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Defination : Mocktails are non alcoholic beverages, flavoured, thickened or has a watery cons istency consumed to quench thirst or just to relax and enjoy.

Those mixed drinks which are purely non a lcoholic are called non alcoholic cocktails or mocktails. Here we shall restric t our study to that of mocktails.

Ingredients Used In Mocktails

A mocktail is a mixture of one or more liquids with other ingredients, prepared in a specific manner, presented attractively in different glassware with garnish to add to the eye appeal. Usually a major ingredient predominates and other ite ms complement the colours and flavour. Some of the ingredients used in making mocktails include: (i) ice: The key ingredient used to chill the glass, chill the drink, dilute the drink, fill up the glass and sometimes all of the above, different form of ice cubes, f lakes, made from good source of water are used. Ice should never be reused. Ne ver use wet ice for making or chilling the drink (ii) Carbonated drinks: This includes soda, cola, ginger ale, tonic, 7 up etc. They are usually freshly drawn, kept chilled and used to fizz up the drink.

(iii) fruit juices: Fresh juices always give the best taste and flavour. However, care should be ta ken that they are stored well chilled and used within their limited shelf life. To ensure consistency some barmen prefer readymade mixes which are fresh juices packed in tetra packs to add shelf value. (iv) Dairy Products: Dairy products include milk, cream, ice creams, and eggs etc. d to get spoiled by bacteria. They are stored chilled. (v) fruits and other garnishes: Most good bars shall have a large selection of fruits cut and prepared in differ ent shapes to be used as garnishes. Wheels, half wheels, wedges, curls mostly of citrus fruits are all kept ready. Other garnishes may be cherries, stuffed oliv es, pickled onions, pineapple chunks, celery sticks etc. Garnishes: These are the edible or non-edible products used to decorate a drink and the gla ss making it more appealing and presentable to the eye. Edible Garnish: These are items such as cut fruits, slices or spirals of lemon, sweet lime, pine apple, orange; cherry, etc. These can be consumed before, during or after the mo cktail is consumed. Non Edible Garnish: All of these ten

These are fancy items used to decorate the glass and are not to be consumed, mad e either of food grade plastic or glass which are disposable in nature. Example: Fancy umbrella. Glasses used also varies according to the consistency and the volume of a drink like if the drink is thick in consistency then the glass used has less intake; a nd for thin or liquid consistency drinks glasses are long and straight.

(vi) sugar syrup: Granulated sugar does not mix quickly with liquids hence a supply of sugar syrup refrigerated is always kept in handy. (vii) other ingredients: Condiments like tobacco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt, spices like pepper nu tmeg cinnamon bitters etc are also kept ready.

Methods of Making Mocktails

There are four basic methods of mixing mocktails. (i) Builds: In this method, drinks are added step by step in the glass in which the drink is to be served the ingredients are floated one on top of other taking advantage o f difference in viscosity of the liquids (ii) Stirred Drinks: Here the ingredients are mixed by stirring them with ice in a mixing glass and s training the mixture into a chilled serving glass. Ingredients that blend easil y are stirred. (iii) Shaken Drinks: In this method the ingredients are mixed by shaking them by hand in special shak ers. Usually ingredients that do not readily mix like sugar, cream, egg and frui t juices are shaken before being strained into cocktail glasses. (iv) Blended drinks: This is made using electrical blenders. Most drinks that are shaken can also be blended. However, drinks incorporating solid foods like ice, ice cream, fruits need to be always blended.

<!--[endif]-->Popular Mocktails

PUSSY FOOT 1. Ingredients Orange juice: Lemon juice: Lime juice : Grenadine: Egg yolk Soda: Type / method: Glass: Shaken Old Fashioned 50 ml 30 ml 1 tsp : 1 to top up 250 ml


Ingredients: Orange juice : 60 ml Grape fruit juice Apple juice Soda Type/ method: Glass: SHIRLEY TEMPLE 3. Ingredients Fresh lime soda 120 ml Ginger ale Grenadine: Maraschino cherry: Orange slices: Type / method: Glass: Stir High Ball 1 nos 1 nos 60 ml 1tsp Stir High Ball 60 ml 60 ml 60 ml

4. BANANA BRACER Ingredients: Ripe banana (diced) Milk: Pineapple juice: Coconut cream: Crushed ice Maraschino cherry: 30 ml 30 ml cups 1 nos 1 nos 90 ml

Type / method: Glass:

Blend Collins

5. CINDRELLA Ingredients: Pineapple juice Lemon juice Orange juice Soda water Raspberry syrup Pineapple chunk Orange slice Ice 40 ml 40 ml 40 ml 80 ml 2 tsp 1 nos 1 no to fill

Type /method: Glass:

Stir Slim Jim

6 BATMAN Ingredients

Orange juice Grenadine Orange slice

150 ml tsp 1 nos

Type / method: TIR Glass:

fill glass almost with ice pour juice & grenadine on top, S Collins

7 VIRGIN MARY Ingredients:

Tomato juice

150 ml Worcester sauce Tobasco Lemon juice Salt, pepper, celery stick Basil leaves 15 ml 2- 3 dashes tsb a pinch for garnish 1 nos

Type/Method: Glass:

Stir well & add into a salt rimmed glass Old Fashioned glass or Rolly-Polly glass.

8 COCONAPPLE Ingredients: Pineapple juice Coconut cream Crushed ice 120 ml 30ml cups

Type/Method: Glass:

Blend Collins

9. MINT COOLER Ingredients: Pineapple juice Sweet lime juice Lemon juice Sugar syrup 60ml 60ml 20ml 20ml

Ice Non alcoholic Crme de menthe Mint leaves 15ml

to fill

4 nos.

Type: Glass: Collins


10. Honi


Ingredients: Orange Juice Lemon Juice Orgeat Syrup Sugar Syrup Limca 120 ml. 40 ml. 60 ml 20 ml. to top


Orange Slice and Grenadine for lining of glass

11.Morning Glory: Ingredients: Mango Juice Pineapple Juice Orange Juice Strawberry Crush Ginger Syrup 60 ml. 60 ml 60 ml. 30 ml 20 ml


Pineapple Slice

12.Blue Hawaiian Ingredients: Pineapple Juice 180 ml

Coconut cream 60 ml Sugar Syrup 40 ml. Blue Curaao 40 ml


Pineapple Slice

13. FRUIT PUNCH Ingredients:

Mango Juice Pineapple Juice Orange Juice Vanilla Ice Cream

90 ml. 90 ml 90 ml 1 scoop

Strawberry Ice Cream 1 scoop Ginger Juice Crushed Ice 5 ml. to top up

Garnish: Glass:

Pine apple chunk and Strawberry slice Collins

Rules for Making Good Mockta >Ice should be clear, clean and fresh. >Shakers should be cleaned well, before each use and filled only 3/4th. >Fizz or carbonated drinks are not shaken or blended. >Mocktails should always be served in clean pre chilled glasses. >Always garnish after cocktail is made and added into the glass. >Measure ingredients, inaccurate mixing spoils balance. >Do not reuse ice, stirrer or garnish.