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Optical Drive
Replacement Instructions

Follow the instructions in this sheet carefully. Failure to follow these instructions could
damage your equipment and void its warranty.

Online instructions are available at

Note: These instructions apply to the optical drive of different versions of Xserve/Xserve
G5. Your server may look slightly different from the one shown in the illustrations.

Tools Required
The only tool required for this procedure is a jeweler’s Phillips (#0) screwdriver.

Opening the Server

The server slides open from the front of the rack. The top cover remains in place in the
rack while the bottom housing (containing all internal components) should be placed on a
sturdy, flat surface.

1. Alert users that the server will be unavailable for a period of time.

2. Shut down the server.

Warning: To avoid damaging internal components or causing injury, always

shut down the server before opening it. After you shut down the server, internal
components can be very hot. Let the server cool down before continuing.

3. Write down the server’s serial number, which is located on the back panel. If it is
necessary to set up the server’s software after you replace the optical drive, you will
be asked for the serial number at login.

073-0778 Rev. B
4. If the server is in the locked position (the yellow security LED on the front panel is on),
use the Allen key that came with the server to unlock it.

5. If the cable management arm is not in use, unplug all external cables except the
power cord.

6. Touch the server’s metal case to discharge any static electricity.

Important: Always ground yourself by touching the server’s case before you touch
any parts or install any components inside the server. To avoid static electricity
building back up in your body, do not walk around the room until you have completed
your work and closed the computer.

7. Unplug the power cord.

Warning: The power supply in the server is a high-voltage component and should
not be opened for any reason, even when the server is off.
8. Release the two thumb screws at the front of the server. (Figure 1)

Note: The thumbscrews are captive and do not separate from the bottom housing.

Figure 1

Xserve/Xserve G5 Optical Drive - 2

9. Grasp the thumbscrews and slide the bottom housing forward part way to expose the
two chassis levers. (Figure 2)

10. While depressing both levers, pull the bottom housing all the way forward and remove
it from the rack.

Figure 2

11. Place the bottom housing on a sturdy, flat surface and ESD mat.

12. Put on the ESD wrist strap.

Xserve/Xserve G5 Optical Drive - 3

Removing the Installed Optical Drive
1. Disconnect the optical drive cable from the optical drive. (Figure 3)

2. Rotate the optical drive clip clockwise to release it.

3. Placing your thumbs on the tab on either side of the drive, carefully slide the drive
back from the front bezel.

Important: When removing or replacing the optical drive, be careful not to put
pressure on top of the drive or front bezel that covers the optical drive slot.

Figure 3

4. Lift the drive out of the server.

Xserve/Xserve G5 Optical Drive - 4

Installing the Replacement Optical Drive
Note: Before installing the replacement optical drive, you must transfer the side brackets
and the screws from the original drive to the replacement drive.

1. Remove the mounting screw for the left bracket and transfer the bracket to the
replacement drive, using the same screw to secure it. (Figure 4)

2. Remove the three mounting screws for the right bracket and transfer the bracket to the
replacement drive, again using the same screws to secure it.

Figure 4

3. Slide the replacement drive into the server, making sure the tabs on the bottom edges
of the drive brackets engage with the slots in the drive bay.

4. Rotate the optical drive clip counterclockwise until it snaps into place against the end
of the drive.

5. Reconnect the optical drive cable to the drive.

Xserve/Xserve G5 Optical Drive - 5

Closing the Server
1. Carefully slide the bottom housing back into the rack.

2. Tighten the front thumb screws to secure it.

Warning: Never turn on the server unless all of its internal and external parts
are in place and it is closed. Operating the server when it is open or missing
parts can damage it or cause injury.

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