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HEMA Social Compliance Audit
Dear Sir/Madam,
In the coming days HEMA Social Compliance team will perIorm an audit at your Iactory. You will Iind all necessary inIormation
in this introduction letter.
Step One: Audit preparation:
Please complete the attached document list and send back to your Merchandiser.
Please ensure all documents as mentioned in attached document list are ready and available in the meeting room at the start oI the
InIorm all relevant people to be present in the Iactory at the day oI the audit.
Step Two: Who should attend?
During the opening and closing meeting we require Iactory manager, human resource manager, accountant, responsible person Ior
health & saIety and the environment to be present.
The audit process:
Steps during the audit: Opening meeting, document inspection, site-tour, worker interview, HEMA review oI Iindings, closing
Auditor(s) should have Iull access to all areas oI the Iactory premises and documents
Auditor(s) should be able to hold conIidential interviews with workers
Auditor(s) should be able to take pictures that are related to the audit process
The corrective action plan (CAP) should be agreed upon on-site during closing meeting
The follow-up process:
You will receive the audit report within 10 working days aIter the audit.
II the corrective action plan (CAP) has not been agreed upon on-site, it must be completed and returned to HEMA within 10
working days
The CAP must include both corrective and preventive actions to prevent the problem Irom happening again in the Iuture. You can
propose how long you need to make the necessary improvements.
AIter you submit your CAP to HEMA you will receive conIirmation iI the CAP is approved and improvements can be made
according to the proposal.
HEMA Vendor takes Iull responsibility to ensure timely Iollow-up and implementation oI the CAPs and will submit evidences oI
compliance (such as pictures and/or documents) to HEMA Merchandisers.
How we do business:
HEMA conducts business on the basis oI honest and ethical management, good Iaith and integrity. It is unacceptable to
intentionally mislead our auditors. HEMA strives to have long-term business relationships with all its Vendors we are willing to
work together to make improvements.
We expect the same Irom our employees and everyone with whom we do business. We require our Vendors and/or our staII to
report any breaches oI our commitment to honest and ethical management, good Iaith and integrity immediately.
8est 8egards,
N|da| 2r|b|
nead of ua||ty and Soc|a| Comp||ance of nLMA Iar Last Ltd.
Document list- 2012-V5
Please indicate in below list the available documents for your factory.
Please note: This document list is property oI Hema and its Vendor. It cannot be spread to any other parties without consent Irom Hema.
Mk on Soc|a| Comp||ance
Documents L|st
Yes No NA
known productlon locatlons
1. Llst of subcontractors lncludlng names and address of productlon unlts.
2. 8uslness Llcense
reventlon of chlld labour
1. ersonnel data flles (Worker name llst, Age Certlflcates, contracts and proflles)
2. Wrltten recrultment procedure that prevents chlld labour
3. 8eglstratlon (local labor department) of young workers and thelr health check reports
(lf appllcable)
No forced and bonded labour
1. Worklng 8ules ln wrltten form / Lmployee Pandbook
2. 8eward and punlshment pollcy and records.
3. Last 3 months of loans to workers (lf appllcable)
No severe safety hazards
1. Check And acceptance for flre protectlon certlflcate, lactory layout lchnography
2. Last 12 months documentatlon of conducted health and safety tralnlngs (evacuatlon drllls
and flreflghtlng drllls) lncludlng names of partlclpants and dates of tralnlng and photos.
Room 27 I - L, Sun Tong Infoport Plaza, 55 Huai Hai Road (W), Shanghai 200030, China
[)][[55 _j])27 |I - L
T:+86-21-52989955 F: +86-21-52300331
Real and accurate wage and
working hours records
1. Last 3 months of worklng tlme records lncludlng all overtlme work.
2. Last 3 months of worker salary pay sllp, bank transfer recelpt.
Accident insurance for workers
1. Last 3 months of Soclal lnsurance & Commerclal lnsurance records. (Name llst, payment
No severe environmental
1. Lnvlronmental lmpact Assessment 8eport / dlscharge permlt certlflcate
2. ually operatlng records for the effluent treatment plant (L1) (lf appllcable)
3. Annual test report for waste water (lf appllcable)
4. Annual test report for alr emlsslon of the coal-flred boller (lf appllcable)
S. Cuallflcatlon certlflcates for the hazardous waste collectlon and processlng company and
the hazardous waste transportatlon company, contract wlth the hazardous waste collectlon
and processlng company, hazardous waste transferrlng form (lf appllcable)