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Grace vs.

Law - Part 1

I am excited about this series, it's invaluable for our present and our future. The cry of the human heart is to live free, but not just free, we also want to be productive, we want to be fruitful. So we want to talk about being productive and fruitful through the grace of God.

For those of you who are new Christians, this teaching is exceptionally important for the foundation of your Christian life. But for those of you, who have been around for awhile, you've gotta understand this -that grace is not something like old clothes that you grow out of and then you throw away. Grace is something we need to be refreshed and renewed in all the time. Truth needs to be looked at in a cyclical way. It's like a spiral staircase, you come around to the same spot over and over but each time from a higher view point. Our foundation Scripture is Colossians 1:3-6. (vs. 6) this gospel is bearing fruit and growing. The key word here is understand, it's not just in the hearing of the gospel, it's also in the understanding of God's grace and all of it's truth. I don't want a church that uses cliche/parrot phrases without content and without revelation. There needs to be a deeper supernatural influence. We need to renew, refresh our minds with the reality of what grace is. Spiritual warfare is you being equipped in the Grace of God. Grace is not only the foundation but it's the substance of the building we put up of our lives. Now we are going to look at Romans 5 and unpack the Word of God. You must see this in the Word of God - not my teaching - God's Word! Law vs. Grace - The relationship of the world to the law of God= everyone born into the world is born under the law of God, under the judgement of God. The law was put in charge to lead us to Christ. When we have come to Christ, as Christians we are no longer accountable to the law WHATSOEVER!!! It is not enough to preach Grace! If you leave the impression that the Christian is somehow under the law a little bit or leave a subtle insinuation in people's mind -"Yes there's grace, but we do have to keep a few laws." If you do that, it's that little gap that the enemy will take advantage of and will use it to undermine the whole super structure of Grace and the Whole Gospel is neutralized!! You say but Rob, don't we have Christian duties, don't we have to do something! I want to say categorically, WE HAVE NO CHRISTIAN DUTIES! WHAT?!?! This is hard to hear because of 1500 years of indoctrination of religious control, but when you come under grace and are free from the law, there is nothing you have to do, but there are a whole lot of want to's that start rising up in the heart. I just think some Christians need to go on a diet from everything else and go on a diet of grace for a long time because I believe that many Christians have been propped up by law and external behaviour and modification techniques, that's all their doing and they think that because they behave externally that God's impressed with that. GOD IS NAUSEOUS WITH THAT STUFF, IT'S CALLED PHARISEEISM!!! God wants what we do to come from our HEART, that is released from guilt and manipulation, that is FULL OF GRACE! God doesn't want people to do things out of a "HAVE TO" mentality. ~I just want to say that the Gospel that's exported all around the world is not always the Gospel.~ Paul said, in Gal. 1:8, if anyone preaches any other Gospel, let him be cursed or condemned. We are in a New Covenant, and in the New Covenant, it's a circumcision of the heart!

If you come back under the law, you are alienated from grace and you WILL be under condemnation. ONLY believe on Christ Jesus and you will be saved!!! Don't EVER put your life under your pastors or leaders, put it under God and His Word!!! Rob reads, Romans 5:12-21 First Adam- is under judgement, condemnation Adam is a pattern of the one to come. When he disobeyed God, the whole human race was under sin. Last Adam- Christ, righteousness comes on all who believe in Christ Jesus. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE LAW....... -what the law does not do 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. make you righteous give you life save you encourage you make you more holy overcome sin strengthen you -what the law does do 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. condemns and crushes you stirs up sin in you and provokes more sin in you makes you aware of wrath over your life makes you feel constantly unworthy opposes you curses you with sickness, death disease, poverty and defeat makes you aware you are a transgressor shows you how insane it is to establish your own righteousness by the keeping of laws to show you -You need a Saviour and the law is put in charge to lead you to the Saviour! JESUS NEVER CONDEMNS YOU, NEVER CRUSHES YOU, & NEVER POINTS OUT YOUR FAULTS! (COL. 2:13)