 Why Montessori? Why do you want to be a Montessori teacher?

I’m really intrigued by what I already know of the Montessori Method. It’s appears to be a particularly effective approach to teaching. To me it’s unique that children are learning from concrete materials and their environment rather than being told what is what consistently. I love working with children of this age group !"#$. I love to observe children being introduced to a concept for the very first time. I’m also very interested in watching the stages of development in the early years. In my own e%perience working in a Montessori I’ve observed various children working at their own pace&an e%perience they may not be free to have if they were in a primary school setting. &&here you could maybe mention that part of your work was to observe and record aspects of child in your class that appears to be having difficulties&&perhaps his gross motor skills weren’t developing the same as the others' or maybe language problems&etc&.. Did you go to a Montessori when you were a child? (es)no. What did you do in your….. undergraduate course? BA? Degree? *fter completing my leaving cert I enrolled in an art portfolio course in +avan +ollege. I learned many new skills including stained glass&&&&&. I then completed a business course also in +avan +ollege. In ,--. I began my /* in 0ine *rt in 1MIT. In my final year I specialised in painting. I decided to pursue teaching when I finished my degree and I began volunteering and substitute teach at my local schools and I did an 23* course at night.

When I finished my /* I wanted to pursue teaching so I began to volunteer and substitute in the local primary schools. I love arts and crafts and I think I’d like to move outside the bo% and introduce children to art materials and concepts that they probably wouldn’t normally get the chance to use. 0imo' painting leaves' sculpture' printing&&ull prob have some ideas6 I have a vast knowledge of art and I would love to share it with the children. *t night I completed an 23* course. Have you any experience in early year’s education? Montessori education? (es. 2pacious' bright' lots of windows' outdoor area' open and easily accessible shelving. && talk a bit about what u would do&&books u like' poetry u like' plays u like' music u like&&&&. 2hortly after I began working in a special school in 3avan' &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&you can e%pand all of this if u like6 The year before last I began working as an 23* in a Montessori school7 I loved my e%perience in this school and knew it was an area I wanted to delve into more. I also love music' drama' poetry' children’s lit and song. Descri e your ideal classroo%. . 5uring my time in this school I also assisted other children with reading and writing. I would love the opportunity to introduce the children to great artists and masterpieces. What do you think you can ring to a Montessori? !an you ring anything di""erent#uni$ue? (es6 I’m really enthusiastic. I was taken on as a 23* in a school in 3avan and worked with a child with a brain in4ury. I also volunteered for a short time in 2coil na 3og Montessori as a classroom assistant. 8verthing is within reach of the children.

*ttractive materials. 9ots of culture materials' information) nature table' liberary etc&&& .

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