti%inflammatory, and can do the things that want to do PA 4 >:$$( G;J$ TH$)$ P:;=ECT)((( % Helen C& R >lorida Thyroid Hy%eracti$e &efore started using Herbalife, was a medical catastrophe. was only 0? and suffered from really bad headaches, was lo# in iron, had a hy%eracti$e thyroid and was $ery under #eight. 4ow after using Herbalife for one year, can honestly say, medically am a new person. look great and most importantly feel great( 4ow all of those problems that had before are gone and gained a needed 0/ pounds. % Tania >& Kelowna Tourette !yndrome( ADHD recently started a P%year%old boy who has Tourette !yndrome on some Herbalife products. Tourette )yndrome is a rare neurological disease of unknown cause. t begins in childhood and may continue throughout life. The disease affects boys 8 1 more fre!uently than girls. )ymptoms include lack of muscle coordination, involuntary, purposeless movements, tics, and incoherent grunts and barks that may represent stifled obscenities. This particular boy e+%eriences tics( in$oluntary mo$ements, and also has ADHD.


He started taking . >ormula . shake, . Herbalifeline and . 4:, tablet in the morning. At 8L// P" he takes another 4:, and before he goes to bed he takes another Herbalifeline. The second day on the products the boy told his mother that he could read better. After almost 0 weeks on the products, the mother told me that his teacher asked him if he was on any medication. He told her he was taking vitamins. The teacher could see the difference. Also his reading grade went from failing to a &. His grouchiness is gone, he gets right to his homework without being told. He gets up cheerful in the mornings, something that he never did. His parents are pleased as can be. % 6une A& Triglycerides 9 !ee High )lood Pressure

=lcers have been a tree trimmer for ./ years and have a $ery bad back 2chiropractor once a month usually3. 'hen had a heavy day of climbing would be moving very slowly the ne1t day it really stressed my knees, ankles, and back. started taking the Ioint )upport and within one week was not in pain even in the mornings 2that was the worst pain time for me3 also have+had a )leeding ulcer that had me on 8 different medications and literally watching what ate because of the gut pains and severe gas attacks. started an ultimate program to lose a few pounds and lost .7 pounds in8 weeks and then added Herbal aloe and within . .+0 weeks was no longer taking any ulcer medication. was on the strongest dose of P:$JAC = twice a day and am very happy to be off it and the other medications used to battle its side effects. % Mike >& 'eight :ain( Hy%oglycemic( !tress tried the products mainly for the energy. thought was feeling pretty good but you don*t know how good you can feel until you feel better. The e+tra energy #as great( *m F feet tall and weighed only .?C pounds so took the sporting program for weight gain. 'ith me farming, it helped me handle stress, was able to slee% and function better and Am hy%oglycemic and thatAs under control. don*t get sick like use to and I #as able to gain 3A %ounds of muscle& And feel Absolutely ncredible( 'ayde Drain Portage a Prairie( Manitoba
V The weight loss testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your weight loss nor are they typical.