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75th Anniversary History Book Dedication

Dedicated January 25, 2014 The North Bailey Fire Company was founded by a group of men who felt a commitment to community service. This Fire Company was founded with a common belief in honor, dedication, and brotherhood, which are still the foundation of the North Bailey Fire Company today, seventy-five years later. Without these values, we would not be the Fire Company we are today. We would like to convey a special dedication to the spouses, children, parents, and other family members who understand what it takes to be a volunteer firefighter; the special kind of commitment and dedication that is required, and for all the support they provide to us. And in closing, this book is dedicated to the men and women who have served or are currently serving with the North Bailey Fire Company, as well as to our brother firefighter’s whom have since departed this life, for the foundation and brotherhood they created within this fire company. 75th Anniversary History Book Committee

William Richter (Chairman) Erin Hutchinson Robin Hicks David Humbert Ashley MacDougall

Kent Richter Keith Burkard Russell Bieger Samuel Lunetta


Table of Contents
Dedication 1 Mission Statement 1939-1964, The First Twenty-Five 3 5

Membership 11 1964-1989, The Middle Twenty-Five 27 Fire Apparatus 1989-2014, The Last Twenty-Five 45 55

Table of Contents

Chief Dave Humbert

President Warren Holmes

Mission Statement:
The members of the North Bailey Fire Company are here to serve the residents of its community and to provide fire protection and emergency medical service, and also to provide continuous education of fire prevention and fire safety.

Mission Statement

Congratulations on 75 years.
Happy to be by your side...



and tomorrow.


The North Bailey Ladies Auxiliary

1939-1964, The First Twenty-Five:
An idea, rapid growth and a twenty year wait for a brand-new fire truck


A Look at the History from 1939 until 1964
On November 12th, 1939, a group of local residents from the “North Bailey Meadows” section of the Town of Amherst, held an exploratory meeting at Elmer Lawson’s Tavern. This group organized the North Bailey Independent Volunteer Fire Company. The main purpose of the fire company was to provide adequate fire protection services, a community center for the residents of the district, and to reduce the local fire tax. Some well-known officials were in attendance, including Lew Siegl and Town Supervisor Albert Herman. A building permit was issued on December 6th, 1939 for the first North Bailey firehouse to be constructed (as a “community Center”) on lot #489 on the north side of Sweet Home rd (later numbered as 966 Sweet Home Rd.).

1940 was an important year for the young Fire Company. The members began to raise funding and establish different organizations. The first was the North Bailey Fire Police. Then the Fire Company sponsored a local Boy Scout troop to be run by the members, which would help the children in the neighborhood. Also the Fire Company joined the townwide Amherst Fire Council and also the statewide New York State Firemen’s Association (now known as FASNY). On July 27th & 28th 1940, North Bailey hosted the first of many Field Days. Getzville Fire Company and Swormville Fire Company helped by loaning their 60-gallon kettles to be used for clam chowder.

By 1941, membership numbered around 38 men, a 253% increase from the original group of 15. After two tedious years, the Fire Company was finally able to get approval for their charter on November 9th, 1941.

History from 1938-1964

In 1942, an extension was added to the original firehouse, and the Civil Defense Department began using the building as well. During 1946, an additional extension (permit) was denied by the Amherst Town Board. 1946 also brought a name change as the Fire Company passed a resolution officially changing the name to the North Bailey Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.

A meeting in 1947 could have changed everything within the Fire Company as well as the fire protection of the southwestern portion of Amherst. A committee was formed between North Bailey and the Eggertsville Hose Company to discuss changing North Bailey Fire Company to become Eggertsville Hose Company #2. No agreement was ever reached and the two companies continued on independently. During the same year, the North Bailey Exempt Organization took over control/ownership of both the property and the firehouse. Before the year ended, member Sherwood Cooke organized the North Bailey Junior Firemen and Drum Corps.

The North Bailey Ladies Auxiliary was the next organization formed, in 1948. Their goal was to provide support to the firemen during fire and medical emergencies, and help with fire company functions. By 1951, the growing Fire Company again needed to add an addition onto the firehouse.

The North Bailey Exempt Organization was founded in 1955. In 1960, Clarence Schoures was elected Chief and held the position longer than any other Chief in Fire Company history, sixteen consecutive years (until his death in the line of Duty in 1975).

1961 saw the Fire Company purchase its first brand new piece of fire apparatus. A 1961 Ford pumper was purchased from Young Fire Equipment and entered service at Engine #3. The pumper featured a 500 gallon tank and a 1,000 gallons-per-minute pump. The truck was in service for over thirty years until it was replaced by a 1993 Peterbilt. In 1962, the North Bailey 200 Club was formed to help pay for the costs of the new Engine #3.

Charter Members:
George Alesse Charles Brown Walter Cliff Bert Downing Frank Frazier Francis Greaves Francis Henn George Kinney Robert Lee John Lopez Charles Meyers Joseph Moran Frank Murr Henry Tabb Howard Toy

Original Elected Officers:
Chief: Assistant Chief: Captain: 1st Lieutenant: Howard Toy Robert Lee Kenneth Pratt Harry Schrafstetter

History from 1938-1964

President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Directors:

Howard Toy Robert Lee Ralph Schartz Joseph Moran George Alesse

Walter Cliff Ray Gibson Frank Wittig Special Officers: Wilfred Barnett George Kinney



Pictures of Early Fire Company

Sports from the First Twenty-Five

North Bailey joined a bowling league pretty early on in their history. This is a picture of one of the teams that bowled in the first twenty-five years after becoming a Fire Company.


Congratulations North Bailey Fire Company for 75 Years of Outstanding Service

From the North Bailey Exempt Fireman’s Association, Inc.

Fireman’s Prayer When I am called to duty, God whenever flames may rage, Give me the strength to save some life Whatever be its age. Help me to embrace a little child Before it’s too late, Or some older person from the horror of that fate. Enable me to be alert And hear the weakest shout, And quickly and efficiently to put the fire out. I want to fill my calling and give the best in me, To guard my neighbor And protect his property. And if according to Your will I have to lose my life, Please bless with Your protecting hand My children and my wife


David Roetzer 54 Years of Service

Patrick Walsh 54 Years of Service

David Humbert 47 Years of Service

Active Firefighters

Timothy White 46 Years of Service

Carl Geib 44 Years of Service

Donald Geib 43 Years of Service

Frank Sykes* 42 Years of Service

Terry Sykes 42 Years of Service

Robert Sykes 41 Years of Service


Donald Bauman 40 Years of Service

Warren Holmes 40 Years of Service

Samuel Lunetta 39 Years of Service

Albert Hummer 39 Years of Service

Morris Conover* 38 Years of Service

Paul Infanti 38 Years of Service

Active Firefighters

Dennis Klemp 36 Years of Service

Francis Garus 36 Years of Service

Thomas Lycett 35 Years of Service


Joseph Abbarno 35 Years of Service

Charles Sykes 34 Years of Service

Kent Richter 33 Years of Service

Active Firefighters

Jeffrey Cutler 33 Years of Service

Keith Burkard 29 Years of Service

Russell Bieger 26 Years of Service

Michael Noltee 26 Years of Service

Allison Hummer 25 Years of Service

David Kler 24 Years of Service


Brian Holmes 19 Years of Service

Joseph Richter 18 Years of Service

William Richter 14 Years of Service

Tracy Chellino 13 Years of Service

William Kuss, Jr 12 Years of Service

William Kuss, Sr 11 Years of Service

Active Firefighters

Robert Everson 10 Years of Service

Daniel Klemp 10 Years of Service

Steven Matisz, Jr 10 Years of Service


John Cutler 10 Years of Service

Shaun Garus 7 Years of Service

Ashley MacDougall 7 Years of Service

Active Firefighters

David Sykes 7 Years of Service

Justin Garus 5 Years of Service

Nick Terhaar 5 Years of Service

Matt Lycett 5 Years of Service

Austin Hutchinson 4 Years of Service

Shaun Kler 3 Years of Service


Robin Hicks 2 Years of Service

Robert Adamski 2 Years of Service

Carl Bennett 1 Year of Service

Corey Sykes Rookie

Erin Hutchinson Rookie

Active Firefighters

Members Not Pictured: Michael Walsh* 48 Years of Service Brian Conover 38 Years of Service Mark Abbarno 23 Years of Service

*Life Members **Years of Service as of June 30, 2014


Chief Dave Humbert

First Assistant Chief Don Geib

Second Assistant Chief Dan Klemp

Captain Jeff Cutler

Captain Shaun Garus

Captain Austin Hutchinson

Captain Bill Kuss, Jr

EMS Captain Keith Burkard

EMS Lieutenant Robin Hicks

2014 Firematic Officers

Safety Officer Al Hummer

Safety Officer Kent Richter


Fire Police Captain Sam Lunetta

Line Clerk Russ Bieger

President Warren Richter

Vice President Bill Richter

2014 Executive Officers & Board of Directors

Secretary Shaun Garus

Treasurer Dennis Klemp

Sergeant at Arms Mike Noltee

Chaplain Sam Lunetta

Board of Director Al Hummer

Board of Director Bob Sykes

Board of Director Don Geib

Board of Director Russ Bieger

Board of Director Ashley MacDougall

Board of Director Dave Humbert

House Chairman Warren Holmes


Active Members with 50+ Years of Service

In 2010, the North Bailey Fire Company had the opportunity to honor two of its Active Members. Dave Roetzer and Pat Walsh both reached 50 years of service as they both had joined in January 1960. As a 50 year member Dave Roetzer, joined North Bailey Fire Company in January 1960. He felt the need to join to help his community, and at the time, the beer was cheap! Dave held many positions over the 50 years at North Bailey that he took great pride in. He was President, a Lieutenant, a Captain, and the Secretary. Dave was a Board of Director, along with being the President of the Exempts. He was also the Fire Police up until just recently. Dave recalls himself being the last president in the old Firehall before the new existing hall was built. Dave was a dedicated fireman. He cooked the meals for the firemen for the monthly meetings and even on drill nights. It was something that he always looked forward to doing since he was getting older. Over the last 50+ years, Dave recalls one call that has truly stuck with him. A female teacher was looking at her papers on her drive to school when she crashed her car into Maple Hill’s bridge. Dave was first on scene with the woman. He recalls her being in very rough shape with a lot of facial cuts, but he was able to keep her calm and wait until more help came. The woman lived he said, but the crash itself and him being the first to scene, he has carried with him all these years.  Pat Walsh joined North Bailey Fire Company in January 1960 along with most of his friends at that time. He was 16 years old; while most of the other guys were older than him, he still wanted to become part of this group. He enjoyed everything about the fire service. He was able to become a Lieutenant, a Captain, the Treasurer, and President at one time. He is a part of the Exempt Organization. Pat recalls being Bingo Chairman when North Bailey ran bingo, and also being a part of the 200 Club. Pat was given the honor to be an Assistant Chief, and later on, Chief of North Bailey, which he held from 1976-79. Pat has so many memories of North Bailey he cherishes all the experiences and the friends he gained from being a part of the hall. He loved the excitement of the alarms going off and knowing he was going to help someone in need or try to save their home from fire.


Dave and Pat with Chief Dave Humbert and President Warren Holmes.

Active Members with 50+ Years of Service

Dave and his family.

Pat and his family.


North Bailey Presidents
1939-1940 1941 1942-1943 1944 1945 1946 1947-1952 1953-1957 1958-1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966-1967 1968-1969 1970-1975 1976-1977 1978-1979 1980-1981 1982-1983 1984-1985 1986-1987 1988 1989 1990-2001 2002 2003 2004-2005 2006-Present Howard Toy George Kinney, Frank Wittig, Walter Cliff Walter Cliff Jerry Cobb Walter Cliff James Wilson William Hoak John Schober John Nelson Arnold Boehringer John Nelson Donald Eldridge Norman Lycett Fred Allcorn David Roetzer Richard Duermeyer John Nelson Norman Lycett Kenneth Speich Frank Sykes Patrick Walsh Timothy White Donald Bauman Timothy White David Humbert Jeffrey Cutler Timothy White Walter Dean Warren Holmes

North Bailey Presidents

Howard Toy 1939-1947

Bernard Schmidt 1948-1950

Walter Cliff 1951-1953

Donald Kuss 1954

Norman Lycett 1954-1959

Clarence “Bucky” Schoures* 1960-1975

North Bailey Chiefs

Patrick Walsh 1976-1979

David Humbert 1980-1983

Warren Holmes 1984-1988

Jeffrey Cutler 1991-2000

Kent Richter 2001-2004

David Humbert 2005-Present (2nd Term)

*Died in line of duty in 1975, via cardiac arrest


Congratulations North Bailey Fire Company for 75 Years of Outstanding Service

From the North Bailey Firemen’s Benevolent Association, Inc.


Fred Bealer- Feb 1955 Herbert Eldridge- 1955 John Wightman- Aug 1958 John Bonesky- Sept 1963 Arthur Harsch- March 1966 Alphonse Nolan- April 1966 Charles Brown- June 1967 George Rutterman- March 1970 Horace “Ace” Everett- Sept. 1970 Walter Cliff- Feb. 1971 Fred Allcorn- June 1971 Clarence Schoures- Nov. 1975 Earl Walsh- Jan 1976 Francis Schaab- Jan 1977 William Maurer- Dec 1978 Joseph T. Moran- Feb 1979 Donald N. Maurer- Feb 1980

Maurice Carmody- Oct 1981 Norman T. Lycett- Jan. 1983 Robert F. McNamara, Jr.- Feb. 1986 Franklin C. Maurer- April 1988 Kenneth Dyckman- Nov. 1989 Edward Speich- July 1994 James E. Bauman- April 1999 John C. Nelson- Oct 2001 Charlie Hollis- Feb 2003 Donald Messecar- May 2006 Francis “Mickey” McClemens- May 2006 Richard “Dickie” Williams- Feb 2007 Ronald Roetzer- Nov 2008 Elmer Duermeyer- Nov 2008 Robert McNamara- May 2009 Daniel Hutchinson- May 2012


Deceased Active Members


1964-1989, The Middle Twenty-Five:
A new firehouse, the loss of a beloved Chief and a unique ladder truck


al e Fire


A Look at the History from 1964 until 1989
An American LaFrance 100-foot hook & ladder was purchased from the City of Buffalo Fire Department in 1970. A unique apparatus, this is now considered a rarity among firefighting equipment and is still in use by the Fire Company presently.

nts. ju-



In March of the following year, ground was broken for the construction of a new firehouse. The new firehouse featured four truck bays and one rear-facing bay, a banquet facility and kitchen, several offices and a member’s clubroom. This project was completed by the end of the year and the building was dedicated on January 8th, 1972. To help raise funds to cover the costs of construction, the Fire Company began hosting bingo nights at the firehouse.

In 1973, the Fire Company purchased its first EMS apparatus, a used 1968 Cadillac wagon ambulance from Vienna Fire Company in North Carolina. Then in 1974, the Fire Company purchased a pumper from Young Fire Equipment/. The Ford had a 1,250 gallon per minute pump and a 1,000 gallon tank.

History from 1964-1989

Also in ‘74, an arsonist struck the Boulevard Towers, at 90 Meyer Rd. The suspect started a fire in the 3rd floor hallway. As the fire spread, several resident became trapped inside their apartments. Chief Clarence Schoures directed the rescue of those residents, as well as other residents whom were on the floors above. The operation was deemed successful, with only 7 people suffering minor injuries.

1975 brought the only North Bailey Fire Company “Line of Duty Death”. Clarence Schoures, in his sixteenth year as Chief, suffered a fatal heart attack during a shed fire.

On Thanksgiving Day in 1978, the Fire Company was dispatched to a large fire at the Versailles Condominiums Complex on Chestnut Ridge Rd.; Assistant Chief David Humbert directed the operations and managed to contain the damage total to $125,000.

The Fire Company purchased another new Ford pumper in 1980, this time from Pierce Fire Sales. This featured a 500 gallon water tank and a 1,250 gallons per minute pumper. The next year, a 1973 Ford ambulance was purchased from Harris Hill Fire Company, to replace the Cadillac.

In 1987, the Fire Company purchased another used ambulance, 1979 Ford, from Williamsville Fire Department.

to Clarence “Bucky” Schoures Chief 1960 to 1975 Joined Fire Company February 1953

A Tribute to Clarence Schoures

Clarence was the only firefighter to die in the line duty. In November of 1975, while serving in his 16 th year as chief, he suffered a heart attack while the fire company was at the scene of a shed fire on Maple Road. He was rushed to Millard Suburban experiencing chest pain and trouble breathing.



Installation of Officers Articles



*Buffalo Courier-Express articles courtesy of Buffalo State College Archives and Special Collections


A Message from the President of the North Bailey Exempts
Congratulations on 75 years of Exceptional Service to the Amherst Community

For the past 28 years, I have had the honor of being in the position of President for the North Bailey Exempt Fireman’s Association. What certainly comes along with that privilege is that I have also been a member of the North Bailey Fire Company during that time. Joining the company when I was 16 years old, I have experienced the growth and advancements over the many years. To me personally, this has been both worthwhile and rewarding. To the Town of Amherst, North Bailey has been an extraordinary resource and a valuable asset. At this time, on behalf of all of the members of the North Bailey Exempt Fireman’s Association, we congratulate, commend, and celebrate 75 years of dedicated service that has been provided by all the committed firefighters of the North Bailey Volunteer Fire Company. Truly, the best. Sam Lunetta

North Bailey Exempt Fireman’s Association

Historical Timeline of the Exempt Organization
In April of 1955, nine members of the North Bailey Volunteer Fire Co.,Inc. had the desire to form a membership corporation to be known as the North Bailey Exempt Firemen’s Association, Inc. Their purpose was to organize all of the exempt firemen for social and educational reasons, to study and improve all firefighting methods, provide for the mutual enjoyment, entertainment, and improvement of its members socially and physically. The first regular meeting was held on July 12, 1955 where the By-Laws were drafted. Membership was open to all firemen who completed five years of active service At the March 11, 1958 meeting the original Association Charter was closed. Twenty One charter members were named. Over the years, to the present time, the Exempts have been an organization of support and encouragement for the active fire company.


North Bailey Exempt Association Officers 2014
President: Sam Lunetta Vice President: Don Bauman Treasurer: Allison Hummer Secretary: Ashley MacDougall Sergeant at Arms: Al Hummer Chaplin: PJ Abbarno Board of Directors: Paul Infanti Tim White Jack Drew Russell Bieger Warren Holmes

Deceased Members of the North Bailey Exempt Association
Frank Busteed Walter W. Gentner Sprague Kittle Andrews Lauris Lawerence E. Marsha Edwin Sprong Hughbert Turner George Winkelsas John A. Wichtman- 1958 John Bonesky- 1963 Arthur Harsch- 1966 Alphonse Nolan- 1966 Charles Brown- 1967 George Rutterman- 1970 Walter Cliff- 1971 Fred Allcorn- 1971 George Allese- 1973 Clarence Schoures- 1975 Earl Walsh- 1976 Francis Schaab- 1977 William Maurer- 1978 Joseph T. Moran- 1979 James M. Comstock- 1979 Bernard W. “Pat” Patton- 1979 Elliott V. Hazen- 1979 Donald N. Maurer- 1980 Maurice Carmody- 1981 Don E. Allenbach- 1982 Bernard N. Telaak- 1982 Norman T. Lycett- 1983 Norman L. Lycett- 1984 Eland Gunkel- 1984 Robert McNamara, Jr.- 1986 Bernard Schmidt- 1987 Charles “Pop” Allen- 1987 George Hoock- 1987 Donald E. Rabideau- 1988 Franklin C. Maurer- 1988 Gerald Roe- 1989 Kenneth Dyckman- 1989 Howard Toy- 1990 John Nelson, Jr.- 1992 James Kean- 1992 Eugene O’Neil- 1992 Howard Weiss- 1993 Edward Speich- 1994 Raymond Hylkema- 1997 Jack Dayfert-1997 Richard Vivan- 1998 James E. Bauman- 1999 Vernon Leffler- 1999 Lawrence Kumm- 2001 John C. Nelson- 2001 Arnold Boehringer- 2001 Fred Bainbridge- 2002 Charlie Hollis- 2003 John Schober- 2003 Claytus O’Donnell- 2003 Charles “Herky” Moses- 2003 Casimer “Cap” Gedraitis, Sr.- 2003 Donald Messecar- 2006 Francis “Mickey” McClemens- 2006 Richard “Dickie” Williams- 2007 Frank DiJames- 2008 John Walsh- 2008 Ronald Roetzer- 2008 Elmer Duermeyer- 2008 Robert McNamara- 2009 James Walsh- 2010 Daniel Hutchinson- 2012


North Bailey Exempt Fireman’s Association

Eggertsville Hose Company
Congratulates the North Bailey Fire Company on 75 Years of Service

1880 Eggert Road Amherst, NY 14226 Fire Chief – Brian Multerer President – George Zammit


! After having gained approval of the firefighters, the first meeting of the North Bailey Ladies Auxiliary was held May 19, 1948. There were twenty members present. The Auxiliary By-Laws were drawn up with the main objective being to serve and work for the interest of the North Bailey Volunteer Fire Company. Although much has changed over the years, the Ladies Auxiliary still holds true to its main objective, to support and be of assistance to the firefighters. Charter Members
Loretta Busteen ! Alice Cook! Ruth Hen! Niomi Hoak! ! ! ! Martha Kettle ! Lucille Maurer! Violet Lindermeyer! Ruby Maurer! Lee Lycett ! ! Violet Munger Norma Marsha Ruth Nichols ! ! ! ! ! Catherine Norris Marjorie Roe! Evelyn Schmidt Elenor Schober! ! ! Chrystine Seipel Margaret Turner Dorothy Walters Cora Wilson

The Ladies Auxiliary of the North Bailey Volunteer Fire Company

Past Presidents Alice Cook ! ! Loretta Busteed ! Evelyn Schmidt!! Norma Marsha! ! Bertha Bonesky ! Mable Hollis Carol Eldridge Grace Allcorn Norma Speich Carol Duermeyer Wilma Maurer Jean Walsh Phyllis Holmes Ann Nelson Sue Geib ! Chris Garus! ! Margaret Messecar! Deb Heim! ! Evelyn Hummer Cindy Delamere ! Kathy Burkard Karen Brown Kim Walsh-Furman Patricia Richter Darlene Kler

North Bailey Ladies Auxiliary

2014 Officers President ! ! Darlene Kler Kler! ! ! Secretary! ! Karen Brown Vice President ! Meg Richter! ! ! Sargent at Arms! Evelyn Hummer! Treasurer! Barbara White !! ! Chaplin ! ! Kathy Burkard Board of Directors: Carol Duermeyer, Sue Geib, Marjorie Kuss, Cindy Delamere! ! 2014 Active members Marilyn Allenbach**! Deb Bauman*! ! Sandy Bieger! ! Karen Brown **! ! Kathy Burkard*! ! Kristina Burkard ! Cindy Delamere ! **! ! ! ! Carol Duermeyer***! Janet Everson! Chris Garus*! ! Jill Geib ! ! Joyce Geib*! ! Katie Geib ! ! Sue Geib** ! ! ! ! Phyllis Holmes**! Jeanne Humbert** ! Evelyn Hummer** ! MaryKlemp Klemp ! Mary Darlene Kler*! Kaitlyn Kler! ! Marjorie Kuss! Dena Lunetta! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Lorraine McNamara*** Margaret Messecar** Meg Richter Patricia Richter* Pam Sykes** Gail Turvey Kim Wals-Furman* Walsh-Furman* Barbara White*

* Life members (15yrs)

** 35 years of service

***45 years of service

35 35

A History of the North Bailey Benevolent Association, Inc.

North Bailey Benevolent Association, Inc.

On Sept. 30 th 1975 at 7:30p.m. an organi zational meeting of the North Bailey Firemen’s Benevolent Association, Inc. was held. John Nelson, secretary of the Fire Co. called the meeting to order. Upon motion made, seconded and unanimously adopted, John Nelson was chosen Chairman of the meeting and Norm T. Lycett was chosen secretary thereof. There were 66 members present which later on became the charter members of the organization. During the meeting the chairman stated that this was an organizational meeting of the North Bailey Firemen’s Benevolent Association, Inc. authorized and created by Chapter 699 of the Laws of the State of New York for 1975. Mr. Nelson presented to the meeting a notice of the meeting signed by him as secretary of the North Bailey Fire Co., Inc. and his affidavit indicating that said notice was posted in five conspicuous places within the North Bailey Fire Protection District No. 18 of the Town of Amherst and further presented a proof of publication of said notice in the Bee Publications, Inc., on September 17, 1975. The chairman then presented a proposed set of By-Laws prepared by James M. Nesper, attorney for the Fire Company. The By-Laws were adopted. The date of the fourth Monday in January of 1976, upon motion made and unanimously adopted, was established as the date for election of new officers. The chairman stated that the next order of business was to elect a Board of Trustees to consist of 7 members including the following officers: President Vice President

have served 5 years as an active member of the North Bailey Fire Co., Inc. The following nominations were made for Trustees: Joseph Moran Norman T. Lycett Franklin Maurer Kenneth Speich Clarence Schoures Kenneth Dyckman Donald Maurer

Nominations were closed. Upon motion made and unanimously adopted the Trustees were duly elected to serve until the first annual meeting. The first meeting of the Trustees was held the same night at 8:30 p.m. Norm Lycett opened the meeting and requested to elect a chairman and secretary for the meeting. Upon motion made and adopted Joseph Moran was elected Chairman and Norm Lycett, Secretary. Joseph Moran stated the first order of business was to elect officers to serve until the first annual meeting. Upon motion made and unanimously adopted, the following were elected: President-Joseph Moran Vice President-Kenneth Speich Treasurer-Kenneth Dyckman Secretary-Norman T. Lycett The Chairman stated that it would be desirable to inform the Superintendent of Insur-

Secretary Treasurer The chairman stated that a Trustee must


ance of the State of New York that the corporation had been formed and to request taxes imposed by Sections 553 and 554 of the Insurance Law be forwarded to the corporation from time to time. Motion made and unanimously adopted. As of this year 2013 there are 27 charter members active, of the 27 there are 20 members still living in the area and continues to help out as needed at the North Bailey Fire Co. Presidents: Joseph Moran 1975-1979 Franklin Maurer 1979-1987 David Roetzer 1988-2011 Tim White 2012-present As like our fore fathers our organization today continues to assist any indignant member need which is the main purpose of the North Bailey Firemen’s Benevolent Asso ciation, Inc.

North Bailey Benevolent Association, Inc.

Current Benevolent Association Officers President: Tim White Trustee: Mike Noltee Vice President: Jack Drew Trustee: Sam Lunetta Treasurer: Russ Bieger Trustee: Kent Richter Secretary: Tracy Chellino


Congratulations to North Bailey Fire Company Celebrating 75 Years of Service!

Job Well Done! Congratulations to all the Officers & Firefighters at North Bailey – Past & Present - for Providing Dedicated, Progressive & and Unparalleled Emergency Service to the Residents of Your Community and for Going Above and Beyond Since 1939 From Your Friends at Snyder Fire Department

Officers and Firefighters Snyder Fire Department

Board of Fire Commissioners Snyder Fire District


Over 157 Years of Community Service...

James C. Olivieri, President Chris Petrie, Chief James Schiferle Exempt Association, President

Hutchinson Hose Company
Williamsville Fire Department Williamsville Exempt Firemen’s Association, Inc.
5565 Main Street Williamsville, NY 5045 Sheridan Drive Williamsville, NY


The North Bailey softball team was unstoppable in the middle years of the fire company’s history. The firefighters at North Bailey also played broomball, won an ice hockey title in the Erie County Recreation Hockey League in 1980, and also ran tournament teams in the same time period. During these middle twenty-five years, North Bailey continued to participate in bowling as well.

Sports from the Middle Twenty-Five

The softball team was untouchable for several seasons. They won the first of many titles in 1973. The team went on to win eleven consecutive championships. Many players from those seasons included Terry Sykes, Bob Sykes, Chuck Sykes, Warren Holmes, Sam Lunetta, and Don Geib.

Also prominent was the tournament truck teams. The teams made trucks to race in a series of firefighter related competitions. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, tournaments were run all over Western New York, from Spencerport, to here in Amherst. The Jaguars could always be picked out at a race in their gold and black uniforms.



Sports from the Middle Twenty-Five

Sports from the Middle Twenty-Five



Sports from the Middle Twenty-Five

44 44

Fire Apparatus


Engine 2

2008 Peterbilt Model 367 Chassis Pumper 1,750 GPM 750-gallon water tank

Rescue 5

2000 Peterbilt Model 330 Chassis Heavy Rescue

Current Apparatus

Engine 3

1993 Peterbilt Model 377 Chassis Pumper 1,750 GPM 750-gallon water tank


1997 Chevrolet Suburban Light Rescue

Rescue 7

Tractor, 1974 Ford L-800 Trailer, American LaFrance Ladder Truck

Ladder 6

Current Apparatus

2011 Ford Crown Victoria Chief’s Vehicle

Car 9


1941 Pumper

1945 Chevy Pumper 500 GPM

Past Apparatus

1951 Jeep Grass Fire Truck


1956 Ward LaFrance Pumper 1000 GPM

1959 Pumper Engine

1961 Ford Pumper 1000 GPM 500-gallon water tank


Past Apparatus

1965 Rescue Truck Refurbish

1968 Cadillac Ambulance

Past Apparatus

1969 Rescue 5 Chevrolet


1970 Ford Light Rescue

1973 Ford Ambulance

1974 Engine 1 Ford L9000 1,250 GPM 1,000-gallon water tank


Past Apparatus

1976 Rescue 5

1979 Rescue 7 Ford

Past Apparatus

1980 Engine 2 Ford L9000 1,250 GPM 500-gallon water tank


Group Picture of Apparatus in 1975

The Past & Future of Our Apparatus

2014 Ford Explorer Interceptor AWD Newest Chief’s Vehicle Coming in February 2014


Compliments of

Proudly Serving the Town of Amherst Since 1936
Visit our website at


1989-2014, The Last Twenty-Five:
A new logo, the million dollar fire and a long-awaited clubroom renovation


A Look at the History from 1989 until Present
In 1989, the Fire Company proudly celebrated its Fiftieth Anniversary. Tragedy struck the community on January 27th, 1990, when the Fire Company was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident involving an Amherst Police Lieutenant. While on duty, Lieutenant Joseph Adamy was traveling southbound on Niagara Falls Boulevard (near Ridge Lea Rd.) and was struck by a drunk driver making an illegal U-turn. Unfortunately, despite rescue and EMS efforts, Lieutenant Adamy died as a result of injuries. In 1991, a town-wide Service Award program began. This program offered a retirement incentive/reward to volunteer firefighters and to assist with recruitment. The program has since been modified and adjusted to better serve both the taxpayers and the volunteers. Also in 1991, the Fire Company celebrated paying off the firehouse by burning the mortgage paperwork. During 1993, bingo nights ceased due to the mortgage being paid off and a decline in interest. A new Peterbilt attack pumper was delivered in 1993. Built by Custom Fire, the new engine featured a 750 gallon tank, 1750 gpm pump, and a 6-man crew cab. Around the same time, a new Fire Company logo was designed by Paul Cybulski from Buffalo State College. The new logo replaced the original maltese cross logo and emphasized the Fire Company’s name in bolder colors over a redesigned maltese cross with a jaguar in the center. This paid homage to the former drill team nickname (The Jaguars). The new logo has been featured on all of the apparatus purchased since its induction, as well as on much of the Fire Company apparel and memorabilia. In October 1995, Sweet Home Middle school experienced a large-scale chemical leak in the pool area. Acting Assistant Chief Brian Holmes oversaw the incident, involving 600 students and faculty who were evacuated from the building. Approximately 60 students were taken to area hospitals for evaluations and school was back in session the next morning. A Chevy Suburban 2500 was purchased in 1997 to begin service as a light-duty rescue truck and to replace the aging 1979 Ford ambulance. Since the Fire Company had previously discontinued hospital transports, a full-service ambulance was no longer required.

History from 1989-2014

In June 1998, while the Chief and Assistant Chiefs were in Syracuse attending the State Fire Chiefs Convention, a residential fire broke out. Acting Chief Kent Richter noted a large column of black smoke and immediately called for a second-alarm while still responding to the scene. A Good Samaritan, Dan Drew, was driving along the I-990 and saw the smoke. Mr. Drew exited to highway to see if he could assist. Acting Chief Richter and a Mr. Drew made entry into the apartment, which contained a female invalid resident. They worked together in order to rescue the resident and move her safely away from the rapidly spreading fire. The fire originated from a cross threaded propane tank attached to a grill on a wooden deck. Dubbed the “Million-Dollar Fire”, as damages totaled at least $950,000. Fire and smoke damage were incurred by the original 8 unit condo building as well as exterior damage to a neighboring condo building. Acting Chief Richter was later honored with awards from the Amherst Fire Council and the Erie County Volunteer Firemen’s Association. In 2000, Custom Fire was commissioned to build a new Peterbilt heavy rescue truck. Rescue 5 featured a rearmounted Amkus Tool with 4 separate tool attachments, several scene lighting options, storage for cribbing, extra air tanks, and the capacity to transport 10 firefighters (including the driver). In April 2003, another fire at the Boulevard Tower Apartments broke out, on the first floor of 90 Meyer Rd. Upon arrival, the first truck on scene encountered a fully-involved apartment fire with heavy smoke conditions in the main hallway. Several Amherst Police Officers were attempting to rescue residents from neighboring apartments. Chief Kent Richter implemented full-scale evacuation throughout the entire 6-floor building, while crews worked quickly to extinguish the fire. The fire caused significant damage to the source apartment as well as smoke damage to surrounding apartments and the main hallway. The fire was caused by an overloaded an electrical circuit. This occurred due to plugging in numerous extension cords into the same outlet and placing a rug on top.

History from 1989-P2014

In 2008, a federal grant was secured to assist in the purchase of a new attack pumper. Empire Apparatus assisted in the purchased and delivery. The newest Peterbilt was outfitted by Rosenbauer America and labeled as the new Engine 2, replacing the 1980 Ford. It featured a 6-man cab, an extended front bumper with a “trash-line”, a rear-mounted Amkus Tool, a top-mounted deck gun with a remote control, and a digital pump operators panel.

After 40 years of use, the firehouse had begun to show its age and wear, so a special committee was formed in early 2012. The committee’s goal was to discuss, design and produce a renovated clubroom facility. This committee was led by Chairman William Kuss Sr. who began the first committee meeting on January 3rd. All the discussions, planning, demolitions and renovations were completed under budget in September 2012. The new clubroom included a redesigned u-shaped bar which was relocated to a more central area of the clubroom. The bar featured a 55’ flat panel TV and LED lighting. A new theatre room was created, featuring a 65” flat-panel TV with a fully integrated automated audio-visual system with two 7” control touchscreen panels. A new billiard table location was created in the place of the former bar area, which included proper lighting and 46” flat panel TV. A new dartboard game was partnered with the original backlit fire truck mirror next to the new bar. Finally, a replica fire engine rear-end was constructed and installed around the kitchen service counter by Warren Holmes. Its main feature is the emergency lighting that is wired into the call alert system that activates when the Fire Company tones are sounded. This clubroom was later dedicated to the recently deceased Daniel Hutchinson, a former Assistant Chief who passed away the day the clubroom demolition began.

Renovation Committee: William Kuss Sr. (Chairman) Robert Everson Shaun Garus Brian Holmes Warren Holmes

History from 1989-2014

David Humbert Austin Hutchinson David Kler William Kuss Jr. Samuel Lunetta Joseph Richter Kent Richter William Richter

In April of 2013, the Fire Company coordinated with the Amherst Police Department to run an Active Shooter Drill at the Sweet Home Middle School. The drill was organized in response to the numerous school shootings across the nation over the past decade. It was joint-effort to educate all parties involved as well as to observe how the different agencies would work in conjunction with each other. Under the direction of Chief David Humbert, and with the assistance of Twin City Ambulance, several surrounding fire companies and the Town of Amherst Emergency Services Department, the Fire Company handled simulated Rescue and EMS operations.

In August 2013, the Fire Company responded to a fire at the Target department store on Niagara Falls Blvd. Under the direction of Chief David Humbert, the fire was extinguished quickly and no injuries were incurred. Due to the amount of merchandise that was damaged by the fire, the total damage was estimated at approximately one million dollars. The fire was deemed an arson, and a local man was later arrested.


History from 1989-2014

Current District

As of 2014 the fire district comprises 2.2 square miles, all located within the town of Amherst. The borders are the north side of Maple Rd. from the I-290 overpass (Maple Hill) west to Niagara falls Blvd; The east side of Niagara Falls Blvd north to the I-290 Eastbound; East along the I-290 then cutting northeast to Chestnut Ridge Rd and then east along the south side of Chestnut Ridge Rd until Sweet Home Rd; South along the west side of Sweet Home Rd. to Rensch Rd; West and then south along the north and west sides of Rensch Rd and then cutting back southeast to the Maple Rd. overpass. The district contains the Sweet Home Middle School, The Boulevard Towers apartments, several shopping plazas, as well as numerous restaurants, condominiums, and student housing complexes, and has approximately 1500 residents.

Retired Badges
Throughout North Bailey’s history many great firefighters have passed away. Some of these men have had a significant impact on the Fire Company. They are honored with their badges and firematic numbers being retired and then placed on the wall of the clubroom where their lives and dedication can be celebrated and remembered always. These men are: Charles Hollis James Bauman Norman Lycett Clarence Schoures Donald Messecar Richard Williams Daniel Hutchinson


Retired Badges

Bowling and softball have lasted as the sports played at North Bailey. There has been at least one bowling team every season; for a long time, the team included Joe and PJ Abbarno and Dan and Tom Hutchinson. Some North Bailey firefighters have also bowled on other teams with neighboring fire companies in recent history. The bowling league has called Transit Lanes home for the better part of the last 25 years. The current North Bailey bowling team is enjoying an enjoyable season, having been in the top of the standings much of the season thus far.

Sports from the Last Twenty-Five

The softball team has not had as much success, however, they have started to rebuild and are fierce competitors. This past season they advanced into the playoffs and gave the best teams a run for their money. The team has seen a change in players in the last quarter century, but some of the firemen from the teams of the 1970s and 1980s still play today. The team plays at the Northtown Center at Amherst for their home games. The past twenty five years did see the participation in tournaments disappear for North Bailey. They wrapped up their fun with the tournament teams in the early 1990s.


Sports from the Last Twenty-Five

Current Bowling Team, 2013-2014

Sports from the Last Twenty-Five

2013 Softball Team


Sports from the Last Twenty-Five

Protecting Residents of East Amherst and Clarence

President-Mike Morris Chief-Mike Secor


Packing hose at a drill at Boulevard Towers, June 2003

Dedication of Engine 2, Open House 2008


1972 Ladies Auxiliary

Article about the service of North Bailey during the October Storm, 2006

Bill Kuss, Jr., Drill, October 2013


Erin Hutchinson Firefighter 1 Bootcamp, Fall 2013 Captains Shaun Garus & Austin Hutchinson & DJ Sykes, Search and Rescue Drill, March 2013

Shaun Garus, Justin Garus, Austin Hutchinson, Shaun Kler, Jeff Cutler, & John Cutler, Firework Standby 2012


Firefighters at Fire as Mutual Aid to Ellicott Creek, August 2012

Mannequin in our Clubroom displaying some past turnout gear



Proud to Support the North Bailey Fire Company


Our Clubroom before the Renovation...

During the Renovation...

And Now!


Assistant Chief Dan Klemp, Captain Shaun Garus, Captain Bill Kuss, Jr., Captain Steve Matisz, & Captain Austin Hutchinson, Installation 2013

Kent Richter with his award for Fireman of the Year





Best Wishes To Our Mutual Aid Neighbors From Clarence Fire Company

Mark Heim, President William Major, Chief


Climbing Ladder 6, Drill at Boulevard Towers, 2007

Bob Sykes and Dan Klemp, Drill at Boulevard Towers, 2007


Bill Richter, Austin Hutchinson, Rob Adamski, Dan Klemp, Shaun Garus, DJ Sykes, Carl Bennett, & Bill Kuss, Jr., Installation 2013


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Dave Kler & Warren Holmes, with everyone else, listen at a Tower Drill

Forcible Entry, Drill at Training Towers, 2011


Dan Hutchinson takes care of traffic on the 290 at the 990, 2010 Tom Lycett, Assistant Chief Don Geib, and Nick Terhaar, Hose Test Sept. 2013

The propane tank, which ultimately led to this fire on Keph Dr, June 1998


CONGRATULATIONS to the North Bailey Fire Company on celebrating 75 Years of service to our community!

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Congratulations to the North Bailey Fire Company for 75 Years of Dedicated Service to the Community and the Town of Amherst


Firefighters look at the candy spilled in this rollover in Devil’s Hole, Summer 2013

Firefighters train at a drill, October 2013


Austin Hutchinson, Erin Hutchinson, Rob Adamski, & Nick Terhaar in Engine 2, one of many calls during a thunderstorm, July 2013

Flashlight in the smoke, Search and Rescue Drill, March 2013

2013 Amherst Fire Council Golf Champions




Shaun Garus & Bob Sykes at a softball win, May 2013

Keph Dr Fire, June 1998

Chief Dave Humbert & EMS Captain Keith Burkard are presented with Pet Masks, May 2013


Turkey Night Flyer, 1988

Congratulations from the Collins Center Fire Company to the North Bailey Fire Company on 75 Years of Service to Your Community!




Current Firefighters Bill Richter and John Cutler look on at a Live Burn on Rensch Rd, June 2006


Article about an apartment fire at Boulevard Towers, April 2003

Mark Abbarno, Dennis Klemp, & Dan Klemp, Mutual Aid to Eggertsville, Coronation Dr, 2007

Bill Juss, Jr., Coronation Dr Fire, 2007


Coral Inn Fire 1960s

Coral Inn Fire 1960s


Austin Hutchinson, Jeff Cutler, Bob Sykes, & Bill Kuss, Jr., Active Shooter Drill, April 2013

Car Fire on the 990, November 2013


Oil Pit Drill, September 2003

Justin Garus, GRIT Training, March 2013


GRIT Training, March 2013

GRIT Training, March 2013


Tower Drill, May 2012

Accident, 290 at the 990, 2010

Drill at Boulevard Towers, September 2007


Flipping the chicken at an annual Chicken BBQ

Group at the Chicken BBQ


Waterflow Alarm, Joann’s, Blizzard January 2014

Active Shooter Drill, April 2013


Active Shooter Drill, April 2013

Robin Hicks, Active Shooter Drill, April 2013


Mike Noltee, Active Shooter Drill, April 2013

Tracy Chellino, Active Shooter Drill, April 2013

Allison Hummer, Active Shooter Drill, April 2013


Robin Hicks, Drill, March 2013

Warren Holmes & Fran Garus, Hose Test, September 2013


Accident on 990, February 2013

Drill, Summer 2012


Open House Extrication Demonstration

Extrication Drill, August 2013



All photos of the current members, along with photos of the components of our new clubroom are thanks to Keith Burkard. Additional photo credits to Sam Lunetta and Erin Hutchinson.