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Terminologi Taekwondo

Tenets of Taekwondo
ye ui in nae kuk gi : courtesy : perseverance : self-control (also "jah jeh")

yom chi : integrity

baekjool : indomitable spirit (also "boolgool eui jung shin")

dhee : belt dobok : uniform ha'i : training pants

hogoo sahn boho jang kap pahlmahk bohodae nang shim bohodae muh ree bohodae eep bohodae : chest protector (also "bohogoo") : protective gloves : forearm guard : groin cup : protective head gear : mouth guard

jung kang yi bohodae : shin guard

cha ryuht choon bi bah ro dwi uro dorah dorah elosoh gomahn : attention : ready : return to starting position : about face : turn : stand : stop (also "mum cho")

geuk gi hyang ha yoh : face the flag jwa woo hyang woo : face each other sah bum nim keh sun bae nim keh dobok dahnjung dhee dahnjung hai sahn jonglee kyung nae ahnjoe kool o angi bah ro angi bahl bah kwah koo ryung op see seijak shiuh kalyeo kae sok : face instructor/master : face senior student : fix your uniform : fix your belt : class dismissed (also "hae cho") : line up (also "ji hap" and "jung yul") : bow : sit : kneel (kneeling) : sit in lotus position (yoga posture) : switch your stance (switch your feet) : in your own time : begin : relax : break (or stop) : continue

simsa kwan nim keh : face examiner/tester

kyorugi han bun kyorugi doo bun kyorugi sae bun kyorugi : (free) sparring : one step sparring : two step sparring : three step sparring

bahn ja yu kyorugi : semi free sparring machu oh kyorugi : arranged free sparring jeon shihap jeum shi gan keum bahk kyong go gam jeum shil kyuk boo sang seung bi kim chung hong hin jajun bahl nachugi : round (competition segment) : bout or match : point : time out : out of bounds : warning : deduction of point : disqualification : injury : win : tie : blue : red : white : use of footwork to dodge a technique : body evasion by "ducking"

do joo nim kwan jang nim chung sah nim : founder (of the art) : grandmaster : chief instructor (or "chief master")

sah bum nim : instructor (or "master") sah boo nim kyo sah nim sun bae nim hu bae nim hak saeng jeja joo sim bu sim bae sim kae sim ki rohk : more intimate and respectful form of "sah bum nim"; literally "teaching father"

: teacher (also "seon saeng nim") : senior student : junior student : student : pupil : referee : judge : juror : time keeper : recorder

suryun saeng : trainee

dojang gong-kyok hosinsool mukyum kihap jung shin yuk jung shin dong il jung do : place where one trains (house of discipline) : offense : self-defense : meditation : yell : mental strength, or martial art spirit (also "moodo jung shin") : concentration of the mind : the "right" way (correctness of action)

jung shin soo yang : development (training) of the mind sim shin dahn ryun : mind and body discipline chung myung kwon : development (training) of the body, mind, and spirit chi shik heng dong pil seung il sok pil sai ho hyoop shim ho hyoop himm ki dahnjun bokboo choong sim chojum jeung ga kyuk pa shibum pyugi ye jol jon gyung choong sung jung jhik kahjok : knowledge of mind and thoughts : execution (action) of the body and its techniques : certain victory : one strike must kill : breathing : breathing control (deep breathing) : force or power : life-energy : the center of your "ki" : the stomach area where "ki" is generated. : center of gravity : focus (focal point) of your energy : increase (to strengthen or augment) : breaking (the art of breaking boards, bricks, and tiles) : demonstration (or exhibition) : stretching : etiquette : respect : loyalty (also "eui ri") : honesty : family