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Dear Madam / Sir,
We are forwarding you this information as the owner of a flat / apartment or a house for vacation in the
area of Fažana Comune in order we could remind you of your obligations, resulting from the Law on
Tourist Tax (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia 152/08), the Law on Permanent Residence and
Stay of Citizens (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia 53/91), and the Law on Movement and Stay
of Foreigners, the implementation of which will be subjected to intensive control by the police and
economic inspection.
1. Provisions of the Law on Movement and Stay of Foreigners
The foreigner who does not need a visa to enter the Republic of Croatia can stay in the Republic of Croatia
for 90 days the longest within the period of 6 months, calculating from the first entrance day.
During the year, foreign citizens upon arrival at the place of destination have the obligation to register
their stay at the Police Administration in Pula, Trg Republike 1, or they can effectuate the registration
through one of the tourist agencies as well as at the Tourist Board of Fažana Comune, in Fažana, Riva 2.
2. Provision of the Law on sojourn taxes
2. 1. According to the Provision of the Law on sojourn taxes, paragraph 2, article 21, owners of a
vacation apartment or house (citizens of the Republic of Croatia and foreign citizens) are obliged to report
their stay or the stay of other persons throughout the whole year no later than 24 hours upon arrival also
at the Tourist Association of Fažana, Riva 2, Fažana.
2.2. In conformity with the provision of article 4 of the above quoted Law on Tourist Tax, the owner of the
house or flat / apartment for vacation and all the persons who are staying in the vacation apartment or
house have the obligation to pay the tourist tax within the period from June 1 till September 30,
except for :
a) with 70% physical disability or more and one accompanying person
b) participants of school package arrangements (flat rate travel) approved by the school institution
c) seasonal workers with registered stay in a tourist resort,
d) members of immediate family of resident of tourist municipality or town
e) passengers on passenger ships in international maritime traffic when the ship is on berth in port
f) owners of vacation house and members of their family, if the vacation house is originally an old
family house acquired by inheritance from the decedent whose last residence was in a tourist municipality
or town, when staying overnight in such a house.
g) overnight stay of persons under the social welfare program
h) students and pupils not having residence in the municipality or town where they are being educated
Persons from 12 to 18 years of age pay the tourist tax with reduction of 50%.
2.3. Pursuant to article 8, paragraph 1, of the Law on Tourist Tax (Official Gazette of the Republic of
Croatia 35/95, cleansed text 64/2000, 42/2005 and 68/2007) the Government of the Republic of Croatia on

their children and spouses. We wish you to enjoy a pleasant stay in our Fažana Comune ! Yours sincerely. Spain.Feb 29. 32 of the Law on Hotel and Catering Industry enacted on December 13. which is as follows: CLASSIFICATION OF TOURIST RESORT: A Fažana Valbandon I.each following member - = = 60. Nov 1–Dec 31. Latvia. 2008 introduced the Ordinance on Determining the Tourist Tax Rate for the year 2009 (payment per day of stay). 3. Oct 1 – 31.The aforementioned Law regards members of immediate family of the owner of vacation house or apartment: spouses. Greece. adoptive parents and adoptive child. According to art. Provisions of the Law on Hotel and Catering Industry In conformity with the provision of art. Italy. 2009 7. Out of season Jan 1 . Hungary. Belgium. by which if during the period from June 15 to September 15 in the vacation flats / apartments or houses there are more than 15 persons who are not immediate family members. provided to citizens in the household. 2006. issued by the competent office.00 kn per person 25. Finland. brothers and sisters of parents. Lithuania. step-mother and step-father.00 kn III. Ireland. Poland. Denmark. Slovakia.the first two persons . 12 of the Law on Tourist Tax. Sweden and Great Britain and the three EFTA countries: Norway. pay a sojourn tax per day reduced by 70% or can pay a lump sum which they are obliged to pay no later than July 15 of the current year as follows: . step-children. 33 of the quoted Law the owner has the obligation to obtain the decision for providing catering and accommodation services in the household. you pay the sojourn tax per day . In accordance with art.50 kn 2. Portugal. Tourist Board of Fažana Comune The Manager: _______________________ Melita Peroković . 4. and if not acting accordingly the owner will be subjected to penal provisions. as well as their children and spouses.50 kn. owner and members of immediate family.00 kn per person If you fail to register by July 15. 2009 II. Full season June 1 – Sept 30. the Netherlands. Cyprus. Slovenia. France. Estonia.3. Germany. it is deemed that the owner deals with catering and accommodation services. Iceland and Liechtenstein). brothers and sisters as well as their children and spouses. Czech Republic. citizens of the Republic of Croatia and citizens of contracting states of the Agreement on the European Economic Area (relating to EU members: Austria.the session held on July 10. 2009. Luxembourg.2. Pre-season and post-season March 1 – May 31. Malta. 5.

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