MIRACLES - by Stuart Wilde - copyright ©1983 revised edition copyright ©1988 ISBN 1-5

#ontents S$%& 'N%( )nderstanding the )niversal *a+ S$%& $W'( )nderstanding *i,e-s .ission S$%& $/0%%( )nderstanding the Nature o, Belie,s S$%& 1')0( $he .iracle 23ction &lanS$%& 1I4%( )nderstanding %nergy S$%& SI5( )nderstanding $i6e S$%& S%4%N( )nderstanding 7our &ersonal &o+er

1!"-1 3-!

#reating 6iracles in your li,e is no 6ore co6plicated than understanding the 6etaphysics o, the )niversal *a+8 3nd because that la+ is indestructible and there,ore in,inite9 +e :no+ that the po+er used by 6iracle-6a:ers in the past is still available today8 7et9 in our 6odern society9 +e are brought up to believe only in those things +e can logically understand8 We are not taught either that the )niversal *a+ has li6itless potential or that this po+er is at our disposal and can be used to +or: 6iracles in our o+n lives8 STEP ONE - Understanding the Universal Law $o understand 6iracles9 +e have to loo: at t+o aspects o, the )niversal *a+8 1irst9 there lies deep +ithin all 6an:ind an i66ense po+er and9 second9 the po+er is i6partial and une6otional8 #all it the )niversal .ind9 or #hrist #onsciousness9 or +hat you +ill9 it is this po+er that allo+s 6an a recognition o, the universal li,e ,orce that +e call ;<od8= $he li,e ,orce is eternal and universal9 and9 because o, its li6itless capacity9 it is a part o, all things8 .oreover9 it is a 6a>or part o, each o, us8 #onse?uently9 +e all have +ithin us an unli6ited po+er8 #reating 6iracles in our lives beco6es a 6atter o, identi,ying +ith the po+er9 understanding its characteristics9 and learning to use it e,,ectively8 $his identi,ication is achieved by :no+ing that the po+er is +ithin you and ac:no+ledging that ,act by saying9 ;I a6 eternal9 i66ortal9 universal9 and in,inite9 and +hat I a6 is beauti,ul8= In this 6anner9 you loc: into the po+er source and you are poised ,or the ne@t step9 +hich involves loo:ing at its characteristics8 $he )niversal *a+ is i6partial and une6otional8 It has no +ay o, :no+ing +hat you +ant9 nor does it discri6inate bet+een your hopes and aspirations9 li:es and disli:es -- it is pure energy8 It accepts +hatever thoughts9 ,eelings9 and actions you pro>ect and re,lects the6 bac: to you une6otionally in the ,or6 o, events that you e@perience day to day8 In 6uch the sa6e +ay as electricity illu6inates both a brothel and the vicar-s tea party9 the )niversal *a+ does not di,,erentiate bet+een di,,erent types o, energy in your li,e8 It +ill give you anything you believe in -- no 6ore and no less8 $here,ore9 the :ey to understanding 6iracles is to loo: at the belie,s you e@press as thoughts and ,eelings8 When you are born9 your thoughts and ,eelings are li6itless because your 6ind is a clean slate8 What a s6all child pro>ects to the )niversal *a+ is a natural purity unbounded by the constraints o, belie,s8 #hildren o,ten atte6pt the see6ingly i6possible( )na+are that they have any physical li6itations9 they drive o,, in the ,a6ily car or +al: on a high ledge8 It is only later9 through education9 that they learn the con,ines o, hu6an e@pectancy8 But these con,ines or boundaries are illusions8 $hey are ,or6ed by belie, patterns9 6ost o, the6 born o, ignorance9 handed do+n ,ro6 generation to generation8 $his pool o, belie, patterns or ;collective unconscious9= as #arl Aung

called it9 gains validity as it 6oves through ti6e9 and eventually the concepts that later generations e@perience as physical reality beco6e rigid and do6ineering8 It is as i, billions o, people +ho preceded you have deter6ined +hat you are going to e@perience on the earth plane9 and that is all there is to it8 $his rigidity does not allo+ ,or genius or ,or the understanding that +e are no+ in an era o, rapid un,old6ent8 1unda6ental structures are being s+ept a+ay in an avalanche o, a+areness9 and +e are no longer prepared >ust to read about great 6iracle-6a:ersB +e +ant to have the sa6e e@pereience8 1or 6ost people9 this is not possible because they are loc:ed +ithin the li6itations o, body and 6indB their upbringing is so do6inant that it encases their entire evolution9 and they e@perience little spiritual gro+th8 STEP TWO - Understanding Life’s Missi n We are not our bodies or our e6otions or our 6inds or any o, the structures and restrictions +e e@perience around us8 We are an in,inite part o, the <od 1orce using the physical ,or6 to e@perience spiritual develop6ent through a special teaching called ;daily li,e8= When you entered the earth plane9 the energy that is the real you le,t its abode in the higher di6ensions o, pure light and entered9 by choice9 the body you are no+ in8 7ou chose the circu6stances o, this li,e because it +as the ne@t step in your in,inite evolution9 and because this li,e +ould allo+ you to e@pand +hat you are spiritually so that you could beco6e an even greater e@pression o, the in,inite li,e ,orce or *iving Spirit8 No+9 you 6ay say( ;$hat-s nuts8 Why +ould I choose these circu6stances o, 6y li,e9 this ,a6ily9 this society9 and this neighborhoodC Why did I not choose a 6ore a,,luent environ6ent or prettier body9 or 6ore intellectual capacityC= $he ans+er lies in a di6ension beyond the physical plane8 3s you entered this di6ension through birth9 you had +ithin your consciousness a heroic 6ission -- a goal8 $he nature o, that goal is ,ir6ly +ritten in the very deepest recesses o, the inner you9 and +hat you are today9 no 6atter +hat you ,eel about yoursel,9 is actually a part o, that goal in various stages o, co6pletion8 7our 6ind began recording events9 thoughts9 and ,eelings only at birth8 It does not :no+ o, your heroic 6ission nor does it understand the )niversal *a+ that interacts +ith your li6itless potential8 WhyC $+o reasons( 1irst9 i, your 6ind9 ,eelings9 and e6otions :ne+ the nature o, your heroic goal in li,e9 there +ould be no challenge or ?uest9 and your evolution +ould su,,er8 Second9 6ost understanding o, 6etaphysics is based on tribal or religious belie,s that do not totally re,lect an accurate perception o, the delicacy o, energy and the +ay its ebb and ,lo+ a,,ects daily li,eB no real understanding o, the )niversal *a+ has ever been incorporated into the various belie, patterns o, the +orld-s collective unconscious8 1or e@a6ple9 let us say that your heroic goal in li,e is to learn to love yoursel, and to accept ,ull cos6ic responsibility ,or +hat you are8 3nd9 let us say9 you have had a nu6ber o, previous e@periences on the earth plane in +hich you +ere +ea: and indulged yoursel, 6etaphysically by leaning on others rather than contributing to your o+n energy or support8 I, you :ne+ this in advance9 you +ould begin to ,avor one course o, action over another8 7ou +ould intellectualiDe yoursel, into positions or ,eelings that you +anted to achieve9 and your 6ind +ould do6inate your every 6ove8 %volution does not +or: that +ay8 7ou cannot overco6e +ea:ness by ,ighting it or thin:ing your +ay out o, it8 7ou overco6e +ea:ness by leaving it behind you8 $his 6eans that you beco6e a+are o, the inner tendencies that bring you do+n9 that do not support a belie, in sel,9 that do not endorse a love o, sel,9 and you say9 ;I don-t +ant to be that any6ore8= 7ou then 6ove yoursel, out o, the slovenly +ays o, the collective unconscious9 into a

discipline o, po+er8 1ro6 ti6e to ti6e9 you 6ay dri,t bac:9 but once you decide on the side o, strength9 the po+er o, the )niversal *a+ +ill al+ays be +ith you to varying degrees8 It 6ay be a battle at ,irst9 because your 6ind does not understand these la+s or the nature o, your 6ission on earth9 nor does it understand the la+s that govern your potential8 It +ill have a tendency to ;advise= you logically ,ro6 its o+n e@perience9 and logic is death to that part o, you that is the 6iracle-6a:er8 STEP T!REE - Understanding the Nat"re f #eliefs $he ne@t step in creating your o+n 6iracles is to loo: at the nature o, belie,s8 By revie+ing belie,s and ,eelings9 you begin to understand ho+ to use the )niversal *a+ e,,ectively8 It is natural to yearn ,or the i6possible and9 in so doing9 you establish strong belie,s about +hat can be done and +hat cannot8 7ou can >u6p a certain height and no higher9 run at a certain speed and no ,aster9 accept a certain position and no better8 Because 6ost co66ercial aircra,t ,ly at about "" 6iles an hour9 the shortest ti6e in +hich you can get ,ro6 Ne+ 7or: to &aris is about si@ hours8 $hose are ,acts in the collective unconscious8 But +hat i, +e told you o, a 6an +ho could 6ove his body 6any thousands o, 6iles in >ust a ,e+ secondsC 7our 6ind +ould scan its 6e6ory ban:s and dra+ a blan:9 +hereupon you 6ight thin:9 i6possible8 $hen perhaps you 6ight revie+ all the scienti,ic data available and conclude that this ,eat is unachievable8 3ll scienti,ic :no+ledge and current thin:ing are products o, the sa6e collective unconscious9 and >ust the ,act that a billion people have no concept o, a 6an 6oving three thousand 6iles in a ,e+ seconds 6a:es it i6possible8 But the billions o, people are +rong8 $here is a di6ension9 right here on the earth plane9 in +hich such a ,eat is possible9 and there are a ,e+ people alive today +ho :no+ o, this di6ension and use it8 It is a 6atter o, perception and belie,8 7our ability to +or: 6iracles is predicated entirely on ho+ easily and ?uic:ly you can give the collective unconscious the slip8 It is your attach6ent to the collective unconscious9 or +orld belie, patterns9 that holds you bac:8 $his attach6ent9 +hich you accepted at birth9 is your 6ain challenge in li,e9 and your spiritual goal is to step above it8 %ventually9 you realiDe that9 in order to beco6e part o, a higher consciousness9 you have to leave +here you are right no+ and step into the un:no+n8 $hat is +hy all the tales o, the path o, the initiate tal: about loneliness9 ,or as you 6ove a+ay ,ro6 old energy9 there is a sense o, loss8 3s you ta:e that step9 your perceptions e@pand gradually to accept a higher vibration o, sel,9 and you understand that +hat others believe is a part o, their evolution9 but it is not the su6 total o, all the ,acts8 We e@perience li,e through the ,ive senses9 ;the +indo+s o, the soul9= and +e are taught +hat capacity those senses have8 7et9 each o, the6 has a di6ension that is 6any ti6es deeper than is nor6ally perceived9 and those di6ensions +ill open ,or you as you 6ove to+ard the68 *et us loo: at ,eelings8 $hrough ,eelings9 you can enter into other +orlds9 and clairsentiousness Ea heightened sense o, ,eelingsF is a capacity you can learn to develop ?uite ?uic:ly8 It is not as acute as e@trasensory sight9 but it is deep and9 through it9 you enter into areas o, perception that ,e+ people ever e@perience8 %verything around you is energy -- your body9 its various organs9 your thoughts9 the physical place you inhabit9 the events o, your li,e -- each e@presses an energy8 3 part o, that energy is perceivable through the ,ive senses9 but 6ost o, it is beyond nor6al perception8 By opening to the po+er o, the )niversal *a+ and controlling the 6ind through

centering and discipline9 you beco6e a+are o, the subtlety o, energies around you8 7ou +ill ,ind that you can use your ,eelings to guide you through li,e8 3s you 6ove into a situation9 push your ,eeling into +hatever lies ahead8 /o+ does it ,eelC What is the )niversal *a+ saying to youC Which area ,lo+s9 and +hich does notC 3,ter a +hile9 this e@ercise beco6es si6ple and very accurate8 7ou 6ay not be able to see all the subtle energies around you9 but you can learn to ,eel the69 and soon you +ill ,ind that in,or6ation ,ro6 the )niversal *a+ has a +ay o, >u6ping at you une@pectedly8 %vents in your li,e gather energy as they co6e to+ards you9 and you can ,eel that energy +ee:s and even years be,ore they occur8 Science +ill tell you it is not possible to ,oresee the ,uture9 and that is true ,or those +ho believe it to be so9 but as you 6ove out o, the +orld-s ;group perception9= ,eeling and even seeing the ,uture +ill beco6e second nature to you8 $o harness the )niversal *a+ e,,ectively9 you should +atch its 6ani,estation9 +hich is basically every event in your li,e8 $hen lin: each event to your underlying ,eelings and attitudes8 0ealiDe that +hen things go +ell9 it is solely because you put that i6age into the )niversal *a+ as a shipping cler: in a large 6ail-order co6pany8 /e gets your order but has no idea +ho you are8 I, the order says ;siDe 89= he sends out siDe 88 It is o, no concern to hi6 +hether or not siDe 8 ,its you8 /e 6erely co6plies +ith your re?uest8 In daily li,e9 your ,eelings9 thoughts9 and attitudes are your order ,or69 so be,ore you decide to change your present conditions9 you +ill have to be very sure +hat you +ant ,ro6 li,e8 $he )niversal *a+ reacts spastically to uncertain 6essages8 7ou have to +rite clearly9 and you have to be ready to accept +hatever you are loo:ing ,or8 *et us say you +ant to +in a large su6 o, 6oney9 give up your >ob9 and spend the rest o, your days lying in the sun8 7ou drea6 about the cash9 and you sigh and say9 ;Wouldn-t it be lovely8= But is that actually +hat you +antC 7ou 6ight very soon ,ind yoursel, bored and9 though your 6ind +ould li:e to lounge in the sun9 the inner you 6ight say9 ;I should have stayed +here I +asB there +as 6ore potential there8= #reating energy ,or yoursel, through the )niversal *a+ is not >ust a 6atter o, +ishing ,or things9 +illy-nilly8 7ou have to realiDe that the po+er is +ithin you9 and once you ta:e the ,irst step to+ard it9 +hatever you create +ill be ,or your highest good8 It 6ight not be e@actly +hat you thought you +anted9 but you had better be ready ,or the conse?uences8 Be,ore e6bar:ing on a 6iracle ;action plan9= you ought to spend so6e ti6e 6editating on the conditions or 6aterial ob>ects you +ant8 $he )niversal *a+ is the shipping cler: +aiting ,or your clear and concise order8 $he currency +ith +hich you are going to pay ,or it is belie,8 $o create so6ething +ith absolute certainty9 you have to establish the ,eeling +ithin you that it has already happened -- that the condition you desire is already a part o, your li,e8 $his can be hard because your 6ind9 :no+ing nothing about the +or:ings o, the *a+9 ,ights bac:8 7ou a,,ir69 ;I a6 rich9= and your 6ind contradicts9 ;7ou-re not8= $he con,lict that develops con,uses the )niversal *a+9 +hich is about to deliver your heart-s desire8 $his clash o, opposing energies has been the challenge o, the +ould-be initiate since the beginning o, ti6e8 It is the hunt ,or the <rail9 or the slaying o, the dragon8 It states that no one enters the :ingdo6 o, heaven +ithin until he has ta6ed the dragon o, negativity that he inherited ,ro6 the collective unconscious8 1iguratively9 you +ill have to leave the earth plane even though you 6ay still be very 6uch a

part o, physical reality8 Gi6ensions are not out there so6eplace bet+een you and the starsB they are inner +orlds or inner >ourneys8 $hese >ourneys have an inner reality and an outer 6ani,estation in the physical9 so anything you can conceive is actually a part o, you right no+8 $he ,act that you do not have it on hand 6atters not8 Whatever it is that you conceive is in a state o, gradually beco6ing8 I, you a,,ir69 ;I a6 rich9= you have to start ,eeling rich9 thin:ing rich9 and holding a rich attitude8 Wal: around e@pensive stores9 have co,,ee in the best hotel in to+n9 begin to act and ,eel as i, you already have the vast ,ortune you :no+ the )niversal *a+ is about to deliver to you8 In this +ay9 you create a concrete reality o, +ealth +ithin your inner >ourney9 and it +ill beco6e 6ani,est in your outer >ourney9 the physical +orld8 I, you can 6aintain that ,eeling and po+er and live as i, your +ish has already been granted by the )niversal *a+9 your +ish +ill be delivered9 guaranteed8 But you cannot be hal,-hearted9 or you +ill dissipate your personal po+er and nothing +ill happen8 7ou have to ta:e to the path li:e a +arrior8 7ou are going to achieve your goal8 No 6atter +hat con,ronts you9 no 6atter +here you are right no+9 no 6atter +hat adversity you ,ace9 you +ill reach your ob>ective8 $he )niversal *a+ does not care +hether you have your heart-s desire or not8 $here,ore9 you 6ight as +ell 6a:e up your 6ind to collect8 7ou can have anything you +ant9 and +hen you create it9 it beco6es yours8 ',ten +e ,eel +e do not deserve success or +ealth or co6plete health or anything else +e 6ight yearn ,or8 We are taught in childhood that +e are not +orthy9 or that so6eho+ +e o+e so6ething to society or the physical plane9 or that +e have so6e :ind o, special sin that +e should atone ,or be,ore +e can en>oy +hat +e +ant out o, li,e8 $his is not the case8 $he *a+ does not discri6inate8 It receives your energy and delivers dia6onds or plain roc:s9 depending on +hat you put in8 It is very i6portant to loo: at the negative ,eelings you have about yoursel,8 It is easy to say9 ;'h9 I never +in anything9= or ;I a6 too oldB they +ill never hire 6e9= or ;I can never be +ith that personB I a6 not pretty enough8= $hat :ind o, thin:ing is indicative o, the 6ind and its ;logical= advice8 .iracles are not logical9 so the last thing you need is logical advice ,ro6 the 6ind8 When such advice is given9 ac:no+ledge the 6ind9 than: it9 and say9 ;I do not accept any energy that is contrary to the unli6ited po+er that lies +ithin 6e9= then press on8 In,inite po+er is so 6agnani6ous9 so po+er,ul9 so 6uch 6ore than the 6ind9 that it e@ists in a separate di6ension9 and that is +hy the 6ind has di,,iculty perceiving that it is even there8 7ou +ill get an intuition or ,eeling or a rush o, e@cite6ent9 but that is all8 7ou cannot really hear it9 touch it9 or taste it9 but it co6es 2round the 6ind li:e a breeDe9 and +hen it starts to +or: in your li,e9 you +ill :no+ it by the ?uality o, the people and events that surround you8 Be,ore +e go to step ,our9 the .iracle ;3ction &lan9= let us brie,ly revie+ so6e i6portant points8 B $he )niversal *a+9 or living Spirit9 is unli6ited8 $his ,orce is +ithin you8 $here,ore9 +hat you are is also unli6ited8 B $he )niversal *a+ is i6partial and une6otional8 It cannot discri6inate8 It +ill +illingly give you anything you believe in8 B 7ou are not your body or your e6otions or your 6ind8 7ou are a part o, the *iving Spirit9 learning8 No 6atter +hat your circu6stances9 the )niversal *a+ can be called upon at any ti6e because it is the real you8 B Whatever you create ,or yoursel, by understanding the 6ystical9 6etaphysical aspects o, the )niversal *a+ is yours -- because you created it9 you deserve it8 B .iracles are not gi,ts ,ro6 <od9 they are a part o, +hat you are9 +hich is <od8

1inally9 the )niversal *a+ is in balance and har6ony by its very nature8 3nd so9 as you set out on your ;action plan9= you +ill not be able to in,ringe on others8 Whatever you create +ill have to be ,or yoursel,8 7ou cannot +ill the )niversal *a+ on to others9 saying9 ;I +ant this to happen to 6y ,riend8= $his +ould be in,ringing9 because9 not :no+ing the nature o, your ,riend-s heroic li,e plan9 you are not entitled to change it or in any +ay alter +hat he is going through at this ti6e8 /e has to e@perience li,e ,or hi6sel,9 as he also has unli6ited po+er +ithin hi69 and a part o, his gro+th pattern is discovering that ,act8 Within the )niversal *a+9 there is no dual energy9 good and bad9 saints and sinners8 $here is >ust energy -- one po+er that pervades all things9 and everything is a part o, the po+er8 Gi,,erentiation bet+een good and evil is >ust your perception9 ,or +ithin real energy there is no >udg6ent8 $here is high energy and not-so-high energy9 and at the end o, this li,e you +ill have the opportunity to revie+ +hat you have achieved9 +hich +ill be a 6atter o, ho+ 6uch you have succeeded in centering your li,e in a discipline o, perceiving the *iving Spirit9 and using it8 But your revie+ +ill not be e6otional8 7ou +ill be loo:ing at the ?uality Eor speed9 i, you li:eF o, the energy you created8 I, you have har6ed others9 you have i6peded your evolution by decelerating the li,e ,orce +ithin you8 $hat is your :ar6ic energy9 and so6eday you +ill have to understand that it +as not your highest path8 but you cannot >udge others9 because9 since the energy your 6ind perceives does not incorporate the nature o, their heroic goal9 you have no +ay o, :no+ing that +hat they are going through is not e@actly +hat they need :ar6ically ,or their gro+th at this in,inite point in their evolution8 $here are no accidents or victi6s8 %ach person is responsible ,or his o+n evolution8 %ach pulls to hi6sel, the circu6stances e@perienced in li,e8 /e puts in an order9 so to spea:9 and gets bac: three crac:ed cups8 $hat is a part o, the learning pattern9 trial and error8 $his li,eti6e in yours8 7ou 6ay be involved in relationships and love others9 but basically +hat you 6a:e o, your li,e and ho+ you pass through it is your evolution8 We all learn to ta:e responsibility ,or our o+n circu6stances9 and9 +ithin the )niversal *a+9 +e are not e@pected to ta:e responsibility ,or the evolution o, others8 It 6ight sound a bit harsh9 but in the *a+ there is incredible clarity and >ustice8 $hat is +hy adversity is so use,ul8 It allo+s people to loo: ,or so6ething beyond day-to-day reality9 and this brings the6 in touch +ith their true inner selves8 In desperation9 they begin to pull on their "nli$ited % wer9 and they realiDe that anything can be changed9 that su,,ering is a product o, the inner sel,9 and9 by loo:ing at their inner selves9 they can trans,or6 the68 It has been said that there are no incurable diseases9 only incurable people9 and this is true o, all energy +ithin the )niversal *a+8 $rying to ,i@ your circu6stances >ust physically or 6entally +ill not +or: in the long run because deep-rooted inconsistencies +ill continue to sur,ace in your li,e in various guises8 $o overco6e so6ething once and ,or all 6eans going +ithin yoursel, to discover the real causes o, the disturbance8 $his process or discovery +ill allo+ you 6ore energy9 +hich you can use to create the things you +ant in your li,e8 STEP &OUR - The Mira'le (A'ti n Plan’ Write do+n on a piece o, paper9 in order o, i6portance9 the things and conditions you +ant8 Go not let the 6ind ;advise= youB it has li6itations8 Shoot ,or the 6oon9 and be sure you leave nothing out8 #hop and change your list until you are co6,ortable +ith it9 but be clear about +hat you +ant8 )se e@act and precise +ording to describe the conditions you re?uire8 0e6e6ber9 the syste6 +or:s9 so you 6ust be de,inite in the +ay you describe your +ants8

/ere is +hat you do( aF 0ead your list three ti6es a day -- once +hen you rise9 once in the 6iddle o, the day9 and once be,ore bed8 bF .editate on your 6iracles ,ro6 ti6e to ti6e9 and HN'W that the )niversal *a+ has received your order and is >ust about to deliver8 cF .aintain silence8 $al:ing about your 6iracles dissipates the energy drastically8 $here,ore9 you cannot share your 6iracles +ith others until they happen8 dF 3l+ays act and thin: about your 6iracles as though you already have the conditions you desire8 eF Be open to the inner pro6ptings o, the unli6ited po+er source as it instructs you in +ays o, getting +hat you +ant8 0ealiDe that the )niversal *a+ has to deliver in the physical plane +here you can 6a:e use o, it8 7our heart-s desire can co6e ,ro6 any+here9 so do not li6it your ,ield o, e@pectation8 0e6ain open and ,le@ible at all ti6es8 ,F S6ile a lot -- the ,irst 6iracle is on its +ayI

STEP &I)E - Understanding Energ* Since the 6ind has no +ay o, :no+ing ho+ the )niversal *a+ is going to deliver your 6iracle9 do not +aste ti6e trying to ,igure it out9 >ust HN'W8 7our thoughts should be li:e acorns that develop gradually into oa:s9 i, you dig the6 up to discover ho+ things are going9 your tree +ill perish8 It is i6portant to avoid ,retting8 #enter on the ,eeling that so6e +ay9 so6eho+9 the )niversal *a+ +ill not let you do+n9 because everything in the universe is energy8 Solid ob>ects appear as such only because their ato6s and 6olecules 6ove at high speed8 In ,act9 reality is both solid and not solid at the sa6e ti6e9 and this applies to thought ,or6s8 $hey are real and even 6ore po+er,ul than physical reality because they are not constrained by the li6its o, the 6aterial plane8 But you cannot ta:e the6 apart and analyDe the68 7ou have to create the6 and let the6 ,ly8 $hen through enthusias6 and belie,9 you energiDe the )niversal *a+ and encourage it to deliver8 $ry at all ti6es to :eep your thoughts pure and on target8 I, doubt creeps in9 do not allo+ it to do6inate ,or long8 *oo: at doubt ,ro6 above yoursel,8 0ealiDe that it is >ust the 6ind ,retting9 not understanding9 creating ob>ections through ignorance9 and +hatever you have set in 6otion +ill happen8 3s you +or: +ith the po+er9 it +ill have a +ay o, sho+ing you the ne@t 6ove at every turn8 Believe in it8 Hno+ that this inner ,orce is so po+er,ul that it +ill pull you into e@cite6ent and adventure beyond your drea6s8 Heep it pure9 re6ain silent9 and re6e6ber to :eep your 6ethods secret8 %verything that surrounds you has the *iving Spirit +ithin it in varying degrees8 *iving things e@press it 6ore than do inani6ate ob>ects9 but all have it8 $he 6ore you co6e into contact +ith the )niversal *a+ +ithin you9 the 6ore you are in touch +ith things around you8 %verything beco6es a sy6bol and strength to you8 $he +orld helps you9 and the ,uller you beco6e9 the 6ore di6ensions you can pull ,ro68 3 very dear ,riend +as +al:ing along a street one day +ondering +hat to do +ith her li,e8 She +as at a crossroads literally and ,iguratively8 *i,e +as ,lat8 She craved inspiration and had as:ed the )niversal *a+ to direct her8 3s she stepped ,ro6 the curb9 a passing car nearly :noc:ed her over9 and as it screeched round the corner9 a boo: ,ell out o, its trun:8

It +as a boo: about a 6an-s ?uest ,or the )niversal &o+er9 and it changed her li,e8 Shortly9 she le,t that to+n and e6bar:ed on a +hole ne+ evolutionary path that9 over a period o, ti6e9 has ta:en her to great 6etaphysical heights and into countries and relationships she could not have conceived o, be,ore8 $he )niversal *a+ provided her +ith a special teaching in the ,or6 o, that boo: and she9 being in tune9 +as ready to bene,it8 3nd so it should ,or you8 3s you +or: to+ard your 6iracle9 +atch ,or every sign9 ,or every change around you9 and you +ill see the )niversal *a+ co66unicating +ith you8 $he 6ore you trust it9 the 6ore the energy is encouraged to reveal itsel,9 and various unusual things begin to occur8 7our energy ?uic:ens9 and opportunities pop up li:e cor:s on a la:e8 $hen you +ill HN'W that the po+er is truly +ith you8 $his co6ing in tune9 6ore than anything else9 +ill help you 6ani,est your desires8 7ou cannot act negatively in one part o, the )niversal *a+ and e@pect the other part to deliver your 6iracles una,,ected8 3s you +atch your li,e9 you beco6e e@pert at reading sy6bols9 and you see that you are the only one responsible ,or +hat you are and that everything around you e@presses an energy8 $he clothes you +ear9 the things you say9 the people you associate +ith9 the ,oods you eat9 and the places you go are all state6ents to the )niversal *a+ o, +hat you are8 $he ?uality o, these state6ents9 or the co6ing in tune +ith yoursel, and your surroundings9 is the :ey to your spiritual un,old6ent8 What you are has great po+er8 Its energy oscillates and re,lects the a6ount o, *iving Spirit or <od 1orce that you e@press8 $he 6ore you +or: on your li,e9 the 6ore you accept responsibility9 the 6ore energy you +ill have9 and the greater +ill be your e@pectations8 Suppose you have a special pro>ect in 6ind and you +ant to be sure that you have the 6a@i6u6 possible energy available8 *et us say you are heading ,or a >ob intervie+8 7ou have put the >ob on your 6iracle list9 the )niversal *a+ has opened a door9 and you are hal,+ay thereI /ere is +hat you do( 1F #ontinue to see your 6iracle co6ing into physical reality8 See yoursel, +ith the >ob granted until !J hours be,ore the intervie+9 then ,orget about it8 JF 'n the day o, your intervie+9 rise early8 Spend as 6uch ti6e as possible on your o+n8 3void interpersonal con,licts8 $ell the )niversal *a+ that you are ready and +illing to accept the 6iracle you have been as:ing ,or8 3F 3bstain ,ro6 such energy-lo+ering substances as alcohol and drugs8 KF %at lightly8 $he )niversal *a+ 6ani,ests in you and through you8 I, you eat great a6ounts o, heavy ,ood9 your energy slo+s9 and the )niversal *a+ +ithin you has di,,iculty e@pressing itsel,8 7ou should have salads9 ,ruits9 natural healthy ,ood9 in sparing ?uantities8 Stay a+ay ,ro6 >un: ,ood8 5F Be,ore you set o,, ,or your intervie+9 rela@ a 6o6ent8 See the situation as ,lo+ing and positive8 I, you already :no+ the person you +ill be 6eeting9 see hi6 or her in your 6ind-s eye happy and s6iling9 receptive to your energy8 See the intervie+ going +ellB see the 6iracle delivered8

STEP SI+ - Understanding Ti$e Within the )niversal *a+9 there is no ti6e8 $hings are in a state o, gradual evolve6ent8 3 tree has no concept o, ti6e because its essence is eternal8 It responds to the +ar6th o, the sun9 but it is not ;in ti6e8= It develops ,ro6 seed9 e@panding gradually to ,ull 6aturity9 and so it is +ith the )niversal *a+8 It can deliver instantly9 but i, your energy is not all there9 it +ill see6 to you as i, it has ta:en ti6e8 7ou have to learn patience and :eep 6oving to+ard your goal9 :no+ing that your thought ,or6 +ill be 6ani,est8

I, you are 6oving to+ard one particular 6iracle9 and a di,,erent avenue opens une@pectedly9 ta:e it8 $he )niversal *a+ delivers in strange +ays9 and +hat you thin: you desire 6ay >ust be your +ay o, e@pressing a totally di,,erent goal8 3 good ,riend o, 6ine +anted 6ore than anything else to be a ,il6 director8 /e graduated ,ro6 ,il6 school in *ondon but ,ound that he could not get any +or: because o, a technical co6plication8 $o +or: in ,il6s in %ngland at that ti6e9 you had to have a union card8 But you could not get a union card unless you +ere +or:ing8 In e,,ect9 the union created a ;closed shop8= .y ,riend-s 6iracle +as stuc:I 'ne day9 out o, the blue9 he bu6ped into an old school ,riend +ho o+ned a restaurant9 and due to his ,inancial straits9 he gladly accepted a >ob as a +aiter8 Wor:ing hard each day9 he spent his spare ti6e +atching ,il6s and :eeping his drea6 alive through study8 %ach day at noon9 a +ell-dressed old 6an ca6e into the restaurant8 .y ,riend served hi6 diligently9 and over the 6onths the t+o o, the6 beca6e ,riends8 'ne day 6y ,riend as:ed the old 6an +hat he did ,or a living8 $he old 6an replied that he +as >ust about to retire ,ro6 a >ob he had held ,or 6any years8 ;What >ob is thatC= as:ed 6y ,riend8 ;'hI It-s pretty boring9 really9= replied the old 6an9 ;I a6 president o, the ,il66a:er union 888not 6uch even happens8= 1i,teen years later9 I +as ,lying across the )nited States laDily +atching an ;in ,light= 6ovie +hen9 to 6y great delight9 I sa+ 6y ,riend-s na6e on the credits o, a 6a>or ,il68 /is 6iracle had been delivered8 When you 6ove into an energy align6ent9 you can never tell +hat +ill happen8 Watch ,or signs9 use your ,eelings to help you decide9 and i,9 a,ter that9 you are still not sure9 do N'$/IN<8 I, a direction is right9 you +ill :no+ it auto6atically8 I,9 ho+ever9 6a:ing up your 6ind re?uires you to go through great trials and tribulations9 you can be sure that that particular course is not the one ,or you8 Basically9 it is +ell to re6e6ber that i, you have to ponder a decision9 it is usually a 6ista:e8 When the )niversal *a+ delivers9 you +ill :no+8 Start your 6iracle list +ith a couple o, 6odest re?uests8 $hen9 as you e@perience the )niversal *a+ delivering9 you +ill ,eel the po+er o, success around you9 and that in itsel, beco6es a valuable a,,ir6ation8 %ach ti6e you reorganiDe your list9 spend a ,e+ 6o6ents thin:ing about ho+ +ell your last 6iracles +or:ed8 3,,ir6 your po+er by visualiDing your success9 then9 as you acco6plish one 6iracle a,ter another9 you +ill have the con,idence to go to other things8 STEP SE)EN - Understanding , "r Pers nal P wer In conclusion9 +e +ill discuss ho+ to establish an energy o, po+er around you8 7our 6ind-s natural negative align6ent +ill tend to 6a:e you thin: that your 6iracles are not going to co6e true8 $here,ore9 in order to achieve co6plete success9 you have to +or: constantly on your 6ind-s doubt8 0e6ind yoursel, that you are not your 6ind and you do not accept any energy contrary to your goals8 In this +ay9 you establish a pattern o, positive a,,ir6ation in your li,e8 Write do+n in your o+n +ords nine a,,ir6ations that e@press your belie, in yoursel, and your co6plete ,ul,ill6ent in this li,eti6e8 $hree a,,ir6ations ,or the da+n9 three ,or the day9 and three ,or the night8 Be,ore revie+ing your 6iracle list9 rela@9 center your 6ind9 then read your a,,ir6ations slo+ly8 .a:e your a,,ir6ations strong9 be sure that

you ,eel their po+er and that they 6ean so6ething special to you8 $he +ords and ,eelings that you believe in have the strongest energy8 /ere are a ,e+ e@a6ples ,ro6 +hich you can build(

I 3. 3 &'W%01)*9 &'SI$I4% INGI4IG)3*9 3NG 3** %4%N$S IN $/IS G37 30% 1'0 .7 /I</%S$ <''G8 W/3$ I 3. IS B%3)$I1)*9 3NG I &)** $' .% $/IS G37 'N*7 B%3)$7 3NG 0%10%S/.%N$8 $/IS G37 IS 3 G37 '1 B3*3N#%8 I 3. #'.&*%$%*7 3W30% '1 .7 B'G7 3NG 3** I$S N%%GS8 W/3$ I 3. IS %$%0N3*9 I..'0$3*9 )NI4%0S3*9 3NG IN1INI$%8 I S%% 'N*7 B%3)$7 3NG S$0%N<$/ %4%07 .'.%N$ '1 .7 *I1%8 I S%% 'N*7 B%3)$7 IN 3** $/% &%'&*% W/' 30% &)**%G $' .%9 3NG W/3$ I 3. S$0%N<$/%NS 3NG 0%10%S/%S W/3$ $/%7 30%8 W/3$ I 3. IS IN1INI$%8 I G' N'$ A)G<% $/% %4'*)$I'N '1 '$/%0S8 W/3$ $/%7 30% 0I</$ N'W IS 1'0 $/%I0 /I</%S$ <''G8 %3#/ 3#$I'N I $3H% $/IS G37 IS 3N %5&0%SSI'N '1 $/% <'G1'0#%8 $/%0%1'0%9 %3#/ 3#$I'N I $3H% IS 3 &30$ '1 .7 IN1INI$% #0%3$I4I$78 $/%0% IS N' 0%3* SIN9 'N*7 %N%0<78 I 1'**'W $/% %N%0<7 '1 .7 /I</%S$ %4'*)$I'N 3$ 3** $I.%S9 3NG S' B% I$8 I 3. '&%N 3$ 3** $I.%S $' #'..)NI#3$I'N 10'. .7 INN%0 S%*19 3NG $/3$ #'..)NI#3$I'N *%3GS .% $' .7 /I</%S$ %4'*)$I'N8 I <I4% $/3NHS 1'0 $/% B%3)$7 '1 $/IS G379 3NG .37 $/% %N%0<7 '1 $/IS NI</$ B0IN< 0%B)I*GIN< 3NG 0%4I%W8 S' B% I$8



7our a,,ir6ations act li:e s6all t+igs in a ,ire8 3s you arise9 you begin to build energy in the day8 )se your a,,ir6ations to :eep that energy going8 #enter ,or a 6o6ent to ac:no+ledge your in,inite beauty and your place in all things9 then proceed8 I, you are pulled into interpersonal con,lict9 ta:e a ,e+ 6inutes on your o+n to repair your energy9 and be,ore going out into the day9 be sure that your energy is strong8 I, you care ,or your po+er and you balance and center your li,e9 no har6 can be,all you9 and you enter into +orlds that ,e+ people are even a+are o,8 #reate your day the +ay you +ant itB see it going +ellB see each person you 6eet as positive and open to your energyB see the day as har6onious and ,lo+ingB and see yoursel, evolving through each and every e@perience8 1inally9 be,ore setting out into the day9 see the +hite light o, the *iving Spirit around you9 protecting you and strengthening +hat you are8 0ealiDe that the 6ore you believe in yoursel,9 the stronger the +hite light beco6es8 It acts as your shield9 and ,ro6 ti6e to ti6e each day you should re-energiDe it by seeing it vibrant and strong9 and by a,,ir6ing that +hat you are is a part o, the *iving Spirit9 or <od9 and that each 6o6ent o, your li,e is one o, e@hilaration and learning8 7our position on the earth plane as a 6iracle-6a:er is inherent in the in,inite po+er that lies +ithin you8 $hat li6itless source lies there +aiting ,or you to step up and collect your heritage9 and +hen you do9 the po+er +ill al+ays be +ith youL

Land that is guaranteed8 So be it8
3uthor and lecturer Stuart Wilde is one o, the real characters o, the sel,-help9 hu6an potential 6ove6ent8 /is style is hu6orous9 controversial9 poignant9 and trans,or6ational8 /e has +ritten 11 boo:s9 including those that 6a:e up the very success,ul $aos Muintet9 +hich are considered classics in their genre8 $hey are( 3,,ir6ations9 $he 1orce9 .iracles9 $he Muic:ening9 and $he $ric: to .oney Is /aving So6e8 Stuart-s boo:s have been translated into 1J languages8

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