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1om Wolf belleves LhaL ennsylvanla's besL days are ahead of us - where a dynamlc and growlng
economy wlll offer opporLunlLles and help sLrengLhen Lhe mlddle class.

unforLunaLely, 1om CorbeLL and Parrlsburg pollLlclans have falled ennsylvanla. lnsLead of lnvesLlng ln
our fuLure, 1om CorbeLL has cuL educaLlon whlle glvlng masslve Lax breaks Lo speclal lnLeresLs.

1om Wolf wlll Lake sLaLe governmenL ln a dlfferenL dlrecLlon wlLh a sLraLeglc focus on maklng
ennsylvanla an englne for economlc developmenL and a magneL for prlvaLe secLor enLrepreneurs who
wlll creaLe good, hlgh wage [obs and grow Lhe mlddle class. Speclflcally, he wlll:

Leve| the |ay|ng I|e|d: 1om Wolf wlll focus on creaLlng [obs and sLrengLhenlng Lhe mlddle class
by promoLlng pollcles LhaL:
o CreaLe lncome Lax falrness for Lhe mlddle class,
o 8alse Lhe mlnlmum wage and expand Lhe rlghL Lo pald slck days,
o Close Lhe uelaware loophole and end unfalr Lax credlL programs,
o Change Parrlsburg by enacLlng eLhlcs reforms lncludlng sLrlcL llmlLs on glfLs and
Lransparency ln governmenL conLracLlng,
o SupporL campalgn flnance reform, proLecL full access Lo Lhe balloL box for voLers on
LlecLlon uay, and end gerrymanderlng,
o rovlde equal access ln Lhe workforce and supporL workers' rlghLs, and
o Lnhance Lechnology Lo provlde more Lransparency ln governmenL servlces and develop
lnnovaLlve pollcy soluLlons.

Iocus State Government on repar|ng for 21
Century Iobs: 1om Wolf wlll place a Lop prlorlLy
on one of Lhe mosL lmporLanL funcLlons of governmenL - maklng sure ennsylvanla's educaLlon
sysLem ls second Lo none. Pe wlll:
o SupporL unlversal access Lo re-k programs for 3- and 4-year olds,
o 8esLore Covernor CorbeLL's educaLlon fundlng cuLs, lncrease Lhe SLaLe's share of
educaLlon fundlng, and creaLe a falr fundlng formula,
o Pold CharLer School and Cyber CharLer School accounLable for sLudenL ouLcomes by
lmprovlng overslghL,
o lmprove academlc ouLcomes, lncenLlvlze lnnovaLlon ln our classrooms, and expand
S1LM programmlng,
o SupporL Leachers and educaLlon professlonals,
o lncrease access Lo hlgher educaLlon for lower and mlddle-class famllles, and address Lhe
rlslng cosLs of hlgher educaLlon,

o Work Lo keep ennsylvanla sLudenLs ln ennsylvanla, and
o Allgn employer and sLaLe workforce developmenL resources.

Lxp|o|t the Innate Strengths of ennsy|van|a's Lconomy: 1om Wolf wlll push Lo explolL
ennsylvanla's unlque poslLlon as a connecLor beLween crlLlcal energy, agrlculLural,
manufacLurlng, and oLher suppllers and ma[or populaLlon and demand cenLers Lhrough pollcles
o Llnk suppllers and demand cenLers wlLh new lnvesLmenLs ln rall, porLs, plpellnes, and
communlcaLlon lnfrasLrucLure,
o 8evlLallze our communlLles and encourage smarL growLh,
o losLer lnnovaLlon and commerclallze academlc research,
o SLrengLhen our Lechnology secLor, and
o Lxpand Medlcald and lmprove paLlenL servlces.

Use our natura| resources to our fu|| advantage: 8ecause of 1om CorbeLL, ennsylvanla ls Lhe
only sLaLe ln Lhe counLry wlLhouL an exLracLlon Lax. 1om Wolf belleves LhaL ennsylvanla should
Lake advanLage of lLs LradlLlonal energy resources Lo [ump sLarL Lhe new energy economy and
modernlze lnfrasLrucLure. 1o do Lhls, he wlll:
o LnacL a 3 percenL exLracLlon Lax on naLural gas and use Lhls revenue Lo sLraLeglcally
lnvesL ln ennsylvanla schools, lnfrasLrucLure, and Lhe developmenL of clean energy
o CreaLe new rules and regulaLlons Lo govern naLural gas exLracLlon, whlch wlll proLecL our
resldenLs and envlronmenL, and hold drlllers responslble,
o Leverage naLural gas-based buslnesses Lo expand our manufacLurlng secLor,
o Lxpand clean energy and energy efflclenL buslnesses and lndusLrles, and
o 8elnvesL ln our SLaLe arks and SLaLe loresLs.

1om Wolf wlll fund hls lresh SLarL agenda wlLh a flve percenL exLracLlon Lax on naLural gas, a 30 percenL
Lax on smokeless Lobacco and clgars, closlng Lax loopholes, addresslng speclal lnLeresL Lax subsldles,
reformlng Lhe CorporaLe neL lncome 1ax, lmprovlng and modernlzlng governmenL operaLlons, and
bulldlng prlvaLe parLnershlps.

1hrough Lhls sLraLeglc focus, 1om Wolf wlll glve ennsylvanla a fresh sLarL and drlve economlc growLh
for ennsylvanla's mlddle class, wlLh lLs abundanL naLural resources, vlbranL agrlculLural lndusLrles,
world class unlverslLles and colleges, and lLs ldeal locaLlon as Lhe LransporLaLlon hub beLween Lhe LasL
CoasL, MldwesL and world markeLs.



!"#$#%&" (!$!)*+ *$, #--#(./$&.&!0 1#( .2! 1/./(!

1om Wolf belleves LhaL ennsylvanla's besL days are ahead of us - where a dynamlc and growlng
economy wlll offer opporLunlLles and sLrengLhen Lhe mlddle class by provldlng greaLer access for every
clLlzen ln Lhe CommonwealLh wllllng Lo work and lnvesL ln Lhe fuLure. 1om Wolf wanLs Lo glve
ennsylvanla a fresh sLarL - Lo make Lhe CommonwealLh Lhe naLlon's keysLone" for economlc growLh
wlLh lLs abundanL naLural resources, vlbranL agrlculLural lndusLrles, world class unlverslLles and colleges,
and lLs ldeal locaLlon as Lhe LransporLaLlon hub beLween Lhe LasL CoasL, MldwesL and world markeLs.

As governor, 1om Wolf wlll be a dlfferenL Lype of leader. Pe'll work Lo revoluLlonlze ennsylvanla's
economy Lhrough lnnovaLlve pollcles on Lhe sLaLe level. under Covernor CorbeLL, ennsylvanla has
fallen from 7Lh Lo 41sL ln [ob creaLlon and Lhere are nearly 300,000 unemployed ennsylvanlans. 1oo
many corporaLlons pay no lncome Lax ln ennsylvanla whlle small buslnesses and workers sLruggle, we
need Lo level Lhe playlng fleld. CorbeLL has puL corporaLlons and Lhe wealLhy over Lhe mlddle class, and
as a resulL we've losL ouL on Lhousands of good-paylng [obs.

1om Wolf's lresh SLarL wlll Lap ennsylvanla's enormous growLh poLenLlal by drawlng on all of Lhe
CommonwealLh's resources - maklng opporLunlLles open Lo workers of all ages, genders, races, rellglons
and orlenLaLlons. ennsylvanla sLaLe governmenL has a sLraLeglc role Lo play ln seLLlng Lhe Lable" for
prlvaLe secLor lnvesLmenLs and economlc growLh, wheLher LhaL be ln expandlng pre-klndergarLen
educaLlon programs, educaLlng our youLh for college, workforce developmenL or Lechnlcal poslLlons,
bulldlng Lhe 21
CenLury lnfrasLrucLure of communlcaLlons and shlpplng sysLems, aLLracLlng lnvesLmenLs
ln research and developmenL of new producLs or Lhe commerclallzaLlon of exlsLlng academlc research,
allowlng ennsylvanla Lo serve as an economlc keysLone by expandlng lLs role as a LransporLaLlon nexus
beLween suppllers and manufacLurers and ma[or u.S. and world markeLs, and sLrengLhenlng our world
class healLh care sysLem for young people, famllles and senlors wheLher Lhey llve ln urban or rural areas.

1om Wolf wanLs Lo Lake sLaLe governmenL ln a dlfferenL dlrecLlon wlLh a sLraLeglc focus on maklng
ennsylvanla an englne for economlc developmenL and a magneL for prlvaLe secLor enLrepreneurs who
wlll creaLe good, hlgh wage [obs. 1om Wolf's lresh SLarL wlll level Lhe playlng fleld, focus sLaLe
governmenL on preparlng resldenLs for 21sL cenLury [obs, explolL Lhe lnnaLe sLrengLhs of ennsylvanla's
economy, and use our naLural resources Lo our full advanLage.


+!3!+ .2! -+*4&$5 1&!+,

1om Wolf's lresh SLarL Agenda wlll focus on maklng sure LhaL all ennsylvanlans have Lhe opporLunlLy Lo
Lhrlve ln ennsylvanla. 8lghL now, Loo many mlddle-class ennsylvanlans feel llke Lhey cannoL geL ahead
because 1om CorbeLL has puL hls donors and speclal lnLeresLs flrsL. 1hls lresh SLarL wlll requlre new
approaches Loward Lax falrness, ralslng Lhe mlnlmum wage, solldlfylng Lhe rlghL Lo pald slck leave, and
maklng sure LhaL workers of all ages, lncomes, genders, races and orlenLaLlon have equal access Lo
ennsylvanla [obs and markeLs. 1om Wolf wlll also work Lo change Parrlsburg by reformlng campalgn
flnance rules and lnsLlLuLlng eLhlcs reforms such as sLrlcL llmlLs on glfLs so LhaL all clLlzens and lndusLrles
have an equal access Lo sLaLe governmenL - noL [usL Lhose wlLh well-connecLed lobbylsLs. llnally,
smarLer managemenL and more Lransparency and lnformaLlon on how sLaLe Lax dollars are spenL wlll
ensure Lhls revenue ls sLreLched furLher.

State Lth|cs keforms - G|ft 8ans, G|ft L|m|ts and Lnd|ng Crony Lega| Contracts

1om Wolf wlll Lake on Lhe culLure of Parrlsburg and demand change. As 8evenue SecreLary, 1om Wolf
Lurned down Lhe perks, donaLed hls salary Lo charlLy, and drove hls own !eep all across ennsylvanla Lo
meeL wlLh more Lhan 2,000 workers and learn abouL Lhelr [obs. AddlLlonally, he puL all of hls asseLs ln a
bllnd LrusL.

As governor, 1om Wolf wlll conLlnue Lo puL Lhe besL lnLeresLs of hardworklng ennsylvanlans above
speclal lnLeresLs by enacLlng eLhlcs reforms. Pe wlll make ennsylvanla a naLlonal leader on governmenL
conLracLlng reforms, and place sLrlcL llmlLs on Lhe glfLs" LhaL sLaLe elecLed offlclals and sLaLe clvll
servanLs are allowed Lo accepL.

Gett|ng k|d of "G|fts" as a Way to Do 8us|ness |n narr|sburg: As governor, 1om Wolf wlll Lake
sLeps Lo reduce Lhe lnfluence of glfL glvlng" and lncrease Lhe publlc's access Lo lnformaLlon on
any glfLs" recelved by elecLed offlclals and clvll servanLs. llrsL, 1om Wolf wlll esLabllsh a glfL ban
for all of hls pollLlcal appolnLees ln sLaLe governmenL. 1om's rule on glfLs" for hlmself, hls
Covernor's Cfflce sLaff, and hls pollLlcal appolnLees Lo sLaLe Agencles and sLaLe 8oards wlll be a
slmple one: [usL say no Lhanks." 1he rule wlll be easy Lo apply and easy Lo reporL - no free
lunches, no free LlckeLs Lo ball games, and no free Lrlps Lo conferences or vacaLlon resorLs. 1hls
approach wlll noL requlre new laws or regulaLlons, [usL 1om Wolf's requlremenL LhaL lf you come
and work for hlm ln Parrlsburg, Lhere wlll be no glfLs" as parL of your [ob.

Second, 1om Wolf wlll lnLroduce leglslaLlon seLLlng sLrlcLer llmlLs and reporLlng requlremenLs for
all sLaLe employees and elecLed offlclals bannlng any glfLs" over $23 ln value. 8eclplenLs of glfLs
of $23 or less wlll be requlred Lo submlL a reporL of Lhe name, address, and employer of Lhe
donor wlLhln LhlrLy days of recelpL, and a summary reporL of all glfLs recelved durlng Lhe
prevlous calendar year by !anuary 13Lh of Lhe followlng year. AccepLlng glfLs above Lhe $23

Lhreshold or falllng Lo reporL glfLs recelved wlll be punlshable by a clvll flne LhaL can be deducLed
from Lhe paycheck of an elecLed offlclal or clvll servanL.

1hese Lwo slmple rules wlll go a long way Lo resLorlng publlc LrusL and lnLegrlLy ln Parrlsburg.
8oLh rules are slmple Lo admlnlsLer, posL onllne, and wlll noL cosL Laxpayers any addlLlonal
fundlng. 1om Wolf wlll make sure LhaL voLers have easy and LransparenL access Lo lnformaLlon
on glfLs" Lo elecLed offlclals and clvll servanLs and LhaL hls sLaff wlll say no Lhanks" Lo all glfLs
however large or small.

L||m|nat|ng Crony Contracts for Law I|rms: 1om Wolf wlll slgn an LxecuLlve Crder bannlng no
bld" conLracLs Lo prlvaLe law flrms. WrlLLen [usLlflcaLlon wlll be requlred before any conLracLs for
ouLslde counsel could be slgned ln a Wolf admlnlsLraLlon, and any hlrlng of ouLslde law flrms wlll
be Lhrough compeLlLlve blds. 1hls wlll allow Lhe publlc Lo know why a law flrm's servlces are
needed ln Lhe flrsL place.

Covernor CorbeLL has spenL Lhe lasL year paylng prlvaLe law flrms mllllons ln Laxpayer dollars Lo
pursue a pollLlcal agenda. AL a Llme when school dlsLrlcLs are sLruggllng Lo close budgeL holes, lL
ls unaccepLable Lo be wasLlng Laxpayer dollars on no-bld" legal conLracLs. 8uL, slnce 2012,
Covernor CorbeLL's offlce has spenL aL leasL $6.4 mllllon on ouLslde counsel Lo: defend hls plan
Lo prlvaLlze Lhe ennsylvanla LoLLery, defend hls unwarranLed voLer ldenLlflcaLlon law, pursue a
baseless lawsulL agalnsL Lhe nCAA, and argue (unsuccessfully) LhaL Lhe sLaLe has no
consLlLuLlonal responslblllLy Lo adequaLely fund publlc schools. 1hls $6.4 mllllon ln fees does noL
lnclude Lhe mllllons of dollars Covernor CorbeLL wlll spend Lo defend hls gay marrlage ban.

8egardless of one's poslLlon on Lhese conLroverslal lssues, everyone can agree LhaL Lhere ls no
Lransparency ln Lhe way Covernor CorbeLL has hlred ouLslde counsel. no one knows exacLly how
Lhese flrms were selecLed, buL ln Lhe ChesLer upland School ulsLrlcL case, Covernor CorbeLL has
pald almosL $1.4 mllllon Lo hls former chlef of sLaff's law flrm. ln anoLher example, Lamb
McLrlane, a law flrm hlred Lo defend CorbeLL's aLLack on gay marrlage, has donaLed almosL
$40,000 Lo Covernor CorbeLL's campalgns.

As governor, 1om Wolf wlll end Lhls lack of Lransparency and lssue an LxecuLlve Crder Lo requlre
a wrlLLen [usLlflcaLlon of need and creaLe a compeLlLlve blddlng process for Lhe hlrlng of ouLslde
counsel. under 1om Wolf, before any conLracL ls lssued Lo a prlvaLe law flrm, Lhe Cfflce of
Ceneral Counsel wlll be requlred Lo lssue wrlLLen [usLlflcaLlon LhaL Lhe need for Lhls legal supporL
ls boLh cosL-effecLlve and ln Lhe publlc's besL lnLeresL. 1hls wrlLLen [usLlflcaLlon musL lnclude
evldence LhaL Lhe Cfflce does noL have Lhe legal or flnanclal resources Lo pursue acLlon on lLs
own, a deLalled esLlmaLe of Lhe Llme and labor LhaL wlll be requlred, and a descrlpLlon of Lhe
speclflc professlonal experLlse needed. Cnce Lhls wrlLLen [usLlflcaLlon ls approved, a requesL for
proposals wlll be lssued and a compeLlLlve blddlng process wlll ensue. 1here wlll be no more no
bld" law flrm conLracLs leL ouL ln a secreL back room process.


Llke oLher compeLlLlve blds, conLracLs wlLh prlvaLe law flrms wlll be handled ln a LransparenL
manner. 8equesLs for proposals, conLracLs, and fee paymenLs wlll be posLed onllne. AddlLlonally,
Lhere wlll be a cap on ouLslde counsel fees Lo conLrol cosLs. 1o ensure LhaL Lhe sLaLe ls nlmble
enough Lo address emergencles as Lhey arlse, 1om Wolf wlll also esLabllsh a compeLlLlvely bld
llsL of pre-approved ouLslde counsel [usL for Lhose emergency slLuaLlons.

Campa|gn I|nance keforms and Improved ub||c Access to kecords: 1om Wolf belleves LhaL
sLronger campalgn flnance and dlsclosure reforms can help reduce Lhe poLenLlal for corrupLlon
ln sLaLe governmenL whlle provldlng Lransparency ln Lhe pollLlcal process ln ennsylvanla. 1hls ls
parLlcularly lmporLanL for ennsylvanla as lL recelved an l" 8aLlng ln a recenL reporL by Lhe
CenLer for ubllc lnLegrlLy, a non-proflL organlzaLlon LhaL measures sLaLes on campalgn flnance
laws. 1he CenLer's SLaLe lnLegrlLy lnvesLlgaLlon 8eporL gave ennsylvanla an l" because of lLs
lack of llmlLs on conLrlbuLlons from lndlvlduals and lobbylsLs comblned wlLh ennsylvanla's poor
publlc access Lo onllne flnance reporLs.

1om Wolf wanLs Lo ralse Lhls falllng grade and make ennsylvanla a naLlonal leader ln
Lransparency and accounLablllLy ln pollLlcs. 1om Wolf wanLs Lo Lake a dlfferenL klnd of approach
ln Parrlsburg and lmplemenL real campalgn flnance reforms.

1he n|gh Cost of kunn|ng for Governor

ennsylvanla's gubernaLorlal campalgns requlre candldaLes Lo ralse mllllons of dollars ln order
Lo be compeLlLlve and effecLlvely communlcaLe wlLh voLers. ln 2010, candldaLes for governor ln
Lhe CommonwealLh spenL more Lhan $36 mllllon on Lhelr prlmary and general elecLlon races.
8oLh Covernor CorbeLL and uan CnoraLo, hls opponenL ln Lhe Ceneral LlecLlon, were among Lhe
blggesL gubernaLorlal candldaLe spenders ln Lhe counLry LhaL year. 1om Wolf belleves LhaL
crlLlcal sLaLe campalgn flnance reforms can help address Lhe role of money ln pollLlcs.

kebu||d|ng ub||c 1rust

As governor, 1om Wolf wlll advocaLe for campalgn flnance reforms and Lake dlrecL acLlons LhaL

SeLLlng campalgn conLrlbuLlon llmlLs of $3,000 per year for lndlvlduals and lobbylsLs,

LsLabllshlng sLrlcLer reporLlng requlremenLs for conLrlbuLlons and laLe flllng fees:

o CandldaLes should be requlred Lo flle monLhly reporLs durlng elecLlon years and
quarLerly reporLs durlng non-elecLlon years. 1o ensure LhaL Lhese reporLs are
avallable Lo Lhe publlc ln a Llmely fashlon, reporLs musL be submlLLed onllne,

o ConLrlbuLlons of $100 or more wlll requlre llsLlng occupaLlon and employer, and
o LaLe flllng fees should be lncreased, and any caps on laLe flllng fees ellmlnaLed.

LsLabllshlng a volunLary publlc flnanclng program funded by a check off box on sLaLe
lncome Lax reLurns for sLaLewlde races. CandldaLes who ralse aL leasL $23,000 and agree
Lo spendlng llmlLs, wlll recelve maLchlng funds for conLrlbuLlons of up Lo $100, and

8equlrlng 3
parLy campalgn organlzaLlons LhaL spend aL leasL $10,000 ln a year Lo
lnfluence elecLlons Lo ldenLlfy all sources of Lhelr fundlng.

lL's Llme Lo change Parrlsburg. We can no longer afford Lo have Lhe appearance of leadershlp
rewardlng campalgn donors aL Lhe expense of hard worklng ennsylvanlans. 1om Wolf wlll make
sure LhaL voLers wlll have easy and LransparenL access Lo lnformaLlon on campalgn conLrlbuLlons.

1ax Ia|rness:
keform|ng Corporate 1axes w|th Lower kates and Iewer Loopho|es

lor Loo long, Parrlsburg has been focused on Lhe well-belng of lnslders, blg corporaLlons, and speclal
lnLeresLs lnsLead of mlddle-class famllles, small buslnesses, and sLruggllng local governmenLs. 1om Wolf
wanLs Lo resLore falrness Lo Lhe ennsylvanla Lax code sLarLlng wlLh measures Lo make sure all
corporaLlons dolng buslness ln Lhe sLaLe pay Lhelr falr share of ennsylvanla Laxes. 1om Wolf wlll:

C|ose the De|aware |oopho|e - 8ecause of Lhe uelaware loophole, 70 percenL of Lhe companles
LhaL do buslness ln Lhe sLaLe do noL pay corporaLe neL lncomes Laxes. 1hls shlfLs Lhe Lax burden
Lo small buslness and lndlvldual clLlzens. 1om Wolf wlll push for Lhe comblned reporLlng" of
corporaLe proflLs, whlch wlll reduce Lhe ablllLy of corporaLlons Lo avold paylng Lhelr falr share,

Lnd spec|a| |nterest tax cred|t g|veaways - ln addlLlon, 1om Wolf wlll ellmlnaLe Lax credlLs for
corporaLlons LhaL do noL creaLe good paylng, mlddle-class [obs ln ennsylvanla, and lnsLead are
[usL dlrecLed Lo well-connecLed buslnesses. 1om Wolf's Lax credlLs wlll be Lled Lo Lhe creaLlon of
good paylng, mlddle-class [obs and conLaln speclflc claw back" provlslons LhaL wlll allow Lhe
sLaLe governmenL Lo geL lLs Lax credlL fundlng back when companles fall Lo malnLaln Lhese [obs
ln ennsylvanla.

8y lmplemenLlng comblned reporLlng and Lax credlL reforms, 1om Wolf wlll be able Lo lower Lhe
corporaLe lncome Lax raLes for ennsylvanla's small buslnesses, whlch sLruggle Lo pay Lhelr Laxes under
Lhe currenL sysLem.

Lconom|c Ia|rness:
Income 1axes, M|n|mum Wage, and a|d S|ck Leave

A rogress|ve Income 1ax: unllke ennsylvanla's nelghborlng sLaLes, ennsylvanla does noL
have a progresslve lncome Lax. lnsLead, ennsylvanla's mllllonalres pay exacLly Lhe same raLe as
Lhelr secreLarles. 1he resulL ls LhaL mllllonalres have a much lower Lax burden, whlle ln
comparlson, ennsylvanla's mlddle class has a hlgher burden. 1om Wolf belleves Lhere ls a
beLLer way Lo move Lhe economy forward, and wlll propose a plan Lo reform ennsylvanla's Lax
code Lo make lL more falr and progresslve. under 1om Wolf's lncome Lax plan, ennsylvanla
workers wlll recelve an exempLlon on Lhelr personal lncome Laxes. 1hls wlll resulL ln every
mlddle-class famlly recelvlng a Lax cuL. 1om Wolf wlll comblne Lhls exempLlon wlLh a new Lax
raLe LhaL wlll shlfL Lhe Lax burden Lo Lhe wealLhlesL ennsylvanlans. 1om Wolf's progresslve Lax
plan wlll ensure LhaL Lhe sLaLe sLlll generaLes Lhe personal lncome Lax revenue needed Lo fund
essenLlal programs and help resLore masslve fundlng cuLs Lo educaLlon programs.

M|n|mum Wage Increase: 1om Wolf supporLs lncreaslng Lhe mlnlmum wage Lo $10.10, and
lndexlng lL Lo lnflaLlon. Accordlng Lo Lhe Lconomlc ollcy lnsLlLuLe, Lhls would ralse wages for 20
percenL of ennsylvanlans, and lead Lo Lhe creaLlon of 3,000 new [obs by 2016. As a buslness
owner, 1om Wolf knows LhaL lnvesLlng ln workers ls Lhe rlghL Lhlng Lo do. Pe belleves LhaL when
you pay your workers well and provlde good beneflLs, everyone wlns. And Lhls vlew ls shared by
economlsLs, who have sLudled Lhe lmpacL of mlnlmum wage lncreases over Lhe lasL 23 years and
have concluded LhaL lncreases ln Lhe mlnlmum wage are noL Lled Lo [ob loss.

Lxpand a|d S|ck Leave o||cy: 8oLh workers and buslnesses know LhaL everyone geLs slck
someLlmes. unforLunaLely, hundreds of Lhousands of ennsylvanla workers do noL have pald
slck Llme. 1hls means LhaL a slngle parenL has Lo make Lhe hard cholce abouL wheLher Lo sLay
home and care for Lhelr slck chlld or go Lo work ln order Lo puL bread on Lhe Lable. Workers
should noL have Lo choose beLween Lhelr healLh and Lhelr [obs -- 1om Wolf wlll work Lo make
pald slck leave avallable Lo all of Lhe hard worklng moms, dads, and careglvers LhroughouL Lhe

Pe wlll push for leglslaLlon based on Lhe ConnecLlcuL model of supporLlng pald slck leave days
for employees of buslnesses wlLh flfLy or more employees. A CenLer for Lconomlc ollcy
8esearch SLudy concluded LhaL 73 percenL of employers supporLed Lhe law one year afLer lLs
lmplemenLaLlon, as employee morale lmproved slgnlflcanLly. 1he SLudy also found LhaL 90
percenL of ConnecLlcuL buslnesses had payroll cosLs LhaL elLher dld noL lncrease or lncreased less
Lhan 3 percenL when Lhe law was lmplemenLed. MosL flrms also reporLed LhaL Lhe average
employee who Look slck leave days used 4.4 of Lhe average alloLLed 7.7 slck leave days avallable.
1om Wolf belleves LhaL ennsylvanla should follow Lhls example because lL ls beLLer for
employees and famllles and ulLlmaLely beLLer for buslnesses.


Lqua| Access to the Workp|ace

WheLher sLandlng up for women's reproducLlve rlghLs, supporLlng mlnorlLy and women-owned
buslnesses, or flghLlng for a sLrong publlc school sysLem and access Lo affordable healLh care, 1om Wolf
has always been a sLrong advocaLe on lssues lmporLanL Lo mlnorlLles, women and Lhelr famllles. ln
addlLlon, 1om Wolf belleves LhaL equal work should be rewarded wlLh equal pay. And 1om Wolf wlll
flghL salary dlscrlmlnaLlon based on age, gender, race, rellglon, or sexual orlenLaLlon Lo ensure LhaL all
workers are LreaLed and pald falrly and equally ln Lhe workplace. 1he ennsylvanla economy, llke 1om
Wolf's own famlly buslness, wlll grow fasLer and more robusLly when Lapplng Lhe LalenLs of all
employees Lhrough equal opporLunlLy hlrlng pracLlces. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll:

Increase women-, m|nor|ty-, and d|sab|ed-owned bus|ness part|c|pat|on |n government
procurement and construct|on contracts - As a ma[or buyer ln Lhe consLrucLlon and
procuremenL markeLs, ennsylvanla should use Lhls purchaslng power Lo promoLe Lhe growLh of
small women-, mlnorlLy -, and dlsabled-owned buslnesses ln Lhe sLaLe. 8y carvlng ouL a
percenLage of governmenL conLracLs LhaL should be awarded Lo Lhese Lypes of buslnesses,
ennsylvanla can supporL Lhe creaLlon of hlgh-paylng, skllled [obs.

1he CommonwealLh has come a long way slnce 2004 when women- and mlnorlLy-owned
conLracLs accounLed for only Lwo percenL of sLaLe spendlng on procuremenL and consLrucLlon
conLracLs. 8y 2013, Accordlng Lo Lhe 8ureau of Small 8uslness CpporLunlLles Annual 8eporL,
Lhese buslnesses accounLed for almosL 22 percenL of governmenL conLracL spendlng. As
governor, 1om Wolf wlll lssue an execuLlve order Lo furLher lncrease parLlclpaLlon of women-,
mlnorlLy-, and dlsabled-owned buslnesses ln sLaLe conLracLlng. 1he goal wlll be for Lhese
buslnesses Lo accounL for 30 percenL of LoLal dollars commlLLed Lo procuremenL and
consLrucLlon conLracLs.

Strengthen the state's equa| pay |aw - Lmployees should be [udged on Lhe quallLy of Lhelr work,
noL Lhelr gender, sexual orlenLaLlon, or race. AL Lhe Wolf CrganlzaLlon, salarles are based on Lhe
quallLy of work produced and, Lhrough a blannual employee revlew process, leadershlp works
hard Lo ensure LhaL Lhere are no pay dlsparlLles. Lven wlLh ennsylvanla's 30-years-old equal
pay law, dlsparlLles ln pay sLlll exlsL for men and women Lasked wlLh Lhe same [ob
responslblllLles. 1he facL LhaL ln 2014, women ln ennsylvanla make 77 cenLs for every one
dollar a man makes ls unaccepLable. Clearly, addlLlonal leglslaLlve acLlon needs Lo be Laken Lo
address Lhls lmbalance. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll sLrengLhen our exlsLlng equal pay law and
hold employers accounLable for gender dlscrlmlnaLlon.

Lnact a ennsy|van|a Ant|-D|scr|m|nat|on |aw - All people - regardless of sexual orlenLaLlon -
should be LreaLed equally under Lhe law. AL hls company, 1om Wolf LreaLs all of hls workers
falrly and wlLh good beneflLs. 1hls lncludes exLendlng beneflLs Lo same-sex parLners. As

governor, 1om Wolf wlll promoLe a ennsylvanla AnLl-ulscrlmlnaLlon AcL Lo make sexual
orlenLaLlon and gender ldenLlLy and expresslon a proLecLed class.

Support|ng ennsy|van|a's Workers

1hroughouL hls career, 1om Wolf has conLlnuously demonsLraLed hls respecL for Lhose worklng
alongslde hlm by provldlng a compeLlLlve salary, comprehenslve healLhcare and reLlremenL beneflLs, and
sharlng 20-30 percenL of hls company's proflLs. Whlle rebulldlng our mlddle class and aLLracLlng good
paylng [obs back Lo Lhe CommonwealLh, we need Lo promoLe pollcles LhaL proLecL Lhe rlghLs of our
workers. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll flghL every day Lo proLecL Lhe rlghL of workers Lo unlonlze and
collecLlvely bargaln. Speclflcally, 1om Wolf wlll:

Lnd emp|oyer attacks on workers - 1ax dollars should be used Lo educaLe our chlldren, provlde
healLh care Lo hard-worklng famllles, and glve senlors Lhe dlgnlLy of a happy and secure
reLlremenL. 1hey should noL be used by employers Lo fund anLl-unlon efforLs. As governor, 1om
Wolf wlll supporL leglslaLlon LhaL llmlLs Lhe mlsuse of Lhese Lax dollars and complles wlLh exlsLlng
federal laws. Pe wlll also supporL Lougher penalLles on employers who lllegally flre employees
who are organlzlng unlons, and wlll use Lhe auLhorlLy of Lhe governor's offlce Lo lssue execuLlve
orders slmllar Lo resldenL Cbama's Lconomy ln CovernmenL ConLracLlng," whlch would
prohlblL buslnesses who conLracL wlLh Lhe SLaLe from uslng Laxpayer dollars on anLl-unlon

Veto |eg|s|at|on that restr|cts the r|ghts of workers - As governor, 1om Wolf wlll veLo any
leglslaLlon LhaL lnLerferes wlLh Lhe rlghLs of workers. 1hls lncludes veLolng leglslaLlon LhaL
repeals Lhe agency fee, llmlLs or Lakes away collecLlve bargalnlng rlghLs, does away wlLh unlon
dues, ellmlnaLes Lhe rlghL of school employees Lo sLrlke, and changes Lhe prevalllng wage.

ens|on keform - 1om Wolf absoluLely opposes changes Lo currenL employees' penslon plans,
and he belleves LhaL a deflned beneflL reLlremenL plan ls Lhe mosL effecLlve Lool for ensurlng
LhaL our publlc workers have a flnanclally secure reLlremenL. ln order for our governmenL Lo run
smooLhly and provlde Lhe needed servlces Lo our resldenLs, we musL aLLracL hlgh quallLy
workers - penslons are parL of Lhe compensaLlon package. Cn Lhe whole, ennsylvanla publlc
secLor employees earn 12 percenL less Lhan slmllar prlvaLe secLor employees. 8uL, when
nonwage beneflLs such as penslon plans are lncluded, Lhe wage dlfference shrlnks Lo 3.4 percenL.

Cur currenL penslon slLuaLlon ls Lhe dlrecL resulL of almosL Len years of Lhe CommonwealLh
paylng less Lhan lLs falr share. ln conLrasL, ennsylvanla employees have been conLrlbuLlng aL
raLes LhaL are among Lhe hlghesL ln Lhe naLlon. WhaL we have ls a penslon problem, noL a crlsls.
laylng pollLlcs wlLh Lhls lssue by puLLlng Lhe blame on publlc workers ls counLerproducLlve and
does noL help address Lhe problem aL hand. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll glve AcL 120 Lhe Llme Lo
work, and he wlll also work Lo creaLe lnnovaLlve soluLlons and explore new fundlng mechanlsms,

llke lssulng penslon obllgaLlon bonds, LhaL are flscally responslble for Lhe CommonwealLh, and
falr and beneflclal Lo fuLure employees.

rotect|ng Vot|ng k|ghts

1he mosL fundamenLal LesL of falrness and access Lo Lhe pollLlcal sysLem ln ennsylvanla ls Lhe ablllLy Lo
voLe. lL ls a rlghL proLecLed by unlLed SLaLes and ennsylvanla ConsLlLuLlons and ls one of Lhe mosL
cherlshed glfLs granLed by our loundlng laLhers. ?eL, 1om CorbeLL and oLher 8epubllcans wanL Lo place
arblLrary resLrlcLlons on Lhe rlghL Lo voLe based upon unsupporLed clalms LhaL voLer fraud ls wldespread
and LhaL phoLo lus are necessary Lo address Lhe alleged voLer fraud.

1om Wolf wlll lead Lhe flghL Lo proLecL ennsylvanla's voLlng rlghLs and overLurn Lhe arblLrary
requlremenL for phoLo lus. AL leasL one ennsylvanla CourL of Appeals has already held LhaL Lhe
mandaLory phoLo lu requlremenL ls unconsLlLuLlonal. lnsLead of maklng lL dlfflculL Lo voLe, ennsylvanla
lawmakers should be enacLlng reforms slmllar Lo Lhose ln nelghborlng sLaLes LhaL make lL easler for
resldenLs Lo parLlclpaLe ln Lhe elecLoral process. 1om Wolf wlll supporL measures Lo proLecL Lhe rlghL Lo
voLe, whlle maklng parLlclpaLlon convenlenL for voLers. Pe wlll:

Lxpand the ab|||ty to vote by ma|| and vote on||ne - ennsylvanlans should be encouraged Lo
voLe, noL dlscouraged. 1oday, sLaLe resldenLs who cannoL make lL Lo Lhe polllng booLh on
LlecLlon uay are requlred Lo provlde an explanaLlon prlor Lo recelvlng Lhelr absenLee balloL. As
governor, 1om Wolf wlll expand absenLee voLlng by ellmlnaLlng Lhe excuse requlremenL and
glvlng Lhese voLers Lhe opLlon of casLlng Lhelr balloL onllne.

Create ear|y vot|ng per|ods - ln pasL elecLlons, ennsylvanla resldenLs have had Lo spend hours
walLlng ln llne Lo voLe and some have been denled LhaL rlghL because Lhe polllng place dld noL
have Lhelr card on flle. 1om Wolf wlll supporL leglslaLlon LhaL allows for early voLlng aL sulLable,
well equlpped polllng places such as schools.

A||ow for same day reg|strat|on - 8esearchers have found LhaL when sLaLes allow for same day
reglsLraLlon, voLer parLlclpaLlon lncreases by up Lo four percenLage polnLs. 1om Wolf wlll
advocaLe for leglslaLlon LhaL allows ennsylvanla voLers Lo reglsLer on elecLlon days.

M|||tary serv|ce vot|ng - 1om Wolf supporLs many of Lhe concluslons of Lhe !anuary 2014
resldenLlal Commlsslon on LlecLlon AdmlnlsLraLlon 8eporL. 1hls bl-parLlsan Commlsslon
suggesLed expandlng efforLs Lo fully lmplemenL Lhe MlllLary and Cverseas voLer LmpowermenL
AcL Lo make sure LhaL mlllLary servlcemen and servlcewomen are able Lo reglsLer Lo voLe,
recelve absenLee balloLs on Llme and have Lhelr voLes counLed on LlecLlon uay. 1om Wolf wlll
make sure LhaL our mlllLary personnel have Llmely access Lo Lhelr voLlng rlghLs whlle on acLlve

WlLh new Lechnologles and proven meLhods Lo combaL voLlng lrregularlLles, we can safeguard Lhe voLlng
process wlLhouL dlsenfranchlslng voLers. WlLh such a fundamenLal rlghL aL sLake, 1om Wolf knows LhaL
we should be maklng lL easler for voLers Lo exerclse Lhelr consLlLuLlonal rlghLs, noL Lhrowlng up
roadblocks Lo voLlng.

Lnd|ng Gerrymander|ng

ln ennsylvanla, leglslaLlve dlsLrlcLs are heavlly gerrymandered, ofLen supporLlng lncumbenLs or
members of Lhe parLy LhaL drew Lhe dlsLrlcLs. As a resulL, voLers can have llLLle say over who represenLs
Lhem ln Congress or ln Lhe sLaLe leglslaLure by voLlng ln dlsLrlcLs drawn Lo achleve a cerLaln resulL.

Nonpart|san ked|str|ct|ng Comm|ss|on - 1om Wolf wlll supporL a consLlLuLlonal amendmenL Lo
creaLe a nonparLlsan redlsLrlcLlng commlsslon LhaL makes a plan sLrlcLly accordlng Lo populaLlon
and exlsLlng munlclpal llnes wlLhouL conslderlng pollLlcal consequences or lncumbency. 1he
commlsslon would be modeled on lowa's 8edlsLrlcLlng Commlsslon program. Cnce Lhe
commlsslon creaLes a plan, lL would requlre a perlod of publlc commenL and an up or down voLe
ln Lhe sLaLe leglslaLure. 1he only enLlLy wlLh Lhe ablllLy Lo change or creaLe a plan would be Lhe

More ub||c Access and art|c|pat|on w|th Improved Informat|on 1echno|ogy

1om Wolf wlll make Parrlsburg llsLen Lo Lhe people of ennsylvanla and respond Lo Lhelr needs wlLh a
new focus on Lechnology and lnnovaLlon. !usL as 1om Wolf has demonsLraLed an lnLeresL ln sollclLlng
new ldeas from hls employees ln hls buslness and aL Lhe 8evenue ueparLmenL, he wlll also be lnLeresLed
ln hearlng clLlzen's ldeas and suggesLlons whlle he serves as Covernor. As SecreLary of 8evenue, some of
Lhe besL reforms and cosL savlng measures LhaL 1om Wolf lmplemenLed aL Lhe ueparLmenL came
dlrecLly from hls sLaLe employees.

1om Wolf wanLs Lo Lake ennsylvanla sLaLe governmenL ln a dlfferenL dlrecLlon as governor by greaLly
expandlng Lhe sLaLe's ablllLy Lo share daLa wlLh Lhe publlc Lhough dramaLlcally lmproved lnformaLlon
Lechnology plaLforms and web appllcaLlons. 1om Wolf wlll Lransform Lhe SLaLe's lnformaLlon Lechnology
sysLems Lo beLLer serve clLlzens on:

Create an Cff|ce of Data Ana|ys|s and rogram Management: Some sLaLes use Lhelr sLaLe
daLabases as a managemenL Lool Lo achleve LargeLed ouLcomes for sLaLe governmenL programs,
llke vacclnaLlons provlded, poLholes fllled, and academlc galns. Maryland's SLaLe SLaL program ls
an award wlnnlng verslon of a sLaLe managemenL program. 1om Wolf wlll lmplemenL a enn
SLaL managemenL program - one of many ways LhaL he wlll sLreLch Laxpayer dollars, cuL cosLs,
and make sLaLe governmenL more efflclenL.

Cn||ne Serv|ces: Lvery servlce provlded ln whlch resldenLs and buslnesses need Lo flll ouL forms
or quesLlonnalres should also be avallable onllne. lrom moLor vehlcles reglsLraLlon, Lo voLer
reglsLraLlon, Lo buslness permlLs and Laxes, and Lo reservaLlons aL sLaLe park campgrounds -

essenLlal servlces should be avallable onllne. 1om Wolf wlll expand servlces offered onllne and
more lmporLanLly, slmpllfy Lhe user's experlence onllne.

Interact|ve S|tes: 8esldenLs and buslnesses ofLen have lnnovaLlve ldeas on how Lo lmprove
governmenL servlces. 1om Wolf wlll seL up sysLems Lo puL Lhose ldeas Lo work. 1om Wolf wlll
greaLly expand lnLeracLlve funcLlons on sLaLe web slLes Lo sollclL ldeas and provlde rewards Lo
resldenLs whose ldeas resulL ln servlce lmprovemenLs and/or cosL savlngs.

! Cpen Data: 8y releaslng daLa abouL ennsylvanla programs and operaLlons, 1om Wolf wanLs Lo
engage resldenLs ln uslng Lhls daLa Lo develop lnnovaLlve pollcy soluLlons LhaL lmprove program
dellvery and sLreamllne governmenL operaLlons. 1om Wolf wlll sollclL ldeas on web appllcaLlons
from Lhe general publlc and hlghllghL successful web appllcaLlon proposals ln a speclal app
sLores" offered for free on Lhe CommonwealLh's web slLes.

-(!-*(&$5 1#( 67
"!$./(4 8#90

1om Wolf knows LhaL Lo rebulld our mlddle class and sLrengLhen ennsylvanla's economy, we musL
provlde every chlld wlLh a world-class educaLlon LhaL equlps Lhem wlLh Lhe skllls Lo succeed ln Lhe 21sL
cenLury. 1o do Lhls, Lhe CommonwealLh needs a leader who wlll puL lnLo place a hlgh quallLy cradle-Lo-
career educaLlon sysLem. 1om Wolf wlll work Llrelessly Lo make sure LhaL every chlld, regardless of hls or
her zlp code, recelves Lhe besL posslble educaLlon.

Lxpand|ng re-k and k|ndergarten Cpportun|t|es and rograms

1here ls broad blparLlsan consensus LhaL good re-k and klndergarLen programs are a cosL effecLlve,
educaLlonal down paymenL on Lhe successful fuLures of young chlldren. Lxpandlng opporLunlLles Lo
aLLend re-k and full-day klndergarLen programs should be Lhe goal for every local school dlsLrlcL ln

Accordlng Lo Lhe ennsylvanla arLnershlp for Chlldren, every dollar lnvesLed ln hlgh quallLy re-k
programs reLurns $16 Lo our communlLles vla reduced spendlng on crlme, educaLlon, and welfare, and
greaLer earnlng poLenLlal and Laxes pald ln adulLhood. ennsylvanla's publlcly funded re-k and early
educaLlon programs provlde Lhe foundaLlon chlldren need Lo enLer school ready Lo learn. unforLunaLely,
less Lhan 18 percenL of Lhe sLaLe's 3- and 4-year olds currenLly have access Lo hlgh quallLy, publlcly
funded re-k programs. 1hls needs Lo change. We need more chlldren enrolled ln re-k programs, we
need exlsLlng programs Lo conLlnue worklng Loward besL pracLlce sLandards, and we need more rellable
chlld care for low lncome parenLs and careglvers so LhaL Lhey can conLlnue Lo be producLlve resldenLs.

As Covernor, 1om Wolf wlll expand access Lo publlcly funded re-k programs and oLher early chlldhood
educaLlon opporLunlLles by consolldaLlng avallable federal, sLaLe, and local fundlng sLreams. 1om Wolf
wlll also develop career Lralnlng programs for Lhe Leachers and careglvers who work ln re-k schools and
early chlldhood educaLlon programs so LhaL our youngesL sLudenLs and Lhelr Leachers have
opporLunlLles Lo advance ln school and ln Lhe workplace aL Lhe same Llme. 1om Wolf wlll focus on:

Lxpand|ng access to ear|y educat|on - 1om Wolf ls commlLLed Lo provldlng unlversal access for
3- and 4-year olds Lo hlgh-quallLy, publlcly funded re-k programs. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll
use publlc and prlvaLe dollars Lo expand Lhe sLaLe's hlgh quallLy re-k CounLs program so LhaL
every chlld, regardless of where he or she llves, has Lhe skllls needed Lo be successful ln school.
AddlLlonally, 1om Wolf wlll lssue a $3 mllllon challenge granL Lo munlclpallLles Lo develop a plan
Lo lncrease Lhe number of re-k programs LhaL have a keysLone SLars raLlng of Lhree or four.

Improv|ng access to fu||-day k|ndergarten programs - ennsylvanla ls one of slx sLaLes where
school dlsLrlcLs are noL requlred Lo offer klndergarLen. Whlle many local dlsLrlcLs do offer
klndergarLen, Covernor CorbeLL's $130 mllllon ln cuLs for klndergarLen programs have led Loo
many school dlsLrlcLs Lo ellmlnaLe full-day klndergarLen programs. 1hls ls Lhe wrong dlrecLlon for

ennsylvanla. 1here ls ample evldence LhaL sLudenLs who aLLend hlgh quallLy, full-day

klndergarLen programs perform beLLer academlcally. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll provlde
fundlng Lo supporL Lhe expanslon of full-day klndergarLen and change Lhe compulsory age so
LhaL sLudenLs can sLarL school aL 6 years old.

ub||c]r|vate artnersh|ps |n Lar|y Lducat|on - Cne encouraglng model for provldlng
expanded re-k programs ln local school dlsLrlcLs ls Lo flnd prlvaLe secLor and non-proflL
foundaLlon parLners who can help fund and deslgn successful programs. Lmployers ln many
clLles and sLaLes across Lhe naLlon know LhaL Lhelr employees can reduce Lhelr day care cosLs
slgnlflcanLly lf Lhey can flnd good re-k and full day klndergarLen programs. Accordlng Lo an
Aprll 2012 Cunce loundaLlon SLudy, successful publlc/prlvaLe fundlng models have been
lmplemenLed ln ConnecLlcuL, llllnols, Mlchlgan, nebraska, Cklahoma, norLh Carollna, SouLh
Carollna and vlrglnla. Whlle each program has unlque feaLures, all share Lhe common
componenL of uslng sLaLe and local funds Lo leverage prlvaLe and non-proflL foundaLlon

Smarter Ut|||zat|on of Lx|st|ng ke|ated Iund|ng Streams - ln addlLlon Lo prlvaLe secLor
fundralslng, some sLaLes and clLles have been successful aL blendlng several exlsLlng fundlng
sources Lo supporL re-k programs. 1applng lnLo exlsLlng Pead SLarL, chlld care, and Leacher
Lralnlng programs should be a necessary flrsL sLep for expandlng re-k fundlng. A recenL
naLlonal lnsLlLuLe for Larly LducaLlon 8esearch reporL clLes new ?ork and new !ersey as havlng
good mlxed dellvery" models for re-k servlces. 1om Wolf wlll also Lap lnLo relaLed exlsLlng
fundlng sources Lo help expand access Lo re-k programs.

rov|d|ng "Career Ladder" Workforce Deve|opment 1ra|n|ng to re-k 1eachers - Any parenL
who has had a chlld ln a daycare or a re-k program knows LhaL Lhere ls a slgnlflcanL amounL of
Leacher and careglver Lurnover. Cne of Lhe reasons ls LhaL pay ls low and Lhere are ofLen few
opporLunlLles for career advancemenL and Lralnlng. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll adopL besL
pracLlce models from wlLhln ennsylvanla and oLher sLaLes LhaL allow re-k Leachers and
careglvers Lo pursue addlLlonal career Lralnlng and educaLlon as Lhey work so Lhey can
evenLually move up Lo oLher Leachlng poslLlons ln Lhe educaLlonal sysLem. 1hese career ladder"
Lralnlng programs offer a wln-wln" opporLunlLy Lo parenLs, young sLudenLs, and Leachers as
Lhey also flll a growlng and vlLal parL of our educaLlonal workforce.

r|mary, M|dd|e, and n|gh Schoo|s of the Iuture

1om Wolf supporLs our sLaLe's publlc educaLlon sysLem, and he knows LhaL ennsylvanla ls home Lo
some of Lhe besL publlc schools ln Lhe counLry. Pls Lwo daughLers aLLended ?ork CounLy publlc schools,
where Lhey developed a sLrong academlc foundaLlon LhaL prepared Lhem Lo go on Lo Lop-noLch colleges
and bulld successful careers. 8uL he also knows LhaL Lhere ls sLlll a loL of work Lo be done.


Where 1om CorbeLL has guLLed ennsylvanla's schools, 1om Wolf wlll make educaLlon a prlorlLy. 1om
Wolf wlll place a new focus on Lhe coordlnaLlon of sLaLe and local educaLlon programs relaLed Lo
preparlng Lhe hands and mlnds of young ennsylvanlans enLerlng Lhe workforce - one of Lhe sLaLe's
mosL lmporLanL roles for seLLlng Lhe Lable" for a robusL economy. 1hls ls because we noL only have a
consLlLuLlonal obllgaLlon Lo provlde for a Lhorough and efflclenL publlc educaLlon sysLem buL also a
moral obllgaLlon Lo ensure LhaL our youngesL resldenLs recelve an educaLlon LhaL wlll allow Lhem Lo
reach Lhelr full poLenLlal. As lf LhaL was noL enough moLlvaLlon already, 1om Wolf also knows LhaL a
sLrong publlc educaLlon sysLem wlll expand economlc opporLunlLles and help keep, creaLe, and aLLracL
good [obs ln ennsylvanla. A good publlc educaLlon sysLem ls noL [usL Lhe rlghL Lhlng Lo do, lL ls whaL
drlves a healLhy, vlbranL economy - someLhlng LhaL's good for all of us ln ennsylvanla.

As governor, 1om Wolf wlll resLore Covernor CorbeLL's $1 bllllon ln cuLs Lo educaLlon, lmplemenL a falr
fundlng formula, and lnsLlLuLe reforms Lo help local school dlsLrlcLs lnnovaLe and lmprove sLudenL
performance. 1om Wolf wlll flghL every day Lo bulld a sLrong publlc educaLlon sysLem so LhaL we can
keep, creaLe, and aLLracL good [obs rlghL here ln ennsylvanla.

A Ia|r Iund|ng Iormu|a

Covernor CorbeLL's $1 bllllon ln educaLlon cuLs has shorLchanged Loo many school dlsLrlcLs and Lhe
sLudenLs ln Lhose communlLles. WlLh Lhese masslve cuLs ln fundlng, Loo many local properLy Laxpayers
are belng squeezed, and Loo many chlldren are headed Lo schools LhaL lack Lhe resources and sLaff
needed for hlgh-quallLy classroom lnsLrucLlon. lor example, Covernor CorbeLL's fundlng cuLs have
removed more Lhan 20,000 Leachers from Lhe classroom, caused 70 of school dlsLrlcLs Lo lncrease class
slzes, led 19 school dlsLrlcLs Lo ellmlnaLe full-day klndergarLen, lefL 36 of sLudenLs wlLhouL access Lo a
full-Llme llbrarlan, and have forced communlLles all across Lhe sLaLe Lo ralse properLy Laxes.

ennsylvanla ls one of only Lhree sLaLes ln Lhe enLlre counLry LhaL does noL use a fundlng formula for
dlsLrlbuLlng sLaLe educaLlon dollars Lo local school dlsLrlcLs, and falls far below Lhe naLlonal average ln
Lerms of percenLage of sLaLe fundlng - currenLly conLrlbuLlng only 32. 1o make maLLers worse, many
parenLs and senlors ln underfunded dlsLrlcLs are now faclng lncreased properLy Laxes and schools LhaL
barely have enough sLaff Lo safely open. 1om Wolf belleves LhaL raLher Lhan creaLlng educaLlonal
wlnners and losers based on zlp codes, ennsylvanla Laxpayers deserve a fundlng formula LhaL ls
equlLable, LransparenL, and holds local school dlsLrlcLs accounLable for how Lhey spend sLaLe and local
Lax fundlng.

keduc|ng ke||ance on roperty 1ax: ennsylvanla needs a beLLer balance of sLaLe and local
fundlng Lo geL Lo a place where every school ls dolng an exemplary [ob of educaLlng sLudenLs,
and 1om Wolf belleves Lhe sLaLe needs Lo lncrease lLs share of educaLlon fundlng, wlLh Lhe
ulLlmaLe goal of coverlng 30 percenL of Lhe cosLs. 8y lncreaslng fundlng, we can help allevlaLe
Lhe Lax burden on local properLy owners, and ensure LhaL sLudenLs have access Lo Lhe Lools and

resources needed Lo succeed ln school. 1om Wolf wlll dedlcaLe a porLlon of Lhe exLracLlon Lax
revenue from Marcellus Shale naLural gas as a down paymenL on resLorlng Lhe sLaLe and local
fundlng balance.

Inst|tut|ng a Ia|r Iund|ng Iormu|a: 1o ensure LhaL Lhese new funds are dlsLrlbuLed falrly, 1om
Wolf wlll esLabllsh an efflclenL, effecLlve, and LransparenL fundlng formula. 1om Wolf wlll sLarL
wlLh a cosLlng ouL sLudy Lo deLermlne Lhe Lrue cosLs of a hlgh-quallLy educaLlon, and Lhen
develop a fundlng formula LhaL lncludes a naLlonally compeLlLlve base raLe and Lles addlLlonal
fundlng Lo speclflc facLors such as school dlsLrlcL slze, poverLy levels, local Lax efforLs, and
sLudenL makeup. 1he falr fundlng formula wlll:

o Lead Lo lncreases ln sLaLe fundlng for local school dlsLrlcLs, whlch wlll help allevlaLe Lhe
Lax burden on properLy owners,
o Lnsure LhaL sLaLe funds are dlsLrlbuLed ln an equlLable, LransparenL, and predlcLable
manner so LhaL school dlsLrlcL leaders have Lhe ablllLy Lo plan for Lhe long Lerm, and
o lncenLlvlze school dlsLrlcLs Lo develop lnnovaLlve programs LhaL lmprove sLudenL
achlevemenL and hold down cosLs.

Curr|cu|um and Co||ege Cred|t keforms

8y leveraglng sLaLe educaLlon fundlng, 1om Wolf wlll encourage schools Lo adopL Lhe followlng
programs and besL pracLlces Lo expand currlculums, help dlsadvanLaged schools, and beLLer enable hlgh
school sLudenLs Lo galn college credlLs for advance course work:

Lmphas|z|ng Sc|ence, 1echno|ogy, Lng|neer|ng, and Mathemat|cs - Many experLs agree LhaL
economlc growLh ln Lhe 21sL cenLury wlll be drlven by Lhe secLors focuslng on sclence,
Lechnology, englneerlng, and maLhemaLlcs (S1LM). ln order Lo aLLracL Lhese secLors Lo
ennsylvanla and Lhe good-paylng, mlddle-class [obs LhaL accompany Lhem, we need Lo lncrease
Lhe number of sLudenLs who are proflclenL ln S1LM-relaLed sub[ecLs and who pursue S1LM-
relaLed careers.

1om Wolf knows LhaL a S1LM educaLlon for all ennsylvanla sLudenLs ls an essenLlal bulldlng
block for sLudenLs Lo be successful ln posLsecondary and workforce paLhways. As governor, 1om
Wolf wlll:

o "#$%&'()* +$,%%-+ .% .*+. /##%0(.10* 23"4 *5&$(.1%# 6'($.1$*+7 1om Wolf wlll provlde
granLs for schools, school dlsLrlcLs, and reglonal school collecLlves Lo LesL new lnnovaLlve
S1LM Leachlng pracLlces aL Lhe elemenLary, mlddle, and hlgh school level. 1he goal of
Lhese pracLlces wlll be Lo beLLer lnLegraLe S1LM lessons lnLo Lhe currlculum.
o 2&66%'. 6'%)'(8+ .,(. *#$%&'()* )1'-+ .% 5*0*-%6 23"4 +91--+7 A 2011 reporL by Lhe
naLlonal Sclence loundaLlon found LhaL even Lhough glrls and women are lmprovlng

academlcally ln S1LM-relaLed sub[ecLs, Lhe number of women who earn S1LM-relaLed
bachelor's degrees ls sLlll low. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll work wlLh prlvaLe donors Lo
dlrecL more dollars Lo ouL-of-school Llme programs LhaL focus on provldlng S1LM
learnlng opporLunlLles Lo glrls.
o :*. $%--*)*+; &#10*'+1.1*+; (#5 <&+1#*++*+ 1#0%-0*5 1# 6'%8%.1#) 23"4 *5&$(.1%# (. .,*
6'18('= (#5 +*$%#5('= +$,%%- -*0*-+7 1here are plenLy examples of lnsLlLuLlons of hlgher
educaLlon and buslnesses parLnerlng wlLh mlddle and hlgh school sLudenLs Lo bulld
S1LM skllls. 8ecause Lhe hlgh Lechnology lndusLry advances so qulckly, mlddle and hlgh
schools ofLen do noL have access Lo Lhe same resources as colleges, unlverslLy, and
buslnesses. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll seek Lo expand programs, llke Lhe ennsylvanla
MaLhemaLlcs, Lnglneerlng, Sclence AchlevemenL program, whlch ls currenLly provldlng
hlladelphla sLudenLs wlLh hands-on, real llfe experlences.
o >'%015* ?&#51#) ?%' 23"4@?%$&+*5 .*($,*' .'(1#1#) (#5 6'%?*++1%#(- 5*0*-%68*#.
6'%)'(8+7 8ecause S1LM-relaLed Lechnology and pracLlces changes so qulckly, 1om
Wolf wlll provlde fundlng for educaLors Lo aLLend S1LM-focused professlonal
developmenL classes as well as provlde scholarshlps for summer sLudles.

Adopt|ng new, |nnovat|ve po||c|es to measure student ach|evement - Whlle we need Lools Lo
measure sLudenLs' progress and ensure LhaL Lhey are equlpped wlLh Lhe skllls needed Lo flourlsh
ln Lhe 21
cenLury, LesLlng should noL be Laklng up weeks of lnsLrucLlonal Llme and our Leachers
should noL be forced Lo focus solely on preparlng sLudenLs Lo Lake a LesL. We need Lo be ralslng
our youngesL resldenLs Lo Lhlnk lndependenLly, look for creaLlve and lnnovaLlve soluLlons Lo
problems, and envlslon a brlghL fuLure. 1hese are quallLles LhaL are noL easlly measured on a
sLandardlzed LesL buL are lncredlbly lmporLanL ln Lhe workplace. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll
supporL leglslaLlon and educaLlon reforms LhaL prlorlLlze boLh Lhe need for sLudenLs Lo develop a
sLrong academlc foundaLlon and Lhe need Lo nurLure lndlvldual sLrengLhs and promoLe creaLlve
and lnnovaLlve Lhlnklng. 1hls new sysLem wlll be sLudenL focused and lnclude boLh formaLlve
and summaLlve assessmenLs.

Support|ng h|gh poverty schoo|s - ln more Lhan 30 school dlsLrlcLs ln Lhe sLaLe, aL leasL 30
percenL of Lhe sLudenLs are ellglble for free or reduced prlce lunch. llve of our school dlsLrlcLs -
ChesLer, Lrle, Parrlsburg, hlladelphla, and 8eadlng - have almosL 73 percenL of Lhelr sLudenLs
llvlng ln poverLy or close Lo Lhe poverLy llne. noL only do Lhese school dlsLrlcLs ofLen have less
money Lo spend per chlld, Lhey ofLen have Lo sLreLch Lhese dollars furLher because sLudenLs
llvlng ln poverLy come Lo school wlLh complex lssues such as homelessness and hunger, unsafe
communlLles and domesLlc vlolence, and healLh problems.

ln addlLlon Lo dlrecLlng more sLaLe fundlng Lo Lhese communlLles vla a falr fundlng formula, 1om
Wolf wlll also seek Lo provlde addlLlonal fundlng for hlgh poverLy school dlsLrlcLs Lo lmplemenL
lnnovaLlve programs LhaL creaLe a cradle Lo career supporL plpellne slmllar Lo Lhe SLrlve
1ogeLher parLnershlp ln ClnclnnaLl, Chlo. 8y brlnglng all sLakeholders Lo Lhe Lable and

developlng an ouLcome focused plan for allgnlng and coordlnaLlng efforLs Lo lmprove sLudenL
achlevemenL, we can begln Lo close Lhe achlevemenL gap Lhe exlsLs beLween low-lncome
sLudenLs and Lhelr wealLhler peers.

Incent|v|z|ng the adopt|on of |nnovat|ve dropout prevent|on programs - SLudenLs drop ouL of
school for many dlfferenL reasons and so lL ls very dlfflculL Lo develop a one slze flLs all"
soluLlon. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll ldenLlfy exlsLlng resources Lo provlde granL fundlng Lo
school dlsLrlcLs plloLlng lnnovaLlve dropouL prevenLlon programs LhaL LargeL mlddle and hlgh
school sLudenLs mosL aL-rlsk of leavlng school. 1hese programs should focus on connecLlng
sLudenLs wlLh communlLy supporL servlces, creaLlng safe learnlng envlronmenLs, provldlng
lndlvlduallzed learnlng opporLunlLles, and engaglng famllles and communlLy volunLeers. 1om
Wolf wlll ldenLlfy addlLlonal fundlng Lo help scale-up and expand successful dropouL prevenLlon
plloL programs.

Lxpanded D|stance Learn|ng Curr|cu|um - ennsylvanla's mlddle and hlgh school sLudenLs
should have Lhe besL and mosL varled currlculum avallable aL all schools and school dlsLrlcLs. lor
schools and school dlsLrlcLs LhaL cannoL afford Lo hlre speclallzed Leachers ln sub[ecLs such as
Mandarln Chlnese, advanced sclence courses, advanced compuLer programmlng, and
speclallzed arL classes, 1om Wolf wlll help fund access Lo Lhose courses vla dlsLance learnlng
programs supervlsed by Leachlng asslsLanLs aL Lhe local level. 1om Wolf wlll ldenLlfy exlsLlng
fundlng Lo supporL Lhls lnlLlaLlve.

Dua| Lnro||ment Cred|ts for n|gh Schoo| C|asses - Some schools offer advanced course work
LhaL can quallfy for college credlLs afLer graduaLlon. CLher schools allow hlgh school sLudenLs Lo
Lake some advanced courses aL local communlLy colleges. CLher schools offer dlsLance learnlng
classes ln advanced courses LhaL may also quallfy for college credlLs. 1hese advanced course
opLlons are promlslng buL Lhe dlfflculLy ls ln maklng sure LhaL successful hlgh school sLudenLs geL
credlLs for Lhese advanced courses when Lhey enroll ln a ennsylvanla college or unlverslLy. 1om
Wolf wlll make negoLlaLlng maLrlculaLlon agreemenLs for quallfled dual ellglble courses a Lop
prlorlLy so LhaL successful sLudenLs can geL college credlLs.

unforLunaLely, noL all sLudenLs ln ennsylvanla beneflL from Lhese dual enrollmenL programs.
lor example, due Lo budgeL consLralnLs, Lhe School ulsLrlcL of hlladelphla ls no longer offerlng
Lhls program dlsLrlcL wlde. 1om Wolf wlll provlde fundlng Lo help ensure LhaL sLudenLs have Lhe
opporLunlLy Lo geL a head sLarL on Lhelr college careers and save LulLlon when Lhey enroll aL a
parLlclpaLlng ennsylvanla college or unlverslLy.

Support|ng pub||c schoo| teachers - Cur educaLors are Lasked wlLh Lhe momenLous [ob of
equlpplng our youngesL resldenLs wlLh Lhe academlc and crlLlcal Lhlnklng skllls needed Lo be
Lomorrow's leaders. 1helr work ls crlLlcally lmporLanL and Lhey all deserve Lhe rlghL Lo ensure
falr compensaLlon. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll supporL Lhe rlghLs of all Leachers ln ennsylvanla,

lncludlng Lhose ln hlladelphla, Lo engage ln Lhe collecLlve bargalnlng process and negoLlaLe falr
and equlLable wages and beneflLs.

ne|p|ng A|| Students repare for the Co||ege SA1 and AC1 1ests - 1he mosL lmporLanL LesLs
many sLudenLs face for college admlsslon are Lhe ScholasLlc ApLlLude 1esL (SA1) and Amerlcan
College 1esLlng (AC1). SA1 and AC1 scores are evaluaLed closely (many say Loo closely) by
vlrLually every college ln Lhe counLry. ln recenL years, Lhe number of hlgh school sLudenLs LhaL
Lake prlvaLe, cosLly rep" courses has lncreased dramaLlcally. Some observers conLend LhaL Lhe
lnablllLy of some sLudenLs Lo pay for Lhese rep" courses puLs Lhem aL a dlsadvanLage when
applylng for college admlsslon. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll negoLlaLe wlLh Lhe LesL
admlnlsLraLors and use federal and prlvaLe dollars Lo ensure LhaL every sLudenL ln Lhe
CommonwealLh has access Lo an onllne prep course for Lhe SA1s or AC1s.

Lnsur|ng that schoo|s are safe spaces for students - ln order Lo creaLe an envlronmenL where
sLudenLs feel comforLable LesLlng new ldeas and asklng quesLlons, Lhere needs Lo be a poslLlve
school cllmaLe where sLudenLs feel safe. noL only does Lhe CommonwealLh need Lo ensure LhaL
Leachers have Lhe knowledge and Lools Lo prevenL bullylng buL we also need Lo sLrengLhen our
anLl-bullylng laws so LhaL Lhere are real consequences.

ln addlLlon Lo addresslng lssues of ln-school bullylng, we need Lo Lackle Lhe problem of cyber-
bullylng, whlch Lhe CenLers for ulsease ConLrol and revenLlon has referred Lo as a publlc healLh
emergency. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll supporL leglslaLlon LhaL sLrengLhens our currenL laws Lo
creaLe serlous consequences for bullles and provlde school dlsLrlcLs wlLh Lhe Lools needed Lo
properly address Lhe problem.

21st Century Sk|||s

CurrenLly, Lhe sLaLe's workforce ls aglng, and buslness leaders fear LhaL Lhe nexL generaLlon ls noL
prepared Lo flll Lhese soon-Lo-be vacaLed poslLlons. Accordlng Lo a 2012 reporL released by 1eam
ennsylvanla loundaLlon, 23 percenL of Lhe manufacLurlng workforce ls 33-years-old or older.
ennsylvanla needs a new leader who ls ready Lo lnvesL ln our fuLure. ln Lhe 2013-2014 budgeL,
ennsylvanla ls underfundlng hlgh school workforce programs by 8 percenL. As governor, noL only wlll
1om Wolf fully fund hlgh school workforce programs, buL he wlll also enacL lnnovaLlve reforms Lo
lmprove sLudenL ouLcomes. lor example, 1om Wolf's 1echn|ca| Lducat|on App||ed to Manufactur|ng
(1.L.A.M.) plan wlll lmprove vocaLlonal educaLlon programs ln all hlgh schools by:

lnLegraLlng Lhe academlc currlculum wlLh Lechnlcal Lralnlng so LhaL sLudenLs develop a sLrong
foundaLlon. 1he currenL advanced manufacLurlng secLor covers such flelds as mechaLronlcs,
preclslon machlnlng, and meLal fabrlcaLlon. 8ecause of Lhe Lechnlcal and lnnovaLlve naLure of
Lhls lndusLry, workers need Lo demonsLraLe Lhelr proflclency ln boLh academlcs and Lechnlcal


Worklng wlLh local manufacLurers Lo make sure LhaL vocaLlonal currlculums are allgned wlLh
workforce needs. 8ecause Lhe fuLure of Lhe manufacLurlng lndusLry ln ennsylvanla ls
dependenL on a prepared local workforce, lL ls lncredlbly lmporLanL LhaL Lhls lndusLry has a volce
ln Lhe educaLlon process.

8equlrlng vocaLlonal graduaLes Lo earn boLh a hlgh school dlploma and a naLlonally recognlzed
lndusLry cerLlflcaLlon. MeeLlng hlgh sLandards wlll ensure LhaL our graduaLes are prepared Lo
enLer Lhe manufacLurlng workforce or Lo go on Lo a communlLy college where Lhey can
speclallze Lhelr skllls.

1om Wolf knows LhaL on-Lhe-[ob Lralnlng and lnLernshlps are lnvaluable opporLunlLles for sLudenLs Lo
galn real world experlence and furLher develop Lhelr skllls and lnLeresLs. As Lhe presldenL of Lhe ?ork
Chamber of Commerce, 1om Wolf creaLed a buslness-educaLlon parLnershlp program ln whlch local
buslness leaders menLored sLudenLs.

As governor, 1om Wolf wlll make sure LhaL sLudenLs, speclflcally Lhose engaged ln vocaLlonal Lralnlng,
have Lhe opporLunlLy Lo work dlrecLly wlLh local buslnesses. 1hrough Lralnlng-Lo-career granL lnlLlaLlves,
manufacLurlng buslnesses wlll parLner wlLh communlLy colleges Lo develop new Lralnlng programs. Cne
componenL of Lhese programs wlll be hands-on Lralnlng Lhrough apprenLlceshlp programs, on-Lhe-[ob
Lralnlng opporLunlLles, and pald lnLernshlps.

Improv|ng Cvers|ght of Charter Schoo|s

1he sLaLe's charLer schools are one plece of Lhe publlc educaLlon sysLem LhaL can play an lmporLanL role
ln lnLroduclng new and lnnovaLlve Leachlng pracLlces. Powever, Laxpayers deserve Lo know how sLaLe
fundlng ls belng spenL and wheLher resulLs are belng achleved. 1hls wlll help lmprove performance
movlng forward and allow oLher publlcly funded schools Lo adopL successful models and programs.

1om Wolf wlll make sure LhaL every publlc school - dlsLrlcL-run, charLer, or cyber charLer - ls held Lo Lhe
same hlgh sLandards. CurrenLly, Lhere are 162 brlck-and-morLar charLer schools and 14 cyber charLer
schools servlng over 113,000 sLudenLs across ennsylvanla. Whlle some of Lhese charLer schools have
adopLed lnnovaLlve approaches Lo Leachlng and lmproved sLudenL ouLcomes, as a secLor, lL has hardly
been a cure-all for our educaLlon woes. 1oo many charLer schools - especlally our cyber charLer schools
- are underperformlng and falllng Lo provlde our chlldren wlLh a hlgh quallLy educaLlon.

CverslghL and quallLy assurance ls an lmporLanL componenL of any Laxpayer funded program and
charLer schools are no excepLlon. 8ecenL sLaLe reporLs demonsLraLe LhaL only 43 of 162 charLer schools
- less Lhan 30 percenL - meL federally mandaLed performance requlremenLs durlng Lhe 2011- 2012
school year. ln addlLlon Lo low academlc performance, almosL 23 percenL of charLer schools ln Lhe sLaLe
have been lnvesLlgaLed for flnanclal or governance abuses.


1om Wolf wlll LlghLen up overslghL and lnsLlLuLe a beLLer balance of accounLablllLy and creaLlvlLy. 1om
Wolf knows LhaL Lransformlng our schools wlll requlre lnnovaLlve leadershlp and someone who knows
how Lo Lurn Lhlngs around by maklng Lhe Lough cholces. 1om Wolf wlll address Lhe followlng charLer
school secLor lssues:

keform Charter Schoo| Iund|ng Iormu|as. CurrenLly, charLer school fundlng ls based on a school
dlsLrlcL's per sLudenL cosLs, whlch lncludes funds assoclaLed wlLh servlces noL provlded by
charLer schools. 1he ennsylvanla AudlLor Ceneral's Cfflce esLlmaLes LhaL more accuraLe brlck-
and-morLar and cyber charLer fundlng formulas could save Laxpayers and local dlsLrlcLs as much
as $363 mllllon each year.

L||m|nate the pens|on doub|e-d|p. CharLer schools recelve reLlremenL paymenLs Lwlce - once
from Lhe local dlsLrlcL and once from Lhe sLaLe. 1hls ls a wasLe of Laxpayer dollars and puLs local
dlsLrlcLs aL a dlsadvanLage.

Create a state-|eve| Cff|ce of Charter and Cyber Charter Schoo|s to |mprove f|nanc|a| and
academ|c overs|ght and |nvest|gate fraud and waste. Whlle brlck-and-morLar charLer school
auLhorlzaLlon should remaln wlLh local school dlsLrlcLs, an offlce wlLhln Lhe ennsylvanla
ueparLmenL of LducaLlon ls needed Lo add anoLher level of accounLablllLy and lmprove overslghL
of cyber charLer schools. 1om Wolf wlll use exlsLlng resources Lo creaLe an overslghL offlce LhaL
wlll save Lax dollars.

kequ|re annua| aud|ts. CharLer school flnances need Lo be audlLed annually and resLrlcLlons
need Lo be placed on Lhe use of Laxpayer dollars. AddlLlonally, charLer schools wlll be requlred
Lo submlL monLhly enrollmenL sLaLlsLlcs.

8an the use of taxpayer money for |obby|ng. ubllc money should noL be used for adverLlslng
or pollLlcal lobbylng for charLer schools.

kequ|re charter schoo|s to use a common student app||cat|on so that parents can eas||y
nav|gate the system. 1hls wlll ensure LhaL charLer schools cannoL cherry plck sLudenLs by
creaLlng barrlers Lo enLry.

Set h|gh academ|c standards for every charter schoo|. Lvery sLudenL ln ennsylvanla should be
aLLendlng a hlgh performlng school. 1o ensure LhaL charLer schools are dellverlng a quallLy
educaLlon, a unlversal performance maLrlx needs Lo be developed Lo assess annual progress.
CharLer schools LhaL conLlnuously fall Lo meeL Lhese sLandards need Lo be closed.

Lncourage the rep||cat|on of h|gh perform|ng charter schoo|s, |nc|ud|ng expand|ng effect|ve
pract|ces to pub||c schoo|s. Whlle auLhorlzlng declslons belong Lo local dlsLrlcLs, reforms should

be made Lo prlorlLlze Lhe repllcaLlon of Lhe educaLlonal pracLlces of successful charLer schools aL
dlsLrlcL-run publlc schools.

Improv|ng Cvers|ght of Cyber Charter Schoo|s

ennsylvanla cyber charLer schools are dolng a dlsmal [ob of educaLlng sLudenLs. 1he CommonwealLh
needs a leader who ls commlLLed Lo holdlng Lhese schools - many of whlch are overseen by for-proflL
companles- accounLable. 1om Wolf wlll reln Lhese schools ln by lnsLlLuLlng serlous reforms and
auLhorlzlng Lhe ueparLmenL of LducaLlon Lo make Lough cholces lf Lhey fall Lo Lurn Lhemselves around.
And, unLll cyber charLers prove LhaL Lhey add value Lo Lhe educaLlon secLor, no new cyber charLers wlll
be approved. ln order Lo ensure LhaL every sLudenL recelves a quallLy educaLlon and Laxpayer dollars are
spenL approprlaLely, 1om Wolf wlll seL new cyber charLer overslghL requlremenLs, lncludlng:

Deve|op|ng new gu|de||nes to ensure that cyber charter schoo| adm|n|strators are not
pr|or|t|z|ng prof|ts over student |earn|ng. 1here are Loo many reporLs of cyber charLer schools
lnflaLlng enrollmenL numbers and falllng Lo reporL sLudenLs who drop ouL of school. 1axpayer
dollars should follow our sLudenLs and noL help cyber charLer operaLors expand Lhelr walleLs.
under 1om Wolf, cyber charLer schools wlll be requlred Lo regularly submlL sLudenL aLLendance
daLa and reLurn funds for sLudenLs LhaL leave durlng Lhe course of Lhe school year. Any cyber
charLer school LhaL vlolaLes Lhese rules wlll lmmedlaLely have lLs charLer revoked.

|ac|ng enro||ment caps on cyber charter schoo|s, ty|ng growth to student performance, and
|mp|ement|ng |ow student-to-teacher rat|os. ApproxlmaLely 33,000 ennsylvanla sLudenLs are
aLLendlng cyber charLer schools, wlLh more Lhan 10,000 of Lhem enrolled aL one school.
8esearch shows LhaL cyber schools are mosL effecLlve when Lhey are smaller and have low
sLudenL-Lo-Leacher raLlos. under 1om Wolf, cyber schools wlll flrsL need Lo prove LhaL Lhey are
provldlng a hlgh quallLy educaLlon alLernaLlve before Lhey are allowed Lo expand.

Sett|ng h|gh academ|c standards. Cyber charLer Leachers are noL currenLly held Lo Lhe same
cerLlflcaLlon requlremenLs as dlsLrlcL-run schools. ln order Lo lmprove academlc ouLcomes, cyber
charLer school Leachers wlll be held Lo Lhe same academlc sLandards as all oLher schools ln Lhe
CommonwealLh. 1hose cyber schools LhaL fall Lo produce academlc ouLcomes or hlre quallfled
Leachers should be held accounLable.

n|gher Lducat|on and the Iobs of the Iuture

1om Wolf belleves LhaL ennsylvanla has a greaL opporLunlLy for advanclng economlc developmenL
based on Lhe world-class college and unlverslLy sysLem LhaL ennsylvanla possesses. Powever, Loo ofLen,
ennsylvanla's publlc and prlvaLe unlverslLles and communlLy colleges have been a sLep removed from
Lhe economlc developmenL plannlng efforLs. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll fully lnLegraLe Lhe efforLs of
our hlgher educaLlon sysLem lnLo Lhe sLaLe's economlc developmenL plannlng, focuslng parLlcularly on

Lechnology Lransfers and Lhe commerclallzaLlon of academlc research.

1om Wolf wanLs Lo dramaLlcally lmprove Lhe coordlnaLlon of research and developmenL fundlng and
buslness lncubaLors beLween Lhe federal and sLaLe governmenLs, small buslnesses, communlLy colleges,
and boLh publlc and prlvaLe unlverslLles ln ennsylvanla. 1om Wolf wanLs Lo use hlgher educaLlon
spendlng more sLraLeglcally so LhaL our lnsLlLuLlons of hlgher learnlng become economlc developmenL
englnes ln ennsylvanla.

lrom research for Lhe manufacLurlng lndusLry Lo alLernaLlve and renewable energy Lechnology research
Lo healLh care lndusLry research and developmenL - Lhere are a varleLy of opporLunlLles LhroughouL
ennsylvanla where academlc research and Lralnlng can be Lransformed lnLo [ob creaLlng appllcaLlons
Lhrough smarL plannlng and Lhe sLraLeglc fundlng of buslness lncubaLors aL our colleges and unlverslLles.

1om Wolf wlll use exlsLlng economlc developmenL resources, some porLlon of Lhe Marcellus Shale
revenues and Lhe experLlse of Lhe Lconomlc uevelopmenL arLnershlp Lo vasLly lmprove Lhe [ob creaLlon
capablllLles of ennsylvanla's hlgher educaLlon sysLem for Lhe new, knowledge based economy of
Lomorrow. We can and should lnvesL ln our colleges and unlverslLles ln a way LhaL creaLes [obs,
lmproves Lhe economy, and enhances Lhe schools. 1om Wolf belleves LhaL we should noL be selllng Lhe
economy of Lhe fuLure shorL by falllng Lo make Lhe necessary lnvesLmenLs ln hlgher educaLlon, and ls
commlLLed Lo maklng ennsylvanla's hlgher educaLlon sysLem a cornersLone of hls economlc
developmenL sLraLegy.

Increas|ng Access|b|||ty

1he Covernor's Advlsory Commlsslon on osLsecondary LducaLlon noLed LhaL by 2018, 60 percenL of
new [obs ln ennsylvanla wlll requlre a posLsecondary educaLlon. unforLunaLely, only 43 percenL of
resldenLs currenLly have Lhls quallflcaLlon. ln order Lo rebulld our mlddle class and aLLracL good paylng
[obs Lo Lhe CommonwealLh, we need Lo address Lhe barrlers LhaL prevenL sLudenLs from conLlnulng Lhelr
educaLlon afLer hlgh school. 1om Wolf wlll creaLe programs LhaL lmprove access Lo hlgher educaLlon for
Lhe sLaLe's Lyplcally underserved populaLlons. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll:

Improve access to h|gher educat|on for veterans - 1om Wolf belleves LhaL we musL supporL our
veLerans as Lhey work Lo earn posLsecondary degrees. 1o do Lhls, Lhe CommonwealLh wlll deslgn
sLaLe programs LhaL supporL veLerans' unlque needs and encourage conLlnued developmenL of
Lhelr skllls ln Lhe sclences, Lechnology, englneerlng, and maLhemaLlcs.

As governor, 1om Wolf wlll creaLe veLeran supporL cenLers aL sLaLe-funded colleges and
unlverslLles. 1hese cenLers help veLerans and Lhelr famllles access federal fundlng, navlgaLe Lhe
hlgher educaLlon sysLem and help Lhem wlLh such Lasks as Lransferrlng mlllLary credlLs,
deLermlnlng resldenL sLaLus, and helplng wlLh paymenL exLenslons when walLlng for educaLlonal
beneflLs Lo klck-ln. 1hese cenLers wlll also be places where veLerans can lnLeracL wlLh oLher

veLerans, and access academlc and soclal supporLs.

ln addlLlon Lo granLlng ln-sLaLe LulLlon raLes Lo all veLerans, 1om Wolf wlll also ldenLlfy exlsLlng
fundlng Lo offer LulLlon granLs for veLerans who ma[or ln sclences, Lechnology, englneerlng, or
maLhemaLlcs. 8ecause servlce members ofLen have prevlous, real-world experlence ln Lhese
flelds, Lhe opporLunlLy Lo hone Lhese skllls and earn a posLsecondary degree wlll glve Lhem
access Lo Lhe hlgh Lech, hlgh wage [obs of Lhe 21sL cenLury.

ne|p ennsy|van|a's Deserv|ng Scho|ars - Many low-lncome hlgh school scholars do noL have
Lhe resources Lo submlL appllcaLlons Lo colleges LhaL mlghL offer scholarshlps and mosL low
lncome sLudenLs do noL have Lhe ablllLy Lo go and vlslL or lnLervlew wlLh prospecLlve schools.
8esearchers aL SLanford unlverslLy and Lhe unlverslLy of vlrglnla recenLly released Lhe flndlngs
of an experlmenL ln whlch Lhey senL college lnformaLlon packeLs Lo low lncome, hlgh achlevlng
sLudenLs. lor Lhe group of sLudenLs who recelved Lhe lnformaLlon packeL, 34 percenL were
admlLLed Lo college. ComparaLlvely, for Lhe group of sLudenLs who dld noL recelve Lhe package,
only 30 percenL were admlLLed Lo college.

1o ensure LhaL ennsylvanla's hlgh achlevlng, low-lncome sLudenLs have every opporLunlLy Lo
pursue a college degree, 1om Wolf wlll creaLe a ueservlng Scholars program. SLudenLs who
score ln Lhe Lop 20 percenL of senlors Laklng Lhe SA1s or who have earned a 3.73 grade polnL
average, and whose famlly ls ln Lhe boLLom quarLlle of lncome dlsLrlbuLlon wlll recelve
lnformaLlon packeLs from Lhe sLaLe, whlch lnclude lnformaLlon on ennsylvanla sLaLe-owned and
sLaLe-relaLed schools, flnanclal ald lnformaLlon, and guldance on how Lo navlgaLe Lhe appllcaLlon
process. AddlLlonally, all ellglble sLudenLs wlll recelve up Lo slx walvers for appllcaLlons Lo sLaLe-
owned and sLaLe-relaLed schools. 1hls wlll provlde a low cosL opporLunlLy for sLudenLs Lo Lap
lnLo exlsLlng scholarshlp resources.

rov|de f|nanc|a| support to trad|t|ona||y underserved students - Many underserved sLudenLs
come from low-lncome communlLles and are ofLen Lhe flrsL ln Lhelr famlly Lo go on Lo a
posLsecondary educaLlonal program. 1o help ease Lhe LranslLlon, address flnanclal concerns, and
lncrease compleLlon raLes, 1om Wolf wlll parLner wlLh prlvaLe funders Lo provlde low lncome
college sLudenLs access Lo publlc beneflLs and soclal supporLs. 1hrough Lhls program, sLaLe-
funded colleges and unlverslLles wlll draw on besL pracLlces from around Lhe counLry Lo: help
sLudenLs secure Lhe flnanclal resources needed Lo sLay ln school, provlde Lralnlng Lo college
guldance counselors Lo beLLer asslsL prospecLlve sLudenLs, and connecL sLudenLs wlLh sLaLe and
counLy human servlces.

Lxpand the use of 2+2 programs - 1om Wolf wlll sLrengLhen Lhe connecLlon beLween our
communlLy colleges and sLaLe-owned and sLaLe-regulaLed colleges, maklng lL easler for sLudenLs
Lo LranslLlon beLween programs and earn a bachelor's degree. A sLaLewlde agreemenL beLween
Lhese posL secondary lnsLlLuLlons wlll lnclude a llsL of pre-approved courses LhaL counL Loward

an assoclaLe's degree ln S1LM-speclflc sub[ecLs and are fully Lransferrable Lo 4-year colleges and
unlverslLles. 1hls wlll allow sLudenLs Lo compleLe a bachelor's degree ln four years and save on
Lhe cosL of LulLlon.

Support a ennsy|van|a DkLAM Act - 1om Wolf belleves LhaL chlldren who have spenL Lhe vasL
ma[orlLy of Lhelr llves ln unlLed SLaLes should have Lhe same opporLunlLy Lo earn a college
degree as all oLher sLudenLs ln Lhe CommonwealLh. ln Lhls veln, 1om Wolf wlll supporL Lhe
creaLlon of a ennsylvanla u8LAM AcL, whlch wlll allow ellglble sLudenLs Lo access ln-sLaLe
LulLlon raLes aL ennsylvanla colleges and unlverslLles.

keep Students |n ennsy|van|a

1om Wolf knows LhaL we musL keep ennsylvanla's graduaLes ln ennsylvanla. Whlle more college
educaLed young adulLs are chooslng Lo sLay ln Lhe sLaLe afLer graduaLlon, Loo many are sLlll leavlng. lor
lnsLance, whlle hlladelphla ls Lhe flfLh mosL populous clLy, lL ranks 21sL for Lhe share of lLs populaLlon
LhaL holds a college degree. ln order for Lhe ennsylvanla economy Lo grow and for us Lo aLLracL more
buslnesses Lo Lhe sLaLe, we need an educaLed workforce. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll lncenLlvlze college
graduaLes Lo sLay ln ennsylvanla by:

D|rect|ng prof|ts from state assets to programs des|gned to keep graduates |n ennsy|van|a -
ennsylvanla's sLaLe llquor sLores are exLremely proflLable, and Lhey brlng ln approxlmaLely $80
mllllon Lo $100 mllllon ln proflL a year, and wlLh modernlzaLlon Lhey can become even more
proflLable. lnsLead of havlng a dlscusslon abouL how Lo sell off Lhe sLaLe sLores, we should have a
dlscusslon abouL how Lo use Lhe sLaLe sLores Lo lmprove Lhe quallLy of llfe for all ennsylvanlans.
CLher sLaLes, llke new Mexlco, use proflLable sLaLe asseLs for speclflc purposes and ln
ennsylvanla Lhere ls a precedenL of earmarklng a speclflc asseL Lo fund needed servlces. WlLh
Lhe proflLs from Lhe sLaLe loLLery geLLlng earmarked for senlors, a porLlon of Lhe proflLs from
ennsylvanla's llquor sLores should go Loward helplng ennsylvanla's sLudenLs succeed ln lLs
lnsLlLuLlons of hlgher learnlng and encouraglng Lhem Lo sLay ln ennsylvanla.

Lncourag|ng Students to Learn |n ennsy|van|a - SLudenLs who meeL cerLaln quallflcaLlons wlll
be ellglble Lo apply for parLlal scholarshlps Lo elLher four or Lwo year sLaLe-owned or sLaLe-
relaLed schools ln ennsylvanla. SLudenLs musL be resldenLs of ennsylvanla, graduaLes from a
ennsylvanla publlc hlgh school or a publlc school recognlzed by Lhe ueparLmenL of ubllc
LducaLlon, and musL have graduaLed wlLh aL leasL a 3.0 grade polnL average.

1he scholarshlps wlll begln ln Lhe second semesLer and conLlnue for seven consecuLlve
semesLers (maxlmum of four years). SLudenLs musL enroll ln college or unlverslLy lmmedlaLely
followlng hlgh school graduaLlon, and LhroughouL Lhe course of Lhelr sLudles, sLudenLs musL
malnLaln a 2.7 grade polnL average.

keep|ng Co||ege Graduates |n ennsy|van|a - CraduaLes, who llve or hold prlmary resldence ln
ennsylvanla and have graduaLed wlLh aL leasL a bachelor's degree from one of ennsylvanla's
lnsLlLuLlons of hlgher learnlng elLher publlc or prlvaLe, wlll be ellglble Lo apply for a Lax credlL on
Lhelr sLudenL loans each year for up Lo flve years lf Lhey sLay ln ennsylvanla. 1hls program ls

slmllar Lo one belng lmplemenLed ln Malne.

Contro|||ng Co||ege Costs & Increas|ng Affordab|||ty

Cne of Lhe greaLesL challenges faclng ennsylvanla famllles ls Lhe conLlnually rlslng cosLs of a college
educaLlon and Lhe affordablllLy of enLerlng college and sLaylng on Lhrough graduaLlon day. Many
sLudenLs who do manage Lo graduaLe are burdened wlLh sLudenL loan paymenLs for many years.

1om Wolf belleves LhaL whlle every ennsylvanla college and unlverslLy LhaL recelves sLaLe fundlng has
been severely challenged by budgeL cuLs over Lhe pasL Lhree years, Lhey have also been Loo qulck Lo
address Lhelr budgeL problems wlLh LulLlon lncreases. 1ulLlon lncreases should be Lhe remedy of lasL
resorL, yeL many schools seem Lo be ralslng LulLlon cosLs year by year, even fasLer Lhan Lhe raLe of
lnflaLlon. 1o conLrol LulLlon cosLs, 1om Wolf wlll:

keverse Governor Corbett's cuts to h|gher educat|on and deve|op a f|ve-year fund|ng p|an. ln
provldlng sLaLe-owned and sLaLe-relaLed colleges and unlverslLles wlLh a pro[ecLlon of long-Lerm
sLaLe fundlng, Lhese schools wlll be beLLer poslLloned Lo conLrol annual LulLlon lncreases and
manage personnel needs.

L|nk future state fund|ng to the |mp|ementat|on of cost contro| measures at the rec|p|ent
schoo|s. Whlle each unlverslLy and college should be Lhe ulLlmaLe declslon-makers on how besL
Lo Lrlm cosLs, 1om Wolf wlll develop challenge granLs LhaL reward Lhose schools LhaL are able Lo
slgnlflcanLly Lrlm Lhelr admlnlsLraLlve and overhead cosLs. ln addlLlon, 1om Wolf wlll provlde
flnanclal lncenLlves for colleges and unlverslLles Lo maxlmlze Lhelr prlvaLe donaLlons and federal
granLs Lo help lmprove Lhelr academlc programs.

Lncourage co||eges and un|vers|t|es to deve|op reg|ona| purchas|ng partnersh|ps. Colleges and
unlverslLles LhroughouL Lhe sLaLe can use Lhelr [olnL purchaslng power Lo save money on such
Lhlngs as lnsurance, energy, and sofLware.

Cverhau| the ennsy|van|a n|gher Lducat|on Ass|stance Agency to make sure that the
max|mum amount of student |oans are be|ng offered to ennsy|van|a students at the |owest
|nterest rates. Llke ennsylvanla's unlverslLles and colleges, 1om Wolf wlll requlre PLAA Lo
slgnlflcanLly Lrlm Lhelr admlnlsLraLlve and overhead cosLs. 1om Wolf wlll also ask PLAA Lo come
up wlLh a plan Lo lower lnLeresL raLes on sLudenL loans uslng a small porLlon of Lhe Marcellus
Shale exLracLlon fees Lo dlscounL or subsldlze Lhe lnLeresL on new sLudenL loans.

!:-+#&.&$5 .2! &$$*.! 0.(!$5.20 #1 -!$$04+3*$&*;0 !"#$#%4

1om Wolf wlll dlrecL sLaLe Agencles Lo Lhlnk ouLslde Lhe box" and refocus Lhe sLaLe's resources on
Laklng beLLer advanLage of ennsylvanla's role as Lhe nexus beLween producers of energy, agrlculLural,
manufacLurlng, and oLher advanced producLs and ma[or u.S. populaLlons and markeLs. 1om Wolf's
sLraLeglc focus on ennsylvanla's unlque role as a connecLlve Llssue" ls noL [usL some academlc Lheory.
lnsLead, lL ls rooLed ln 1om Wolf's real world buslness experlence bulldlng a successful manufacLurlng,
dlsLrlbuLlon and sales enLerprlse relylng on hlgh quallLy producLs made here ln Lhe u.S. As governor,
1om Wolf wlll seek Lo Lake beLLer advanLage of ennsylvanla's unlque role as a connecLlve
LransporLaLlon and communlcaLlons keysLone" llnklng local suppllers and u.S. demand cenLers Lhrough
lmproved roads, ralls, porLs, brldges, plpellnes, alrporLs and communlcaLlons lnfrasLrucLure Lo acceleraLe
economlc growLh.

Lvery program Lhe sLaLe admlnlsLers lmpacLs [obs, so 1om Wolf wanLs lndlvldual sLaLe agencles and
offlces Lo vlew Lhelr mlsslons from a broad perspecLlve raLher Lhan [usL Lhe sllo" of Lhe lndlvldual
programs Lhey oversee. 1om Wolf belleves LhaL all sLaLe agencles should work LogeLher as a Leam on Lhe
same goal-creaLlng [obs. 1haL ls why 1om Wolf wlll personally lead and sLraLeglcally deploy exlsLlng sLaLe
resources Lhrough an Lconomlc uevelopmenL arLnershlp - a CablneL Level lnlLlaLlve wlLh publlc/prlvaLe
parLlclpaLlon (prlvaLe secLor CLCs, labor leaders and local leaders). 1he arLnershlp wlll lnclude Lhe
ueparLmenLs of LducaLlon, PealLh, ubllc Welfare, Ceneral Servlces AdmlnlsLraLlon, LnvlronmenLal
roLecLlon, Labor, 8evenue, CommunlLy and Lconomlc uevelopmenL, CorrecLlons, Lhe Covernor's
8udgeL and ollcy Cfflces and oLher relevanL sLaLe governmenL offlces. 1om's goal wlll be Lo break down
sllos" and provlde more focused and effecLlve leadershlp Lo Lhe sLaLe's economlc developmenL efforLs
wlLh exlsLlng Lax dollars.

L|nk|ng Supp||ers and Demand Centers - Connect|v|ty and ennsy|van|a as the
keystone for U.S. Manufacturers and Supp||ers
1om Wolf knows from hls personal buslness experlence LhaL connecLlng suppllers of hlgh quallLy
producLs wlLh ma[or populaLlon and demand cenLers ls a crlLlcal componenL of a successful buslness.
8uslnesses cannoL survlve or Lhrlve wlLhouL Lhe connecLlve Llssue" of a LransporLaLlon, communlcaLlons,
and dlsLrlbuLlon neLwork llnklng producers wlLh Lhe markeLs LhaL demand producLs. ennsylvanla sLaLe
governmenL can play a crlLlcal role of worklng wlLh buslnesses Lo break down Lhe currenL reglonal
barrlers LhaL exlsL ln ennsylvanla's economy and upgradlng our LransporLaLlon and communlcaLlons
lnfrasLrucLure LhaL wlll allow our lndusLrles and workers Lo beLLer compeLe ln domesLlc and global

1om Wolf knows LhaL ennsylvanla's geographlc locaLlon affords lL a compeLlLlve advanLage ln Lhls
economlc compeLlLlon Lo connecL supply and demand. lrom hls buslness experlence, 1om Wolf knows
LhaL a successful supply chaln musL dellver on Lhree lmporLanL promlses: prlce, quallLy, and Llmellness.
1he old myLh LhaL Amerlcan manufacLurers can'L compeLe wlLh low cosL overseas compeLlLors ls now

glvlng way Lo a new reallLy whlch suggesLs Lhey can. 1hls ls because desplLe all Lhe supply chaln galns
globallzaLlon and Lechnology have produced, one lnsurmounLable challenge remalns: dlsLance.

ennsylvanla's manufacLurlng poLenLlal has Lhe advanLage of locaLlon, close Lo some of Lhe largesL
consumer markeLs ln Lhe world ln Lhe MldwesL and Lhe LasL CoasL. ln addlLlon, Amerlcan manufacLurlng
workers are much more producLlve Lhan Lhelr overseas counLerparLs. new sLudles conflrm LhaL whlle
Amerlcan workers are pald a loL more per hour Lhan workers ln many emerglng economles, Lhey acLually
produce more per hour Loo. 1hus, even ln comparlson wlLh counLrles wlLh low labor wage raLes (llke
Chlna and lndla) or wlLh long LradlLlons of manufacLurlng excellence (llke Cermany and !apan), Amerlcan
manufacLurlng workers Lop Lhe producLlvlLy charLs.

1om Wolf belleves LhaL one key Lo our fuLure economlc prosperlLy ls beLLer connecLlng our resurgenL
manufacLurlng base wlLh u.S. and world markeLs. ennsylvanla has world class producers of energy,
agrlculLural, manufacLurlng, and oLher advanced producLs. All of Lhese suppllers musL compeLe wlLh
oLher suppllers around Lhe world and one crlLlcal compeLlLlve facLor ls Lhelr ablllLy Lo connecL Lhelr
producLs conslsLenLly, rellably and efflclenLly wlLh hlgh demand areas. So, llnklng producers ln Lrle,
lLLsburgh, and hlladelphla wlLh poLenLlal u.S. and world markeLs Lhrough Lhe besL porLs, brldges,
plpellnes, roads, alrporLs, hlgh speed ralls, and lnLerneL connecLlons wlll help enLrepreneurs succeed and
break down currenL reglonal markeL barrlers Lo Lrade ln ennsylvanla.

As CL's !eff lmmelL polnLed ouL when he opened a new baLLery planL ln new ?ork, WlLh all Lhe
manufacLurlng Lechnology we have, labor ls a relaLlvely small componenL." 1om Wolf mlghL have added
LhaL Amerlcan workers are very comforLable wlLh Lechnologlcal lnnovaLlon and have learned very
qulckly how Lo marry lL wlLh process lmprovemenLs Lo drlve greaLer efflclency. 1om Wolf belleves LhaL
Lhe resulL ls a newly producLlve Amerlcan worker and a newly compeLlLlve Amerlcan manufacLurlng
secLor, Lwo advanLages LhaL Lhe nexL governor of ennsylvanla should selze upon Lo spur economlc
developmenL pollcy.

Worklng Lhrough publlc/prlvaLe parLnershlps, 1om Wolf wanLs Lo dramaLlcally lmprove ennsylvanla's
lnfrasLrucLure relaLed Lo connecLlng suppllers wlLh demand cenLers, wheLher LhaL be Lhrough lmproved
roads, ralls, porLs, plpellnes, alrporLs, or communlcaLlons lnfrasLrucLure. As governor, poslLlonlng
ennsylvanla as Lhe LransporLaLlon keysLone for ma[or u.S. and world markeLs wlll be 1om Wolf's ma[or
focus. 1om Wolf belleves LhaL developlng Lhls connecLlve Llssue" beLween supply and demand cenLers
wlll help explolL ennsylvanla's lnnaLe advanLage - lLs locaLlon as Lhe keysLone ln Lhe mlddle of
advanced suppllers and u.S. and world markeLs.

Improv|ng Infrastructure
1om Wolf's buslness makes and dlsLrlbuLes klLchen cablneLs across ennsylvanla Lo markeLs all over Lhe
unlLed SLaLes. unforLunaLely, buslnesses llke 1om Wolf's are ofLen hampered by Lhe hlgh cosL of
LransporLlng producLs on our poorly malnLalned roads. 1om Wolf belleves LhaL llnklng ennsylvanla's

suppllers and producers wlLh u.S. and world markeLs Lhrough Lhe besL porLs, plpellnes, roads, alrporLs,
rallways, and communlcaLlons sysLems wlll help enLrepreneurs succeed, expand, and break down
currenL reglonal barrlers Lo Lrade ln ennsylvanla.

Accordlng Lo ennuC1, ennsylvanla ranks Lhlrd ln Lhe number of brldges buL leads Lhe naLlon ln Lhe
number of sLrucLurally deflclenL brldges. Cf Lhe 23,344 sLaLe owned brldges, 4,449 are sLrucLurally
deflclenL. AL Lhe counLy level, Lhere are 6,332 counLy owned brldges, of whlch 2,234 are sLrucLurally
deflclenL. CollecLlvely, 21 percenL of Lhe brldges ln Lhe sLaLe are sLrucLurally deflclenL. ln addlLlon, 37
percenL of sLaLe and locally owned roads and hlghways are ln poor or medlocre condlLlon. As a resulL,
ennsylvanla moLorlsLs spend a LoLal of $3 bllllon annually Lo flx damage caused by drlvlng on rough
roads. ln 2010, Lhe Amerlcan SocleLy of Clvll Lnglneers gave ennsylvanla a u-" for roads and LranslL.
1hey concluded LhaL drlvlng on ennsylvanla roads ln need of repalr cosL an average of $341 per
moLorlsL per year.

1he recenLly enacLed LransporLaLlon fundlng blll ln Parrlsburg ls a sLep ln Lhe rlghL dlrecLlon ln Lhe sense
LhaL lL wlll begln Lo allow ennsylvanla Lo sLarL dlgglng lLs way ouL of Lhe u- hole lL has allowed lLself Lo
fall lnLo on LransporLaLlon. Powever, ennsylvanla needs Lo do much beLLer ln movlng Loward resLorlng
ennsylvanla Lo lLs role as Lhe LransporLaLlon keysLone of Lhe naLlon.

Accordlng Lo a 2012 reporL by 8ulldlng Amerlca's luLure, demands on our roads, rallroads, porLs, and
alrporLs are golng Lo lncrease dramaLlcally over Lhe nexL 30 years: by 2013, an addlLlonal 1 bllllon
passengers wlll be flylng annually, by 2020, ma[or unlLed SLaLes porLs are expecLed Lo see Lhe volume of
cargo aL leasL doubllng, by 2033, frelghL cargo ls pro[ecLed Lo lncrease by 88 percenL, and by 2040, Lhe
number of mlles Lraveled by passenger vehlcles wlll grow by 80 percenL. lf ennsylvanla's lnfrasLrucLure
does noL grow Lo meeL demand, resldenLs and buslnesses wlll suffer. lor example, Ceneral Mllls pro[ecLs
LhaL when Lhe average speed of lLs Lrucklng shlpmenLs drops one-mlle per hour below Lhe average
speed, lLs cosLs lncrease by $2 mllllon.

1om Wolf envlslons a ennsylvanla where a 21sL cenLury lnfrasLrucLure made up of hlgh-speed ralls,
world-class alrporLs, complex communlcaLlon sysLems, and connecLed waLerways makes Lhe
CommonwealLh .,* desLlnaLlon for world lmporLs and exporLs. 1om Wolf wlll:

Create a "Connect ennsy|van|a" co||aborat|ve - 1hls collaboraLlve wlll brlng LogeLher key
sLakeholders, engage Lhe prlvaLe secLor, and leverage prlvaLe dollars Lo klck-sLarL pro[ecLs LhaL
wlll lncrease ennsylvanla's economlc compeLlLlveness, such as hlgh-speed rall LhaL allows
ennsylvanla manufacLurers Lo move producLs from hlladelphla Lo Chlcago ln Lhree hours.

Iorm a mu|t|-state partnersh|p - ln order Lo creaLe a sysLem where good and producLs can
move smooLhly from ennsylvanla Lo u.S. and world markeLs, we need our nelghborlng sLaLes as
well as oLhers across Lhe counLry Lo also commlL Lo bulldlng a 21sL cenLury lnfrasLrucLure.
Worklng LogeLher, we can be a powerful volce for addlLlonal federal and prlvaLe lnvesLmenL.


kepresent ennsy|van|a's |nterest |n Wash|ngton D.C. - noL only has federal fundlng for sLaLe
lnfrasLrucLure pro[ecLs decreased over Llme, buL Lhe rules and regulaLlons LhaL ofLen accompany
Lhese funds make lL dlfflculL for sLaLes Lo lnnovaLlvely address lnfrasLrucLure challenges. As
governor, 1om Wolf wlll be a vocal advocaLe for more federal lnfrasLrucLure fundlng as well as
more flexlblllLy ln how Lhose dollars are used.

Start a "W|re ennsy|van|a" |n|t|at|ve - A sLaLewlde publlc-prlvaLe parLnershlp Lo expand
broadband neLworks can beLLer connecL resldenLs and buslnesses. 1hls hlgh speed lnLerneL
neLwork wlll help level Lhe playlng fleld for Lhose ln rural areas by helplng rural resldenLs expand
buslnesses, connecL wlLh soclal servlces, and access educaLlonal programmlng.

A "Made |n ennsy|van|a" Cash 8ack rogram

ManufacLurlng ls a key componenL of ennsylvanla's economy. Accordlng Lo a reporL by Lhe naLlonal
Covernors AssoclaLlon, Lhe manufacLurlng lndusLry accounLs for more Lhan 10 percenL of LoLal
employmenL, maklng lL Lhe Lhlrd-largesL secLor ln Lhe sLaLe. And Lhese manufacLurlng [obs are good [obs.
1he ennsylvanla ueparLmenL of Labor and lndusLry reporLs LhaL Lhe average manufacLurlng wage,
$33,976, ls hlgher Lhan Lhe sLaLe's average wage, $46,748. noL only does Lhe manufacLurlng lndusLry
offer solld, mlddle-class [obs Lo more Lhan 300,000 ennsylvanlans, buL lL also ls a ma[or conLrlbuLor Lo
Lhe sLaLe's economy, accounLlng for $71 bllllon of our annual gross sLaLe producL. And, on average,
every manufacLurlng [ob supporLs 2.3 [obs ln oLher secLors.

1he currenL naLural gas producLlon boom ln ennsylvanla and Lhe u.S. has drlven down Lhe cosL of
energy whlch, for Lhe Llme belng, ls offerlng a compeLlLlve advanLage Lo manufacLurers ln ennsylvanla.
1o make sure LhaL Lhe CommonwealLh ls able Lo Lake full advanLage of Lhls and oLher opporLunlLles Lo
expand Lhe manufacLurlng secLor, 1om Wolf wlll lnsLlLuLe a Made |n ennsy|van|a cash-back" [obs
creaLlon program. 1hls lnnovaLlve program wlll reward manufacLurlng companles LhaL are creaLlng solld
mlddle-class [obs ln ennsylvanla.

lor manufacLurlng companles LhaL lncrease Lhelr annual Laxable payroll by aL leasL $1 mllllon, Lhe
CommonwealLh wlll provlde cash paymenLs of up Lo 3 percenL of new Laxable payroll Lhe followlng year.
ln order Lo quallfy, Lhese new [obs musL be full-Llme, have an average wage equal Lo or above Lhe
counLy wage ln whlch Lhe company ls locaLlng or expandlng, and lnclude compeLlLlve healLh beneflLs.
1om Wolf wlll pay for Lhe cash back program by cuLLlng any currenL ennsylvanla Lax credlL, granL and
low lnLeresL loan programs LhaL are noL creaLlng any [obs ln ennsylvanla. ln facL, Lo ensure LhaL
ennsylvanla ls addlng sLrong, susLalnable, mlddle-class [obs, 1om Wolf's Made ln ennsylvanla plan wlll
lnclude a claw back" provlslon. 8eclplenLs of Lhe cash back program wlll have Lo reLurn Lhe cash
paymenL Lo Lhe sLaLe lf Lhey do noL malnLaln Lhe new [obs for flve years.


kev|ta||z|ng our Commun|t|es and Lncourag|ng Smart Growth

CurrenLly, more Lhan 40 percenL of CommonwealLh resldenLs are llvlng ln flnanclally dlsLressed
communlLles. Whlle many facLors conLrlbuLe Lo Lhe decllne of clLles and Lowns, one lmporLanL elemenL
ls poor land use pollcles LhaL favor sprawl over relnvesLmenL and dlverL scarce resources lnefflclenLly ln
undeveloped farm or lsolaLed areas. ennsylvanla needs Lo ensure Lhe long-Lerm flnanclal vlablllLy of
our clLles by lmprovlng our plannlng and overslghL of land use and developmenL.

1om Wolf knows LhaL relnvesLmenL works. ln parLnershlp wlLh hls fellow communlLy members, 1om
Wolf worked Lo revlLallze Lhe clLy of ?ork -- Lhe economlc anchor of hls communlLy. Pe served as Lhe
presldenL of 8eLLer ?ork, whlch hlred uavld 8usk Lo develop a reglonal plan Lo help revlLallze Lhe clLy.
1om also chalred Lhe board of ?ork College, where he helped Lo lnLegraLe Lhe school lnLo Lhe clLy by
havlng lL lnvesL ln Lhe nelghborhood. 1om Wolf worked as a board member of PlsLorlc ?ork Lo flnd new
resldenLlal and commerclal uses for exlsLlng bulldlngs. 1om's work wlLh Lhese organlzaLlons led Lo
redevelopmenL as well as new [obs, new soclal supporLs for clLy resldenLs, and new Lools Lo aLLracL
mlddle-class famllles back Lo Lhe clLy. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll:

Create a Smart Growth and State |ann|ng Cff|ce - lor all pro[ecLs LhaL recelve sLaLe fundlng,
ennsylvanla musL make sure LhaL Lhey are parL of a broader smarL growLh sLraLegy. 1hls offlce
wlll be Lasked wlLh coordlnaLlng Lhe efforLs of varlous sLaLe agencles so LhaL communlLy
developmenL programs and lnlLlaLlves supporL revlLallzaLlon and reglonal plannlng. AddlLlonally,
lL wlll ensure LhaL local developmenL pro[ecLs LhaL recelve sLaLe fundlng adhere Lo Lhe
fundamenLals of smarL growLh.

Iund kev|ta||zat|on ro[ects - 1om Wolf wlll prlorlLlze sLaLe caplLal and local developmenL
fundlng for revlLallzaLlon pro[ecLs. A sLraLeglc prlorlLy wlll be placed on sLaLe fundlng for
communlLy developmenL for pro[ecLs LhaL are locaLed near or uLlllze exlsLlng lnvesLmenLs such
as LranslL, affordable houslng, walkable communlLles, small buslnesses and sLruggllng Lown
cenLers. 1hls smarL spendlng" approach wlll save Laxpayer dollars.

Adopt a "I|x It I|rst" Approach to Deve|opment - SLaLe lnvesLmenLs should help promoLe
developmenL LhaL makes use of exlsLlng lnfrasLrucLure by rehablllLaLlng exlsLlng offlces,
bulldlngs and homes LhaL clean and reuse conLamlnaLed slLes, bulld on open urban spaces (lnflll
developmenL) ln exlsLlng Lowns and clLles.

Imp|ement a 8|uepr|nts grant program to he|p |oca| commun|t|es deve|op reg|ona| |ong-term
p|ans - 1o help some reglons save money, 1om Wolf wlll use exlsLlng funds Lo provlde plannlng
granLs Lo engage resldenLs and key sLakeholders ln Lhe developmenL of a reglonal vlslon, whlch
wlll Lhen be used Lo gulde reglonal and local land use and LransporLaLlon plannlng.

rov|de techn|ca| ass|stance to o|der commun|t|es - 1hrough a redevelopmenL cerLlflcaLlon
program, Lhe SLaLe wlll help older communlLles updaLe Lhelr codes and developmenL regulaLlons,
lmprove Lhelr revlew process, and oLherwlse make Lhe plannlng process more sLable and

Lncourage |nnovat|ve and creat|ve |and use - 1hrough an lnnovaLlve clLles program, urban
areas wlll be able Lo apply for fundlng Lo help Lhem develop and lmplemenL a land use plan
almed aL aLLracLlng young workers and dlverse buslnesses. 1hose munlclpallLles LhaL are
awarded granLs wlll also recelve supporL from Lhe Lconomlc uevelopmenL arLnershlp ln
navlgaLlng Lhe mulLlple granLs, Lax credlLs, loans, and oLher exlsLlng flnanclal supporLs avallable.

Start a techn|ca| ass|stance academy for |oca| government and nonprof|t |eaders - 1he
Lconomlc uevelopmenL arLnershlp wlll noL only help local leaders beLLer undersLand how Lhelr
currenL regulaLlons, codes, and ordlnances encourage or dlscourage developmenL, buL lL wlll
also help Lhem develop new communlLy relnvesLmenL pollcles and bulld relaLlonshlps wlLh local
leaders across Lhe sLaLe.

Iocus on bu||d|ng m|xed-|ncome, m|xed-use commun|t|es - 1oday, more Lhan 13 percenL of
ennsylvanla resldenLs are llvlng ln poverLy. 1hose llvlng ln concenLraLed poverLy - where 30
percenL of all famllles are llvlng below Lhe poverLy llne - are ofLen ln communlLles wlLh hlgh
vlolence, poor schools, and llmlLed access Lo healLh care.

Cne way Lo deconcenLraLe poverLy ln our communlLles ls Lo focus our exlsLlng developmenL
resources on mlxed-lncome, mlxed-use communlLles LhaL are locaLed near or uLlllze exlsLlng
lnvesLmenLs such as LranslL, walkable communlLles, small buslnesses and sLruggllng Lown
cenLers. ln Lhls veln, 1om Wolf wlll use a creaLlve mlx of publlc and prlvaLe dollars Lo spur mlxed-
lncome, mlxed-use developmenL pro[ecLs ln whlch 10 percenL of Lhe homes are for low-lncome

ersona| Lxper|ence w|th 8r|ng|ng Good-ay|ng, M|dd|e-C|ass Iobs 8ack to ennsy|van|a

lour years ago, 1om Wolf recelved word LhaL Lhe buslness he had sold a few years earller was abouL Lo
go under, leavlng hls former employees llkely Lo [oln Lhe ranks of Lhe unemployed. Whlle he could have
walked away, 1om Wolf lnsLead wenL back and sank every penny he had lnLo savlng Lhe company,
buylng lL back aL full markeL value and lnvesLlng ln lLs workforce whlle relnvenLlng lLs buslness model.
1om Wolf's reLurn and lnnovaLlve resLrucLurlng resulLed ln savlng Lhe company and Lhe hundreds of
mlddle-class [obs ln ennsylvanla LhaL wenL wlLh lL.

1om Wolf Lurned Lhe buslness from a wholesale dlsLrlbuLor of oLher people's producLs, lnLo a company
LhaL sources Lhelr own Amerlcan-made producLs LhaL compeLe dlrecLly wlLh producLs made ln Chlna.
1he company headquarLers and dlsLrlbuLlon cenLer are boLh locaLed ln ?ork. And all Wolf producLs are

made ln Lhe unlLed SLaLes, wlLh several of Lhem manufacLured rlghL here ln ennsylvanla. 1om Wolf
flrmly belleves LhaL Amerlcan workers, worklng ln planLs locaLed ln Lhe unlLed SLaLes, can produce goods
LhaL compeLe on boLh prlce and quallLy wlLh anyLhlng made by anyone anywhere ln Lhe world.

1he company ls now growlng and Lhrlvlng by sourclng lLs own Amerlcan-made producLs, compeLlng
dlrecLly wlLh producLs made overseas ln low wage counLrles. 1om Wolf knows LhaL ln order for Lhe
mlddle class Lo Lhrlve, buslnesses musL lnvesL ln Lhelr workforce. 1om Wolf provldes hls workers wlLh
good wages and comprehenslve healLh and reLlremenL beneflLs. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll work Lo
Lransform ennsylvanla's economy Lhrough lnnovaLlve pollcles.

ennsylvanla needs a change ln leadershlp because ln Lhe pasL few years lL fallen from 7Lh Lo 41sL ln [ob
creaLlon and Lhere are nearly 300,000 unemployed ennsylvanlans. 1oo many corporaLlons pay no
lncome Lax ln ennsylvanla whlle small buslnesses and workers sLruggle and pay more Lhan Lhelr falr
share of Laxes, we need Lo level Lhe playlng fleld. 1hrough speclal lnLeresL Lax cuLs and Lax credlLs
Covernor CorbeLL has puL frlendly, lnslder corporaLlons and Lhe wealLhy over Lhe mlddle class, and as a
resulL we have losL ouL on Lhousands of good-paylng [obs.

Ioster|ng Innovat|on and Commerc|a||z|ng Academ|c kesearch

An lmporLanL elemenL ln developlng sLrong, susLalnable mlddle-class [obs ls bulldlng beLLer connecLlons
beLween Lhe prlvaLe secLor and some of Lhe sLaLe's mosL lmporLanL asseLs - lLs academlc cenLers of
excellence. ennsylvanla ls home Lo more Lhan 130 colleges and unlverslLles, whlch recelve hundreds of
mllllons of dollars every year Lo develop lnnovaLlve soluLlons Lo our LoughesL problems. ln 2011, Lhe
unlverslLy of lLLsburgh and Lhe unlverslLy of ennsylvanla collecLlvely recelved almosL $1.4 bllllon ln
federal fundlng for research and developmenL. 1o make ennsylvanla Lhe cenLer for economlc growLh
and lnnovaLlon, lL ls Llme Lo move Lhese LheoreLlcal ldeas Lo Lhe markeL place.

1om Wolf wlll promoLe lnnovaLlon and [ob growLh by connecLlng our colleges and unlverslLles wlLh our
small and emerglng buslnesses. 1hrough an lnnovaLlon granLs program uslng exlsLlng sLaLe resources,
colleges and unlverslLles wlll work ln parLnershlp wlLh manufacLurers, hlgh Lech flrms, and oLher
buslnesses Lo move ldeas Lo markeL. CommerclallzaLlon of research and developmenL wlll be a ma[or
focus of 1om Wolf's economlc developmenL sLraLegy.

8ewardlng research and developmenL Lhrough commerclallzaLlon wlll help engage college sLudenLs, lead
Lo [ob creaLlon, and Lhe producLlon of new, lnnovaLlve producLs, and drlve addlLlonal research and
developmenL fundlng Lo our academlc lnsLlLuLlons. CommerclallzaLlon and Lechnology Lransfer
sLraLegles based upon exlsLlng academlc research ln ennsylvanla are a greaL opporLunlLy for Lhe
CommonwealLh Lo sLarL shlfLlng lLs pollcles from Lhose LhaL promoLe speclal lnLeresLs and favor pollLlcal
donors Lo a new approach LhaL rewards small buslnesses and lnnovaLors LhaL creaLe good, susLalnable
[obs ln ennsylvanla.


8u||d|ng a keystone 1echno|ogy Sector

ennsylvanla ls well poslLloned Lo Lake advanLage of one of Lhe fasLesL growlng secLors of Lhe 21sL
cenLury economy - Lechnology lnformaLlon. Many of Lhe CommonwealLh's 130 colleges and unlverslLles,
llke urexel unlverslLy, enn SLaLe unlverslLy, and Carnegle Mellon unlverslLy, are produclng graduaLes
wlLh Lechnlcal experLlse. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll make lL hls goal Lo geL Lhese graduaLes Lo sLay,
lnvesL, and bulld Lhelr buslnesses here ln ennsylvanla.

Creat|ng 1echno|ogy and Innovat|on Iobs - 1om Wolf wlll creaLe A*=+.%#* 3*$,#%-%)= B%#*+
slLuaLed around lnsLlLuLlons of hlgher learnlng ln areas such as lLLsburgh, SLaLe College, and
hlladelphla. 1he keysLone 1echnology Zones wlll encourage Lhe Lransfer of Lechnology Lo Lhe
prlvaLe secLor, and provlde lncenLlves for buslnesses Lo grow and hlre ln ennsylvanla.

1echnology buslnesses lnslde Lhe keysLone 1echnology Zones wlll be ellglble for a "cash-back"
[obs creaLlon program, C1'*5 1# >*##+=-0(#1(. Llke 1om Wolf's Made ln Amerlca" program, Lhls
lnnovaLlve program wlll reward Lechnology companles LhaL are creaLlng solld mlddle-class [obs
ln ennsylvanla. lor Lechnology companles LhaL lncrease Lhelr annual Laxable payroll by aL leasL
$1 mllllon, Lhe CommonwealLh wlll provlde cash paymenLs of up Lo 3 percenL of new Laxable
payroll Lhe followlng year. ln order Lo quallfy, Lhese new [obs musL be full-Llme, have an
average wage equal Lo or above Lhe counLy wage ln whlch Lhe company ls locaLlng or expandlng,
and lnclude compeLlLlve healLh beneflLs. 1o ensure LhaL we are addlng sLrong, susLalnable,
mlddle-class [obs, Lhe plan wlll lnclude a claw back" provlslon. 1hose Lechnology companles
LhaL do noL malnLaln Lhese [obs for flve years wlll have Lo reLurn Lhe cash paymenL Lo Lhe sLaLe.

Match Students w|th Compan|es - 1om Wolf wlll creaLe Lhe A*=+.%#* 3*$, 3(-*#. D(#9 and he
wlll hold quarLerly LalenL drafLs ln ennsylvanla Lo maLch sLudenLs and [ob seekers wlLh hlgh
Lech companles.

Grow|ng 1ech Incubators - 1om Wolf wlll encourage Lech lncubaLors by worklng wlLh
organlzaLlons llke SLarL up hllly and Lhe 8en[amln lranklln 1echnology arLners Lo encourage
Lhe developmenL of Lech lncubaLors LhroughouL ennsylvanla especlally ln keysLone 1echnology

r|or|t|z|ng 1echno|ogy and Innovat|on |n Cap|ta| Iund|ng - 1om Wolf wlll prlorlLlze Lechnology
and lnnovaLlon lnfrasLrucLure ln exlsLlng federal, sLaLe and local fundlng lncludlng lnfrasLrucLure
pro[ecLs LhaL expand hlgh speed lnLerneL.

Creat|ng Iobs by Lxpand|ng Med|ca|d

Cne of Lhe fundamenLal Loplcs LhaL have ofLen gone mlsslng from Lhe currenL healLh care debaLes ln
Parrlsburg ls [ob growLh. As lndeclslon and lnacLlon have domlnaLed dlscusslons, Lhe CorbeLL

admlnlsLraLlon has lgnored Lhe facL LhaL lmplemenLaLlon of Lhe Affordable Care AcL and Lhe expanslon of
Lhe sLaLe's Medlcald program provldes an unprecedenLed opporLunlLy Lo glve more Lhan 300,000
currenLly unlnsured, mlddle and low-lncome ennsylvanlans access Lo affordable healLh care. Lxpandlng
healLh care Lo hundreds of Lhousands of ennsylvanlans and Lhelr famllles ls noL [usL Lhe rlghL Lhlng Lo
do - lL's good for Lhe economy and wlll creaLe [obs.

llrsL, havlng affordable healLh lnsurance ls an lmporLanL prerequlslLe for a healLhy producLlve workforce.
Second, expandlng coverage, by necesslLy wlll requlre more healLh care provlders - docLors, nurses,
asslsLanLs, and lab Lechnlclans Lo name a few. Clven Lhe naLure of healLh care, Lhese [obs have Lo be
locaLed ln ennsylvanla, where Lhe paLlenLs llve. 1hey cannoL be ouLsourced or exporLed. 1hlrd,
hosplLals serve as Lhe economlc anchors for many of ennsylvanla's smaller clLles and rural areas. lor
many years, our rural healLh care faclllLles have sLruggled Lo sLay afloaL ln a changlng markeLplace.
Addlng hundreds of Lhousands of newly lnsured paLlenLs across Lhe sLaLe can help many rural provlders
sLay open for buslness. lourLh, ennsylvanla ls Lhe home of several healLh care supply chaln companles -
pharmaceuLlcal companles, medlcal devlce manufacLurers, and oLhers LhaL wlll also beneflL from
expandlng healLh care coverage. llfLh, ennsylvanla's medlcal and nurslng schools wlll beneflL from Lhe
lncreased demand for more Lralned professlonals.

So, Medlcald expanslon would do much more Lhan glve many ennsylvanlans an opporLunlLy Lo galn
healLh lnsurance coverage: lL wlll provlde a much needed economlc sLlmulus Lo Lhe sLaLe. A recenL 8Anu
reporL esLlmaLed LhaL Medlcald expanslon wlll add $3 bllllon Lo Lhe sLaLe's gross domesLlc producL, lead
Lo Lhe creaLlon of 33,000 new [obs, and save hosplLals approxlmaLely $330 mllllon every year.

ln addlLlon Lo Lhese economlc beneflLs, Lhe new cosLs assoclaLed wlLh healLh care expanslon for Lhe
sLaLe and lLs Laxpayers wlll be mlnlmal. Slnce Lhe federal governmenL wlll pay 100 of Lhe cosLs of
Medlcald expanslon from 2014 Lo 2016 and 90 of Lhe cosLs LhereafLer, expandlng Lhe program ls an
easy economlcal cholce. 1he federal conLrlbuLlon - pro[ecLed Lo be an addlLlonal $2 bllllon every year -
wlll come from Laxes already pald by ennsylvanlans, so falllng Lo expand Medlcald wlll essenLlally mean
glvlng Lhe federal governmenL money back Lo be spenL ln oLher sLaLes.

llnally, Laklng an acLlve role ln lmplemenLaLlon of Lhe federal healLh care expanslon wlll allow
ennsylvanla Lo conLrol several consumer proLecLlon beneflLs. lor example, sLaLes LhaL are
lmplemenLlng Lhe healLh care law have a far greaLer say ln how consumers can be proLecLed from
lnsurance companles, how new lnsurance pollcy raLes can be negoLlaLed, and Lhe Lypes of beneflLs LhaL
wlll be covered by new healLh lnsurance pollcles.

lor all of Lhese reasons - [obs, economlc supply chaln beneflLs, avallablllLy of federal fundlng and more
conLrol over consumer proLecLlons - 1om Wolf wlll Lake an acLlve, aggresslve role ln expandlng access Lo
healLh care ln ennsylvanla.

Improv|ng at|ent Serv|ces

ln addlLlon Lo expandlng Medlcald, 1om Wolf wlll also lmplemenL oLher healLh care reforms Lo lmprove
Lhe quallLy of paLlenL servlces such as:

Sett|ng Nurse-to-at|ent kat|os - As governor, 1om Wolf wlll advocaLe for leglslaLlon LhaL seLs
safe nurse Lo paLlenL raLlos. 1hese raLlos wlll range from one reglsLered nurse Lo one paLlenL ln
hlgh needs unlLs llke operaLlng rooms and Lrauma emergency rooms Lo one reglsLered nurse Lo
flve paLlenLs ln skllled nurslng faclllLles. SlgnlflcanL research has been done LhaL shows safe
nurse Lo paLlenL raLlos have lncreased quallLy care and lmproved nurslng reLenLlon.

keep|ng more ennsy|van|a-tra|ned pr|mary care doctors |n the state - As governor, 1om Wolf
wlll dedlcaLe an addlLlonal $3 mllllon ln sLaLe fundlng Lo expand Lhe number of prlmary care
physlclans who can parLlclpaLe ln Lhe sLaLe's debL rellef program for medlcal professlonals and
lncrease Lhe number of resldency sloLs for prlmary care docLors. 1hls addlLlonal fundlng wlll
allow ennsylvanla Lo keep prlmary care docLors ln Lhe sLaLe by offerlng a loan repaymenL
program LhaL ls compeLlLlve wlLh oLher sLaLes. 1he physlclans who beneflL from Lhls flnanclal
supporL wlll have Lo commlL Lo worklng ln rural and underserved areas for flve consecuLlve years.
Some of Lhls fundlng ls already avallable from federal sources.

Incent|v|z|ng med|ca| care prov|ders to adopt the "pat|ent-centered med|ca| home" mode| of
care - 1he aLlenL-CenLered Medlcal Pome (CMP) model uses a Leam of care provlders,
lncludlng docLors, nurses, nuLrlLlonlsLs, pharmaclsLs and soclal workers, Lo lmprove paLlenL
access Lo care, care coordlnaLlon, and quallLy whlle aL Lhe same Llme reduclng cosLs. CMP
provldes shorLer walL Llmes for paLlenLs, focuses of menLal and physlcal healLh of Lhe paLlenL,
and puLs an emphasls on prevenLaLlve care. 1he ouLcomes of Lhls shlfL ln paLlenL care has
resulLed ln lmproved healLh and cosL savlngs. ennsylvanla's Celslnger PealLh SysLem roven-
PealLh navlgaLor was able Lo use Lhls approach Lo lower hosplLal readmlsslons by 18 percenL ln
one year and reduce LoLal cosLs per member per monLh by 7 percenL.

1o daLe, Lhe sLaLe has been successful ln encouraglng medlcal care provlders Lo adopL Lhls
approach for paLlenLs sufferlng from chronlc lllnesses as well as chlldren. 8uL Lhere ls sLlll work
Lo be done. 1o ensure LhaL ennsylvanla resldenLs recelve Lhe besL healLh care LreaLmenLs, 1om
Wolf wlll provlde granL fundlng Lo help medlcal pracLlces seL up Lhe processes needed Lo earn
naLlonal cerLlflcaLlon Lhrough Lhe naLlonal CommlLLee for CuallLy Assurance, Lhe AccredlLaLlon
AssoclaLlon for AmbulaLory PealLh Care, Lhe !olnL Commlsslon, or Lhe u8AC.


/0&$5 #/( $*./(*+ (!0#/("!0 .# #/( 1/++ *,3*$.*5!

1om Wolf belleves LhaL ennsylvanla should Lake advanLage of lLs LradlLlonal energy resources, such as
Lhe Marcellus Shale, Lo [ump sLarL Lhe new energy economy and modernlze lnfrasLrucLure, Lurnlng a
one-Llme wlndfall lnLo a long Lerm [ob creaLlon sLraLegy and brldge Lo a clean energy fuLure. naLural gas
prlces are low rlghL now, offerlng a boon Lo sLaLe manufacLurlng and chemlcal flrms, buL expecL naLural
gas prlces Lo rlse as u.S. exporL faclllLles are developed and world naLural gas markeLs (where naLural
gas ls more expenslve) begln Lo puL compeLlLlve pressure on prlces. roxlmlLy Lo naLural gas flelds wlll
conLlnue Lo offer a compeLlLlve advanLage Lo ennsylvanla based manufacLurers, buL 1om Wolf belleves
LhaL Lhe Llme ls now Lo begln plannlng for and poslLlonlng ourselves ln Lhe energy economy of Lomorrow.

Deve|op|ng the Marce||us Sha|e Wh||e rotect|ng ennsy|van|a's Lnv|ronment

WlLh ennsylvanla slLLlng on one of Lhe largesL deposlLs of naLural gas ln Lhe world, 1om Wolf belleves
LhaL Lhe Marcellus Shale musL be a key componenL of any plan for ennsylvanla's fuLure. We musL
ensure LhaL we Lake advanLage of Lhls resource and opporLunlLy ln a way LhaL beneflLs all
ennsylvanlans and proLecLs our waLer and envlronmenL. lour years ago 1om Wolf called for a Lax on
naLural gas exLracLlon and responslble developmenL, saylng:

>*##+=-0(#1( 1+ +1..1#) %# %#* %? .,* -(')*+. 5*6%+1.+ %? #(.&'(- )(+ 1# .,* E%'-5; .,*
4('$*--&+ 2,(-* ?%'8(.1%#; E,1$, +.'*.$,*+ ?'%8 %&' #%'.,*(+. .% +%&.,E*+. $%'#*'F
C1., #*E 5'1--1#) .*$,#1G&*+ E* $(# #%E *??1$1*#.-= &#-%$9 .,*+* 8(++10* #(.&'(- )(+
5*6%+1.+ .,(. -1* <*#*(., ,&)* 6%'.1%#+ %? %&' +.(.*F

LxperLs esLlmaLe Lhere mlghL be as much as 30 Lrllllon cublc feeL of recoverable naLural gas beneaLh
ennsylvanla's soll. 1haL would make our CommonwealLh Lhe Saudl Arabla of naLural gas and, lf
managed correcLly, help Lransform our economy. 1om Wolf belleves Marcellus Shale musL be a key
componenL of any plan for ennsylvanla's economlc fuLure. 1he challenge faclng us now, and lnLo Lhe
fuLure, ls how Lo manage Lhls remarkable naLural resource so LhaL lL beneflLs clLlzens of ennsylvanla for
many years Lo come.

1he rlghL way Lo manage Lhls resource ls Lo use exLracLlon fees Lo fund our mosL crlLlcal lnvesLmenLs of
Lhe fuLure: schools, roads, lnfrasLrucLure, economlc developmenL, and workforce Lralnlng. We musL also
be cerLaln LhaL exLracLlon companles acL responslbly by posLlng bonds and seLLlng aslde savlngs ln Lhe
evenL of harmful lmpacLs on our envlronmenL. SLaLes llke 1exas, Wyomlng, Loulslana, new Mexlco, and
Cklahoma charge exLracLlon fees for naLural gas and requlre flnanclal guaranLees for cleanups, and
Lhese cosLs are pald by many of Lhe same blg oll and gas companles operaLlng ln ennsylvanla. lL ls now
long pasL Llme for ennsylvanla Lo do Lhe same Lhlng and use Lhese exLracLlon fees Lo pay for our
envlronmenLal proLecLlon and economlc lnvesLmenL prlorlLles for Lhe fuLure.

And [usL as ennsylvanla helped Lo fuel Lhe lndusLrlal revoluLlon wlLh Lhe flrsL commerclally developed
oll wells ln 1lLusvllle and Lhe anLhraclLe coal flelds, we can once agaln have a brlghL economlc fuLure
based on Lhese abundanL Marcellus Shale naLural gas reserves. 1he negaLlve envlronmenLal lmpacL of
Lhe oll and coal booms, however, should serve as a warnlng of whaL can happen lf our naLural resources
are noL properly managed. 1om Wolf wlll make sure sLaLe agencles Lasked wlLh envlronmenLal overslghL
are adequaLely funded, sLaffed, and supervlsed Lo prevenL reckless drllllng, and LhaL lrresponslble
companles are held accounLable.

1om Wolf belleves LhaL we have an obllgaLlon Lo geL Lhls new energy era rlghL. 1o do so, lL wlll Lake a
plan wlLh Lhese prlnclples:

Lnact a S percent extract|on tax to bu||d for ennsy|van|a's future. We should make sure LhaL
Lhe clLlzens of Lhe CommonwealLh share ln a porLlon of Lhe flnanclal beneflLs of Lhls geologlc
wlndfall. Whlle 1exas, Wyomlng, Loulslana, new Mexlco, and WesL vlrglnla beneflL as oll and gas
companles and oLher corporaLe lnLeresLs cash ln on Lhose sLaLes' envlronmenLal resources,
ennsylvanla resldenLs do noL.

Make smart |nvestments to fund ennsy|van|a's pr|or|t|es. As governor, 1om Wolf wlll use Lhe
revenue generaLed from Lhe exLracLlon Lax Lo ensure LhaL Lhe CommonwealLh has Lhe resources
Lo lnvesL ln programs for our chlldren, hard-worklng famllles, and senlors. 1hese funds wlll be
dlrecLed Lo Lhe Ceneral lund for essenLlal programmlng, Lhe ueparLmenL of LnvlronmenLal
roLecLlon for lmprovlng overslghL and sLrengLhenlng regulaLlons, and Lhe local communlLles
where drllllng ls Laklng place.

As governor, 1om Wolf's prlorlLy wlll be Lo use Lhls revenue Lo reverse Covernor CorbeLL's $1
bllllon ln educaLlon cuLs and lncrease Lhe SLaLe's share of educaLlon fundlng Lo provlde needed
rellef Lo local properLy Laxpayers. AddlLlonally, he wlll use Lhese funds Lo bulld a brlghLer fuLure
for ennsylvanlans wlLh sLraLeglc lnvesLmenLs ln our lnfrasLrucLure, economlc developmenL and
renewable energy Lechnology.

Lnsure respons|b|e dr||||ng to protect ennsy|van|a's env|ronment. new drllllng Lechnologles
and waLer recycllng processes would allow us Lo explolL our naLural gas resources wlLhouL
causlng envlronmenLal degradaLlon. AddlLlonally, 1om Wolf wlll ensure Lhe followlng sLeps are
Laken Lo proLecL our envlronmenL, Lo hold drllllng companles responslble, and Lo creaLe [obs for
worklng, mlddle-class famllles:

o lncrease fundlng for Lhe ueparLmenL of LnvlronmenLal roLecLlon so LhaL lL ls
sufflclenLly sLaffed and able Lo provlde proper overslghL of drlllers,
o 8rlng greaLer Lransparency Lo Lhe fracklng process by requlrlng drlllers Lo publlcly
dlsclose chemlcals used ln Lhe hydraullc fracLurlng process, and llfLlng Lhe currenL gag
order on physlclans, and

o Allow local communlLles more conLrol ln zonlng.

lf done rlghL, conLlnued developmenL of naLural gas ls a brldge Lo a clean energy fuLure and wlll allow
ennsylvanla Lo have good-paylng energy [obs, a safe and secure envlronmenL, and Lhe ablllLy Lo make
crlLlcal lnvesLmenLs ln educaLlon, healLh care, and lnfrasLrucLure Lhrough a severance Lax on oll and
naLural gas exLracLlon.

Deve|op|ng Marce||us Sha|e Wh||e Lxpand|ng Manufactur|ng
1he Marcellus Shale provldes a greaL opporLunlLy Lo grow and Lransform ennsylvanla's manufacLurlng
economy. Cne speclflc example ls a poLenLlal Shell eLhane cracker planL where naLural gas would be
broken down Lo creaLe eLhylene. 8ecause eLhylene ls used ln 90 percenL of all manufacLured goods,
Lhere ls a huge poLenLlal Lo aLLracL new manufacLurlng buslnesses Lo Lhe sLaLe and for Lhose already
here Lo expand.
1he Amerlcan ChemlsLry Councll ls already pro[ecLlng LhaL Lhls new Shell planL could lead Lo more Lhan
17,300 new [obs. Speclflcally, lL ls esLlmaLlng ennsylvanla wlll galn 2,400 chemlcal-lndusLry [obs, 8,300
supply-chaln [obs, and 6,900 spln-off [obs. Powever, Shell has noL yeL commlLLed Lo ennsylvanla, ln
parL because Lhe sLaLe does noL currenLly have Lhe downsLream chemlcal and manufacLurlng lndusLrles
LhaL exlsL ln oLher sLaLes. We need a governor who wlll lnvesL ln economlc developmenL sLraLegles LhaL
encourage manufacLurlng Lo ensure LhaL ennsylvanla leverages our Marcellus Shale resources Lo creaLe
new [obs.

Lxpand|ng C|ean Lnergy and Lnergy Lff|c|ency 8us|nesses and Industr|es

Whlle ennsylvanla has been blessed wlLh vasL resources of fossll fuels - Lhe orlglnal u.S. oll flelds ln
1lLusvllle, Lhe anLhraclLe and blLumlnous coal flelds of norLheasLern and SouLhwesLern ennsylvanla,
and Lhe Marcellus Shale deposlLs spread across Lhe CommonwealLh - we have also been blessed wlLh
oLher clean energy sources LhaL can be Lapped rlghL away and wlll pay dlvldends long afLer our fossll fuel
reserves have been depleLed. 1om Wolf wanLs Lo use our naLural gas as a brldge Lo a clean energy fuLure.
Pe wlll use a porLlon of Lhe revenue generaLed from Lhe Marcellus Shale deposlLs Lo acceleraLe Lhe
developmenL of clean energy buslnesses and lndusLrles ln ennsylvanla.

Acce|erat|ng otent|a| Iob Growth and Investments |n Lnergy Lff|c|ency: 1om Wolf wanLs Lo
acceleraLe new lnvesLmenLs ln energy efflclency reLroflLs of commerclal and resldenLlal real
esLaLe by engaglng Lhe prlvaLe secLor and developlng new programs and pollcles Lo spur
growLh. Accordlng Lo a March 2012 ueuLsche 8ank Croup/8ockefeller loundaLlon sLudy
unlLed SLaLes 8ulldlng Lnergy Lfflclency 8eLroflLs," reLroflLLlng Lhe u.S. resldenLlal, commerclal
and lnsLlLuLlonal markeL segmenLs represenLs a poLenLlal $279 bllllon lnvesLmenL LhaL could
yleld $1 Lrllllon of energy savlngs over 10 years. 1he u8 8eporL esLlmaLes LhaL lf prlvaLe secLor
lnvesLors pursue Lhls economlc opporLunlLy, more Lhan 3.3 mllllon cumulaLlve [ob years of

employmenL wlll be creaLed over Lhe same Len years.

Accordlng Lo a reporL by !ohnson ConLrols lncorporaLed, lnvesLlng ln energy efflclenL reLroflLs ls
a wln-wln for boLh bulldlng owners and Lhelr LenanLs. 8ulldlng owners can experlence lncreases
ln properLy values whlle bulldlng LeneLs see lower uLlllLy cosLs and healLhler llvlng and worklng
envlronmenLs. 1he reporL goes on Lo conclude LhaL Lhese lmprovemenLs have a greaLer socleLal
lmpacL ln LhaL Lhey help reduce emlsslons.

As governor, 1om Wolf wlll explore several pollcy opLlons lncludlng, new workforce
developmenL Lralnlng for workers ln Lhe energy efflclency reLroflL secLor, new access Lo energy
use daLa Lo allow lnvesLors Lo deLermlne whlch bulldlngs represenL Lhe besL poLenLlal
lnvesLmenLs for reLroflLs and new flnanclng Lools Lo aLLracL prlvaLe secLor lnvesLmenLs ln
ennsylvanla ln bulldlng reLroflLs. AlLhough 1om Wolf wlll ldenLlfy exlsLlng program fundlng for
Lhe energy efflclency [obs Lralnlng and daLa access, some porLlon of Lhe Marcellus Shale
exLracLlon fees wlll be consldered and may be deployed Lo aLLracL more energy efflclency
lnvesLmenLs from Lhe prlvaLe secLor.

Acce|erat|ng otent|a| Iob Growth and Investments |n kenewab|e Lnergy: ennsylvanla's
AlLernaLlve Lnergy orLfollo SLandards and Lhe ennsylvanla Lnergy uevelopmenL AuLhorlLy
helped puL ennsylvanla on Lhe radar screen of ma[or renewable energy lnvesLors and lndusLrles
when Lhose programs were launched and re[uvenaLed ln Lhe early 2000's wlLh Lhe help of Lhe
ennsylvanla leglslaLure and Covernor 8endell. 1om Wolf wanLs Lo geL ennsylvanla back lnLo
Lhe forefronL of wlnd, solar, blogas, blofuel and oLher alLernaLlve fuel producLlon.

WlLhln hls flrsL year of offlce, 1om Wolf wlll lnLroduce leglslaLlon expandlng ennsylvanla's
AlLernaLlve Lnergy orLfollo SLandards and resLorlng some fundlng for Lhe ennsylvanla Lnergy
uevelopmenL AuLhorlLy. 1om Wolf wlll work Lo make ennsylvanla a naLlonal leader ln Lhe
developmenL of clean energy sources. LasL year - nevada, MlnnesoLa, and Colorado expanded
Lhelr renewable energy sLandards and ennsylvanla should move ln Lhe same dlrecLlon. ln
addlLlon, 1om Wolf wlll make some porLlon of Lhe Marcellus Shale exLracLlon fee avallable Lo
help ennsylvanla's buslnesses lead Lhe way ln Lhese exclLlng new lndusLrles of Lhe fuLure.

kev|ve Cur State arks and Iorests

1om Wolf belleves LhaL our SLaLe arks and SLaLe loresLs are unlque asseLs LhaL should be beLLer
preserved, proLecLed, and uLlllzed by our clLlzens, especlally our youLh. under Covernor CorbeLL, our
SLaLe arks and SLaLe loresLs have been underfunded and neglecLed. 1aklng lnLo accounL Lhe mosL
recenL budgeL proposal, Covernor CorbeLL has slashed Ceneral lund supporL by 81 percenL for SLaLe
loresL operaLlons and 87 percenL for SLaLe ark operaLlons, and shlfLed fundlng rellance Lo revenue
from Lhe Cll and Cas Lease lund.

1om Wolf wlll work wlLh Lhe prlvaLe secLor, parLlcularly Lhe ouLdoor recreaLlon lndusLry, Lo develop new
programs and pollcles Lo lncrease access and beneflclal use of Lhese lnvaluable asseLs. 1om Wolf wlll
also explore ways Lo expand volunLeer programs and flghL Lo resLore fundlng for malnLenance and
lmprovemenLs aL SLaLe arks and SLaLe loresL faclllLles. 1here ls a huge opporLunlLy Lo grow
ennsylvanla's ouLdoor recreaLlonal and Lourlsm economy Lhrough a revlLallzed SLaLe ark and SLaLe
loresL sysLem.


* 1(!02 0.*(. *. %*<&$5 5#3!($%!$. )#(< 2*(,!( *$, 0%*(.!(=
!:*%-+!0 #1 .#% )#+1;0 &$$#3*.&#$0 &$ 5#3!($%!$.

As descrlbed ln SecLlons l Lhrough lv, 1om Wolf wlll focus sLraLeglcally on sLaLe governmenL programs
LhaL seL Lhe Lable" for prlvaLe secLor lnvesLmenL, growLh and [ob creaLlon. As SecreLary of 8evenue,
1om Wolf lmplemenLed a varleLy of reforms and lnnovaLlons LhaL helped make hls ueparLmenL more
efflclenL and effecLlve whlle freelng up addlLlonal resources for programs beneflLLlng senlors. As
governor, 1om Wolf wlll Lake Lhe same approach wlLh all Agencles and Cfflces across sLaLe governmenL
Lo make governmenL work more efflclenLly and effecLlvely for Laxpayers. AlLhough 1om Wolf wlll
conLlnue Lo propose new ldeas, lncludlng Lhose he hears from clLlzens on Lhe campalgn Lrall and
evenLually, from sLaLe employees and Lhe prlvaLe secLor as governor, Lhe followlng are examples of Lhe
reforms and lnnovaLlons LhaL he wlll sLarL lmplemenLlng as soon as he Lakes offlce:

8u||d|ng artnersh|ps w|th Iedera|, Loca| and Non-rof|t Ioundat|ons to Iund rograms

1om Wolf has served as Lhe Chalr Lhe ?ork CounLy unlLed Way, Lhe ?ork CounLy CommunlLy loundaLlon,
Lhe ?ork College 8oard of 1rusLees, and as Chalrman of Lhe ?ork CounLy Chamber of Commerce. ln all of
Lhose roles, 1om learned Lhe lmporLance of bulldlng parLnershlps and leveraglng resources from many
fundlng sources Lo geL a pro[ecL compleLed or Lhe [ob done rlghL. As Covernor, 1om Wolf wlll make sure
Lo pursue parLnershlps wlLh sLaLe and local governmenLs and non-proflL foundaLlons Lo make sure sLaLe
Lax dollars sLreLch furLher.

Governor's Grants Cff|ce - Iedera| Iunds - 1om Wolf wlll seL up a Covernor's CranLs Cfflce Lo
maxlmlze Lhe federal dollars LhaL sLaLe and local agencles can draw down and deploy. ln many
lnsLances, Lhese federal funds can leverage exlsLlng sLaLe, local and prlvaLe funds Lo make
programs and pro[ecLs succeed. A few sLaLes have cosL efflclenL granL offlces LhaL focus on
Lralnlng exlsLlng sLaLe and local program sLaff on how Lo ldenLlfy and apply for avallable federal
funds. Slnce Lhese are funds LhaL ennsylvanla Laxpayers have already senL Lo Lhe federal
governmenL - why noL maxlmlze ennsylvanla's falr share of LhaL fundlng? 1om Wolf's CranLs
Cfflce wlll use exlsLlng sLaff resources Lo do a beLLer [ob of drawlng down ennsylvanla's falr
share of federal funds.

Governor's Grants Cff|ce - Non-rof|t Ioundat|on Iunds - ennsylvanla ls Lhe home of some of
Lhe mosL presLlglous and lnfluenLlal naLlonal non-proflL foundaLlons, lncludlng Lhe Pelnz and
ew loundaLlons. Whlle foundaLlon fundlng can never replace or fully subsldlze sLaLe
governmenL fundlng, Lhe creaLlve energles and ouLslde Lhe box" Lhlnklng of Lhese and oLher
sources of pollcy experLlse wlll be welcome ln a Wolf admlnlsLraLlon. 1om Wolf knows
someLhlng abouL Lhe ablllLy of non-proflL funds Lo leverage prlvaLe secLor and local governmenL
resources - he has worked wlLh and helped lmplemenL several pro[ecLs wlLh foundaLlons and


Lhe prlvaLe secLor ln Lhe ClLy of ?ork. 1om Wolf and hls Covernor's CranLs Cfflce wlll work
closely wlLh ennsylvanla's non-proflL foundaLlons on pollcles and sLraLegles Lo lmprove Lhe
dellvery of programs and servlces for ennsylvanla's clLlzens.

More Cho|ces for Sen|ors and Sav|ng 1ax Do||ars

1om Wolf comes from a small Lown ln ?ork CounLy and llves ln Lhe same house Lo whlch he was broughL
home from Lhe hosplLal afLer he was born ln 1948. 1om's buslness provldes comprehenslve beneflLs Lo
hls employees and noL only maLches workers' lnvesLmenL ln reLlremenL funds, buL makes employer
conLrlbuLlons even when workers do noL. As sLaLe 8evenue SecreLary, 1om Wolf lmplemenLed changes
LhaL grew Lhe SLaLe LoLLery, provldlng mllllons of addlLlonal dollars for prescrlpLlon drug rellef, home
healLh care, and properLy Lax rellef for senlor clLlzens. 1om Wolf also knows LhaL ennsylvanla has an
aglng populaLlon LhaL's sLruggllng Lo afford Lhelr medlclne, Lhelr grocerles, Lhelr properLy Laxes. 1om
Wolf wlll do a beLLer [ob of proLecLlng our senlors and Lhelr cholces on where Lo llve and recelve Lhe
servlces Lhey need ln Lhe LwlllghL of Lhelr llves.

A CnCICL - De||ver|ng 8etter Sen|or Care Cpt|ons for ennsy|van|ans

1om Wolf belleves lL ls Llme for ennsylvanla Lo lmplemenL new, lnnovaLlve pollcles LhaL wlll allow our
senlors Lo age wlLh dlgnlLy. noL only do we need Lo allow senlors Lo sLay ln Lhelr own homes when
posslble, we also need Lo ensure LhaL Lhose people we enLrusL wlLh Lhelr care have Lhe necessary skllls
and are provlded wlLh llvlng wages. A recenL survey by ennsylvanla AA8 found LhaL 93 percenL of
aglng ennsylvanlans would llke Lo recelve care ln Lhelr home. unforLunaLely, accordlng Lo a recenL
sLudy by AA8 and Lhe CommonwealLh lund, Lhe sLaLe ranks 39
ln lLs ablllLy Lo creaLe a balance
beLween nurslng faclllLy care and home and communlLy-based care. AddlLlonally, Lhe sLudy ranked Lhe
sLaLe 47
for affordablllLy and access and 46
for supporL of famlly careglvers. lor a sLaLe wlLh
approxlmaLely 2 mllllon resldenLs who are 63 years old or older, 1om Wolf belleves Lhls sLaLus quo ls

unforLunaLely, Parrlsburg has been sLalled on Laklng any acLlon needed Lo help senlors. Cne plan Lo
provlde rellef wlll noL pass unless conLroverslal and rlsky changes are made Lo Lhe ennsylvanla LoLLery
sysLem. AnoLher plan awalLs a yeL Lo be convened Commlsslon Lo sLudy Lhe problem." 1om Wolf
belleves LhaL LhaL Lhe Llme Lo acL ls now wlLhouL pre-condlLlons or new sLudles. new federal healLh care
fundlng and exlsLlng sLaLe funds are more Lhan enough Lo allow for drasLlc lmprovemenLs - whlle
provldlng more cholces Lo senlors. ln addlLlon, Lhese changes wlll save sLaLe Laxpayer money.

1om Wolf's A Cholce lan wlll expand ellglblllLy for Medlcald Pome and CommunlLy-8ased Servlces so
LhaL senlors have beLLer cholces abouL where Lo seek care. 1o expand senlors' cholces for communlLy-
based care, ln favor of nurslng home care, 1om Wolf wlll:


Increase |ncome e||g|b|||ty for sen|ors access|ng home and commun|ty-based care. 1o do Lhls,
1om Wolf wlll add a new ellglblllLy caLegory for resldenLs who have an lncome up Lo 130 percenL
of Lhe lederal overLy Level. Pe wlll also have Lhe CommonwealLh adopL a Medlcald SLaLe lan
amendmenL Lo creaLe a spend down" opLlon for Lhose who would prefer home and
communlLy-based care ln place of nurslng home care.

Lxpand hea|th e||g|b|||ty requ|rements for those access|ng home and commun|ty-based care.
1hrough Medlcald, Lhe SLaLe has mulLlple opLlons Lo allow Lhose who have noL been dlagnosed
as needlng nurslng care Lo access home and communlLy-based care. 8y lmplemenLlng Lhe
Medlcald Pome and CommunlLy-8ased Servlces SLaLe lan CpLlon and ersonal Care Servlces
Medlcald CpLlon, 1om Wolf wlll shlfL Lo a focus on prevenLlon and lmprove Lhe quallLy of llfe of

Improve access to home and commun|ty-based care serv|ces. 1om Wolf wlll promoLe changes
Lo Lhe sysLem, llke expandlng Lhe CommunlLy Cholce plloL program, Lo ensure LhaL Lhose
wanLlng Lo sLay ln Lhelr homes can access servlces as qulckly as Lhose seeklng nurslng home care.
lf we wanL Lo preserve Lhe rlghLs of senlors Lo make cholces abouL Lhelr care, we cannoL have a
sysLem where lL Lakes an average of 34 days for senlors Lo recelve servlces ln Lhelr home. 1om
Wolf wlll sLreamllne Lhls sysLem and push for any federal walvers needed Lo geL lL done.

Imp|ement the federa| 8a|anc|ng Incent|ve ayments program. Many sLaLes llke Arkansas,
Ceorgla, lowa, Chlo, Loulslana and 1exas have lmplemenLed a new $3 bllllon lncenLlve program
LhaL provldes a hlgher federal maLchlng paymenL when sLaLes help flnd alLernaLlves Lo nurslng
home for senlors. 1om Wolf wlll push Lo lmplemenL Lhls new federal program LhaL expands
senlors' cholces for care.

Lxpandlng ellglblllLy and lmprovlng opLlons wlll allow ennsylvanla Lo address Lhe deslres of our senlor
populaLlon whlle conLrolllng Lhe currenL cosLs Lo CommonwealLh, whlch are malnly covered by Lhe
ennsylvanla LoLLery. Pome and communlLy-based care ls slgnlflcanLly less expenslve Lhan nurslng
faclllLy care so shlfLlng Lhe balance wlll also be good for Lhe boLLom llne.

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