EXAM ● oral exam ● 20 minutes preparation time ● 2 questions on lectures and coursebooks ● 1 question on novels ● 'quiz' on geography/topography and cultural items ● exam will last 10­15 minutes ! mention newspaper articles ! !

 link different subjects of the course ! ! Highest point in Scotland and UK = Ben Neves, 1342m high !

The Angel of the North made by Atony Gormley located in Gateshead (N.E. England) Built on top of a huge mound which used to be waste­material of a mine. Symbol of regeneration. The area's fortunes are reviving after years of misfortune after the closing of   the mines. Blackpool Kitschy tourist town Millennium Dome Now called O2 Entertainments District Initially built to be a science center, but was sold to O2 due to lack of interest J­Dawg's Note: possibly the biggest failure in national history + waste of taxpayers' money British Isles = Great Britain, Shetlands, Orkneys, Hebrides, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Isle of   Wight, Anglesey United Kingdom = the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland = England, Scotland,   Wales, Northern Ireland, several smaller islands, 14 overseas territories (such as Malta, Gibraltar), 3   crown dependencies Great Britain = main island of the British isles = England, Scotland, Wales the Britsh; Britons; Brits (informal) – U.K. the English; Englishmen; Englishwomen; Poms (by Australians) – England the Scots; Scottish; Scotsmen; Scotswomen – Scotland the Welsh; Welshmen; Welshwomen; Taffs (by English) – Wales the Irish; Irishmen; Irishwomen ­ Ireland Scots = group of people;scottish law; scottish language

English Lake District Highlands William Wordsworth English Counties Hadrian's Wall Snake Pass English industrial centers in the 19th century English map quiz online Scotland's Isles: Hebrides and others Highest point in Scotland and the U.K.: Ben Neves, 1342m high. Loch = Lake

Highest point in Wales.
Welsh: Eryri Or: Snowdonia National Park – Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri A region of North Wales and a national park, of 838 square miles (2,170km²) in area. It also has 60km of coastline. In 1951 it became the first of three designated National Parks in Wales. The English name for the area derives from Snowdon, which is the highest mountain in Wales, at 1085 metres (3,560 feet). The Wels word Eryri means Highlands. It is commonly assumed however, that it's derived from eryr ('eagle'). Snowdonia is made up of both public and private lands under central planning authority. Almost 70% of it is privately owned. More than 26,000 people live in the park, of whom about 62% speak Welsh. It is the third most visited park in England and Wales. There is a significant amount of agricultural activity in the park. Since the government re-organisation of 1998, the park lies partly in the county of Gwynedd, and partly in the country borough of Conwy. It is governed by the 18-member Snowdonia National Park Authority, 9 of whom are appointed by Gwynedd, 3 by Conwy, and the remaining 6 by the National Assembly of Wales. Snowdonia National Park has a hole in the middle, around the town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, a slate quarrying centre. This was deliberatly excluded from the park when it was set up in order to allow the development of new light industry to replace the decimated slate industry.

Norther Ireland is also referred to as Ulster Geographical position of Greenwich: 0° Longitude, between 50°N and 60°N Latitude Britain: 93,025 square miles (240,842 km² SEE SLIDES

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