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Loan Management System is used to automate the back office activities of bank and finance company offers any

type of loans. From an end-user perspective, the Loan Management System Project consists of t o functional elements! Security Module, "ustomer and Loan transaction Module and a #uery Module. $o day is the need of finance in every aspects of life. %s e kno these days& different bank and finance company coming up ith ne finance product every month. 'n such competitive environment, so only selling the finance product is not the only target, but providing e(cellent service to the customer for long period is the ne(t major task. $herefore, system has to come up that can handle back office activities, other ise manage this activities of huge numbers of customer adapt and loan transaction might become cumbersome and headache is not taken seriously. $herefore proposed )Loan Management System* has been designed to automate the back office activities of bank and finance company offers any type of loans. System can make the daily activities efficient and providing the fast response. Security module Security modules include security features like user management and application level pass ord management..

Maintain user master- +ach user identified by the user name and user type. ,nly admin user can create, edit user information. Pass ord must be - characters long. Pass ord must be alpha numeric. .hile creating user system assign default pass ord for the user, user must change default pass ord for first time login. %ll login time stamp stored in the system for security audit. %ccess level and roles and privileges are set for different type of users.

Customer and Loan transaction module "ustomer and loan transaction module includes Loan $ype, "ustomer, 'ssuing Loan, +M' "alculation, /eceive payments.

$he System %dministrator can able to add, modify loan type like 0ome Loan, Personal Loan, can modify the interest rate.. Maintain the customer database, customer database includes all the details like customer name, address, contact no, bank account no, pan no, email id, etc. ,nly %dmin and Supervisor can delete customer record. ,ne customer can have more than one loan, System generate un1ue loan no. system users can add, modify loan details like loan type, loan amount, tenure, mortgage details, guarantor details. 2ser can vie the monthly interest for loan. +M' "alculation- System have uni1ue on screen monthly interest calculator, it provide details breakup of particular loans, System take input from user like Loan

%mount, 'nterest /ate, $enure, 'ssue 3ate and give details out put like monthly +M', total interest, total cost. +M' calculation can be e(ported in Microsoft e(cel for future analysis.. /eceive payment 4 System can enter payment information for particular emi, it calculates late fine charges if it is receipt date is greater than the emi date. System has find customer facility, system user can find customer by their name, account no, pan no ith using ild card character )5*.

Query Module % po erful 1uery module give on screen information for particular customer, system user can vie all information for particular customer in one screen by entering customer no.

Po erful search facility for finding customer id, if system user unable to remember customer id by typing customer name, account no, pan no. Find module support ild character search. 't display customer details like "ustomer 6ame, %ccount 6o.. Loan details like , loan no, loan amount, interest rate, type of loan, tenure, monthly emi, loan issue date. 3etails break-up of emi and payment details in tabular form.