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. >evero Malvar +to give the parties more chance to arrive at an amica3le settlement. the case was set for pre trial on various occasions in !ranch "III of the Court of First Instance of Misamis Oriental then still presided 3# the Hon. . 2fter June $. TADEO P. . furnishing cop# thereof to 2tt#. threats and intimidation surreptitiousl# occupied the said propert#.iosdada.+ 1 In all these pre trial conferences. &'%4. DAEL. &'%& when the case was set for pre trial for the first time 3efore respondent Judge !ernardo -eves. "&% +1$ l"+$ HERM.&#+"&/$ o. r"&/1 !. the defendants . et al+. after the death of /ste3an /dorot. issued on Jul# $%. an Order reading as follows Considering that. died long 3efore the filing of the complaint.R.DAL EDOROT.*TOR EDOROT. . are the true and a3solute owners in fee simple of a parcel of land with an area of &7. )*)& entitled +Mr. D. No. petitioners filed with the then Court of First Instance of Misamis Oriental.umlao. then plaintiffs. Judge >evero Malvar was transferred to another =udicial district and respondent Judge !ernardo -eves was appointed to ta6e his place. Recover# of Possession . counsel for private respondents and respondent "idal /dorot appeared. dismissing petitioners0 complaint1 and his Honor0s order of 2ugust &$. -he complaint. ERNARDO TE!ES. situated at 2pla#a.. L-34124 April 30. Jasaan. Mi#"0i# Ori$&+"l. through counsel. more or less. as manifested 3efore the Court. vs. a complaint for5 +Ownership. On Octo3er &'.N. -ir#+ . two of the defendants died 3efore the filing of this case1 the plaintiffs are here3# given until Jul# &*.444 s8uare meters. *o)r+ o. respondents. &'%& in Civil Case (o.O EDOROT.. "# Pr$#i%i&' ()%'$. Private respondents. THE HON. & MRS. J.S.G.OSDADA EDOROT.Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURT Manila SECOND DIVISION G. &'%& den#ing petitioners0 motion for reconsideration of the said order of dismissal. PEDR. was issued 3# the respondent Judge. "&% D.herein private respondents< 3# means of force.ON. claiming that the propert# in 8uestion is owned 3# them pro-indiviso 3# inheritance from their deceased parents. PETRA EDOROT.ANO EDOROT. (2ANA EDOROT. Petra and Herminigildo. Ponciano and Juana. !.amages+ against the private respondents. &'&&. &'%& within which to file an amended complaint to include the heirs or representatives of said deceased defendants. -he two other defendants. -adeo P. among others. alleged that petitioners. having purchased the same from the late /ste3an /dorot on Ma# &% &'9$1 and that sometime in the month of Fe3ruar# &'9:. Misamis Oriental. &'%&. . -he latter had a special power of attorne# to appear for defendants . .TO EDOROT "&% (A*O O EDOROT. -he issue having 3een =oined.LDO EDOROT. -he case was doc6eted in the said court as Civil Case (o. petitioners. PON*. filed their 2nswer with Counterclaim on Januar# &7.ionisio /dorot. r$pr$#$&+$% 34 1i# 1$ir#. 1985 MR.ionisio. *2E!AS. respondent Presiding Judge of the Court of First Instance of Misamis Oriental !ranch "III. !. On June $'.: Petition for Review on certiorari of the Order of the Hon. Mrs.ael versus . )*)&.

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