Dear Hartley Families, The inclement weather yesterday has prompted me to remind families to work with children to dress

appropriately for the weather. During wet, snowy weather students not adequately attired for the conditions (boots, coats, hats, and gloves) will be asked to remain on the concrete play areas for recess. As a staff we encourage outdoor play and activity throughout the school day unless icy or frigid conditions (temperature or wind-chill below zero) are present, children participate in outdoor play. Thanks for your help with this issue. Sincerely,

your child’s confidence. A child’s confidence plays an important part in how well he/she does in school. You are your child’s #1 teacher and most important role model. The job of being a parent is extremely challenging but the rewards definitely outweigh the challenges. Thank you for all that you do to further the academic and social development of your child(ren). PTA Meeting The next PTA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 12 from 6:30-7:30 PM in the Hartley Media Center. We hope to see you there. E.L.L. at Hartley in 08-09! By now, most families are aware that at the conclusion of the present school year, Hawthorne Elementary will be closing. As a result, Hartley will acquire around 80 students that currently attend Hawthorne. All of these students live in our attendance area but have been bussed to Hawthorne to receive E.L.L. services. E.L.L. stands for English Language Learners. Depending on the age of the child and their level of English language proficiency E.L.L. students receive English language services for a set amount of time daily. Most of the E.L.L. students will spend the majority of their day in the classroom setting. The primary languages of the students attending Hartley next year includes: Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Bosnian, Kurdish, Nuer, Swahili, and Poula. The diversity and experiences our new students and families will bring to Hartley will add to what is already a culturally rich environment. I can hardly wait! Please look for additional information in future newsletters about this exciting change. • Important Dates and Times February 28 and March 6-Parent Teacher Conferences and Book Fair, 4:00-7:00. Information regarding conferences will be sent home next weeks Wednesday folders. Monday, February 18- Elementary Plan DaySchool not in session for all elementary students.

You Can Help Parents play a tremendous role in developing a child’s learning ability. Research has indicated that the more time parents spend with a child, the better he/she will do in school. Here are some suggestions for parents to help children succeed in school: - Talk to your child. Show him/her that you are interested in his/her daily experiences. A child learns basic vocabulary skills early and easily. Besides talking to your child, you must also be a good listener. Listen to what your child has to say. Research indicates that the more a child talks, the better he/she is likely to read. Encourage your child to read to you. - Read to your child. All boys and girls enjoy being read to. By reading to your child, you are showing him/her the importance of reading. - Teach your child to take responsibility. Expect your child to take care of his/her school books and books from the library. Teach your child by example. If you show respect for your personal items and the property of others, your child will see that personal property and the property of others is important and will treat them the same way. - Provide opportunities for your child to succeed, and praise your child for a job well done. You will see the dividends of this in