Thermobile SB Range Used Oil Heaters with Automatic Ignition






Mode l: SB80 and SB110 Mode l: SB40 & SB60


Four models available: SB40, SB60, SB80 & SB110
Heat Outputs:-



140,000 180,000 270,000 390,000



Transformer oil.. The air pressure to the burner has to be adjusted. OVERLOAD PROTECTION • Electrical overload is protected by a trip system for both the main fan and the burner • Heating overload is protected by a limit thermostat built into the heater control thermostat. The complete burner unit can be removed for any maintenance and service. This has an automatic reset. When there is a burner failure 1 and 2 are positioned on the front panel of the heater. When the main fan is in operation 3. HEAT . lack of a flame or partly blocked nozzle. Ventilation air flow rates: SB40 . In case of ignition failure or poor combustion. If flue bends are used then we recommend 45° bends instead of 90° and a gradual sloping stack.. If this is not possible. The heaters are supplied with a basic room thermostat. and (b) condensation has to be avoided. Flue gases must not cool down inside the flue because:. BUILT IN ROOM THERMOSTAT This thermostat enables automatic operation of the heater in order to obtain the desired room temperature and on a low position is extremely useful for overnight frost it into SAFE. or used cutting and grinding oils must NOT be used. At required points. FLUE STACK INSTALLATION Errors to be avoided when installing the flue stack. NON RETURN VALVE The non return valve in the fuel intake ensures that the burner cannot drain when it is not in operation. a) Power supply 220/240 volt (SB40/60) 400 V+N (SB80/110) b) Flue pipe installation c) Air supply to main ventilator d) Connection to a compressed air supply. The flue must reach above the apex of the roof otherwise the prevailing winds will affect the flue draft. the photocell stops the burner..DON’T throw away that used oil. VENTILATION ONLY In summertime the heater can be used for ventilation only. INDICATOR LIGHTS The heater has the following lights to show you: 1. EASY INSTALLATION The positioning of the heater in the workshop must take into account the following factors: HEATER CONTROL THERMOSTAT This multifunctional thermostat ensures that the main fan only starts after the combustion chamber has been sufficiently heated.K. e) Access to “Day” fuel tank COMBUSTION CONTROL The burner is equipped with a photocell that continuously monitors the flame. Flue gases can not rise in a horizontal stack and bends also restrict their movement. then twin wall (insulated) flue may be necessary. there is no cold air blown before heater operation.6200m3/hr (3647cfm) SB110 . An optional digital thermostat/timer control is available at an additional cost. . petro chemical based oil.3200m3/hr (1882cfm) SB60 .(a) they should rise and create draught. USED OIL COMPATIBILITY The complete burner is fully automatic including the oil preheating system that ensures correct ignition and atomisation.4100m3/hr (2412cfm) SB80 . Alternatively they can be run on diesel oil. CLEAN. When there is power to the heater 2. O. It is important that as much of the flue as possible (two thirds minimum) is installed within the building. • Any obstruction of the main fan or its air stream is secured by a manually reset overload protection SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE The design of these heaters ensures a minimum of necessary service and the service functions can be undertaken by the owner without special tools. The pre-heater is then maintained at 70°C to 85°C controlled by a thermostat.. Therefore.8100m3/hr (4765cfm) AUTOMATIC FUEL PREHEATING (on used oil) This system is activated when the heater is operated on used oil. or heating oil only. MULTI FUEL CAPABILITY These heaters operate efficiently on a general mixture of used oil. 3 is positioned on the burner control box on top of the burner. condensate drain valves are built into the system.

55mm Type 430 Stainless Steel.868 98.834 41. NB. Silicone rubber flashings are also available and highly recommended.900.910. a change-over section is supplied in the flue kit.910. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part 1.821 41.Fixed straight lengths are available in two sizes:.Sheet Aluminium Storm Collar 200mm A detailed instruction and service manual is supplied with every Thermobile Heater. The terminal pipe is designed to deflect rain water down the outer section.900.900.871 41.818 41. Fixings Guy Wire Bracket 500mm Length 1000mm Length Terminal Pipe Wall Band Change-Over Lengths (installed through roof) 1000mm Length Flashings & Terminations Flexible Roof Flashing Fittings 90° Tee Piece complete with draught stabiliser & condensation trap Angled Roof Flashing Flat Flashing 45° Bend Storm Collar Part No.900. 1 metre x 200mm Flue Pipe.497 41.865 41.085. Roof Penetrations Flat and angled flashings of sheet aluminium are available to provide suitable weather cover where the flue penetrates a roof.230 41.5m above the last wall band. 45° x 150mm Wall Band for 150mm Flue Stack (locate at 3m centres) Guy Wire bracket 150mm Angled Roof Flashing 150mm .212 41.910.900. All lengths and fittings are fabricated from 0.Sheet Aluminium Storm Collar 150mm Individual Flue Components for models SB60.900. 1 metre x 200mm Flue Bend.085.215 41. 1 metre x 200mm Changeover Pipe. This section of pipe is provided with a male crimped coupling at each end and is designed for use where the flue passes through the roof: one end should be installed inside the building and one outside.900. i.910. Any subsequent components are installed inverted.INDIVIDUAL FLUE COMPONENTS FLUE PIPE The standard flue kit consists of:1 x T Piece complete with Draught Stabiliser 4 x 1m lengths of Flue Piping 1 x Terminal Pipe These items ensure the minimum height for efficient operation.900.209 Extras Flue Pipe. 1000mm and Adjustable.857 41.234 41. Storm collars of aluminium are also available and should be fitted to the pipe immediately above the flashings.238 41.860 Flue Pipe.866 41. Supports Wall bands are available to suit the Flues and for wall fixed installation should be located at 3 metre centres.208 41.869 Draught Stabiliser (supplied with T-Piece assembly) Silicone Rubber Flexible Roof Flashing 150mm Silicone Rubber Flexible Roof Flashing 200mm Silicone Rubber Fixing Kit for Flashing .229 41. Description Individual Flue Components for model SB40 41. Lengths Straight Lengths .910.000. with the male coupling upwards and fitted and secured in the normal way.900.204 98.900.910.910.Sheet Aluminium Flat Roof Flashing 150mm .900. 45° x 200mm T-Piece & Draught Stabiliser & Condensation Trap (except SB60) T-Piece & Draught Stabiliser & Condensation Trap (SB60) Wall Band for 200mm Flue Stack (locate at 3m centres) Guy Wire bracket 200mm Angled Roof Flashing 200mm .206 41. A Guy Wire fixing bracket is available to provide extra lateral support where the flue extends more than 1. 1 metre x 150mm Changeover Pipe.900.910. 80 and 110 41.900. ie 6 metres above ground level and 1 metre above the roof apex. Application Forms are available from your local District or Borough Council. Terminations To prevent leakage of rainwater into the pipe at joints which may be exposed above roof level.910.910.e. On 1st January 1991 the Environmental Protection Act came into force introducing new controls over air pollution and included provisions to cover used oil or recovered oil burners. 1 metre x 150mm Flue Pipe.085.738 41.207 41. 1 metre x 150mm T-Piece & Draught Stabiliser & Condensation Trap & Adaptor Flue Bend.” 40.500mm.822 41.214 41. Rain caps are not permitted with used oil fired heaters.221 41. “Local Authorities are expected to determine applications for new appliances within 2 weeks of receipt.910.Sheet Aluminium Flat Roof Flashing 200mm .104 41. or for interconnection with the roof flashing. Used Oil Heaters should not be operated until they have been registered with the relevant Local Authority. 1/2 metre x 150mm Flue Pipe Adjustable (540mm to 900mm x 150mm) Terminal Pipe.825 41.820 98. 1/2 metre x 200mm Flue Pipe Adjustable (540mm to 900mm x 200mm) Terminal Pipe.910.

co.1 1.X TFP2 • Quartz accuracy • 7 day temperature control with each day having independent settings • Two timed periods available for each day • Two line LCD giving clear indication of time.0 9.0 12. SWIVEL EXIT HEADS 2 OR Web Site: www. COMBUSTION CHAMBER 2. Warwickshire CV10 7JT. burner and flue tee piece (B+Q=L) MODEL SB40/60 SB80/110 A 570 760 B 910 1110 C 1425 1750 D 400 400 E 270 320 F 560 760 G 120 140 H 1255 1525 I 805 945 L 550 550 N 25 25 Q 400 400 R 405 405 DIA 160 180 WEIGHT KG 180 290 Unit 12. settings. temperature. Maximum distance 25 metres. FUEL FILTER 6.000 270. MAIN VENTILATOR FAN LIMIT CONTROL 9. AUTOMATIC WASTE OIL BURNER 7. DEPENDING ON MODEL 8.SB Range Used Oil Heaters Dimensions 1.000 TECHNICAL INFORMATION HEATED AIR FLOW (M3/HR) 3200 4100 6200 8100 ELECTRIC SUPPLY (VOLTS) 230 230 400 + 0 400 + 0 POWER CONSUMPTION (KW) 1. Tel: 02476 357960 Fax: 02476 357969 Email: sales@thermobile.8 2. Dealer OVER ALL DIMENSIONS (mm) MODEL WIDTH LENGTH HEIGHT MODEL HEAT OUTPUT NETT MAX (BTU/HR) 140.X TFP2 An energy management computer specifically designed for total space heating control.4 1.thermobile.2 DAY TANK CAPACITY (LITRES) 80 80 130 130 APPROX FUEL CONSUMPTION (LITRES/HR) 4.8 SB40 SB60 SB80 SB110 690 690 900 900 1860 1860 2060 2060 1850 1850 2175 2175 SB40 SB60 SB80 SB110 All dimensions include day tank. Features of the ECO. Buckingham Close. HEAT EXCHANGER 3. For longer distances a pneumatic pump system is available to special 390. Nuneaton. ACCESS PANEL 4. Thermostat/Timer ECO. ELECTRIC MAIN ISOLATOR SWITCH ACCESSORIES Flowmatic: An automatic motor and pump system to keep the “Day oil tank” supplied from a bulk storage tank (pipework and electric cable not included). etc.5 6. Bermuda Industrial Estate.000 180. Filter Kits Air inlet filters are available for the main ventilator . DAY TANK 5.

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