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Guiding Principles

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1 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

Sai Baba ... a People’s God ! Sai Baba ... a Spiritual Master of the early 20th century Earth ! Sai Baba ... entered the physical body on 28th September , 1835 and vacated the physical body on 15th October , 1918 ! Sai Baba ... quintessence of Indian Spirituality and Cosmic Truth ! Sai Baba ... a simple human being with astounding raw wisdom ! Sai Baba ... born in the village Patri and settled in the village Shirdi ! Sai Baba ... Pure Atma ... turned into flesh and blood, turned into muscles and bones !

Sai Maharaj ! ... You are our dear Astral Guru and our dearest Astral Friend ! All the Anapanasati Meditators are well aware that you are behind most of their meditational experiences ! You have allowed Pyramid Meditation into all your temples !

We, the pyramid masters, are your followers ! We, the pyramid masters, are your compassion continued !

We, look forward eagerly to be in Shirdi, on the sacred soil, between the period 25th Dec. to 31st Dec. , 2006 ... to do Intensive Meditation ... under your personal guidance and your personal energy !

You Pranams Unto You !
2 Spiritual India, September - October 2006
Flat No. 301, Mythri Apartments, Moosarambagh, Hyderabad

god-hood means cosmic consciousness cosmic consciousness is achieved
only ... through ... a ... regular ... practice ... of

cosmic energy is obtained
only ... through ... being ... with ... the

“ When we are with the breath - energy, the mind becomes empty ! Then, there is a tremendous in-flow of cosmic energy into the physical body ! Gradually, the hitherto dormant third eye becomes energized ... and latent powers of the cosmic consciousness are released ! ” THE BREATH-ENERGY IS OUR ONLY SAVIOUR !


3 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

close your eyes take all the time you need to get comfortable

shift muscles stretch and relax
spine and neck are relaxed ... not held stiffly ! there is no stiffness here ... the beginning of calm ... there is no hurry now just comfort there is nothing else to do ... or think about ... just pure relaxation !


let your breath be a rhythm of calm your breath is a rhythm of calm follow your breath

use your mind to follow your breath in ... out ... in ... out that is all


be with your breath-energy
“ no mantra is to be chanted ! ” Forcible holding of one’s breath ... i.e. kumbhaka ... should never be attempted ! Anapanasati should be undertaken regularly, and for atleast thirty to forty minutes every day. Any time, and any place, is perfectly okay for meditation !


“ sthira sukham asanam ! ” Take any comfortable sitting posture ! Hands should be clasped and eyes closed ! Routine thoughts of the mind should be cut right away, as and when they arise ! Attention only on being consciously with the breath - energy !

4 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

Govind R Dabholkar

Sai Baba, a personification of spiritual perfection and an epitome of compassion, lived in a little village called ‘ Shirdi ’ in the State of Maharashtra (India) for sixty years. Like most of the perfect saints, he left no authentic record of his birth and early life before arriving at Shirdi. Sai Baba’s simple, yet spiritually enriched, way of life with its supreme detachment and renunciation, and his method of imparting spiritual instruction and guidance to the devotees through instances and experiences of their daily lives have an unfailing appeal. ‘ Sai ’ means Savior, Master, or Saint. ‘ Baba ’ means father as an expression of reverence. The following account of the Master has been taken from a number of texts, mainly from “ Shri Sai Satcharita ” .

“ birth of sai baba ” Shirdi Sai Baba was born in September 28, 1835, to a Hindu couple. Sri Sai Baba was the third child of a boatman, Ganga Bhavadiya who lived in “ Patri ”, a village near Manmad, on the banks of a river there. Mother’s name was Devagiriamma.

her husband to wait for a while. But he went his way. As soon as she was delivered of the child, a son, beneath the shade of a banyan tree, she placed her child on the ground, covered it with banyan leaves and hastened after her husband, for her duty lay in that direction.

Torn between her husband and her children, Devagiriamma decided that it was her duty to follow in the footsteps of her husband, sent her two children to her mother ’s house and accompanied her husband into the forest.

After they had covered some distance, Devagiriamma felt that she was soon going to be in child-bed. Birth pangs had set in. She implored

5 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

A person named Mr. Patil from a neighbouring village was fetching his wife from her mother’s hamlet, in a tonga. Sreemati Patil alighted from the tonga and went to the very spot where the child had been made to lie by Devagiriamma. She heard the child’s cry, removed the banyan leaves and found that it was a new-born child. Excited, she called her husband to the spot and showed him the child. They were a childless couple. And it was their feeling that GOD had given them this child to look after and to play with. They took the child home. They brought it up as their own son.

“ boy-hood ” The child grew up in the Patil household. Patil died when the child was growing into boy-hood. The mother was unable to cope with his activities. The boy used to go into Hindu temples and recite the ‘ Quran ’ there. He installed a stone Lingam in a mosque and worshipped it there. Enraged Hindu and Muslim neighbours came to the foster-mother and complained bitterly about the boy. She was puzzled. Unable to control the boy, Sreemati Patil, the foster-mother, came to know of an ashram started some miles away by a sadhu named Venkusa. There were, in the ashram, some orphan boys and waifs. She decided to take Babu (Shirdi Sai Baba as boy) away and leave him there. Venkusa had a dream on the night previous to the coming of the foster-mother with Baby. Sreemati Patil went there at about 10 am, with Babu. She told Venkusa about the boy’s disturbing activities and prayed to Venkusa to take Babu as an inmate of the ashram. Venkusa did so with great delight and reverence. “ return to shirdi ” Baba first came to Shirdi when he was a young lad of sixteen and stayed there for three years. Then, all of a sudden, he disappeared for some time. After some time, He reappeared in the Nizam State, near Aurangabad, and again came to Shirdi, with the marriage-party of Chand Patil, when he was about twenty years old.

One Mhalsapati, a goldsmith by caste of Shirdi, was a devotee of Shri Khandoba and visited that temple daily. There, when this Mhalsapati first saw Sai Baba, the former spontaneously accosted him thus, “ Welcome Sai Baba ” and this is the name i.e. ‘ Sai Baba ’ by which thereafter this Saint of saints became known to the world. “ life at shirdi ” After Sai Baba’s return to Shirdi in 1858, people observed a change in his old routine. Though by day he still spent a great deal of time under his favourite ‘ Neem ’ tree, and occasionally sat near a stream on the outskirts of the village, the nights were spent either in the village’s dilapidated mosque or in the chavadi. Sometimes he walked to Neemgaon, two kilometers north of Shiridi, and sometimes to Rahata, five kilometers in the opposite direction.

Once from a visit to Rahata, he brought back with him saplings of marigold and jasmine. After clearing a small patch of land, Sai Baba planted the shrubs and tended them. At the end of three years, under his daily ministrations, a beautiful garden bloomed on what had once been barren land. “ cloth around head ”

Sai Baba wore a piece of white cloth around his head which was knotted at the back and flowed down from behind his left ear. He was usually “ welcome sai baba ” barefoot and a piece of sack-cloth served him Sai Baba came to Shirdi with the said marriage as a cushion. He kept a fire burning perpetually procession, which camped in a field near the in the mosque and when he sat next to it, he Khandoba’s temple on the outskirts of the village. faced south. 6
Spiritual India, September - October 2006

“ all are one ! ” The split between the two communities ... Hindus and Mohammedens ... widened up and Sai Baba came to bridge that gulf. His constant advice to all was to this effect. “ Ram and Rahim are one and the same; there is not the slightest difference between them then, why should their devotees fall out and quarrel among themselves ? Join hands and bring both the communities together, act sanely and thus, you will gain your object of national unity. “ Yoga, sacrifice, penance and knowledge are the means to attain God. If you do not succeed in this by any means, in vain is your birth. If anyone does any evil unto you, do not retaliate. If you can do anything, do some good unto others.” This, in short, was Sai Baba’s advice to all, and this will stand in good stead both in material and spiritual matters. “ religious amity ” Sai Baba himself actively discouraged speculation amongst his devotees as to his identity and back-ground. Despite extensive enquiries, nobody was ever able to prove conclusively whether Sai Baba was a Hindu or a Muslim.

“ allah malik ! ” Sai Baba did not mix with the local people and he was scarcely ever seen speaking to any one. He was often heard muttering sacred Urdu phrases to himself but his manner at such times made it clear to those in the vicinity that he did not wish to be overheard. His favourite expression however was of Muslim origin - “ Allah Malik ” meaning “ God is the Master. ”

Apart from a handful of food and some small quantities of tobacco for which he begged, the only thing he really seemed to need was oil for his lamps. The people of Shirdi ignored him as a young man who was slightly touched in the head and indulged in religious practices which were not in keeping with the precepts of either Hinduism or Islam. “ dance ... songs ... bliss ” In those early years of his life he used to go to ‘ Takia ’ , the public night shelter for moslem visitors to the village. There in the company of sojourning devotees and fakirs, he used to dance and sing in divine bliss, with small trinkets tied around his ankles. The songs he sang were mostly in Persian or Arabic. Sometimes he sang some popular verses of Kabir.

7 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

When asked for his name, he replied, “ They call me Sai Baba ” “ Creed or religion ? ” “ Kabir ” “ Caste or community ? ” “ Parvardigar ! ” Not a single answer was of the least help in establishing his true identity !

“ Tadviddhi Pranipaatena Pariprashnena Sevaya, Upadekshyanti Te Gnyanam Gnyaninastattwadarshinah ” Baba began to explain : “ It is not enough merely to prostrate before the Gnyanis. We must make Sarvasva Sharanagati (complete surrender) to the Sadguru. “ Mere questioning is not enough. The question must not be made with any improper motive or attitude or to trap the Guru and catch mistakes in the answer, or out of idle curiosity. It must be earnest with a view to achieve spiritual progress or liberation. “ Seva is not rendering service, with the feeling that one is free to offer or refuse service. One must feel that, he is not the master of the body, that the body is Guru’s and exists merely to render service to him. “ If this is done, the Sadguru then will show you, what the Knowledge referred to in the previous stanza is. ” Nana was humiliated, His pride was knocked down. “ always be doing something ! ” It seems Baba did not like that any of His able bodied devotees should remain idle and be a burden on society or his kith and kin. He always preached, “ A man should always be doing something.” He himself never sat idle but was always busy doing something. In the noon, when no work was at hand, he would just take a needle and repair his torn out dhoti or his robe etc. and if at such a time somebody would turn up and question Baba, “ Why should you take this trouble

Though he lived in a mosque, he always had a fire going in it. He not only had oil lamps burning night and day, he even permitted the blowing of conches and ringing of bells inside his mosque. On the other hand, it was the name of Allah which was always on his lips. Sai Baba disapproved of extremes of religious orthodoxy. “ knowledge of languages ” His Hindi was as fluent as his Urdu. Nobody believed that Baba knew Sanskrit. One day He surprised all by giving an interpretation of a verse from the Gita to Nanasaheb Chandorkar. Nanasaheb Chandorkar was a good student of Vedanta. He had read Gita with commentaries. He fancied that Baba knew nothing of Sanskrit texts. So, Baba one day pricked the bubble. Nana, then, recited Bhagavad Gita IV-34, which is as follows :

8 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

when we all are ready and willing to do this for you ? ” He would at once reply : “ One has to be always busy doing something and so far as possible he should avoid troubling others for his own piece of work. ” “ fasting and onion ” ‘ Fasting ’ and ‘ onion ’ were two of the things which Baba often used as the subject ... matter for displaying his wit and humour and, at the same time, for showing his wonderful knowledge of men and matters and also for showing his divine powers. Baba never fasted and never believed in fasting and always discouraged fasting as a means of getting any spiritual good. Baba taught that the search for God on an empty stomach is not desirable, as it’d not achieve its avowed goal and the story of how he met his Master in the forests only after he ate. The food offered with love by an unknown tribesman and the advice he gave to Radhabai Deshmukh, when she went on a fast unto death in Shirdi village for getting his blessings.

“ wonderful bed-stead ” Nanasaheb Bengle brought for Sai Baba, a wooden plank, about four arms in length and only a span in breadth, for sleeping upon. Instead of keeping the plank on the floor and then sleeping on it, Baba tied it like a swing to the rafters of the Masjid with old shreds of rags and commenced to sleep upon it. The rags were so thin and worn out than it was a wonder, how they could bear or support weight of the plank itself, let alone the weight of Baba. But, somehow or other it was Baba’s sheer Leela that the worn out rags did sustain the plank, along with the weight of Baba on it !

On the four corners of this plank, Baba lighted Panatis (earthen lamps) , one at each corner and kept them burning the whole night. It was a sight for the Gods to see Baba sitting or sleeping on this plank ! It was a wonder to all, how Baba got up and down the plank. Out of curiosity, many curious observers kept watching the process of mounting and dismounting, but none succeeded.

Baba much liked onion and his daily meal was not complete unless he ate a couple of them, raw and dry, with relish and often he had a dig at the orthodoxy of several brahmins who refused even to touch it, on grounds of sex and dirty smell. And, his only purpose of making fun of fasting and onion was to instruct his devotees and to show up his omniscience.

As crowds began to swell, so as to detect this wonderful feat, Baba one day broke the plank into pieces and threw it away. Baba had all the eight Maha Siddhis (powers) at his command. He neither practised nor craved for them. They came to him naturally, as a result of his spiritual perfection. “ begging ” Sai Baba himself ate very little; and the little he required was obtained by begging from a few 9

Spiritual India, September - October 2006

This explanation perplexed the devotee but he kept quiet. Minutes later, a gentleman from Aurangabad stopped at the mosque to see Sai Baba. He had come on horseback and had broken journey at Shirdi as the horse was hungry. As the man unslung a cloth bag (containing feed for the horse) and thumped it lightly on the floor, to rid it of dust, a lizard emerged from it and swiftly made its way up the wall to the other one, and the two went scuttling along the rafters ! families in shirdi who had come to consider it a privilege to render this services. But many were the times when Sai Baba himself distributed food ! What was unique about these occasions was that everything from the shopping to the actual cooking was done by Baba himself without any assistance from anyone. And, as if that was not enough, he personally served the food to all who were present in his mosque. “ DWARKAMAI ” “ See God in all living creatures ! ” Sai Baba’s mosque which he had named ‘ the Dwarkamai ’ was open to all. Dogs, cats, crows and lizards were as welcome as the lame, the blind and the leprous. Poor man, rich man, the able-bodied and the handicapped, all were treated with the same graciousness and courtesy. “ sister lizard on visit ! ” One day, as he sat as usual before his sacred fire in the mosque, a lizard on the wall made a constant ‘ tic-tic ’ sound. A devotee asked whether the sound produced by the lizard was of any particular significance. “ The lizard is happy because her sister from Aurangabad is coming to see her ”, Baba told him ! “ manifestation of Brahma ” Though, Sai Baba looked like a man, three cubits and a half in length, still he dwelt in the hearts of all. Inwardly, he was unattached and indifferent but outwardly, he longed for mass welfare. Though, inwardly, an abode of peace, he looked outwardly restless. Inwardly, he had the state of Brahma, outwardly he seemed engrossed in the world.

Sometimes, he looked on all with affection and at times he threw stones at them; sometimes he scolded them, while at times he embraced them and was calm, composed, tolerant and well-disposed towards his bhaktas.

He always sat on one Asan and never travelled. His ‘satka’ was a small stick, which he always carried in his hand. He was calm and thought-free. He never cared for wealth and fame, and lived on begging. Such a life he led. He always uttered “ Allah Malik ” ... “ God is the real owner ”. He was the store-house for self-knowledge and full of divine bliss. “ miraculous manifestations ”

Sai Baba had complete knowledge of events 10 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

and occurrences even at long distances. Though he never physically left Shirdi, he was known to materialise himself in other bodies in far distant places. But, in order to do so, he never went into trance, nor did he ever interrupt his normal routine in Shirdi itself !

Curiously enough, to those who had seen him, he invariably appeared in a form, different from his own, while for the benefit of those who had never even heard of him, he materialised as the well-known figure in the white robe and head cloth. These manifestations, whatever the form they took, were always for a reason.


Sai Baba, of course, refused to have his burns treated. The doctor who was sent for all the way from Mumbai by some of Sai Baba’s wealthier devotees was not even permitted to examine the arm, let alone treat it.

Sai Baba himself spoke frequently of his travels over great distances. Sitting besides his fire in the Dwarkamai, he often regaled his devotees with tales of where he had been and whom he had visited during the night. “ I don’t mind my arm being burnt ! ” Diwali day, Baba was seated as usual in his mosque feeding wood to his sacred fire when he thrust his arm into the flames. Two devotees who were present at the time caught him by the waist and pulled him back. When asked why he had done such a thing, Sai Baba explained : “ The wife of a blacksmith was working the bellows of a furnace when her husband called out to her. Forgetting that she had a child tied around her waist, she ran to her husband and the child fell into the furnace. So I thrust my hand into it and pulled the child out ! I don’t mind my arm being burnt ... I’am glad that the child’s life was saved. ”

The only person who was allowed to dress the burns was a leper devotee called Bhagoji Shinde. The ‘ treatment ’ consisted of the burnt area being massaged with ghee, covered with a leaf and wound tight with bandages. It was typical of Sai Baba that he accepted this personal service from one who was an advanced case of leprosy. “ no ashrams ” Though enormous sums of money flowed into Shirdi after Sai Baba’s fame had spread, he never kept any of it nor did his life-style undergo the slightest change. He owned no property, he built no ashrams and costly gifts were returned to the donors. The money collected daily was distributed by him each evening amongst the poor and the needy. Except for a few coins which he set aside to purchase oil for his lamps, wood for his fire and tobacco for his pipes, he kept nothing for himself ... At the time of his death, in 1918, Sai Baba’s worldly possessions were exactly what they had

11 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

been when he came to Shirdi in 1858. a white cotton robe, a piece of headcloth, a tin can, a wooden stick and some clay pipes. “ seventy-two hours of samadhi ” Thirty-two years before Samadhi, i.e. in 1886, Baba made an attempt to cross the border line. On a Margashirsha Pournima (Full moon) day, Baba suffered from a severe attack of Asthma. To get rid of it, Baba decided to take his Pran high up and go into Samadhi. He said to Bhagat Mhalsapati : “ Protect my body for three days ! If I return, it will be all right, if I do not, bury my body in that open land ... pointing to it ... and fix two flags there as a mark ! ” After saying this, Baba fell down at about 10 p.m. His breathing stopped as well as his pulse. It seemed as if his prana left the body. All the people, including the villagers came there and wanted to hold an inquest and bury the body in the place, pointed by Baba. But, Mhalsapati prevented this. With Baba’s body on his lap, he sat full three days guarding it. After three days passed, Baba showed signs of life at 3 a.m. His breathing commenced, the abdomen began to move. His eyes opened and stretching his limbs, Baba returned to consciousness again. “ my life left me today ! ” Some days before Baba’s departure, there occured an ominous sign foreboding the event. There was, in the Masjid, an old brick on which Baba rested his hand and sat. At night time he leaned against it and had his Asan. This went on for many years. One day, during Baba’s absence

a boy who was sweeping the floor, took it up in his hand, and unfortunately it slipped and fell down and got broken into two pieces. When Baba came to know about this, he bemoaned its loss, saying : “ It is not the brick, but my fate, that has been broken into pieces. It was as dear to me as my life, it has left me today ! ” “ passing away ... 15 th October, 1918 ” When Sai Baba knew that he was to pass away soon, he asked Mr. Vaze to read ‘ Ramvijay ’ to him. Mr. Vaze read the book once in the week. Then, Baba asked him to read the same again day and night, and he finished the second reading in three days. Thus eleven days passed. Then again he read for three days and was exhausted. So, Baba let him go and kept himself quiet. He abided in his Self and was waiting for the last moment.

Two or three days earlier, Baba had stopped his morning peregrinations and begging rounds, and sat quietly in the Masjid.

Baba got a slight fever on 28th September, 1918. The fever lasted for two or three days, but afterwards Baba gave up his food, and thereby grew weaker and weaker. On the 17th day, i.e., tuesday, 15th October, 1918, on Vijayadasami. Baba left his mortal coil at about 2-30 pm.

material excerpted from the book “ Shri Sai Satcharita ” by Govind Raghunath Dabholkar alias ‘Hemadpant’ ” English translation by Nagesh Vasudev Gunaji published by D.M. Sukthankar, Sri Sai Baba Samsthan, Shirdi ... grateful acknowledgements ... edit-team

12 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

There was a rich gentleman who was very
prosperous in his life. He had amassed a large quantity of wealth, houses, and lands, and had many servants and dependents. When Baba’s fame reached his ears, he said to a friend of his that he was not in want of anything, and so, he would go to Shirdi and ask Baba to give him “ Brahma-gyan ”, which if he got, would certainly make him more happy. His friend dissuaded him, saying, “ It is not easy to know Brahma and especially so for an avaricious man like you, who is always engrossed in wealth, wife and children.”

Saying this, Baba started to show him the Brahma. He made him sit there and engaged him in some other talk and thus, made him forget his question for the time-being. Then he called a boy and told him to go to one ‘ Nandu Marwadi ’ and get from him a loan of Rs. five. The boy left and returned immediately, saying that Nandu was absent and his house was locked. Then, Baba asked him to go to ‘ Bala grocer ’ and get from him the said loan. This time also the boy was unsuccessful. This experiment was repeated again twice or thrice, with the same result.

Not minding his friend’s advice, the fellow engaged a return journey tonga and came to Shirdi. He went to the Masjid, saw Sai Baba, fell at his feet and said, “ Baba, hearing that you show the Brahma to all who come to you, I too have come here all the way from my distant place. I am much fatigued by the journey and if I get the Brahma-gyan from you, my troubles will be wellpaid and rewarded.” Baba replied, “ Oh, my dear friend, don’t be anxious, I shall show you the Brahma. Many people come to me and ask for wealth, health, power, honour, position, cure of diseases and other temporal matters. Rare is the person who comes to me and asks for Brahmagyan. “ There is no dearth of persons asking for worldly things but persons interested in spiritual matters are very rare, I think, it is a fortunate and auspicious moment, when persons like you, come and ask me for ‘Brahma-gyan’.”

Why did Sai want the paltry sum of five rupees, and why did he try hard to get it ? Really he did not want this sum at all ! He knew that Nandu and Bala were absent, and the whole thing was a test for the seeker of Brahma. That gentleman had a roll or bundle of currency notes in his pocket and if he was really earnest, he would not have sat quiet and be a mere on-looker ! When Baba was frantically trying to get a paltry sum of Rs. five, and he knew that Baba would keep his word and repay the debt, and that the sum wanted was insignificant, still, he could not make up his mind and advance the sum. Such a man wanted from Baba, the greatest thing in the world, Brahma-gyan ! He was in a haste and he implored Baba, “ Oh Baba, please, give me the Brahma-gyan soon ! ” Baba replied, “ Oh my dear friend, for seeing Brahma, one has to give five things : 1. five pranas ... vital forces 2. five senses, 3. mind, 4. intellect 5. ego. This path of ‘ Brahma-gyan ’ or selfrealization is so hard tread ! ”

material excerpted from the book “ Shri Sai Satcharita ” by Govind Raghunath Dabholkar alias ‘Hemadpant’ ” English translation by Nagesh Vasudev Gunaji published by D.M. Sukthankar, Sri Sai Baba Samsthan, Shirdi ... grateful acknowledgements ... edit-team

13 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

T here

was an old woman, by name

ears. I had a keen desire, never to leave him, but to stay with him and serve him. But he had his own way. He first got my head shaved and asked me for two paise as Dakshina. I gave the same at once. You may ask, ‘ why should he ask for money and how can he be called desireless ? ’ The reply is that, he never cared for coins. His two ‘ paise ’ were ... 1. firm belief 2. patience and perseverance. I gave those two paise to him and he was pleased ! ”

Radhabai. She was the mother of one Khashaba

Hearing Baba’s fame, she came to Shirdi with the people of Sangamner. She had Baba’s darshan and was very satisfied. She loved Baba intimately and resolved in her mind that she should accept Baba as her Guru and take Upadesh from him. She was determined to fast unto death, should Baba not accept her and give Upadesh. She stayed on in her lodging and stopped taking any food or water for three days.

“ I resorted to my Guru for twelve years. He brought me up. There was no dearth of food and clothing. He was full of love ... he was love incarnate. When I looked at him, he seemed as if he was in deep meditation and then, we both were filled with bliss. My mind was always fixed on him. This ‘ Nishtha ’ ... firm faith ... is one paisa of Dakshina. ‘ Saburi ’ ... patience or perseverance ... is the other paisa.




determination, Baba sent for her, and made her change her mind by addressing as follows : “ Oh mother ! Why do you subject yourself to unnecessary tortures ? You are my mother and I am your child. Take pity on me and hear me through. “ I had a guru. He was a great saint and most merciful. I served him long, very long, still he would not blow any mantra into my
14 existence. Saburi Spiritual India, September - October 2006

“ I waited patiently and served my Guru. This Saburi will ferry you across the sea of this mundane removes all sins and afflictions,

gets rid of calamities in various ways, and casts aside all fear, and ultimately, gives you success. Saburi is the mine of virtues, consort of good thought. ”


Then, Baba spoke as follows : “ My method is quite unique. Remember well ! To get the knowledge ... realization of the SELF, ... dhyan ... meditation ... is necessary. If you practise it continuously, the vrittis ... subtle thoughts ... will be pacified. Being quite desireless ... you should meditate on God, who is in all the creatures and when the mind is concentrated, the goal will be achieved. Meditate always on my formless nature, which is ... Knowledge Incarnate ... Consciousness ... Bliss. “ As you go on doing this, your vrittis will be single-pointed. And the meditator will be one with the consciousness and be merged in the Brahma. “ Victory be to our Sadguru Sai Maharaj, Who is Pure Consciousness ... Knowledge ... Bliss ! ”

“ My Guru never expected any other thing from me.” “ Oh mother ! My Guru never taught me any ‘ mantra ’ ... then, how shall I blow any ‘ mantra ’ into your ears ? Just remember that Guru’s tortoise-like loving glance gives us happiness ! Do not try to get ‘ mantra ’ or ‘ upadesh ’ from anybody ! Make me the sole object of your thoughts and actions and you will, no doubt, attain Paramartha ... the spiritual goal of life. Look at me whole heartedly. Sitting in this masjid, I speak the truth, nothing but the truth ! ”

Instructed in this way, the old lady was convinced. She bowed to Baba and gave up her fast.

material excerpted from the book “ Shri Sai Satcharita ” by Govind Raghunath Dabholkar alias ‘Hemadpant’ ” English translation by Nagesh Vasudev Gunaji published by D.M. Sukthankar, Sri Sai Baba Samsthan, Shirdi ... grateful acknowledgements ... edit-team

15 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

Rachana Gupta


Iam Rachana Gupta, a simple housewife in Ludhiana, Punjab. I was born in Jalandhar, Punjab, in a royal family. We are four brothers and sisters.


Then, I turned towards spirituality. I got initiated by Sri Sri Hans Raj Ji Maharaj of ‘ Ram Sharanan ’. I got some peace by chanting ‘ Ram Mantra ’. For the last twelve years, I have been his disciple.

I had everything in life ... still I found something ‘ missing ’. I didn’t enjoy a happy childhood because I didn’t posses good physical and mental health. I remained a disturbed person.

Then I came to know about Reiki. I learnt Reiki from the Jalandhar Reiki Master ... Mrs. Pooja Jain; I was very excited with it.

My father deeply believed in astrology and tried gem therapy from time to time on me. However, I was quite good in studies. I came out of my graduation with distinction ! I wanted to pursue my higher studies further, ... but being a girl, I was not allowed to do so !

I got married to Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta of Ludhiana. He is such a gem of a person ! We are happily married and blessed with two sons !

The turning point in my life came when Mrs. Pooja Jain one day phoned me and asked me to attend a meditation class. She said that masters from ‘ Pyramid Spiritual Societies ’, from Hyderabad, were coming to her house and that she has arranged one class for all her Reiki students ! In the beginning, I was reluctant to go but I don’t know ... something made me change my mind ... I travelled from Ludhiana to Jalandhar, to attend the meditation class.

After the birth of my younger son, I started getting asthma attacks. We went to so many doctors ... but the relief was temporary. I had sinus problem also and was using nasal drops. I got fed up with it and sometimes used to go into such depression that I wished to end my life, as it was all so painful.

30 January, 2006 ... the day I will treasure for whole of my life ! I went to Puja’s house in Jalandhar and she introduced me to Mr. Anjaneya Sharma, a great pyramid master !


16 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

Mr. Sharma enquired about me. My reply ... “ I am practicing ‘ mantra Japa’ but I am not satisfied. I want something more ! I have read that everything is inside ! When will I go inside ? Which is the right way to go inside ? ” Sweatly replying, Sharmaji said ... “ Anapanasati meditation is the only right way ! Why are you still sitting in ‘ nursery classes ’ when the doors of Ph.D. are open for you ? ! ”

... three times ... a day ! From the very first day I noticed that ... I was breathing very normal ... without the help of nasal drops ! It was a miracle ... my twenty years old addiction vanished in the very first sitting ! I was so excited, the cure that medicines couldn’t give me, meditation gave me ! I thanked God for sending ‘ Pyramid Masters ’ in my life !

Madam Satya and Madam Padmaja, senior pyramid spiritual masters from Andhra Pradesh were giving the class. They taught meditation to us. We had a half-an-hour meditation. I felt so very light and energetic as I had never felt before ! It was an entirely new experience for me and I immediately desired that my family members, friends and relatives should also enjoy this wonderful experience !

I decided to do forty days meditation sincerely. My forty days were to be finished by 10th March. Within forty days, I experienced lots of changes ... my asthma attacks completely vanished. My doctors were absolutely amazed ! Pain in my knees disappeared ! I lost extra weight !

I became a completely different person ! My attitude towards children, family members and my friends completely changed ! From a shy, irritated and sickly person ... I became a very friendly, easygoing, loving and healthy person !

I asked them if it would be possible for them to visit Ludhiana ... I so desperately wanted to arrange a class, for others to avail the benefit of meditation ! They promised to come !

1st Feb. 2006 ... they did come to my home in Ludhiana ! The meditation class went off so well, everybody liked it ! I had an opportunity to talk in greater depth to Shri Sharmaji. He ... like a master, friend and philosopher ... guided me towards real spirituality and clarified all my doubts. He asked me to do three hours of meditation daily ! It was a bit difficult for me ... but I very seriously wanted to mature in meditation !

Seeing me, all my family members who were near to me started taking meditation seriously.

Earlier, my favorite past-time was gossiping, watching T.V serials, sleeping etc. ... but they all changed into new spiritual habits ... like reading good spiritual books, doing meditation and teaching meditation.

From that day on ... my journey into true spirituality began in right earnest ! I started doing three hours meditation daily ! One hour each time

My inner intution advised me to remove all the gem-stones and the rings I was wearing, as they were ‘ not proper ’ for me now ! I even stopped practicing Reiki ! I stopped chanting mantras !

17 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

Now, in my life, only one thing remains meaningful ... that is meditation ! The dictum is ... “ do meditation ... and it takes care of all the things ” !

made us come to Pune to meet him. He asked us to join him in all the classes in Pune, Shirdi and Ahmednagar. The first class was in Pune Central Jail. Patriji conducted the class so beautifully ! He played the flute, taught meditation to prisoners and asked them to become vegetarian ! He called me onto the dais and asked me to say a few words ! Till night, we attended many classes with Patriji at different places. Patriji was so energetic, so full of life, and so jovial in nature ! For the next two days, he was in Pune. Then, along with him we went to Shirdi, Ahmednagar and many small villages. In every class we came to learn different things !

March 2006 ... the ‘ Pyramid Masters ’ again came to Punjab. This time, I also arranged some classes and joyfully participated in them ! Seeing a tremendous difference in me, my husband and my family members ( ours is a big joint family ) all became very enthusiastic. Everybody started doing meditation and everybody helped enthusiastically in arranging the classes in Ludhiana. It was my first initiative. The classes went off very well ! In those two days, Mr. Sharma used to tell me about his great master Brahmarshi Patriji and how he changed his life. The more he told about Patriji, the more I was becoming eager to meet him !

April, 2006 ... Madam Satya phoned me and told me that she was going to Pune as Patriji will also be there for four days. She asked me to join her. I wanted very badly to meet Patriji. I asked my husband. He immediately gave his consent.

7th May ... we said ‘ bye ’ to Patriji and returned to Punjab with an himalayan amount of new spiritual strength, new approach to life and tonnes of wisdom ! Me and my husband immediately embarked upon teaching meditation, as requested by Patriji ! We conducted classes in jails, schools, yoga centres, at homes, traffic police, doctors etc. The more we taught, the more we were spiritually thrilled !

1st May, 2006 ... me and my husband left for Pune ! At Pune airport, we were cordially received by Satya Madam, her husband Mr. Raj Shekhar and Mr. Vijay ... all great pyramid masters. We stayed among many masters and every person had wonderful experiences to share ! We were so amazed that Patriji has created / is creating so many masters !

15th June 2006 ... Patriji visited Punjab ! It was the hottest month ... but with his arrival, the cool breeze started blowing ! For a week, Patriji travelled the whole of Punjab. He taught meditation in Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala ... and many small villages. Wherever he went, he created a new atmosphere! In every class, he called me onto the stage and all the respect and importance I got, I can never forget ! He created altogether a new, confident, highly energetic and lively Rachana !

3rd May ... a day I will remember all my life ! I met Patriji with his white beard, radiant complexion ! He appeared like some great God to me ! I couldn’t take my eyes off him !

He asked me and my husband to tell about ourselves. We related all our experiences and what

I humbly thank God for sending Patriji into my life. He is like a lamp post, guiding me towards the purpose of my current life-time !
Rachana Gupta

21-B - Moti Nagar, Ludhiana ... ph : 0 98729 76005

18 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

Kahlil Gibran

Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights.
But your ears thirst for the sound of your heart’s knowledge. You would know in words that which you have always known in thought. You would touch with your fingers the naked body of your dreams.

And it is well you should.
The hidden well-spring of your soul must needs rise and run murmuring to the sea ; And the treasure of your infinite depths would be revealed to your eyes. But let there be no scales to weigh your unknown treasure; And seek not the depths of your knowledge with staff or sounding line. For self is a sea boundless and measureless.

Say not, “ I have found the truth ”, but rather, “ I have found a truth ”.
Say not, “ I have found the path of the soul ”. Say rather, “ I have met the soul walking upon my path ”. For the soul walks upon all paths. The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed. The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals.
material excerpted from the book “ Complete Works of Kahlil Gibran ” published by Shrijee’s Book International. New Delhi ... grateful acknowledgements ...edit-team

19 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

The man who ranges himself on the side of
evolution realizes the wickedness of destroying life. He knows that, just as he is here in this physical body in order that he may learn the lessons of this plane, so is the animal occupying his body for the same reason, that

sight of us. Does that seem like the universal brotherhood of God’s creatures ? Is that your idea of the golden age of worldwide kindliness that is to come ... a condition when every living thing flees from the face of man because of his murderous instincts ?

through it ... he may gain experience at his lower stage. He knows that the life behind the animal is the Divine Life, that all life in the world is divine.

Every one of these creatures which you so ruthlessly murder in this way has its own thoughts and feelings with regard to all this; it has horror, pain and indignation, and an





therefore, are truly our brothers ... even though they may be younger brothers, and we can have no sort of right to take their lives for the gratification of our perverted tastes ... no right to cause them untold agony and suffering merely to satisfy our degraded and detestable lusts. We have brought things to such a pass with our miscalled ‘ sport ’ and our wholesale slaughterings, that all wild creatures fly from the

unexpressed feeling of the hideous injustice of it all. The whole atmosphere about us is full of it.

Though all the inhabitants may not be directly conscious of it and recognize it as Mrs. Besant did, they may be sure that they are suffering from it unconsciously, and that that terrible vibration of horror and fear and injustice is acting upon every one of them, even though they do not know it.

material excerpted from the book “ Vegetarianism and Occultism ” by C.W. Leadbeater published by The Theosophical Publishing House ... grateful acknowledgements ... edit-team

20 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

Bob Trowbridge

Bob Trowbridge received his Master of Divinity degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary. He served as a Presbyterian minister for five years before directing his efforts and his considerable talents to private counseling, writing, lecturing, and leading workshops. When he is not speaking or facilitating edit-Team workshops, he resides in Mountain view, California.

eing sick is seldom fun, and sometimes it is life threatening. The symptoms of an illness ... and the treatment ... can range from annoying and uncomfortable to extremely painful. For many, feelings of being powerless and victimized are nearly as bad as the illness itself. “ natural principles ! ” What if you weren’t the victim of your illness ? What if illnesses were the result of natural or spiritual principles, principles that could be learned and applied in order to heal and prevent illness ? What if you could live your life illness free and could experience a quality and fullness of life far beyond what you now know ? “ mind is the builder ” The ‘ Maitri Upanishad ’ tells us, “ One’s own thought is one’s world. What a person thinks is what he becomes ”. In the ‘ Dhammapada ’ , Buddha says : “ We are shaped by our thoughts ... we become what we think.” Edgar Cayce expressed the principle of “ Spirit is the life ... Mind is the builder ... Physical is the result. ”
“ For mind is the builder and that which we think upon may become crimes or miracles. For thoughts are things and as their currents run through the environs of an entity’s experience these become barriers or stepping-stones.”
Edgar Cayce


“ spirit is the building block ” We are spiritual beings. Spirit can be seen as divine energy or divine ‘ matter ’. Both the energy and the material we use to build our physical experience come from Spirit. That which eventually becomes our physical reality, including our bodies, comes directly from the Creator. Spirit is the building block for matter. “ thoughts and feelings ” Imagine your mind as pipe. Divine energy is poured into one end of the pipe. Inside the pipe our mind modifies that energy. We shape it with our thoughts and feelings. We shape it with our fears and desires, our attitudes and beliefs. Pouring out of the other end of the pipe is the physical result, our life experience, including our body and its state of health or illness. “ we are powerful ! ” Our ability to make ourselves unhappy or sick demonstrates how powerful we are. This shouldn’t discourage us, however. It is possible for us to co-operate with the positive intent of the universe, to come into alignment or attunement with it, so the Spirit can come through our minds with very little distortion.

21 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

When this happens, we can become a channel of blessings to ourselves and others. We can learn to create miracles and stepping-stones even more easily than we now create crimes and barriers, or serious illnesses. “ conscious and unconscious ” The mind is the waking consciousness as well as the unconscious and the superconscious. What is conscious is what we are aware of at any given time or can easily be brought to awareness from our memory banks. Obviously , the line between what is conscious and what is unconscious is not fixed. The unconscious, on the other hand, contains things that are not easily available to consciousness. Many of these things are childhood experiences ... or past-life experiences ... that have been forgotten or even repressed. The unconscious also contains many ideas, attitudes, beliefs, expectations, fears and desires which affect our lives every day. “ superconscious ” Superconscious is the realm of consciousness in which our spiritual nature resides. This is the realm of the Higher self, the Christ self, Buddha self, or God self.

Some experiences are created by thoughts and beliefs that are beneath our normal waking consciousness, like hidden fears. We will attract and experience the things we fear, and our fear will grow stronger.

All of these thoughts, whether conscious or unconscious, whether fears or desires, modify Spirit as it passes through the mind.

As we look at the process of the mind moulding divine energy into our life experiences, we should keep in mind the existence of these unconscious and superconscious shadows. We also need to pay attention to our conscious thoughts and the words we speak. “ we create our daily experiences ! ” We create our world and our daily experiences with our thoughts. In a sense, we hypnotize ourselves every day with the words we say and the thoughts we think. If we believe and say limiting things about ourselves we are creating limits in our lives.

We repress our powerful, positive, beautiful, divine selves and they reside in the superconscious. Just as the unconscious can be explored through dreams, meditation, and other avenues, so can the superconscious be explored and many gifts can be raised to consciousness.

The energy that comes from Spirit does not have ‘ can’t ’ attached to it. The ‘ can’t ’ comes from our minds. “ illness ... a self-hypnotic process ! ” Illnesses are frequently created through the self-hypnotic process. We give ourselves hypnotic suggestions all the time. Spoken or thought frequently enough and with enough energy, these hypnotic statements will make us sick and can, in some cases, kill us. “ de-energize negative thoughts ” Pay attention to your words, thoughts, and feelings. Whenever you catch yourself saying or thinking

A surprising number of our physical experiences, including illnesses, are created by thoughts and feelings that are quite conscious. “ mind moulds divine energy ! ” We believe that life is difficult, and our lives become difficult.

22 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

anything of a negative or limiting nature, stop. Immediately begin to de-energize negative and limiting thoughts or ideas by saying to yourself.

Illnesses are not the problem but are themselves simply part of the feedback system, pointing to the real problem.

If you deny your negative and limiting thoughts, their status as truths or facts, they will begin to lose their power over you. Even those things which seem as real as money problems, relationship problems, or serious illnesses are nothing more than materialized ideas.

As you begin to see your experiences and relationships as part of a feedback system, a guidance system for helping you to improve your life, you will be able to see yourself more and more as the author of your experiences and less as the victim. “ teachers and helpers ” Ironically, you can begin to see all of the negative experiences and individuals in your life as teachers and helpers rather than as obstacles and enemies. Illnesses are not the problem. They are, in fact, part of the solution. Our illnesses have within them a healing intent.
✤ ✤ ✤

A person who is successful in business can bring some of the thoughts and feelings from that part of his or her life and apply them to an illness. In dealing with a serious illness, our feelings can be our greatest foe or our greatest ally. “ your self-image is creative ! ” Your self-image is creative. What you think about yourself has a powerful effect on how you act in the world, how you treat others, and how you expect to be treated.
✤ ✤ ✤

The negative feedback we get from our world is not a reflection of what is true about us or about the world. It is a reflection of our beliefs.
✤ ✤ ✤

Many limitations in your life are the result of how you view yourself. Many of the things you create in your life or are unable to create in your life are the result of your self-image.
✤ ✤ ✤

Your self-image is not fixed. Your personality is not fixed. Your gifts and abilities are not fixed. Your limitations are also not fixed. Your self-image is a constellation of ideas you have about yourself. “ everything is a feed-back ! ” There is no part of your life that is not part of the feedback system ! It is important to understand the unity of life. In other words, you can’t separate your illness from other parts of your life.

A serious illness may be the result of many months or years of feedback that we either did not perceive or we overlooked or ignored. When you deny the power of your own thoughts and place your issues outside yourself, when you blame other people or situations for what’s happening in your life, you give your power away and confirm yourself as helpless.
✤ ✤ ✤

Any part of your life that is not working may be telling you something about an imbalance or disease in your thinking. In a sense, it’s a thought problem. Your problems and illnesses should therefore be seen as blessings because they can serve to heal your life, to get you back on a path of health and wholeness.

material excerpted from the book “ The Hidden Meaning of Illness ” by Bob Trowbridge, ... published by A.R.E. Press ... grateful acknowledgements ... edit-team

23 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

Torkom Saraydarian

Torkom Saraydarian (1917-1997) was born in Asia Minor. He lived with Sufis, dervishes, Christian mystics, and masters of temple music and dance. Meditation became a part of his daily life, and service a natural expression of his soul. Saraydarian wrote a large number of books, many of which have been published. His writings and lectures and music show his total devotion to the higher principles, values, and laws. A few excerpts from the book “ Dynamics of The Soul ”. edit-team

“ spirit of gratitude ” Those who have the spirit of gratitude already know that all of Nature, all of Life, is a treasure. We must learn to recognize that everything that exists is a treasure : mountains, rivers, lakes, streams, forests, flowers, birds, animals, minerals, and human beings. All of these are treasures in the treasury of space, and we must relate to them as treasures. “ what is a treasure ? ” A treasure is an object, a power, a living being, or a virtue that multiplies and meets your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. It also becomes a blessing to all around you, and to all those who are far away from you. “ Yes ”
24 Spiritual India, September - October 2006


When I was four years old, while hiking with my Father in the mountains I saw some people who were driving a carriage with four horses. After watching their joy, I turned to my Father, looking at me, said, “ I do not have a carriage, a horse ... ” My Father, looking at me, said, “ Let us sit on this rock for a moment and I will tell you what you have ”. We sat on a rock facing a valley which spread out in front of us for hundreds of miles. “ Now, first of all ”, he said, “ you have a nice body. Look at your hands. Here : look at your face in this small mirror. Do you see ? ”

“ Also, all these mountains are yours. The air is yours ; the sky is yours ; that river is yours. This pure fragrance is yours ; these birds are yours. All of this is yours ... so long as you enjoy and care for these things. ” “ Father, ” I said, “ I did not know that I had all of this ! ” “ Later, when you grow up, you will realize that there are treasures which cannot be seen ! ” “ Can any treasure exist which we cannot see ? ” “ Yes ! For example, your vision is a treasure which you cannot see. Can you see your mother’s love for you ? ” “ No, but I know that she cares for me ! ” “ Right. There are many treasures in man. One day you will discover them.” “ human being is a great treasure ” I never forgot this talk with my father, and gradually it sank into my heart. As I grew up I realized that the human being is a great treasure, with his senses, thinking, and creativity. Whenever, I walk in the mountains and canyons, it seems to me that I am walking among treasures. A flower, a bush, a bird, a deer is enough to make you feel ecstasy !

the treasures by which he is surrounded. “ four facts ” In later years, when I contemplated about treasures and the treasury, I discovered four facts that made me extremely happy. First, I found out that there were inner, invisible treasures as well as outer and visible treasures. Second, but a more important discovery was that the outer treasures could be increased by investing and sharing them or by using them economically. Inner treasures were also increased by sharing and distributing them with joy and love. The more you gave of your inner treasures, the more you had. Third, the inner and outer treasures do not belong to us but to all life ! The fourth and final discovery was that ... when you share your inner treasures, you not only increase your inner treasures but you also increase your outer treasures. And similarly, when you share your outer treasures with clean motive, you increase your inner treasures. “ a poor life, inspite of abundance ! ” One day, while my family was travelling by boat on the ocean, I saw a bottle floating in the water. My mother said, “ Can you tell me what the bottle suggests to you ? ” “ That someone put a cork in it and threw it into the sea. ” “ Well, that is called a smart escape. But think now. Let me see if you can find something deeper.” “ You know, mother, a floating bottle is like a foolish man. ” “ You are very close to finding the answer. Think a little more.”

Just as a man who lives in luxury feels that all that he has is nothing special, so mankind lives in the treasury of Nature and feels that he has nothing. Unless one realizes that he is a treasure in himself, he cannot see the real treasures in life. The moment he realizes his own worth, he will be filled with gratitude and will become aware of all

25 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

It was back on board that I finally found the answer. “ The bottle is in the sea,” I said, “but the sea cannot fill it because it is closed.” “ Then tell me: who is like this ? ” I could not answer. Seeing my agony, she whispered in my ear, “ Like those who have abundance, but live a poor life.”

“ treasure tower ! ” Treasure is something that increases and multiplies to meet your needs whenever you give your treasure to others. With joy, you install a window or another door in the Treasure Tower. “ not imposing yourself ” By making other human beings free, by not imposing yourself, by not making others, your slaves, by refusing to exploit or manipulate others, you build the Tower. Have you helped others to think freely, to choose and discriminate freely, to act freely ? Have you given freedom to others ? Have you helped to free them from their vices, glamours, illusions, vanity and ego ? Every time you make another human being your slave, or any time you encourage a person to be a slave to their own weakness, you destroy the Tower. “ the power within ” You have within you the power to destroy or to build. If you are engaged in destruction, you will be struck in the classroom of this world forever suffering, inhaling smog, and being subjected to radioactivity and pesticides. If you are constructive, you will someday graduate from this school we call earth and have a chance to enjoy other creations that God has in this Universe !

People live surrounded by treasures, but they feel empty because they are closed. The word ‘ closed ’ in its connotation was so deep that I was often directed to examine its depth. “ what are inner treasures ? ” God in man is the Real Treasure ! All other treasures belong to Him, in man. There are higher treasures in man which are the result of age ... long labor. For example, healing powers, the power to see the past and the future, the power of higher clairaudience, the power of higher clairvoyance, the power of artistic creativity, the power of renunciation and detachment, the power of serenity, the power of leadership, the power over elements, and the power of continuity of consciousness are just a few.

material excerpted from the book “ Dynamics of The Soul ” by Torkom Saraydarian published by T.S.G. Publishing Foundation, Inc ... grateful acknowledgements ... edit-team

26 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

Jane Roberts

Seth ... an “ energy personality essence ” no longer existing in physical form, began channelling through Jane Roberts ... since the year 1963. Seth delivered a continuing manuscript totaling over six thousand pages, called as “ SETH MATERIAL ”. “ The Way Toward Health ”, was delivered during the final years 1983-84. Jane Roberts vacated her body on 5th September ,1984. edit-Team

Before we can really study the nature of health
or illness, we must first understand human consciousness and its relationship with the body.

mind, however. It is perhaps easier to imagine a continuum of consciousness, for you have a body consciousness also, and that body consciousness is itself made up of the individual consciousness of each molecule that forms all parts of the body itself.

You know that you have a conscious mind, of course. You also possess what is often called the sub-conscious, and this merely consists of feelings, thoughts or experiences that are connected to your conscious mind, but would be considered excess baggage if you had to be aware of them all of the time. Otherwise, they would vie for your attention, and interfere with the present decisions that are so important. If you tried to hold all of those subconscious memories uppermost in your mind all of the time, then you would literally be unable to think or act in the present moment at all. You do more or less

There is no such thing as an unconscious mind. The body consciousness is highly conscious. You are simply not usually conscious of it.







consciousness operate at several different speeds. Translations between one portion of consciousness and another goes on constantly, so that information is translated from one “ speed

have a certain access to your own subconscious 27 ” to another. Perhaps you can begin to understand,
Spiritual India, September - October 2006

then, that the whole picture of health or illness must be considered from many more viewpoints than you might earlier have supposed. Many of you have been saturated by conventional, distorted ideas concerning health and illness in general. The very concept of the immunity system suggests, at least, the disease invader against which the body’s immunity system must or should surely defend itself.

of the universe ... each person is a beloved individual, formed with infinite care and love, uniquely gifted with a life like no other.

No animal considers itself a failure, obviously. People, however, often identify with their seeming mistakes, forgetting their abilities in other directions, so that it seems that they are misfits in the universe, or in the world. The inner ego, however, always identifies with its source-identity as a beloved, individualized portion of the universe. It is aware of the universal love that is its heritage. It is also aware of the infinite power and strength that composes the very fabric of its being. Through being made aware of these facts, the exterior ego can begin to feel a quicker sense of support and nourishment. The knowledge can let it relax, let go, so that it feels its life couched and safe, and knows itself to be indeed a beloved child of the universe, both ancient and young at once, with an identity far beyond the annals of time.

Most people do not realize that they can indeed have access to this inner awareness. This inner ego or inner self should not be thought of as superior to your ordinary mind. It should not be thought of, really, as something separate from your ordinary mind. Your ego and your ordinary consciousness bring into focus all of your physical experiences, and make possible the brilliant preciseness of physical experience.

The conscious mind is one brilliant segment of your larger consciousness, but it is composed of the same universal energy and vitality that composes all consciousness. This inner ego or inner self uses a process that is far swifter than reasoning.They consist of inspiration, intuition, impulses, and deal with feeling far more than with usual logical thinking.

It is of great value, then, that each person remember this universal affiliation. Such a reminder can often allow the inner self to send needed messages of strength and love through the various levels, appearing as inspiration, dreams, or simply pure bursts of feeling. The inner ego draws instant and continuous support from the universal consciousness, and the more the exterior ego

Each person is a vital, conscious portion of the universe. Each person, simply by being, fits into the universe and into universal purposes in a way no one else can. Each person’s existence sends its own ripples throughout time. The universe is conscious at every conceivable point of itself. Each being is an individualized segment 28

Spiritual India, September - October 2006

keeps that fact in mind, the greater its own sense of stability, safety, and self-esteem.

unique energy, utterly itself, innocent, alive in the world. In the deepest of terms, while each body has a history, each moment in the body’s existence is also new, freshly emerging into the world, innocent and unique. While there is indeed pain in the world, it is the miraculous principle of pleasure that propels life itself.

One of the attitudes detrimental to good health is that of self-condemnation, or dislike of the self. Such attitudes are unfortunately sometimes fostered by parents, schools, and religions. Feelings of self-worth, self-esteem, and pleasure with one’s abilities promote feelings of well-being, health, and exuberance.

Those who look upon physical life as inferior to some other more perfect spiritual existence do a great injustice to physical existence in general. Physical life is everywhere filled with the universal energy that is its source, so it can hardly be inferior to it’s own composition. Corporeal reality is a brilliant segment of existence. It cannot be inferior to existence. It is because you so often view your world through a system of highly limited beliefs that you so often misread the implications of temporal life.

The universe actively loves itself and all of its parts. The world loves itself and all of its parts. It is not true that energy is neutral or indifferent. Energy is active, positive, propelled by what can almost be called an instantaneous pleasure with itself and its characteristics. Despite all concepts to the contrary, energy is indeed at its basis, love. It is also composed of highly charged consciousness that operates almost in a leapfrog fashion, with great bursts of exuberance and vitality. The great - the greatest creative force - that force that is the origin for all physical life - did not suddenly appear once in some distant past, sparking the birth of your reality, endowing it with an energy that could only then run down, or dissipate. Instead, ever-new virgin energy, so to speak, is created constantly, and appears at every conceivable point within your universal system.

Environment is not something separate from yourself, for you to control. Instead, you and the environment support, strengthen, and fortify each other in ways that often escape you. All portions of the environment contain their own kinds of consciousness. They are aware of their own parts in the body of the world, and they are aware not only of their own conditions, but of their relationships to all other portions of the world. They add to the world’s health, in other words, and your own vitality and that of your environment are everywhere interrelated.

Each new rose in the springtime is in truth a new rose, composed of completely new and

material excerpted from the book “ The way Toward Health ” by Jane Roberts published by Amber-Allen Publishing San Rafael, California ... grateful acknowledgements ... edit-team

29 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

Siva Jawaji


In the year 2005, on a mother’s day, five of us
(friends) decided to give a surprise party to our wives

and booked a cruise. While in the cruise, a couple of my friends were discussing about Spirituality. I over-heard a word ‘ Subhash Patri ’ from the mouth of Nath Danturty. Immediately, I interrupted their discussion and checked whether he meant “ Brahmarshi In the year 2003, I visited my sister’s house in Bhimavaram, West Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh. My brother-in-law ... Naga Babu Appanna ... gave me an audio cassette “ Yoga Parampara ” ... by Brahmarshi Subhash Patriji. He told me just to ignore a sentence that says “ there is no bhakti yoga ” and listen to the rest ... to know the stage of one’s current incarnation
( I am a strong believer of Bhakti Yoga ... having inherited the concept from my mother). ✤✤✤

Subhash Patri ” from “ Pyramid Spiritual Societies ”. He said “ Yes ”. He further told me that he was a follower of him and that he has a good collection of audios and books by him. I told about my “ Yoga Parampara ” and requested him for a few audios. He is a contractor and a busy man, so I waited for a couple of weeks to hear from him ... but with no luck. Then, one day, I rushed to his place and collected four audios “ Dhyana Vemana ”, “ Jesus Christ ”, “ Jnana Navaratnalu ”, “ Ledu Maranam ”.

I carried that audio cassete with me to Melbourne. It took atleast a couple of months before I first listened to it. I liked it so much and kept on listening to it repeatedly ! I must have listened about forty to fifty times, in the next one and half years, the same cassette ! Meanwhile, I was also searching for more audios by Brahmarshi Patriji.
30 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

I spent the next six months repeatedly listening to these audios and occasionally going back to my favourite “ Yoga Parampara ”. I don’t know ... but I just can’t stop listening to these ! The knowledge in these audios is absolutely astounding !

Nath and myself travel in the same train and we occasionally come across each other in the evenings. Slowly, we started sharing the knowledge we gained from the material. He told me about his intention ... inviting Subhash Patriji to Australia and he informed me that he is already in touch with a couple of his friends who are also similarly interested. I gave my full support to the project and occasionally checked with him about the progress of the idea.

and he offered a few more books as well as a few more audios. The first book I read was “ Maranam Leni Meeru ”. It is a gem of a book. I then read “ Jonathan Livingstone Seagull ”, “ Atmaayanam ”, “ Four Agreements ”, “ Third Eye ” etc. Exactly at this time, my classes in RMIT also got started. I couldn’t concentrate on my studies as I didn’t feel like studying those books. I really struggled to balance my life ... with work, family with two young kids, studies with assignments and then reading these spiritual books. If I have to give an order of preference, studying these spiritual books comes first ! I sometimes felt I should not have enrolled to study. I even contemplated discontinuing the studies. However, after a couple of months I managed to regain my balance.

In one of the audios, Patriji mentioned about ‘ hanuman chalisa ’ and the meaning of it. I decided to undertake a forty day meditation deeksha. I almost succeeded in doing it ... except that I missed out on a couple of days in the middle. Before this, I couldn’t even do meditation for five minutes ! I really surprised myself ... to be able to do meditation upto an hour at a single stretch !

During all these times, I did not stop doing







End of the year 2005, I enrolled to study “ Masters in Project Management ” in RMIT commencing from Feb 2006. A few weeks before the start of the classes, I re-visited Nath’s house

“ ” website. Therein, I read a
quotation by Patriji saying ‘ meditation ’ and ‘ bhakti ’ are two opposing streams; one can’t do both, one has to leave one to enter the other !

31 Spiritual India, September - October 2006


seven hours of meditation ” that he tried on his 27th birthday ! As my family was still in India, Raveendra and myself started trying long meditation sessions. We started with two hours intensive meditation

Exactly at this time, my wife and kids were leaving to India to attend a family marriage. I finally decided to stop pooja and spend more time for meditation.

and proceeded to three hours ! I tried four hours with mixed results and sometimes even a whole night !

While my family was away in India, I spent most of my evenings studying spiritual books and spent most of the nights doing meditation. Mr. Nath introduced me to a person by named Rao Parmarthy. He gave me “ Spiritual Reality ” video and a book “ Ramtha ”. The video inspired me so much that I plunged into even more intense meditation. “ Ramtha ” is another jewel of a book ! It changed my definition of God and human being.

Middle of June, I too went to India to meet my parents and other family members. I shared all my experiences. They were very by much my impressed

knowledge and they also started following the path of meditation. I spent almost every evening discussing and sharing the knowledge I had gained. The trip, which was supposed to be a family visit ... changed into a spiritual one !

Jhansi Madam gave us the good news that Patriji accepted our invitation to visit Melbourne between 5th and 25th of September 2006. We immediately formed “ Melbourne Pyramid Masters Group ” with five members. All the members visited for the first time my place and then I was introduced to Raveendra who stays in the same suburb as me.

Finally, I got a chance to meet the SOURCE of the abundant knowledge ... Brahmarshi Patriji on 7th of September, at the Melboune Airport ! The most joyful and colorful days of my life in this incarnation started on that day ! We learned a lot in this short duration before he concluded his trip on 24th September with a promise to visit us back in the month of March 2007 ! Siva Jawaji

Ravi shared his experiences and one of the things that caught my attention was “ twenty

2/12, Maroona Road, Carnegie, Melbourne, Australia

32 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

Prof. B.M. Hegde

Prof. B.M. Hegde, an internationally recognized cardiologist, born teacher, author, philosopher, social worker whose heart bleeds for the less fortunate, and researcher par excellence. He trained in cardiology at the National Heart and the Middlesex Hospitals in London and the Harvard Medical School, Boston. He retired recently as the Vice Chancellor of MAHE Deemed University, Manipal. The book “ What Doctors Don’t Get to Study in the Medical School ” is the culmination of his efforts to change the teaching and learning methodology in medicine in addition to pointing out the fallacy in following the time-honoured reductionist science in place of holistic science as the base of modern medical research. excerpts from the book “ What Doctors Don’t Get to Study in the Medical School ”.

Science, in the correct
sense, is the only saviour of mankind. could make man realize the secrets of Nature ... to see how he could use science for the good of humanity.

S cience

Science, in every sphere, is dying slowly
because of specialization. New science of fractals and chaos looks at the dynamic human being as a whole, and as a part of this macrocosm. That is the future of science including our medical science.

In fact, without a scientific temper, man could sink himself into the vally of illogicalism. Otto Frisch and Rudolf Pearls were responsible for conceiving the formula for the first atom bomb. But it was the mind of Harry Truman and Winston Churchill that resulted in its being dropped on that fateful August morning in 1945 on Hiroshima resulting in instantaneous death of more than 80,000 people within minutes. Culprit, then, is not science but the human mind. “ even-mind of yoga ” Every single killer disease, starting from heart attack to cancer, is now thought to originate in the human mind. Their cure or otherwise also depends on the mind. Every human cell, including the heart muscle cell or the cancer cell, has its subatomic mind that either makes or breaks the final outcome !

Art is defined best by Henry David Thoreau as
“ that which makes the man’s day ”. The art of medicine is that which makes the patients’ day. Long live medicine which aims to “ cure rarely, comfort mostly, but console always ”. “ mind of the scientist ” It is the mind of the scientist or his financial master that has created misery for mankind and never science by itself.

Short-term ‘ quick fixes ’ to make money, like drugs and surgery, are only temporary palliation. Long-term gains by way of primordial prevention depend on the mind, the even-mind of yoga !

33 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

The real Yoga or Meditation ... should aim at keeping the mind tranquil (chitta vritti nirodhaha yogaha). Yoga should not be equated with ‘ asanas ’ and simple meditation of closing the eyes and chanting some ‘ mantra ’ !

to a particular organ. This organ-based medicine, like the modern so-called scientific medicine, used to believe that the mind resided in the heart, for a very long time. Brain, or for that matter, any other organ in the body, could not be the seat of the mind. The mind could never be thought of in terms of cellular structures.

If I am able to make the reader realize the gravity of the problem and dire need to change the way we live, to have a tranquil mind as the cure for all human ills, I will have achieved some success.

One does not have to compete with others to destroy them to build oneself. One could live and let live with co-operation as the motto. The new science of the mind and its quantum consciousness would be able to send man not only to the moon but also to the neighbour’s house with a smile. “ Love thy enemy, love thy neighbour ” - Jesus Christ

The Science of Robotics, which is nearly seventy years old, has not been able to replicate the human mind to be packed inside a human robot. The mind is a subatomic quantum state. Human mind, or other-wise called the human consciousness, is a quantum level thinking. “ educational system ” The educational system should change from the present competitive ethos where one has to compete with another to the one where one competes with oneself for excellence. In the latter system, there is no room for hatred and jealousy. In addition, value-based education could easily inculcate certain basic values in the child’s impressionable mind.

Are we not all same on this planet ? How then could you compete with your brother ? Co-operate with him and love him. “ enigma called the mind ” Where is the mind ? Never mind ... it is everywhere inside and out-side ! What is the mind ? Where is it ? Mind is like the wind, which the poet described thus : “ Who has seen the wind ? Neither you, nor I, When the trees dance and bend, The wind is passing by ! ” Christina People have been trying to fix the mind, like all other cellular structures of the human anatomy,

If only we could change the Macaulay type of education to our ancient Guru Kula type, one could avoid all the negative feelings getting into the child’s head. Our only hope for the future is to bring up a whole new generation on this new educational ethos of excellence, camaraderie and co-operation, in place of competition, hatred and jealousy.

Materialism without a touch of spirituality would sink man into the valley of moral nihilism

material excerpted from the book “ What Doctors Don’t Get to Study in the Medical School ” by Prof. B.M. Hegde ... published by Paras Medical Publisher, Hyderabad ... grateful acknowledgements ... edit-team

34 Spiritual India, September - October 2006


On every full-moon day, around 300 people of all ages and various walks of life converge at the Spiritual India Centre at Mehdipatnam. They do meditation under the full-moon throughout the night. When “ City Express ” spoke to a few people on October 7, the full-moon day, their accounts were bewildering.

and skin problems and now she claims she is totally healthy. “ As I was desperate for medical solutions to my problems, I sat for a minimum of eight to nine hours for the first thirty days. My Skin problems perished and other problems also started w a n i n g g r a d u a l l y. Now, I am totally healthy ”, she said.

So far, one heard of spiritual and relaxation benefits of meditation, but here are a few people claiming immense health advantages from it. And they said they bettered themselves all the while without any medication. They defined meditation as being with breath. In doing so, the mind becomes empty and that is when huge amounts of cosmic energy flood the body.

The case of Shalini Lashker, a B.Sc., first year student, is revealing. “ Believe me, I had long sight since my childhood. I also had frequent spells of headache. I started meditation nine months ago and stopped taking medicines. Now, I am not using spectacles and there is no trace of headache either ”, she said.

P Varalakshmi, a house-wife from Sreekalahasti, has been practising meditation for four years. Earlier, she used to suffer from uterus

Pallipattu Ramesh, a senior executive with Sahara India, claimed that he had cured himself of Chikungunya recently. “ As it struck, I intensified

35 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

my meditation for long hours even as I was languishing in the bed. In three days, I began recovering. I had a foot pain for long. It is no longer there. The healing properties of meditation are for real ”, he said.

starting meditation, they have mostly disappeared. ”

K Venu, an officer with Punjab National Bank, claimed that meditation had cured him of diabetes, joint pains and acidity. “ Over two years ago before starting meditation, I was a diabetic and suffered from joint pains. Within sixty days, my sugar levels came to the normal levels and the joint pains relieved. Acidity is also gone. I regularly meditate for two hours a day and do not miss out the fullmoon meditation, ” he said. His wife, Parvati Kumari, said she had totally overcome her hypertension and stress problems without any medicine in two years through meditation.

Rajeshwar Poola, who runs an SSI unit, said : “ I was skeptical initially. But as I started doing it daily, my attitudes changed for better; my employees began to be more cooperative. I started the Spiritual India Centre under the aegis of Pyramid Spiritual Societies of India. The service is totally free, there is no guru, no initiation or any mantra. There is no association either and no obligation to attend every session. ” His wife, Arundhati, has also been doing meditation for the last four years. She claimed that she had overcome around 30 ailments through meditation. Group meditation, pyramid meditation and full-moon meditation are advised for greater and quicker benefits. A pool of energy surrounds a meditating group. As for meditating under a pyramid-like structure, the benefits are thrice than when one sits outside it. And during the full-moon night meditation, one comes in touch with extra-planetary forces. This results in spiritual illumination and physical well-being. K Balaram Reddy

N. Raga Latha, working with SCCL, in the city, said : “ A year ago, I used to suffer from cold, breathing problems and acidity. After

36 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

To THE SPIRITUAL INDIA Pyramid Meditation Centre Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad - 28 Sir, It is to express our gratitude to the members of “ Spiritual India ” team for sowing the seeds of meditation in the tender minds of the children of “ Blooming Buds School ” by regularly conducting meditation classes during morning assembly time. The process has taught the children discipline in meditating together and the power of silence which spreads everywhere throughout the premises. It is good to observe that a few of the children are able to meditate. However, a few are unable to close their eyes even for a while. This situation as educationists is worth observing and it gives us an opportunity to realize that it is our work to help out those children who are unable to give rest to their minds. We are fortunate to get this opportunity at the earliest ... otherwise, it is difficult to imagine their future which demands lot of work with good focus and stability. Teachers participating in the meditation workshops found the process very soothing and meditation indeed helped them in concentrating better in their classes. A little feed back from our teachers : “ When I do meditation, I feel fresh throughout the day. It gives calmness to my mind and it is increasing my memory. On the whole, it gives strength and patience to the teacher for the whole day. ” - Preethi ... teacher “ After a lot of work pressure at home, meditation is giving complete relaxation of body and mind. I am able to have a good start in the class. I am also having a feeling of full energy and happiness throughout the day. ” - Kameswari ... teacher “ On the first day I did not feel anything while doing meditation . From the second day onwards, however, I could feel mental peace, physical energy and new vigour. I am not feeling tired. ” - Leelavathi ... teacher “ Meditation helps me to control anger, tension, restlessness and calms me down in my day to day busy schedule. ” - Priya ... teacher “ Meditation gives calmness and rest with peace of mind. ” “ Meditation helps me to be fresh with relaxed mind. ” Thanking you, - Daphne ... teacher - Laxmi ... teacher

37 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

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Third Eye

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Torkom Saraydarian


“ meditation ” Meditation is an effort to shift your consciousness from lower levels to the higher levels of mind.

Consciousness must penetrate into still higher levels of the mind until the highest level is achieved. “ network of communication ” Through meditation, the network of communication is established with the lower mind and the pilgrim can, at will, use both parts of his mind to achieve balance : using the lower mind to contact the world of concrete values, problems, and needs of the world ... and using the higher mind to shed light, love, and beauty upon the lower world to meet its problems. When the communication network is completed, the whole mental plane works as a unit. “ meditation helps to unify the mind ” Meditation helps to unify the mind and to build the communication network so that later, when the human should penetrate into the Spiritual Triad, it can use the mental mechanism for its creative work.

Those who penetrate into the abstract levels of mind demonstrate pure idealism while manifesting practicality in all their relationships and services. The world of values and the world of practical concrete forms become one world. This is why such people are true leaders. “ ray energies ” It is important to know that the communication network built between the mental levels is not one kind of network. This network generally is built with mental substance, but in that mental substance there can exist strands of varying Ray Energies : First Ray, Second Ray, Third Ray, and so on. As the network approaches completion, it becomes a Rainbow with the energies of all Seven Rays. The perfected Rainbow is a transmitter of Ray Energies and related zodiacal energies. How powerful and abundantly creative is the person whose Rainbow is complete ! “ foundation for the rainbow ” Meditation lays the foundation for the building of the Rainbow and carries on its construction to completion. The deeper, the more persistent is your meditation, the more soundly your Rainbow 41 is built.

Spiritual India, September - October 2006


Communication lines increase year after year, life after life, until the mental plane, as a unified field of energy, turns into a central station of contact.

forth recordings stored in deeper and higher sources which can change the contents of genes and DNA. This change is caused by energy currents, visualization, and creative imagination. “ revitalizing the neurons and genes ” It will one day be possible to form a body which will live as long as one wants by revitalizing the cells, neurons, genes, and DNA with advanced meditation ! Meditation of this caliber even attacks viruses, microbes, and germs with the laser of the human soul.

The mental body has many specialized centers which perform various jobs, such as receiving, assimilating, and translating the traffic of impressions coming from higher or lower realms. These specialized centers are related to specific neurons which act like programmed diskettes. The capacity of the ‘ diskette ’ determines the creative manifestation of the mental currents.

Meditation not only builds specialized centers in the mental body, but it also builds and programs specialized groups of neurons or ‘ diskettes ’ in the brain. The more evolved is the brain, the greater is its capacity to manifest accurately higher currents coming from mental centers. “ a healthy future for man ” Meditation, which helps the brain organize and fuse closer to the mental body, actually prepares a healthy future for man. Because it is the brain that manages the health of the body, the more organized the mind of man is, the greater is his probability of survival. The brain is an independent organ in the sense that it continues to work, even if the mental body is suspended. The reason for this is that certain neurons are like automatic record/play-back machines. But the task of meditation is not only to bring the brain under the full control of the human soul via the mental body, but is also to erase certain ‘ diskettes ’ which contain programs inherited from millions of years of living in the human or animal kingdoms. “ building the rainbow bridge ” Meditation, in building the Rainbow Bridge between the body, emotions, mental body, and Spiritual Triad, gives man an opportunity to bring 42

The future of humanity does not exist in medicine or in physics but in meditation, using visualization, creative imagination, and, in higher cases, through direct command, to create, to heal or to destroy. Through meditation a person can introduce beneficent changes in his genes and DNA by contacting their prototypes ... the permanent atoms in the etheric, astral, and mental bodies.

A human soul advances, like any cell or neuron, through specializing himself so that he is suitable for greater and greater labor. The process of specialization is carried on through meditation. Through meditation, specialized cells and neurons are trained and drawn to their right locations. Through meditation, the human soul is

Spiritual India, September - October 2006

specialized and drawn to the location where it will be of greatest service. “ begin to live consciously ” The promotion of a cell or neuron is controlled by the programming impressed upon the human soul. This programming continues until the person begins to live consciously as a self-conscious soul using his mechanisms as a separate unit. From this moment onward, the specialization process of his cells, neurons, and atoms comes under the conscious control of the human soul through meditation. “ graduation ” Through meditation ... the lower atoms, cells, and neurons graduate, take initiations, and serve in greater capacity in the whole mechanism.


Medicine, in general, is centered around chemistry and diet. But ideas, dreams, visions, hope, courage, daring, and heroism are also foods which create very special chemicals in our system ! Meditation increases a pro-survival chemistry in our system ! “ space medicine ” Space medicine is becoming a reality. Through meditation, the human soul absorbs elements in space which are not composed of matter but are composed of mental or intuitional substances. By absorbing such elements through meditation, the human soul creates chemical compounds in the body which help the body survive in unbelievable conditions. “ learn to meditate ” It is important for people to learn to meditate and enrich their spheres with good thoughts, good emotions, and joy if they want to live a happier life. All of this is possible through the science of meditation.

This is what we call the process of transmutation, transformation, and transfiguration as far as the personality is concerned. After that, the process of resurrection begins to penetrate into intuitional, atmic, and monadic levels and build the subtle mechanism through which the human soul contacts a greater universe.

material excerpted from the book “ Dynamics of The Soul ” by Torkom Saraydarian published by T.S.G. Publishing Foundation, Inc ... grateful acknowledgements ... edit-team

43 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

Suniti Sharma


I am Suniti Sharma. I was born and brought up in Delhi in an educated, reputed and respected family with a thoroughly enjoyable childhood.

Jammu, I got the darshan of maa durga on the way itself and the high fever lasting for ten days vanished with no traces of weakness whatsoever !

Despite being married in a respectable family of Doctors and having three beautiful children, a post graduate degree in obstetrics and gynaecologist by profession ... and having a decent government job with Indian Railways ... yet, I was leading more or less a mechanical life and kept feeling something ‘ missing ’. I wasn’t a very spiritual person ... yet, I was deeply religious.

However, I was longing for something more ... I didn’t know what it was. I was experiencing lot of restlessness, etc. I was having many interests in various fields like ... giving health programmes on Doordarhsan, opportunities to perform in telefilms ... I was a good painter ... teaching pranic healing in my medical profession for holistic treatment of the patients etc. ... yet, there was an emptiness in life.

Apart from a couple of experiences in the childhood, which had lot of impact as a child, I used often to play as a ‘ Child Krishna ’ in the lush green gardens in my dreams. Once, ‘ Hanuman ’ showed me the exam paper of Hindi two hours before the schedule in my dream ... as I was too sick to go for exams and it was Board examination.

In the year 1984, the first seeds of spirituality were sown by Brahmarshi Patriji ... whom I had known as ‘ bucchi uncle ’ (his pet-name in his family), who introduced so many new words in my vocabulary of spirituality !

I learnt so many new terms like ‘ silver-cord ’, ‘ astral body ’, ‘ astral world ’, various other bodies of ours, explanation about ‘ phantom limb ’ etc. ... all of which I found very fascinating and my first ✤✤✤ session lasted from 11 pm. in the night to 5 am. in Once while going to Vaishnodevi temple in 44 the morning ... without even a blink of eye along
Spiritual India, September - October 2006

with my friend Dr. Sudha Koduri ... elder sister of Patriji.

ear ... “ do meditation ”, I started getting restless as to : Who’s voice was it ? What is meditation ? How to do meditation ? Where should I learn to do meditation ?

In the year 1996, my restlessness increased to such a pitch that I started desperately to pine for my guru. When the student is ripe to start on the spiritual path the guru himself makes an appearance ! And, for me, it happened in a dramatic way !

One fine day, while I was resting in the duty room of the hospital where I was working, while reading the book of Vivekananda on Raja Yoga, something compelled me to look sideways and lo and behold ... none other than Sai Baba sitting and smiling on the sofa was lying there ! It was 28th October 1996, I was puzzled and elated and it lasted for about forty five seconds !

I was longing to reach India and home and the day I reached ... I sat in the ‘ pooja room ’ of my house with eyes closed with all the questions in my mind ... to get some direction ... and lo and behold ... it was Sai Baba over the third eye screen again ... dictating me many things about the future and said “ You will soon get help for meditation ”.

I did not talk about this to anyone but then there were so many things, experiences, dreams happening one after the other in my life ... I knew intuitively that I was heading for ‘ something ’ ! Since then, there was no looking back on the onward inner journey. Within a week of that, I had another experience at Mumbai where I had gone for a conference. The last day of my stay there it was midnight ... I was sleeping ... yet, I was awakened by a bright golden white light all around ! And here again ... I saw Sai Baba sitting by my bedside ... and he told me so many things, which he said would unfold over time !

Shortly, Patriji happened to come to Delhi and I happened to come in contact with him after a long gap of fourteen years ... and the super specialist in the science of meditation taught me the correct way of meditation !

The impact of his words was so powerful ... it stays on with me till today ! His inspirational statement was : “ Once you know about the final goal of your life ... why not try to achieve it first and then live life king-size ! ”

His method of teaching was very simple, calming, soothing ... yet very concrete and effective. Although the impact was very strong, I discontinued meditation after about six months, as I could not spare more time due to the job and family responsibilities.

Another five months, I happened to go for a workshop to U.S.A. and Canada ... wherein, apart from many significant happenings, throughout the six weeks tour I had just two words ringing in my

However, I continued communion with Sai Baba and during meditation there was an ushering of visions of great beings like Buddha, Shiva,

45 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

Hanuman, Einstein, Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna, etc. I also happened to have the glimpse of my previous birth as a monastic in a Himalyan cave.

The experience is as live in me, now, as it was nine years back !

One fine day, while in meditation, I saw a long fair hand coming towards my forehead and it touched with the thumb which turned into a flame in my inner gaze and I was engulfed in a feeling of heat and tingling sensation in the physical body at the ajna chakra. Slowly, the flame transformed into a live Shirdi Sai ... which stayed for full nine days of navratri. It was such a very blissful feeling ! I could not see anything else without first seeing My Beloved Sai with eyes open ... and like a pasted photo on my third eye screen in my inner gaze ... I had the vision continuously for full nine days. On the tenth day (which happens to be his maha samadhi day), I saw him getting up from his stone throne and walking up to a garden and he sat under a tree on a bench and I had the wonderful darshan of Sai Trinity.

Another time, during meditation, I saw the purification process being done on me in four stages, each one on a different day of meditation. I saw hundreds of Masters sitting and chanting together in a strong vibrating repetitive omkar around the havan kund, which was a flame and I saw myself standing in the havan kund with no feeling of pain at all. After a few days, the next stage was shown where-in, my half body being black turning to grey. The next stage was that whole body turned into ashes collection in the havan kund as a heap of ashes and the final one it was shown that Sai Baba was sitting by that side of havan kund and was saying : “ all your old samskaras have been burnt ” and he blessed me with his smile !

One very frequent vision I used to have was ... the whole third eye screen would turn into a liquid

46 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

metal which would take the shape of Shirdi Sai Baba and melting back again into formless. I would often see a tall fair figure of Shirdi Sai ... mixed amidst crowds in a market-place or so and then disappearing.


While walking on this path, one will find peace and calmness on one side and simultaneously restlessness of another type ... spiritual type ... on the other side !

My second phase of meditation started some months back when I was desperately feeling that my inner progress had come to a standstill for almost an year.

With meditation, I feel increase in awareness, expansion of consciousness, clarity of thoughts and intuitive wisdom.

I was really begging The Almighty for help and once again Patriji was there to give me a big jolt and push, after a gap of another nine years which was very much required ! Thus, materializing my vision of sitting inside a pyramid which was tied in the form of a gift from top with a calm feeling of home-coming with a light hearted feeling. It was a gift from above indeed !

Throughout this inner journey, I was constantly helped in various ways ... like meeting the right type of people and reading the right type of inspirational books. I was fortunate to read ... Shivananda, Vivekananda, Sai literature, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, YSS literature by Paramhansa Yogananda ... other New Age spiritual books as suggested by Mr. Sai Kumar Reddy, and my friend Dr. Sudha. The first book to start with was “ Autobiography of a Yogi ” by Paramahansa Yogananda, back in the year 1983, given by none other than Patriji !

Meditation changed my life dramatically ! A sharp turn indeed ... inwardly. I now understand the meaning of meditation. It means to unwind oneself back to the core ... and recognizing the all powerful SELF. And, in that unwinding, you will face so many ups and downs in the form of obstacles.

As my understanding was unfolding, many things became absolutely clear ! Obstacles do occur in this path ... because of past negative karma. However, because of meditation, there is a clear shortening of karmic negativity. Many births do get compressed into a couple of births perhaps ! May be, the present life time will even become the ... ‘ last one ’ !

I do have an intense desire to inspire people towards the benefits of meditation, relying on their inner energies instead of depending wholly on medication.

I thank a million times The Almighty, which is within me ... Unseen Power called God ... for giving me continuous help and special thanks to my enlightened teacher ... Patriji ... for the help, for accomplishing the tenuous journey of myself to my SELF !
Suniti Sharma

251-6B-P.K. Road - Railway Officer’s Enclave - New Delhi - 55 ... ph : 0 98992 20398

47 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

David R. Hawkins

Dr. David Hawkins is an author, mystic, spiritual teacher, and psychiatrist in Sedona. Arizona. Dr. Hawkins is a proponent of using ‘ applied kinesiology ’ to calibrate the consciousness level of ideas, things, and people. He directs the Institute for Advanced Spiritual Research. The objectives of Dr. Hawkins’ research and teaching are to facilitate spiritual understanding and to confirm the reality of spiritual truth in the individual as well as society. His unique spiritual journey ... in his own words ... excerpted from the book “ Power ... edit-team vs Force ” published in the year 1987.

We become healthy, as well as wealthy, by being wise ! what is wisdom ? It’s the result of aligning with high-power attractor patterns. “ attractors create context ! ” In essence, this means that one’s motive, which arises from the principles that one is committed to, determines one’s capacity to understand and, therefore, gives significance to one’s actions. “ alignment with principle ” The effect of a alignment with principle is never more striking than in its physiological consequences. Vibrant health follows alignment with highenergy attractor patterns ... alignment with weak patterns results in disease. That this syndrome is specific and predictable, and can be proven through a demonstration meeting the scientific criterion of 100 percent replicability, is a fact that by now is familiar.

endorphins and have a tonic effect on all of the organs ... adverse stimuli release adrenaline, which suppresses immune response and instantaneously causes both weakness and even breakdown of specific organs, depending on the nature of the stimulus.

This clinical phenomenon forms the basis for such treatments as chiropractic, acupuncture, reflexology, and many others. These therapies, however, are usually designed to correct the results of an energy imbalance, but unless the basic attitude that’s causing the energy imbalance is corrected, the illness tends to return. “ self-help groups ” People by the millions in self-help groups have demonstrated that health and recovery from the entire gamut of human behavioral problems and illnesses comes as a result of adopting attitudes correlated with high-energy attractor patterns ... that is spiritual. “ positive attitudes ” Generally speaking, physical and mental soundness are attendant upon positive attitudes, whereas poor physical and mental health are associated with such negative attitudes as resentment, jealousy, hostility, self-pity, fear, anxiety, and the like.

The human central nervous system clearly has an exquisitely sensitive capacity to differentiate between life supportive and life destructive patterns. High-power attractor energy patterns, which make the body go strong, release brain 48

Spiritual India, September - October 2006

In the field of psychoanalysis, positive attitudes are called ‘ welfare emotions ’, and the negative ones are called ‘ emergency emotions ’. Chronic immersion in emergency emotions results in ill-health and a gross weakening of one’s personal power. “ seek good company ! ” How does one overcome negative attitudes so as to avoid this deterioration of power and health? Clinical observation indicates that the patient must reach a decision ... a sincere desire for change allows one to seek higher attractor energy patterns in their various expressions. For instance, one doesn’t get over pessimism by associating with cynics ... the popular idea that you’re defined by the company you keep does have some clinical basis. “ you get it by osmosis ! ” Attractor patterns tend to dominate any field ... thus, all that’s really necessary is to expose oneself to a high-energy field and one’s inner attitudes will spontaneously begin to change. This is a well-known phenomenon among self-help groups ... it’s reflected in the saying, “Just bring the body to the meeting ”. If you merely expose yourself to the influence of higher patterns, they begin to ‘ rub off ’, or, as it’s been said, “ You get it by osmosis ”. “ all stress is internally generated ! ” Traditional medicine generally holds that stress is the cause of many human disorders and illnesses. The problem with this diagnosis is that it doesn’t accurately address the source of the stress. It looks to blame external circumstances, without realizing that all stress is internally generated by one’s attitudes. It isn’t life’s events, but one’s reaction to them, that activates the symptoms of stress.

“ attitudes stem from positions ” Challenges on the job can result in stimulation or anxiety, depending on whether one’s supervisor is perceived to be a ‘ teacher ’ or an ‘ ogre ’. Our attitudes stem from our positions, and our positionality has to do with motive and context. According to the overall way that we interpret the meaning of events, the same situation may be tragic or comic. In the choice of attitude ... one chooses between anabolic endorphins or catabolic adrenaline.

It would be foolish to claim that the only impacts on our health are those originating internally, for impersonal elements of the physical world can also increase or decrease our strength.

Synthetics, plastics, artificial coloring, preservatives, insecticides, and artificial sweetener etc., make the body go weak ... whereas substances that are pure, organic, or made by human hands tend to make us go strong. Organic vitamin C, is far superior to chemically produced. “ acceptance and compassion ” It’s a foible of human nature to stoutly defend an established position despite overwhelming evidence against it ... the only healthy way to deal with such lack of recognition is acceptance. Once we really understand the human condition we’ll feel compassion where we once might have felt condemnation. Compassion is one of the highest of all of the energy attractor power patterns. Our capacity to understand, forgive, and accept is directly linked to our personal health.

material excerpted from the book “ Power VS Force ” by David R. Hawkins published by Hay House, Inc ... grateful acknowledgements ... edit-team

49 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

Dr. Michael Newton

Dr. Michael Newton, is a world renowned hypnotherapist. He is a member of the American Counselling Association. He has been on the faculty for higher educational institutions as a teacher while active in private practice in Los Angeles. Dr. Newton developed his own age regression techniques in order to effectively take hypnosis subjects beyond their past life memories to a more meaningful soul experience between lives. In 1998, he received the annual award from the “ Most Unique Contribution ” in bridging mind, body and spirit from the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists. He is now residing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. A few excerpts from his book “Journey of Souls ”... edit-team

“ journey back home ” Group placement is determined by soul level. After physical death, a soul’s journey back home ends with debarkation into the space reserved for their own colony, as long as they are not a very young soul or isolated for other reasons. The souls represented in these cluster groups are intimate old friends who have about the same awareness level. “ a soul cluster group ” When people in trance speak of being part of a soul cluster group, they are talking about a small primary unit of entities who have direct and frequent contact, such as we would see in a human family. Peer members have a sensitivity to each other which is far beyond our conception on Earth. “ spiritual ponds ” Secondary groups of souls are arranged in the form of a community support groups which is much less intimate with one another. Larger secondary groups of entities are made up of giant sets of primary clusters as lily pads in one pond. Spiritual ponds appear to be endless ! Within these ponds, I have never heard of a secondary group estimated at less than a thousand souls.


It is rare for me to find souls involved with each other in any meaningful way who are members of two different secondary groups, because the number of souls is so great it is not necessary. “ inner circle ” The smaller sub-group primary clusters vary in number, containing anywhere from three to twenty-five souls. The average assemblage is around fifteen, which is called the Inner Circle. Any working contact between members of different cluster groups is governed by the lessons to be learned during an incarnation. This may be due to a past life connection, or the particular identity trait of the souls involved.

Soul acquaintanceships between members of different cluster groups usually involve peripheral roles in life on Earth. An example would be a high school classmate who was once a close friend, but who you now see only at class reunions.

The many primary group clusters which make up one secondary group seem to have sporadic relationships, or no contact at all between clusters.

Members of the same cluster group are closely united for all eternity. These tightly-knit clusters are often composed of like-minded souls with common objectives which they continually work out with each other. Usually they choose lives together as relatives and close friends during their incarnations on Earth.

material excerpted from the book “Journey of Souls ” by Michael Newton published by Llewellyn Publications St. Paul, Minnesota ... grateful acknowledgements ... edit-team

50 Spiritual India, September - October 2006


Rasha ... is a healer, channel, and author, who has served as a conduit of divine guidance since 1987. She has dedicated herself to addressing the profound spiritual awakening that is a hallmark of these times. February, 1998, Rasha received the teachings from “ One-ness”. A few excerpts from “ One-ness” .. grateful acknowledgments to the publishers. edit-team

“ radical transformation ” The world as you know it will undergo radical transformations in the times to come ! For the world as you know it to be is, in fact, dematerializing in the wake of the momentum that is driving all creation. “ significant shift ” The changes are taking form in subtle increments. And, often, one does not even notice that a significant shift has occurred. But, from the perspective of a broader vision, one will be able to look back upon these times with wonderment. And those of you who will have retained your physical form will have fascinating stories to tell as to how these changes came to be ! “ an act of courage ” Your willingness to be in physical form during these changes is an act of courage. For, it would have been far easier to wait until the dust had settled and simply manifest into more favorable circumstances ! You, who read these words, are among those who chose to experience the

transformational journey in physical form and to have the experience of physical ascension. “ current infants ” The beings now in their physical infancy will exhibit abilities that would have been considered most unusual, not long ago. These beings are incarnating fully equipped to cope in a world that neither you nor they have seen, as yet.

It will be a natural condition of humanness to become telepathic, not only with other humans but also with other life forms and with other dimensional forms of existence. The phenomenon of channeling will come to be considered commonplace. The very young amongst you know this instinctively and will demonstrate far less attraction to the otherworldly and the unexplained than do present adult generations. The very young will be absorbed in the wonder of being alive and with their formidable skills in manipulating their reality to produce what they want to experience.

material excerpted from the book “ One-ness ” by Rasha published by Jodere Group, San Diego, California ... grateful acknowledgements ... edit-team

51 Spiritual India, September - October 2006

1 Meditate in the right way... i.e., Anapanasati,... and teach everyone this same way of Anapanasati. 2 Read right spiritual books, e.g.,books by Osho, Rampa, Castaneda, Jane Roberts, Annie Besant, Deepak Chopra, Brian Weiss, Sylvia Browne etc. 4 Spend... much time... every day silence. 6 Utilise pyramid power for meditation, as much as possible. 8 Never eat meat; no eggs ! Eat according to need, not according to greed. 10 Never indulge in ‘ spiritual ’ clothing, or ‘ sacred ’ body marks. 12 Learn to live as Masters and never as disciples. 14 Not indulge in the worship of idols, or worship of Living Masters. 16 Enjoy normal family lives, and give joy to all other beings. 18 Publish meditational experiences and personal spiritual transformation. www . pss . org www . pss . org

3 Exchange meditational experiences and life-wisdom with everyone. 5 Utilise full moon and new moon nights for meditation. 7 Give-up medicines; meditational energy heals. only

9 Spend much time in environments of pure nature e.g., forests etc. 11 Impart meditation training to children, right from their early child-hood. 13 Reject money exchanges in meditation-training programs. 15 Solve all individual personal problems using own meditational strength. 17 Establish Meditation Centres in all villages, towns and cities. www . pss . org


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Let’s establish Vegetarianism and Anapanasati ... on a global scale ... at the earliest possible time !