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uarwln, 12 lebruary 2014 - WrlLer/ulrecLor !ohn Þllger ls known for hls conLroverslal
'lnvesLlgaLlve [ournallsm' sLyle and hls laLesL 'documenLary' - ºuLopla: an eplc sLory of
sLruggle and reslsLance" - ls cerLalnly no excepLlon.

Þerhaps besL known ln AusLralla for wrlLlng º1he SecreL CounLry", Þllger's laLesL fllm porLrays
Lhe on-golng and sLark dlfferences ln Lhe llvlng condlLlons beLween remoLe-dwelllng
AusLrallans who are largely Aborlglnal, and Lhose llvlng ln urbanlzed parLs of AusLralla who
are mosLly - aL leasL so far as Lhe fllm porLrays - non-lndlgenous people.

Clven Lhe fllm's focus ls AusLralla's legacy of federal pollcy wlLh respecL Lo lLs lndlgenous
peoples, Lhe AusLrallan CenLre for lndlgenous knowledges and LducaLlon (AClkL) -- wlLh Lhe
help of local frlends wlLhln Lhe uarwln communlLy -- wlll presenL a 1op Lnd audlence wlLh
Lhe !"#$% publlc screenlng of Þllger's laLesL offerlng Lomorrow evenlng aL Charles uarwln
unlverslLy, followed by a panel dlscusslon.

AClkL ulrecLor, Þrofessor SLeven Larkln, sald, º1he fllm may be percelved as conLroverslal,
and Lherefore may aLLracL a measure of supporL for lLs conLenL and message and no doubL
some crlLlclsm, buL LhaL's exacLly whaL academlc or lnLellecLual freedom ls all abouL."

Þrofessor Larkln sald unlverslLles Lhe world over encourage Lhe crlLlcal examlnaLlon of LexLs,
be Lhey wrlLLen, audlo, or audlo-vlsual, as ln Lhls fllm by !ohn Þllger.

Pe sald, º1he fllm has been screened elsewhere ln AusLralla Lo mlxed revlews, lncludlng Allce
Sprlngs, buL wasn'L due for commerclal release ln uarwln unLll laLer ln Lhe year, so when we
were approached, we agreed Lo glve lL an alrlng."

Local groups supporLlng AClkL's free screenlng lnclude Lhe uarwln Aborlglnal 8lghLs
CoallLlon (uA8C), 8emoLe lndlgenous uevelopmenL AusLralla (8luA), and Lhe norLhern
1errlLory Councll of Puman 8lghLs LducaLlon (n1CP8L).

1he panellsLs who are scheduled Lo speak lnclude represenLaLlves from Lhe norLh AusLralla
Aborlglnal !usLlce AssoclaLlon (nAA!A), Lhe Larrakla communlLy, Lhe ?olngu peoples of
norLheasL Arnhem Land, and uarwln's 8agoL CommunlLy.

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%&$'()#* #, -(). /$'01 '2 /$03445- #,6 0-/)/$#,.-9 ", %62 :4- ;,<=
!"-0-& >*0 ?*"#, @.<"%4#".A B/."0<",3 C2< DEF G)H8$ G*$.*#",* 1*A-.$=
!"-,& :4A4##4+ B:6.#$<*I JK (2/#.*#IE L I2*#$ *!%2# %62 !4#A*0 M@-4043I9=
!"-,& N-A !4# #2!#2$6A2,%$F !4# * N=KO-A $%*#% %4 -#4122<",3$P uLopla #.,$ J6# NQA",$ *,<
+"00 /2 !4004+2< /I * -*,20 <"$1.$$"4, *,< * RS@ +"%6 %62 *.<"2,12=
7,$0#,.-* T$ (C;;P ,4 ,22< %4 CUV7 /.% !"#$% ",F /2$% $2*%2<W

/89:; <=>?;<?7 Lynda McCaffery, Cuu's Cfflce of lndlgenous Leadershlp, on 0477 302 121.

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